Wednesday, July 27, 2011

the battle over statsitics

in case you haven't been following the messy bidness of dog bite statistics, some pussy cat journalist*, B12 starved animal activist and fact cooker in reno, neveda has been attacking the dog attack data collected over the last ~30 years by Animal People. it sparked a response from blogger SRUV, then and finally Merritt Clifton himself. it's a good read. click HERE.

*warning this is not for intellectual featherweights
, ie pit nutters

*pussy cat journalism
The failure of journalists to ask critical questions or raise important issues in their reporting; usually of controversial subject matter. It describes the path of least resistance to get a story. As a result, the story is usually one sided or one dimensional and many important questions are not raised or dealt with in the reporting.

The phrase is borrowed from observing the behavior of domesticated cats: It is used to describe how a cat may become accustomed to food from a bag or can, and thereby, its walking circle becomes a smaller path. For example, from the place where it lounges to the place where the food is set out in a dish. This cat no longer looks under bushes and hides in a tree. It is satisfied with the little effort, and enjoys snoozing whenever it can.

When comparing a native cat, their walking-about path is much larger. They might not return home for days. They enjoy spending time outdoors and scrutinizing things longer.

Whereas a domesticated cat knows where to look for food, the native or natural cat might spend more time looking and actually forgo eating, to stay in place, waiting for the right bird to come along.


april 29 said...

It appears that Mr. Robinson's rabid support for pit bulls does not include any actual contact with them. If he decided to back up his words by fostering pit bulls on his farm he would very quickly discover the pit bull propensity for livestock attack.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think the majority of pit nutters acquire their pit bull support by reading badrap's website.

Friends Administrator said...

Craven, this nutter acquires all his knowledge from Nathan Winograd. He looks no further than the end of his nose if that far. He is a definite puppet and falling down drunk from drinking the koolaid of "No Kill".

Anonymous said...


Friends Administrator said...

BTW, Mark just adopted a pit from the Nevada Humane Society. Wonder how long before he makes the headlines.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

how do you know that P? drop me an email.

Anonymous said...


Meet Bayonne, NJ's Cindy Garrison who is hellbent on saving Max. Max recently went beserk and administered nine bites on three people, including herself. Max also was not registered.

I am in favor for triple fines for those who don't pay their fair share for animal control, then become netdrainers.

Disclaimer** I am not making this up!

Friends Administrator said...

Robison blogged about his new pit bull awhile back, Craven. We keep up with this guy, he is one lying, drunk fool.

Anonymous said...

where i come from theres a word for these people....FILTH