Tuesday, August 16, 2011

BadRap Advocate Killed by Her Own Pit Bull

32 yr old pit nutter DARLA NAPORA

the SFGate obituary states DARLA NAPORA "passed away" in her home last thursday. gee, that almost sounds like she died peacefully in her sleep or maybe even an instant painless death after falling off of a ladder, rather than the violent grisly death at her wiggle butt's gaping maws of doom. you can read the preliminary results of the investigation into DARLA'S mauling here.

In lieu of flowers the family would like donations made to The Darla Napora Memorial Fund (i wonder if this will benefit the cause DARLA avidly supported - pit bulls?)

meanwhile, DONNA is having a tough time deciding which BADRAP t-shirt she should wear to the funeral. i vote for PIT BULL JUNKIE and maybe bring a stack of autographed copies of JIM GORANT'S book in honor of GREG'S unimaginable devotion to the breed AND the deed. i don't know many men who have the presence of mind to immediately delete a facebook account in the wake of his spouse's murder. i don't know of any man who issued a public statement defending their dog and the breed in the aftermath of his spouse's murder. and i certainly don't know of any man who would even consider burying his wife with her murderer. obviously, GREG NAPORA is a very special nutter.

now is a good time to reacquaint yourself with pitthetic dementia, this story is just getting started.



april 29 said...

The ghastly death of this healthy young woman, and her unborn child is very sad. Those who blindly advocate for pit bulls bear some responsibility for this death, and many, many others. I hope that those individuals will give some consideration to the part they play in exposing the uninitiated and unsuspecting to death and disability. This victim was a BADRAP member, BADRAP has a lot to answer for.

Jake said...

While such deaths are always tragic, this comes as no surprise to anyone familiar with dog attack statistics over the past 180 years.

Given the increasing frequency of devastating surprise attacks by pit bulls in recent years it was only a matter of time before a high profile pit bull advocate was killed by one of the creatures they promote.

Friends Administrator said...

Craven, not only did Greg take down his Facebook while his wife lies dead on the floor, he also called her work to say she wouldn't be in that day. Is this guy on drugs or what? Not the behavior of a normal person. Maybe the police need to look at him a little closer as a suspect in this death. Easy to set the pit bull up for murder, not that I am defending the pit but something ain't right here with his behavior.

DubV said...

Of course the guy isn't "right", he owned 2 pit bulls.

Small Survivors said...

Everything about his behavior is strange. If I hadn't read that her friends and family all said she loved those pit bulls so much, I would have suspected he had foisted these dangerous dogs on her.

But, another strange thing - I think everyone has said Darla was very enthusiastically supportive of BADRAP, but why weren't they both?

I'm sure Donna is THRILLED that BADRAP was mentioned in the obituary. That's how well education works.

One of the best comments I saw in these stories -
These dogs seem to need an awful lot of training just so they MIGHT not kill you.

DubV said...

A comment from

Read more at the San Francisco Examiner: http://www.sfexaminer.com/local/2011/08/pit-bull-mauling-death-pregnant-woman-comes-shock-pacifica#ixzz1VFwvGKFT

Dearie, if you knew much about crime, you'd know that "fine upstanding" citizens, in and out of the military, etc, can and do commit heinous crimes. How many maimed dogs and cats have to had to kill because they got ripped up by "nice" pits? how many people have to be maimed? Hardly any mountain lions kill humans, but let one show up anywhere near our exurbs and it gets whacked. So you really only care about YOUR dogs. Just be clear and stop with the projecting, your manic, hysterical reaction to the posts show YOU are suffering from some honking Cognitive Dissonance and can't handle being called out on it.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

I love revisiting comments from the so called "article" by the so called "reporter" who broke the news this death was caused by a fall from a ladder. For now, I'm going to select another idiot because she qualifies herself as an educated, professional dog behaviorist in the article's comments section. (Which immediately brought to mind the other idiot whose rott attacked in S. Africa.)

Meet Meryl Cohen, http://www.facebook.com/profile.php?id=6413191

"Natalie, please keep us posted! This is horrible and sad on SO many levels! As a professional dog behaviorist, I IMMEDIATELY noticed holes in the reporting (probably along with all of the educated, level-headed, individuals who read the initial reporting). I am thoroughly disgusted by the SF Chronicle and other news coverage of this event. This event EPITOMIZES what Pit Bull Terrier owners face, and owners of other powerful and misunderstood breeds, on a daily basis. I hope that the female gets returned to the husband or she finds a new home. Once the facts finish coming through, I will be writing a letter to the editor of the Chronicle, and I hope some of you on here do the same. It may not make a difference, but you never know." (7 'Likes' from fellow idiots.)

Congrats to you, Meryl Cohen! Thank God for your swanky education and credentials as you join all the other "level-headed" fucktards that spotted holes in the story. And don't forget to write that letter!

Bwaaaaaaaaa-hahahahaha! Idiot!

(I'd really like to call out every one of the idiots in the comments section, but there are so many idiots, and so little time.)

Mary said...

Hmm. I saw (on an unrelated facebook group) a posting on how a fall from a ladder actually killed this women. That was before the autopsy results were in.

Now that they are in, the post has disappeared with no further comment. Since this dog was owned by a "bad rap" member, the usual baloney about how "it's all about the owner" cannot even be invoked.

Perhaps one or two pit bull promoters will examine their own views after this but a lot will not. I think that people who are passionate about a dog breed bred specifically for mauling and killing aren't that strong in the critical thinking department.

A lot of those bad rap t-shirts are downright ugly. There's one that says, "we got game." Bleh.

"Gameness," for those not in the know, is a trait that dog fighters prize in their dogs. A "game" pitbull will not give up in a fight until it or its opponent are dead. Normal people call that trait "savagery."

Shannon said...

I don't think the dog cared that she was an advocate for Bad Rap.

Anonymous said...

This is a first!

I have never seen a Pit Advocacy org raise funds for a mauling victim before. Normally, they pathologically compartmentalize themselves from the damage Pit Bulls cause.

Now, how about the lady down in San Diego who lost an arm a couple of weeks ago? Or the Yates family who lost theor family home when he was killed last year?!?

Pit Breeding/Dog Fighting and Pit Advocacy is a tax/liability free Billion Dollar a year industry...bout time they started ponying up!

Mary Ann Williamson said...

I look forward to seeing what "holes" in the story that the "behaviorist" can find. I can't imagine anything that can explain a healthy dog mauling the caring owner, that has had it since a puppy, to death? What holes can be in that? "Normal" dogs DON'T DO THAT!

Rag Doll said...

They were sleeping with the dogs. That's a therapy recommended by Bad Rap. Supposed to make your pit bull act sweet. FAIL

Small Survivors said...

OT, some nutters are going the route of asking Greg to please, please, please stand up and yell from the rooftops, "I AM AN IRRESPONSIBLE OWNER" for "the sake of the breed."


10:25am on Tuesday, August 16, 2011
I don't know the Napora family, but I implore the husband that if he truly cares about the breed, he will help us understand the circumstances of the dog and it's behavior with the family, why not neutered, etc. Leaving the media and the public to believe that Gunner was a beloved family pet that wouldn't hurt a fly, then can turnaround and kill without out warning, will do more harm to the breed. I have 2 pit mix rescues, and if I believed that Gunner was a typical pit / pit mix (beloved family pet one minute and unpredictible killer the next) then I would have my dogs destroyed in a heartbeat. Is that the husband's intent? To leave the world in fear of all pit and pit mixes leading to them being destroyed in masse?

DubV said...

Is there a link to Greg's full public statement?

I'm just wondering if all he did was talk about the dogs or if that was cut out because it was such a bizarre high point.

DubV said...


It's insane that someone would want this of him right now. You can see the total desperation the pit bull community has to keep up their image and their own illusions. So weird. Cult mentality on public display.

Rag Doll said...

So now what? He has to admit he is really a dog fighter? That would not sit well with their membership of BR.
Or just irresponsible, not warning his wife that standing in your own fucking drive is a pit bull trigger?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

folie à plusieurs - madness of the many

Small Survivors said...

DubV I agree with everything you said. The phrase "for the breed" screams cult to me!

Tegenpitjes - They have got themselves boxed into a corner with that one. And looking at badrap's statement, they're now reduced to - they're animals.

DubV said...


Bad Rap's statement about this event is maddening. It was all I could do to not write a comment there that would never get published on the blog.

The general tone at Bad Rap blog is that: 1. we'll never know what caused this, but we won't consider that it had anything to do with breed, 2. all dogs are animals and animals do these things sometimes, so let's indict all dogs for this even though most breeds never have members doing this type of thing, and 3. if we look really closely we will find something outside of the dog and breed that caused this, but again as in pt. 1 we may never find it but it is there since Delise and others routinely parse these things out.

Then they just write some feel good bullshit. They never reveal if they know anything about this dog and the family.

These people are absolutely insane. I guess by now I should be used to sharing the planet with folks like this.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am planning to respond to donna nutter, i am watching her a little longer.

DubV said...

My post on Bad Rap blog that will never see the light of day.....

First off, this comment will likely never make it onto your page. Why? Well, it isn't in line with your agenda and may seem slightly insensitive at this time.

However, I consider you taking this opportunity to defend the breed rather insensitive. But, you'll likely keep all dissenting comments off any page related to the Napora's with the excuse that it defiles her memory or something to that effect. That will be useful for you as your internal justification, at least.

This blog post makes me wonder what could possibly happen to change the mind of Bad Rap member's surrounding this breed.

So, I ask you all, can you think of any type of evidence (a set of statistics, an individual circumstance concerning you or others, etc) that would change your mind about this breed?

If you cannot come up with something, then you cannot possibly claim to have an open and objective mind regarding this.

I'm curious because you would think that having your wife and unborn child killed by your dog would at least change your mind about that individual animal and possibly cause someone to change their position on the breed.

Instead, you have Greg still loving his wife's killer, and this blog in seeming awe of this.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dubv, i just saved that discussion in pdf, let's see if she deletes it.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

I can't believe you got a comment on their blog DubV! Amazing! I wonder who is guarding Pit Propaganda HQ?

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

The comment you won't see on BADRAP's blog is the one I've offered. For the record, I'm attempting to post, but not holding my breath.

" "This particular case is making investigators and onlookers absolutely crazy because no one can figure out what really happened."

Not really. Nothing about this story is making official investigators crazy. You added that part for spin value.

A pit bull killed its owner. Again. End of story. The rate of incident for this breed is an exponential compared to other dogs. Your flowery rationalization and obfuscation is disingenuous rubbish.
4:34 PM"

Small Survivors said...

You drew Donna out, DubV!

Small Survivors said...

Dude, I bet that comment won't make it. I had the same reaction when reading that until I realized that by "investigators" she meant Toellner and Delise and by "onlookers" of course, nutters.

Mary said...

The story at the start of that bad rap blog is kind of relevant in this case, but I don't think it's relevant in the way the author thinks it is.

The dog in the story acted fairly normally. Most dogs, if annoyed, may growl or snap and some may bite. Some will even do nothing.

However, a riled up, excited pit bull often does not just snap or bite - it's more likely than other breeds to maul. Had the dog in the story been a game-bred pit bull, the result is more likely to have been a serious bite to the arm, possibly leading to an amputation.

It's not a coincidence that the dog breed bred for fighting is the one responsible for a massively disproportionate number of fatal and disfiguring attacks. Mauling in this breed IS a breed characteristic.

And I completely agree that using a fatal attack to defend these dogs is crude and insensitive.

I also can believe that Gunner's ashes were put in with his victim's. I know that the husband said he would do that...and he actually did. I thought that at least relatives of the deceased would protest strongly. This is just so messed up.

The excuse that "Gunner was an animal," is such crap. Fatally mauling a social partner IS NOT normal dog behaviour.

Mary said...

I also CAN'T believe is what I meant to type. I swear, just reading about the husband's behaviour here has damaged my brain.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Nope! Denied! My comment to the BADRAP blog was not allowed. I wonder why?

DubV said...

Here's my 2nd one, in response to them all sidestepping my question and insulting me.


You stated that I was incapable of critical thinking (like most people you added). However, I posed a simple question and neither you nor the other few people who responded to me even tried to answer. It was not a trick question.

I'll repeat in quotes.

"This blog post makes me wonder what could possibly happen to change the mind of Bad Rap member's surrounding this breed.

So, I ask you all, can you think of any type of evidence (a set of statistics, an individual circumstance concerning you or others, etc) that would change your mind about this breed?

If you cannot come up with something, then you cannot possibly claim to have an open and objective mind regarding this."

Again, this is similar to asking a libertarian what minimum set of evidence they can imagine that would change their view of the free market, or asking an atheist what would make them believe in a personal god.

I posed a simple question and it was sidestepped.

I stand behind the assertion that if you hold a belief and cannot even imagine what would make you change your mind then you are neither open or objective regarding it.


DubV said...

excerpt from comment from a future bad rap einstein

"I would like to point out something that I've not yet seen in print; the dog did not kill the woman outright. She died of blood loss, which means that the dog stopped short of outright killing her. "


Anonymous said...


Meet Betty Acosta of Hillsborough County FL who is on a "Mission from God" after being mauled by her own Pit...

Betty Acosta decided to volunteer after she was attacked by her pet pit bull, which left her with scars on her right arm.

Hillsborough County Pit Carnage may be viewed here: hint...Pits are the leading biter by a mile!


"When that happened, I knew I had done something wrong." Acosta said of the 2008 attack. "I wanted to change it."

So instead of letting two surgeries and six months of physical therapy swear her off from pit bulls or dogs in general, Acosta made that change.

She now teaches an obedience class for Pit Bull Ambassadors, an Animal Services training program specifically for the breed.


Anonymous said...

I honestly cannot see the appeal to owning this kind of dog. I have my own dog and while I make mistakes with him at times, he certainly won't take my face off for it or disembowel me because I am pregnant. What other breed needs so much training just so that they might not kill you? This is such a horrific story, and I understand completely why they banned pitbulls in my country.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I would like to point out something that I've not yet seen in print; the dog did not kill the woman outright. She died of blood loss, which means that the dog stopped short of outright killing her. "

DubV, i saw that too. i am collecting these desperate borderline psychotic comments for future use. WTF is the understatement of the year.

safer midwifery utah said...

I don't understand why the odd behavior of casey anthony and scott peterson prompted investigation, but this guy's behavior doesn't. It isn't outside of the realm of possibility that he wanted the dogs to attack. He isn't acting bereaved at all (which isn't enough to say what happened but it should arouse some suspicion, shouldn't it?)Who the hell says "at the end of the day, my dog is an animal" about the violent needless death of their spouse? This is beyond fucked.

Jason said...

One of the things that upset me about the BadRap page was the photo of the woman walking off into the sunset with a POS pit bull. Considering a woman was just murdered by one of these worthless monsters, it is equivalent to showing a picture of Ted Bundy's victims all walking off into the sunset with Ted! These people -- and Greg Napora is at the top of the list -- are SICK, SICK, SICK!

Jason said...

"I would like to point out something that I've not yet seen in print; the dog did not kill the woman outright. She died of blood loss, which means that the dog stopped short of outright killing her. "

She reason the official "cause of death" was listed as blood loss is because the attack was likely still going on when the husband arrived. After all, we know the dog was bloody and Greg Napora allegedly got some wounds on his arms while trying to get the monster off his wife and into a room or the back yard, or wherever he put it.

Doug said...

Jason, we've seen these odd interpretations before as pit bull advocates try to diminish news and rationalize what pit bulls do.

Obviously the dog didn't stop short of killing her as she is dead. And there are no statements anywhere that would cause a reasonable person to acquire a belief the dog stopped short of killing her. If a person shoots someone and lacerates the aortic artery which results in death from hypovolemic-hemorrhagic shock, (blood loss,) did the shooter stop short of killing them? There is nothing rational about such a conclusion. But if it appeals to the useful idiots that support pit bull advocacy, there is no reason for anyone to step up and educate to the contrary. I spotted this statement and would have been happy to offer a professionally educated reply, but my comments were withheld because of BAD-RAP’s censoring process. The assertion was delusional but got a free pass for the duration of the thread, thanks to the moderator.

In another murder by pit bull, the article stated the decedent went into cardiac arrest. In this case, pit advocates tried to spin this to mean the person actually died from a heart attack, implying this was unrelated to the pit bull attack. "Cardiac arrest" is the end stage of fatal trauma - it is a requirement of dying, determining and pronouncing death. Everyone who has ever died has experienced cardiac arrest through a variety of causes. Their spin on that pit bull attack was no less a lie than the fabricated fall from a ladder story. These people aren’t purely stupid; they’re manipulative liars.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

according to the pit nutters' dog bite "expert" KAREN DELISE, heart attack does indeed count as a fatal dog attack:

please see page 91 of Fatal Dog Attacks The Stories Behind the Statistics

Definition: Fatal Dog Attack
This study defines a dog bite fatality as trauma inflicted by a dog bite that results in the death of the victim. This includes:
• Bite injuries inflicted by a dog(s) that resulted in the immediate death of the individual.

• Injuries that were in and of themselves life threatening but, due to medical intervention, the victim's life was prolonged (for days, months, years) until the individual succumbed from injuries originally or secondarily inflicted from trauma due to the dog bite. Although medically these deaths may be attributed to organ failure or massive infection, the causative agent was traumatic injury from dog bite.

• Death from heart attack while being attacked and bitten by a dog. Although the bite itself may not have been injurious enough to cause death, the accompanying stress and trauma at the time of the attack caused immediate heart failure and death.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ditto on the manipulative liars. karen delise isn't stupid, she is an evil genius.

Anonymous said...


The President of SeaNuttle's Families Advocating Bully Bites (FABB) resigns after the breed anbassador attacks a Lab at a Pet Store Opening.


Pit Bull Belonging to Pro-Pit Bull Activist Attacks Dog
posted by Jonah Spangenthal-Lee on September 11 at 18:18 PM

According to records from animal control, a pit bull belonging to one of the founders of Families Against Breed Bans (FABB) attacked another dog last Sunday at the grand opening of a pet store in Phinney Ridge.

“There [were] over 100 dogs through here on the weekend. We only had one incident,” says Nadja Chorba, owner of the Zak and Zoe pet store. Chorba says members of FABB had been invited to the store to talk about breed bans and educate the public about pit bulls. Then, Chorba says, the pit bull “decided he was unhappy at the moment” and attacked another dog. “There weren’t any loud noises” or anything else that would have startled the pit bull, Chorba says.

In an email, the owner of the yellow Labrador, Sam, that was attacked, claims that the pit bull belonging to the FABB founder “turned violently on [Sam] and locked his jaws on Sam’s neck.” Sam’s owner called the incident “an unprovoked attack.”

Animal control was called and the pitbull’s owner received a $269 citation.

The owner of the pit bull could not be reached for comment

**Disclaimer...I am not making this up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


good one!