Sunday, March 4, 2012

reinventing the pit bull!

so, i am tooling along doing my thing (you know, hatin') and SOMEHOW i end up at this facebook page. i can't even remember how i got there but i thought to myself, as long as i am here, i might as well take a look around. this is one of best friends pet projects so i just knew it wouldn't take long before i stumbled on some fodder for craven.

notice anything odd about this photo? click to view larger if you need to.

if you guessed that it was a fake, you would be correct. the "ultimate nanny dog" was dropped into this photo.

of course the comments on the photo are just priceless.

now i have been aware of the stubby dog project for some time. in fact, last summer i found a pit nutter brazenly lying on about misrepresenting the breed to prince george county animal control and with what appears to be with the full knowledge and endorsement of animal control. you can imagine my glee when i saw this same lying pit nutter harassing a pit bull victim on facebook. i mean what are the chances? being killed by a falling coconut seems more likely.

obtw, after this nutter was exposed, i found her on facebook claiming to have moved to a county where pit bulls are not banned but that is also a lie. AND i found that the administrator of stubby dog removed the page harboring the confession. they are all in cahoots.
good thing i take copious screen shots and save pdfs. you can read the full discussion here.

click on this link and scroll to the bottom and you be the judge.

i decided the stubby dog project logo needed a little reinventing.

but if you want to REDISCOVER the pit bull, click HERE.

Aug 26, 2011 04:35:49 AM, wrote:

I just wanted to let you know that when the name of Julie Edwards-Matanga is put into a search, it links her to your church. It says that she is the director of your choir.
She uses face book and is a member of a couple of hate pages.
One is...I hate Pit bull owners and another is.. I hate pit bulls.
She is on these pages calling pit bull owners white trash, strippers, and single wide trailer owners. Also she has asked if we belong to the First Church of Pit Bulls.
She does not know any of these people, including myself personally. She has also been posting some very graphic photos on these pages.
I am a licensed veterinary technician and have been for 24 years, I wouldn't appreciate someone speaking badly about another living being, then being linked to my place of business when their name was searched.
I looked at your website and what your church teaches, I really don't think you would want someone bad mouthing others and being linked to your website.
Thank You For Your Time,
Tanja O'Dell


april 29 said...

So much to read here and so little time. I got stuck on the Stubby dog post on, I kid you not, "The Transformative Power of a Tutu." Wow, just wow...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i missed that one! but it's good to know ledy is the "brains" behind the stubby dog project.

april 29 said...

Ledy is the "brains" behind most of nuttery.

Meals on Wheels said...

I would like to raise a glass to Tanja, willing to lie to keep her "lab mix", te he he he he, and for her lovely e-mail she sent to my church. If I ever need a pick up, it's like a nice cup of tea. Toast!

Packhorse said...

Fake pit /
You scare me like the real thing /
And if you were the real thing /
Then you'd scare me more.

Miss Margo said...


For some reason, I am having tremendous difficulty grasping the implications of the photo that I am looking at, right now, with my two eyes.

I mean, this isn't Stalin erasing Trotsky from all those photos from when they were buddy-buddy. That was dishonest, but it made sense.

Someone photoshopped a pit bull on a slide for political purposes.

I am amazed. Like, astonished. Weirdest goddamned thing I've seen in some time.

Saving for my files. Nobody would believe it if they didn't see it. That that other photo of the pit bull wearing an Indian head-dress. That was jaw-dropping, too.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yep, miss margo. it sure is unfuckingbelievable.

btw, that indian head dress mutant image was photoshopped by me. i was taking a jab at pit nutters. :-)

i believe the lycanwolfprincess has remade herself yet again.
check out this blog post and tell me what you think.

Miss Margo said...

Hi Dawn!

The writing styles are very similar (lWP and Jackal). If they were handed in to me in essay-format, I would definitely run both of them through

I also note on Jackal's myspace profile that she a 16 year-old with a "post-grad" education. And if she is indeed Native American with an annual income of $150,000--$250,000, she is one of the wealthiest Indians in the country. Just sayin'. Behold, the 1% (1 percenter) Indian.

I'm a full-time sister, too! Why aren't I getting paid for it?

This profile makes no sense. Yeah, it's LWP.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you miss margo, exactly what i thought. the only thing missing in jodi rogers' profile is her obsession with alien and predator.

Miss Margo said...

She also needs to stop making up these screen names that sound so much alike. Lycan wolf, jackal, sabertooth blah blah. It is becoming quite a tip-off. The names of a teenager or 80s hair metal band.

Anonymous said...

pretty obvious why she likes the fucking things . anything predatory and she thinks she likes it . just wonder how she will the predatory instinct when it turns on her chihuahua or her kitty cat or the marine boyfriend whos ten years her senior .... speaking of predatory .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i just realized that you were talking about the pit bull in the native american feather head dress!! i am not responsible for that! i thought you were talking about this.

sorry i read that too fast.

Miss Margo said...

Ah yes, the tinfoil hat pit bull--that, too, was an instant classic.

That was a great post. TY.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

when i hear or read the word INDIAN, i immediately think of the hindu kind, not the native americans.

Meals on Wheels said...

Morticia O'Dell seems to take a personal interest in my and follows me around the net. She loves me so much, she sends letters to my employers and is a member of my youtube family.

Lisa Camuso said...

LOLOL...You guys are priceless...!
Not a clue, any of you? SO sad...but easily herded, I would imagine.
Can any of you figure out why anti-pit bull people run and hide when I offer to debate them on canine behavior, training, breeds and dog bites? I'm a little stumped as all of you are so outspoken and self-proclaimed experts, posting charts and statistics as if you gave birth to a new solar system...So, when any of you are ready after your quick Google search for propaganda to use as ammunition....let me know...I have been a bully breed owner for over 20 yrs. I train, I've worked my dogs....and I was a legislative director for several all breed working dog organization. Oh, and I co-authored dangerous dog ordinances in several cities....Ready for me???? (Morons getting ready to ban me from this page in 3,2 .......1 ! )

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

lisa camuso, i don't believe we have been introduced, formally or otherwise.

first, who the fuck are you and second, why on earth would i ban you? i like to have to fun as much as the next person.

your move.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

lisa, what up girl? i thought you wanted to banter?

Anonymous said...

She thought a posting in an old column would go undiscovered. She was performing for her imaginary admirers.You probably gave her quite a fright.

Anonymous said...

That dog on the slide is totally believable in spite of it's eerie lack of shadow, but that slide is clearly strongly radioactive. SAVE THE CHILDREN!!! or just Photoshop in some more.

Anonymous said...

I saw Lisa Camuso's name here.

People should know she is a pit bull breeder in Massachusetts involved with another pit bull breeder in Ipswich Massachusetts, Holly Stump, who is involved with Patti Strand and NAIA (search her at Sourcewatch) and the AKC lobbying group MassFed.

They sneak around pressuring animal control departments to look out for the interests of pit bull breeders

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

well, i'm not sure that freak is a breeder but she is just as bad. and i don't think that she sneaks around pressuring AC. i think she does it openly and brazenly.