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Nanny Dogs?


Is this a cruel sales pitch or just a sick practical joke?!?

You have to hand it to the Dogfighters…They’ve had a 100 year head start on the public to come up with all kinds of propaganda to preserve the blood money business of breeding and fighting Pit Bulls …“American Dogs”, “Manbiters were culled”…and in this 1987 article one Pit Bull breeder exclaimed ”They used them as babysitters in England” In a classic, “Yeah that’s the Ticket” moment “The Big Lie” has been uttered thousands of times.

We must examine the history of the “American” Pit Bull Terrier to understand how necessity to stay ahead of the law drove rebranding names and creating myths.

Pit bulls and dog fighting were brought to America by Irish and English immigrants. That’s right, as “American “as Blood Pudding..In 1884, the American Kennel Club was formed but rejected registering pit bulls due to their use in dog fighting. Out of frustration, Chauncey Bennett formed the United Kennel Club in 1898 to bring formal recognition to the pit bull breed. In its early days, the UKC regulated dog fighting in the United States and had an original registry requirement of three documented wins before a Pit Bull could earn its registry papers.

 In a similar vein, The American Dog Breeders Association was formed in September of 1909 by close friends Guy McChord and Joseph P. Colby. Colby would become known as “The Mainstay of the ADBA” and “The Fountainhead of the American Pit Bull Terrier“. Seven months prior to becoming involved with the ADBA, Colby’s two year old nephew was killed by one of his Pit Bulls at his Massachusetts breeding yard and this news story cites that “Mr Colby had great difficulty forcing the dogs jaws apart. The child died in a few minutes, his spine being broken” . Additionally, in this 1918 advertisement in The Dog Fancier magazine, Colby boasts of selling more fighting dogs than any man in America. It was around this time the two Pit Bull registries rebranded these British fighting imports as the “American” Pit Bull Terrier. Later in 1936, after decades of lobbying, Colby was finally able to convince the American Kennel Club to accept Pit Bulls for registration. In another rebranding move, the AKC would only sell Pit Bull registrations under the regal sounding Staffordshire Terrier label. Keep in mind that Stafford England was the UK epicenter of bull and bear baiting. They actually raised bears in “Bear Gardens” for the bloody purpose!

So there you have it, two of the three original pit bull registries used a documented child killer line as the breed standard, while the other merely required a documented pit fighting champion. No other breed community has such a grotesque history

Let’s sink our teeth into how pit bulls measure up to their phony “Nanny Dog” Label.

Note…Playtime accidents of kids playing at pit owner’s homes are not included. However, visitation, foster care and custody incidents are included so that they may be helpful to family law attorneys.

Children killed during Pit Bull Babysitting Operations

May 2012, Las Cruces, NM; 15 month old Jazelyn Mesa killed by family Pit Bull while her babysitting Grandmother is powerless to stop the attack

Jan 2012, Montgomery County, TX; 23 month old Jayce Valdez is mauled to death by Grandmother's Pit Bull during yet another failed Texas nanny dog operation

Sep 2011, West Haven, CT; 20 month old Nevaeh Bryant killed by Pit-Auntie’s Pit Bulls that had previously been involved in an attack on a mailman. Charged with Murder

July 2011, Concord, CA; Pit Peddler Grandpa James Hayashi is charged with Manslaughter when babysitting op turns fatal. His attorney blamed the Boy's father because “he did not arrange for child care”

Nov 2010; Rusk County, TX; 2 year old Kaden Muckleroy killed by his Grandfather’s Pit Bull that broke a chain to get him while he played on a swing set

May 2010, Sachsenburg, Germany, During a nice babysitting foray, Grandmother takes her three year old Granddaughter over to see her Auntie who happened to own four Staffordshredders. The little girl doesn‘t make it out alive

Nov 2009, UK; 4 year old Jean Paul Massey mauled to death by Pit Uncle’s illegal breeding Pit Bull’s while being babysat by his Pit-Grannie. F- minus goes out to the local Police who knew about the illegal breeding operation

Nov 2009, New Albany, MS; In the third fatal Pit Bull attack on a child under the care of a Babysitter in a month, 1 year old Destiny Marie Cox mauled to death by Babysitter’s Pit Bull

Oct 2009, Prescott, AR; Mathew Clay Hurt wanders away from Babysitter’s into Neighbor’s chained canine IED

Oct 2009, Delhi, CA; 17 month old Colton Smith killed by Babysitter’s Pit Bull

June 2009, Johnston City, IL; 3 year old boy who normally resided with his father crawls out window and is fatally mauled by Mother‘s Pit Bulls during visitation

March 2009, San Antonio TX, Grandmother’s Pit Bulls break down baby gate and maul toddler Izaiah Gregory Cox to death. The Nanny-Granny tries stabbing them off, but they turn on her also

Feb 2009, UK; Infant Jayden Mack killed by his Grandmother‘s Staffy and Jack Russell Terrier combo during failed Nanny Dog operation

Oct 2008, Las Vegas, NV; *“Family” Pit Bulls force way into house and kill 4 month old girl and maul her Grandmother who was Babysitting her. *Family Dogs?..For whom...the Manson Family?!?

Aug 2008, Anchorage, AK; Babysitter bitten trying to save 6 year old Isis Krieger from her family Pit Bull. Isis later dies after a week in the ICU. Father flown home from Iraq to handle Mortuary Affairs

June 2008, Westlaco, TX; 7 year old Pablo Lopez is killed by his relatives Pit Bull. He was placed with them by Texas Child “Un-Protective” Services

Nov 2007, Killen, TX; 11 year old Seth Parker killed by Pit Bull while father was stationed in Korea. He had petitioned the court about the animal during custody hearings. Babysitter Pit-Grandma Parker escaped manslaughter charges

Dec 2007, Summerville, SC; While Babysitting Pit Granny takes a nap, 2 year old Holden Jurnigan wanders out back to her chained Canine-IED and gets the Colby treatment. The Nanny-Granny is charged with unlawful conduct towards a child

April 2007, UK; Pit Grannie charged with manslaughter after illegal Pit Bull kills her 5 year old granddaughter during babysitting

April 2004, Detroit Maul City; When Grandmother places 16 month old boy on the floor to play with the Pit Bull, it apparently mistakes him for another match dog. Pit Granny has her finger bitten off in futile rescue attempt

June 2003, Lake Elsinore, CA; 2 year old Summer Clugston is killed by her Babysitter’s Pit Bull

March 1999, San Diego, CA; NOTE TO SELF: Never use Betty Wallace as a babysitter. 3 year old Shalen Darshea Cammon, mauled to death by Great Pit-Auntie’s defective Nanny

Feb 1992, Grand Rapids, MI; Routine Babysitting Op turns into a nightmare for 16 year old Babysitter when 2 year old Derrick Goree is killed by the household Pit Bulls

Oct 1990, McKinney, TX; 18 month old Jessica Cole is killed and her grandmother attacked by the Family’s four Pit Bulls. Bewildered Pit-Gramps utters “she rode them like a horse“

July 1990, Chicago, IL; 6 month old Tionna Kenny is killed by her Babysitter’s Pit Bull

May 1989, Clute, TX; 3 year old Dustin Webb killed by his Grandparent’s Pit Bull as Pit Grannie is helpless to stop his fatal mauling

March 1985, Charlotte, NC; 18 month old James Shirley wanders from sleeping babysitter into the jaws of Neighbor’s Pit Bull named “Bashful” and is fatally mauled

July 1983, Clairemont, CA; Babysitter watches in horror as 5 year old Sara Delance is killed by family Pit Bull

Dec 1909, New York City; 1 year old John Eldice killed while his baby sitter is powerless to stop the mauling. She even tried burning the Nanny with hot iron to make it release

Feb 2, 1909; In the most significant DBRF in history, “The Fountainhead of the American Pit Bull Terrier”, “The Mainstay of the American Dog Breeders Association“, and the breeder who produced the breed standard for the American Kennel Club‘s Staffordshire Terrier, John P. Colby‘s nephew is killed at his dog yard. Colby would produce and sell 5000 Pit Bulls during his lifetime…. All from child killing breed stock! F-Minus Breed Stewardship grade assigned in Red Ink only because a lower grade is not possible…

Mere Maulings, Scalpings and disfigurements:

June 2012, Pulaski County, AR; Mother wants estranged Father charged with Child Endangerment after 7 year old daughter has arm bitten and broken in two places during visitation

May 2012, Norco, CA; Toddler slips out the backdoor into “Family“ Pit Bull during babysitting episode

May 2012, Prescott, AR; In a travesty of Justice, 21 year old Amber Moody is charged with Child Endangerment because she adopted a Nanny Dog which mauled her son. She drew more than the customary mere ticket for a Nanny Dog mauling because the local Humane Society has a policy of no Nanny Dogs in homes with children. Amber's real crime was ignoring the Humane Society's warnings about Nanny Dogs by not disclosing she that had children when filling out paperwork to adopt the Nanny Dog, When the Nanny Dog predictably mauled her son, the DA charged her for bringing a Nanny Dog into a home with a child. *It would be good to see this No Nanny Dog policy expanded to all neighborhoods and towns with kids

April 2012, Martinez, CA; Three year old girl MEDEVACed out of Pit Granny‘s house when misunderstood Pit Bull "Turk" savages her head

March 2012, Lawrenceville, PA; Grandpa takes granddaughters over to see Friend‘s new litter of Pit puppies. 600 micro stitches in the face later, it proves to be a Bad Move

March, 2012; Oxnard, CA; Pit Bull mauls 2 year old on the face and neck at babysitter's

Jan 2012, Robbinsville, NC; Pit Grannie Susie Andersen sent to prison after her Grandson is mauled by her defective Pit Bulls back in 2010. NC DSS had been to the house on three previous occasions

Jan 2012, Westfield, MA; Pit owning Babysitter, toddler and responding Police Officer bitten by stupid Pit Bull

Sep 2011, Columbia County, FL two Nutter-Babysitters arrested after boy is poured into life flight helicopter and they tell investigators, “a roving Boxer did it”

April, 2011, Houston TX; Child on CPS approved visitation with her mother, sustains fractured skull and numerous facial lacerations

Feb 2011; Saugerties, NY; Police dispatch defective nanny after 3 year old is mauled at Babysitter’s and saved by The Cable Guy

Dec, 2010, Callaway, FL; Appeal court reinstates a child neglect charge against a 17-year-old baby sitter whose pit bull attacked a 2-year-old child under her care.

Nov 2010, 10 year old boy needs 1000 stitches when UK Nanny Operation goes bad

Nov 2010, Des Lacs, SD; 46 year old babysitter scalped and lifeflighted after family Pit Bull attack. Hazardous Duty Pay for inhouse Pit Bull owner babysitting services NOW!

Sep 2010, India-maulpolis, IN; Pit Granny arrested on child neglect charges when her Grandaughter is mauled by Pit Bull “Fang” and she didn‘t seek medical treatment. “Didn‘t want Animal Control or Child Protective Services involved“ *Note: Then you shouldn‘t have gotten a frickin' Pit Bull!

April 2010, Livermore Falls, ME; 11 year old boy mauled by Pit Bull during baby sitting operation

April 2010, Sun Prairie, WI; A 2 year old boy's mother and aunt sent the Police on a 40 hour wild goose chase for a mythical german shepherd beast. Turns out Auntie's Nanny Dog bit the 2 year old boy on the face.

March 2009, Bay County, FL; Pit Bulls involved in babysitting mauling had been involved in two previous attacks…F-Minus goes out to Bay County Animal Control (it was run by a Pit Bull owner at the time!)

June 2010, Middletown, CT; 11 year old girl mauled during court ordered visitation

Sep 2009, Montgomery County, TX; 3 year old Lifeflighted to the ICU after spending the day at her Pit Breeding Auntie’s home. Pit-Auntie gets attacked also

June 2009, After Niece is scalped during family Barbeque , Pit Bull owner expresses “I recommend not having a pit bull, whether the dog is friendly or not,” a grieving Cruz said. “They will turn on you.”

June 2009, Odessa, TX; 3 year old Shaylee Crosson is horribly scalped by her Grandmother’s Pit Bull. The pittie had previously killed two neighborhood dogs *Parents..A common theme here is children being mauled by Pit Grannies and Pit-Grampsters Animals

April 2009, Wappinger Falls, NY, Frankie Flora sustains 1000 stitch mauling by his Aunt’s Pit Bull that had been screened and adopted out by Out of The Pits Rescue. Frankie would later get a trip to the Whitehouse and meet the President

Mar 2010, Plattsmouth, NE; 10 year old boy seriously bitten in the face by Father’s Pit Bull during visitation. Mother hadn’t wanted boy to visit his biological father due to the pit bulls in the house.

Feb 2009, Norfolk, VA; Navy couple drops off 8 month old with Pit owning babysitter who struggled “to separate“ the dog from the child. Ends up in ICU.

Aug 2009, Checotah, AZ; After a 19 month old toddler mauled at Grandmother’s house, pissed off Grandpa blows it‘s head apart with a 30/30. City attorney is hush hush because somehow the Pittie was trafficked out of the county shelter without an adoption form, nor rabies vaccination. F-minus Animal Control grade assigned in red ink

Washington County, TN; Trailer dwelling Pit Granny suffers more than two dozen puncture wounds fighting the family Pit Bull off of her 1 year old Granddaughter

April 2008, Aurora, CO; Pit Granny‘s illegal Pit Bull mauls 4 year old Granddaughter in the face. Attempts to traffic the dog to a more maul-friendly city

Aug 2008, Baltimore, MD; 18 month old Demetrious Allen scalped by Pit Bull at Maul-timore Day Care

May 2008, Dallas , TX; 3 year old girl horribly mauled when two Pit Bulls barge into the bathroom and maul her and her Pit-Auntie while she was getting a bath. ANOTHER NOTE TO SELF: Never use Crystal Owens as a Babysitter, Pit Bulls were banned in her trailer park but she knew better

April 2008, Aurora, CO; Pit Granny‘s illegal Pit Bull mauls 4 year old Granddaughter in the face. Attempts to traffic the dog to a more maul-friendly city

Aug 2008, Phoenix, AZ; Backyard breeding Pit Granny sends her Grandson for a Meatwagon ride… biting the boy "all over his body, including his right arm, his back, his neck, his face and his left arm."

Aug 2008, Phoenix, AZ; Backyard breeding Pit Grannie sends her Grandson for a Meatwagon ride… biting the boy "all over his body, including his right arm, his back, his neck, his face and his left arm."

Aug 2008, Anchorage AK; Family Pit Bull “Dozer” attacks the Babysitter … * Seriously…Babysitters who take a gig at Pit Owner’s homes should charge $300 an hour

Aug 2007, Aurora CO; Two women who thought they were smarter than public safety officials are mauled by illegal Pit Bull during babysitting operation.

July 2007, Republic of the Philippines; 2 year old toddler mauled and her babysitting Grandmother killed by disloyal family Pit Bull. It took authorities 5 minutes to get the Pit Bull to release it‘s dead Pit-Grannie owner. *Note Pit Bulls can really get “attached“ to their owners

Feb 2007, Cumberland, County, KY; Family facing homelessness due to medical bills after son mauled by Babysitter’s Pit Bull mix

Dec 2006, Lucedale, MS; Bethel Boys Military Academy successfully sued for $900,000 after they physically abused boys and sicced bite work trained Pit Bull on them. *Watch where you send your kids!

Oct 2006, Northhampton, PA; Baby sitter arrested for Child Neglect after 6 year old girl he was watching gets mauled by a Pit Bull. Used duct tape and a rag to try and stop her bleeding…*Must have been a Boy Scout

June 2006, Port Norris, NJ, 24 year old babysitter Kristi Norris gets bull baited by her own Pit Bull while she was babysitting two kids…*Maybe it had never seen kids before?!?

Nov 2004 Manning, SC; When 20 year old Babysitter takes toddler over to see Pit Bull owning friend, ”Cracker” does what Pit Bulls do best

July 2004, Murphysboro, IL; Pit Granny suffers serious bite wound to the arm when her defective Nannydog goes after her Granddaughter

Dec 2003, Bloomfield, NM; Two teenage Babysitter‘s get mauled during Nanny gig at Pit owner‘s house..*Parents: Consider paying a higher allowance instead of letting your kids do this!

June 2003, Jacksonville, FL, Baby sitter charged with child neglect after her Pit Bull mauls three year old girl. The girl needed 1500 stitches and multiple surgeries

May 2002, Baltimore, MD; Maul-timore toddler hospitalized after being mauled by her Pit-Granny’s breeding Pit Bulls

Oct 2001, Fort Pierce, FL; 3 year old hospitalized after being bitten in the face by Babysitter’s Pit Bull

May 2001, Staten Island, NY; Cops bust babysitter for Child Endangerment after six year old girl is bitten several times and sustains broken arm from 3 Pit Bulls

April 2001, Providence, RI‘ Pit Nutter lowlife pulls the Ol’ Dine and Dash routine after his Pit Bull bites children at a school for the Deaf

Aug 2000, Dorchester, MA; Helpful Nannydog induces labor on pregnant woman by attacking and chasing her onto the top of a car

July 2000, Spalding County, GA, DCFS had asked this foster family to get rid of Pit Bull just days before it mauled 4 year old boy to the tune of 500 stitches

June 2000, Boston, MA; Child mauled by Day Care Owner‘s Pit Bull

Oct 1997, Toronto, Canada; Four year old mauled by Babysitter’s Pit Bull named “Pepper“

Aug 1994, Broward County, FL; VOMIT SPECIAL: Driven out of Miami, Pit Breeder Moreno Yohai sets up shop in Broward County. When the SWAT team raided his home, they find a 1 year old being babysat, nearly 100 home made sex tapes of minors, weapons, drugs and a fresh litter of Pit pups

UPDATE: January 2008, The World’s worst neighbor is still breeding and selling Pit Bulls!

April 1993, Cumberland, County, NC; 20 month old boy wanders out back into the chained Canine IED at Babysitter‘s

Jan 1990, Norwich, CT; 23 year old Pit Owner‘s dog with bite history hospitalizes little girl suffering plastic surgery to repair her face

June 1990, Eugene, OR; Pit Babysitters sued after 2 year old boy they were watching is mauled by their wigglebutt

Aug 1989, Milford, CT; Pit Bull banished from town after 14 year old Babysitter mauled, ..”will be euthanized on sight if it returns“

May 1989, St Petersburg, FL, After it takes ten minutes to pry her Pit Bulls jaws off a 9 year old Girl’s head, babysitter Theresa Gunnels tells A/C investigators she couldn’t understand why the parents would leave the child with her

March 1988, Wilmington, NC; Vet has to play gruesome game of “eenie meany miny moe, cut a Pit Bull head to toe“ to retrieve Christopher Graham‘s ear from his Grandparent‘s Pit Bulls

Note: March 1995, Here is a 7 year follow up of Christopher. Like so many of these children, he lives what Plastic Surgeons call “The Life of a Ten Thousand Cuts“

April, 1988; A Los Angeles County animal control officer was injured near Hawthorne when she was attacked by "a sick pit bull" terrier and, in a separate incident Tuesday, sheriff's deputies shot and killed a second pit bull that was chasing and attacking children on the grounds of Lennox High School

An astonishingly list of Pit Bull scalping victims may be seen Here

June 1988, Toronto, Canada; Toddler mauled while at his Father‘s apartment during visitation. Father decides to euthanize the defective Nanny himself, because the animal shelters "use gas and he didn't want the dog to suffer."

Note: Things have improved greatly in Toronto as Bandit who mauled a toddler to the tune of 200 stitches and attacked three shelter workers became the troubled Toronto Humane Society‘s mascot. The raided and reorganized Toronto Humane Society leads the fight against BSL in Ontario…KOOKS!!

June 1988, Long Island, NY; Teachers protest when a 5 year old student is mauled while in Daycare

Aug 1987, Tampa, FL; Girl bitten in the face by Babysitter‘s Pit Bull

March 1986, Garland, TX; 4 year old girl bitten by Babysitter’s Pit Bull

1985, Miami, FL; Baby Sitter takes 17 month old boy over to Pit-Mix Owner’s house and he is “Colbied”

July 1982, Los Angeles, CA; In an outstanding legal decision, Judge Snider removes child from the custody of a lesbian-witch coven, not due to their alternative lifestyle, but because “living in a residence containing Pit Bulldogs poses a significant danger to the minor child“ Over 130 American children have been killed by Pit Bulls since Judge Snider‘s ruling

School Sieges

Pit Bulls love children so much that they have to come “play” when they see them. Keep in mind, the School District is likely on the hook for the liability in these bizarre and unacceptable attacks. Somehow, these costs didn’t make it into the Best Friends BSL financial calculator program….

June 2012, Trenton, NJ; Police Sgt shoots Pit Bull attacking teens on school playground

March 2012, Boston, MA; Pit Owner Dine and Dashes after 12 year old bitten on school playground

Oct 2011, Las Vegas, NV; Teacher mauled in front of school as children were boarding buses

Sep 2011, Pawtuckett, RI; Illegal Pit Bull wanders onto school grounds and bites three children. Due to BSL the Pit Perp faces criminal charges instead of the usual “ticket”

Aug 2011, Monroe, NC, Father sues school board after his son is bitten by Pit Bull at recess. A teacher had been nipped by the animal that morning

June 2010, Garden Grove, CA; Blood sprays on the ceiling when Pit Bull wanders into Principle‘s office and attacks school secretary, severing an artery….*must have never seen a secretary before

April 2010, Blackfoot, ID; Abel Deluna’s Pit Bulls attack a dozen students, hospitalizing 3 of them. *Somehow this was a misdemeanor!

July 2009, Liberty Township, OH; School custodian attacked while locking up athletic field. Pit owner dine and dashes

June 2008, Seattle, WA; Heroic custodians save 3rd graders being mauled in the bathroom by bashing savage Pit Bulls with trash cans

May 2008, Orange County, FL, The Florida Senate directs Orange County to pay a $1.8 Million settlement to student Daniel Decembre. Daniel was essentially “Bull Baited” about the head by a Pit Bull so badly that he lost both ears

June 2007, Detroit-Maul City; Three students who were embarking on a bus for a field trip; at the West Side Academy were bitten by a pit bull who jumped onto their bus and attacked them.

Oct 2004, Edinburgh, Scotland, Staffordshredder Bull Terrier attacks girl at the Royston Primary School

Sep 2004, Gaineville, FL; Crazed Pit Bull attacks College students at apartment complex, shot by the po-po

March 2002, Largo, FL; A misunderstood Nanny Dog dug her way into a fenced elementary school yard and began chasing the students and became frustrated & aggressive when they rejected her. One child was bitten, six were scratched, one was injured in a fall and a staff member cracked his tailbone when he fell.

July 2001, Wasco, CA; Rogelio Velasquez, was sentenced to serve a year in the Kern County jail for owning dogs trained to attack and cause injury. Velasquez is also to make restitution to Garrett Mozingo, 9, and Cody Roberts, 11, who suffered disabling injuries when Velasquez' two pit bulls stormed into an elementary school playground

Feb 2001, San Jose; Police shoot a Pit Bull that somehow entered a school and bit three students. Ironically, the dog had bitten a child at a another school within the past year

Sep 2000, Wilmington, NC; Police blow away two pitties during school siege

June 2000, Hamburg, Germany: In the Holy Mother of all School Sieges, two Pitties wander onto school grounds and kill 6 year old boy at recess

March 1998, Atlantic City, NJ; City sued for $32.5 Million when three loose Pitties show love by biting 15 students and 2 adults at the Upton School complex

Jan 1998, Mount Airy, NC; 9 year old Tina Piraino is mauled to death as she gets off her school bus, Horrified students were offered counseling after having to watch Jerry Neal’s sweet Pit Bulls named Jinx, Babe and Shaggy behave like African Lions

**Note: an astounding collection of Bus Stop attacks may be viewed here.

May 1992, Long Island, NY; Pit Bull comes onto the field at Huntington High and bites girls during Gym Class…Heartwarming.

Dec 1988, Philadelphia, PA School Officials offer counseling to students after 3 thugs unleash 3 pit bulls on 150 children playing at recess

Feb 1988, Ontario, CA; Clara Bagus, 6, was "badly shaken" by the attack that ended only after two teachers wrenched the dog's jaws from her ear…Bad Rocky!…Bad! Bad! Rocky!!

April 1987, Livermore, CA; Pit Bull terrorize and bite children at school

1986, Sarasota, FL; School employee and two teachers attacked by misunderstood wigglebutt

Oct 1984, Del Ray Beach, FL; A Pit Bull serving as the high school football team mascot bursts into a community center where cheerleaders are practicing and starts a maulin’

March 1960, Chicago, IL; William D. Fair‘s “Playful“ escaped Bulldogs bite schoolgirl “over most of her body“

Jan 1951, Clearfield, UT; Bulldog attacks four students

1929 Glascow, Scotland 4 children attacked by “Not so Nanny” while playing on school playground swingset

May 1914, Akron, OH, Frenzied bulldog runs amok inside the Perkins Ave school, biting 5 student, all seriously Bad Nanny!…Bad! Bad! Bad! Nanny!!

May 1912, Chicago, IL; Bulldog attacks 3 children inside a school, owner refuses to give up the animal to police

April 1908, Atlantic City, NJ; Berserking Bull Terrier rushes into classroom attacks three pupils, and is driven back by teachers and girls "armed with sticks and rules"

Sep 1900, Richmond, VA; After his Bull Terrier runs into a public school and bites 5 students, George Dewitt appears in court to fight the destruction of the animal. * Remember, Pit Bulls are safer than other breeds because man biters were culled!

Parents…Watch where you send your kids!

**DISCLAIMER…You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Jeffery was thrilled when Jimmy told him the family was getting a puppy. Then Jimmy told him it was a pit bull…

Nanny Dog Myth Revealed


S.K.Y. said...

Dawn, thanks for your incredible research on this topic. I had long suspected that fighters were in the first registries, but I didn't know to what extent. Three confirmed wins just to register--wow! And your compilation of attacks is very useful to point unbelievers to. I don't know any non-pit owner that I've sent to your pages (or who hasn't come away wanting to see more BSL.

S.K.Y. said...

By the way, where are you finding the great Victorian-era illustrations? I love that period of history and "Leslie's Illustrated" (a newspaper that was full of these illustrations).

BTW, my Captcha for this post has the word "pre-pbt." How fitting! If only we could all go back to that time... :-)

Branwyne Finch said...

Dawn, it isn't just pit bull owners and breeders who have been pushing the "Nanny Dog" myth. The MSPCA here in Massachusetts has been actively repeating this nonsense to the public for years...
Here is just one example...

When respected humane organizations tell the general public that pit bulls are "nanny dogs", and a great choice to have around small children.....its easy to see how this lie is perpetuated.

Even though it has been proven that pit bulls were NEVER historically referred to as "nanny dogs"...indeed, no dog breed has ever been referred to as a "nanny dog"....humane advocates, trainers, ACOs, and otehr with an agenda will continue to repeat this myth that misleads the public and puts childrens lives in danger.

I think there is a special place in hell for individuals whose "nanny dog" propaganda has contributed to the deaths of innocent children.

Anonymous said...

i think we need a spay and neuter program for people who own or even like pit-bulls. not for the fucking dogs but the idiots who think kids are safe around canine killing machines.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sharon, i can not take any credit other than copying and pasting it here. except for the images, all of this amazing research is done by vintage. the images come from books, old newspapers on line and just floating around the internet. dude i bagged your pit sent me the joke at the bottom.

branwyne, what has been done with the history and reputation of the pit fighter is truly orwellian.

i found this great quote last night and it explains the problem that we are up against.

“The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie — deliberate, contrived and dishonest — but the myth — persistent, persuasive and unrealistic. Too often we hold fast to the cliches of our forebears. We subject all facts to a prefabricated set of interpretations. We enjoy the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought.”
John F. Kennedy

Jewel Jade said...

Very powerful and heart-breaking post. Thank you for all the work you did on this. Tragic and sad.

DubV said...

Imagine how many more animals could be saved if humane organizations were staffed with people who could think themselves out of a wet paper sack.

cinnamon2005 said...

Latest Pit horror:

Rag Doll said...

Seem to be a few people there having a great time watching this free dogfight. Sick stuff. Nobody helping her because they're too scared and than blaming the police for not using a taser. What a hood. Neighbors from hel with devil dogs. YUK

Anonymous said...

New Haven is a Pit Hole, much like most of our inner cities nearly 50 percent of the children there will be on MEDICAID...The taxpayer gets hammered twice, first with the Animal Control and first responder costs, then with the bill to sew the children back together.

The Organized Pit Idiocy Groups (OPIGS) have done a wonderful job compartmentalizing the issue as a Humane one..

DubV said...

New Haven is the scariest place I've ever visited. I took a wrong turn and while trying to get out of the ghetto, I had a pack of 6 or so young teenagers pass me on the wrong side of the road doing wheelies on unlicensed 4 wheel ATVs. It was straight out of Mad Max (except with gasoline to spare).

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Super impressive compilation here, and I particularly like the historic press depictions. A virtual high five to Vintage and Craven - this kicks ass!

"The Organized Pit Idiocy Groups (OPIGS)" Hahahaha! OPIGS is a keeper!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that poor woman in new haven. the anguish on her face is just heart breaking.

cinnamon2005 said...

Some interesting descriptions of some dogs up for adoption:

Anonymous said...

Featured Dog Fighter of the Day

Small Survivors said...

These lists of attacks by category make a huge impression. It is hard to grasp it all. The school seiges just boggle the mind. And all of these lists go from the turn of the 20th century to the present with usually gap in mid 20th century. Just enough time for a generation to figure out these things are a menace and the next to forget the same thing.

Amazing work!

Small Survivors said...

And the baby joke is PRICELESS! Thank you Dude!

Meals on Wheels said...
















Unknown said...

Very Informative Article:
I was reading this
ANIMAL PEOPLE Editorial: The shelter killing of pit bulls..Pitbulls were never called nanny dogs.

DubV said...

The nanny dog claim is the epitome of the huge lie that people believe because they assume other people wouldn't make something that crazy up. It is also so unintuitive that people love to share that sort of thing and pass themselves off as clever and with special knowledge. Of course, add in pit nutter crazy and it's like gasoline on any known human short-coming or cognitive bias/issue.

Unknown said...

The only babysitters I ever had were my grandparents ptbulls. I lived this pit bull nanny story you call a lie. Our elders really did use them to watch the kids. Extremly loving dogs if raised to be loving. My stepdaughter was raised with them too. Heard hear scream one day, ran outside and she had fell in an ant bed, my pitbull was licking the ants off as fast as she could. All your reasearch is valid and sad
but you can find the same kind of stories about any breed.

Unknown said...

Thank you Jeannie. Pit bulls are wonderful dogs when not trained by us evil humans to be aggressive. Any do can be aggressive by nature. I guarantee that you will find just as many dog attacks as this by other breeds. My neighbors Lab attacked my Pitt, a other neighbors chihuahua attack their six year old daughter and ripped the skin off her face and another lab of a friend of mine's attacked their 2 year old child.