Friday, May 4, 2012

Vintage: Darwin Attacks

Baghdad Bob says "Pit Bulls are the loyalest dogs since dog fighters created the breed!"


We’ve all heard the platitudes, Pit Bulls are the most loyal!…Pit Bulls were Nanny Dogs! Pit Bulls are highly intelligent! Dogfighters culled man biters!

How does the Humane profession ignore the Bloody Elephant in the room? One must go back to the mid-1980’s when Pit Bull advocacy was in it’s infancy… A decade earlier, the Animal Welfare Act of 1976 had criminalized the trafficking of fighting dogs. Prison-Sodomy avoiding Pit Bull breeders began selling dogs to the public and by the mid -1980’s, the maulings and deaths were skyrocketing. Around 1986, the humane profession set down a course that would make a tobacco lobbyist blush by pushing the “It‘s the owner“ and “unfairness to owners” meme which effectively took the onus off Pit Bull breeders to produce and sell reasonably safe animals.. First, there was the “Are Pit Bulls different?” analysis done by HSUS behaviorists Familiarity with the animal also seems to offer less protection in the case of Pit Bulls. Out of 143 Pit Bull attacks, 19 (13.3%) involved attacks on the owner; out of 135 attacks by other breeds, only 3 (2.2%) involved the owner. Then there was the 1987 “Pit Bull Summit” Veterinary/Animal Control Symposium at Tufts University which produced this slightly important public safety information: Pit Bull Bites are Worse. Later in 1993, The AVMA Professional Liability Trust published this document Do’s and Dont's concerning vicious dogs which was apparently used as a doorstop…

Since the 1987 Pit Bull Summit, 229 Americans have been killed by Pit Bulls and Dog Fighting, Pit Breeding and Pit Bull Advocacy has festered into a Billion dollar a year, codependent-tax free economy in which a host of individuals make their living. Thus far, “The Pit Bull Economy” has not faced liability for the lives. limbs and sea of blood they have cost the public, not mention the costs of housing and euthanizing an estimated 1 Million Pit Bulls annually.

Enter now the question (pg 7):
Are Pit Bulls disloyal? Or…are they simply equal opportunity maulers that will attack any and all targets of opportunity when the breeding kicks in…owners, kids, neighbors, mailmen, other pets, horses etc?

Below is a list of Pit Bull owners killed or seriously wounded by their own animals…The list does not include children of Pit Bull owners…Those may be seen Here. Notice how many incidents where first responders must save the Pit Bull owner during a prolonged, berserk mauling…A suggested remedy is a “Darla’s Law” where Pit owner reimburses the tax payer for labor, fuel, damaged equipment and ammunition expenditures.

When adopting or buying a new dog, keep these funerals and life changing shreddings in mind when the Pit pushers try to guilt you into taking a pittie home. Rest assured, they will be AWOL when the six figure medical bills are due!


May 2012, Santa Fe, NM; Victim's son: My dad loved this dog more than me

Dec 2011, Burnettsville, IN; 58 year old Joseph D. Hines killed by his dog. Last of 7 US Pit Bull owners killed by their animals in 2011.

Sep 2011, Philadelphia, PA; 50 year old Carmen Ramos killed by her Pit Bulls

July 2011, South Africa; 21 year old Jason Waverly killed by his own Pit Bulls

July 2011, Spotsylvania County, VA; Man killed by his own Pit Bull

July 2011, Pacifica, CA; BADRAP supporter Darla Napora and her unborn baby killed by “Gunner” Gunner is shot by police and his remains are buried with the victim

Aug 2011, Tucson, AZ; 61 year old Michael Cook, mauled by his Pit Bull dies three weeks later

June 2005; Pit Bull owner sets the record straight with his comment number 9016 on this Anti-BSL Petition: Matt Lebold said 06/08/05, 9:19 pm (verified)Be responsible. Tell the truth about the breed. Stop using sensationalism and scare tactics to sell your stories
UPDATE: May 2011; Matt is found dead in his apartment from a drug overdose. His Pit Bull had eaten parts of his face, neck and chest. *Note: You Can’t Make This Stuff Up!

Jan 2011, Colusa, CA; 51 year old Linda Leal killed by her Pit mix

March 2011, San Bernadino, CA; 47 year old Jennie Erquaia killed by her own Pit Bull

Dec 2010, Riverside, CA; two months after being mauled by the family Pit Bull, 67 year old Edward Mitchell succumbs to his injuries

Oct 2010, Williamburg, MO; 84 year old Rev John Reynolds killed by 17 breeding Pit Bulls. Dogs not seized by authorities

Sep 2010, McMinn County, TN; 85 year old Mattie Daugherty killed by her 9 year old Pit Bull

Jan 2010, Chicago, IL; 57 year old Johnny Wilson killed by family breeding Pits

Dec 2009, Bangkok, Thailand; Pit Bull kills it’s 71 year old owner

Nov 2009, Peru; Family pit Bull goes berserk, kills its 85 year old owner

Aug 2009, Buenos Aires, Argentina; Pit Bull Murders it’s Master

June 2009; San Jose, CA; This Pit Bull pulled Momma into theTrain

April 2009, Thailand; 37 year old woman mauled to death as she let‘s family Pit Bulls out of their cages

Jan 2009, Lake Charles, LA; 24 year old Kelli Chapman killed by her family Pit Bulls that she raised from pups

May 2008, Salerno Italy; Paola Palmieri,61, torn to pieces by her Pit Bull *Note: How heartwarming…

Nov 2008, South Africa; Grace Page mauled to death by her own two Pit Bulls, despite efforts of neighbors trying to save her, rescuers even poured boiling water on her dogs and they kept a maulin‘

Dec 2008, Roubidoux, CA; 60 year old Pit Bull breeder Gerald Adelmund killed by his maulspawners

July 2007, Republic of the Philippines; 2 year old toddler mauled and her babysitting Pit Grannie killed by disloyal family Pit Bull. It took authorities 5 minutes to get the Pit Bull to release it‘s dead owner. *Note Pit Bulls can really get “attached“ to their owners…

April 2007, Prague, Czech Republic; Woman killed by her own Staffordshredder

Aug 2007, Potstenje, Czech Republic; Pit Bull kills its Master

Oct 2007, FL; Tina Marie Canterbury killed by her two Pit Bulls

May 2006, Lusby, MD; Family breeding Pit Bulls kill Raymond Tomco

July 2006, WV; 25 year old Brandon Coleman killed in his apartment by his Pit Bull

May 2005, ST Louis, MO; 56 year old Lorinze Reddings killed by his two Pit Bulls

Nov 2003, South Africa; Pit Bull Breeder Charles Murray killed by his Pit Bulls

May 2003, London, UK; In the UK’s first DBRF in 9 years, 45 year old George Dinham killed by his own Staffordshire Bull Terrier

Dec 2002, Bergen County, NJ; 80 year old woman killed by pet Pit Bulls, clawed and bitten over 80 percent of her body

July 2002, Splendora, TX; Pit Breeder Dorothy Carter killed by her Maulspawners

Oct 2001, Riga, Latvia; American Staffie owner dies of heart attack while trying to rescue a friend from his animal and it turns on him

July 1997, Croatia, Staffy kills its 66 year old owner

Dec 1996, Bronx, NY; 80 year old Frank Camis killed by his Pit Bulls

August 1994, Moscow Russia; Bull Terrier kills its sleeping master

Nov 1990, Indianapolis IN; Pit owner dies from heart attack when trying to help meter reader being attacked by his Pit Bull* Note: If you are going to own one of these things please be in shape!

Sep 1985, Edgemere, MD; 57 year old Rebecca Puckett mauled to death by her two Pit Bulls

May 1931, Chicago, IL; Mary Watson killed over a bone

Feb 1907, Mauladelphia, PA; Mrs Lena Smith is killed by her own Bulldog…Note…This is before the dog fighters concocted the “American Pit Bull Terrier“ monicker

Honorable mentions: Mere maulings, scalpings and amputations

2011 Brazil; Police shot this man's pit bull 5 times

June 2012, Izmir, Turkey; Pit Bull owner bludgeons his dog to death after it attacks him and two other people. All three were hospitalized

May 2012, Stockton, CA; Pit Bull attacks mother on the neck and son on the arm…Idiotic A/C officer states attacks on family members are “rare” despite 3 California Pit Owners being killed by their dogs in 2011 alone

May 2012, Roselle, IL: Police taser Pit Bull attacking its owners. Woman takes a ride in the Meatwagon for emergency surgery

May 2012, Pottsville, PA; A 48 yr old man and a 34 yr old woman took a lifeflight helicopter after their pibbles got into a fight and redirected on them.

May 2012, Las Cruces, NM; Grandmother attacked and accidentally shot by neighbor in Tanzanian-like rescue attempt during her Granddaughter’s fatal pit bull mauling

April 2012, Chicago, IL; After long time Pit Nutter Bill Less-Nose-Ski has his nose bitten off by Friend’s Pit Bull that had previously attacked his own dogs, he gives a sermon about not blaming the breed from behind his disfigurement concealment mask. Bill also peddles his new medical fund, since his friend is between jobs and doesn’t have a pot to pee in/a>

April 2012; Another “Reformed Pit Owner” comments: "I had a pitbull and I raised him from a puppy. me and him lived happily together for 3 years and he was the sweetest thing you'd ever know... but he bit me one day at a dog park while he engaged into a fight with another dog. I tried to pull him off and he snapped and dug his teeth into my arm... he is now in quarantine and will be put down. my heart aches, but these breeds become more agressive as they age. he was neutered and had all his shots up to date. I miss him terribly but I cannot trust him ever again. I won't be owning another pitbull... I just can't handle it emotionally. they aren't bad dogs at all. they just need to be kept away from other animals and live alone with the owner."

April 2012, Holland, MI; Neighbors rescue Pit Bull Owner from himself

April 2012, Huntley, IL; Recently adopted out Pit mix attacks neighbor’s dog, new owner hospitalized trying to separate them

April 2012, Australia; 22 year old Pit owner burst into hotel lobby with berserker in tow, screaming and begging for help

April 2012, Elizabeth, NJ; Police shoot adopted Pit Bull that had bitten owner 20 times during savaging episode

March 2012, Pittsburgh, PA; “There was blood everywhere“ after new Pit owner gives his animal a treat, then takes it away

March 2012, Gloversville, NY; Woman attacked inside Vet's office while euthanizing her adopted Pit Bull for aggression/dangerousness issues

March 2012, Staten Island, NY; Probation officer from Staten Island kills her pit bull to save herself

March 2012, Newark, NJ; Mother and infant attacked by family Pit Bull

Mar 2012, Celina, OH; 52 year old Pit breeder attacked by his own breeding Pit Bulls and “cubs”

Feb 2012, Detroit-Maul City; Idiot adopts two Pit Bulls for home protection which turn on her and maul her. After she calls 911 for Police rescue, she complains when Police shoot one of them. Never enough mauling victims and Tax Payer costs for the Pit Community!

Feb 2012, Australia; Boy, 6, and grandmother mauled in bull terrier dog attack

Jan 2012, Westfield, MA; Pit owning Babysitter, toddler and responding Police Officer bitten by stupid Pit Bull

Jan 2012, Dayton OH; Pit Bull mauls its owner during family argument

Jan 2012, Springfield, MA; 51-year-old Springfield woman mauled by her own 2 pit bulls as she walked them down street in Forest Park neighborhood

Jan 2012, Santaquin, UT; Man shoots wife while trying to protect family from dog during driving attack

April 2011, Freeport, IL; 19 year old man begs Police to shoot his own Pit Bull which lovingly attached itself to his arm

Oct 2011, Lowell, MA; Two Pit Bulls adopted out by the MSPCA go onto to attack their owners, producing a taxpayer funded 911 response. The two are euthanized during “Pit Bull Awareness Week” . F-Minus in Temperment Testing assigned to MSPCA

Dec 2011, Lorain ,OH; ‘He wanted to kill me:' Woman doesn’t know why dog turned on her

Dec 2011, Neighbors, firefighters save woman being attacked by her own Pit Bull

Dec 2011, Phoenix man kills own dog after it attacks him, other dog

Nov 2011, Rockford, IL; Pit Nutter in critical condition after being “loved on” by her two pitties

Nov 2011, Waukesha, WI; 52 year old woman nearly killed by her Pit Bull. A/C Director pulls a Baghdad Bob by exclaiming “Pit Bull Attacks are Rare” despite Pitties being leading biter in the city by a mile…Producing 6 times more bites than the next breed!

Nov 2011, East Toledo, OH; Pit owners attacked by own animal on city street, cause car crash

Oct 2011, Ottawa, Canada; Cops shoot dogs after owner attacked

Oct 2011, Bullitt Co, KY; Dog attack leaves man in critical condition

Oct 2011; Pit bull shot by Phoenix police after attacking owner

Dec 2011, Long Island, NY; Mother uses knife therapy to stop Pit attacking her family

Oct 2011, Youngstown, OH; Woman hospitalized after being attacked by her Pit Bull

Oct 2011, Brawley, CA; Police kill pit bull after it attacked its owner

Oct 2011, Haverhill, MA; Police shoot Pit Bull as it savages owner‘s head

Aug 2011, Beaufort Co, SC; Man gets mangled saving his son from family Pit Bull attack

Aug 2011, Tucson AZ; 60 year old man receives life threatening wounds when his Pit Bull attacks

Aug 2011, UK; Man severely bitten in the face by his Staffy

July 2011 Kennebec, ME; Boy shoots Pit Bull to save family members

July 2011, Jonesboro, AR; Woman in ICU after her Pit Bull mauls her

April 2011, Ontario, Canada; Pit bull turns on its owner

Apr 2011, Dartmouth, RI; Pit bull mauls Dartmouth owner

Apr 2011, Ontario, CA; After ordering Pit Bull to attack neighbor the animal turns on its owner

March 2011, Durban, South Africa; 75 year old Pit owner extensively mauled and “de-gloved”

March, 2011, Lake Worth, FL; Pit Breeder’s trailer empire is flipped upside down when she is mauled by her male Pit Bull that fathered the puppies she was going to peddle

March 2011, Chattanooga, TN; Family argument triggers Pit Bull into the Red Zone, Mother and daughter hospitalized

Feb 2011, Chattanooga TN; Woman attacked by pit-bull rushed back to the hospital

Feb 2011, Van Nuys, CA; Van Nuys man seriously injured when attacked by his 2 pit bulls

Jan 2011, Venice Beach, CA; Local taxpayers get bitten in the throat with massive first responder costs…Darla’s Law NOW!!!

Jan 2011, Las Vegas NV; Pit Bull berserks on it’s family, owner shoots it.

Dec 2010, Brookline, PA; Pit Bull shot by neighbor after turning on its owner

Oct 2010, Riverside CA; Man almost killed by his Pit Bull

Aug 2010, Calgary CA; American Staffordshredder goes berserk on entire family

Jun 2010; Eau Claire, WI; Couple attacked by their own Pit Bull

May 2010, Taraunga, New Zealand; 34 year old man “horrifically mauled” by his Pit Bulls that ended up being shot by police

May 2010, Hesston, KS; Woman mauled by her illegal Pit Bull

May 2010, Jeanette PA; Pit Bull owner takes a lifeflight

May 2010, Lowell, MA; Neighbors breakdown fence to rescue man being mauled by his two Pit Bulls

May 2010; Preston , CT; After responding to a call where a Pit Bull was attacking its owner, A/C Officer Patty Daniels is attacked and injured while leading the animal out to the A/C truck. Police pump lead into the disloyal mauler

May 2010, Australian Pit Bull owner loses arm to sweet Rocky

May 2010, Andover MA; Husband stabs family Pit Bull to death when it attacks wife

May 2010. San Antonio, TX; Pit Bull attacks drunk husband who was arguing with wife

April 2010, Crafton Heights, PA; Newly adopted Pit Bull becomes enraged when new owner gives him a treat then takes it away. A/C Officer states “There was blood everywhere“

Mar 2010, Clovis NM; Pit Breeder loses finger saving his daughter

March 2010, Philadelhia, PA; 52 year old woman nearly loses hand when attacked by her wigglebutt

Mar 2010, Spring Hill FL; Pit Bull owner searching for answers after mauling

Feb 2010, Sydney, Australia; Police and paramedics have to respond when Staffordshredder turns on entire family. The disloyal freak show bit and broke a 12 year old Girl‘s arm

Feb 2010. Mesa, AZ; Teenager severely bitten in the face by family Pit Bull

Feb 2010, Philadelphia, PA; a 52-year old woman nearly lost her hand when her pet pit bull latched onto her wrist and refused to let her go.

Feb 2010, Preston, CT; State Troopers killed a pit bull that attacked its owner and the ACO

Feb 2010, Sommerville, NJ; Two Pit Bull owners require medical treatment after their dogs get into a “scuffle”

Feb 2009, Elkhart, IN; Man nearly loses arm after his Pit Bull mauls him

Feb 2010 New Zealand; Pit Owner nearly killed by his Pit Bull

Feb 2010, Hoboken, NJ; After Pit Bull “Giant“ attacks two people in an apartment, his 26 year old female owner ignores repeated Police warnings not to enter the apartment. The young Caesar Milan wannabe is subsequently mauled and hospitalized

2009, Calgary, CA; Pit Bull attacks owners then Police up in Pit Bull utopian Calgary. Animal tasered three times before it is subdued

Dec 2009, Brownsville, FL; 31 year old Pit owner severely bitten on the hands by his doggie. Police finding him lying on the floor

Dec 2009, Yadkinville, NC; Family Pit Bull attacks entire family

Dec 2009, Washington DC; Orlando Romero's pit/rott mix attacked him when he told his dog to get out of the room

Nov 2009, Houston TX; family Pit Bull puts owner onto life flight helicopter

Oct 2009, Gathersburg, MD; Pit Bull attacks three members of its family

Oct 2009, New Haven, CT; Severely mauled Pit owner asks “Am I another Statistic?”

Oct 2009, Washington DC; Mother uses “knife therapy” to correct her Pit Bull‘s “mauling issue“

Oct 2009, Woodbury, MN; Man mauled by his gripper as he watched tv

Sep 2009, FL; Woman mauled by her rehabilitated Pit mix

Sep 2009, Montgomery County, TX; 3 year old Lifeflighted to the ICU after spending the day at her Pit Breeding Auntie’s home. Pit-Auntie gets attacked also

Sep 2009, Paradise Township, PA; Police shoot pet Pit Bull after 48 year old owner found lying in a pool of blood with hand severed. Poured into the Meatwagon for a stay in the ICU

Sep 2009, Pimaulus County, FL; Arm Severed: "I fired a warning round into the ground. The dog looked at me, went right back to chewing her," Neighbor said.

Aug 2009, North Port, FL; Family Pit bull puts owner on life flight helicopter ride, wife shoots the animal to save him

June 2009, After Niece is scalped during family Barbeque , Pit Bull owner expresses “I recommend not having a pit bull, whether the dog is friendly or not,” a grieving Cruz said. “They will turn on you.”

May 2009, Mauladephia, PA; 43 year old idiot has to be rescued by police after being mauled by her daughter‘s Pit Bull. She was taking care of the manbiter because it had bitten one of her Daughter‘s neighbors and they were looking for a new home to place it in. *Note…Pit Bulls are safer than other breeds because dogfighters culled manbiters...Liars ALL!

March 2009, New Zealand; Pit scalps 22 year old Kiwi owner during family argument attack

March 2009, San Antonio TX, Grandmother’s Pit Bulls break down baby gate and maul toddler Izaiah Gregory Cox to death. Baby sitting Pit-Grannie tries stabbing them off, but they turn on her

March 2009, Calgary, CA; Attacked owner wants pit-bull put down

April 2009, South Africa; Security saves couple being mauled by their Pit Bull by shooting the animal

April 2009, Houston Pit owner, put into the ICU by her wigglebutt

2009 Ontario man mauled by his own Pit Bull which was shot and killed by police

Mar 2009, Puyallup, WA; Couple claims they were attacked by mountain lion, Fish and Wildlife officials determine it was their Pit Bull

Feb 2009, Elkhart, IN; Man nearly loses arm after his Pit Bull mauls him

Feb 2009, Omaha, NE; Mauled Pit Owner Lorrie Ellis begs police to shoot her unlicensed Pit Bull off of her

Nov 2008, Royal Oaks, MI; Three Pit Bulls turn on family and they call 911 for Police rescue. After Police shoot the disloyal beasts they threaten to sue!

Oct 2008, New Zealand; Woman hospitalized after being mauled by her Pit Bull

Sep 2008, Evansville IN: Tony Burden begs Police to shoot family Pit Bull “Brutus” during mauling

Washington County, TN; Trailer dwelling Pit Granny suffers more than two dozen puncture wounds fighting the family Pit Bull off of her 1 year old Granddaughter

July 2008, Amity Township PA; “Amity means friendship“

Texas Vet Clinic implements Pit Bull Spay Neuter Policy after vet tech is mauled twice by her Pit Bull

May 2008, Dallas , TX; 3 year old girl horribly mauled when two Pit Bulls barge into the bathroom and maul her and her Pit-Auntie while she was getting a bath. ANOTHER NOTE TO SELF: Never use Crystal Owner as a Babysitter, Pit Bulls were banned in her trailer park but she knew better ...Just a guess, but she probably knew better than to have insurance too

June 2008, Indiana; Annette Williams loses both arms after her Pit Bull “bites“ her

April 2008, Spokane, WA; Pit Owner has arm mutilated

April 2008, Elyria, OH; Pit Bull Mauls its owner

March 2008, Toledo, OH; Pit Peddler gets mauled by her breeding Pits…Just makin’ a little money selling family dogs!

Jan 2007, Kennett. MO; 54 year old man put into the ICU by his Pit Bull on New Years Day

Aug 2007, Aurora CO; Two women who though they were smarter than public safety officials are mauled by illegal Pit Bull during babysitting operation.

May 2007, Haverhill MA; Samantha Gaylord’s Pit Bull Leo attacks her and has to be shot by police

June 2007, Deltona, FL; Pit Bull breeder Estrella Macias has thumb nearly severed trying to save the life of her sister who was being scalped and killed by sweet maulspawner “Tas“

July 2007, Omaha, NE; Omaha woman hospitalized after being attacked by her own dogs in her own home

Sept 2007, Gaitherburg, MD; Pregnant Pit Nutter is walking her dogs when she comes across another dog owner which causes her two pitties to attack each other. She tried to intervene and her arm was shredded. When Police arrived, the two pitties were still going at it, so they fed them lead sandwiches/a>

Oct 2007, Maultimore, MD; After it takes ten minutes for experienced Pit Bull owner Kenneth Garrison to separate Pit Bull “Chocolate“ from his one year old Son‘s face he utters…“I was always one that said pits are fine and they’re only mean if you train them to be that way,” Garrison said. “This thing made a liar out of me.”

March 2006, Cary, Il; Pit owner Scott Sword describes the “all out fight” trying to save 10 year old boy being mauled by his three Pit Bulls

Sep 2006, Abilene, TX; West Texas; Woman Loses Both Arms After Pit Bull Mauling

June 2006, Sonoma, CA; Man mauled by his own Pit Bull. Son grabs shotgun and blows it away * You know what they say,,,”The family that gets mauled together, stays together“…

June 2006, Salt Lake City, UT; Pit Perp tries flees police in his car…As the chase went down a windy, bumpy dirt road, the Pit Bull started to get tossed around and eventually became so agitated that he bit his owner in the face, chomping off part of his Owner’s nose and causing him to stop the car.

June 2006, Port Norris, NJ; 24 year old babysitter Kristi Norris gets bull baited by her own Pit Bull while babysitting two kids…Maybe it had never seen kids before?!?

Oct 2005, Long Beach CA; 23 year old woman sustains severe head mauling by her Pit Bull

June 2005, Rohnert Park, CA; Pit Bull owner hospitalized with multiple bites to his right hand and arm and to his face after his Pittie gets into a scuffle with another dog

June 2005, San Jose, CA; Woman recovering from Pit Bull attack

Jun 2005, Rockford, IL; 22 year old woman has to stab one of her Pits when breaking up a “scuffle” and it turns on her

June 2005 Rohnert Park, CA; 66 year old woman seriously mauled trying to stop her Pit Bull that was attacking her son

Aug 2004 Council Bluffs, NE; Police shoot Pit Bull attacking it‘s owner

July 2004, Murphysboro, IL; Pit Granny suffers serious bite wound to the arm when her defective Nannydog goes after her Granddaughter

April, 2004, Jundiai, Brazil; 3 family members attacked by disloyal family Pit Bull. 8 year old Launa da Silva Oliveira dies after a week on life support. Launa’s organs were donated after they decided to pull the plug.

March 2003, UK; Police storm apartment with riot shields so EMS crew can load mauled Staffy owner into the Meatwagon

Aug 2003, Palm Beach, FL, Pit Nutter takes a Lifeflight after she is mauled about the arms and neck after breaking up a Pit-scuffle in her house

Oct 2003, Dallas, TX; Pit owner is attacked while rescuing schoolchildren being mauled by his Pit Bull at a bus stop. Has to retrieve firearm and shoot his own dog to stop the attack

Oct 2003 San Antonio, TX; Retired police officer saves his neighbor being mauled by his family Pit Bull

Dec 2003, Keene, NH; After valiantly fighting “The Man“ all the way to the State Supreme Court to save his Pit Bulls from euthanization, 23 year old Mathew Beemis is mauled by them…*You can‘t make this stuff up!

Oct 2001. Pittsburgh, PA; 36 year old Patricia Halter scalped by her own Pit bull

Jan 2000, Aurora, IL; 24 year old Pit owner taken to the hospital after breaking up “a scuffle” between her dogs . Suffered wounds to hands and legs

April 2000, Westminster, CA; 53 year old Pit Bull owner found unconscious and bleeding by her husband after her two wiggle butts get into “scuffle”

May 2000, Reading, PA; Police shoot Pit Bull after it attacks his owner and severs his thumb

Sep 2000, Philadelphia, PA; Two pit bulls turned on their family yesterday, authorities said, mauling a 28-year-old Wissinoming woman and her 10-year-old daughter before being shot and killed by police.


May 1996, New York City, 27 year old Tammy Jenkins is mauled by her 16 month old Pit Bull “Rage” in a public park. Police rescue her and shoot the beast

March 1995, Tampa, FL; 67 year old Florence Bigbie severely attacked by her family Pittie while sleeping. * Note: See Safety Tips Below

Aug 1995, Ft Lauderdale, FL; When Pit Breeder succumbs to epileptic seizure, heroic Pit Bull leaps into action by mauling him

March 1994, Chicago, IL; Couple severely bitten about the arms during another “Argument Mauling“ * Note: May need to create Pit Bull safety rule number 7: To avoid being treated like another matchdog, never your raise voice and always walk on egg shells around your Pit Bull

Sep 1994, Ontario, Canada; After part of a 6 year old Girl‘s nose is bitten off by a loose previously Dangerously Declared Pit Bull, a passerby yells at the Pit Bull owner. Feeling disrespected, the owner starts fighting the man. When the Owner’s Nutter-Girlfriend tries to intervene, she gets bitten. *Note: The Springer show has nothing on these Nutters!

Oct 1991, Waterloo, IA; Police shoot Pit Bull so paramedics can haul mauled Pit Bull owner out to the Meatwagon

Oct 1990, Mckinney, TX; Granny is mauled by beloved fur babies trying in vain to save her 18 month old granddaughter from same beloved fur babies

June 1989, Spokane, WA; Pit Bull attacks mailman, then mauls its owner

Feb 1988, British Columbia, Canada; Not really an owner mauling but Darwinistic nonetheless.. Pit Nutter Rhonda MacFarland self-mutilates by showing up to her sentencing hearing 15 minutes late and pissing off the Judge. Her two Pitties mauled a 71 year old neighbor so badly that she lost 1/3 of her blood

April 1987, Dayton, OH; Pit owner Joetta Darmstadter released after a week in the hospital. She was severely bitten by her pit bull trying to save Walter Eckman who was fatally mauled

Aug 1987, Morgantown, WV; In another bizarre driving attack, Patricia Hollis gets bitten 35 times by “Lord Tugginton”

April 1987, Dayton OH; Shop Owner attacked by Pit Bull guard dog

Feb 1987, Lynn, MA; 61 year old Pit owner hospitalized with severe bites to face and legs

Mar 1986, Hollywood, FL; Pit Bull attacks its second owner in a month

April 1985, FL; 25 year old woman mauled by Pit Bull she raised from a pup

Jan 1985, Boston, MA; 72 year old woman bitten 40 times by her Pit Mix

Jan 1980,Miami, FL; Ethel Tiggs savaged and almost killed by her Pit Bulls

Sep 1954, Portland OR; Husband kills Staffy with hammer when it bull baits wife, who lost both ears

Sep 1951, NY City; Dog attacks master, terrorizes hundreds

May 1938, Australia; Ruby MacAdam badly lacerated by her “Bulldog” trying to save her mother from the beast

Aug 1913, Ny City; Opera Prima Donna nearly killed by dog

July 1913, Williamsburg, NY; Louise Eichorn gets latched onto and rescued by a Police Officer

May 1903, Syracuse, NY; Mrs Thomas Leonard gets bull baited on her front porch

May 1900, Ny City; Delia Robinson attacked by her Bulldog, “May lose Arm“

April 1896, NYC; Henry Balzar’s Prized Fighting bulldog “Terror” has to be shot to release his face

April, 1894, Vineland, NJ; The entire Kohler family is mauled by their bulldog

* Note to the Producers of Animal Planet’s “Fatal Attractions” show…There is enough material here to fill several seasons!

The takeaway from this should be, whenever a Pit Bull owner assures you that Pit Bulls “Are the most loyalest dogs because dog fighters created them”, you should show them this piece and tell them to enjoying sleeping with one eye open….



1. Never leave a Pit Bull owner alone with a dog.

2. Always keep Will updated, medical insurance/blood type paperwork on your person, and 911 on speed dial.

3. Scatter breaksticks, firearms and stabbing weapons throughout the home so they are handy in case of an "incident". Always give the animal your less dominant arm so you can use them with your dominant one.

4. Develop Emergency Egress Plan with alternative escape; diving through windows, back doors, or barricading oneself in the bathroom or closet. If the eyes go Reptilian ...ACTIVATE!

5. To avoid organized post attack condemnation as a bad owner from fellow Pit Bull owners, concoct a cover story ahead of time...Suggestions: "Never seen a horse before", "Construction noise", "Possible Brain Tumor", "Spooked by Lightning" or “Just Neutered“. Always work in "You can't blame the entire Breed" and never, EVER reveal the Breeder that sold you the animal!

6. Practice sleeping with one eye open.


Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

but.. but.. but.. Pit bulls are the most loyal dogs! (Loyal to their mauler genetics.)

Amazing list and testimony to the 'loyalty' of these mutants. I did spot one for correction; the Darla Napora attack was in Pacifica rather than Sonoma. (Not that it matters to me, but you know the nutters. If one unimportant detail can be discredited, the whole list and all accounts can all be dismissed for ever and ever, cause that's how pitiots roll.)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

fixed it. thanks dude.

DubV said...

Amazing amount of work and detail, thank you.

Now, a pit nutter will come here to dispute this and write the same length of text in inches, but it will all be a single paragraph with no point.

Anonymous said...

I'd like to thank the Pit Breeders and organized Pit Idiocy for making this piece possible....

The awesome thing about it, is that Medicaid and Medicare cover about 40 percent of the bill.

The Humane community covers ZERO PERCENT.

Time for them to start putting their money where their precious Pitties mouths are....

Miss Margo said...

Holy shit, Vintage! You are really on a roll recently!

As I read, I clicked about a half-dozen of the linked stories, but the list just went on...and on...and on...(I will come back and read more. These stories are a weird combination of tabloid trash, Ripley's Believe It Or Not, horror, and sociology/psychology to me.)

It's interesting, the way some of these stories really stick in your brain. I suspect we all have our own particularly resonant accounts.

P.S. Curious about the bull terrier attacks. I learned about their relationship to pit bulls on the "Truth" website from Snack and Dawn James. They are comparatively removed, but still...unsound.

Thank you for taking the time to research and compile this.

april 29 said...

It deserves to be mentioned that the son of the most recent pit bull victim wants the dog back. He said his father "would have wanted it that way, my father loved that dog." OMG....

Anonymous said...

yeah, like he loved the dog but did the dog really love him back ?...boneheads

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

vintage is a walking encyclopedia of all gripper attacks. i just received MORE darwin attacks. i need to add them.

Rumpelstiltskin said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Rumpelstiltskin said...

Dawn and Vintage now have another title to add to their resume.

"Any dog that is labeled a pit bull lives in the dark shadow of the manufactured villainy of a classic folk devil."

So reads a line from the introduction to a book by a dog-bite researcher Karen Delise (NCRC).


We know quite well, any dog can ATTACK, any dog can POOP on the carpet, any dog can LICK YOUR FACE TO DEATH.

If there's anything we've learned from pit nutters is dogs can do a lotta stuff.

So you three are "Dog Bite Researchers". I think I'll hang that title on my wall too!

As a "dog bite researcher", I'd like to add that dogs labeled as pit bulls have a dark stigma because of what they are bred to do, and do often, not only because of the name "pit bull".


Rag Doll said...

The only redeeming factor these dogs have and you're making it sound like it's a bad thing ;)

Anonymous said...

somehow because they have this rep and bad rap they get to be excused when it turns out the rep was right and the bad rap was wrong !? only a deranged pitterine mind could make sense of why a good dog that really turns out to be bad should be saved and kept in memory of the person it killed.

Rhea said...

I saw breed disguising at the local humane society. They posted their ads for adoptable dogs in a local grocery store and they listed one dog as a sharpei mix. I've had a sharpei mix before and I got close to the picture and I said "That might be a sharpei mix but it looks like a pitbull" My husband walked up behind me and said "Thats because that IS a pitbull it looks exactly like sweet pea" (Sweet Pea is his friends' pitbulls name) Anyway right below it was "Boxer mix" and my husband pointed to that and said "THAT is a pitbull too" I said "Why do you suppose they say that instead of pitbull?" VERY suspicious and for the general uninformed public....thats not fair. Someone might end up accidentally getting a dog for their family they didnt want. The adoption fee is only 40 bucks. Its pretty tempting right? They need to be more honest when they list their dogs for adoption.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you Rumpelstiltskin. i paid that link a visit and responded to the quack.

rhea, trickery is really the only way they can adopt these dogs out. NOBODY wants them.

it's criminal.

Anonymous said...


The US Dog lobby behaves in a manner that would make a Tobacco Executive become nauseated...Maybe one day a class action lawsuit by victims will correct their reckless behavior.

Study: US Dog bite related hospitalizations increase 86.3 percent between 1993 and 2008. MEDICAID and MEDICAIRE pick up nearly 40 percent of the bill

The first CDC DBRF Study documented 5 DBRFs in 1974 across a population of 220 Million. By 2011, the US sustains 32 DBRFs across a population of 310 Million. A 445 percent increase

US Pit Bull Fatalities

Pit Bulls leading biter across the US

* Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Up!

DubV said...


True believer types of any persuasion that believe they possess special knowledge will lie, if necessary, to achieve their noble goals.

Pit nutters know better than everyone else, and will lie to get you to do what they believe is best.

Opalina said...

Great blog and great commenters! I've been lurking for awhile. My first comment! :) This list is mind-blowing. In comments for the latest owner-killing, the nutter lies and excuses for the dog are about to make my head exolode. The dead man's son actually wants the dog back, because "He's a good dog." He, like any good nutter, refuses to believe that the dog could have attacked for no reason. The other nutters are jumping on this and are convinced the man died from something else, or had some sort of health issue, and the puppy was just trying to help. And inadvertently ripped out the man's throat. Yes, my head just exploded. What I find particularly sickening is that the police say the scene was horribly gruesome, and one policeman couldn't even talk about it. The son saw the carnage -- his own father ripped to shreds. And still wants to keep the beast. There is no use trying to get these nutters to see reason. They are too far gone.

Thank you, Craven, for all the time you put into this blog.

Opalina said...

Rhea, they don't even bother to lie about pits at our local SPCA, because they don't think there is anything wrong with them, and promote them as just like any other dog. The PR lady routinely pulls the "They get a bad rap" line.

Anonymous said...

I could be wrong, but the shelter in Huntley, Illinois, which might be responsible for adopting out the pit bull that attacked a basset hound, could also be the shelter trying to pass off a pit bull as an australian shepherd. I love the disclaimer at the end of the description. Funny how pit nutters always accuse others of misidentifying pits, but they do it all the time, intentionally.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"could also be the shelter trying to pass off a pit bull as an australian shepherd."

That dog is as much Australian Shepherd as the man in the moon. Pathetic attempt at mislabeling a pit bull.

What's more, their fee is $300?!! How gullible would someone have to be to pony up 300 bucks to these scammers when they could find an actual Aussie pup, with pedigree, for less than that?

Pathetic pit pushers have no integrity.

S.K.Y. said...

Craven, excellent post, which I will use as evidence to shove in the faces of pit nutters everywhere.

And don't forget the next most violent breed, the Rottweiler. I mentioned in a comment 2 months ago that I was attacked by a muzzled and leashed Rottie while waiting in line to pay my bill at the vet's office. I was paying a bill for a stray with a broken leg, but that dog wasn't with me. I wasn't looking at or touching the Rottie. It launched up so hard it almost knocked me over (and I'm tall). It was going for my face, arms and chest--multiple bites.

Yesterday, I went to an Istanbul park to practice Frisbee with my 8 lb. Papillon that is auditioning for a major bank's TV commercial. We walked home, and 2 blocks from my house, we approached a short line at an ice-cream stand. Out of the blue, a big intact male Rottie came from behind, grabbed my dog in his mouth and started to pick him up (likely to shake him to death). VERY luckily, my dog (who still screamed from fear) was wearing a Schutzhund-style harness with two layers of canvas with a stiffener in the middle. So the Rottie got only a mouthful of fabric before I was able to lift my dog into my arms. The Rottie then circled as I tried keeping my back to him to shield my dog. At that point, the owner came and pulled his dog off of us.

Like any Craven fan can guess, he didn't ask if I was bitten or if my dog was okay. He just grabbed the Rottie by the collar and tried to disappear into the busy urban sidewalk crowd. I followed him screaming in bad Turkish that he needed to leash his dog, and "in America, a Rottie kills somebody every 88 days!" and "IDIOT!!!" Passersby gathered and also shouted at him: "That could have been a child!" The guy walked to a nearby apartment and resumed sitting on the steps with his friend and THAT guy's intact male Rottie. Neither dog had a leash, neither was being restrained in any way... as adults/kids/dogs passed by on the sidewalk.

Unfortunately, I couldn't report the guy because my dog was not harmed. Also, the Turkish police wouldn't have done anything even if the Rottie killed my dog. I'm soooo glad to be getting out of Turkey and moving back to the USA soon. There are more pits and just as many stupid people, but at least we have police that are willing to shoot aggressive dogs...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the credit goes to vintage who compiled these and the amputations and the athletes. vintage is also compiling rott data as well. i kid you not when i say vintage is a walking encyclopedia.

not many rotts around me, i have had very little interaction with them. i am not a fan of guardian breeds in general.

Anonymous said...

-some people think pitbulls are just like any other breed and are no more likely to attack and cause injury or death than say a dashund or a cocker spaniel.

some people watch the flintstones and think its reality tv.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I took a peek at that petfinder article. WOW!

Australian Shepherd: An adoptable dog in Huntley, IL

It's a PIT BULL.

Aren't blue eyed pit bulls considered a genetic defect?

They are trying to scam families that don't know much about dogs into adopting an a least 1/2 pit bull dog.

I've seen people calling their dogs a "lab mix" and when you see it, it's a pit bull. Just shameful.

Does the "breed coverup" happen often? I've only seen it a few times. Most pit bull owners are proud to say they own pit bulls.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it happens all of the time. it is the only way to move them through the system.

here are a few on craven

Anonymous said...


Didn't forget the second leading canine killer. However, for the sake of killing adults and their owners, Pit Bulls make them look like choirboys.

US Rottweiler Fatalities

The best thing that ever happened to Rottweilers, was Pit Bulls!

Miss Margo said...

There is a young man in my neighborhood with two huge, intact male rotties. I see him walking them sometimes in Tompkins Square Park. They are unusual dogs, so they really stand out. He has prong collars on them. People get off the sidewalk when they see him coming--which, I'm sure, is the whole point. I stop walking myself, and wait for him to go by.

Does anyone have any experience with Dobermans? I almost never see them and I've never touched one. Are they really dangerous? I think they are pretty.

Yesterday I chatted up the owner of a labradoodle (sp?) around Wall Street. It was a gorgeous dog. Calm, too. Bet it sheds like crazy, though.

Opalina said...

Miss Margo, I have friends that love Dobies, and they have 4. They are very sweet and loving, and funny. But I am always careful, careful around all big dogs. With that said, I was alive during the 70's, the decade that supposedly saw the media villifying Dobermans. I know someone here has posted the stats of how many people were killed or maimed by Dobies in the 70s, and it was nothing compared to pits now.

Opalina said...

RE Darwin owners: Can't remember where I saw it, but someone posted a link to an older story about a lady who claimed a "dog home invasion," and the supposed intruder mauler her mother's ankle and broke it. Her story fell apart under questioning, and it turned out to be her own pit that did it. Turns out, she had also had a "dog home invasion" several months earlier, and that was now under scrutiny. Yikes. The nutter's pit broke her elderly mother's ankle, and she's so nuttified that she fabricates an outlandish lie rather than admit the pit went "pit?" She deserves some special award!

Opalina said...

Found the "home invasion" story.

I'll bet the first home invasion was actually Bull and another of her pits fighting.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

miss margo, i have been around quite a few dobies, never had a problem. the doberman is similar to the bloodhound in that their reputations are being regularly dragged through the mud by nutters in an attempt to deflect attention away from their mutants.

the number of people killed/maimed by dobies was nothing compared to pits back when they were the bugaboo breed. during "the decade of dobie", pit bulls (45) and GSDs (19) both killed more people than dobies (8).
here are the numbers based on karen delise's data from her first propaganda pamphlet.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

“He’s my baby, I would have done anything to save him, make sure he didn’t get killed,” Theresa Reeves told News Center 16 at the time of the September attack.

she would have and did do anything to protect her fur baby, including filing a false police report. i hope this nut was charged.

Miss Margo said...

Opalina, Dawn James, thank you for your input regarding Dobermans.

The Bloodhound--snigger--one of the most placid, gentle dogs EVER. Generally docile and submissive as a whippet.

I wish I had a Bloodhound on my lap right now! Pet its pretty ears.

I have dog fever for some reason. I want to cuddle every one I see on the street like crazy. Dogs are so awesome. Why are dogs so awesome? All animals are wonderful but dogs are super special.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that wonderful super special relationship we have with dogs is likely related to the fact that we co-evolved with them. there are a really good documentaries out there about dogs.
dogs and more dogs
dogs decoded
science of dogs
nature: dogs
dogs that changed the world

Miss Margo said...

TY for suggestions, Dawn. I saw "Nature: Dogs." I will get the others from YouTube or Netflix!

Mostly off-topic, but...I think you or your readers will be in a position to know, and I trust your judgement...where can I learn more about the No-Kill Movement and its effect on public animal shelters? I've googled it, but everything I've come across thus far is opinion propaganda (which I do not necessarily object to, fyi) with no context or backstory.

Thanks a lot.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

off the top of my head, there are two in my blog roll:
working to help animals, today & tomorrow
devore shelter friends

the top two links in the top two blog posts:

Anonymous said...

Ineresting reading about Doberman Breed Stewardship by the the AVMA.

Dogs' breeding and training determine their aggressiveness, said Gail Golab, director of the American Veterinary Medical Association's animal welfare division. For example, Doberman pinschers were once "a big macho kind of dog" but have become more gentle and docile with breeding in recent years, she said.
The same could be done with pit bulls, which include American Staffordshire Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers, Bull Terriers and mixes of those breeds.

Last year there was a single DBRF by a Dobie. The animal was attacked trained and specially imported from Hungary.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i actually heard stanley coren say that the problem with pit bulls was how they were raised and in the next breath he talked about how dobermans were once a problem but the breeders got their shit together and now the doberman is just fine!

that putz will be featured prominently in my third truth blog, scapegoats part 2.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Yeah, pit nutters love to "educate" people. What a joke. I had the displeasure of reading off the NCRC website which basically says ignore all the facts and believe us (NCRC).

Here are their main points:

YOU can't identify a breed of dog.

IGNORE the statistics.

IGNORE the news.

NO NATIONAL SYSTEM for dog bites. So ignore any numbers.

Then they go on to calculate NUMBERS and ask you to believe them.

Never once on the page is there mention of "pit bulls", which is ironic for a site who loves pit bulls so much. In fact, for a site who loves pit bulls so much, they rarely mention the term unless it's to promote Delise's book or pamphlet, whatever it is.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Pit nutters don't know what to agree on. It will be interesting when BSL becomes more and more popular, to watch them turn on their own. They will become more desperate looking for any loophole to save pitbulls who serve no purpose other than someone's drug guardian or pet pit-fighter.

I haven't been researching pitbulls very long, but it seems up until about 5 years ago, there wasn't much out there to explain why pitbulls are so much more likely to maul and kill. Pit nutters have done a great job coercing victims and hiding the truth.

Usually it goes something like this, "IT'S THE OWNER YOU F'KIN IDIOT! GO KILL YOURSELF!"

Personally, I didn't start researching until I had a problem with a neighbor's pitbull 6 months back.

I did get into a minor spat with a pit bull "rehabilitator" and a week later, she hung her head in shame after one of her pits jumped another dog during off lead training!

I'll be the first to admit, she was a great trainer, just wrong breed IMHO.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i used to be an arm chair pit nutter (not the online warrior type). but when you start having repeated negative interactions with them in the real world, you have to wise up or prepare to become a victim.

i think a lot of dog trainers wear the pit bull as the ultimate badge of honor. if they can master the ultimate canine gladiator, they are masters of the universe.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I've gotten the "sink eye" from a few pit nutters after discussing the topic of "pit bulls". Too much drama for me to deal with. I have more important things like training my dog! So I mostly ignore them.

The good thing about attending a dog training facility, if a pit bull attempts, or gets "out of hand", the owner is close and the attack doesn't last more than 10 seconds.

I don't think the average pit bull owner has a clue what his/her pit bull is capable of doing and why. They are certainly not quick enough to avoid a problem. Their only hope is that the other dog or human is more than 6 ft. away (length of its leash).

Dog trainers are much quicker to react to an unruly dog and they're not usually afraid to handle them. I'm somewhere in-between.

DubV said...


Saw your documentary list. Have watched

the secret life of dogs

yet? It's quite good.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't find that title in netflix or the internet movie database.

Meals on Wheels said...

Great insight to bring up the Tobacco Industry, who is mandated to pay for the PSA's, the cancer research, and can not advertise on T.V.. It would be nice for the Pit Bull advocacy to follow suit.

Unknown said...

An "80 lb" Staffordshire Terrier? Either REALLY fat (like 40 lbs overweight fat) or REALLY not a Staffy.

Unknown said...

I've been privileged to share the lives of three Doberman Pinschers from puppyhood to noble deaths. Each was a quirky (personality-wise), charismatic, beautiful, and intelligent dog. Each was easy to train using play rewards, housetraining was a week long at the maximum, and they were remarkable ambassadors of their working dog history and fine-tuned breeding. I would recommend Dobies to anyone who is interested in a family dog (not a dog expected to stay outside away from the family or spend most of the time crated or tethered).

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

An "80 lb" Staffordshire Terrier?

wtf are you talking about?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


again, wtf are you talking about? i haven't said anything negative about dobermans. in fact, i have defended their reputation in the past and plan to extensively in the future.