Tuesday, May 15, 2012

the gifted and educated pit nutters

bumped again. i like to keep reminding everyone what role the gifted and educated pit nutters play in this mess.

Need Help Finding The Woman Who's Dog Bit Mine (Magnuson Park, Seattle)

Date: 2012-05-15, 8:27AM PDT

I'm looking for a woman with 2 female fawn colored Pitbulls. The woman is of asian descent, and about 40 tears old. One of her dogs bit my dog Sunday afternoon May 13th, in the south section of Magnuson park and needed 10 stitches. This woman gave me an non-working phone number. The vet bill that she owes me is for $800. Any help would be very apprieciated.


oh dear. FABB had better start to circle the wagons, that 40 yr old asian woman set her pitties up to fail.

i hope someone out there can help eric.

originally published march 3, 2010. in honor of the opposing views article (and to make it easier for the nutters to find - no FOI needed here!) i bumped this up for perspective. and for kicks.

Dog Nerd left this comment...
"The fact that you would take a jab at such a gifted and educated dog trainer as Stormi is pretty indicative of the level of intelligence going on here."

the fact that you left this comment is indicative of the level of gullibility among pit nutters. there seems to be a lot of epiphanies going around these days, here's hoping Dog Nerd's will be next.

i have covered a plethora of pit bull owning welfare queens, drug addicts, hoarders, thieves, sex offenders, wife beaters, arsonists and bipolar alcoholics but i am starting to get bored with them. it is time to shine some light on the gifted and educated pit nutters.

last september, there was rumor of a fatal pit bull attack at a seattle off leash park. it seemed more than a little odd that the owner of the deceased boxer did not file a report. i thought it was suspicious but i blogged it. i'm guilty.

STORMI KING at smart paws posted it at pitbullforum. in the beginning, all of the PBF nutters were angry at the idiot for "setting his pitties up to fail" and further harming the image of their mushy wiggle butts but slowly, the story turns and takes on new life. the story is a boxer was killed and a boston terrier were injured by 3 pit bulls that were accompanied by a tattooed male. he returns again a few days later and his dogs attack and seriously injure a husky. three days later and 3 pages into the PBF forum thread, KIRSTAN SANDERS (cofounder of lawdogs) shows up and claims the attack was a hoax. now all of the PBF nutters start to circle the "it's a hoax" wagons and by page 5, they are blaming colleen lynn for fabricating the story to create hysteria to support a breed ban being considered in a nearby seattle suburb. the colleen blame game was started by the gifted and educated cofounder of lawdogs KIRSTAN SANDERS. by page 6, the consensus is the attack was completely fabricated, they claim to have proof and FABB will set the record straight with a press release. the details of the attacks aren't really important right now but by page 8, there is now hysteria at the off leash park and oh-my-god-people-are-attacking-innocent-pit-bulls-at-the-OLA!! the PBF pit nutters of course believe THAT to be the gospel truth. by page 9, the PBF panties are really in a bunch as none of the news stations will touch the FABB press release. uh-oh, better blame colleen some more. need to burn off this frustration with the evil media. on page 10, it looks like PBF will finally, yet reluctantly let this thread die. STORMI KING claims that FABB has proven it was a hoax, she even sent in E-V-I-D-E-N-C-E, (?) and she provides the closing argument:

massage the public?
so NOW we know what the gifted and educated pit nutters contribute to the pit bull mess! i will save you the trouble of reading "Red's Sticky" on pit bulls and dog parks and give you the CliffNotes version: don't take your pit bull to a dog park because if it kills another dog, it makes all pit bulls look bad.

so let's take a closer look at STORMI KING'S "massage":

instead of telling people who own "bully breeds" that in her honest, professional (ie gifted and educated) opinion that pit bulls do NOT belong in the dog park, STORMI KING warns them to be careful because "innocent" pit bulls have been assaulted. STORMI KING also provides a few general tips about dog parks, and offers up FABB's version of events based on their "investigation".

part two: pit nutter vs pit nutter, who to believe?

another dog trainer, the gifted and educated GRISHA STEWART has the REAL scoop. of course the facts collide with what FABB desperately wants the facts to be. here is STEWART'S version which unlike the gifted and educated STORMI KING, actually names the seattle animal control source.

The Husky incident is being dealt with by the police, not Seattle Animal Control. I’m not sure why. The Husky did get a broken leg. It may or not have been the same dogs who fought with the Husky as the previous week with the Boxer.
(grisha is protecting her fellow nutters by deleting the evidence, but i saved it. click HERE. also PBF has set their forum to private, and most likely deleted the thread but i saved it too. click HERE.)

be sure to read KIRSTAN SANDER'S comment and grisha stewart's response. it reminds me of the Aldous Huxley quote "Facts do not cease to exist because they are ignored"

let's summarize:
FABB/STORMI KING/KIRSTAN SANDERS say the boxer was hit by a car and killed. there was no fight, no scuffle. the boxer wasn't even at the dog park that day.
Seattle AC/GRISHA STEWART say, there was a scuffle between the boxer and a pit bull, there were no injures and the boxer is alive.

FABB/STORMI KING/KIRSTAN SANDERS say the husky attack story was completely fabricated.
Seattle AC/GRISHA STEWART say yes a husky was attacked and his leg was broken.

ONLY the truly GIFTED and EDUCATED are equipped to "help" legislators and the media understand dog behavior :)

“Oh what a tangled web we weave, When first we practice to deceive”


Anonymous said...

One of the funniest Pit Advocacy moments of all time is when the first President of FABB wigglebutt attacked a Lab at a BSL protest event.

The tried the same tactics but eventually made the President "resign"....

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think it was grand opening of a pet store that welcomed the mushy little wiggle butts to work their breed ambassador magic on all the potential new customers.

Anonymous said...

Fanatics Advancing Bully Bites:


Anonymous said...

It's daily practice that they all get together, fantasize, rant, then conclude that any story about a PB attacks is a lie. I mean, everything on DBO is a lie, ditto here at CD, right?.

Interesting that this time they didn't just say, 'hey, it's a lie, it wasn't a PB but an American Bull dog [or a PB-mix, or an American Stafford, or -- etc.]. Or 'hey, it's a lie, that boxer provoked his own death by PB, just like all those dead children did.'

Why they bothered to put so much effort into this? I guess because they weren't feeling the usual safe taking their PBs to parks for a fighting spree.

Wouldn't it be nice if we could make them feel unsafe at all times out with their PBs, you know, that any one of us might poison the fucker if it got within meat-throwing range of us? Poisoned if it was seen wandering loose around the neighborhood. And so on.

I'm emphatically not inciting anyone to poison PBs, that's against the law -- just having a good dream here.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

anon 2, the 2008 best dog trainer mentioned in that link is grisha stewart.

thanks for that link.

Anonymous said...

Lawdogs is a joke.

Can I point out that the founder was an AC?

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Ha ha. I bet the private messaging over at pitbullforum.com is just raging. :)

You don't really believe that Frank and Julie have had epiphanies do you?

Anonymous said...

It is sickening that these pit nutters have been able to establish themselves as "experts".

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't believe or disbelieve frank c or julie perry.
it might surprise people to know that years ago, i used to spout off the "it's all you raise 'em!" nonsense with the best of them.

Anonymous said...

Yup, me too - I was drinkin' the koolaid. Then I watched one after another pit that I knew personally attack the other dog, kill a cat, turn on the owner...but it took Dogsbite and another 18 months and 3 incidents to really convince me.

Speaking of the Koolaid - Elgin is dumbing down its regulations. The liability is going from 500K to 100K, the fence height from 6 to 3 feet (WTF is a 3 foot fence going to do to contain a pit bull??), and the annual licensing fee is going to be cut in half.

Anonymous said...

Oh, and could someone point me to Julz' epiphany? I saw Frank's but I can't find hers - though I do see she's being mighty friendly these days...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

elgin must have employed the gifted and educated stormi king to help the city council understand dog behavior. her nuttery spreads "far and wide" after all.

cutting the fence height to 3' is nuts. they should have increased it to 9'.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here ya go:

Anonymous said...

Yes, and then the nutters will scream "see, BSL DOESN'T WORK" when one of the frankenmaulers jumps the "fence" and kills a kid.

Some days, you know?

Anonymous said...

Just did a little Julie Perry research and realized that I'm really slow on the uptake. I have been thinking Julie Perry is a vet, but she isn't, is she? Didn't you do an expose on her that said she was? Was she just claiming to be one? Why? And why, if she isn't one, do we all care so much about her? I was only fascinated because I couldn't quite grasp a professional of any variety posting the way she was.

Frank C. said...

Oh, I did.

The general public should not, nor have the chance to own this breed.

Like I said, craven can keep on keepin' on, but I know that this breed will never die in it's true form in the right hands.

So happy hunting, you have unlimited ammo when it comes to idiots owning pit bull type dogs.

I'm honestly a fan of cd now.

Sorry if you can't digest that BH.

Anonymous said...

"The general public should not, nor have the chance to own this breed."

Frank, if you guys had just kept these dogs to yourselves in your backwaters, there'd be no Feds, no trouble, no nothing, no nosing in your business.

BSL would have helped you guys. You could have kept it isolated and to yourselves.

There wouldn't be pit bull attacks in the headlines every day, and the public wouldn't be getting really pissed off, if more bsl passed.

But you all got the Stormi Kings and the Bad Rappers and the Nathan Winograds and the rest involved in your business, and they are out there advocating people dying and blaming victims and giving out pit bulls to mommies with 3 kids.

They screwed you guys over, but that's because you asked them in.

BSL would be the best thing that ever happened to you guys. You might be able to step back in time.

Anonymous said...

I don't understand why the Stormi Kings are blaming Colleen Lynn for everything.

Surely they must realize that with all the bloodshed and their craziness, they are on the radar of many, many people.

Anonymous said...

Julz P. here-

Sorry but I disagree with anyone trying to poison a dog because it is a certain breed and it is in a close enough range to do so...
If there is a problem dog in a neighborhood (regardless of breed) you should hound the crap out of your ac, meanwhile taking pics and videos of the dog and/or owner disregarding the law. Call the mayor or anyone else you can until something is done about the situation.
With that being said, if me, my family, or anybody elses life was in danger bc of a dog, I would do what most anybody would do, regardless of breed, regardless of the way that it has to be done, I would take matters into my own hands since the authorities have failed to do so.
But, just wanting to poison a dog that you see because of its breed in my opinion is just dumb and mean.

Anonymous said...

So there WERE pit bull incidents.

The question is, are Stormi King and her friends stalking and terrorizing people?

And since one of them was an animal control person, are they enlisting animal control officers to get involved in their activity?

Anonymous said...

Perhaps Stormi and the rest of the FABB ers need to be reminded of the Animal Enterprise Terrorism Act

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes there were two pit bull incidents. the only thing NOT true was the boxer was killed.

the animal control officer referenced above is the co founder of lawdogs, diane jessup. seattle ac appears to be inundated with pit nutters.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"But, just wanting to poison a dog that you see because of its breed in my opinion is just dumb and mean."

not to mention criminal. i have read a few comments about poisoning dogs and i don't think anyone is advocating poisoning dogs simply because of the way they look. i agree, video will work to some degree. in my city the aco has to witness the violation, so that wouldn't help here. it is pretty obvious that in a lot of cases, the animal laws are lacking or the aco's are slackers. the best solution is to carry a gun and be ready to use it. skip the pepper spray/stun guns/tasers/water bottles and fill it with lead. at large aggressive dogs should be shot.

Friends Administrator said...

Pits are so bad in my area that every person you see out for a stroll has a golf club or baseball bat. You rarely see any other breeds loose on the streets. And Craven, it is the same here, an ACO has to witness the violation. In most cases, people don't want trouble with their neighbors and don't report things as they should. I never let that stop me. I reported a neighbor for cruelty and it was worse than I knew about. Fortunately one of those dogs went on to become an arson dog. I don't hesitate to report people. You might want to know that if the ACO can see the abuse from the street, your name is removed as the reporting party (RP) and the ACO now becomes the reporting party if it goes to court. Usually the name of the RP is not released until there is a court case made. It is not released for citations, etc.

Anonymous said...

Camcorders now are small, light, easy to carry, and that video can mean the world to your case with law enforcement and in the court, particularly if a corrupt animal control officer is trying to protect a dangerous dog.

I would strongly encourage anyone who has a pit bull issue or even thinks they might to toss the camera in their pockets wherever they go, as well as set up surveillance cameras at home if a neighbor is an issue.

Friends Administrator said...

Anon, that is a great idea. I have used cameras before but haven't even thought about using one all the time. I used our surveillance cameras to catch an abuser who was all the way across the freeway from our business. I had to use the cameras to guide Animal Control to the site actually because it was well hidden.

Anonymous said...

Did you see the story about the child scalped by her great grandmother's pit bull

Here's one of the comments. Can you believe the racism from this "educated" pit bull owner?

(By the way, the address for the great grandmother was like Country Club Way or similar. Sounds like a middle class FABB nut to me!)

"I feel sorry for the little girl. They need to stop selling/giving pitbulls to gang bangers, thugs, uneducated people. You never see a pitbull attack occur when the dog is owned by a responsibly educated person who properly socializes the dog since a puppy. Almost every one of these attacks occurs in the ghetto, gang infested areas with owners who want the dog to be tough and not a "wimpy" dog who loves everthing and everybody. Most pitbull owners are minorities who put the big pinch collars/chain links around the neck and use it as a weapon. It drives me nuts. It's not the dogs fault, but the owner who should do time for this unfortunate event."

Anonymous said...

P, it is a lot easier to carry these camcorders now. They used to be bulky and a pain to tote around but they are small and light now. A breeze to take along!

Also phones have video capability but the quality of a camcorder is better.

Still, a phone would do the trick in a pinch!

Alexandra said...

Quote: "Sorry but I disagree with anyone trying to poison a dog because it is a certain breed and it is in a close enough range to do so..."

You're missing the point. The point is not to poison dogs for real. The point is that PB owners never ever call, confine, or in any way control their penis-extenders UNLESS they have to fear that it -- not the child or the other dog -- will die. In any and every situation where it seems the PB might lose, they suddenly jump to attention and come get the fucking thing. Not out of concern for the PB's life, but because they feel humiliated at the sight of their PB losing. Wilting willies!

If they understand IN ADVANCE that their penis-extenders aren't the ultimate penetrating weapon, they won't let them loose on us in the first place. Again not out of concern for the PB's lives, but because they don't want their own impotence revealed. They might stop even wanting to own the things if they are in constant danger of having their penis-extenders publicly lose the macho battle they need to have with the rest of the world.

The trouble with cameras and such is that it's not preventive. It means waiting until an attack has occurred, then offering evidence that will lead at most to a fine -- and then continuing roaming of said penis-extender.

Meanwhile, not doing whatever to a PB just because of its breed? There are enough statistics to justify assuming that any approaching PB is highly likely to be approaching for killing purposes. What you want is to have everyone else's child/dog be experimental material to see if this particular PB will kill, then kill again, then again. Give me a break, this has nothing to do with concern for dogs. You're a secret PB apologist.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, i saw the story of the scalped little girl in the south chicago suburb.

the idiot commenting about the ghetto trash and pits apparently doesn't read my blog. what a shame.

pit nutters don't come much wealthier or educated than these:


NOT ur average Pit Bull owner said...

I don't understand why you let some of my comments through, and others not. I am being civil, unlike some other folks on here.
That is really annoying

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think that i have been pretty clear about what i won't publish and you haven't violated that. i haven't rejected a single one of your comments. i have my comments set up to email me. i did discover a comment a month or so ago that was yours from last fall still sitting in the comment moderation section of my blog that some how didn't make it through the email. i published it even though it from last november or december.

resubmit it. all i can say is blogger must have screwed up.

Anonymous said...

Julz, you're a repeat liar, a fraud, and a loser. You support and enable people getting killed by your crappy fighting dogs.

You also, quite bluntly, from all your lovely online pics are an oink. Oinky inside and outside.

No one wants to hear your dopey opinion on anything.


Bagheera Kiplingi said...

It wouldn't surprise me if she was lying about her comments not getting through.

Dog Nerd said...

I'm sorry, was this post supposed to "show me the light?"
I think I'll go snuggle my foster pit bull who is so stressed out from being bounced around that he's literally chewing the hair off his tail but when offered a snuggle, he's in my arms and snoring in seconds. He's a better person than any of you.

Friends Administrator said...

While you're doing that, Dog Nerd, write up what you want your headlines and obit to say.

HonestyHelps said...

PB Blog.
You're not hassling because the comments are not lame about you, your's are the ones that are lame.

DogBreed said...

I am doing a research for a project about dogs, and I found your blog very interesting. Thanks for the info

Jake said...

Here's another example of the rash of recent "nanny dog" attacks which are all too real

Small Survivors said...

Jake, that is horrific. The man they interviewed really conveyed the horror.

They were attacking these children as if they were rabbits or chickens or sheep. We are just prey to them.

And they were probably just happy as all get out. just having fun.

We are their prey.

Jake said...

One of the nutters on the facebook thread where the news story was posted says the dogs were chows. It gets all too predictable after awhile.

Anonymous said...

Here is one of the first FABB victim abuse-disinformation Ops. A lab was attacked at one of their Pit Pride events...It never happened but the President of the organization resigned and received a $263 Ticket.

Be sure to read the Nuttery comments!


Pits are the leading biter by a mile in SeaNuttle....This is a lesson in Pit Jihadism...Give the Nutters an inch and they'll take a scalp!

DubV said...

Anyone else think this doesn't pass the "sniff" test?


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

two days ago a pom and chi (both on leashes) very aggressively lunged at my leashed malamute/shepherd. my dog growled at them but i didn't let him go so that he could snap their necks.

the story could be true or they could have left out information like the beagle aggressively ran to the edge of its property and the pit bulls lunged towards them. i can see pit nutters making that excuse if the roles were reversed. there are two fenced beagles in my neighborhood that really carry on when i walk by. if the beagle left its property, there is no excuse.

i can't fathom why the proud pit bull owner/victim refused to have her face and name on the news, unless maybe she doesn't have ohio's mandatory insurance?

kaite_woods said...

In response to the post on Matthew Lebold, the autopsy did determine the wounds from the dog were post mortem. His body was not discovered for 36-48 hours and the dog was trying to survive. Also, the drug speculations are exactly that, pure speculation. Matt was an incredibly responsible dog owner and Cassidy was a wonderful Pitt. She played with my (10pm) Miniature Pinscher frequenty and never showed an ounce of aggression, even with strangers. Matt's legacy is being tainted by rumors and thankfully Cassidy will be able to be adopted by family and serve as a memory of her "dad"

I do believe there are some Pitts with "bad" genes but I'd argue that's true for any dog especially the 15lb Shitzuh that came running from a porch and inflicted several bite wounds to my leg completely unprevoked as I walked down the sidewalk.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

if not drugs, if not dogs, then what? do you know yet?
fyi: i am innocent of starting the drug overdose rumor.

but i am thrilled to hear that the attempt to reattach the leg that the 15 lb shih tzu severed from your torso was successful. poor mr mcsweeney wasn't as lucky. :(

kaite_woods said...

I'm not bias when it comes to dog size, owning both a Miniature Pinscher and Doberman.

"fyi" I did not make accusations who started the overdose rumor, clearly that was the press.

This is the first time I've ever commented on a blog and will surely be the last, I'm finding truth to the statement "you can't argue with idiots."

Anonymous said...

We'll see what the autopsy reveals on the apparent Necro-mauling...It would be interesting to know how many signers of that petition have gone on to have incidents....

Advocacy in lieu of breed stewardship leads to communities defending themselves and imposing BSL....Lowell Mass passed MSN and muzzling restrictions last week so the sun may shine again.

Poor, uneducated Pit breeders may have to get tax paying jobs instead of pumping out maulers now.

DubV said...

Lee T.,

It's like if flesh eating bacteria made pretty patterns when fed bacon, and people wanted us to support them keeping some in a petri dish because of how much they love what it does to the meat.

S.K.Y. said...

I clicked the link to go to Stormi's website and read about her credentials. What a joke! She did an 8 week certificate course at some Seattle dog trainers' school that I've never heard of (and I've been competing in dog sports for 35 years). No other mention of formal education, so I'm assuming she finished high school as a maximum.

Then, when I read this part, I almost sprayed Pepsi out of my nose:

>embarked on an impressive journey with her deaf dog through the competitive obedience field earning UKC Companion Dog (UCD) title, Therapy Dog and Canine Good Citizen (CGC) status.

Ha ha ha ha ha!!! For somebody like me who competes at advanced levels in several sports, boasting over these baby accomplishments is like an adult bragging that he had not only graduated from 1st grade, but also once received a gold star for writing the alphabet correctly! Geesh--Stoni considers a "U-CD" an impressive accomplishment? This is a nice accomplishment for any pet owner to be proud of, but a professional trainer had better darned well have a LOT more titles to show than THAT!

BTW, don't be swayed by the dog being deaf. Whether deaf or hearing, dogs respond much more to our body language than to verbal cues, so hand signals are super easy to teach to any dog. In fact, the deaf dog may have the advantage of not being as distracted during competition by sounds like loudspeakers, applause, barking dogs, etc.

Miss Margo said...

Nice Huxley quote.

The Nutters would respond with: "The facts, however interesting, are irrelevant." That's a cynical Beltway saying.

Ms. Yildiz: Interesting about the body language and hand signals! It's the same way when you train parrots to do tricks. If you use gestures to show them what to do, they learn much faster.
Here is a short video showing what I mean. This guy is a great parrot trainer! His parrot, Kili, is a Senegal like mine!


Rumpelstiltskin said...

Yep, Stormi's website smells of pit nutter for sure.

Here's a quote from her page: "Building the Canine-Human Connection"

Sound familiar?

Also, I didn't see mention of "pit bull" but almost all the pictures are of pit bulls.

Don't forget the picture of the toddler sitting on top of a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

Stormi King changed her name to Stormi Parish.

About me
I am a dog trainer and behavior consultant in the Seattle area with a focus on deaf dogs and bully breeds. I hold a CCS from the Seattle School of Canine Studies, am a graduate of Companion Animal Science Institute, am certified in Pet CPR, and a member of APDT and AABP. I'm the proud mama of Sir Jack Pinkerton, a 6 year old deaf APBT who has his UCD and CGC, has been titled as a therapy dog, is working towards his Rally-O title, and a rockstar skateboarding dog.

S.K.Y. said...

Miss Margo,

I love Michael and his parrots Kili & Truman--I visit his forums and blog often. Here is my parrot, Clover, doing tricks: http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=9QLHZg_xk0M.


Also, about Stormi's dog being "titled as a therapy dog," there is no such thing as a therapy dog "title"--just a pass/fail certification test. It's just the Canine Good Citizen test (world's easiest "well behaved pet" test) with one extra component. That is, the dog has to walk on leash past somebody with either a walker, cane, wheelchair or crutches. That's IT! That's the therapy dog "title" she's bragging about. Of course, having a pit walk past somebody with out attacking may be a big event in itself, though I don't think Stormi would want to admit to that.

And as for "working towards his Rally-O title"... how much work does she think this needs? I have earned rally titles. Rally is just a dumbed-down form of obedience that "competitive" people use only as a sort of practice event. You just walk around a course reading signs and having the dog do what's on the sign. (For instance, dog goes from sit to down to sit again). You can praise the dog the whole time, give as many commands as you want, and the dog doesn't have to do any precision stuff at all.

Most trainers could take any dog of any age from a shelter and have it trained to get a rally title in < 4 weeks. So this supposed "pro trainer" has a 6 year old dog and is apparently working her fingers to the bone trying to get him prepped for rally??? I'd say either Stoni or "Sir Jack Pinkerton" aren't playing with a full deck, and my bet is on the human member of the team.

Small Survivors said...

Oh my - Sharon, what a RIGHTEOUS SMACKDOWN of the gifted and educated STORMI!!!! I learned a lot, too. I thought the therapy dog certification was more rigorous.

And WOW, you and Clover rock! Those videos were fun to watch. Clover suddenly speaking in your husband's voice was hilarious!

Dash is fantastic, too. And OMG Savvy! !!!!!

Miss Margo said...

I agree, that was a very informative post, Sharon.

Your parrot, Clover, is a beauty! I can't afford to maintain a big parrot right now, but I love Grays and Ekkies. Clover has wonderful feathering. It breaks my heart to see so many of them with plucking issues. It seems you do a lot to keep her mentally stimulated, which is wonderful--I liked the captive foraging video. I ought to get some of those for my bird. She's out of her cage a lot, but she's still learning to play with toys (she was cagebound for most of her life--not by me!).

Do you think a small parrot like a Senegal is curious enough to use foraging toys like the ones in your video? Grays are, like, the einsteins of the parrot world.

Right now I put a ton of shredder shavings (newspaper) in a box and let her dig through them to find treats. She looks super cute when she pops her head out, haha.

Opalina said...

I've read of many horses being killed and injured by pits, but this is the first time I saw a horse kill a pit. A pit attack vid with a happy ending!


Jake said...

Justice mule is a folk hero.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this horse appears to have survived but fucked up that grotesque mutant in the process.

Opalina said...

Oh, so that is Justice Mule! I just read the comments on that post. Justice has been referenced here a lot -- I should have read the sidebar story before now, but I thought I already knew which story "Justice Mule" meant. I actually came across that video on youtube. And I have to think all these nutters copy and paste the same crap. I know I have read the same drivel 1000 other times that anonymous spewed on the Justice thread.

Again, so satisfying to see that freaking beast get a taste of its own medicine from that hard-working mule. And still scratchin to the end!

Dawn, re the vid in your last comment: I can't believe that dog actually got back up and walked around like normal! You know the guy is going to pamper that game mutant!

Small Survivors said...

I love Justice Mule! Watching it is almost cathartic. There's nothing like it.

The other video is tragic. That mutant and his owner should have been dispatched. And it is sad thinking that is usually how it works. Poor, hardworking horse.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

at the end of that very long video, there is a close up of the dog. i took a screenshot and he appears to have been shot in the head.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

as for justice mule, i need to update that. i was sent a 100+ year old news story of a mule that killed a bulldog.

Opalina said...

Mules -- putting bullies in their place since 1901!

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Nice to see an animal win against a pit bull for once. It's very rare that domestic animals will win a fight against a pit bull.

Also, nobody needs to fabricate a story about pit bull attacks. There are so many real ones to choose from!

Anonymous said...

This pit bull looks pretty mellow.
I guess the lobotomy does work.

S.K.Y. said...

Hi everyone, thanks for your nice comments on the videos of my pets.

Miss Margo: I don't have any experience with parrots except for Clover. So I don't know if Senegals can work the same foraging toys that Clover can. They do come in a wide variety of difficulty levels, so start with an "easy" forager and work up if your bird masters that.

I taught Clover to open her "advanced" toys by first making it super easy. If she needed to unscrew something, I unscrewed it most of the way so that her just "touching" the toy would cause it to open. Then, each time, I screwed the toy slightly more closed, about 1/8th of a turn more each time. After just a week or so, she was unscrewing wing nuts 1" of thread to reach the treats.

Besides store-bought foraging toys, you can also make "free" homemade ones. I save up little cardboard boxes about the size of a deck of cards. In Turkey, gum comes in these boxes, so I mainly use those. Then I wrap a few seeds, a sliver of nut, or another parrot treat in a little wad of newspaper and stuff it in the box. I add a bunch more wadded newspaper with no seeds. Then I tape the box shut with masking tape (won't stick to birds). Clover loves chewing into the box and searching to find which wad(s) of paper have seeds or other goodies in them.

Besides boxes, you can use toilet paper or paper towel tubes with the ends folded over and taped.

About Clover's feathers, when I got her she was just 1 year old but very plucked. It took a whole year before I solved the problems that caused that. (I temporarily had her wear a cape. Then I switched her to organic Harrison's, added a full-spectrum light above her cage, and added a humidifier in winter). By that point, she'd forgotten how to fly and it took 6 months before she relearned. You wouldn't believe to see her now how ratty her feathers used to be. When she arrived, her wing feathers were just 1" long stubs--she had chewed off the rest.

Good for you for taking on a cage-bound bird, and best of luck to you both!

DubV said...

If I recall, someone either knew why donkeys and mules fought versus didn't try to flee (which is what gets horses killed in enclosed spaces by pits despite being much larger) or had a good speculation. Perhaps someone will remind us. I think it went something like donkeys can't run as quickly and so they know that their legs can't save them as easily, so they better be ready to throw down. Perhaps there's also been more selection for docility in domestic horses. It would be interesting to see if the more wild varieties react the same to threats. It's frustrating that horses and cattle could easily take care of a pit if they decided to stomp, kick, and bite in earnest, yet they usually choose a strategy that is not correct given the situation in which they find themselves.

DubV said...

The pit nutter reactions in the comment section of the lobotomy kit satire are entirely predictable.

Anonymous said...

Looks like the Nutters picked off another one!

Surprise AZ; 73 year old woman dies after 13 surgeries from Pit Mauling

I read an article about how MEDICAID and MEDICARE are the payer in about 40 percent of dog bite hospitalizations. In cases like these with 3rd party liability, MEDICARE expects to be paid back and will place a lien on the victim. By federal law, if there is a settlement, the US treasury gets paid first, even before the Attorney!

I wonder how much MEDICARE shelled out on this one?!?

Miss Margo said...

Thanks for your suggestions, Sharon! My parrot is doing great.

Anonymous said...

How about this fucknut! Private property! No Trespassing! POP! POP! Just dreaming here!

Anonymous said...

Late coming on this board, so JP, I am quite sure you have found these PB Haters can only see one thing or think one half of, that is all their narrow little minds allow.

Anonymous said...

I understand these blogs are from 2010, still wondering how it is that the only viscous dogs came to be "Pitbull and Pitbull type dogs? I live where there are shepards, Black Labs, oh, and the ones nobody ever speaks of, Dalmations. When did everything else become extinct? There is truelly something wrong with you people, or do you live on your own little planets where only the PB's are viscous. I think you people only want to target one type of canine and the people who own them. You call everyone else, but your little group of brainless, lying, lack of Morals exactly what you are. I wonder what you have to hide??

Anonymous said...

I think I read clueless on here and then comes the sequel. I don't have a penis, I definitely do not own a pitbull to feel like I am some kind of bad ass either. I own one,
A) Because I like the Breed and B) Because I Can. If want attention I will put the top down on my Beamer and trust I do not need the PB. Not a one of you have any common sense. Hey like the Harley T shirts say,"If you have to ask you would not Understand. How True.

Anonymous said...

You people have any proper upbringing's, just because somebody does something that does not fit into your narrow minded little worlds, you bash them with junior high name calling. I bet on any given day, time or blog spot run by you people I could comment on ninety percent of your blogs. Forums are supposed to go two ways not just your Bullying ways, you speak of Fabb Nuts and if I read this part correctly, you call said people middle class. Everything I have read on any one of your Blog sites is your opinions or none, which says that you PB Extremist. I find since you bash anyone who has their own opinion you are Bully's, meaning you have been Bullied. You think like Nazi's as in WWI & WWII, yes Hitler was around for Both, He wrote Mein Kemphe, while in prison before imprisoning Jews in camp, Genocyde and so forth. If you want to look at Racismn, not a one of you Haters ever look in the mirrors, because that is what you would see, Racists. Plain and simple. I have seen some stupid things on these sites, but a one way opinionated site I have not. Again, your little narrow minded nerd-twerks cannot think but one way. I do not think any one person involved in your many sites made to look like a whole lot of people can argue both sides. You seem to have quite a bit of time on your hands from 2008-2014 for sure. Funny, when was into fighting BSL, I must not have noticed you, because you obviously weren't to be concerned with. It's pretty obvious you make little money from your endeavors, if you were political activists , I would be familiar. Maybe PETA outcast's, I do not think I can find myself giving you enough credit. Oh well, you want to do something special how a out child predators with two legs. Rapist's, Drug-Dealers,... Etc. sorry I do not have a color setting on here. I highly doubt if I drew you a picture you could comprehend, it is worth more words than you would or could comprehend.