Tuesday, May 29, 2012

2012 National Dog Bite Week Recap

master of ceremonies: vintage
starring: gripping dogs and the miscreants who breed & promote them
sponsors: dogsbitedecatural.com, american association of plastic surgeons, euthasol and glock

vintage kicked off the festivities by introducing the nanny dog and then the week long celebration launched with a big bang - a 12 gun salute and fatal mauling in new haven connecticut. a crowd gathered round as a "pit bull" beheaded an old mutt being walked by a disabled senior citizen. the police responded. when the first two rounds failed to interrupt the little gripper, the police unloaded on it.

a mobile alabama, woman was attacked by a pack of 5 dogs. a dog had a hold of each limb but the "bull dog" got the award for delivering the courageous bite.

a nanny dog met a pitch fork when it bit a 2 year old boy in lancaster, pennsylvania.

a darwin honorable mention goes to an uninsured judgement proof 27 year old man in cody, wyoming. his american bulldog (raised from a puppy and great with kids) broke his arm, a finger, a toe and put 60 holes in his space suit when he tried to escort his loving family member from the room. the nutter gave the green light to the police to turn PLUTO'S lights out :(

a 9 year old girl witnessed a pit bull grab her pomeranian and kill it at her brother's soccer game in roswell, new mexico. pit nutters fail to realize that every time they set their pittie up to fail, a dozen haters are born.

two strikes your out in syracuse, new york. both dog and human arrested!!

a 9 year old boy was bitten by a pit bull and a GSD in oklahoma city. dog owner charged.

a bronx new york nanny dog opened up the face of a 3 year old boy like a can opener. this took place in a playground where dogs are not allowed. the boy is now afraid of his own dog. cesar milan has offered to flood the boy and cure his fear.

taylorsville, utah - NANNY DOG!!! no license, no insurance and the dead beat nutters are off the hook while the 8 year old girl's parents scrounge up the cash for plastic surgery.

dirt nappin in roanoke, virginia - a pit bull already under quarantine for a dog bite, got loose and bit a cop. bang bang

no more pit bulls - PLEASE! nanny dog continues to work her magic in laveen, arizona

a yorkie was killed during a routine walk in new albany, indiana.

west palm beach, florida rampage - 2 women, 2 cats.

the fight of the century was held in windsor, ontario - AMBULL V BEAGLE - a lot of money was wagered on this one. everyone thought the beagle would win but in a surprise ending, the gripper prevailed.

in cary, illinois a second attack on a couple and their dog proved fatal for the poor misunderstood wiggle butt.

sssshhhhh... wilmington, north carolina - a boxer bit a toddler in the face. (don't tell karen this was reported in the news, we don't want to burst her bubble!)

in las cruces, new mexico, a man saved his dog from 2 marauding pit bulls with his pocket knife, stabbing them 60-70 times. he went home and got his gun and shot towards them. in a surprise twist, they were microchipped AND vaccinated! the owner turned them over for dirt naps (that's right, 60-70 stab wounds didn't kill them) and he was charged.

Hero Wolf, a normal dog put his life on the line protecting 3 kids from 3 thug dogs in wagoner county, oklahoma. Wolf's owner said this is not the first time he has been attacked and plans to sue. the sheriff gave him the thumbs up to shoot if they threaten him.

a 9 year old girl was attacked by a pit bull while sitting on her porch. "scarred for the rest of her life" in lafayette, indiana thanks to a gate left open accidentally. owner given a second chance at redemption.

a pensacola florida jury awarded $643,257 to a 2008 victim of a vicious pit bull attack.

apparently the site of a group of toddlers in a stroller sent nanny into the red zone in west allis, wisconsin.

a mountain home, arkansas fur mommy was charged with child endangerment for the april attack of her dog on her child. the fur mommy lied on the adoption form. she checked NO children in order to get a pit bull from a shelter with a policy against adopting out pits to homes with kids.

special highlights from the inbred mutants who made it all possible.

TRAVIS "Hooters" HAMME and his flying pit bull ZEUS wowed the crowd with ZEUS' death defying leap from a second story window, WITHOUT A NET!!! to attack a well loved pet labrador being walked by a teenager. afterwards there was a demonstration of his super duper chain bustin strength. the chesterfield county, virginia animal control immediately followed up with an equally impressive magic show called CITATIONS: NOW YOU SEE 'EM, OH NO YOU DON'T!
(melissa, i know the system let you down, but this fucktard owns his own business. go for it!)

pin the blame on the victim pasadena, maryland was the site of a pit bull attack on a 9 year old riding his bike. after the man seized the mutant, the human mutants granted an interview to news reporters. while PIT BULL BREEDER DONNA HELMS spoke rapidly and non stop in an animated fashion blaming the boy for her dog's teeth in his flesh, her son JASON HELMS had the opposite problem. he spoke in slo-mo trying desperately to string a few incriminating syllables together. he stated that he used a baseball bat to get the pit to release the boy, that's the way he breaks up dog fights.
yes, WATCH THE VIDEO two or three times!

of course, i saved the best for last.

st paul, minnesota aka northern appalachia and the home of BIG JOE'S PRESAS .
BLUE the presa canario bit SHERRIE AUBIN'S 18 month old granddaughter. BLUE had been declared dangerous after biting SHERRIE AUBIN'S grandson - TWICE! at the time of the most recent attack, BLUE had been declared dangerous and SHERRIE AUBIN was appealing. someone, somehow had an epiphany and decided it is time to cut their losses with BLUE, probably concerned they will be next.

ever wonder what kind of neanderthal breeds presa canarios?

meet JOE AUBIN...

"What we're witnessing, Scully, is undiluted animal behavior. Mankind, absent its own creation of civilization, technology and information, regressed to an almost prehistoric state, obeying... only the often savage laws of nature." Fox Mulder

i want to introduce the AUBINS to the BAILIES. i think a little genetic diversity (but not too much) might be a good thing.




Rag Doll said...

Unfortunately decature al makes IE explode. It started a few weeks ago. The site just doesn't load anymore.

Miss Margo said...

Rag Doll, life is too short for shitty internet browsers! I advise you to download google chrome without delay. Without delay! It is really easy--only takes 90 seconds, swear to God, and I'm a tech moron. I can barely operate a remote control.

Microsux Unexplorer is not your friend. EVERYTHING runs in Google Chrome!

Vintage, I liked this post. Your sense of humor is funny. Too bad about the subject matter.

The Aubin and Bailie posts reminded me of this post on CD I read maybe a year ago--this total redneck pitter family...dawn james began the post with a YouTube video of "Dueling Banjos." And there was a little kid posing for the camera doing the obscene "kiss" gesture. Wow, that really cracked me up.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

@Rag Doll, try another browser. I'm having great luck loading Dogs Bite Decatur with Firefox and Chrome.

DubV said...

I nominate Wolf


for the 2012 Osh Gosh Award.


DubV said...

"Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...
Nothing is more noble than a dog defending a child against a pit bull attack. Without Osh Gosh, this little girl would likely have perished.

RIP Osh Gosh."

DubV said...

Chrome is my first choice in browsers, but it still has some bugs with certain websites. If I find one, I switch to firefox/mozilla for that.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i had a lot of fun with the bailies. it was one of my favorite blogs. this is the only way i can handle the thought of these kinds of people living in the 21st century. btw, i linked to the bailies in the blog post :)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree with others, try using firefox or chrome or safari.

when you think of bill gates and microsoft, think dogmen and pit fighters. evil begets evil.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yep, osh gosh was an amazing dog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ragdoll, this blogger also does an amazing job of tracking pit bulls. i tried to incorporate both of the bloggers in this blog post but it was getting too difficult to navigate them both and educating people about pit bulls blogs more than just dog bites making it more difficult to navigate both blogs.

Miss Margo said...

OMG, re-visiting the Bailies post invited a ray of sunshine into my work day.

I REALLY like the photo of all the shotguns and rifles propped up against the wall that is wallpapered in pink flowered wallpaper and white lace curtains. That takes the cake. Instant classic.

cinnamon2005 said...

I wonder if that was the same person, presa canarios breeder, that had an ad in the paper.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i found quite a few puppy and breeding ads for this fucktard.

cinnamon2005 said...

Yup, I think that was him.

Chase K9 Services said...


Miss Margo said...

Hi Ryan.

Indeed, why not promote your ideas through an opinion piece on that illustrious venue, The Huffington Post?

You can stand alongside Anti-vax quacks and Dr. Gupta. Who needs facts when you have woo!

Miss Margo said...

Why'd you try to delete all of your previous comments, Ryan?

cinnamon2005 said...

As far as I'm concerned, ANY dog in ANY state that inflicts serious injury/death should be PTS and the owner libel for medical/vet/etc. That would be the only way, to me, to help hold dog owners responsible for their dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

agreed cinnamon!

ooh, ryan and his big brain are back.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think i copied the wrong google search for big joes presas.

this is the one i meant.

Opalina said...

Thanks for posting that link, Ryan. I didn't realize that Lisa Fontaine was such a complete and utter nutter.

Small Survivors said...

creepy killer lab/shepherd mix photos.


Anonymous said...

Presented for educational purposes:


Before the Pitties came out of the Dog yards, the US only had 5 DBRFs in 1974. Pit Bulls killed 5 in May 2012 and December 2011!

The Dog Lobby keeps lying and people keep dying

Miss Margo said...

Those lab/shep mixes ARE weird looking. I guess they must be littermates hmmm.

Does anyone know why dogs' eyes reflect the camera flash and shine in photos?

Alexandra said...

Hey Vintage, thanks for that link!

It's not a dog lobby that's lying, it's an anti-dog lobby -- the Pit Posse. My own dogs' feelings would be pretty hurt if I told them someone was acquiescing that the pit pushers are anything to do with lobbying for real dogs.

And I have to wonder...will Craven ever include people like Dunbar and other famous pit-pushers in the gallery of 'Mutants who make it all possible'? I mean, even if they wear suits (and nice dresses), they're descending to the level of <2 brains cells. It'd be nice to show them in the company they are choosing to keep (and lick up to).

I know, I know... I need to start my own blog if I want my own things done, but I just thought I'd offer the idea, no harm or insult meant.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

those killer dogs are obviously italian greyhounds.

interesting color on those dogs. i don't see that color on many dogs. i did a quick google and most of the hits on page are for gripping dogs.

look familiar?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have blogged about dunbar here and there, but not much. there is a really good video of him saying pit bulls are his first choice as psychiatric therapy dog because they won't respond if their tails get pulled. but i can't find it right now, this place is not well organized.

if there is an especially damning video or quote, i'd love to see it.

cinnamon2005 said...


DubV said...

Margo, look up tapetum lucidum. It is behind the photoreceptors and reflects light back through them to increase night vision.

Branwyne Finch said...

The article written by Lisa Fontaine, posted by Pit Nutter, is simply idiotic. Discrimination is a term that can only be applied to PEOPLE, and dogs are not people. People are not selectively bred for the sole purpose of displaying exagerated physical and behavioral characteristics. Dogs are.

The very act of breeding purebred dogs is an act of discrimination....the existence of purebred dogs is the result of people deliberately discriminating as the who the sire and dam of the next litter will be. When you breed a Lab with a lab, or a chihuahua with a chihuahua, or a pit bull with a pit bull; you are "judging" the dogs on the basis of appearance. The only breeders who don't "discriminate" by breed are the very few folks breeding working dogs, like the landrace breeds of farm collies. They may cross a rough collie with an English shepherd to get a good, working farm dog that can herd stock and be gentle with the kids. In those very rare cases, the dogs are bred for their working ability, and breed and appearance don't matter.

Lisa Fontaine should be embarrassed by that article. She sounds like a total nutcase. I can't believe so many women in the animal welfare field are so lacking in intellect and maturity; they come off like a bunch of hysterical teenage girls. I would like to ask Ms. Fontaine if she plans to sue police departments and the military for using primarily GSDs and Belgian Malinois, instead of Golden Retreivers. Or maybe she can protest the U.S. Department of Agriculture for using beagles and not poodles as detection dogs in airports. After all, you can't judge a dog's behavior and abilities by its looks! That's discrimination!

Miss Margo said...

Thanks DubV! I knew one of the commentors here would know.

The seal color on those Shep mixes IS unusual--but their ears and faces--they do look more GSD than pit, yes? Or maybe they have a parent with pit in it? I dunno. They are really weird looking.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Great post. This certainly gives "National Dog Bite Week" a rather interesting new meaning, doesn't it.

Packhorse said...

Some pits are "bat-eared." If I were to guess I'd say those two are chocolate lab/pitbull crosses.

DubV said...

Good post Bran.

Nutters just use word swap arguments and speak bumper sticker-ese.

The word "discriminate" and others derived from it have a negative connotation when applied to people when it comes to race, gender, etc.

So, anytime someone discriminates (notices a difference between two types of objects, etc), it is taken to be the same thing as enslaving a group of people or something else.

I'd like to see nutters put their money with their mouth is and lobby for relaxed restrictions on felines that look like mountain lions.

When this is one of the nutter's favorite arguments, it's obvious that they really don't have much.

By encouraging people not to judge dogs based upon what they look like, nutters are increasing the odds of people abandoning pets because they did not research the breed prior to purchase/adoption.

DubV said...

Good comment here


"Interesting that the show hasn't even aired yet, but the pit squad has already arrived to carpet bomb the forum with comments in protest of what something they haven't heard yet. The comments seem to be the typical pit bull talking points, which don't hold up well under closer inspection.
Only someone living in complete denial could pretend that pit bulls aren't dangerous. The weekly cost in human maulings and maimings, and the cost in pets being mauled to death every day, in their own yards and their own homes, by pit bulls, is heartbreaking. In the wake of every new pit bull attack, the pit squad is out in force, attacking any who state the obvious - that a type of dog bred specifically to attack and kill other dogs on sight is going to be a horror and a nightmare to normal dogs - and to the owners of those dogs."

cinnamon2005 said...

They just can't control themselves on commenting about anything negative about pit's:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i would like to see the dogs standing and i would like to see something that could give me an idea of their size.
i don't really see lab or german shepherd but they are quite a mix.

cattle dog
pit bull

Rag Doll said...

"he stated that he used a baseball bat to get the pit to release the boy, that's the way he breaks up dog fights.
yes, WATCH THE VIDEO two or three times!"

yeah I watched it three times using chrome, firefox and ie and there is zero info in this vid. Check it Dawn. Was it edited? Are we not allowed to see how to beat the pit into submission?

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Rag Doll,

You sound surprised that baseball bats are used to break up pit bull fights. It's standard procedure unless you have a "break stick".

I don't know of any other breed where they recommend carrying around a break stick "just in case".

And you never read about a pit nutter breaking up a fight with a break stick, it's either a bat, pitchfork, or kick to the nuts (yes, seen a video where the guy kicked his pit in the nuts, and that pit didn't let go til he was about unconscious).

Chase K9 Services said...

no comments on the economic impact of BSL?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you're a day late and a dollar short. the economic impact of BSL has been debunked. be sure to check the link with the link.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

wtf? they appear to have swaapped it out. i guess the crack whore and her dead brain spawn lawyered up and started to lean on the news.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Estimated 990 pit bulls.

990 x $2.00 (bullet) = $1980

Problem solved.

No emergency room bills or plastic surgery. Animal control will have more time to work with dogs appropriate for families.

Jewel Jade said...

Craven, I fucking love you!

Anonymous said...

An astonishingly list of Pit Bull scalping victims may be seen Here

Never leave a Pit Bull Owner alone with their own Dog

Branwyne Finch said...

Thanks, Dubv. It is such an infuriating argument, because it is so ridiculous..."Don't judge a dog based on its looks, but make sure you "research" breeds before buying a dog!"

Perhaps we need to frame the argument differently...I don't neccesarily believe its aggression that causes pits to attack....many times the dogs seem thoroughly happy and enjoying themselves as they are killing something. Its simply an exagerated motor pattern that has been selectively bred into them. The grab bite/kill bite motor pattern has been enhanced, and the threshold for arousal is very low.

Instead of arguing about the triggers....being chained, not being "socialized enough", not being trained, etc....maybe we should treat it like the genetic defect that it is....like epilepsy, HD, or the congenital deafness in white dogs.

One thing is for sure....the behavior of these gripping breeds is a result of breeding for dog aggression...and NO one in the pit bull community is actively breeding away from dog aggression. I would like to know how the humane community can justify the continued breeding and ownership of dogs designed to kill other dogs, when they present such a risk to the service dog community.


Another tragic case of a guide dog killed by two pit bulls. I want to hear BadRap justify placing game bred, dog aggresive pits in pet homes to the blind owner of this dog.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pit nutter. someone commented on the economic impact of the maryland decision.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what really gets me is how people can support and promote chaining one minute and the next they turn around and claim racism and discrimination. but i am not convinced that they truly believe the racist mumbo jumbo they spout off. i think they need to create an internal scenario that justifies their lies: pit bulls were nanny dogs, cheating on the ATTS is encouraged, mislabeling pits as lab mixes in order to adopt them out. these are all dishonest, inexcusable and dangerous but nutters need to be able to justify it so they try to identify with conscientious objectors hiding jews and shuttling blacks to the north. once they fully embrace that, then anything they do or say is justified.

"maybe we should treat it like the genetic defect that it is....like epilepsy, HD, or the congenital deafness in white dogs"

maybe the rage syndrome in bullterriers just needs to be redefined and expanded.

cinnamon2005 said...

A person I know told me yesterday that she adopted a pit mix. She just likes to annoy me. Anyway, instead, I responded "So would you still call it a pit mix if it attacked/mauled/killed a person/animal?". No response. I knew it!

Chase K9 Services said...

nice calculator lol Once again you bubble heads living in wonderland ignore reality....someone has to pay, to implement, enforce and dispose....and the way the economy is today that money is better spend on schools, the roads and I don't know..real problems? lol

which is why BSL's are going away...as a wise man once said... NeerNeer NeerNeer Boo Boo ...if you can picture is I am doing mooose antlers and twinkling my fingers at the same time.

Although I do enjoy watching you guys post the stories to each other giving virtual "hi-fives"..."hey nice post irrational pit hater dude!" Waiting for the handful of the rest of the rejects to chime in.. I notice traffic meek, too bad...maybe i should start posting so people actually read the blog lol

Chase K9 Services said...

nah...i don't want to give you that much attention...btw Winston passed his CGC...losers...and I barely had to stay awake lol

cinnamon2005 said...

Ah, the typical redirect off the topic and minimize the situation. Taxpayers are already paying for the police, animal control and the hospitals/clinics if the victims. What you can't put a price on the the pain and suffering of the human and animal victims of dog attacks. And don't give me the little dog attack crap. Show me the pics of people being taken to the hospital on a stretcher/airlifted from a little dog attack(though little dogs are not my cup of tea).

DubV said...

Pit nutter,

The copious use of LOLs makes you look like a total fool.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the CGC world is not much different from the ATTS world.

"barely awake" is how i would describe your normal state of mind and "barely awake" is how you will be if winston ever turns on.

barely awake is how i describe someone who uses their cute little boy as a prop and poses him with a pit bull with an unknown history.

seriously, you should consider changing your profile name to "barely awake".

you will find this hard to believe but i don't care if this blog is on the new york times best seller list or just my own little soliloquy. this blog is just my expression of anger and frustration about the current state of pit bulls. nothing more, nothing less.
now the truth blog is another matter.

Miss Margo said...

Ryan, the budgeting process doesn't work that way. No public controller or policymaker thinks: "I have money here! Shall I spend it on implementing BSL, or on roads, or other things RYAN considers to be 'real problems'?"

I can recommend some good books about the budgetary process and competing theories of the policy process if you are interested. That is an honest offer.

I do not live in "Wonderland." In a few months I will have a Ph.D. in policy studies. My other grad degree is in a related field. I am happy to compare my passport photos, publications, C.V. and IQ with anyone's.

I'll also put the acumen of the regular posters here up against a random cross-sample of pit bull forums any day. Serious wager.

Pit Bull attacks are a legitimate public health problem. How do you think I became interested in this topic? I was good friends with a reconstructive surgeon for years. He didn't give a shit about either dogs or politics. Guess what he thought about pit bulls.

Chase K9 Services said...

nice to see you people understand how the real world works

Miss Margo, I had no idea you were such student of the arts...here's book I can recommend for you.. http://www.amazon.com/Don-Quixote-Miguel-Cervantes/dp/0060188707

Anonymous said...

so nice to have pit-nut trolling the blog again. wonder what it would take to get those panties in a twist again.

Opalina said...

Miss Margo, will you marry me? ;)

Miss Margo said...

Ryan, I read that book when I was 14.

Opalina: HA! I'm married to my degree program until I get the credential, but there's always room for flings. TY you're sweet!

Sweetie Pie said...

@ "maybe we should treat it like the genetic defect that it is....like epilepsy, HD, or the congenital deafness in white dogs"

It is a genetic defect, and it's being researched more and more the past decade. What we used to call Red Cocker Rage Syndrome, and those bull terrier people are titling Sudden Onset Aggression, is called by scientists 'impulsive aggression'. The brain mechanisms and chemistry are slowly being unravelled, some of the genes involved have been identified.

This genetic defect occurs in more mammalian species than only dogs. I don't know about other species, but the trait has been shown to be strongly heritable in dogs. Dogs are also (as far as I know) the only species that has been subjected to intense artificial selection to create a sub-population that reliably carries this strongly heritable trait. Unless someone is, unbeknownst to me, working on pit-bull type laboratory rats?

Dogs are also the only species I know of in which the trait has been selected for in combination with the gladiator body. This adds behavioral conformation to the mix; this is genetic and heritable, just simply because this gladiator structure of the body is determined by genes.

I continue to be amazed by 'scientists' who deny all this or claim it isn't science 'yet'. Not having completely finished research into all the exact mechanisms and genes isn’t an excuse not to use and deal with what we do already know.

If the pit nutters want to claim that most pits are just fine, at this point the burden of proof is on them -- to pay for the research that will show exactly what percentage of this sub-population carries the genes. The Golden fans paid for such research, wonder why the pit nutters haven't yet?

Chase K9 Services said...

geez miss margo, you'd think you'd have learned the lesson by now...

Chase K9 Services said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

June 2012, San Francisco, Maulifornia; Pit Owner offers to pay vet Bill but gives false ID to victim

How to Defeat a Pit Owner “Dine and Dash”, “Maul and Haul” or “Bit and Split” attempt

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

aaahh, there we go. back on familiar ground.

Unknown said...

The "Nanny Dog" moniker applies to Staffordshire Bull Terriers, not APBTs. Not that it matters, because we all know that bulldogs were "not bred to be family dogs." But... because of - and despite - their breeding, they generally are.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

WE (me and my cadre of haters) KNOW THAT!

it is the pit nutter that you need to educate. please start with this pathetic fucktard, then dawn capp, cesar milan....

DubV said...

Staffy bulls were not nanny dogs. I don't think Dawn's comment went to concede that, but her link surely proves the real point. The nanny dog myth was manufactured for rehabilitation and there is no evidence it was ever used during the time period it is claimed to have been from.

Also "because of-and despite-"? I don't see how those two go together. Do you mean perhaps that some elements of their breed can make them companions yet other elements tend to make them not companions?