Friday, May 18, 2012

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk

Pit Bulletin Legal News on Blog Talk Radio

go ahead and listen to the first 30 minutes if you like reruns: BSL doesn't work, nobody can identify a pit bull, the texas doctor doesn't know what he is talking about, lightening kills more people, yadda yadda yadda but i recommend that you skip the same old same old and pull that little slider to the 30 minute mark. sit back and wait for the most stupendously idiotic statement EVER made by a so-called "expert".

"Last year for instance we had 25 dog related fatalities, which means you've got a far better chance of dying of other things. For instance, a couple years ago by the numbers there were 33 dog bites and yet 66 people were executed in state prisons, so you had twice the chance of being executed at a state prison than you did of dying from a dog bite, BUT, we've been living with dogs in our houses and in our beds for so many thousands of years that whenever something like this happens, especially when it's a child, it gets lots of coverage and lots of publicity and people shriek."

hang in there just a little bit longer and you will hear the think tank holding a round table discussion about a 5 year old pit bull attack. yes folks. you read that correctly. an attorney, a college student and a big shot dog bite investigator are STILL talking about the origins of the 3 stooges provide a detailed speculative analysis of the famous seattle pit bull attack in blow by blow mind numbing detail, they even read from the police report. look out haters, they're armed with the facts now cuz that bottom feeding lawyer interviewed... THE DOG WALKER.

next week, the 3 pit stooges will dissect the famous san francisco dog attack. they no doubt have new evidence proving that Diane Wipple provoked HERA and BAIN.

wooob, woob, woob, wob


Tegenpitjes said...

"that whenever something like this happens, especially when it's a child, it gets lots of coverage and lots of publicity and people shriek"

What a coincidence I just did an article on this same subject!

Miss Margo said...

I like how the child @ 37 min "got involved in the chains" and "passed away." Sounds so gentle and unexpected, like SIDS.

Yeah, it's pretty pathetic.

I don't know how Colleen Lynn handles the relentless scrutiny and animosity, however.

Opalina said...

I haven't time right now to listen (not sure I want to for fear of head exploding) but I had to share this little exchange on a post about the new law in the UK...

Pit Nutter Extraordinaire, James Lewis: And yes, I do believe there are SOME circumstances where the victim caused the situation, such as your friend Coleen Lynn. Here, I'll post the true story. The whole situation could have been avoided. NEVER should anyone come up behind a dog, as they're first instinct is to protect......So, how do you feel about Coleen Lynn and her continuously changing story? Do you still feel that she is an innocent victim?

Liza Mae (me): If a dog being walked in a public place cannot have people walking up behind it for fear it will attack, then that dog has no business being walked out in public.

Nutter: Liza, if somebody were to run up behind me, you bet your ass I'd attack to. I could use that same argument on the side of the animal because if a person doesn't know better not to run up behind a dog or person then that person shouldn't be out in society considering they don't know how to properly behave in society. It's instinct for ANY animal to protect when they feel threatened. Don't you understand that if people think that running up behind a dog is acceptable then they clearly need some educating! SO YOU'RE TELLING ME THAT IF YOU WERE OUT WALKING YOUR DOG AND SOMEONE RAN UP BEHIND YOU, YOU WOULDN'T WANT YOUR DOG TO PROTECT YOU? GIVE ME A BREAK! YOU'RE OUT OF YOUR MIND! MOST ALL DOGS ARE GOING TO PROTECT THEIR MASTER, IT'S CANINE INSTINCT!! ! IN THEIR MIND, IT'S THEIR JOB!! THEY'RE DOGS FOR GOD'S SAKE, THEY AIM TO PLEASE AND PROTECT! IF SOMEONE WERE TO RUN UP BEHIND ME, YOU BET YOUR ASS I'D WANT MY DOG TO PROTECT ME AND NOTE THAT I AM BY NO MEANS ANY BULLY! NOW GIVEN A DIFFERENT CIRCUMSTANCE, SUCH AS SIMPLY WALKING BY ANOTHER, NO THERE IS NO JUSTIFICATION FOR ATTACK! SERIOUSLY LIZA, GO BACK AND READ WHAT YOU READ! IT SOUNDS CRAZY FOR YOU NOT NOT THINK THERE IS EVER A CIRCUMSTANCE WHERE A DOG SHOULD ATTACK IN PUBLIC! THAT'S OBSURD! LOL

AND if you still fail to understand what I have just explained to you, then you are a lost cause. If you still feel that there is never a justified moment where a dog should attack in public, then I think you need to take a class on canine behavior 101 and fight to rid of ALL dogs!

At this point, I saw who the lost cause was, and even tho I knew he would consider my lack of further response a "win," I didn't respond.

Thanks again for all of y'alls tireless work exposing the truth.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


This is a mistake of most pit nutters is that it's the dog's job to protect the owner. With that attitude, I wouldn't be surprised that your nutter's pit bull will eventually attack someone or someone's dog.

What you need to explain to her and all nutters you meet is that it's THEIR JOB to PROTECT THEIR DOG. Unless a dog has been specifically bred and trained for protection, there is NO REASON a dog should do more than bark at a human.

Even true protection dogs go through a rigorous training program to evaluate stability and courage.

Pit bulls don't normally possess these traits. In fact, I've heard a few pit nutters admit pit bulls DON'T DISCRIMINATE WELL. They will attack an infant, child, or small dog as soon as an adult. If given a choice, they may even choose the smaller human because it's "easy prey".

I've owned GSDs for over 15 years, my dogs have always had an uncanny way of discriminating what might be dangerous.

april 29 said...

In a spectacular display of bad timing, and bad taste, the Toledo advocates who brought deregulation of pit bulls to Ohio via HB14 are holding a celebration marking the occasion. The Lucas County Pit Crew, Ohio Dog Advocates AND Best Friends will be on hand to honor Representative Barbara Sears for her sell out of Ohio families to this well funded special interest.

A three day old Ohio baby has just been killed by her family's pit bull mix. Will the death of this child be considered? Is there even a twinge of guilt or regret following the predictable result of allowing pit bull advocacy write Ohio law?

april 29 said...

You should probably have the link to the Toledo Blade story on the death too. It is rare for the Blade to cover a pit bull attack. Publishing both these stories on the same day should make the editor's head explode.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I'd like to pose a question to everyone.


As far as I know, pit bulls are the only breed who needs LAWYERS.

I don't see lawyer for Chihuahuas!



Another reason pit nutters are a joke and NO, pit bulls are not "just like any other dog", NO OTHER DOG NEEDS LAWYERS!!!!

S.K.Y. said...


Sorry you had to suffer that bullying attack by the pit nutter. I'm female and have walked with my dogs over the world, including through Brazilian slums, in the Latin American rain forest, in a city of 15 million (Istanbul). And I definitely DON'T want my dogs to "protect me" on walks.

Who on earth other than a pit nutter expects a creature with the intelligence of a 2-3 year old kid to be making life & death decisions about who "deserves" to be mauled? Idiot nutters! If you want to protect yourself, carry a Taser, a handgun, a stun gun, or pepper spray. Don't expect your dog to make these kind of decisions for you.

My dogs have one major rule, and that is that they should never act aggressively to any human under ANY circumstances--and that includes barking. Even my genetically fear-aggressive Border Collie knows not to react to somebody squeezing between him and a wall--it happens almost daily here in Istanbul.

I don't care if somebody is skinning my dog alive, he knows he is not to bite, and to wait for me to rescue him. My therapy dogs have had occasions when brain-injured people have lifted them in the air by their tail, or by a pinch of back flesh, or by one toe. The dogs stayed calm and had NO reaction while I rescued them.

I totally agree with Opalina that a dog that can't let a jogger pass nearby has NO business walking the dog in public--or at least without a muzzle.

Rumpelstiltskin, I'm happy you've had good luck with your GSD, but I wanted to warn readers that your experience is not typical. When I worked as a behaviorist, the vast majority (>50%) of all aggression cases I saw were GSDs. And somebody running past is a HUGE trigger for most of them. I've been attacked just walking near GSDs as have virtually all my trainer friends, and I've also witnessed GSDs doing serious attacks, mainly on people who were running nearby. Just wanted to let readers know that if they want a non-reactive breed, the GSD is not one of the first I would recommend...

Actually, now that I'm the owner of an 8 lb. Papillon who loves everybody and everything... every baby and adult animal from every species on earth... I wish there was some law where as soon as existing dogs died, everybody had to replace them with a Papillon. :-) Even for the rare ill-tempered Pap, their teeth are 1/4" long, so they can't do any damage. What a great world this would be with dog parks populated entirely by Papillons and other harmless and friendly little breeds. :-) (I should mention that he's not suffering from a lack of brains either--he knows over 70 tricks at 14 months old).

S.K.Y. said...

Tegenpitjes--I love your collection of news stories showing a bias in favor of "positive" pit bull reporting. Thanks for dispelling the common nutter myth that the newspapers only report bad news.

I've seen the same thing a lot. Particularly, stories like: "pit bull alerts family so they can escape burning house." The owners use this opportunity to hammer in the point that pits are much-aligned "angels" who usually get bad press but are really man's best friend.

However, a mauling is provable. A dog supposedly alerting a family to a fire is usually conjecture.

IMO, most "hero dog" stories are either 1) fabricated to get news attention or win a hero award, or 2) self-interest on the part of the dog, who wants to get the heck out of the building HIMSELF and could care less about "saving" the family.

The same goes for dogs "throwing themselves in front of the rattlesnake/bear/pitbull to save the baby." These dogs are NOT saving the baby. They would have launched their attacks even if nobody had been within miles of them. This is not "bravery," but "foolhardy predatory instinct gone wild."

In reading scores of alleged "hero dog" stories, I've only seen one where a dog actually got out of the house himself, then went back into the house repeatedly to drag out unconscious family members--the dog suffered 3rd-degree burns in the process. Yes, that is a real hero dog. But that wasn't a pit bull...

Rumpelstiltskin said...


I agree, there is probably an unacceptable number of overly aggressive GSDs. That being said, even the overly aggressive ones are great with their immediate family. GSDs bond well with their owners, as mind did. If they don't, they should be put down or never bred.

Not sure what you mean by reactive, but GSDs are herding dogs and movement triggers them. It's how people get nipped, but they should not be mauled for running past.

I think the American bred GSDs are friendlier.

I have witnessed aggressive GSDs successfully discriminate between a child and adult.

What pit nutters don't like to admit, IT'S IN THE BREEDING. It starts there. Even a poorly socialized dog with good breeding can become a social dog.

Dog fighters don't care about stability. For them, the meaner and crazier the better. Then they call them "nanny dogs". What a joke!

DubV said...

Does this show accept call ins? I'm not sure I can listen, but I'd love to call in and spank their asses a bit.

DubV said...

Just answered my own question. They accept calls.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dubv, i was being sarcastic about diane wipple. please don't call them to debate that one.

miss margo, i agree, that entire show was pathetic. and it is astonishing how colleen has become their scapegoat. that attack has become their excuse. i think in another 5 years, this will still be going on. it's all the desperate fucktards got left.

great collection tegenpitjies. the christine spain hero story turned out to be a hoax. what a surprise!

april29, "you can't make this stuff up!"

opalina, i admire you for trying to talk to these idiots. but as soon as the all caps appear, i stop reading. i used to think all caps meant yelling, now i think it means narcissism - mine is the only opinion that matters".

sharon, this is pure gold: "Who on earth other than a pit nutter expects a creature with the intelligence of a 2-3 year old kid to be making life & death decisions about who "deserves" to be mauled?"
i need to add that to the experts!

my dogs were taught to never fence fight with neighbor dogs (even though the neighbor dogs try!), never bark at people on the sidewalk, never bark at people outside of the car. the world is not theirs to defend. and they do not.
dogs are really quite smart (well, most of them) and there is nothing they want more than to go places. the privilege of going places involves a high level of obedience. my mutts happily comply.

obtw, regarding papillions, i think they are smart and sweet little dogs. i am drawn to the super smart dog breeds. papillions are my favorite small breed. Dash is adorable.

Anonymous said...

Apparently, this think tank provides "weekly updates" on

How is it, that pit nutters can get away with telling us to get a life?

Tegenpitjes said...

" the christine spain hero story turned out to be a hoax."

Did I read they collected 60,000 dollars for the hero pit? Or was that part of the hoax?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't know about the $60K fundraiser. all i know is the nutters are reporting that the owner collapsed on the tracks and the pit bull pulled her off of the tracks to safety. this link states the nutter was drunk and passed out on the tracks and the dog laid down next to her. the train engineer managed to stop but the pit's leg was injured. the nutter has been charged.

classic nutter.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Either way, I think the "pit bull therapy dog" thing is not working for her.

"Lanteigne said he rescued Lilly three years ago, thinking she'd make a good therapy dog for Spain, who had battled alcoholism, depression and anxiety for many years."

Passing out drunk on train tracks does not equal improvement for alcoholism. Owning a breed of dog who's not very well liked by many people is not "therapeutic" for anxiety.

I don't really see anything that disproves her claim that the pet pit bull pulled her from the tracks. Either way, she scammed $60k from people who want to believe her story and it's plastered all over the internet now.

Sounds like you can call anything a therapy dog these days. I declare, as of today, my young, hyper, and sometimes disobedient GSD a therapy dog! There, done.

Anonymous said...

Really bad timing by these Pit Lobbiests...Pit Bulls have killed 24 Americans in the past 12 months...

US PITICIDES # 335 & #336

I wish they would publish a "Death Threshold" of when this can be discussed as a public safety issue!

Anonymous said...

PS....I guess Pit Bulls are even:

2009; Pit Bull Pulls Momma under train

Rumpelstiltskin said...


The train aggression was bred into them, not the dog's fault. It's the breeder's fault. ;)

Anonymous said...

Remember, Train Aggression is not the same as Airplane Aggression

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Now you've proven that the list of things a pit bull will maul goes on forever! I've only heard of humans and now pit bulls, to try and take down planes.

What is wrong with these dogs!

Personally, I would never own one, even if I thought it was cute (which it is not, but to each his own). They are the center of way too much drama!

Packhorse said...

Ok, guys, I have the Freudian slip of the century here. An owner on is looking for dog toys for pits...but the pitter wrote:

Good dogs for pits that won't be torn apart in an hour???

Yup! See it for youself!

Uh...maybe a timber wolf with rabies?

Small Survivors said...

I remember learning about whitewash jimmy, not directly from, but from craven desires on. this post. It was revelatory to me at the time. The comments were too.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Simple answer, another pit. He should invest in a good steam cleaner though. Eventually he'll come home to a bloody mess on the living room floor.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Seems Pit Bulletin Legal News on Facebook got a hold of your enlightening article.

Here's the comment from it:

You know we are getting popular when the Lynn minions start taking shots. Craven Desires posted this picture in response to our radio show about Colleen Lynn's dog bite incident. Tune in to PBLN Radio Tuesday night to hear our rebuttal in the segment aptly entitled "LYNNSANITY!"


Now their panties are in a bunch. Not sure how they didn't enjoy your article. Even pit nutters should find it amusing and enlightening.

Also, they really do blame everything on Colleen. It's like she's the epicenter of BSL.

They ignore the fact that every time a pit bull mauls or kills someone or their canine companion, they create enemies to the power of 10.

Anonymous said...

These dumbasses kill me...

The dog bite hospitalization rate is up 86 percent since 1993 and the DBRF rate is up 400 percent since 1974.

Yet, they keep ignoring the Bloody Elephant standing in the room.. all while collecting their Pit Nutter stipends.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I'm curious where this stipend is coming from. Here's a perfect example

Another "Find the Pit Bull" shell game sponsored by the NCRC for the University of Florida.

May 17, 2012

Assisted in part by a grant from the National Canine Research Council, the Maddie’s Shelter Medicine Program at the University of Florida’s School of Veterinary Medicine is conducting a national survey of dog experts (breeders, trainers, groomers, veterinarians, shelter staff, rescuers, and others).


I don't understand how people of science can ignore the Pit Bull's breed specific behavior that's been refined for over 100 years. It's as if, when it comes to Pit Bulls, some people, even scientists, throw science and public safety out the window.

Would be nice to the the NCRC "grant" money to the victims of pitbull attacks. But that will never happen.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the money trail leads directly to JANE SAUL ROTROSEN BERKEY

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here's another jane special

Rumpelstiltskin said...

They took the video down already. LOL!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

they took it down pretty quickly from different locations on the internet. the nutters do that a lot when craven comes a knockin. i guess it is cuz i am such a meanie. good thing i saved a copy. one of these days, i will do something with snippets of the audio ;)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

You know we are getting popular when the Lynn minions start taking shots. Craven Desires posted this picture in response to our radio show about Colleen Lynn's dog bite incident. Tune in to PBLN Radio Tuesday night to hear our rebuttal in the segment aptly entitled "LYNNSANITY!"

rumpelstilksin, i don't know how missed that comment! did you happen to tune in? i might get around to listening one day just to see how they can spin jimmy's lunacy. i'd like to call in but i already know that i will violate the civil and respectful rules.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


I missed it but I'm sure it will be plastered somewhere on their wall of lies and horrors.

Will be interesting to hear them fumble around for something witty to say.

At one time, I was on the fence about pit bulls, but after some online and real life experience, they are all douches.

I'm not judging, I'm just saying. :)

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I was listening to pit propaganda radio and at about 29:50 I heard someone mention that children are "easy targets" because of their size and elderly can't "absorb as much damage".

What the fuk is that? The choice of words is truly far reaching.

I'd love to hear a pit nutter describe why his pit killed an elderly person..."The old man couldn't ABSORB all the damage my pit bull gave him."

As much crazy stuff as pit nutters say, I'm sure it's been said but maybe not in those specific words.

Also the use of the word "pit bull" is very sacred to them. Only used to describe what most people can't identify. But when it comes to attacks, they use the word "dog", knowing damn well, more than likely, it will be a pit.

It's disgusting. I feel slimy just listening to it.