Thursday, August 30, 2012

find the pomeranian

here's a clue.

thank you putme incharge.


vintage said...


Assuming the average casket is 23 inches tall, and an Animal Behaviorist "Expert" was to pile the Pomeranian DBRF "Casket Stack" next to the Pit Bull 434 documented DBRF "Casket Stack", one would see the following result:

Pomeranian Stack..A trip hazard at a mere 23 inches high.

Pit Bull Stack: Would block out the sun at a skyscraping 832 feet high!

Casket Stacking is predicted to be the next advance in DBRF analysis by breed! We need Casket Stacking graphs by breed for the dumbasses...

**Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

DubV said...

If you assume the standard of 10 feet per floor, that would be an 83 floor building of pit DBRF. An interesting graphic would be buildings relegated to each breed based on DBRF. You would have many small sheds, a few small buildings, and then one building for pits higher than that of the tallest building in most cities that do no contain greater than 1 million people. The empire state building has only 102 floors.

Unknown said...

I don't know why its being called a pomeranian,The dirty looking mutt behind the wire.

Miss Margo said...

Haaahahahah, casket stacking and building graphics! BRAINIAC NERD ALERT! WTF do you guys do for a living--never mind--I like to speculate....

Graphical representation of data is interesting to me bc it's important and some people are talented at it. My spatial reasoning skills suck bigtime and my graphs are always primitive.

Caskets are tabloidish but also unambiguous. Buildings are good too. Ha, we could have a cartoon of a shed from Lowe's or Home Depot next to a barn next to the Empire State Building.

More on topic: that mutt is no pure Pom. Look at how tiny and delicate the Pom's jaws are.

Has anyone had a Pom? What are they like? I am partial to larger dogs, but these are pretty in a wacky, wouldn't-last-a-heartbeat-in-nature sort of a way. The orange one is cute. I would name him Foxy.

Anonymous said...

Love to see the "casket stack graph" in full 2D color, if someone wants to create it.

Most people need visuals.


PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Hmmmmm which are Poms.
Which is not a Pom....hmmmm
think think think

Miss Margot-

I have been a "Big Dog" person my entire life. So six years ago when I got a frantic call about a Pomeranian in a bad situation needing out right away I agreed to "foster" it until a new home was found. I said to my friend "I don't want any rat dog".

Well the fostering lasted 30 seconds, I fell in love with the dog.

Six years later I have three Pomeranians (along with one Rough Collie). I love these dogs.

If you treat a Pomeranian like it has legs and brains they are happy to use them both. If you insist on carrying them and dressing them up and treating them like a "baby" they will be the yappy dogs people think of when thinking Pomeranian.

My dogs are Obedience and Agility trained/ titled. They are a big dog in a little package.

Anonymous said...

WTF difference does it make ....a dog is a dog is a dog and will kill other dogs for fun and people too occasionally .... according to the pitter cretinous community . if there was race of humans created just for killing other humans would we want to adopt them and justify them by saying all humans kill?

Miss Margo said...

Thanks, Putme Incharge

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

I suspect the people who identified that dog as a Pomeranian would be the same ones that claim a pit bull can't be identified. Like the people who are unable to recognize faces, (prosopagnosia,) some people, including a few shelter workers, seem retarded when it comes to breed identification.

Thumbs up for Vintage's casket graph concept!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i suspect that the people who claim that you can not rely on the media to identify pits but then rely on the media to identify poms, have some splaining to do.

i encountered a loose and vicious acting pom once. i knew where it lived and the owner wasn't home but i SOMEHOW managed to herd it into their garage and shut the door. it was a terrifying ordeal. knowing what i know now (that all dogs bite and kill) i would never attempt that again. i'm lucky i still have both of my arms. that pom encounter was much scarier than when the mutant gripper busted through my fence.

oh vintage, i am tempted to make that graphic. will you blog it?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, thank you putme incharge. i added the thank you at the bottom. i was tired and hurrying to start the next blog post but i just gave up and went to bed.

DubV said...

I believe among small breeds that pomeranians are known for their good temperament. I have not met one that seemed likely to bite. Some smaller dogs have a personality more similar to larger, non-gripper dog breeds. Beagles are a good case in point, I believe.

safer midwifery utah said...


Who knew a visit to CD would be filled with cute pictures instead of brutual maulings?

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Too funny!

Just goes to show how absurd pit nutters claims are.

vintage said...


The following carpal-tunnel causing compilations have been updated on Occupy Maul Street.

Please take a look when you have a few minutes or hours...

Occupy MaulStreet- “Notso” Nanny Dogs?

OMS Mail Carrier Attacks- For Pit Nutters…The Mailman only Rings Once!

OMS Darwin Attacks…Pit Bulls killing and mauling their owners…Is it wrong?!?

How to defeat a Pit owner Dine and Dash Attempt

*Disclaimer: You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

S.K.Y. said...

I'm writing from a high-level dog sports summer camp in Iowa. It's geared mostly to small dogs, and the instructor has put triple championships (conformation/agility/obedience) on several Papillons. There are about 18-20 campers with about 10 different small breeds. The most common breeds at the camp are Papillons and Pomeranians. Both are excellent working dogs, and all of them at the camp have good temperaments with both dogs and people.

The Poms are slightly more barky than the Paps (none of which have barked in two days), and not as athletic. So in agility, the Paps are much faster. In fact, the dog with the most agility championships in history is a Papillon with 30+ MACH titles.

However, they are just about equal in obedience. In 35 years competing in obedience, though, I've only seen one dog get a perfect 200/200, and it was a Pomeranian.

I have a Pap and have decided this is "the breed" for me for the rest of my life. Why a Pap over a Pom? The Papillon coat is way easier to brush (single-coated), the mouth is a bit bigger (for playing tug, holding dumbbells), and they are a lot faster in agility. But Poms are awfully darned cute. :-)

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...


A thank you was not necessary. That was very kind of you.
I am thrilled to have made a contribution to this site.

Did anyone else smile when they saw this article featured on Drudge Report?

Pit Bull Owners Face Decision To Abandon Their Dogs Or Be Evicted From Their Homes

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Why of why did I start reading the comment section on the above article in regards to landlords now evicting people with pit bulls.

However in keeping with todays post here is one Nutters Comments-
(as an addition to his "nanny dog" comment). They sure do love to pull the Pom story out of their rears.

CBS•3 hours ago•parent−
Pomeranian kills baby. Black lab pup kills infant. Golden ret dismembers 2 month old. Mastiff mix kills 1 year old. Seems to me, if you actually educate yourself, you'll find that any dog is capable of harming a human. Seems to me, if you actually educate yourself, you'd know there is no such thing as a pit bull. If you have no clue, you should not speak on it. The name you used here says it all. Lack of intelligence, yet the most frightening thing is you many just be old enough to vote and that is terrifying.

Dayna said...

Thank you Putme Incharge! And yes, I just read that article on Drudge. There were far too many stupid comments to bother wading in. I may go in later if I'm in the mood and lob a bomb or two on the big circle jerk.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

From a previous comment, which quotes some drivel that someone posted after a news story:

"Seems to me, if you actually educate yourself, you'll find that any dog is capable of harming a human."

Yeah, right. It seems to me that the education is lacking when it comes to the damage that pit bulls cause vs. what other dogs do.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

vintage, hours? how about DAYS. that is a massive collection.

vintage said...


1983, Anchorage Pit Bulls “Tart-Tart” and “Scrapper” scale 10 foot high fence to escape and maul 6 year old girl

Begging the question: How zactly are all these 22 year old girls supposed to contain them safely?!?

DubV said...

Have I expressed yet today how much I hate pit nutters?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that is a hideous attack. lots of them in the last few days.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

vintage, looks like a judge ruled in favor of the victim against the landlord in the alaska case

here's the nutter

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

In the Alaska case, don't you just love how the nutter proclaims that he's into The Word? Just check out his profile and you'll see that he is one sanctified guy.


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i love the bottom feeding lawyer's comment in vintage's link. i say that i love this because it exposes their depravity once again.
"I guess the message is that anybody that owns a dog that happens to bite someone is subject to criminal prosecution. I think 1984 is coming about 3 months early." RICHARD COLLINS

100+ stitches and plastic surgery because a mutant escaped a 10 ft enclosure to BITE someone.

i almost always find problems with the hired guns of nutters.

the state tried to deny him to the bar

disciplinary matter

an unhappy customer claimed he was incompetent and sued him for malpractice

nutter lawyers are almost as colorful as their clients.

Packhorse said...

No way a baby's head could fit into the Pom's tiny little mouth. Note the dog who is the actual culprit has a much more serious snout.

DubV said...

I think Vintage's idea of the towering casket stack is awesome. Vintage's comparison to buildings is apt, and I didn't mean to steal any thunder by building upon it. Folks sometimes need a common reference mark to compare something to, and that is why Vintage's mention of the skyscraper works well. I googled the height of the empire state building it is 1,454 feet. Imagine a stack of caskets next to and almost as high as a building famous for its height and that people can base jump from.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i created that graphic for vintage today. i set the 23" casket height to .1 inches. the jpeg and pdf are 45 inches tall.

Miss Margo said...

Thanks to those who gave information about pomeranians.

45 inches tall!!!

Okay, what about this--I had a thought.

What if the graph represented the data like a pie chart, only instead of being round/pie shaped, the image was a casket.

Divide the casket image into DBRF "units"--little squares, or something.

Assign color to the units based on dog breed, with a key to the colors below the image as reference.

There would be, like, a smidge of other colors off in the corner, and then the rest of the casket would be red, or whatever.

Jay said...

So, you're implying that the God of Peace, our Creator, created pit bulls just to kill people?
God didn't intend for humans to die, that's Satan's scheming, also, having fostered many pits and raising them, it's the people who cause pit bull attacks and fatalities, any dog can be a killer. People use pit bulls because of their power. By nature,they are loving and forgiving,speaking from experience...

snarky said...
WTF difference does it make ....a dog is a dog is a dog and will kill other dogs for fun and people too occasionally .... according to the pitter cretinous community . if there was race of humans created just for killing other humans would we want to adopt them and justify them by saying all humans kill?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dogs are a man made creation and pit bulls are a psychopathic man made creation.

btw, i am an atheist.

Anonymous said...

Late to the party, but I had never seen an actual pic of the 'pom' that killed the baby.

I will admit, initially I was like, holy crap, no way. But anything can kill an infant/small child. Rats, roaches, fleas, etc.
We could go the 'hero' pitbull route and say the baby had a case of SIDS and the 'pom' was trying to save her.
THAT left a bad taste in my mouth even typing it.

I found my breed in pomeranians. I will admit they're yappy, not as yappy as some breeds. They're quick, clever, and very willing to please. They don't readily bite.
They also come in all dog colors and several different 'flavors'. I see a few 'show types' and a few byb types. I personally love and own the byb 'foxy' types. I don't care for the current 'fashion' of the show bred.
I've also noticed some BYB types look a heckuva lot like long-hair Chihuahuas.
My dogs are also at the higher weight range. Penny is 13 and Chibs is 15. Poms were originally around 40lbs. I do believe I have a relief of a Pom and a Pit side by side, same size.

My point is, Poms come in many shapes in sizes. Just enough variance to make them different, but keep the pomeranian look.

That being said, I have no clue where they got pomeranian out of this dog.I would have called it a jack russel terrier cross.
Most likely a 'designer' breed. I've seen dogs with plaques covered with what crosses they were. I counted 15 breeds on one dog. Usually with the most desirable breed put first, regardless of where in the mutt's breeding it was.

But this incident is moot point. Even if this WAS a purebred, that's one death by pom in all of its breeding, compared to how many by pit. How many adults and children have died? Other dogs? Horses? Livestock?