Wednesday, August 8, 2012

NCRC: the most trusted name in pit bull propaganda since 2002

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comes in 9 delicious easy to swallow easy to regurgitate allamericandog flavors:
culled man biters in gravy
creamed nanny dog
peas, chis, poms & carrots
bloodhound pie
ATTS and broth
tender young locking jaws
creamy stubby noodle dinner
macaroni & petey
dobies & rice

introducing 5 new fantabulous equally easy to swallow easy to regurgitate products!
heinz 57 mystery meat
lab mix surprise
DNA goulash
licked to death teething biscuits
media bias banana smoothie (this one is especially smooth and creamy)

*inspired by a huffpo debate between DubV and nutter flamekeeper and of course head chef and minister of propaganda KAREN DELISE.


vintage said...


Pit Bulls Displaying Aggressive Tendencies Towards Humans Leaking to Public
Dr. Borchelt rebutted the often cited argument that pit bulls were bred to not be aggressive to humans. Dr. Borchelt testified that this issue of breeding pit bulls in order to suppress the behavioral tendencies of the breed for diverted aggression towards humans while the dog is in the fighting pit, acting aggressively towards another animal, may have occurred in the distant past, but with the increased demand for the breed by the public, breeders no longer have the incentive to cull those pit bulls rather than selling them to the unwary public, who may also breed them, diluting the suppression of this behavior. This was supported by the expert treatise article by Randall Lockwood, The ethology and epidemiology of canine aggression, The domestic dog: its evolution, behaviour, and interactions with people, edited by James Serpell, Cambridge University Press, 1995; republished in Animal Law and Dog Behavior, Ed. David Favre and Peter L. Borchelt, Ph.D., 1999.

"It's not sensible to get an animal bred for bringing a 2,000-pound bull to its knees and say I'm going to treat this like a soft-mouth Labrador," says Jessup, the former animal-control officer. She blames novice owners, as much as actual criminals, for bringing the breed into disrepute. "It's a capable animal, and it's got to be treated as such."

When we first got pit bulls in, they were always friendly. They were always nice dogs," says Diane Jessup, a former animal-control officer in Olympia. Jessup has raised many pit bulls and written several books about them. "I will say now, in the last five years, 50 percent of the dogs are fearful, fear-biters with horribly unsound temperaments."

During the 1980s there was a push to make dog fighting a felony in all states. Television and print media coverage associated with each legislative initiative depicted undercover fighting scenes and dogs capable of fighting unto death. This coverage had the unintended consequence of popularizing the image of pit bull dogs among people that never knew the dog existed. Unfortunately, this created a new market for dogs that were previously killed by dogfighters, for example dogs that displayed aggression towards humans. Soon pit bull dogs were seen on MTV type videos, rapper videos, movies and commercials. Owning one of these “bad” dogs would elevate one’s status in the neighborhood and, because of their appearance they became popular with gang members. They are commonly used as guard dogs – both for property and people. Professional entertainers endorse dog fighting and at least one National Basketball League star has been convicted of involvement with dog fighting. In the subsequent decades these animals have been raised, bred, fought by “amateur” dog fighters, sold to the public, and finally discarded to end up in animal shelters. Most pit bull dogs today are owned by people that do not understand the genetic traits of the Pit Bull Terrier and do not know how to properly breed or train them.

Miss Margo said...



I don't know what happened to HuffPo. Five years ago, I swear, it wasn't this bad. They had some decent independent journalism on there, and okay campaign coverage. It wasn't The New York Review of Books, but it was all right! I turned my back for two seconds, and then when I came back, it was like STAR magazine and USA Today!

Is the debate with DubV still up? Got a link?

Anonymous said...

nature abhors a vacuum and it seems pits and their pushers have filled this vacuum . whereas 30 years ago you rarely saw a pit , now every fool and dingbat thinks these dogs are just fine to have as pets , even around small children , ect. this is largely a function of misinformation being fed to weak-minded folk who probably would accept almost any popular false ideas or skewed viewpoints. pablum for the masses is very apropos ....and the vacuum i refered to relates to the dead space between the ears of people who think dangerous fighting dogs are just fine and dandy.

Miss Margo said...

Never mind, I googled it. Not sure if I read the right one, but since I doubt flamekeeper ever ripped out some intellectual pyrotechnics, it was all I needed to get a feel for the guy.

"My father was a Ph.D.!" SO WHAT. What are you, 11 years old, bragging about how your daddy makes more money than another kid's daddy? I hate it when adults pull that shit--it's obnoxious enough when kids do it. Besides, your father earned the Ph.D., not you. And how is this germane? Did he get his degree in Canines in Cultural Anthropology Studies and take you to work with him while he did participant observation research, or what?

You ran rings around him, DubV. I wish that was more complimentary. It was hilarious watching him get sooooo mad, but I wonder what you got out of it. Just the satisfaction of publicly putting him in his place? I just can't fight with people who argue in bad faith anymore.

safer midwifery utah said...

link? I wanna see the huffpo fiasco.

DubV said...

Hopefully this poster will spread around the net.

What about media bias with banana?

DubV said...

Not my finest moment on huffpo (I descended into squabbling at the end and spent way too much time on the whole thing).

DubV said...

"Just the satisfaction of publicly putting him in his place?"

Just someone is wrong on the internet syndrome combined with her (flamekeeper is a woman) pissing me off by being manipulative and passive-aggressive.

DubV said...

Can't ID a pit bull mystery meat?

Rumpelstiltskin said...

The "National Pit Bull Research Council"

It's such a scam. They make it look like a non-biased "research council" when in fact, they yet another pro-pit bull fighting dog group.

They've already been exposed for who they really are but they some how keep under the radar as a pro pit bull group.

I've read they represented themselves as a US government agency and wasn't exposed until after some trial in another country.

DubV said...

I agree. NCRC should fly under their true flag.

S.K.Y. said...

Love the graphic and menu, whomever did it. And DubV, I joined HuffPo and have been posting over there. Didn't want you outnumbered. :-)

Small Survivors said...

This is CLASSIC CRAVEN! hilarious. Tommy looks so proud of himself

culled manbiters in gravy! mmm
tender young locking jaws!

LOL @ media bias with banana

and Can't ID a pit bull mystery meat!

DubV, it is hard to argue with that, but you do run rings around them!

The first time I saw AFF acknowledge they owned the NCRC was at the Solesky hearing

When I tried to get there today, the pdf wouldn't open, but I have it. The person testifying is identified as Stacey Coleman, executive director AFF & NCRC

And she introduces her testimony saying that the NCRC is owned by AFF. That was June 19, 2012

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Oh, they are owned by AFF, both hide their true purpose. And they go on and on about "education".

I don't consider hiding the truth "educating". Both of these pro pit bull aka dog fighting advocate groups needs to show their true purpose. Speaking under the guise of "animal advocates" when all they do is promote dog fighting because they promote pit bulls. What do people expect from pit bulls, they are supposed to be dog aggressive...therefore you're bound to have dog fights if you own them. With their dogs, or other people's dogs, to pit bulls, it doesn't matter.

vintage said...

This is remiscient of when the Tobacco Lobby controlled information about lung cancer in the 50's.

American DBRFS are up from 5 in 1974 to 30 annually in the late 2000's with the additional bonus of dog bite hospitalizations being up 86 percent since 1993.

Yet...There is nothing to worry about!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i wanted to use flamekeeper's photo but it was too res for this project. oh well, maybe next time. but it did give me an opportunity to open the door to another one of karen delise's disciples, fight4yourrights. interesting chap and the topic of an upcoming blog post.

the huffpo is a disgrace. i used to read it regularly back in 2008 when the economic crisis hit. i mainly just read the heavy hitters in economics. i noticed a couple of years ago that it started on kumbaya feel good ultra PC nutter feel to it. i haven't read for 2 years until this DubV debate. his comment about bib and drool cup required for delise's audience cracked me up.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"too LOW res".

long days....

Miss Margo said...



Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

"NCRC: Preserving Human Stupidity"

lol... Funny because it's true!

Rumpelstiltskin said...

This is why BSL is not everywhere:

On Wednesday, August 8, 2012, the National Pet Industry Association’s Joint Advisory Council (PIJAC) announced its support for a repeal of the Maryland Court of Appeals’ recent ruling in Tracey v Solesky, which imposes strict liability standards for persons who own, harbor or control “pit bull” dogs.

Quote from NCRC's blog and yet another source of funding to keep pit bulls where they shouldn't be, around other dogs and humans. So sad.

vintage said...


Cost to feed and own two Pit Bulls $1000 annually

Cost to try and sew back together two neighborhood dogs that were "gripped" $7500

Cost to finally euthanize the grippers...$200

Cost to euthanize America's 1,000,000 excess Pit Bulls...unknown

Cost of food and medical supplies sold to America's 40,000 dogfighters...unknown

Breeding Grippers pays off...Cha-Ching!

**Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

$9000 in court costs and restitution, jail, probation AND banned from owning dogs.

i would like the name of the judge. that's an appropriate sentence for a change!

DubV said...

I think nearly all flavors of NCRC propaganda are represented in this one article.

It's amazing that these rescue nutters won't even recognize that pits were bred to fight. It seems dog men were capable of training dogs to fight but had no clue you could breed for traits like gameness.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

This has to be a joke, "When Pit Bulls came to the U.S., they were brought over as prized family possessions, and were typically general purpose herding and working dogs, earning their keep as hunters, herders, guardians and household pets."

Pit bulls were brought for dog fighting. There are far better breeds to herd and work.

Just a huge joke.

DubV said...

What other dog breed had so many uses? I'm surprised they didn't claim that pit bulls acted as navigators during the ocean voyage to the new world. I can see hunter (pigs) and guardian and even household pets (for idiots) but herder? I suppose if you count grabbing onto a cow's face as herding.

Small Survivors said...

no shit Rumpelstiltskin.

"It's amazing that these rescue nutters won't even recognize that pits were bred to fight. It seems dog men were capable of training dogs to fight but had no clue you could breed for traits like gameness."

DuvB, it's amazing that the general public swallows this. Walk into any pet store in the nation and there will be a rack of a book series called "Know your (insert breed here)" And people BUY them. They know that each breed has their own characteristics including behavioral characteristics, but they buy this BS about pits being immune from genetics.

vintage said...

Pit Bulls were never "America's Dog" and they aren't even American.

Dogfighters like Colby and CZ Bennett IMPORTED the best fighting dogs from England.

In the town of Stafford England they actually raised bears in "Bear Gardens" so the people could watch them get mauled.

Blood money grubbin' Sickos....