Sunday, August 12, 2012

FFYR: profile of a massachusetts pit bull advocate

you probably all know by now, the pit bull advocates surreptitiously cut a deal with the massachusetts law makers last month. under a heavy cloak of secrecy that would impress even the CIA, the nutter lawyers effectively put an end to breed specific laws in massachusetts. bill 2192 states "no dog shall be deemed dangerous based upon the breed of such dog". sad day. massachusetts holds the high honor of being the first state to implement a breed ban. in 1886 massachusetts banned the human gripping dog. you can read more about those grippers and the ban here.

first ohio, now massachusetts, and soon to be maryland. the nutter lawyers score another victory for "responsible" pit bull owners. there's only one little problem - in the pit utopian world, responsible pit bull ownership is a purely theoretical concept. even the most visible and outspoken advocates who vehemently deliver the "it's all how you raise 'em" and "ban stupid owners" sermons do not adhere to the sacred tenets of their religion.

i think the good people of massachusetts have a right to know what some of the faces of "responsibility" look like.

meet TOMMY GARRETT, better known as the author of the fight4yourrights blog.

the FFYR blogger/pit bull owner/rescuer/advocate pulls no punches about where the blame lies in this mess (irresponsible owners). his blog is an interesting attempt to persuade people to accept his views under the guise of patriotism. his banner was recently updated and now sports the following:
notice that he failed to mention the benefits of proper CONTAINMENT! (is there such a thing?)

loudly and proudly proclaiming your status as a responsible pit bull owner is not the same as actually practicing responsible pit bull ownership. just ask ANDREW ROZSA.

REALITY CHECK in the form of a simple mathematical equation.

too much of this

plus this

times this

divided by this

equals this

CORRECTION: your work as a responsible owner does not even BEGIN with your own dog.

*this flyer was posted on the MSPCA website, the organization responsible for pushing the anti BSL law through in the middle of the night.

maybe TOMMY needs to return to a more traditional use of those kennels...

step aside hybristophiliacs, TOMMY'S got some containing to do!

(men are better than women)

GARRETT'S myspace page is a revolting cocktail of pit bulls, drugs, alcohol, hells angels, porn, racism, misogyny and violence. it is no surprise that this bad boy has a fetish for fighting dogs. i find the references and photos of provocatively dressed/posed young females with bags over their heads most disturbing. while viewing his myspace page you will need to continually remind yourself that this is not the page of a horny 14 yr old boy obsessed with sex, drugs, rock n roll, choppers, and violence. no, this is a 43 yr old man who owns, rescues and advocates for pit bulls. and of course, he loves pit bulls for their loyalty, courage and clownish behavior.

3 guesses why FFYR'S baby's momma thinks he is too dangerous to be around his own child.

today TOMMY GARRETT aka fight4yourrights blogger joins the vanguard of "responsible" pit bull advocates.

ANDREW ROZSA outspoken alabama pit bull advocate's two pit bulls escaped his fenced property and slaughtered his neighbor's sheep.

MATTHEW LEBOLD the 26 yr old illinois lawyer died of mysterious circumstances and was found partially eaten by his wiggle butt.

the gripper belonging to this connecticut lawyer, rescue angel and pit advocate broke free to attack two dogs and their owner.

ROBERT COLE minnesota dog whisperer fabricated an elaborate story of theft and animal cruelty when his wiggle butt escaped his yard AGAIN and was hit by a car. COLE claimed that he was targeted because he is a pit bull advocate.

JAMES LECH south africa's very own dog whisperer and pit advocate lied and blamed a little girl when she was attacked by his "service" rott. video proved he lied but the rott lived to maul another little girl.

ANNA KLAFTER san francisco ASCPA volunteer and recipient of a honorable mention darwin award. KLAFTER liked to take her mutant to senior centers for cuddle time. she also liked to let the mutant off leash at the park. her mutant was only trying to please her when it attacked a police horse. KLAFTER was kicked in the head.

DARLA NAPORA this BADRAP member and her unborn child were killed by the family pit bull. her breed advocate spouse buried her with her killer.

CINDY MARABITO texas was ground zero for the hugely popular alternative ladder theory cause of death for deceased BADRAPPER DARLA NAPORA.

FAITH HYNOSKI seattle dog trainer resigned from a pit nutter advocacy group she founded after her mutant bit a lab at the grand opening of a dog store in seattle.

STORMI KING seattle dog trainer and facts masseuse, STORMI guides law makers through the labyrinth of disinformation.

GLEN BUI head of ACF (formerly WAF) is a felon with convictions in washington state for drugs, assault, unlawful possession of a firearm, assault, fraud, eluding police, drugs-mfg/deliver/poss and harassment. (KAREN DELISE and WHITEWASH JIMMY occupy seats on the ACF board)


Anonymous said...

lol , i thot FFYR was just another belligerent rescue dingbat. turns out its a fat tattooed biker ....not bitch . it was very nice of him to say he was bringing more fucking mutants to my neighborhood , though. just love degenerate bikers and their ugly dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

no snarky, you are confusing tommy aka FFYR with ryan aka pit nutter.

i know, it's hard to keep them straight.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Someone let him impregnate them?

A pit nutter that does drugs, imagine that.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

I'm sure that the nutter crowd is enjoying the attention that this blog is bringing to them. Keep it up, craven!

Anonymous said...

i doubt if its just the fighting dogs that are a risk to his kid. they are just one part of tommys biker lifestyle. at the risk of upsetting people who want the benefit of the doubt , i think the safety of people and animals is more important than individual rights , and oh bye the way , you can and should judge a book by its cover , until you know otherwise. if someone is putting themselves out there as some evil , bad -ass type of individual , i think , in the absence of more information , we should be taking note of that . if it looks and acts like a pit-bull , maybe its not a pointer-mix.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


This guy wants custody of his kid. He writes it on his Myspace blog, but 95% of his Myspace page is sex, drugs, and alcohol.

It's equivalent to a hobo going into the bank and asking for $500,000 loan.

safer midwifery utah said...

the real clue that people like this are the majority instead of the fringe is that when they get caught doing something dangerous or crazy there isn't any push to marginalize or even criticize them for their behavior from inside their own community.

I blog sexism in my skeptic/atheist orgs a lot, and there is a big shit storm of controversy all the time. There are leaders and regular people willing to say something about how wrong sexism is. It blows me away that a movement that isn't specifically about the rights of women manages that when a movement that is supposedly about responsible ownership of dogs can't even be bothered to call out irresponsible dog ownership in their own ranks.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

What's a real laugh riot about these people is that they think that law enforcement and the judicial system have no ability to view social media sites like MySpace or Facebook. Well, deviants, I have news for you. They can monitor these sites. And they do. And they're paying very close attention to what you're posting.

Anonymous said...

could it be , all this dog owner responsibility rhetoric is just a way of deceiving the concerned public into believing there is such a thing and that it will protect us somehow ? what i see is that when there is a pit bull attack , the pit loving scum, come out , not to blame the owners so much as to excuse both the pit and owner..... by blaming the victims ! when pitters talk about owner responsibility or dog safety it is nothing to do with taking responsibility and everything to do with avoiding it . take tommy for example .

Small Survivors said...

Yes, it is amazing someone let him impregnate her. He blames her for not being "allowed" to see his kids, so I suspect DFS agrees with baby mama.

There's a typical nutter trait - blaming everyone and everything but the right thing.

Interesting point Skeptifem. I really like reading your take on things here and on your blog.

YQN - LOL! Yes! such as the dept. of family services...

Anonymous said...

those two mutants claiming to be beagles ! ..... hells beagles , maybe.
their owner ....hells responsible dog owner

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


the bragging and promoting of would be enough for me to cut off his contact.

snack and rumplestilskin - the feds, family services, baby's momma....

vintage said...


Nicholas Dodman, a Tufts University animal behavioral specialist and author of “Dogs Behaving Badly,” agrees that pit bulls come with some baggage.

“Genetics does play a role and people who think it doesn’t are kidding themselves,” says Dodman. “The pit bull is notorious for a very hard bite. They are always No. 1 in the lethal dog bite parade. The dog was bred for pit fighting. It was bred to never give up, to bite and hang on.”

1987 Advocacy piece but Dr Rowan of Tufts University drops this nugget...

"You can shove a needle into their Bums and they won't even notice...You can beat them over the head with a baseball bat and they just keep coming"

“The injuries these dogs inflict are more serious than other breeds because they go for the deep musculature and don't release; they hold and shake“, says Sheryl Blair of the Tufts Veterinary School, in North Grafton, Mass., which last year held a symposium entitled Animal Agression: Dog Bites and the Pit Bull Terrier

*SPECIAL BONUS SNIPPET!...Dr Bonnie Beaver Former head of the AVMA and now Texas A&M Director of Pit Nutterdom

"By its origin, a pit bull is a fighting dog that takes very little stimulous to initiate aggression, and it will continue to fight regardless of what happens," said Dr. Bonnie Beaver, chief of medicine of the Texas A&M

Beaver said pit bulldogs have been responsible for about 70 percent of the deaths of humans killed by dogs since 1979. The animals are capable of pulling more than 5,600 pounds of dead weight, she testified

Sigh...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i'd really like to know what happened to these two idiots. did they fall and hit their heads?

DubV said...

FFYR's lady friends are obviously being paid to be there.

DubV said...

It seems FFYR might be a member of the hell's angels, a 1% club that is considered a criminal organization by LEO. Noticed the 81 in several spots. H is the 8th letter of the alphabet and A is the 1st.

"The Hells Angels Motorcycle Club (HAMC) is a worldwide one-percenter motorcycle club whose members typically ride Harley-Davidson motorcycles and is considered an organized crime syndicate by the U.S. Department of Justice.[3][4][5][6] In the United States and Canada, the Hells Angels are incorporated as the Hells Angels Motorcycle Corporation. Common nicknames for the club are the "H.A.", "Red & White", and "81" (H and A being the eighth and first letters of the alphabet.)"

Anonymous said...

wonder what the H.A. thinks of tommy's sweet loveable wiggle-butts? why not just keep toy poodles with pink and blue hair-do's? i suggest tommy get himself a killer chihuahua as club mascot since these little ankle biters are so much worse than any pit-bull. nobody entering the BAD BOYS club-house would be in danger of being "licked to death" by a killer rat-dog , LOL. sweet wiggle-butt mutants can be so embarrassing to a REAL BAD-ASS,BAD BOY .....LOL.

Anonymous said...

think little tommy juniors mommy might have been worried what little tommy might see on one of his stay overs . biker bitches in crates and other things you see with responsible parents and dog owners ....LOL.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

DubV, i needed a drool cup when i found his myspace page and his missing mutant flyer. i couldn't believe my eyes. he's quite the poster child for "responsible" pit bull owners.

i will give tommy the benefit of the doubt and say that he has just enough impulse control to curtail the groupies and the drugs and alcohol in the presence of his cute little boy but his underlying attitude towards women, the fighting dogs and the possibility of criminal affiliations with hells angels would definitely be grounds for a no contact order.

it's too bad mass is a state that doesn't make criminal records freely available.

Anonymous said...

u think tommy's impulse control better or worse than an intact pit-bull's, around kids?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it's a toss up.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

Another pit bull advocate with a missing pit bull off doing god knows what? Not a great big surprise anymore, is it? If this is what the responsible owners achieve, what are the irresponsible ones doing?

And that whole protest of child visitation status in the context of a myspace page that's a monument to depravity? Gotta admit, you don't see that everyday - that's pure fucking genius! (LOL!)

Fight for your rights said...

Thanks for your concern about my missing Dog (but he was found & might I add the he was found in the next state about 60 miles away
After someone picked him up and attempted to steal him. I put him out in my large fenced in yard at around 6 am before work it was early and dark so I didn't notice a section of fence had been blown down and the dog caught a wiff of breakfast cooking around the corner and off he went....if that makes me irresponsible then so be it .

Through networking and posting flyers I received several phone calls from people who had seen him and with their help was reunited with my dog. As far as the myspace page are you kidding me that page is about 6 or 7 years ago so I was single 35 and having a blast the whole MABTW and women are selfish thing came after this woman turned on me faster than any Franken Mauler ever could but that's another story.

The only drug on my page is pot and I believe alcohol to be far worse and I no longer drink & as far as what family court thinks about me being a responsible parent I won custody of my first son but can't afford...mentaly or financial another long and drawn out costly court battle.

But I believe Justice will be served when it all blow;s up in her face when he see's how selfish she really is because he wont know his brother my three god daughters his other grand parents or any of this side of his family and that just shows it's not about safety for her it's about control.

Those of you who are cracking jokes and supporting her actions are truly ignorant... Also Im not a Hells Angel and have never claimed to be one.

But good luck with your losing battle because BSL is being reversed every where it's been passed

Fight for your rights said...

Also if any of you want to share your opinions & tell them what you think go out and find your local Hells Angels Club House knock on the door and tell them what you think face to face.

Unknown said...

You people are just profiling machines. Starts with pitbulls and turns to bike owners and fat people. Plus a picture of someone else's child. You people will stop at nothing and have morals. My three kids, the neighborhood kids and all my friends and familyy aren't afraid of my dog. But you are. My vet loves him and so did his last vet Stay in your house behind your computer if you're afraid to go outside and possibly encounter a pitbull that may change your mind.

Rhea said...

The baby's mother is smart to not allow Baby Braxton around that moron. He's got whores and monsters living in his house and he posts all these photos for the world to see. Yeah because every mom wants her kids surrounded by drunken nasty whores and stupid mutated Franken beasts.

Baby Braxton's mom is smart, keep the baby away so she's not the next mom to make a frantic 9-1-1 call about how her baby's limbs were ripped to shreds by a monster.

And now he says someone tried to steal his monster. Yeah right.

Unknown said...

So you all think that pitbulls are born aggressive killers. Not turned into them by owners. We're you all born how you are or molded by good parenting to become who you are today. Wait, I take that back your parents royally screwed up. They made you wrongly judgmental and ignorant.

april 29 said...

Rob said...

"your parents royally screwed up. They made you wrongly judgmental and ignorant."

Well now, this is a comment from someone who is obviously educated, free of bias and not at all judgemental.

Hello??? You are the parent who is living with a court order to stay away from his child.

Fight for your rights said...

Hello??? You are the parent who is living with a court order to stay away from his child

WOW April another well thought out comment that gets straight to the point !

Unless you consider the fact that I didnt make that comment
someone else did ...FAIL... not only speaking about things you know nothing about but you dont even know who your talking to.

So typical of this blog

Unknown said...

Very nice april29. You can't even direct your rebuttal to the right person. I live with my wife and two of my children. The other is here every other weekend. Being a teenager I'm lucky I can get him here that much. And amazingly none of them have been eaten by our savage mutant frankenbeast.

april 29 said...

Rob said...

"Stay in your house behind your computer if you're afraid to go outside and possibly encounter a pitbull that may change your mind."

Rob, has it crossed your mind that some of us had no thoughts about pit bulls at all? We were minding our own business and going on about the peaceful details of our lives when we met a pit bull that DID change our minds? Changed our minds and changed our lives? I have no need for your "education" and advocacy, the pit bull beat you to it.

The mauling we take after the attack ,the one we get from pit bull advocacy, is close to as bad as the first. You have no moral high ground here.

Unknown said...

Maybe you people should redirect you intensity to real issues. Like welfare abuse, stricter laws for sex offenders and repeat criminals. I'm more worried about children being abducted, raped and being buried in someone's basement. But people who do that should be rehabilitated and released back into society.My dog though, he should be put to sleep for being born a pitbull.

april 29 said...

Tommy said on his myspace page...

Jan 11, 2008
11 weeks without seeing my son !

Let,s start here most of you know that i have another beautiful son..and most of you know what kind of father that i am. But i just want everyone to know the truth of the matter.

Both my mother and myself have been denied visits or any time with the boy by It. And it was actually rude to my mother the last time she called refuseing any information about the kid.

Now it is the same person that i brought food at 11:00 at night while IT was pregnant.

Went to most of the doctors appointments with IT so IT wouldnt have to drive or worry about parking.

Came up her house and shoveled and fixed whatever It asked along with feeding the hungry beast.

Stayed up for two days while IT was in labor, and was present in the delivery room for the babys birth.

Not to mention picking up about 75% of the list from It,s baby registry.

And even going to court with IT giving emotional support while she blamed some other (lucky ) guy for4 being the farther i quote lucky because he turned out not to be the farther.

And mind you i did all of this while IT swore up and down that the other guy was the father. Now i get to miss my sons first steps and words...but IT will have to deal with me` the rest of her life...i will have my chance to smile......TG

Why did you post this material if it was not factual? The link to this is included in the blog post and NOW you have a problem with it?

Nobody said your dog should be euthanized for being a pit bull. If you may legally own this dog in your community and you carry insurance to cover any injuries that your dog may cause when "someone steals him from the yard" and releases him miles away. You have no problems. What your wife thinks about this other son, and the activities you are photographed participating in, this is between you two.

We have great concern for children, we want them to be able to walk to the school bus without being mauled, we want them to play at a friend's house without being mauled, we want them to love their own pets and not have to watch those pets being ripped apart by some "responsible" pit bull owner's out of control mauler that "just wanted to play."

Unknown said...

I get it if one's bad they're all bad. I see so if a school teacher is arrested for child pornography then all teachers are pedaphiles. I get it now. Thank you all for clarifying things for me.

Unknown said...

And why is every pitbull owner an uneducated scumbag. I have a college degree and my wife has two.

Unknown said...

And April. It wasn't my pitbull.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


profiling/stereotyping is first of all, the foundation of dog breeding. man hand selected individuals to enhance certain traits. second, the overwhelming majority of pit bull owners regularly demonstrate profiling/stereotyping by proclaiming "if it ain't pit it ain't shit" and "i would never own any other breed" and "there is no more loyal courageous dog than the pit" etc. third, stereotyping is a survival mechanism. everyone practices it. some people just lie about it. fourth, the outrage against the negative fallout of stereotyping in the form of discrimination, prejudice and bigotry (like we all saw on FFYR's myspace page with the bald chick and the swastika tattoo, the objectification of women and the animosity towards non english speaking americans) is reserved for HUMAN VICTIMS.

i cut off the top of that adorable baby's face on purpose. a baby, i might add that FFYR posted publicly on his obscene myspace page. i didn't hack his page and i didn't pretend to friend him to get inside and steal photos. it's there for everyone to see.

i have encountered many pit bulls, some were extremely nice dogs, one i would say was down right submissive to my dogs. i don't gamble with my dogs' safety and well being. it is my right to avoid pit bulls. it is my right to express my outrage over the carnage they commit against the rest of us and our animals who are just trying to go about our daily lives.

there are no absolutes, only generalities. i do not think that every single pit bull is a born aggressive killer any more than i think every single lab is a born retriever or every single border collie is born a herder. the law of averages indicates that some will be superior at the task THEY WERE BRED FOR and some will be duds. i choose to play it safe and keep my dogs away from dogs BRED FOR COMBAT AGAINST OTHER DOGS.

as for "directing intensity on real issues" right back at ya slick. instead of advocating for dogs bred to kill other dogs, maybe you could advocate for real health reform, tax reform or stricter penalties for sex offenders.

your analogy to pedophile teachers is desperate and pathetic. it is not the well thought out, logical conclusion of a college educated adult, although it is typical of pit bull owners regardless of education level.

the only person here using the phrase "uneducated scumbag" to describe pit bull owners is YOU. personally i would much rather expose one dr andrew rozsa than 10 tommy garretts. likewise with your accusation that i want to kill your dog because it has an ugly head. you are the one talking that trash. I DO NOT ADVOCATE ROUNDING UP PIT BULLS AND KILLING THEM!!

april 29 said...

Rob, you have my sincere apology for the personal attack. I lost track of exactly which pit bull advocate I was speaking to.

I do not apologize for supporting Dawn James remark " it is my right to express my outrage over the carnage they commit against the rest of us and our animals who are just trying to go about our daily lives." To this, I can just say amen.

Unknown said...

First off I know FFYR and I know that little boy. You have no right to put that boys picture on any public forum. You guysay all shit all over eachother here but to publicly display someones child as means for your cause is disgusting. I hope that at some point no one decides to use any of your family members to negatives plot against you. Also that little boys mother was my wife's best friend for 20 years and after dragging her boyfriend through the mud and finding out that the other guy she was sleeping with was the father, she was so embarrassed that we knew the truth and didn't want her friends as family to know that she stopped being friends with my wife. She stopped attending birthday parties and get togethers that we may attend for fear of running into us. She won't speak to her sons father or her best friend of 20 yrs, but she still associates with her cousin who used to screw her fiancé after he left her house. She was running an escort service from her home with that little boy in there. There is two sides to every story. Know them both before picking one.
As far as the dogs go, if you can advocate against them I can advocate for them. If you think my dog is a ticking time bomb so be it. I didn't invite you into my life or my home. Worry about yourself and realize that there is only one person you can fully control in your life. You

Fight for your rights said...

Exactly what about me are you exposing that at 35 yrs old I had a drink in my hand or the fact that I have a healthy attitude when it comes to sex the rest of that stuff was just venting my anger with women at the time. Hey you have to let it out some way.

LOL you act like my page is hard to find my you tube myspace this page their all linked together surprised it took so long. I dont hide behind a screen name and I show my face im not ashamed of anything I do and will stand behind anything I say.

And what because one dog in 28 years got out of my yard and some loser tried to steal him so now Im
a bad owner ? I had my name and number with his picture in every animal control office in a forty mile radius not to mention 100 fliers all with my name and number so tell me does that sound like I was trying to avoid responsibility. As far as my pictures the kids photos are in separate photo albums, that bald girl is Britney Spears I thought it was funny and on my whole page there was one bud and you claim its full of drugs booze also one pic ok yes I do enjoy the company of scantly clad women but hey so do most guys.Ive rescued hundreds of dogs and found them homes, I worked for fair foods in Dorchester for around five years helping to support food shelters ,i volunteer at my ;local shelter and am part of two rescue groups but none of that means anything because you dont approve of my life style so im a dangerous racist criminal whos page is flooded with drugs.

Unknown said...


I understand that my comment about the teacher was far fetched and uneducated. That was my intention. And as far as you saying that I was the only one questioning my education, you are incorrect. April brought up my education or lack there of twice. Then apologized for it.
I am a responsible adult with a loving family, a good job and a well mannered dog. I also understand that a bite from a pitbull is more dangerous than other breeds. Due to overdeveloped jaw muscles, which are the reason that a pitbulls head is so wide, they have much stronger bite than most dogs. But more aggressive than a Dalmatian, Shepard or Doberman. Probably not.
Another problem is inbreeding and cross breeding for specific colors and body types. Pitbulls are not two feet tall and two feet wide. They are slender and agile. Good for sporting wether it be hunting or agility training. The breed has been watered down like Dobermans and Rottweilers once were and that's the first step to correcting this problem. It all comes back to people.

Unknown said...

Also Dawn
Of you read previous posts I believe these phrases were used
- belligerent rescue dingbat
-a pit nutter that does drugs, imagine that
-pit loving scum
I was not the first to insinuate that pit owners are uneducated scumbags. It wasn't ME. It also wasn't you. But it was said by Spanky and Rumpleforeskin.

april 29 said...

In the last 30 years there have been zero mauling deaths from Dals, 7 from Dobes, and 21 from GSD and their mixes. Pit bulls are another story, 207 mauling deaths from pits and 8 more from mixes where there was a positive identification of the breed mix. This does not include any of this years deaths. Some of them are a done deal, some are still under investigation. Interestingly, per announcements this week, DNA testing proved two victims killed earlier this year were indeed killed by the pit bulls identified at the time. One of these pit bull owners is being charged with manslaughter. There will be some serious jail time for this death. "But more aggressive than a Dalmatian, Shepard or Doberman?" Probably so.

Unknown said...

I do not own my dog for the wrong reason. I own one dog. Some people have two. Michael Vick had 50. So the right person may own one or two dogs. While the wrong person owns 50.
I also searched some of you other blogs. It seems that the same thing is repeated. Pitbull owners are all criminals and liars. Drug users and scum bags. It also promotes gun violence by one I Bagged your pit. That person seems to fit a nutters profile a little more than a passive advocate against aggressive breeds.
Also nothing is said of the pitbull that dragged its owner off the railroad tracks and got hit by the train. Or the stray pitbull in a park that saved a woman and her child from a mugging at knife point. How about the pitbull that killed the venomous snake at a child's swing set and died while doing it. Lastly a stray in Canada that stood over a passed out women in the middle of the street barking while people drove around her. I also urge you to focus on the positives as well as the negatives. I know, I know spoken like a true nutter right. I just don't think that anyone has the right to come and takey dog because of someone else's.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


Well said. Pit nutters absolutely live by a double standard.

The excuse FFYR gives for his affection for is pathetic at best. Why would he think "Men are Better than Women" (judging ALL WOMEN) for the actions of ONE WOMAN? Yet another double standard.

Also the implied "reformation" of his character is a rouse. Why would someone that's reformed continue to keep those photos for people to see? Wonder if he found God since those photos were taken.

I've had my fun but I sure as fuck wouldn't be posting it on Myspace for everyone to see. But that's just me.

Fight for your rights said...

You guys are relentless....and all i can say is it,s a good thing the people in charge see things for what they realy are and thats why BSL is being reversed all over the country.

Oh wait I forgot the dogfighters
have been paying off people at secret lat night meetings LOL

you just must make
these things up !

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

still, the only person here using the phrase "uneducated scumbag" was you. you want to be nit picky, i can play that game too.

technically, i have not defended the baby's mother. all i said was based on the presence of pit bulls, based on the misogynist attitude, based on the hells angels connection, i wouldn't want my baby there either. i am certainly not going to defend her character.

you keep putting words in my mouth. i never said your pit bulls or any one else's were ticking time bombs. i said i won't put my dogs at risk by having them around pit bulls.

i never suggested that you owned pit bulls for the wrong reasons. most do but not all. there are very few absolutes in the world and those few absolutes are rooted in hard sciences.

promoting gun violence. now you are being a fucking idiot. i advocate lethal force when under threats of violence. second amendment asshole.

my favorite topic on craven is actually the gifted and educated pit nutters. i can't stress this enough. i would much prefer to take a doctor than a biker or a pedophile.

you keep spouting off bullshit like i want to kill your dog and now you say i want to take your dog. wtf man? quote me. that's not my position at all. did it bite someone? fuck yeah. it needs a dirt nap? is it repeatedly getting out and menacing people? fuck yeah, it needs a dirt nap. and the state should be able to seize or the owners should sit in jail until they turn it over.

no, i want sensible laws like mandatory insurance, special containment (no oops moments allowed) mandatory spay neuter until they are all gone.

feel free to continue to comment but i am done with you. i will address FFYR's comments tomorrow.

Unknown said...

Not all of my comments were directly at you Dawn. But why do you choose to keep you and you dogs away from pits? Because you think they could lash out or snap at any time. Correct? And the second amendment is the right to posses arms for use of an organized militia. It doesn't give you any rights to use deadly force.
Why am I an fucking idiot and an asshole. You used Tommy's page to promote that he's a drunk and a drug addict. But when someone on this page has pics of pitbulls hung up as targets and they are called I bagged you pit. It doesn't promote anything.
I'd also like to say that until recently I had no idea that people acted like this on these blogs. I hope you don't all live your lives in fear of any dogs. All of you are just as persistent as any pit advocate to your cause. You point fingers at people, call them names and insult their intelligence. Severe insecurity having to put other people down like this because of a dog. So hide behind your computer and fake names. I'm going outside to walk my Franken mauler in public. I'm gonna take the neighbors boxer too. She's his best friend.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


You said, "I'd also like to say that until recently I had no idea that people acted like this on these blogs."

Really? Usually in the first 1 or 2 comments from a pit nutter is an insult or threat if you disagree with them. I've seen comments where they turn on each other because of a slight disagreement. When I see them turn on each other, it's very amusing to me.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


i NEVER said any of the following:
you are an alcoholic, drug addict, criminal or a bad father.

i did say that you are a misogynist, hypocrite and an irresponsible owner. now i would like to add liar.

first you say the wind blew the fence down and your dog caught a whiff of breakfast and took off (LOL!), then you say someone stole your dog. which is it?

as for BSL, that was a VERY disappointing move in massachusetts. oh well, two steps forward and one back. i am adjusting.

if you are not a hells angels, why all of the hells angels paraphernalia? are you some kind of wanna be that washes their harleys or something? a groupie? a fetch it boy?

one dog in 28 years is all it takes but i wouldn't be surprised if there were more than just the one documented oops moment. you don't seem to understand that just because bryson is a safe with you and friends and your family in your presence under your control, that doesn't mean he will be safe outside of those parameters. you don't seem to grasp the seriousness of a pit bull getting loose opposed to say, a labrador. there can be absolutely NO oops moments with certain dogs. pit bulls are at the top of that list. ONE oops moment makes you an irresponsible owner. sorry, that's just the way is. i didn't make up the rules. it only takes ONE oops moment to scar or end a life. if you can't understand that, then you have no business owning a pit bull.

regarding your myspace page, i actually found it several months ago. i was amused by it, shared it privately with some of my readers and then forgot about until Lady Kara pulled a fast one in the middle of the night. you seeing how that was a big score for "responsible" pit bull owners.

the thing i found most incriminating about myspace was the violence. it looks like a tribute to primitive man. a tisket a tasket a body in a casket. endlessly looping video of people getting punched in the face. devils, skulls, hells angels, murder song, when in doubt knock em out, controlled aggression, james cagney grabbing a women by the hair, taxi driver, scarface and of course... pit bulls. wtf? seriously, you want me to believe that you admire, respect, worship, fight for pit bulls because they are misunderstood cuddle bugs????

you know exactly what they are and what they represent, THAT'S WHY YOU LOVE THEM!

regarding your comment about sensationalism, right back at ya. your blog is wrapped in the american flag and bashing the victim of a pit bull attack. you call us racists while openly celebrating racism and intolerance then you come here and claim some kind moral high ground. the dichotomy between the tone on your blog and the person behind the blog (your myspace page) is fascinating.

regarding your little boy, my god, i have never seen a cuter baby. it was hard for me to crop out his head. and if everything you have said about his mother is absolutely true, then with all sincerity that is truly a shame.

Anonymous said...

spanky and rumpleforeskin ? that has hurt my feelings . lol

Anonymous said...

why would i want to confront psychopathic , criminal bikers face to face ? i may be slow but im not stupid , lol . i let u fuckers like u end up in hospital or prison . prisons best cuz of all the black dick .

Rumpelstiltskin said...


That was funny!

Yeah, FFYR thinks he's being "misunderstood". He's actually quite well understood. Dawn politely pointed that out but he will never get it.

Anonymous said...

@ rob florentino
your explaining was not needed and so much more than we would ever want to know ! quess we got you guys all wrong , and even your mutants are just big loveable sweeties
OBTW : try not to crash your bikes into any concrete abutments.

Anonymous said...

love the way pitters bring up the pediphile issue as though its the one and only thing a person could be concerned with. like sure , im supposed to love pit-bulls and their asshole owners cuz kids get diddled occasionally ....... sometimes by their own parents ? morons.

Unknown said...

Wow snarky! You are one big bad ass, aren't you? Perfect name for you! Matches your personality!! You are one mean mother, huh? You don't have issues at all? You're perfect, right? Your mama treated you just right! I'm so sorry I've stumbled onto this trashy, screwed up site. Craven, you should really put your foot down on this type of BS!!

Unknown said...

Wow snarky! You are one big bad ass, aren't you? Perfect name for you! Matches your personality!! You are one mean mother, huh? You don't have issues at all? You're perfect, right? Your mama treated you just right! I'm so sorry I've stumbled onto this trashy, screwed up site. Craven, you should really put your foot down on this type of BS!!

Unknown said...

I am utterly stunned at some of the comments! I don't even own a dog, I'm a cat lover myself (no comments please!)! All animals are dangerous in some respect! It's the owners' responsibility to teach their animals how to behave. Regardless of dog breed, the behavior of that animal is directly related to the owners' responsibility. Some of those rat dogs are vicious! I think people should be able to voice their views WITHOUT cutting others up.

Unknown said...

I am utterly stunned at some of the comments! I don't even own a dog, I'm a cat lover myself (no comments please!)! All animals are dangerous in some respect! It's the owners' responsibility to teach their animals how to behave. Regardless of dog breed, the behavior of that animal is directly related to the owners' responsibility. Some of those rat dogs are vicious! I think people should be able to voice their views WITHOUT cutting others up. Especially people's personal lives!! We don't know what others are going through, not until you walk through their shoes.

Unknown said...
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Anonymous said...

erin delaney:
perhaps you shouldnt tear me to bits like a rampaging pitbull. take your own advise and dont judge me for my views as you know nothing about my personal life and how i came to have these opinions and attitudes. actually, its very much a case of ignorant stupid people like you who have helped form, over many years, my views on pitbulls and their irresponsible owners .