Saturday, August 4, 2012

read it and weep rozsa

last week a mutant entered the property of another and attacked his dog. neither the pit nutter nor the normal dog owner could end the attack, so the home owner went inside and retrieved a handgun. he shot and killed the frankenmauler. the shooting of the berzerking mutant has been deemed justifiable.

SHERIFF JOHN WALSH made a statement to the press against citizens using a gun to stop a mutant attack. blah blah blah

the Montana Standard posed the question to their readers: Is it okay to shoot a pit bull to stop it from attacking a dog?

they received over 1,000 responses, 90% approved of shooting grippers.

nutters always skew the poll results :)

the Montana Standard interviewed local dog nut, SAMANTHA COLLIER, owner of a "doggie daycare" (i really hate the word doggie). just more dangerous blah blah blah. COLLIER recommended non-lethal means to end a dog fight: water (LOL!), pepper spray (HAHAHAHA) and loud noises (bwahahaha). unfortunately, those methods often only serve to further enrage FIGHTING dogs. but her lame advice is to be expected, COLLIER is also a member of club hybristophlia.


their advice could cost you dearly, better to take a chance with a jury of your peers.


TreeC said...
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TreeC said...
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TreeC said...
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Anonymous said...

Bit O/T, but someone posted this on my FB wall.

Yes, Honey, if they come for the pit bulls, they'll come for your Boston. And your Frenchie. Because they all have "bull" in their breed names. Sure they will. Surely no BSL anywhere is that stupidly written?

april 29 said...

Citizen lethal response to pit bull attacks is a growing phenomenon. This is something I never saw five years ago. I have begun collecting articles where a citizen protects himself, or his pet with a gun or a knife. This is the tenth such event that made it into someone's google search just since the end of June. How many more are unreported?

People know what is in their neighborhood and they are preparing themselves.

DubV said...

TreeC, the link doesn't work for at least me. Also, I'm not getting your posts. Can you explain this again? I feel like I read one part of a two way correspondence.

DubV said...

Why do people think the inability to view dogs realistically is a prerequisite for working with them?

This is why I don't trust kennels with my dog and would never do doggie daycare.

Jim Reeve said...

I'd rather be judged by 12, than carried by 6. And I'd protect my family with no limit.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

agreed dubv. i won't board or use daycares or groomers. i *might* consider it IF i they had great references and a policy against intact dogs and grippers.

Small Survivors said...

Jim Reeve *like*

TreeC said...

DubV, I re-read and it does sound like one half of a conversation so I deleted.

A friend of mine told me he got his 14 yr old daughter a puppy. He told me it was a pit puppy. I asked him never to bring it around me or my kids. He insulted me when I tried to explain why. I saw a pic of the dog on fb and it really is a handsome dog, but doesn't matter, it's still a pit.

I said some things about BSL and I had some person who I'm not even friends with, a friend of a friend, come out of nowhere and was attacking me. WTF???

Anyway, over the course of the past two days I'm piecing together that he didn't even get the dog, his daughter's boyfriend got it. He claims it's his bc he bought the leash, food, etc. because they don't have any money.

He had told me a story a few months ago how he had hit his ex wife's pitbull over the head with a cast iron frying pan bc he didn't like the dog. The truth came out in a conversation we had last night that her dog rammed through a window and grabbed the neighbors dalmation, had it by the nose and the only way he could get it to release was to hit it over the head with the frying pan and knock it out!!!

To sum this up, he took offense and attacked me bc of me not wanting this puppy (which isn't even his)around me or my kids, played dumb when I tried to explain about pb's but in the end, he knows full well, from experience what they are about. And then some whacko starts attacking me on fb because I mentioned BSL in a comment.

Wow! This is some serious shit! I have been reading about these dogs for a few months and was blown away at the lengths people go to defend these dogs, but now I just experienced this first hand. I really was dumbstruck!

I think I lost a friend and gained an enemy (who I don't even know) over just three letters. B S L.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

welcome treec and sorry you had to learn the hard way about the extreme level of mental instability in the world dogs which is even more exaggerated in the world of grippers. dog nuts regard dogs as little deities to worship, with the pit bull being the supreme deity sitting on top of their warped religion.
i just discovered (with the help of animal uncontrol) the "i hate dogs" movement on facebook. it is mind blowing how upset and threatened the dog nuts (not just pit nutters) are because people don't like dogs. wow. i wonder if "i hate cats" would evoke the same level of harassment and proselytizing, if i had the time, i would start up a "i hate pineapples, ferrets and babies" facebook page just for control group purposes.

TreeC said...

Thank you for the welcome! It's actually my honor to have found yours and other blogs/websites regarding this issue. I found all this by accident a while back and I've been spending a wee bit too much time on here....can't help myself, though. You guys know your stuff and funny as hell! I love it when a nutter comes on and thinks they're gonna "set you all straight" haha! Entertaining and enlightening!

Anyway, I dared to dip my big toe in the water last night. And WHOA unto me! I've been cowardly about mentioning this issue and my somewhat recent atheism on fb as these are just two no-no's. Yet, I have to have peoples religious bullshit and pics of sweet little adoptable pits, along with all the rhetoric that goes with it, in my face on my wall every day. I need either take the plunge and insult everyone or get rid of fb altogether.

It's so funny you mention "dog worship" and it's so true because I notice being anti-pitbull and anti-god/religion get pretty much the same reaction. Weird.

I, also through animal uncontrol, have visited the "i hate dogs" page. I don't hate dogs but it is pretty damn funny! I like reading on there.

"i would start up a "i hate pineapples, ferrets and babies" facebook page just for control group purposes."

You'd piss someone off for sure with that! Especially the ferrets and pineapples, LMAO!

DubV said...

"Yet, I have to have peoples religious bullshit and pics of sweet little adoptable pits, along with all the rhetoric that goes with it, in my face on my wall every day."

I'll quote Sam Harris

"the end game for civilization is not tolerance it is reason"

TreeC said...


Great quote (I love Sam Harris) and on that note I will say that there's no REASON I should have to TOLERATE any of this bullshit. They can shout their love of god, country and pitbulls, but I have to be quiet about what I stand for so as not to offend.

Maybe I seem strange to them for being pro BSL and anti-religion, but these people from my past friended ME, not vice versa. And if they remember me then they should remember that I was never the status quo. I have always been a bit strange to them. I've not really changed, just older and stranger.

I'm rambling, sorry. Just a bit pissed.

Jake said...

I suppose I'm the odd man out here folks, but I have faith in God. As a dog lover, I can't stand seeing what these purpose-bred, dog killing mutants do to dogs and other animals.

That is my problem with pit bulls. That, and the fact that they are being over bred, and marketed deceptively, all of which contribute to steadily worsening pit bull violence over time.

At any rate, I only mentioned faith because some by reading this thread may get the idea that people of faith need not apply, but that would be a false impression.

The company of those who have a big problem with pit bulls crosses all sorts of boundaries - and while we differ about lots of things, we are agreed on the facts about pit bulls.

TreeC said...

Here is a sample of what I got last night on my fb:

Mark wrote: "I have a 2 year old and I'm not dumb enough to leave him attended near a savage untrained dog. Every dog is a good family pet if trained properly. His dog licks my baby's face. Go die with chicken man. You obviously have no concept of chicken man and Cesar Milan would like to slap you. Pit bull hating clown. "

The "chicken man" references is a private joke between me and my "friend" (the one who supposedly got the pitbull for his daughter). I thought a stranger was just attacking me out of the blue but I thought about it and texted John. Asked him if he knew this guy Mark. He said yeah he knew him but didn't like him blah blah blah.

Light dawns on marble head, John was behind the nasty comments. He had apologized to me for being nasty when I tried to persuade him that pitbulls are not good pets, especially for a young, irresponsible girl. He's been listening to me and saying that he realizes it was a stupid choice blah blah blah.

In reality, he was blowing smoke up my ass and making fun of me and encouraged that guy to write a ton of shit to me.

Instead of an one ex-friend and a new enemy, really I still just have one ex-friend.

I'm hurt and I'm a little sad but it's not that great of a loss as I realize he's dumb as a fucking post. I'm sure I'll hear from him again, probably through the newspaper as he told me this puppy is already growling when a person comes within twenty feet of him. And it's not even three months old.

TreeC said...

I wanted to upload a pic of the puppy, how do I do that here? Not that anyone needs to see it, just felt like it.

Jake said...

I hops his kid doesn't have to pay the price for his dumb stunt.

Jake said...

As far as I know you'd have to upload it elsewhere and then post a link to it here.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

treec, don't mourn the loss of a "friend" who would so cruelly deceive you like that. be thankful to be rid of him.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

upload it to then copy and paste the link here.

or you can email it to me and i will.

TreeC said...


You are absolutely right. I will not make mention of religion again, as this is not the forum for that.

I mentioned it due to the circumstances/reaction as it seemed identical.

Dawn, I agree. I just told my kids that if I'm on the phone with him I will be civil but I'm gonna phase him out of my life. Not only is he stupid, he's a liar. Mocking me? I've never done that to him. This is a serious issue but he's not smart enough to even see that.

Yes, Jake, as for his daughter I thought the very same thing. I hope he doesn't have to learn by his beautiful daughter being disfigured.

TreeC said...

Dawn, tried to do it through imgur but won't work.

I guess it's not that important.

I can't seem to use outlook express so I'll just put the link to my fb page:

maybe that will work, if not no biggie.

S.K.Y. said...

Yay to the person who saved his dog, and I hope he was able to do it before his dog was too severely injured.

This is off-topic, but I just found this interactive map with the Top 10 breeds per state. I spot checked about 30 states, and can't find a single one where pit bulls are not in the Top 10. According to the article, they're in the Top 3 in 28 states. UGH!

I was totally unaware of how much the pestilence had spread, as I'm used to seeing the list that includes only AKC breeds and therefore doesn't have the majority of pit bulls included. (Only those registered as AmStaffs).

My state of Wisconsin has pits as the #7 breed. How on earth can thousands of people in WI "need" a dog capable of killing people, other dogs and livestock? "Need" a dog that can easily vault over a 6' fence? "Need" a dog known for being violent and difficult to train or walk on leash? Now I see why passing BSL is becoming so difficult, when so many people have these P.O.S.'s now...

That reminds me: In my city, I can't find a single dog kennel or doggy daycare that will consider my 8 lb. super-friendly, super-docile, perfectly-mannered 1 yr. old obedience-trained Papillon--because I show him and he isn't neutered. Yet NONE of them have any kind of restrictions against pits, Cane Corsos, Dogo Argentinos, etc.... as long as they're neutered.

What's up with people that consider "testicles on an 8 lb. dog" (from a breed famous for being docile) as a bigger threat than a 80 lb. dog that has been bred for a century and a half to kill other dogs?

S.K.Y. said...

Oops, forgot the link for the map:

TreeC said...

"Now I see why passing BSL is becoming so difficult, when so many people have these P.O.S.'s now..."

I've been despairing about this myself....seems everywhere I go, PITBULLS. The thought of where this will go if ignored scares me tremendously.

DubV said...

Mark wrote: "I have a 2 year old and I'm not dumb enough to leave him attended near a savage untrained dog. Every dog is a good family pet if trained properly. His dog licks my baby's face. Go die with chicken man. You obviously have no concept of chicken man and Cesar Milan would like to slap you. Pit bull hating clown. "

Mark is pulling a standard sleight of hand. Whenever a dog behaves badly, it is always possible to find a way to blame a human. In fact it is possible for me to find a way to blame any bad thing on almost anything else. The human mind is very adept at find patterns that are not there and exploring wild possibilities.

In the minds of people like Mark, every misbehaving dog is automatically the result of a poor owner. But that is simply not the case and also is circular reasoning. He has simply made up his mind that it is always the owner, and all the data is interpreted in light of his conclusion.

Given the average, "good enough" American dog owner, some dogs will be fantastic and others will exhibit problems. A dog owner can hardly be blamed for the misbehavior of a dog if the only way to make it safe is to know exactly what the dog needs and jump through all the right hoops. These varying personality traits among dogs given equal treatment should be chalked up to genetics or factors that no one is aware of or could control how they interacted with that specific dog.

Many breeders screen dogs for temperament and only breed the best or at least acceptable. They know that temperament has a genetic component. Breeds vary genetically. It is not very hard to reason that breeds vary in temperament and when intersected with the average owner some are more likely to be terrors.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sharon, i had trouble with your link, so click here

shocking that pit bulls ranked #1 in rhode island and only #2 in both illinois and new york.

but it looks like you have a lot of work to do in kansas, nebraska and south dakota

DubV said...

They are using vet street data they say. There is no telling if their data is honest or their sampling adequately maps onto reality. For example, could pit nuts on facebook have manipulated the results through socket puppet accounts? I don't trust it.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that was my first thought dubv, especially when the the hybristophiliacs showed up in the comments to squeal "yah pittie!" then i saw my state and i thought, yep that looks about right.

funny though, these idiots who are congratulating pit bulls for such a great showing will probably be the same idiots that show up on line and explain their over representation in mauling to their popularity.

TreeC said...

Whatever. Why should I shed a tear. He's no real friend. Just plays games. He has no fence around his yard. He told me his next door neighbors have a pitbull named "Vigo", I think. I shuddered when he told me this as I was at his house for a few hours while he worked on my car and no lie, I had this creepy feeling there were pitbulls in the area! But then aren't there always?

Totally irresponsible. Pretends to be all like minded, then gets someone to troll the shit out of me.

He gets what he deserves. I just hope it's not at his daughter's expense. She's only 15.

Dayna said...

It warms my heart and gives me hope to hear people are starting to defend themselves against pit bulls.

Reading through the comments, welcome TreeC! Your "friend" sounds like the typical pit owner, when something happens he will do anything in his power to evade responsibility, just like they all do. You are so much better off. And I applaud you for standing up immediately and stating that your children would not be spending time around the mauler.

Jake, you're not alone.

TreeC said...

Thank you Dayna. I'm really feeling down and you guys being in my corner lifts my spirits. You don't even know me but you believe me and know where I'm coming from. I feel good knowing people like you are out there.

Jake said...

Good to meet you Dayna -

Yes, it warms the cockles of me heart as well, to hear more often of people making a decision to use force to defend their loved ones against pit bull attacks.

I remember reading some "advice" on what to do if your pet is attacked by a pit bull, and it boiled down to "drop the leash and run away". (As Vintage says, 'you can't make this stuff up'!)

Sorry, there's no way I'm going to run away and leave my girl, who depends on me to protect her, in the jaws of a pitiless mutant. I'm willing to go down defending her if I have to, but odds are it's the mutant who will end up dead, because I am always armed when I take her out for a walk.

It's like the wild west out there at times.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

There are so many videos of pit bulls ripping other dogs apart.

Here's yet another one:

Personally, if that was my dog and I had my gun, I'd have shot that pit bull in the first 5 seconds the owner couldn't pull it off.

In this video, the owner punched it a few times and kicked it, still held on. But that's pit bulls.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i doubt that they will approve my comments.

vintage said...



Should law enforcement expend ammunition and resources saving Pt Bull owners being mauled by their own dog?

A. No, it is better for society to let Darwin's Law and nature take it's course.

B. Yes, but bill them to refund the taxpayer for the resources spent.

C. Yes, As a society we have a moral obligation to save even the most stupid and self-mutilating among us.

D. Yes, but shoot the Pit Bull owner too. LEO's don't have time to listen to idiotic rationalizations like "was never aggressive before", "was wearing a new hat", "Slipped on ice" or "was spooked by lightning".

**DISCLAIMER..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!