Wednesday, August 8, 2012

Spindletop: What happens next

Hundreds of defective Spindletop pit bulls are about to flood shelters across the nation.  What will happen next?

List of rescue pits and other dangerous dogs that turn around and attack.  If you know of any more, feel free to put them in comments and I'll add them.  I know there are LOTS more.

Penn Township - On April 4, a three-year-old Pit Bull adopted from the Humane League of Lancaster County in February 2012 mauled a seven-year-old boy news that the boy’s arm, shoulder and ear were badly torn up in the brutal attack.

Mountain Home AK humane society adopted a pit bull to a woman in March 2012 and it attacked her child on April 4.

The child was bitten on the face and thigh Rochester Hills. She was taken to a hospital for treatment after being mauled. The department described the dog as a "rescue animal" that had been adopted by the family.

Social Tees Rescue in New York City adopts out two vicious pit bulls that attacked dogs in the same neighborhood in the space of a couple weeks prompting residents to wonder who is responsible?  Heh.

03.15.11 highland, california Lucky was attacked by a shit bull while in the care of 46 yr old humane society volunteer FRANCINE M LUCAS. the pit nutter failed to seek medical care for the little dog whose leg was so badly injured, he chewed off the injured portion. a san bernadino humane officer also found Lucky did not have adequate food or shelter. FRANCINE LUCAS pled guilty to felony animal cruelty and will be sentenced to jail and 3 years probation. FRANCINE LUCAS has also been removed from the foster parent list.
Lucky had the rest of his leg amputated and has been adopted.

03.15.11 st louis, missouri Shelby was in the county pound. She was caged with a young pit bull. (WTF is wrong with these shelter idiots?!) The pit bull mauled her before the pound workers could intervene. They had to shoot the pit bull to get him off Shelby. (hey, why didn't the evil biased media carry this in 187 different newpapers?) Shelby's leg was almost torn off, and she needed surgery and a long rehabilitation period. Shelby is now completely recovered, and we don't even see her limping. We think she's 8 to 10 months old. She gets along well with people and other animals, but does not like to be cornered. gee, i can't fucking imagine why!

Potter League for Animals in Bristol, RI had a pit bull behavior expert train and declare a pit bull great with other dogs.  It had been returned to the shelter three times.  One day after the last adoption, it attacked a yellow lab at a Christmas festival.

Massachusetts SPCA placed two explosively animal aggressive pit bulls with unemployed apartment dwellers. Seven months later, Jade and Jasper berserked, doing so much damage to each other that they were put down.  2011

Shadow's Fund Rescue - three of their pit bulls attacked a 14 pound boston terrier/chihuahua mix at an adoption event in a public park

Rescuer Angel Benedicta McGrath esq. who volunteers at Bully Breed Rescue in New Canaan, CT allowed her rescue pit to bite someone in a public park.

Amanda Conrad is a pit grifter who collected donations for dogs she didn't have.  But she also allowed one of her mutants to bite another pit nutter.

Lawrenceburg, TN 2009 - Eleven Eleven Bully Rescue in Tennessee adopted out a pit bull that attacked a man and a woman, the new adoptive owners, 30 minutes after being adopted.  The woman needed 60 stitches and the man needed reconstructive surgery on his leg.

Out of the Pits Rescue in New York adopted out a pit bull that attacked Frankie Flora who initially required 1,000 stitches and will required years of reconstructive surgery.

An SFSPCA volunteer's therapy dog attacked a police horse in Golden Gate park.  The horse had to be retired, and the officer riding suffered back injuries.

Arizona Humane Society vetted and adopted out an American Bulldog that killed a five year old girl, Tori Whitehurst

Westchester county NY a 75 year old woman was killed by her landlords pit bull six weeks after the dog had been adopted.  The shelter said the dog had been at the shelter for a year.

Shelter adopts out pit bulls that "fight when they're put together" to a former ACO who neglects and abuses them.

Coral Springs Fl city shelter allows pit bull to attack a boy whose father was looking for a dog to adopt.

Veterinarian attacked in face by pit bull at Animal Protectors Shelter in New Kensington, PA.  Dr. describes 4 dogs that have bitten people and killed a dog that are listed as adoptable on the shelter's website.

Concord, CA shelter adopted out a pregnant female and one of the offspring killed the owner's grandson.

Bandit, the infamous pit/lab mix that mauled a toddler, was kept in the Toronto Humane society for 5 years in the director/super nutter Tim Trow's office, before finally being put down.

Less than 2 months after being adopted out by the Humane Society of Indianapolis, IN, a pit bull attacked and seriously injured a neighbor.

Huron county MI, a recently adopted pit bull escapes and kills chickens.

Linda Blair rescue dog attacks pig

Checotah city shelter in AZ adopts out pit bull that was to be "put down" and a little over a month later, it attacks and severely injures a toddler.

Kootenai Humane Society in ID adopts out pit bull attacks his owner within 24 hrs of adoption

Santa Cruz, Spain a pit bull attacks child less than 2 months after adoption.

Elizabeth, NJ. Woman attacked by pit bull she'd adopted from a rescue. She was told it had been abused.

Longmont Humane Society in CO lied and said pit bull was "dog selective" when actually it was predatory.  It had attacked a dog in the shelter.  Three months after it was adopted, it viciously ripped apart and killed a Yorkie.

Gloversville NY.  One year after adopting a pit bull from an unidentified pit bull rescue organization, a woman decided to put the dog down because of increasing aggressive tendencies.  While being euthanized, the pit bull bit the woman in the face, sending her to the hospital.

Huntley Animal House Shelter in IL adopted pit bull to an Elgin IL couple and less than a month later it puts a woman in the hospital and causes $1,100 damage to a bassett hound.

The Panhandle Area Welfare Society featured a wolf-hybrid as "pet of the week"and soon after it was adopted and killed 4 year old Nathan Carpenter.  PAWS  paid a $425,000 settlement to the boy's family and closed its doors.


2012 Nogales, AZ - Santa Cruz County Animal Control adopted a pit bull to a family with children.  A month later, that pit bull attacked the 5 year old daughter.
2002 Charlotte SC -  Pit bull attacks woman in animal shelter parking lot.  The pit bull had just been released after being confined for a similar incident.
A pit bull attacked a woman in the animal shelter parking lot after being held there for biting another person. Dottie Watson, 62, and her granddaughter were leaving the New Hanover County Animal Control shelter with Watson's Jack Russell terrier, Ladybug, when the attack occurred

2010 Delaware - Detailed description of a pit bull adopted to a family that becomes extremely dangerous, but when the dog is returned, the dog is put up for adoption again with no mention of its aggressive history which includes an attack on a family dog.

Thanks to Vintage and Dawn for compiling and sharing most of this list.


Jim Reeve said...

The only thing more stupid than owning a putter is adopting one that's 3 years old that was abandoned, and it's been in a cage at a shelter. Who in the world would want a 3 year old dog that is destined to be aggressive?

Small Survivors said...

Jim, I wholeheartedly agree. This is crazy especially in light of the fact that pit bull owners INSIST that it's all how you raise them. But, when it comes to rescue, its not how you raise them, and its not genetics. Its MAGIC that makes pit bulls such sweet wigglebutts.

Anonymous said...

I'd LOVE to see a list with settlement $$'s attached, though I'm betting the adoption agencies do their best to make sure those stay undisclosed.

It'd be a great tool in persuading others to take more care in what that adopt out.


Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Here in Pima County, Arizona, our animal control agency is in cahoots with the pit pushers. Need proof? Take a look at this list.

Rescue Organizations Partnering with Pima Animal Care Center

At the very top of this list is Adopt-A-Bull, Breed Specific Dog Rescue(Pit bulls, bulldogs, and other bully breeds).

Thanks, Pima Animal Care Center, for keeping the public safe.


april 29 said...

In 2007 a rescue in the Chicago area adopted out a pit bull to a woman planning a move to Ohio. That pit bull attacked a horse in a public park soon after being trafficked across state lines. The pit bull owner refused to name the rescue group during her deposition. During the deposition it was stated that the dog had been "given away" two more times after the attack on the horse.

Cazz, I would be happy to PM you with the settlement amount.

vintage said...

Venice FL woman mauled...says "facial injuries" but looks like a scalping

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

marion county deputy shawn middleton's mutant shit bulls that he adopted from john aleshire attacked the neighbor.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

great photo snack! makes me feel all hybristophiliac all over.

"look how scared. i only want to hold you close and tell you everything will be alright and let you run the streets."

Dayna said...

Coming to a town or city near you!

Some close friends of ours just moved into a house with a yard. They couldn't wait to get a dog, visited the local shelter which was 100% pits or pit mixes. I was so happy that they opted to get a nice yellow lab from a breeder.

This post scares the heck out of me. I am so, so sick of these f***ing monsters.

vintage said...

The director of veterinary health in Harris County, Dr. Dawn Blackmar, has said, “With our agency having a public health mission, we couldn’t do it (adopt out pit bull types) in good conscience.”

SAYWHAT?!? But it Okay for radicalized Pit Bull Rescue Angels to handle it?!?

**Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

Alexandra said...

'Rescue' pit bull attacks the dog that was already in the home, shelter puts the pit up for adoption again without mentioning the attack history:

Small Survivors said...

Thank you dawn for the other adoption fiaco. I had found a couple more. kinda scary how many come up with a google search "adopt, pit bull, attack" LOL.

I found that photo during those searches but it turned out not to be an agency adopting that attacking pit bull. but, that is human blood on that dog's face. it "bit" three people. Yeah, just a bite!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

with or without the blood soaked face, that's one ugly fucking mutant.

Rumpelstiltskin said...


I'll agree with you there! I think all pit bulls are ugly.

Just saw someone next door with a pit bull. Hope they're just visiting or it's another "here we go again" incident.

Packhorse said...

You know my motivation,
given my reputation
Please excuse me I don't mean to be rude

But tonight I'm mauling you!

Anonymous said...

Doesn't that fit in a Black Keys' tune, Howling for You?


Small Survivors said...

LOL Cazz, I like the sentiment, and I'm sure they're lyrics, too. I can't figure out what song it parodies. Tell us Packhorse!

Packhorse said...

No, nothing as cool as the Black Keys. It's another one of those terrible pop tunes retrofitted for pit nuttery. This time it's the cheesy dance hit "Tonight I'm Loving You" by Enrique Iglesias.

vintage said...

Charlotte Observer - March 28, 2002 - 6B METRO

A pit bull attacked a woman in the animal shelter parking lot after being held there for biting another person. Dottie Watson, 62, and her granddaughter were leaving the New Hanover County Animal Control shelter with Watson's Jack Russell terrier, Ladybug, when the attack occurred, said

vintage said...

This No Kill "I can save them all" moment was a frickin murder....

Philadelphia Inquirer - September 10, 2003 - A01 LOCAL

Shelter: Error put killer dog up for adoption

The previous owner of a Doberman pinscher that killed a Medford woman Sunday had paid to have the dog destroyed at a North Jersey animal shelter after an attack this year. An attorney for Associated Humane Societies in Newark, where the dog was adopted in late August, confirmed that the previous owner had taken the 95-pound, 3-year-old Doberman to the shelter after it bit her in the head. Authorities did not identify the previous owner, who paid $55 to have the animal euthanized and...

LEVIN said...

I live In bradenton,Florida and I adopted a Pitt Bull at Bradenton animal control which they claimed was a pointer (as are most of the dogs there....mislabeled). Got the dog home and for two weeks tried everything to make dog feel happy at home with my pack of 4. The dog constantly tried to bite me in the face. When I realized this dog was most likely trained to hurt people (which she did ) I tried to take her back to the shelter.....who told me to go to the other shelter......who told me to go back to the original shelter.....noone wanted to take the dog! I had her euthanized and buried her in my yard. Now this shelter has only Pit Bulls, people are getting bit left and right. It's a damned shame noone is accountable! The good dogs who are not Pitts are being euthanised ahead of the pit bulls.