Tuesday, February 12, 2013

What the Heck is Wrong with Pit Bull Owners in Gilroy, CA?

And one wonders why Farmers Insurance in California will no longer cover pit bulls, rottweilers, or wolf hybrids...
Can you find the murderous pit bulls and the asshole owners?

Gilroy, CA Santa Clara County
population: 48,821
median income: $67,039 (above state median of $58,931)
estimated median home value $568,777
economy based on garlic and wine production

Feb. 11, 2013  Last Thursday, Gilroy had a twofer - actually three pit bulls involved in two attacks.  Thursday morning, a pit bull was declared a level 1 Dangerous Dog because it attacked.  They neglect to mention who the pit bull attacked, but attack it did.  Less than 6 hours later and 3.5 miles away, an unleashed pit bull attacked a leashed pit bull being walked by its owner.  The attacking pit bull bit the leashed pit bull and, surprisingly, would not let go until it was beaten with a stick.

Nov. 27 2012 Two pit bulls go on killing spree and kill their companion dog, a cat and injure two other dogs in Gilroy
Nov. 15, 2012 Pit bull invades home and kills poodle in front of 11 year old child
July 12, 2012 Bloody and fatal pit bull attack at Starbucks

All of this despite mandatory spay and neuter legislation passed in 2010.

Of the Starbucks massacre:
"The dachshund laid in a pool of its own blood. Dazed and nearly passed out from an injury to her arm, Luann watched the pit bull’s owner strut away minutes before police arrived. Two weeks after the July 22 pit bull attack on the sidewalk in front of Starbucks on First Street, the victim’s arm is healing - but seeing 4-year-old Sam, her “little man,” torn up right in front of her eyes stirred something in her that day. Luann is ready to fight."

Let's hope Luann has the courage and support to prevail but, I fear nothing short of a pitchfork and torch wielding angry mob will get through to these epically asinine nutters.

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scurrilous amateur blogger said...

california is the pinnacle of the nuttery.

more gilroy attacks on craven

gilroy, california

Stormi King, are these injuries more to your liking?

weekly frankenmauler roundup 8/6/10

Anonymous said...

rotten stinking filthy un-dogs and their doughe bag owners . truly wish there was a button i could push or a switch to flip and take care of them all forever.

Small Survivors said...

Thank you Dawn! I threw this together and when I saw they had already enacted mandatory spay and neuter in 2010, I thought, this is not a new problem, should have looked on craven!

Your first link goes to a cockatiel gif. Very funny!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

LOL!!!! how the fuck did i do that!? i NEED a vacation!

gilroy, california

Anonymous said...

had a pitnutter in califoria warn me her mutant was dangerous to dogs , later it got loose and was dragging a fricking great chain behind it , presumably looking for something to flex its dna on . at least the two legged bitch was not in denial about the true nature of her mutant . later on another trip in sandiego an honest douche bag warned me about his mutant too. where i live douches always say their mutants are sweet lovers not maulers , i think they are lying .

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Awww, the poor pibbles just wanted to play.

Anonymous said...

like hanibal lecter, when he said " im having an old friend for dinner "

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

snarky said...
rotten stinking filthy un-dogs and their doughe bag owners . truly wish there was a button i could push or a switch to flip and take care of them all forever.

Snarky, if someone would just put me in charge for just one day.....your wish would be the first one I would grant.

This morning I got to do a little educating as I heard the receptionist at the Doctors office going on about her new puppy.

I asked her what kind it was and she said "Labrador and American Bulldog". Hubby automatically blurted "thats bad". I said oh a pit bull.

I told her in my experience as a dog trainer her puppy may seem sweet now but about age two it will become its true self. She looked at me and said "even if I smother it with love", I got to use my Collie/herding analogy and she looked like she understood........at least for the moment.

Anonymous said...

i would say pitbulls, if anything to be safe, need firmness , training, real exercise , constant watching and evaluating and an owner that refuses to be sucked in . like having a teenage psychopath in your midst.

Anonymous said...

put me in charge ....and i would bring back the colosseum as mandatory for pit ownership . pit on pit , nutter on nutter . swords , knives , chains , spiked bludgeons , whatever , in a fight to the death ,every year . any of the sports domes anywhere would suffice. none of this pussy footing around with dead poodles and disfigured children.

Anonymous said...

yeah , yeah i know , there might be a couple wrinkles to iron out , but you have to admit it is a very good idea ....even the nutters might like it and it would solve the prob of mutant overpopulation very quickly and after most nutters were gone too, then who would want the f.ing things anyway ?

Small Survivors said...

LOL, Snarky! I think even with the wrinkles, it should be a go! It does solve SO many problems!

Dawn the link from 2009 linked (now dead) to ANOTHER Gilroy attack! GEEZ!

Unknown said...

Putme Incharge- if you want to, here's a crazy thread about American Bulldogs that you can show the receptionist.

This dog is very dangerous and they are on this dog forum trying to find ways to "rehab" it. After explaining to everyone how dangerous the dog is, on page two someone who knows the breed says this(amongst many other things) "this is not untypical for this breed"
Everyone who suggested euthanizing the dog got shot down quickly by those offering to help find ways to "rehab" it.


PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...


Holy cow, you really can not make this kind of stuff up.


I read all 26 pages.

The dogs IS going to kill someone.

Too bad they closed the thread, the dogs behavior was escalating. Not just attacking the family when food was around, to attacking her brother for no "reason"

This is definitely worth printing up and handing to the woman I met today.

What is really striking about that thread is how it shows the nutters as what they really are-certifiable. Almost all of them want to save this dog.

The most scary thing to me is these people walk among us.

Here is a brief excerpt for those that do not read the thread- they still want to make excuses for this dog.
Today, my older brother was petting him, and Atlas suddenly turned and bite at his face. It was not like the reactions to the cat food that I described earlier, where he continued attacking until everyone backed away. There was no food near the dog. He was wagging his tail, and curled up against my brother's knee for side scrubs. My older brother bent down and was petting him, and Atlas was fine for a good minute while my brother made usual happy-doggy-talk. Without warning, no growl, no anything, Atlas suddenly surged towards his face, snapped twice, caught the side of my brother's cheek (not badly, fortunately; there was blood, but it shouldn't leave a major scar), then he just stopped. My brother stood quickly but calmly, and my mother and I who were within a few feet stepped closer. Atlas was totally normal, looking at us like nothing had happened. We were all a bit stunned. My brother looked at me and asked me what caused that, and the first thing that I could think of was that there was turkey on the counter that Atlas had been looking at a minute or two before my brother was petting him. Maybe just the scent of the thanksgiving turkey was enough to make him act out, although again, his behavior was not like the previous attacks, it was quick snaps at the face and back to normal, blink and you could have missed it.

For warnings, if we are talking about growling, teeth baring, etc. sometimes there are, sometimes there are none. Any incident where his aggression has been severe, there has been none. When we were at the vet and he was nervous, he growled with sufficient warning before trying to snap (he was muzzled). At home, when it comes to cat food there is no warning, straight from nose in the dish to jumping for your throat. The incident on T-day with my older brother, no warning.

april 29 said...

How many turkeys were prepared in the United States last week?

How many Beagles attacked their owners because they smelled turkey?

DubV said...

I skimmed the first 6 pages of the saga of Atlas the insane American Bulldog that should've been dirt napped a long time ago.

The owner lives with family and an older brother. Why is the family willing to put themselves and others at risk for the sake of this lousy dog and the weirdness of a young family member? The owner of Atlas is making these huge posts and soaking up all this attention that the lion tamers on there will dish out. Someone needs to tell this kid that only an idiot would not have this dog put down.

It is scary to live among people and dogs like this.

If this kid can't allow the right thing to be done, someone in the family needs to take this dog and put it to sleep against the kid's will or the older brother should find a quick way to kill the dog himself. Too bad he doesn't have access to some sodium cyanide to slip the dog in a piece of cheese.

After reading the following on page 6 I just had to close that website....

"Second, before I answer some of the more specific questions, I would like to make clear my intent. I not not with to put this dog down, I do not wish to relocate him. I don't believe relocating for a dog with these issues is even an option. I am not at a place mentally where I could bring myself to having him put down. My family has considered this option, and it temporarily caused a bit of a rift. During one of Atlas's attacks, my older brother, being very protective, grabbed a sledge hammer. I was in a position where I was standing with my back to my dog, who was biting my hands and legs, guarding him from own brother, who my mom lead away from the scene. I cannot blame my older brother, he is as aware as I am of what Atlas is really capable of, and those scenarios are treading a fine line. But I am not done fighting for this dog. "

Anonymous said...

all dogs , even beagles and bassets can attack over thanksgiving or xmas. but its never the beagles fault always the cooks fault , if that makes any sense. its all in the upbringing and a responsible householder does not allow snoopy or fred to spoil holidays with bloodshed.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i just skimmed that insanity. someone suggested a muzzle. HUH? the dog is aggressive towards strangers and family. what kind of a life is worth living muzzled all of the time?

but here ya go snarky:


Anonymous said...

i accept that there are dogs so dangerous and volatile that the smell of meat will set them off to attack their owners or who-ever. what i dont accept is that there are parents and others demented enough to care a rats-ass about rescuing these monsters. how can these idiots be suitable owners for such animals that should just be destroyed anyway? insanity and certainly not responsibility.

vintage said...


Nanny Dogs has been updated with dozens of new nanny incidents!


* Disclaimer...I wish I were making this up!

Miss Margo said...

Re: Gilroy...

Affluent Bay Area burbs, man. No place like em. I know a lot of people find them idyllic, but I couldn't handle it.

Question: From the first Gilroy Patch article--"Animal Control Officers on scene were able to chemically capture both of the aggressor dogs."

What does "chemically capture" mean? Did they shoot the dogs with a tranquilizer dart, like wildlife biologists do to lions in the Serengeti, or what?

This is a shitty article. It's confusing and uninformative. Bad journalism like this drives me nuts. I'm not expecting H.L. Mencken here, just please write down the facts in simple declarative sentences.

I looked at the Atlas thread. Yeah, that's going to end well. The owner notes that Atlas "always goes for the face."

I'm with you, DubV. Atlas bit the brother's face and Mom is paying for dog food and vet bills. I don't get it.

Sometimes internet pit bull forum threads fascinate me because it's like watching (reading?) a slo-mo train wreck. There's suspense and a little horror in it.

There's one psycho on a pit bull forum who really disturbs me. She's gonna end up in the papers one day. She described her dogs jumping her 6-foot fence and menacing an old guy with a cane on the sidewalk. She admired her dogs' athleticism and blamed it on the old man. It was shocking, truly shocking....I wish I could hear what the man had to say about it.

Lemme see if I can find that post...it's amazing enough to post here...I've never forgotten it...

Miss Margo said...

Found it. And the full thread is quite a trip. It's here:


Here we have the same nutter's pit bull stalking the mailman, and everyone laughs:

Same nutter gets pissed off at polite police officer who tries to do her a favor:

Nutter's dog pulls her around by her foot w/a leash...nutter lies to physician about her dogs and posts pictures of her injury on forum, to applause:

This woman is disturbed.

april 29 said...

Holy cow Miss Margo...

"antagonistic old person syndrome" as a reason for the incident? The old person asked for it? Old people in general go out of their way to provoke dogs????

Holy cow!

Anonymous said...

i knew an old guy who provoked an aggressive dog and got chewed up pretty bad for it . i think the dog shoulda been shot for it but it didnt happen right away, i imagine someone else had to be injured again for the authorities or owners to do something . funny how the authorities overreact for so many things but dont seem to mind aggressive dogs unless the bite is on them

orangedog said...

Dogster is butterfly farts and rainbows at all times or threads get locked and posts deleted.
With that said, I'm actually shocked by that Ambull thread. That dog is close to killing someone, and I can't believe the parents are willingly putting their children in danger. They seem to be in thrall to this vicious dog and their dumbass daughter.
Why anyone would want to live in such a dangerous situation, never knowing when this animal will attack, is beyond me. The dog is running the house, and the solution, in this case, is a cocktail of pink juice. That no one on that thread, except 2-3 people, can see that shows the inroads that dangerous dog nuts have made in redefining common dog behavior.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Miss Margo,

Its amazing how people think their dogs awful and dangerous behavior is "kyoot".

"antagonistic old person syndrome", and of course those wiggle butts are always "provoked".

Made me think of Anne Kings blog from a few months ago-


"This word, provoked is such a slippery fucking slope of a word, and the zealots know it. It's why they like the word so much, with that word "provoked" comes a myriad of ways to blame the victim."

Small Survivors said...

All of these threads are mind blowing.

Yep, blaming the victim in all its forms is nutters' specialty.

As for the old man with the cane, he was scared. We've had several coyote attacks and predations on small dogs in my area recently. Articles offer advice for walking in the forest preserves and one piece is to take a walking stick with you to wave to help you look big and threatening. And guess what, it works - it doesn't provoke them to attack, it makes them run away.

The man wasn't "provoking" the dogs, he was trying to scare them away. And look at Sputnik's response to Anne King's post

"You're right, provoked is wrong. Pit bulls aren't angry or enraged when they attack. They're just having fun.

Pit-bull type dogs have this genetic program inside waiting to be executed. What happens with pit bulls is that they are TRIGGERED (a chain of events in set in motion). "

And then notice the nutter confirms Sputnik's observation:

"Sepp never once growled, his hackles weren't raised, and his tail was at "half-mast" and wagging."

Pittie wanted to play pittie games.

I completely agree with Anne King, the idea of provocation is a very slippery slope. Normal human activity can't provoke a SAFE dog to attack. The same thing could have happened if a kid was walking and swinging around a stick or a toy not paying any attention to the pits.

And did you see how they all were talking about what a RUSH it must have been to see her pit sail over a 6 foot fence. They live for that shit.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

She looked at me and said "even if I smother it with love",

ESPECIALLY if you smother it with love!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

every one of those gilroy links are dead.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

I looked at the Atlas thread. Yeah, that's going to end well. The owner notes that Atlas "always goes for the face."

i saw that comment too. if it was not closed i would have joined simply to tell them THAT TRAIT IS GENETIC.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"And did you see how they all were talking about what a RUSH it must have been to see her pit sail over a 6 foot fence. They live for that shit."

yep. they love that shit.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here. this one will knock your socks off and it is just a plain old garden variety dog nutter, not a pit nutter.

a man is walking his two LEASHED rottenweillers, the rotts attack an 80 yr old woman out for a walk in the park. dog nutter CHRISTIE SMYTHE is interviewed by the ny post.

Christie Smythe, 28, who walks a Jack Russell terrier mix in the same area of the park, said, "My dog isn't always fond of elderly people. They move differently than other people and that seems to set off a reaction."

"He'll see older people power walking and he snaps. He growls and snarls, and I have to yank him back."

i looked really really really hard for this nutter when the attack occurred. i so badly wanted to blog her.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

vintage, whenever you update blog posts, you should update the link to today's date. that way it should jump to the top of the blog list. sometimes it doesn't but it doesn't hurt to do it anyway.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pit bull chewed the fingers off of a 6 yr old boy. this is better than the smelled the turkey excuse.

A neighbor said the boy and his family ate corndogs for dinner Sunday night, and like many youngsters, he may have forgotten to wash his hands before going to bed. The scent may have been what led the dog to chew on the child's fingers, said Diona Thomas, 35, a family friend who lives two doors down.

thanks vintage!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hmmm.... i just realized, if the boy's hand was paralyzed HOW was he able to eat a corn dog with it?

safer midwifery utah said...

Maybe he cannot feel his hand but has some mobility with it? I don't know. Either way I am sick a freaking tired of these excuses. Why don't they just say that animals aren't predictable?

Small Survivors said...

Thank you Skeptifem, I knew there was a word to describe this :) A unifying concept, even, that encompasses both the turkey and the corn dog theories of gripping dog carnage.

DubV said...

"Why don't they just say that animals aren't predictable?"

Certain dogs and certain breeds, yeah. And certain species, yeah. And it's a matter of degree, dogs are much less predictable than the outcome of a game of chess between a pigeon and the average pit nutter.

I've had my dog over 5 years, and he has done little that truly surprised me. He's just a cool dude and doesn't sweat the small stuff.

As far as nutter ability to predict things, hell everything is unpredictable to a nutter, doesn't it seem? Everything is an accident. Well, if you are as dumb as the average pit nutter, you can't string more than 1 simple cause and effect relationship together or imagine various scenarios unfolding, so they are taken by surprise constantly in life.

There is a movie where a character looked up at the neighbor's motion sensor light and exclaimed "it's magic!" every time it lit in her presence. I tried to find that scene because it reminds me of nutters so much.

DubV said...

Just read Miss Margo's links. Those nutters are certifiable. Then they go on news reports and spout nanny dog crap. Have I mentioned yet today how much I hate pit nutters?

Whenever I realize anew that this contingent of people exists and I live among them, I get a sick, dull feeling and a mild adrenaline spike.

Anonymous said...

wtf is wrong with pitbull owners in gilroy ? snack , i think you answered your own question . i dont think they are too much different where ever you find them . just as pitbull is a generic term , so is douche bag .

DubV said...

I'm afraid in my last comments I might've been tone deaf to skeptifem's intent: please advise.

Anonymous said...

debbie bells comments that a mean pitbull is a good pitbull. they are not abused or unsocialized , they are just doing what they were bred for . they are not mad or fearfull when attacking , they are happy and fulfilling their destiny , so to speak.
- nobody says a beagle that barks , trails ect is abused , lol , thats what it was "bread" to do . makes a lotta sense.
-so when a dingbat says her pit is so, so sweet , firstly that would make it a bad pit and secondly ....dont believe her.

obtw. pitters always spell bread instead of bred and i dont know why .

Anonymous said...

what kind of self-respecting douche bag would want a oh so, so sweet pitbull ? they would be a laughing stock among their criminal and degenerate peers and friends.

Anonymous said...

i really dont believe there are so many useless (so,so,sweet) pitbulls out there. i have more faith than that in the degenerate dogmen breeders of olde and new , and dont tell me modern breeders are breeding useless pits these day , cuz i doan believe that neither.(sp)

scorched earth said...

Suspect you are, again, 100% correct Snarky. What real pitter really wants a cur?

LOL on the spelling thing.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I had so many thoughts as I read the pit bull board and the "Atlas" thread.

I am not surprised- but I am surprised. These people really do have a psychological as well as a mental defect (crazy, stupid, narcissistic ...)

Snack Sized Dog, I did get the feeling they wet themselves with excitement about the dog jumping the 6 foot fence.

The excuses for these dogs attacking are just going way over the top. Falling off ladders, lightening/thunder, a knit cap that made the dog think the babies head was a ball, and now turkey and corn dogs.

Now I know why I have never been attacked by my dogs, I am a vegetarian. Knowing that now I can really rest easy tonight and sleep with both eyes closed and not worry about my Poms attacking me while I sleep. though I do have those break sticks around just in case.

Last but not least, even my Colllie who has nothing but top show/breed ring dogs in her pedigree for more then five generations-no working dogs- still does a decent job herding sheep, good enough to get titles. I would pretty much bet the ranch that there is not one pit bull out there that has that many generations of pet breeding out there. Therefore their attack/kill genetics are there-close up in the pedigree- in every one of them. I do not believe there are an abundance of the "oh so sweet" pit bulls either.

Anonymous said...

heard that jrt's make very good ratters .....i suppose those terrier people have to abuse and neglect those poor rat dogs to make them so vicious . i think there should be world -wide effort to protect the breed from irresponsible breeders and owners. its so , so sad .

Miss Margo said...

Hi. I finally got back to check up on this comments thread.

Yeah, I'd LOVE to hear from the old man who was charged and menaced by the fence-leaping pit bull. I can picture it in my mind now--he must have been scared to death.

Wouldn't mind hearing from the police officer who asked the nutter if her dogs were vaccinated, either.

Dawn, I agree, it's really too bad that you couldn't find the owner of the rottweilers who attacked that 80 year old woman in the park. That picture of her sitting in the dirt with her dentures in her hand, crying, is heartbreaking.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

snarky - debbie bell regularly and single handedly takes the nutters on. she kicks ass.

putme incharge - my dog is a mix of pointer and border collie. he is smart as a whip and he POINTS!

miss margo - no, i tried to find the dingbat the NY post just happened to stumble on for this piece. CHRISTIE SMYTHE. she was complaining about the odd gait of seniors and how her dog doesn't like it. WTF?!

Anonymous said...

nutter druggies have a very odd gait too and my nice dog doesnt like them at all . the difference is that my dog may growl and bark but thats all . the mutant on the other hand doesnt even have to courtesy to signal his impending attack .

Jaloney said...

These are the dogs of Hollywood nutjobs.. and used-to-be stars like Linda Blair who want a way back in by promoting pitbulls.. they hope to get an unreality t.v. show promoting any kind of dog.. they don't care what kind.. whatever the fad is.. that is what they will peddle. If cockroaches were 'in' these celebs would be promoting them and sleeping with them for a buck.

Packhorse said...

A while back Blair was all about rescuing greyhounds. She should have stuck with those normal dogs!

Anonymous said...

a star whose claim to fame was green vomit and an ability to rotate her head like an owl. sounds about right for a pit skank .

Alexandra said...

Just in case and for everyone's amusement, has everyone seen this? It's hilarious (because so true):


Miss Margo said...


I know that blogger and I think he's a jerk.

However, that pit bull article he wrote is pretty great.

"The SWPL’s soft, plush, Yoshi ego must gorge, and a multigenerational failure of positive thinking, supercilious sophistry, and self-good intentions has made SWPL Yoshi very very cranky."

This line isn't as good taken out of context, but in the article, I think it's hilarious.

The author is pissed. You can tell he's been burned by a pit bull.

Small Survivors said...

I much prefer this quote:

See how I benevolently guide the pitbull through medical school, out from under your pitbullist oppressive bigotryprejudicefearinsecuritynarcissism…


ooow, my face… it’s missing.

It is very much a shame that this blogger apparently spends a lot of his time obsessing about how to sexually humiliate stupid, pretty young women. He's so stupid he only thinks pretty women get raped. I bet he thinks its about sex, too.

My guess, a rescue angel's pit bull cock blocked him, in which case, there's one pit bull that I liked for one minute.

It is bizarre, that although he spends so much time attempting to show that females are all idiots, when he finds a particularly female area of insanity, he characterizes rescue angels as SWPL idiots, not female idiots.

Apart from that, he really did hit the nail on the head.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


Small Survivors said...

Stuff white people like. That's the name of a blog. It is referring to hipster dufi like Ira and Anaheed.

And I wasn't saying his description doesn't hit the nail on the head for the hipster dufi, I was just saying the blogger tends to want to make women the source of all idiocy and was surprised when he branched out.

Small Survivors said...

The Raven
Spot on. I shot one off my wife in a SWPL-ish family member’s living room about ten years ago. The fucksticks found it in the parking lot of a grocery store in the ghetto and brought it home.

My wife was petting it, and when she got up to walk away it went for her face. She got her arm interposed in time to save her face, but there was blood on the walls and ceiling. I grabbed it by the collar, put my USP Compact .45 to the top of its head (behind where my wife’s arm was in it jaws) and blew a 230gr HydraShok through its useless fucking brain bucket. There were molars on the floor that came out the exit hole.

I only wish the motherfucker was still alive so I could shoot it again.

Anonymous said...

"there were molars on the floor where they came out the exit hole"

- wish id been there

DubV said...

If they'd have put those pit molars under their pillow, VanKavage would've sent someone with a check.


DubV said...

I bet the hipsters with the dead pit couldn't believe what someone had just done in their home! Also, they would've been mad that a gun was in their home without their knowledge.

You have to give the breakstick a shot to work!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i haven't read the article yet but The Raven is a hoot.

april 29 said...

LOL DubV!!!!

"If they'd have put those pit molars under their pillow, VanKavage would've sent someone with a check."

Small Survivors said...

I agree snarky, the molars on the floor is the detail that elevates this story above the run of the mill I-shot-a-pit-bull-attacking-my-wife-in-her aunt's-living-room story.

And I totally understand this sentiment
I only wish the motherfucker was still alive so I could shoot it again.

OMG DubV - that fairy is something else! totally what ledy's pit bull tooth fairy would look like!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks sputnik, that was a fun read.

DubV said...

" the run of the mill I-shot-a-pit-bull-attacking-my-wife-in-her aunt's-living-room story"

Hilarious wording, but sad that it is so common for someone to shoot a pit to save a life.

DubV said...

It's interesting that the bleeding heart on the sleeve rescue nutter has been identified by so many people seemingly not aware of each other's work.

DubV said...

"OMG DubV - that fairy is something else! totally what ledy's pit bull tooth fairy would look like!"

It's either someone like him, or she has her own flying monkey platoon.

Anonymous said...

"the author is pissed , you can tell hes been burned by a pit-bull"

pitters always call our awareness and anger ....ignorance . go "learn" something , someone "says" on the internet that contradicts your real -life experience.

Packhorse said...

This barely legible screed is going around the social networks. I'd LOVE to hear the backstory on this. I'm sure it's pure gold. Anyone familiar with Lola the biting pit?

"Gretin from pr . Ineed your help . Here we have a pitbull call lola that need your help. Please put in your tweet or your facebook . Free lola !!! Because adoscosting people said that she bites. Thats a lie . Please help us. Put we all are lola"

Branwyne Finch said...

Oh, yes, the hipster, suburban pit bull owner is often the most dangerous.

And what's this new thing about....the internet campaigns to save aggressive pit bulls that have attacked people or other animals? Packhorse, there must be thousands of these pleas online.

Sometimes I can't help but think....maybe we should bring back the draft? Give these lazy, aimless, disenfranchised young people a REAL cause to protest. Hey, kids, you looking for some drama in your boring little lives? How about we ship you to Afganistan, where you can spend your days avoiding getting your head blown off by an IED, instead of sitting in your parents basement posting urgent adoption alerts to your pittie rescue group facebook page?

"Pit bull discrimination" the most pressing social issue in your little world? We can fix that with a gun, a uniform, and a one way ticket to the middle east.

My prediction....if the U.S. reinstated the military draft, pit bull rescue, as a "cause" would cease to exist. It only exists now because bored young people, looking for drama, have nothing more pressing to focus on.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I gave Branwyne a standing ovation for the post above me!

Well said!!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

first world problems :-)

Anonymous said...

branwyne , dazzlingly good idea .

they could be the pit-nutter corps.

god help the enemy