Sunday, December 9, 2012

lifestyles of the rich and self absorbed

i declare december to be the official famous pit nutter month!

computer software, tax evasion, areotrekking, wrongful death lawsuit, yoga, assault weapons, bodyguards, orgies, young prostitutes, gang associates, drug manufacturing, rectal bath salts, murder... did i miss anything? oh wait... of course, gripping dogs!

when it comes to paranoid hedonists, JOHN MCAFEE is the master.

try to follow along.

MCAFEE was born in england but moved to the US at a young age where he was educated and enculturated. he was employed at NASA before branching out on his own to develop the first computer antivirus software. he sold his company in the 90's for a cool $100 million. 

in 2006, JOHN MCAFEE killed two birds with one stone when he moved to belize to avoid a wrongful death lawsuit on his exclusive daredevil flying compound in new mexico and to lower his U.S. tax burden after exploiting the american education system and business ventures. by 2009, his fortune had dwindled to $4 million. news sources blame the global economic crisis but i suspect much of the blame for the loss of his financial empire needs to be placed on his own poor judgement in the pursuit of his hedonistic needs; drugs, prostitutes and of course the millions spent on his 157 acre daredevil disneyland for aerotrekkers.

in belize, MCAFEE appeared to go off the deep end, indulging himself in women, drugs, weapons and dogs and earning the clinical designation: PARANOID.

“Measure your dose,. Apply a small amount of saliva to the middle finger, press it against the dose, insert. Doesn't really hurt as much as it sounds. We're in an arena (drugs/libido), that I navigate as well as anyone on the planet here. If you take my advice about this (may sound gross to some), you will be well rewarded.”
“Writing under the name ‘stuffmonger,’ a handle [McAfee] used on other online message boards, [he] posted more than 200 times over the next nine months about his ongoing quest to purify psychoactive drugs from compounds commercially available over the Internet,” Gizmodo reported. “‘I’m a huge fan of MDPV,’ he wrote. ‘I think it’s the finest drug ever conceived, not just for the indescribable hypersexuality, but also for the smooth euphoria and mild comedown.’”

the 67 year old deranged software tycoon was well known to the police in belize. MCAFEE was suspected of manufacturing drugs and in april 2012, the gang suppression unit raided his property. they found illegal weapons and underage prostitutes.

MCAFEE'S dogs were well known to his neighbors. there were numerous complaints of barking and aggression and attacks. one neighbor, Gregory Faull, had filed a complaint against MCAFEE noisy vicious dogs. the two men had words and the next day Gregory Faull's housekeeper found her boss shot dead in his home.

MCAFEE'S own dogs had been poisoned. some news sources say he blamed his neighbor, while other news sources say he blamed the government of belize, stating they were out to get him. at any rate, MCAFEE'S dogs were buried on his property. authorities have exhumed the dogs to see how they were killed. they are hoping that ballistics tests will provide a match to the one recovered from Faull's head. meanwhile MCAFEE fled the country seeking political asylum but guatemala, being the good neighbor they are, will send him back to belize for questioning in the murder of fellow expatriate Gregory Faull.

once again, i need to repeat the wise and wicked words of vintage.

*Goddamn..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

MCAFEE the yoga master

MCAFEE the gangbanger

MCAFEE and the millionaire pit nutter salute

MCAFEE'S home - nice pit fence!

a MCAFEE mutt

two of MCAFEE'S dogs. TIGER pictured on the right was killed during the police raid or so the megalomaniac claims on his blog.

this is one of the dogs exhumed from MCAFEE'S property.

not sure when these photos were taken but this appears to be MCAFEE'S chosen pup SOLTON with one of his young prostitutes, i mean his "fiance" SAMANTHA.

SOLTON, bodyguard in training.

dogo? ambull? shitbull?

there are many outstanding links outlining the saga of this lunatic but Gavin Haynes' coverage is not to be missed at where he describes the millionaire as having the emotional IQ of a potato. it's almost as good as this piece on pit nutter JAMES FREY that miss margo turned me onto.


daily mail

canberra times

the john mcafee story

bath salts

special thank you to meals on wheels for sending me the pics of the white puppy and alerting me to this undiscovered famous pit nutter. now the AFF can proudly add JOHN MCAFEE to their list! 


Your Quiet Neighbor said...

Emotional IQ of a potato. I like that one. Describes the typical nutter to a tee.

And what do you want to bet that the constant barking drove the now-deceased neighbor batty? Neighbor probably tried to talk to Big Mac, and that was probably about as fruitful as talking to a brick wall.

Dignitas said...

Wow... I knew the guy was crazy, but I had no idea he was a pit nutter. Then again, it doesn't really surprise me.

Animal Uncontrol said...

The McAfee debacle keeps getting weirder and weirder. Pit Bulls???!?!?

Anonymous said...

many so-called responsible pitbull owners are really wannabes and admire the assholes and sociopaths they like to blame for the "bad" pitbulls. responsible people dont get a type of dog because of its connection to criminals and the underworld but this is whats happening much the time with pitbull ownership. its cool to be rich , a thug and to thumb your nose at the straight world and pitbulls are the dog for these assholes.

Packhorse said...

From hipster douchebags to mentally ill thugs, gripping dogs are the pet for you!

Miss Margo said...


First time I read this, I thought to myself, "What, like that awful virus software?"

McAfee virus software is a virus in and of itself! Someone should shove his bad product up his ass instead of bath salts!

Anyway, wow, this story is just about too weird to be believed. Really excellent true crime. I love good true crime. I've been clicking the links you provided. What a read!

I don't think anyone should pick on the prostitutes. After all, who on earth would want to hang out with this guy for free?

What a weird story. So, so weird.

Can't wait to buy the book.

Thanks for the shout-out re: the James Frey book review. John Dolan should get tenure for that one. The most enjoyable book review I've ever read.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i wasn't picking on prostitutes. i was simply pointing out that he preys on underage prostitutes. SAMANTHA pictured with white mutant puppy, has been referred to as his girl friend and his fiance but i suspect she is on his payroll.

TreeC said...

Omg! Hahaha Miss Margo I was thinking about McAfee virus software and how shitty it is while reading all this but the way you put it is great! Lollll!

Anonymous said...

@miss margo
oh , i imagine he already has a virus prob up his ass.

oh yeah , theres lots of dingbats and pit skanks that would be his girlfriend for free.

Miss Margo said...

I know you weren't, Dawn--I was just seizing the opportunity for a joke...

UGH, with his sliminess and obsession with drugs, I don't even want to know how he's treated young women..

orangedog said...

Now we know why McAfee Antivirus is such shit. Dude had to be high while coding it.

vintage said...

*******PIT NUTTER APB*******

WANTED: Seattle police continue to search for the driver who intentionally ran down two teenagers with her car in a fit of rage Wednesday morning, then drove away. Police say a fight over a pit bull sparked the violence that left the teens injured and in the hospital.

The 37 old woman is driving a Black Honda possibly affixed with a FABB sticker....

She is considered armed and dangerous with all sorts of "stories" about pit bull safety.

*Sigh..You Can't Make This Stuff Up.

scorched earth said...

Pit bull owners are offended when folks have the nerve to take precautions in order to avoid being attacked by pit bulls. Here is another one. The pitter here is a doctor.

Miss Margo said...

@orangedog: zing!

@scorched earth: oh yeah, I remember that one. Craven covered it.

TreeC: glad you liked it. Yeah no kidding, the McAfee software sucks. It's on my crappy Acer laptop.

Snarky: You are probably right.

God, the tag cloud on this blog post cracks me up

Anne King said...

my mind is numbed by the behaviour of the freaky nutters. They get a type of dog they know full well most sane people would do just about anything to avoid. Heaven forbid we cross the road to avoid the pit, seems far less physically dangerous to only get an evil eye and a fuck you or two from a nutter for not wanting to be near them than it is risk getting to close to the mutant. But whoa Nellie, how it offends them when folks make that wide circle around them...honestly, what do they expect? Their sense of entitlement is so far out of proportion, how the hell do they end up that way? Dropped on the head, a falling coconut perhaps, maybe a chihuahua attack has damaged them? I don't know, I'm just really sleepy and kind of ranting now.

DubV said...

Early Tuesday tear jerker, from Craven's archives

Small Survivors said...

Anne King:
"They get a type of dog they know full well most sane people would do just about anything to avoid. Heaven forbid we cross the road to avoid the pit, seems far less physically dangerous to only get an evil eye and a fuck you or two"

They'll "fuck you" for crossing the street, but at the same time, they will condemn people who don't understand pit bulls are dangerous and think they can jog past them without getting their arm broken from a crushing bite…
Yeah, whatEVA.

DubV: I love Osh Gosh! I had a headache after reading this post and comments. Reading about Osh Gosh made all that tension go away. This is what real dogs are about. Good dogs are good medicine. Thank you DubV!

Meals on Wheels said...

I rarely watch T.V., but when I drive, I listen to the news. I was hearing bits and pieces of this crazy story unfolding down there in the corrupt paradise of Belize. Then I heard, "Neighbor complained of barking dogs".."Neighbor killed"..."accounts of people being attacked by vicious dogs"....and I started smelling NUTTER. I couldn't wait to get home and do a bit of research, then I hear...bath salts up the anus and underage prostitutes...I just knew it.

Thanks Craven, you took all of the ingredients and found the right words, I knew only you could do it justice.

Well have to watch and see what happens to all of the doggies, maybe Best Friends will get a yacht to go down there and there can be some kind of heroic rescue and millions can be made, or maybe he will die, and McAfee will be sainted....St. Rebel without a cause.

Packhorse said...

The other day I was talking dogs with a pregnant lady and she told me about her year-old p i t b u l l and her t e a c u p y o r k i e. Yeah, good luck with that.

tropical storms said...

This really off topic but I just read that another toddler was attacked in home by the family pit. So loyal, so loving, so unlike other breeds who don't eat their owners.

orangedog said...

I can't get over how ugly that white Pit puppy is. Puppies are cute. That thing is not cute at all. It looks inbred as hell - look at its thousand yard stare. Nobody's home.

Anonymous said...

saw a ding- bat-mobile today , pit mom i guess . it said " NO BAD DOGS " like..... beware pit bull inside , or " never mind the mutant , beware mutant ninja mom .

........ like anyone cares how the fucking dog got that way .

orangedog said...

I saw an "I love my Pit Bull" sticker on a car with a small child inside. I looked but did not see an "I love my child" sticker. Priorities.

Anonymous said...

the bumper sticker should say NEVER MIND THE DOG , BEWARE OF DRIVER.

Anonymous said...

gross white mutant puppy.

ugly dogs for ugly ppl

vintage said...


Dec 11, 2012; FRESNO, CA Man killed by neighbor's Pit Bulls


* Sigh....

Anonymous said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

what a way to go just cuz some idiot has to have his/her little ego support .

DubV said...

Beagle genetics.

S.K.Y. said...

Orangedog, I love this!!!

"I saw an "I love my Pit Bull" sticker on a car with a small child inside. I looked but did not see an "I love my child" sticker."


Anonymous said...

how about BABY AND PITBULL INSIDE CAR signs ? lol , u might not want to rear end due to baby but do it cuz of the shitbull , or vice versa

vintage said...


Meet Rueger and his owner:

PS. another toddler was killed in Topeka, KS last night.

US PITICIDE # 351..Next Stop 400!

*DISCLAIMER...You've Gotta Be Shitting Me!

TreeC said...

That dog's eyes are so creepy! They look like human eyes in a dog's head! OMG! I would be terrified to have that thing in my house or anywhere near us.

TreeC said...

My daughter said the dog looks like Steve Buscemi. He does! lol

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

vintage said...

Meet Rueger and his owner:

Oh Vintage, come on, after knowing all this wouldn't you also trust this dog to be with your children?

After all he's only bitten adults........clearly nanny dog material.

You really can not make this stuff up.

Anonymous said...

it looks sick and depressed or maybe stoned ....bath salts up its ass

DubV said...

Good call TreeC

Rumpelstiltskin said...

There should be a public service announcement/warning about the link between "hypersexual" pit bull owners and sociopathy!

It really is a sickness.

Anonymous said...

maybe its being trained from an early age to guard the stash box , gets some bath salts when it does good.

vintage said...



International Pit Bull DBRF Count has hit 100.


You do the math...but always remember, Pit Bulls were never bred to be human aggressive!

*Disclaimer...You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

TreeC said...

Vintage, that's great!

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I am sure you all noticed in the recent Fresno, CA DBRF that the owners of the killer dogs also have a litter of puppies.

Does anyone want to make a bet that the puppies will be "rescued" and put out in the general public.

TreeC said...

Whoops! Said Vintage, meant DubV......I could blame it on the flu bug I just had but I take full credit for just being scatterbrained.

On another note, since I started reading on here the severe maulings and DBRF's seemed to be happening more sporadically but seem to have become daily lately. Is this something that ebbs and flows or is this a steady upward trend due to more of these dogs being adopted?

It seems the sane are in the minority. Any person I bring up Pitbulls to say they love them (along with the usual rhetoric)

DubV said...

Hi TreeC,

Are you bringing them up to dog people or just random folks that may or may not own a dog? Are you bringing pits up in a way that they think you likely want to hear good things about pit bulls?

Dog enthusiasts are more likely to be PC around dogs and to have been exposed to the various talking points and an Amassa-bull.

The average person doesn't like them much, if you go by middle-class people not having them very often (despite being the most common dog in the pound) and also by comments in news threads.

Some people may not think about it much, but wouldn't get one just on the off chance that the reputation is somewhat true.

TreeC said...

Hey DubV!

To answer you question:

It's not necessarily "dog people" I'm referring to. Some have dogs, some don't, some have had them in the past. Only ONE I've dealt with had a Pitbull. I posted about that "THING" I called a friend a while back.

I think across the board what I see is people who have bought the BS. Whether they own a dog or not.

I could give recent examples but I will take up too much space.

My main concern is that the TRUTH that is being shown here (and many other blogs/websites) just doesn't seem to be getting to the mainstream.

Even when you try to give a link (as I have and my daughter has) people just don't want to hear the truth. I don't think they even click on the link. If they do, they don't read a hell of a lot.

I don't understand??? I'm not highly intelligent, yet when I started to read all this I was COMPELLED by the facts. It is frightening what is happening worldwide with these things we call dogs.

I'm sure everyone is aware of the horrifying events at the CT elementary school. We are all heartbroken, shocked and outraged by this. Even Pitbull owners probably voiced about it.

YET this is going on daily by Pitbull. Only not in large groups but one by one.

Who the hell is gonna take note of this?

Sorry, a bit hysterical answer to your question, Dub.

If I didn't clearly answer let me know. I'll try to clarify.


tropical storms said...

Trying to have a rational conversation with pit nutters or gun nutters get you the same reaction. Both groups are crazed wingnuts so you might as well save your breath. Teach to the teachable and hope the rest get eaten by their dogs and not some innocent bystander or pet.

TreeC said...

TS I wrote a lot and as happens a lot it went bye bye...

Anyway even though CV's goal isn't to change minds, they educated ME. There are many ME's, just like me everywhere.

So much time and brilliance shouldn't be spent singing to the choir. There has to be a way to get the facts out to the everyday, untainted.

How? In the meantime the maulings and deaths go on......

You guys are great! I'll say it a million times! I hope history will look back someday and say it when all this is DONE.

Anonymous said...

re mcafee:
bummer to lose 95 million due to the economy and ones own stupidity, and now is under the shadow of this murder. not to mention his dogs all gone now... all down his own arrogance and lack of self control and drug use .

Miss Margo said...

How the heck does someone blow $95 million...? I could buy everything I ever wanted for less than $2 million. Way less! Am I just a tard academic with zero material ambition?

Anonymous said...

miss margo
its called having your head screwed on right . as opposed the the idiots who will always be searching for something better.

Packhorse said...

Yeah-ahhh, yeahhhh, yeahhhh
Get yourself a pitter!
Don't stop the mauling!

Anonymous said...

I still don't think he killed himself.

MacAfee NEVER uninstalls itself.