Wednesday, December 26, 2012

update: alonzo norman and the alpaca massacre

the two mutants that were responsible for the massacre of a small flock of alpacas were sentenced to death but they were stolen before justice could be served.

the mutants were owned by ALONZO NORMAN. it is impossible for me to imagine why anyone other than ALONZO NORMAN would steal these butchers.








vintage said...

Could be Dog Fighters or No Kill Commandos also...It has happened before.

There was a Socal Nutter who actually set the hills on fire to create a distraction while he went in and saved his condemned mauler from a county shelter.

The fire burned down many homes and killed 5 firefighters.

* You Can't Make This Stuff Up...

Miss Margo said...

God, what an asshole. Up against the wall!

If I was the Alpaca owners--or the first responders--I'd be sorely tempted to knock on Norman's door and finish this myself.

There is no way a person like this will die of natural causes.

april 29 said...

This is also the face of an irresponsible pit bull owner that has absolutely NO ability to pay the alpaca owners for their losses.

"OOPS" is not an adequate response.

Meals on Wheels said...

The face of that Alpaca will haunt me forever. How sick and sad. If you love pit bulls, you must love the work they do. I don't blame pit bulls for this, I blame the depravity of people who keep them as pets and they somehow get out and do this to another beautiful creature. SICK. SICK. SICK! Did I say it enough...SICK!

Garnet said...

^^ Exactly. A pit bull doesn't really have the ability to reflect on its actions. A person does though, and the people who breed and promote these dogs are either depraved or stupid. If they understand the breed's history and purpose and breed and promote them anyway, they are depraved. If they believe that 'nanny dog' lie, they are stupid.

Miss Margo said...

I dunno. Generally, I'm a very gentle type of personality, but after a few years of following the Pit Bull War Blogs, I have come to believe that there is more than enough blame to spread around. Sometimes I feel badly for pit bulls. I know they're just acting on their programming. And at the individual level, they're not all bad. It sucks that they have shitty lives.

But you know--I no longer sentimentalize dogs, either, and I'm a huge animal lover who used to think there was no such thing as a "bad dog." Fuck that. Animals deserve to be treated with compassion and respect, but just like with people, if one of them fucks up and rips off an alpaca's face, it needs to go. We torture and eat factory farmed animals--or at least I do--and those poor blameless creatures didn't even do anything wrong. Dogs don't have free will like humans do, but they are smart enough to have a little choice. Norman probably has bad programming, too--somehow I doubt his socialization was nurturing and healthful, but there are always exceptions--but so what.

Sorry if this is discursive. My point is, blame em all and let the judge sort them out. The pit bulls are jerks. The owners are jerks. BLAME! Let's have an early-morning blamefest. Somebody's gotta do it.

DubV, I got your rabies email. Will write to you soon.

DubV said...
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DubV said...

I don't think free will is needed to allow for punishment, detention, or death. Let's say humans have no free will, and we just react according to our own brain algorithms to whatever our environment is. Having an environment where you go to jail if you screw up will be an important input to our behavior algorithm. Also, it is best to end or detain humans with violence inducing behavior algorithms, just like we should unplug a rogue robot.

So all that applies to either pit bulls (except the idea of a disincentive to behavior) or to their owners.

I have zero guilt over the death of a dangerous dog.

Small Survivors said...

This blaming thing has bugged me for a long time. Look at this actual headline:

Cantaloupes Blamed for 141 Salmonella Cases, Including Two Deaths

I've looked at dictionary definitions of the word, and I think this is a misuse of the word, but it is a very common usage and I'm not going to argue we shouldn't use the word blame like that. I just freely blame pit bulls the same way that these cantaloupes are being blamed. No one is holding pit bulls or cantaloupes morally responsible for the deaths they've caused, but we are saying they are the causative agents of a serious human health hazard.

Likewise, destroying a field of cantaloupes and mauling pit bulls is not done to punish them. And we don't destroy noxious pit bulls and cantaloupes to serve as a warning for other pit bulls and cantaloupes, we are just ridding ourselves of a health hazard to people, pets, and livestock.

Nutters act as if people want a biting pit bull put down as punishment. No not at all.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what an awesome comment snack. i especially liked...

"And we don't destroy noxious pit bulls and cantaloupes to serve as a warning for other pit bulls and cantaloupes,"


"Nutters act as if people want a biting pit bull put down as punishment. No not at all."

exactly. we all want the owner punished.

Miss Margo said...

Great comment, Snack!

I love this place. The commentariat are so cool.

Packhorse said...

A complete stranger asked Hubby yesterday if he wanted a gripper. The owner is giving it away because said gripper "doesn't like" their other (normal) dog. (Surprise, surprise.) The gripper isn't even a year old yet and has already destroyed its crate (probably trying to get at the other dog.) Hubby declined the offer, of course.

Here's hoping the owner does the right thing before they come home to a bloody gripper and a dead normal dog.

Miss Margo said...

Enjoy! Pit nutters commenting on the "reptilian stare." Complete with photo!


scurrilous amateur blogger said...

packhouse, it would be tempting to accept the mutant and have it euthanized.

miss margo, that conversation is very sad. first, these idiots don't realize that is not normal dog behavior and second they don't realize that is dangerous behavior. like the classic hybristophiliacs they are flattered by the intensity of the attention their mutants give them and interpret it as looking into their soul.

DubV said...

Great comment, Snack. I agree.

It is less serious to use words like "blame" casually if we all know what is being done and keep it straight in our heads. As we've all noticed, nutters are "heart thinkers" or "gut thinkers", so they just mix it all up into a word salad that somehow forms a spider web of a point that seems to be in their favor.

Packhorse said...

How dumb do they have to be to think a hard, direct stare from ANY animal is a good thing? Your dog is not being "cute ", he is challenging you.

DubV said...

As normal dog owners, we all know that you can't get most normal dogs to look you in the eyes for more than a second or two before they turn their heads.

I did know one safe, submissive dog that would make extended eye contact. Her eyes were soft and intelligent though. She was abused and neglected before her adoption, and it doesn't seem she developed typical body language as a result (or had her wires crossed a bit by her bad experience).

orangedog said...

My dog stares at me when it gets close to dinner time. Food food food food food food food... if that doesn't work, he sits on me (he's little) and cocks his head and stares some more. It's not that "maybe I should eat you" look though.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Miss Margo,

That is a creepy picture and it's what pit nutters find cute.

The pit nutter's quote:

"He is like "Amish mafia" wtf is that crap.......ooooooh a horse is on the tv."

Yeah, what's even more creepy is he mentions horses on TV and we know what pit bulls do to horses.

I'm surprised none of them mention that staring is a way for a dog to assert dominance. They just think it's "cute".

My dogs do stare. The older one does it but he's far from dominant with me. He's more like a companion. He even sits and stares at my mom, like he's soaking her in. No dominance issues with him. He doesn't stare down strangers unless he's wary of them. Seems he's always thinking.

The other I trained to watch me because he's so high-drive, I have to be sure he's paying attention and he's been trained to stare at me regardless of what's going on. He's a younger GSD and is more like a typical high-drive dog. We have more of a teacher-student relationship but not like the ones you read about in the news. LOL

All the posters to the pit bull staring thread just accept that pit bulls stare with no attempt to study the behavior. Similar to how they suck up the pit bull propaganda! NO QUESTIONS ASKED.

Isn't one of the "pit bull" breed standards where they put 2 pit bulls face-to-face and if one turns away they lose points? I think it's an attempt to keep the pit bull fighting heritage alive without actually fighting them. I bet they still use dog fighting to rank their pits.