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"But genetic and imaging research is beginning to provide compelling evidence that, if those with antisocial personality disorder were thought of as being at the bottom of the hole of the human race, psychopaths would form the subgroup that took out the shovel and kept digging. Psychopaths appear to be a special alien subset of humanity – glib, with shallow emotions, and completely lacking in the ability to feel guilt or remorse." Barbara Oakley author of Evil Genes

recently a california reporter held a public discussion about dangerous dogs. the panelists included peta VP laura lange, BRANDON FOUCHE (introduced as a behaviorist but we know he's not) and veterinarian DAVID HAWORTH, President and CEO of the Morris Foundation. the foundation's mission is to "advance veterinary medicine".

today DAVID HAWORTH, joins LAURA PROWICZ on the martian walk of shame. you might remember LAURA in "a bruise is a puncture is a gash is a degloving is an amputation is a fatality." better known in the language of psychopaths as milk is a table is a maggot is blood is a scar is cancer is death.

the following question was posed to all three panelists: what two types of dogs come to mind that have been in the media, or who have been known to bite somebody or hurt somebody?

This answer might sound a little flippant and i certainly don't mean it that way at all but the national insurance companies will tell you that the breeds most likely to bite are cocker spaniels and dachshunds. Of course they don't make the news because they're a lot smaller and so I think the important thing to remember is that all animals, all dogs can bite. They don't have that many ways to express themselves and their mouths tend to be the ones they use. So, in terms of two breed or breed types, I would say you are much more likely to be bitten by cocker spaniels and dachshunds.
(love that smirk at the end of his little spiel. he's so proud of himself!)
speaking of the "national insurance companies", last february Farmers insurance group, fed up with cutting huge checks for the damage caused by a handful of dog breeds decided to cut those breeds off entirely. care to guess the breeds? if you guessed cockers and doxies, you would be wrong.

later HAWORTH regurgitated the bloodhound myth among other nonsense. i finally had to stop listening. how sad. earning a DVM is no guarantee that you are capable of basic fact checking and critical independent thought or that you possess ethics.

so, what qualifies DR HAWORTH to sit on this panel?

from DR DAVID HAWORTH'S linked page (spelling and grammar errors are intact)
Resposible for designing, executing, analyzing and presenting data from clinical trial in support of registraiton of companion animal vaccine projects.

Lead Clinical sub-team of 2-5 individuals, responsible for executing clinical studies in support of full development programs. Primarily, but not exclusively, supporting companion animal vaccine projects.

Responsible for portfolio of Comapanion Animal biological projects. Lead several projects from early Discovery to late Development and post-marketing studies. Also Chair of site IACUC since July 2007.

Facilitate the development, evaluation, and implementation of proposals for collaborative research arising either internally or externally and participate in the identification of product development business opportunities arising from these collaborations. I also lead or collaborate on initiatives to support the sustainability of the veterinary profession and enhance the standard of global companion animal health care.

Dr DAVID HAWORTH has no experience or special training in animal behavior. he spent one measly year treating animals in a clinical setting before he launched to corporate stardom as a researcher, where he spent the next 11 years as a science whore for PFIZER, the world's largest pharmaceutical company. on the surface, HAWORTH does not appear to be qualified to advocate for pit bulldogs but scratch the surface and we find that he is uniquely qualified to advocate for pit bulldogs. it's a lateral move really, swapping the corporate psychopath for the canine psychopath.

aside from the animal suffering inherent in big pharma, there are other costs associated with being the world's largest pharmaceutical company. you can google pfizer legal scandals or check out Pfizer's corporate rap sheet; price fixing, illegal, false and misleading advertising, bribery, product liability, EPA violations, human rights violations, unsafe workplace, and mismanagement of employee pensions. Pfizer has racked up over 6 billion in fines while enjoying massive tax breaks and sending work overseas.

i'd say "Welcome to Club Psychopath DAVE!" but you never really left.


Anonymous said...

Grr, that cocker spaniel/dachshund/"All dogs bite" drivel makes me insane.

Recently I've had exchanges with loved ones on this topic (two own pit mixes), and it's depressing how otherwise intelligent people---with loads of common sense---can be so willfully blind on certain issues. They won't even allow themselves to consider the possibility that their dogs could ever "turn"... like it would be a betrayal not to trust them 100%. Here's hoping they see reason before those fighting genes have a chance to kick in.

animalcop50 said...

Had to laugh at his current job duties. What a bunch of mumbo jumbo. As I suspected he sees Pits as job security. He is a man whore and quickly saw that making an honest living is way too much work. Funny, I had no knowledge of the guy or had done no research yet had his number as soon as he opened his mouth.

vintage said...

California just had it's 47th Pit Bull DBRF and the boy life Flighted from Antioch this week was it's 44th pit life flight!

Wonder how much money Pfizer makes on the pit bulls themselves and selling medical supplies for their victims?

Amazing compartmentalization skills by these grifters!

tropical storms said...

All dogs can bite, all cats can bite, all humans can bite. This is completely irrelevant to the issue of mauling, maiming an death. Someone should have sneaked in the question "statistically speaking which dog breeds are most likely to cause amputation injuries and deaths?". Insurance companies are not so concerned with bandaid, tetanus shot injuries as they are life flights, critical care and reconstruction surgeries and long term in patient /out patient care. The best way to answer uncomfortable questions is by answering other unrelated questions.

scorched earth said...

The doctor is a "precious" example of self serving advocacy for a special interest group.

In 1991, before the AVMA sold out to those who make huge profits from the dog fancy the AVMA Liability Trust produced produced a 40 page book designed to protect veterinarians from liability in the case of dog attacks upon kennel workers. Pretty much every point was illustrated by a story of an outrageous pit bull attack. Feel free to google "The Does and Don'ts Regarding Dangerous dogs" easy to find.

The AVMA sell out to breed specific advocacy has been matched by the ASPCA. In 2005 the ASPCA produced a powerpoint presentation with the same purpose, to protect shelter workers. The title of this gem is "The care of pit bulls in the shelter environment," also easy to find. These organizations seek to limit their liability by protecting their workers but they do not share this information with the general public.

Both groups send out science whores and apologists to flim flam the public into accepting the breed specific excuses and lies.

The concept of shame has been lost.

Meals on Wheels said...

In California, pit bulls are the leading biters as well as killers and severe maulers of people.

Liar Liar, pants on fire.

Packhorse said...

Would a thick iron file be suitable to use as a breakstick? I want to have as many tools on me as possible when I walk my dog--I am so afraid of a loose/escaped pit, like many here.

safer midwifery utah said...,33537/

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

that is a riot skeptifem. thanks for sharing it here.

Anonymous said...

Dr. David Haworth does his part to propagandize, well LIE, for pit bull breeders and dog fighters' financial interests.

What he said has no basis in fact whatsoever. It is a LIE.

How much does he get paid to help pit bull breeders? Does he get some contributions on the side?

Anonymous said...

His veterinary board should know that a vet who lies is dangerous. What else will he lie about? Complete Ethics Meltdown.

When the public stays silent and fails to make complaints about professionals and unethical behavior, the unethical thrive.

Anonymous said...

FYI, the lab animal research lobby, of which this man Haworth is involved in, lobbies with the breeder and farming sector against anti cruelty laws, regulation, all the usual.

The usual suspects, Rick Berman, NAIA, the animal profiteers, they are involved with that sector too.

Beagle breeders for example sell to the labs.

These animal profiteering lobbies are interwoven and they are all corrupt as hell. Abuse and failure to follow animal welfare laws is common in labs and the vets prop it up.

Haworth is not disclosing the lobbies he is involved in, and it ISN'T animal welfare lobbies.

Anonymous said...

There are many pit bull breeders and lobbyists involved in lab animal research along with Davey Haworth- Alane Koki (dog fighting tie in), Holly Stump of NAIA, etc

Pit bull pusher Martha Smith DVM of Animal Rescue League of Boston Mass (with AKC breeder Amy Marder protecting dangerous dogs with their legislation and lobbying pushes, using ARL to hide their pit breeder protection racket) was involved in lab animal research at Harvard, whose lab was busted many times for cruelty and failure to follow animal welfare laws.

There seems to be a tie in between an animal abuse intensive racket, and interest in enabling pit bull attacks.

Opalina said...

There is a place, much like area 51, where all pit lovers go to be brainwashed with the nutter talking points. All common sense and rational thought is extricated from their brains, and replaced with:
"it's the owners, not the breed!"
"No dogs are born bad."
"They have to be trained to attack!"
"Chihuahuas are more aggressive!"
Blah Blah Blah Blah.

SadFalada said...

My neighbor, like myself, is a cat lover, and we almost never discuss dogs, and the subject of pit bulls had never even remotely come up--but recently he mentioned that his best buddy in Minneapolis was considering adding a pit bull to the family. With artfull neutrality I asked "What's you opinion about those dogs?" Instantly, a vapid smile appeared and he recited "Its all in how they're raised" It was chilling! And he wore exactly the fatuous expression that the religious believers wear when trying to convince a polite cynic about God's Goodness and how Believers are Blessed and Rewarded. He went on to describe an acquaintance "out west" whose pit bull did nothing while their 3 year old sliced into it's ear with scissors, or bashed it over the head and body with a broom handle---WHA ?! Telling this, his expression never changed, still the inane little smile and unfocused eyes so perfected by cult members---pit bulls cause pathology even from a distance! I'm not convinced about the heroic, stoic self-restraint of pit bulls, but, if true, that adults would allow a little kid to be cruel to any animal, is not shocking in the context of pit-bull people.
Anyway, a short but deeply disturbing little conversation, and that a person with little interest in dogs would blup up the approved slogan, letter perfect, instantly, with zero forethought, shows me how scarily pervasive it is. I wonder if it's
hopeless to continue opposing them
---even the reasons expressed for admiring tthat category of dogs seem to personify the nihilistic worst in humans. Exhausting. And hey! I don't even have the recourse of asking god to dispense with pit bulls!

Jake said...

@SadFalada -

I've heard pit pushers talk about the freakish insensitivity to pain that pit bulls exhibit, as though that were a great argument for having a pit bull as a family pet.

They never seem to realize that it's a double edged sword; when the family pit bull suddenly begins torturing the toddler, as they are wont to do,the distraught parents find that punching, kicking, or hitting the pit bull with a baseball bat won't deter it from its genetically driven attack.

If the pit bull does take notice of the frantic pounding by the parents, it's most often to redirect the attack onto the would be rescuer.

Um, no thanks.

Packhorse said...

There is a new dog park opening in my area with much fanfare. I have a very playful and athletic dog who loves to run, and I know my dog would benefit immensely from this park. I am terribly conflicted about this. Right now, I'm thinking, I'll bring my dog, but if any pits show up, I'll pack up and leave--and I'll have some tools on me just in case. How do the rest of you handle this?

april 29 said...


I took my previous dog to a dog park just once and never again. My new puppy will never set foot in one. Packing up and leaving is not a proactive plan. Just a few days ago a tiny dog, a Yorkie was killed by a pit bull BEFORE getting to the dog park gate. The pitter made no attempt to assist the Yorkie's owner but was heard to remark "well THIS is another dog park we can't come to."

orangedog said...

I don't do dog parks. They are a cesspool of rude dogs, ambivalent owners, and pit bulls.

Jake said...

Our local dog park has a small dog side and a big dog side, which makes it a little more doable for normal dogs. Technically the limit is 25 lbs, but I've seen timid larger dogs allowed in the small dog part.

Anonymous said...

Awww :( I love Yorkies. And why is it not the least bit shocking that the pit owner would react as he did? Am always slightly surprised when they intervene at all and try to stop the attack (preferably by bashing pibble's head in with a tire iron).

Anonymous said...

This arraogant do-gooder needs to wear a red bracelet on the other wrist for all the victims of pitbulls.

I may not have fancy degrees, but I do have common sense.

Prowicz posts this article on her FB page. If she really cared about children's rights she would not put them at risk.

I plan to write the school to support their decision. Who would be skilled enough to handle this "terrier mix" in the event the dog decides he's "had enough"? Legit Service Dogs are bred not just certified. Now, we expect our teachers to be dog trainers too?

I bet Bruce Wagman is foaming at the mouth. He'd love nothing more than to sue a school district for pitbull discrimination (under the auspices of children's rights of course.)

Miss Margo said...


I almost had a rage-stroke when I read that story.

It's awful enough to fraudulently call your pit bull a "service dog" so that you can selfishly take it with you anyplace you want, or to use it as a "stunt pit" to promote the breed's image.

Using your disabled SON to do this is disgusting.

Packhorse said...

I recently attended a no-pit dog event. It was the first time my dog has been able to run outdoors off-leash. It was truly a joy to see them running and playing together as normal dogs do. Big dogs and little dogs interacted peacefully. There were no broken bones, crushed tracheas or human tears and all dogs and owners went home whole and happy.

This is what I'm looking for, more happy experiences like this for my dog and I.

Anonymous said...


I love dog parks... but only for my personal entertainment. I just don't take my dogs in. I go just to watch the ignorance of people who let their kids run while dogs chase them, or roll around on the toxicara contaminated turf, and eat their PB&J while dogs come up and try to steal from their hands.

But the best part of all is when the humans go at it because their untrained dogs fight --as if they expect nothing bad will ever happen to their dog in a dog park. Every time a dog gets attacked, even with no physical damage, that dog leaves less confident around other dogs.

Regarding the over-educated, self-rightous, preachy Hawworth. The black rubber wristband stands for non-discimmination. Wow! What a brave, brave man. Am I supposed to think he's a logical person just for wearing a $2.00 piece of rubber? Ha!

What is that book again?...something about emotional I.Q. about people with no common sense.

Anonymous said...

Miss Margo;
I saw the photo you took of the fake PB service dog on the subway. She probably needed the dog for the neuro damage all the crack did to her brain.

I would have given that low life such a stink eye that her eyes would have bled.

Anonymous said...


That story is infuriating. I've an inkling the mother might be a bit, err, mentally slow, and mostly blame the other enablers involved.

Pit bull surrounded by small children... gawd. It's enough to make one's blood run cold.

Anonymous said...

Have you seen the article:

Another Portuguese water dog? The Obamas should have made a different statement
Public shelters are full of maligned pit bulls, euthanized at very high rates. The Obamas could have changed that

Anonymous said...

The mother is being exploited. Typical nutter--using the weak and disabled to promote their mutts. I find it ironic that its their grippers that disable and disfigure children.
They'll probably put her in the front of their next bully walk pushing her child in a wheelchair just for the photo op.

Anonymous said...

anon 2:28
Susan Nusser is pit nutter and a marginal writer.

Pete O'Nair said...

@Meals on Wheels -
"In California, pit bulls are the leading biters as well as killers and severe maulers of people."

I just went to the link you provided (a contact page) and searched through the site looking for these stats.
I was unable to find them, can you be more specific with the link?

Branwyne Finch said...

I have spent plenty of time volunteering in a kindergarten classroom, and I can honestly say that an early elementary classroom is no place for a service dog. That child needs a full time para-professional with medical training, not a damn dog. Interesting that the article is vague about what specific things the dog does....the child is too disabled to give the dog commands, so they hint that the dog alerts to seizures? Is this true, or is the dog a "seizure response" dog? The value of a seizure alert dog, for adults, is that it gives a person time to get to someplace safe and perhaps lie down if they know a seizure is coming on. That doesn't apply to a child in a wheelchair who is in a school, surrounded by adults, with a school nurse on hand.

The article claims that the mom would have to come to school every day to be the dogs handler. That mom does not belong in a classroom, nor does any mom. It is far too distracting and disruptive to have a mom there all day, and NOT good for her child's emotional development. The presence of the dog would also be too distracting for the kids, many of whom would be unable to resist touching or interacting with the dog. If the child is in a full inclusion classroom, that could mean up to 30 other kids, including kids with various learning disabilities, for whom the distraction of the dog could mean a violation of their IEP. If the child is in a therapeutic SPED classroom, he may be in with other children with serious disabilities, such as autism, etc., which would make the presence of the dog an even bigger problem.

I will guarantee you won't see any legitimate service dog organization pushing to get a golden retriever into a K classroom by claiming it "needs to be there". It's totally predictable that the types of people who push "pit bull service dogs" would have NO understanding of what a disabled child needs for classroom support, and no idea what it's like to try to educate 20-30 kids in a K classroom. It's despicable that these people are using this child to further their agenda....if they try to take this to court, the school district will have to take money from their education budget to fight it, which will hurt all students across this district.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

brilliant observations branwyne. not having kids, i don't have that kind of experience to draw those conclusions.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of therapy/nanny dogs, I just ran across this photo linked on a message board, with the caption "World's safest baby!" (it wasn't sarcasm unfortunately)

Miss Margo said...

PitOwner: it's all on Dogsbite or the Clifton reports, I think. I'd get the link for you myself, but my student just came over.

Anonymous said...

Even worse:

Hoping that one *is* sarcastic, but probably it's not.