Monday, October 7, 2013

congratulations on another year of skillful death evasion

unfortunately the victims of your propaganda have not been so lucky.

since KAREN DELISE started up her little "research council", 200 people have fatally succumbed to her propaganda. i added up all of the years of their lives, 7311. the total years in animal lives probably exceeds a million.

DELISE is one of my favorite targets. and for good reason.

Scapegoats: Part 1 - The Bloodhound

NCRC: the most trusted name in pit bull propaganda since 2002

Bellyfeel available in plush toy format soon

the last word

Special Holiday Help Desk (SHED)

craven mail bag: the psycho desperate measures edition

The Jane Berkey Puppet Theater Presents

Mortality, Mauling, and Maiming by Vicious Dogs

DA is not HA is BS



orangedog said...

I'm wondering when, or if, another one of these propaganda factories will refute the Nanny Dog lie. It appears that most people haven't picked up on BadRap's backpedal - all 2 sentences of it buried deep within their house of lies.
Nanny dog is alive and well, all cozied up beside ALL DOGS, mean Chihuahuas, the deadly Pomeranian, bad owners, etc...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

don't forget the weather and testicles. two of karen's favorites excuses. and that reminds me, i need to add the snow storm to karen's top eleven for a nice comfy dozen.

Anonymous said...

ha ha karen feeding pablum to tommy retard the pitnutter . good thing hes got a bib on ...thats messy stuff

Packhorse said...

The anti-bullying movement has placed NO BULLY ZONE signs everywhere from schools to shopping malls. If only we could start seeing them at dog parks, pet stores, and dog events!

I want a NO BULLY ZONE for my dog.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Well Riverside,CA County finally got smart and approved the mandatory spay and neuter of pit bulls.

There is an online poll if anyone is interested-
"Should owners be mandated to spay and neuter pit bulls"

Rumpelstiltskin said...

I hate the NCRC. The entire organization is based on a scam. The name and their purpose are misleading.

I remember reading about the NCRC posing as a US Government organization to another country in defense of pit bulls. There was a trial that trial had to be retried because they found out too late that the NCRC was a scam.

Putmeincharge, as far as the mandatory pit bull spay/neuter. Good luck with that.

I don't know of any pit nutter that will allow his pit dog's nuts to be removed. The process of doing that will make the pit nutter feel emasculated. They will feel like less of a man because, in their tiny brain, the pit dog's nuts also belong to the pit nutter. Maybe a pit nutter will do what Baba Premdas did to himself last month in India. Self castration! In honor of the pit bull fighting dog/penis extension.

I can't wait to read about it!

Anonymous said...

The only thing this idiot and her master Jane Saul Berkey have done is increase the number of pit bull breeders, increase the number of pit bulls abandoned and euthanized, increase the number of dog fighters and increase the fighting, increase the general abuse, increase the pit bull hoarders, and increase profits for the pit bull breeders. They don't care about people, that goes without saying. But they are so mindlessly stupid that they are increasing the death and suffering of these dogs that they claim to worship like a bad religion. Saul Berkey let some Southern boys give her a good hosedown and use her.

Packhorse said... is a website with which you can schedule playdates for your dog with other dogs.

Take a gander at some of the "Labs" featured on here:

I'd say some of these guys know their way around a breakstick more than a duck pond.

Packhorse said...

Check it out!

Now you can dress up your little Land Shark to show off exactly what he is!

Very appropriate model.

Packhorse said...

I'm on a roll today...I just keep running into pit weirdness...

I title this: "And then one wasn't a costume..."

vintage said...

NCRC=Nutter Cadaver Re-characterization Cabal.

Owned lock stock and barrel by Pit advocacy mothership AFF!

*Always expect nutters not to know this stuff!

vintage said...

PS....With the 2 year old PA toddler life flighted yesterday...

Hearty Pit Congratulations go out to President Obama for his 177th Pit Bull Life Flight of an American Citizen since taking office 4.6 years ago.

Portuguese Water Dogs that he keeps around HIS family: Zero Life Flights

Fight for your rights said...

Good to see you still think of me !
I can see nothing has changed here nothing but cheap insults and witty remarks.

Anonymous said...

And statistics.
The stats grow, and grow, and grow and grow.

But, but the chawawas! They bite and... people get scabs.

The pitties, they bite and... people get lifeflights, body bags or that nasty, nasty reconstructive surgery.

Folks are noticing.

Rhea L said...

I thought of a way for nutters to keep their man biters and pretend they arent assholes:
Declaw dejaw and castrate every pitbull or in the case of females spay.
No teeth no claws no balls and soon extinct.
Im rambling because its midnight....

Do you suppose a toothless declawed pitbull would have less of a shot at being an asshole?
Uglier than it already is...though.