Thursday, October 17, 2013

trick or treat!

october is re-home your ugly frankenmauler month.


craiglist ad (now defunct)
Lucy is a 2 year old spayed American Bulldog that needs a loving home where she can run and play. Lucy has had one incident since we had her where she jumped a baby gate and got into a dog fight in her yard and bit the other dogs owner as she attempted to break up the fight. Lucy has never displayed this behavior and was only protecting her family and home. Kitsap Animal Control says Lucy is a danger however she is not. Lucy does not stand a chance at a good life if left in Kitsap County. If here she must be isolated and not able to go on car rides as she so much loves. she loves to play and go to the lake and swim and chase after sticks thrown in the water. Lucy also is very funny and is very entertaining. She is very protective of her family and her home. Lucy is a wonderful pet and just needs to beable to roam freely in a fenced yard and be loved by others. Please call Karen at 360-328-0700 for more details or if interested in this beautiful lovely dog. Leave message if no answer

washington ambull rescue
Lucy is a 2 year old American Bulldog that we are wanting to re-home out of Kitsap County. Lucy jumped over a baby gate and got into a fight with another dog in her yard and bit the other dogs owner. Per Kitsap Animal Control Lucy is a danger and has to be isolated, away from other people and has to be muzzled when leaving the house. Lucy was protecting her environment and she is being punished by it. Lucy is fun, lots of energy, very lovable and funny. She was named after Lucille Ball as she has that goofy funny disposition. Lucy loves to give smooches and sit on your lap. She needs to have grain free food as she has a sensitive tummy and sometimes needs rice and yogurt if her tummy is bothering her. Lucy is updated on all shots. She does have allergies and takes Benadryl everyday and we keep a bottle of liquid Benadryl for bee stings. Lucy loves to go for car rides, does not care for the dog park because she wants to make sure her family is taken care of and she loves the lake but hates having a bath (silly girl) Lucy can self entertain but loves to be around her family. Lucy goes no where without her blankie and will drag it around if she is tired. Lucy likes to be placed behind the baby gate when it is to busy in the house or she wants to sleep. She also has been kennel trained but likes to just be outside mommy's door at night with her blanket and gait up. There is so much to say about Lucy. She has been a great addition to our family for the last year.

compatibility: good w/most dogs, good w/most cats, good w/ kids & adults
personality: average energy, average temperament

att: washington nutters: dog aggressive, bite history, dangerous dog designation, mandatory muzzle, food issues, allergies, in home gate system (which she has proven she can easily breach) LUCY is a real bargain @ $400. 

meanwhile in pennsylvania, there's an everything must go sale...

Hello. My name is Frank McManus. I need to rehome my pit bulls as soon as possible. The State of Pennsylvania has deemed them "dangerous dogs" for attacking another dog.

Mor is 14 months old and is a pure bred old family red nose pit bull. She is about fifty pounds. She does have problems with other animals but not with Finn who she lives with. She has been toy aggressive with Finn on two occasions. She is not food aggressive and loves people. Super high energy. Needs spayed.

Finn is 3 years old and is well socialized, very mellow and a great boy. He is around 75 pounds. He is a rescue from the Harrisburg Humane Society. He is fixed.

Rehoming my dogs is my only option. Being considered dangerous dogs they will never be able to go on a walk again and my landlord will evict me if I do not remove them. I must seek an out of state rescue so that they are not considered "dangerous dogs" which they are not. Finn has never had a problem before. Plays well at the groomer and dog park. Mor needs socialization which has always been a challenge.

I am devastated about having to give them up. I have already been to court for it. However if they were to get out of the gate again they may be put down. And as I said before, as of now, they cant go for a walk ever again and I may be evicted. I am in a terrible position. I never want to leave them but I am being forced to.

My phone number is 717810XXXX. wIf you are able to help PLEASE contact me. I only have 48 hours. I am a long time pit bull lover and I am informed enough to know that all rescues are in a tough spot. But they are great dogs and do not deserve this condemnation. I would be willing to make as large of a donation as I can if you can find a place for them at your rescue.

Thank you for your time,
Frank McManus

"arrogant, asshole, dickhead"

that's what FRANK'S friends say about him. i'd say that's a good start.

i had a lot of questions. i hoped to find the answers on facebook but it just left me with more questions. questions like, why did this mangina drive all the way to georgia, fork over $1500 for an OFR when the shelters in pennysylvania are bursting at the seams with pit bulls? especially in light of the fact that even his friends were saying he needed ANOTHER dog like he needed a hole in his head, indicating that he was struggling with the one mutant. why is this dufus surprised that he can't handle a dog that has been intensively bred for combat for almost 200 years? why does a successful tattoo artist, who can afford to drive to georgia and pay $1500 for a FREAKING DIME A DOZEN PIT BULL, need to trade tattoos for firearms? why doesn't he just purchase them? unless of course, he legally can't. why is he moving? why did his june pride in his little mutant's first kill turn into a desperate need to unload her in august?
I need to find my puppy a home. Her name is Mor. She is one year old and about 45 pounds. She is an old family red nose pit bull. So she is not a rescue. She is a very rare bloodline. It took me two years, a trip to Georgia and 1500 dollars to get her. You can read about the old family bloodline at Because of a highly selective breeding program she is highly intelligent, highly prey driven and extremely athletic. But also a loving and cuddly playful pup. This being stated, whoever is interested in adopting her must be aware that she is a handful. She needs training, time, effort an patience. You must be her pack leader. With classes and socialization and TLC she will grow up to be an incredible dog. She has climbed a six foot fence, killed a possum and fought another dog. This is not because of aggression. It is because of high prey drive and energy. She lives with another male dog now and they are great friends so she has the ability to be good with other dogs. I do not want to give her up. She is amazing. But I have had a difficult time training and socializing her. She needs much more time and effort than I have experienced with my other dogs. So if you are a dedicated pit bull lover interested in adopting her please private message me.
correction: she didn't FIGHT another dog. she tried to KILL another dog. and it has less to do with aggression than an uncontrollable urge to flex her DNA. expecting this mutant to behave politely around other dogs would be the equivalent to expecting freckled fair skinned people to not burn in the sun. and now frank mcmangina is trying to unload his purpose bred fighting dog on the internet to gullible idiots under the pretense of SHE JUST NEEDS MORE SOCIALIZATION!


she NEEDS to be on a logging chain connected to a truck axle driven several feet deep into the ground in the georgia woods!

and i'd really like to know what happened to his other pit bull?

but the really important question here, actually, the only question that really matters is WHY IS THE STATE OF PENNSYLVANIA COLLUDING WITH THIS PUNK IN SHUTTLING A DANGEROUS DOG INTO ANOTHER STATE WITHOUT A DANGEROUS DOG DESIGNATION? this is pinnacle of irresponsibility and criminal negligence. haven't we learned anything from the catholic church scandal?


april 29 said...

It is a violation of federal law to transport dogs across state lines for the purpose of dog fighting. Logically, it should also be a violation of federal law to transport designated dangerous dogs across state lines for the purpose of rehoming. A simple change of address does not change the dog, it just wipes the dog's record clean.

Why is there not one single elected official willing to protect the safety of the public?

This problem is close to my heart. The pit bull that changed my life was rescue from a community that orders dangerous dogs out of town. She was transported across state lines and re-offended very soon after her arrival in my state. After my very public attack she was transported out of town AGAIN to yet another foolish and irresponsible owner.

Deal with these dogs where their history is known. Is that too much to ask?

orangedog said...

Pack leader: Cesar Millan BS for aggressive dog. His little red-nosed fence scaling monster is about to hit the magical mauling age of two. Beware.

Anonymous said...

this , essentially is the biggest problem with these dogs , when they do show themselves to be a vicious , their owners dont do the right thing and take responsibility , usually their owners will even deny that their dog did anything wrong in the first place . just like the serial drunk driver , these folk will never accept responsibility for their actions and so they need their privileges taking away .

Dayna said...

This dog trafficking BS needs to be outlawed and all perps severely punished.

Anonymous said...

Dawn, thanks for covering this; outrageous and hilarious as always. So does anyone live in PA who is also willing to contact officials and complain? Anyone know a decent reporter in the Harrisburg area? Locals need to know about these situations. I can imagine an online petition would bring out more no-kill freaks than public safety-minded normal people.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Is there a way to get laws passed to STOP the trafficking
of dogs that have been declared dangerous? How hard can that be.

It is clearly a public safety issue, and its done all the time.

How sickening for one to go out and spend that kind of money on a purpose bred (or is it bread) dog and then blame its genetically honed instinct on "needs more socializing".

Blame that kind of nonsense on Milan, Stillwell, HSUS, humaniac groups, "rescues" who are in business to sell genetically screwed up dogs to a public who is now clamoring to buy "rescue" dogs so they can feel good.

Small Survivors said...

So...that whole "my baby had her first kill and that's why l love her" thing really shows what this little pervert is all about. WTF. Why would you want a high prey drive dog unless you wanted to watch it kill and get off on it?

Reminds me of Brett Wearing who also bragged about his babies' first kill - i think that was before he fed a live cat to them.

Anonymous said...

nobody who is a true animal lover would want a breed of dog that kills pets and animals . these pitbull fanatics are more like sadistic animal haters who only love their own purpose bred killing machines . i think its so great when the killing machine turns on its owner .

Jenny ro said...

"High prey drive is not the same as aggression"??? WTF
Cause, y'know, predators procure their sustenance through cuddling/massaging/licking their prey to death.

Prey drive is all about aggression! In what universe does he think people will swallow that tripe? Starting to think p-nuts are from the cosmos, because these guys are total space cadets.

vintage said...

High Prey Drive is Nutter Speak for "loves tasty children's scalps"

So..Not only do we have criminal breeding standards, now we are deteriorating into criminal rehoming standards.

Time to shut it all down!

tropical storms said...

Go take a look at the breeding on this bitch, go back in the adba peds to see why a gullible wannabe would pay 1500. for her. There are some top flight pit dogs in it. Pay particular attention to Wilder's Geronimo, said to be an ace and known to be a man eater. These lines today produce low percentage gameness but are ferocious fighters with mouth, talent and fair air. You nailed it, she needs to be on a chain and axle set out in the woods behind a dogfighter's trailer. She is what's she's bred for and that is and never was a pet dog but rather a pit dog. This guy's just another lying sack of shit with delusions of dogman.

orangedog said...

Obviously socialization is not the cure because the dog Finn says he is well socialized, but the post says "they" attacked another dog.
Oh, and this is an insult to vaginas. ;)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"delusions of dogman"


PaginaDentata said...

Here's another video:

"Dogs Jaw Locks Dog in Busy Amsterdam

Apologies for basic quality.
Was on the last trip of our 4 day holiday in Amsterdam walking around a few shops, and we had just crossed over one of the central canal bridges and heard the screeching/growling noises.
Male owner on the left attempts to stop his dogs strong hold, but almost gets caught himself.
Someone in the end came with a fresh cup of coffee and chucked it on the dog who had the hold."

I knew before I even hit play what breed of dog was involved.

Anonymous said...

Speaking of liveleak and vicious dogs... here's another:

So brutal I honestly had to stop watching after the first few seconds. Ugh! :(

Not sure if it's the owner being mauled, but here's hoping.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

liveleak is celebrating the holy month of pit bull awareness.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

well, if it makes you feel any better, considering the location (a pit bull zoo) of the attack, it seems more than likely it was the owner.

Alexandra said...

I notice none of the Home Boy pit bull experts dared to jump into the yard to stop this attack. Makes me wonder why the media keeps quoting them as experts.

Anonymous said...

"holy month of pit bull awareness"... LOL

Yes you're probably right about it being the owner. The video was so disturbing to me that I didn't put two and two together at first.

It seems like her head is gone and ribcage is exposed... wtf

orangedog said...

That one person just looked like a pile of hamburger. You can see the other two maulers want to join in. The one doing the mauling is having a grand old time. Tails a waggin!

Miss Margo said...

oh jesus christ

That was a person? Not a dummy?

Miss Margo said...

sorry, that was an idiotic thing to was just the first thing that popped into my mind. I just watched the video 2 seconds ago.

of course it's a person, there's blood

aaaand....I'm going out for a walk

Miss Margo said...

It ripped her clothes off! That freaks me out!

Anne King said...

fuck I hate nutters...

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Ditto what Anne King says.

Every time I think I have a good picture of how dangerous and horrible pit bulls are, I see a new video that takes me to a new level.

That most recent video of the woman who looks like a rag doll as the dog shreds her- unless you have a firearm, how could you stop something like that. Its absolutely terrifying.

Even more so because folks are so clueless as to what these dogs really are.

S.K.Y. said...

I clicked on the Bryant's Red Pit Bulls link in the main post, and the guy is not lying--they charge $1500 for a puppy. What a scam! By comparison, my breed--Papillons--usually have tiny litters of 1-2 puppies (no profit for breeders), yet even the top show puppies from best-in-show winning parents go for $1000. Pit bulls are a dime a dozen, as stated in the blog post. The breeders should be paying people to take them.

While there, I checked out their pits n' kids page: I find it alarming that EVERY photo is captioned as "red-nosed pit bull playing with my son/daughter." And yet in every photo, the dog is either nowhere near the kid and staring into space, or the dog is ignoring a kid that's petting it and--sometimes--looking like it's gonna take a chunk out of the kid. I would not call this "playing."

I also noticed most of these dogs are chained up to dog houses in the yard. Who pays $1500 for a dog they're going to chain in the back yard? You can adopt a pit at a shelter for $5 and do the same thing. For $1500, I want a dog who is going to win the National Obedience Championship AND the National Agility Championship.


Packhorse said...

They pay out that money because they hope pittie can win it back for them with interest in the fight pit.

tropical storms said...

S.K.Y well bred bulldogs usually start at 1K. Your pappies aren't going to (MAYBE) win 5x or more that in competition. If these people are "reputable" they will guarantee the dog. If it quits they should replace it for you. If your dog passes their game test or gets a 1x win that satisfies the guarantee. Most of that line have enough mouth and talent to get by unless they run into a really good bulldog. They apparently can get the $$ as they're still breeding.

S.K.Y. said...

Tropical, I didn't realize they were selling fighting dogs. I thought they were pushing them as family pets, what with the "pits n' kids" page...

Anonymous said...

On the video.

Oh, good God. Nobody can tell me that isn't genetics at work. That quiet shaking and tearing almost made me sick to my stomach.

I was recently at a fundraiser event for a Golden Retriever club. We had taken over an entire outdoor restaurant.

We had about 60 Goldens total. We were stepping over dogs that were lying down, had to walk our dogs by strange dogs, and food falling on the ground. Not one bark, or growl the entire time.

I overheard one person say "this would never happen if these dogs pit bulls.) I had to chuckle. :)

Anonymous said...

Wow, Frank McManus is an idiot..... and I wonder if that's his real surname or maybe he's an over the top Boondock Saints fanboy? He's got a hardon for violence so it wouldn't be out of the question.

Each and every one of these mutants sounds like a real prize!

DubV said...

Yikes, that one liveleak video is so gruesome.

Found a video that encapsulates pit nutter speech patterns here.

DubV said...


The only other way I can think to fend that thing off is to decide very quickly to give it your weak arm and then start stabbing it. It would be awful.

I heard a good joke in one of the liveleak comments.

What has 4 legs and 1 arm?

DubV said...

A pit bull at a playground.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

excellent and creepy video dubv. makes me think there is a central committee writing the news for these idiots.

DubV said...

Another horrible attack posted the day before the one where the lady is ripped to shreds.

Miss Margo said...

Tropical Storms, what is the purse for a dog fight? Is there really a lot of money to be made?

Anon: I wish I could have been at that Golden Retriever party! 60 Goldens! I can feel the doggie joy from here.

Anonymous said...

Interesting comments:
Update: she lost the arm, i don't have information of the condition of the woman. The dog was killed because the dog was aiming her grandsond who was near. Half of the people want a medal for the cop, and the other half wants him in jail.

So, the cop would have let the dog kill the woman, but not the grandson, is that it? And half the crowd thought the dog shouldn't be shot so that it could kill both the woman and the grandson?

WTF is wrong with people?

Packhorse said...

I am noticing more breed-specific dog social groups, i.e., "So-and-so Pug Playgroup" being advertised. I'm thinking this may be in response to the number of aggressive dogs at dog parks and at various dog owner events.

I think owners of normal breed dogs should take this a step further. Let's create local groups of normal dog owners who support increased restrictions on the ownership of fighting breeds. The nutters are surely organized; it's time for those of us who never want to see our beloved pets mauled to death on the streets to take action as well.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

love the video poster's update:

Update: she lost the arm, i don't have information of the condition of the woman. The dog was killed because the dog was aiming her grandsond who was near. Half of the people want a medal for the cop, and the other half wants him in jail.

the thinking of the lexus nexus wackadoodles is going viral, even reaching to argentina.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

sorry anon 5:39. i didn't see your comment.

yeah, what's wrong with these people? some kind of a perverted 'every life is sacred and dogs are most sacred of all' mentality.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i like the idea of private play groups and private dog parks.

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Yeah, pit nutters think "every life is sacred" unless you're a victim of a pit bull attack. Then your shit out of luck. Just let it finish the victim off because the victim probably provoked the pit bull.

Anonymous said...

Great idea to start private groups and not allow pits.

tropical storms said...

Miss Margo, the match purse is highly variable. They can go for as little as 500$ or as high as 100k. The so called fast lane dogs with established reputations are normally in the 25k-50k range. How times have changed. Back in the day 1500$-5000$ was normal. If you're trying to relate this to pup prices 1000$-5000$ is the new normal. The old timers will still sell pups to those they know for far less and giving pups to "known" fraternity members is still very common.

tropical storms said...

P.S. Anyone really interested should check out the pricing on Tom Garner's pups.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

TS, can you elaborate on "fast lane dogs"? also i recently came across "left lane dogs". what does that mean?

tropical storms said...

Fast lane are high dollar dogs fighting the best of breed and winning or showing well. They are usually hard biting barnstormers who can overwhelm and devastate their competition in short order. In the US (and many other countries as well) the left hand lane is the passing or "fast" lane. Examples would be dogs like Barracuda, Machobuck, Queen of Hearts, Chinaman etc. Those last two being legitimate aces. The others maybe but I can't really speak to their legitimacy, hard biting, talented barnstorming curs can look the part until they run into dogs that can stay with them. A pair of dogs from the first two were matched to great fan fare and both quit. One stood his line one his time to go and the winning dog refused to make a courtesy scratch. He did win the match but both quit cold. Called it a fast lane train wreck.

Miss Margo said...

Tropical Storms, thanks for answering my question.

That's much more money than I would have thought.

If you don't mind, where does the money for the purse come from...? Do the owners of the dogs put it up? Or does it come from ticket sales? Or both?

I ask because in many of the pictures and posts I've read about them, they seem working class, like my family. It's difficult to rustle up thousands of bucks all of a sudden.

But then, I guess we're talking about criminals here.

tropical storms said...

The owners and their connections ( if any) put up the money for the match and forfeit. When a match is contracted it specifies weight, sex, date, time, location and $ amount at which the dogs or bitches will fight. These usually are blue collar participants but keep in mind they pays no taxes on dog dealings and frequently have or illegal streams of income. Sales and stud fees generate a large portion of the dog dollars and these days most fast lane contenders are in a "combine" or group of participants. The non dog sources frequently generate substantial cash as well. Hope that helps. I think you can still find a copy of a sample contract online which might give you a visual reference to my text.

tropical storms said...

P. S. Miss Margo the Mafia are also blue collar "working" class. If you live a criminal lifestyle there are always buckets of cash stashed around just waiting to be put to use. These guys are not just your everyday Joe's and this is serious hard core organized crime. That's the challenge to penetrating group. If it makes it easier think Mafia : families have crews that operate in different venues. Dogfighting is like the umbrella term Mafia, each interconnected group a family and those who interconnect with only a few members of those groups would be crews. Make no mistake, no matter how they look or sound these are very well organized criminals.

orangedog said...

TS, I noticed you named a few women the last time you posted about your job. Are there a lot actively involved?

tropical storms said...

O.D. Most of the women involved are passively involved by was of husband/boyfriend however there have been and are several "stand alone" women in bulldogs. Those who are/were in it on their own (those whom I knew) were extremely tough competitors and breeders. There are several still active today.

Miss Margo said...


Thank you, TS. I'm googleing the contract right now!

PaginaDentata said...

This one is priceless...the dog idiot in action:

Miss Margo said...

"I was just hangin in my house with Josh and Andre!" bwaahahahahhahaha

This video was really funny and the videographer was funny, too.

"I just scraped the porch!"

The dog just came inside, like he lived there. The home invasion by pit bulls really freaks me out.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i've seen that ugly freak on the porch before. he looks just like one of the mutants next to me.

thanks for posting it. i had forgotten about it and i might incorporate it into saturday's festivities.

Anonymous said...

Love the narrator of that video PaginaDentata, LOL! Very entertaining but God that is one creepy looking animal.

Packhorse said...


"I'm Bo, and because I can't stop going after the kitties, I've been returned by my adopters -- TWICE!

My friends here at the Franklin County KY Humane Society in Frankfort, KY, say I'm running out of time. YIKES!!!!!!

So they wrote the Shelter Pet Project typing lady, who immediately asked me for my story, and here it is:

I AM A GOOD DOG! I'm a great dog! I'm a very smart dog who needs active things to do and someone who can challenge my brain and show me there are much better things to do than go after cats."

TRANSLATION: I'm Bo, and I kill cats. Two adopters returned me because I killed their pets. I'm choosy with dogs, so maybe I'll kill one of them next. I'm still being sold as a Labrador for the next sucker.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the petfinder listing super sanitized BO'S cat killing activities but there are still neough red flags on that profile that would warrant a dirt nap.

Bo is a Lab/Border Collie mix, approximately 3 years old, and weighs 60 lbs. He is a active boy that loves to play and loves toys. He has been in and out of the shelter since August 2012 but he doesn't do well with cats and keeps coming back. Can you give him a cat free environment to call home?

Update 10/9/13:
Bo is a friendly dog with all people. He will meet you at his kennel door ready to go! Bo is a strong dog. His perfect owner is someone who is active, perhaps a runner/hiker. Someone who is strong enough to handle his energy but has the patience to work him on his manners and obedience.
Needs work on his social manners, he seems to think jumping up on you is ok.
Good with kids: may be a little overpowering for small kids.
Good with other dogs: not all dogs, a meet and greet is welcomed.
Food bowl test: he guarded his food bowl a little but was NOT aggressive.
Basic obedience: consistent "sit", more training would help.
Toys: loves squeaky toys and a Kong toy. He thought it was more fun playing keep away with the Kong toy than sharing it with a person. He could probably entertain himself if he was given the right toys.
Dislikes: uncomfortable when anyone yells. A little uncomfortable having his mouth examined.
Leash manners: needs some work. Pulls and seems to change direction on a whim.

NOT suitable for 90 lb weakling adopters, prefer body builders.
KEEP him away from cats.
KEEP him away from small children. he loves to chew on things that make high pitched noises and will not give them up.
USE CAUTION around other dogs.
DON'T mess with his food bowl.
DON'T touch his mouth.

and what ever you do... DON'T raise your voice at him!

tropical storms said...

Gee Bo sounds great! What kind of dingfuck would want a dog with these credentials?

Packhorse said...

Yeah, he sure looks like a border collie.

scorched earth said...

If they are black they are a "lab mix" but if they are black and white they are a "border collie mix." See how simple that is?

"Border collie mix"? snicker...

Anonymous said...

Bo, Bo, ain't you the spectacle
An exorcism might rend you briefly respectable
So let's polish up some fraudulent blather
and incense burn, and in holy water slather
Your ill-fitting hide, where lumpy demons lurk
and chant forth the canon of ego's perilous perks
And dance in a circle to avoid Bo's assault
We may lose a cheap life; a ladder's at fault. The Ladder's our Altar, kept
safe in our Vault
so that Bo may frolic in Celestial, Radiant Rage
And We will Decide how the congregation gauge
Our smelly and lethally blundering Relic
A vision from a long and bad trip psychedelic
burping aroma of Bo-Purposed cat
savoring severed hand from one misplaced pat
jogging on the sidewalk, owner dragged facedown
Enjoying Nature close-up, then you'll tour the Town
And, verily, Meet and Greet and Excorciate
And Glare, and Scramble and Salivate
and choose at whim who to kill or traumatize
And put to proof what the Appointed, Theorize
and Sacrifice Heretics, if their Faith not revise.

Anonymous said...

Great poem <3

I'll never ever understand why a person would choose to own a dog that regularly tries to kill cats. For instance borzois are IMO some of the most beautiful creatures on earth, they are truly magnificent especially when they run. However, even if I lived in the country with wide open fields for them to use I'd never have a borzoi because of the prey drive. Inevitably someone's pet (or a poor stray) would end up in it's jaws, and I couldn't get used to that.

Packhorse said...

Great poem, Anon!

I'm starting to think DogsBite or another group should print a brochure that is a "field guide to pits." Potential dog adopters could take them to unethical shelters and rescues that mislabel pits. Show the tell-tale signs of a dog who is pure or predominantly pit, along with some of the breeds they are typically mislabeled as. Include facts about the dangers of bringing home a pit.

What do you think?

Anonymous said...

I think it's brilliant! If it was illustrated like a science text graphic, it would allow for even greater clarity, and give room for notations! Like a zoological study, it would indicate variations of proportion, coloration, gait, behavior, and coat. It could also depict the human types associated with them, for a touch of both humor and terror! Loves it, Packhorse!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree, wonderful poem. been looking closer at that shelter. what a mess.
considering blogging bo combined with some other shelter BS i recently stumbled on. if i do, i will include your fine work.

Anonymous said...

Uh..Frank McManus here. Maybe you all don't like me, being haters and all, but don't you feel a little compassion for me and my Passion? You may have noticed, in a picture meant to be viewed only by my CLOSEST friends and clients, that my pants are partly tattoo illusion, partly real, and that my knees have no joints, and my torso has no muscle, only enough bulk to support a neon teeshirt. I need a doorframe on a cheap rental to keep me semi-upright. And why you ask? For the love of Pit bulls.Because they deserve so much. Because they deserve people like me who are afraid to sit down or stand upright because that would encourage YOU, the haters of Pit bulls. There are more Pit bulls than Haters on Craigslist you don't believe me just look. I offer a Tatt that says that too you knows its for real. So give up now and things don't have to get ugly.

Rhea L said...

First glance I thought his name was Frank McAnus