Tuesday, March 18, 2014

a ruckus in florida

UPDATE! ruckus is dirt nappin' :-)

"Lying, deceiving, and manipulation are natural talents for psychopaths.
With their powers of imagination in gear and focused on themselves, psychopaths appear amazingly unfazed by the possibility –or even by the certainty– of being found out. When caught in a lie or challenged with the truth, they are seldom perplexed or embarrassed -- they simply change their stories or attempt to rework the facts so that they appear to be consistent with the lie. The results are a series of contradictory statements and a thoroughly confused listener."  
Dr Robert Hare 

last wednesday, a 27 year old female loaded up her 3 year old son and her 5 year old daughter in her toyota mini van and headed for SECOND CHANCE RESCUE in bunnell florida for her volunteer shift. she left her children in the van with the windows down and went inside to perform her duties. it is unclear how long her children were left in the mini van but at some point, one of the shelter dogs named RUCKUS broke out of his kennel and escaped outside where he jumped through the open window of the mini van and attacked her son. the 27 year old volunteer pried the dog off of her son's head and took him back to his kennel where he escaped again. RUCKUS returned to the toyota mini van and attacked her daughter. the 27 year old volunteer described the attacking dog as a "pit".

the above account is taken from the witness statement in the police report. the rescue has its own version which they uploaded to their facebook page in an effort to set the record straight, ie damage control of pibble's image. by the end of the day, they thought it might be wise to delete it, who knows why, legal reasons, hateful attention from many, including yours truly.
For those of you who just saw the news about the dog attack, we would like for you to know exactly what happened because we all know damn well that all the media cares about is a juicy story that exploits people. We have had 100's of supporters contact channel 2 to help us in our times of need, and they dont even return a call, however, something like this happens, and reporters are everywhere trying to get this on the news. A week ago, a homeless man showed up out our gate with a LAB BOXER mix and he was losing his car that he has lived in with the dog. He had gone to the Humane Society and could not afford the $150 drop off fee, so like everyone else, they show up at our rescue and either throw the dog over the fence or beg us to take the dog. The dog was friendly and vetted so we agreed to take it. Last night, one of our volunteers and her children were there, and she was letting him out to potty like she has all week and he bit them. He did NOT break out of his cage like the news said. We are doing everything we can to help her and her family. She is very upset, one because her and her child got hurt, and 2, that the news wants to exploit her family. Everyone is ok. This is not to say that it is not a big deal, because we value our volunteers so much and will do whatever we can for them. The fact is though, that if these Humane Societies were not charging a drop off fee, we would not be known as the dumping ground for unwanted animals. People use to not want to drop their pets off there because they did not want them to die and now they dont because they can't afford it. If so many backyard breeders did not get away with breeding and breeding and breeding, there would not be so many dogs born with their wires crossed liked this one. DOGS DO NOT ATTACK FOR NO REASON. This dog HAD to have has something chemically wrong with him to do what he did. The dog will now be euthanized. Once again, not the dogs fault. What kind of life did this dog have living in a car with a homeless man? What was his life like before this? No one knows, but the media just wants to say PIT BULL attack, when it was NOT even a pit bull. Our heart breaks for the mother and child that was involved. However, she knows that when you are at a rescue, with dogs that have been abused and dumped, you can't assume 100% safety at all times.


SECOND CHANCE RESCUE volunteer transporter CHRISTOPHER VEGAN-MURPHY copied and pasted the rescue's official statement on his facebook page. he puts forth the ole perfect storm excuse while his friends railed against the evil media for sensationalizing the attack.

meanwhile, flagler live picked up the story and that's where things really got interesting. rather than paraphrase the lies and denials, i'll just copy and paste two paragraphs.
Second Chance Rescue disputes that the dog is a pit bull, calling it a mixed labrador instead. Amy Carotenuto, director of the Flagler Humane Society, where the dog is being quarantined for 10 days before it is euthanized, said that absent a birth certificate–which the dog does not have–it is impossible to say precisely what sort of dog it is. “I bet there’s not a pure-bred bone in him,” Carotenuto said. “Some people might say he is a pit bull,” she said, because of his 40-pound frame and appearance, but “whatever he is, he is a lot of different breeds.”

Carotenuto stressed: “The issue is the same no matter what breed he is. He is a 40-some pound dog that put some hurt on some kids.”

of course, i had to find out who is in charge at SECOND CHANCE RESCUE. the head honcho is pit bull owner DEBI ROOT. i think it is safe to assume that any statements made to the press are coming from PRESIDENT ROOT.

you can see the rest of her babies HERE, 5 pits and 2 poms.

flagler humane society has custody of the attacker and director AMY CAROTENUTO is just a little too aggressive in minimizing the pit bull aspect and deflecting blame. i decided that she warranted further investigation as well.

and what a surprise... ANOTHER pit bull owner!

and a rabid one at that!

so, here is what we know. we have a "dog" that breaks containment TWICE. jumps through an open car window to attack once, then through the open door to attack a second time and sends 3 people to the hospital. we have two women, both pit bull owners, one who is clearly a zealot and incapable of being objective on the topic, insisting the attacker is not a pit bull. seriously, what are the odds that ROOT and CAROTENUTO are telling the truth?

another piece of the puzzle was put in place when a photo of the accused was released.

okay, even though you and i knew this would be a pit bull just based on the attack style, this is not the most conclusive photo ever taken. there is the remote possibility that these two women who own 10 pit bulls between them and work with dogs for a living, could have BOTH honestly misidentified RUCKUS as lab boxer mix. or SECOND CHANCE RESCUE could have taken the word of the homeless man when surrendered RUCKUS that he was a lab boxer mix. possible but not probable. we still require definitive proof before we can absolutely state that beyond a shadow of a doubt ROOT and CAROTENUTO are lying.

BINGO! the smoking gun.

here are three of several adoption listings for RUCKUS.
one - apbt/lab
two - apbt
three - apbt/lab with photos and the happy "ADOPTED" announcement (wtf?)

DEBRA ROOT should be charged with obstruction for providing false information to the police and  AMY WADE CAROTENUTO should be fired from her position as director at flagler humane society. and i sincerely hope the authorities are considering charging the 27 year old volunteer for leaving her children in the vehicle unattended.




CHRISTOPHER VEGAN-MURPHY  (my new fan! if he wasn't into dudes and watching dogs poop, i think we could have something special)


special thanks to my secret squirrel ;-)


Anonymous said...

Interesting how the rescue's facebook blather made it sound like only one child was attacked. TWO CHILDREN and were attacked, so anyone who believes anything they say is an idiot.. surely even the nuttest nutter can count to two?

Mom in Eugene said...

YOU ARE AWESOME, GREAT work on this one.

They had a freaking dog named RUCKUS that escaped his cage, ran outside, and jumped into a van through a window- not once, but TWICE- each time attacking a different child and an adult, leaving blood everywhere, but the MEDIA is sensationalizing?
LOL, they couldn't make this shit up of they tried, truth is stranger, and wilder, than fiction.

Nutters forget- It would be so much more exciting if it was any other breed, pit bulls are the usual suspect, imagine how wild if this had been a beagle or something?

IMO, That mom redeemed herself from her original stupidity by corralling that mauling beast twice. Thats extremely hard to do with an attacking pit. She is lucky no one was killed.
Hope she is not a nutter and actually speaks out against these awful beasts.

Mom in Eugene said...

Like all nutter rescues, this place was an accident waiting to happen, and Im sure that will not be the last one. These idiots go and pull pit bulls from high kill shelters, then complain that dogs are dumped on them!

I wonder if this will end up as a cruelty hoarding situation, they have 87 dogs. PETA has a list of all the actual cruelty cases from rescues, over maybe 2 years, and WOW, its long, long, super depressing, list. And those are ONLY the ones that were charged or convicted, and verifiable on public record! Does NOT include ones with tickets or other actions.

Check out this listing for what really is a pure bred, blue and white, mauler.

"Freya is a STUNNING 2 year old pit mix. She gets along well with everyone and absolutely loves kids! ….. She lived in a home where her owner ran a home day care business so she has been around many kids of all ages and couldn't be happier with children….

She is SO WONDERFUL, and great with kids, but no longer in her home, eh? She probably just turned on…Wonder if she was aggressive to the kids, or if the parents were smart and said they wouldn't let their kids around the mauler.

There are MANY with "rough starts", or other abuse and such. UGH- leave those maulers at the shelter FFS.

(And they have a ton of boxer mixes that are not boxers….of course!)

Anonymous said...

freya is such a good name for a pit bull bitch .

Anonymous said...

Fantastic post, Dawn! One of your best.

"...but the MEDIA is sensationalizing?"

LOL I know, right? It wouldn't matter how academic the language used to describe this incident, it would still sound like an exaggeration... because what kind of dogs DO this stuff?

Pit bulls. All the time, pit bulls.

Dayna said...

I was hoping you'd explore this story and flesh it out for us Dawn. Gotta agree with the other commenters, you can't even make this crap up! It's depressing and scary that this drama is becoming the norm.

Anonymous said...

Why would a person need to let a pit bull out to go potty, at a shelter? Don't those places have indoor/outdoor access for the worthless beasts?

I think the entire story of what happened is a lie. There's no way it went down the way the volunteer is saying it did. How did the pit bull escape a kennel? Wasn't she letting the pit bull out? Why would anyone leave their kids in a van? A tricked out shelter van at that.

Here's my version of what happened. Mommy was putting the dog in the van for "official business" and the dog attacked the children as soon as they came in contact.

When things don't add up, it's time to separate the bullshit from the truth. And Dawn, you are doing a fantastic job of that. I bow to your skills!

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Pit bull advocacy is such a sleazy business.

DubV said...

There was a nutter posting here (maybe a year ago) that had a pit bull named Freya, I believe. Is this the same one mentioned?

Anonymous said...

The volunteer's story doesn't seem plausible. It is closer to the truth than the fanciful version the rescue's manager posted on FB, but then that one reaches new heights of horseshittery.

I wonder if the volunteer was taking the mauler to the van. Maybe she was going to take it somewhere or maybe she just wanted to take some of the ever popular 'kids with pits' photos. And it is difficult to imagine that the rescue owner didn't know about these plans.

Also, the rescue manager is pretty much making it sound like the volunteer specifically came by to let the mutant go potty "like she had all week". As if no one else could do that. I agree that it seems they wouldn't need to let the dog out for this, but maybe they were trying to halfway housebreak the thing? Someone was trying to adopt it, so... IDK... It is suspicious.

Then there's the part of the story where she pulls the mauler off her son, drags it inside, locks it up/tries to get help, and mauler then attacks her daughter so she pulls it off and drags it inside again. First, it seems unlikely she could pull the mauler off twice all by herself. And then ... well... the whole thing is odd. I think maybe she was told not to say parts of what happened so this is how it came out... just weird.

Either that or she was genuinely confused about what had happened due to being injured and upset and distracted by trying to tend to her children. However, she has come out and said the dog is a pit bull. Even though that is only the truth, the nutters will be mad that she admitted such a thing.

And that woman over at the quarantine trying to pretend the mauler is such a mutt. Please. I wouldn't be surprised to find out it was 100 percent pit bull. I guess she's just counting on no one looking at the photos.

As far as the van goes, the police report makes it sound like it's the volunteer's personal car. But, why would she have all that crap painted on her personal car? It has to belong to the rescue. So, I wonder what the plan was before pibble gave in to his genetics?

Anonymous said...

Hmmmm...I think nutters can't use paragraph breaks because that would mean loosening their grip.
Also, any vehicle is clearly at fault for having openings large enough to admit boxer-lab mixes.

Anonymous said...

I detect Chihuahua, Dachshund, and Poodle in that mixed breed mauler. Thank god no lives were lost. One must never, ever delay in allowing a Poodle to potty.

mom in eugene said...

I think the van in the incident, and the rescue van, are different. The one the kids were attacked in was a Toyota Sienna, but the rescues van is not.

I can easily see that mauler escaping and busting though the open window. That is totally pit bull. Attacking twice? Yep, typical pit bull. I think the victims story is plausible. it would be outrageous for any other breed, but this is a breed that's known for this behavior.

Anonymous said...

Of course a pit bull would attack twice. What I'm questioning is it being dragged off twice by only the mom who also somehow stopped the two attacks.

Packhorse said...

I told you before, stay away from my door
Don't give me that, nutter, nutter, nutter, nutter
The freaks on the Web, just mess with my head
So don't give me that, nutter, nutter, nutter, nutter No!

I, I found out!
I, I found out!

Now that I learned what victims been through
Don't take the nutters’ word what their pits do
“It’s all how you raise ‘em, they’re called nanny dogs”
Now I have found out the truth through the fog

I, I found out!
I, I found out!

Some of you sitting there with that leash in your hand
That fighting gripper don't make you a man
Half-witted trainers, don’t care who you are
Just wrestle with pit dogs, they’ll make you a star

I, I found out!
I, I found out!

Old propaganda got nothing on you
Just keep you crazy with nothing to do
Keep you occupied with nanny dog lies
There ain't no group that can see through your eyes

I, I found out!
I, I found out!

I’ve read your websites, I been through it all
I see religion based on pit bull dogs
Don't let them fool you with the word “humane”
Don’t adopt killers, spare yourself pain!

I, I found out!
I, I found this out!
I, I found out!

Anonymous said...

Dub v : there was a nutter self-named freya posting here a while ago .

scorched earth said...

Kick ass muckraking here!

Anonymous said...

i bet vegan-murphy and hundysmire cud do some poop watching and some poop disturbin too but i wouldnt recommend doing it in front of their dogs ....that could precipitate a terrible tragedy .

Anonymous said...

LOL snarky :)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thanks for all of the high praise. i was up late trying to finish it before a big job rolled in. i saw and corrected a few little problems, like clarifying that RUCKUS jumped into the volunteer's toyota mini van and not the propaganda mobile pictured. sorry for the confusion. i knew it was her van, i just like the rescue van for reasons that should be obvious.

did anyone notice RUCKUS' description?

"loving, smart, not okay with all dogs, no small kids clause and of course, loves to go for car rides"

some of the credit goes to one of my secret squirrels who sent a tip that lead to RUCKUS' adoption listing. i looked but didn't find it on petfinder. then my SS sent me an email that said "google pit bull + RUCKUS + bunnell" and voila!

i love my secret squirrels :-)

Rumpelstiltskin said...

Dawn, "loves to go for car rides"

That's an understatement. Pibbles loves to go for car rides in a minivan splattered with children's blood.

anon said...

So she has Pomeranians as well as pit bulls? I wonder what she has to say about the case of the (20-pound, chow-chowish) Pomeranian that had the baby's head in its mouth. Or does she say her Poms are more vicious than her pits?

Good job looking into this story, it was worth more attention than it was given by the media. Shows how much people want to cover up these things.

Anonymous said...

I also think the victim's story is plausible. According to the police report the officer says:

"I then went to the area where the incident had
occurred and inspected the vehicle where the incident had taken place. While looking at the vehicle I
observed large scratches and muddy dog prints on the passenger side door and muddy dog prints on the
passenger side seat along with dog prints leading to the back of the vehicle."

It sounds like the pit crawled up the outside of the car and into the window.

Anonymous said...

I guess what I am wondering is if someone helped her drag pibble away, but that someone did not want credit for this good deed. Because I think if she'd dragged it out of the van and into the building all by her lonesome with everyone else refusing to help (WTF?), then SHE would have gotten the van out of pibble range.

I know it is in the pibble nature to attack as many times as it can, but it is also in the pibble nature not to let go in the first place. So, I am thinking that it was either one long attack or she brought the dog out to show the kids and was surprised by attack #1 and then it got free and scaled the side of the van for attack #2... there is just some detail missing.

And whatever it is, she was told not to mention it so she just said she did everything herself. Another indication of missing information is the rescue manager has it all happening to one kid (as in one attack rather than two with no break).

Now, the mom had just undergone an ordeal, so if not for the bizarre accounting by the rescue I would overlook at least some of her discrepancies.

Because if pibble had really broken out of his cage the first time, I don't know if she would have just dragged him back to the same place he broke out of.. that's the part that I don't see her doing even in a panic. Because if he broke out, then his door might not work so well any more.

I didn't even notice the type of van she was driving for her personal vehicle and how different it was than the pibble luv mobile. I have seen at least one MSM article that also mentions the pibble booster machine as though the attack happened inside it because it references the insipidly grinning cartoon pibble on the outside. Which, the evil thing probably was grinning with its rat tail a-wagging the whole time.

Anonymous said...

If Ruckus really was nearly adopted, you know someone is breathing a hearty sigh of relief since Ruckus had been deprived on car rides one too many days--

Hey, I now have another theory of why wiggle butt went for a van! He'd been living in a car with a homeless man. So, he saw a van with the windows down and hopped inside. And.. inside he found two little children...

Which, I do wonder WHY she brought her kids to the rescue and left them outside like that. They are really too young to be in the car by themselves even in a pibble-free zone.

Anonymous said...

i guess perhaps she thought that since pediphiles are killing children in large numbers that her kids would be safe waiting for hours in the van .

Anonymous said...

Anon, 12:21 AM,

After rereading the police report, it does seem plausible that the pit bull climbed into the van. I still have a hard time believing that the pit bull broke out of its kennel. I think mommy let the pit bull out within the vicinity of the van. How else would she be able to be there for the attack, if she was inside doing work? You can't be taking the pit bull for potty, and doing work inside, and saving your kids from an attack.

If I were an officer on that case, I would interview the children.

Anonymous said...

I am sure that the sweet pibble just wanted to be the nanny dog to the kids in the van. As to how the sweet pibble got out of the kennel I think the shelter may not be in the best condition -- read the fundraiser plea -- which is very hard to follow given that the grammar is atrocious. Here is a quote from the plea on the kennels " the kennels need sanded and painted, the outside kennels need replaced, we need new crates"


Anonymous said...

Yes! This is what I was thinking... it doesn't really add up.

This is why I think maybe there are some details changed. Because for one thing, she has herself bringing two very young children to the rescue. Then they're randomly left in the van for however long while she does unpaid volunteer work (according to her story) which includes such important feats as letting a dog out to pee (according to the shelter manager who is untrustworthy in her account). Meanwhile her LITTLE kids are supposed to be in the van just waiting it out? What kind of mother would do this? So, I don't think she did this exactly despite it being her story.

But whatever happened, she can't be two or three places at once.

These accounts are so jacked up that i wouldn't be surprised if the mauler was running around loose, then she happens to drive up with her windows down and the mauler just hops in the van. So, this puts her inside the van with her kids rather than rambling around outside. I know the boy was hurt badly, but pibbles work so fast that even if she is in the van and is able to drag the mauler off pretty quickly a lot of damage could already be done to such a young child.

This also explains why no one helped her... if she just drove up, they might not have known she was there.

Just speculation....

Anonymous said...

I posted the info on the plea, as you see there are outdoor kennels and indoor kennels that need repair, and there is no information on the police report as to whether the lab/boxer/poodle/pug/dachshund/anything-but-a-pit-bull mix came from indoors or outdoors. The shelter person says the dog "was being let out to potty" but not where the kennel was. If the shelter is falling apart it may have seemed safer to leave the kids in the van .... who knows unless the mother speaks out

Dude said...

Excellent work, Craven!

I'm tempted to snag every picture of this dog I can and hold them for a year. Then, with Facebook as the vehicle to launch a fabrication throughout the pit advocacy networks from a newly minted pro pit page, I'd share a bogus 'Pit Bull Saves Family' story and slather it with details to enhance credibility. Better still would be a link to what appears to be a news page – entirely fake, but these idiots wouldn’t know the difference. I would Photoshop this presently ‘indeterminable multi mix or lab/boxer’ picture into new backgrounds, and run the photos of this dog with the story.

Here is my betting window - you set the odds. Does anybody think a positive story about a pit bull with this dog’s pictures would generate a challenge from pit bull advocates the dog was anything but a pit bull?

No f’ing way. No one in the pit advocacy would deny it was a pit bull. In fact, I predict thousands of shares and tens of thousands of ‘Likes’ without a challenge to its pit bull description. But if I kept the same photos and switched the headline to ‘Pit Bull Attacks Children,’ denials the dog pictured is a pit bull would be endless.

Any doubts? Please step to the betting window. Bring friends and go big. Cash preferred, but all items of value considered for wager. Si habla espanol y pesos están bien.

S.K.Y. said...

Besides the kids in this case, I find it devastating that one of these nut jobs has 5 pits and 2 Pomeranians.

Those poor Poms! Even if the pits never bit/mauled them, it's super dangerous just to have one heavy, over-muscled dog running around near a 4-6 lb. Pom.

I throw Frisbees for my young Papillon, and my semi-elderly Border Collie circles around and "herds" the Pap at a distance. On three occasions so far, they've both gone in opposite directions and rammed skulls.

Once, I was pretty sure the Pap had broken his neck or front legs. He went limp and was unable to walk for a couple of minutes.

My elderly BC outweighs my (huge) Pap 4:1.

Each of the pit likely outweighs the Poms by at least 8:1. Now imagine FIVE pits--a 40:1 advantage over a Pomeranian. Wish there was a way to rescue the Pomeranians from that sadistic rescue nut.

Anonymous said...

After Hurricane Katrina and the discovery that imbeciles would send money to any crook with a teary story about pet "rescue", the vermin came out from under their rocks to get involved in businesses they call "rescue" but are actually just dog dealing.

Charitable organization fraud, lots of begging to stupid people who don't even check these places out, money that goes to no one knows, the goal is make as many dogs as possible disappear and tell people they "get great homes' and thus beg for more money all with a veneer of "saving lives."

Many of the dogs these "rescues" place end up at hoarders or worse, end up dumped and then dead, BUT maintaining the illusion is all important, as well as jumping for extortion money from pit bull sales businesses such as the Animal Farm Foundation.

Like a pyramid scheme, the ones at the top cash in, but the ones at the bottom (the volunteers and foster homes) do all the work and get dumped on.

They used this poor woman volunteer and sacrificed her kids at their altar of greed, and now they spit on her.

No surprise, they get their model from one of the biggest scams around, Best Friends Animal Society!

All Root and Carotenuto are doing is ultimately laundering pit bulls for the breeders and dog fighters, and increasing pit bull breeding and playing into expanding the fad they got into, but they get cash benefits and make a living and then some off this mess! The poor volunteers get nothing but crapped on!

Meanwhile the breeding keeps increasing, the attacks keep increasing. Some make money off the whole thing and thus have a vested interest in lying and deceiving. The bizarre thing is they are screwing over the dogs too!

But they always manage to find some imbeciles like this Chris Vegan tool to be their servants and help maintain the $$$$$ coming in to their hot little hands.

Anonymous said...

What are the financials on this rescue and the humane society this carotenuto runs?

orangedog said...

Nanny knew the kids were abandoned in the van so he busted out to take care of them. Once inside the van, he decided the kids were better off dead. The end.

Anonymous said...

OMG, the two hos misidentifying the dog now would probably be the first once to declare it a pure pit bull of the finest nanny dog lineage.

Anonymous said...

I thought the same thing about those two little dogs with five pits running around with only a nutter and the pit bulls' good will (haha) to protect them. They are probably nervous as hell... hm, this is maybe why nutters think 'ankle biters' are snappy. I'd be snappy too if I had to live with five nanny dogs. I daresay I would take up the weird affectation of carrying a loaded .45 with extra clips around the house along with my break stick and my nanny dog back off now stick.

Anonymous said...

Amy Wade Carotenuto knowingly told a lie.

She has no business in any kind of leadership role at Flagler Humane Society or any organization and is a liability and a risk for the organization.

This behavior only begs the question, what other lies is Amy Wade Carotenuto telling?

The board of Flagler Humane Society has some questions to answer. They also should be sued as their representative is telling lies and making an effort to smear and threaten a victim of a crime, and influence a civil suit as I would imagine is happening now, as well as deflect potential charges from the perp.

She doesn't even have the most basic skills for the job. She hearts pit bulls but she DOESN'T KNOW WHAT A PIT BULL IS? L I E

Time for Amy to go work for pit bull breeders since that is what she in essence is doing anyway.

Anonymous said...


The pit in question MIGHT have another breed somewhere in his lineage, but he might just as easily be pure pit. He looks enough like a pure pit to need to be handled and treated like a pit bull and not only that, but a pit bull that has attacked THREE people.

There are dogs that do not have any outside breeds in recent lineage, but still aren't good or consistent examples of their breed. This dog has slightly floppier ears than some pit bulls which emboldened the rescue to try the lab/boxer appellation.

But, the rescue is not operated directly from tax payer funds. This woman Carutenuto is supposed to be operating in the public interest. She owns several pit bulls. Therefore she has NO EXCUSE to pretend this dog is a mutt who happens to, unfortunately, resemble a pit bull.

The wounds he inflicted on THREE people were consistent with pit bull wounds, so this alone exposes her. The dog was owned by a homeless man who probably can be found by the victim/her representatives. He should know what kind of dog he had. And if he was able to live in a car with the dog yet keep it under control, that speaks poorly to the rescue if they weren't able to keep it from running amok in their own parking lot.

No city should employ someone in animal control if that person has pit bulls as pets. It has been shown over and over that such people only care about protecting the pit bull's reputation. They will say whatever it takes to do that.

Anonymous said...

I was pretty taken aback when I watched the video of AMY CAROTENUTO spewing her lies about the dog not having a birth certificate, and how it's not a pit bull.

AMY CAROTENUTO totally reminds me of MARK KUMPF. Something terrible happens, dangerous dogs are involved, a display of their pro-pit bull agenda, lack of expertise, and then, my favorite, advice on how to keep yourself safe from dogs. Not pit bulls, regular dogs.

An example...

"Kumpf said any large breed dog has the potential to seriously injure or kill a person.

'Anybody who encounters a dog that they’re not familiar with should try and back away from the situation,' Kumpf said. 'If they are not able to do so, one of the things that we recommend is that they make themselves a smaller target as possible.'”

Taking advice from a pit nutter will get you hurt. Bad.

These people SHOULD NOT be in animal control, let alone DIRECTORS of their agencies!

Anonymous said...

WELL DONE!!!! I hope they know about this blog, would love to hear what they have to say. So, RUCKUS was an APBT UNTIL he attacked. Likely story.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

it's getting hit pretty hard so i suspect that they do or will soon.

RSM said...

Too bad people don't give money to ferret rescues instead, they are always in need. Fur mommies want to save pibbles, but no one cares about ferrets, even in an emergency. Most are sweet and friendly, and do not require s/n (they come from the breeders s/n).

Ferret rescues also get ZERO dollars from humane societies and ASPCA, even though just about every city has a private shelter that takes intakes from a public funded one. They do all the work, and get none of the cash. Its all wasted on maulers.

Ironically, ferret shelters I have worked with do not adopt out to families with kids under 5 at all. They actually care about kids getting bitten! But pits? Great with kids- here take a fight bust dog and let it snuggle with your toddler and kitty.

RSM said...

I am sure that the story is jumbled, it may take awhile for her to be able to put it all in order (if ever). Trauma messes with memory formation.

If she was lying (I don't think so), I don't think she would have admitted she left her kids in the van like that, because that would draw major criticism all by itself. It would have looked better for her to have pulled up, or been in the van with them, when it happened. It may be bizarre, but aren't many pit attacks?

I admit, I was skeptical of the mom being able to pull the dog off like that, and drag it back, not once, but twice. If its true, I would assume that she had the crazy adrenalin that you get when your kids are being attacked. Its not out of the realm of possibility.

I can also see her being hurt enough to throw him in a kennel and unknowingly not get it all the way shut. Maybe they are just poor enough quality that a raging pit could escape. Most people just want to get away as fast as they can, so double checking an enclosure, while smart, is unlikely.

No matter- what a nightmare scenario. These pit attacks are frequently thing you would see in a horror flick.
This reminds me of the story about Amber, the woman mauled by "Sweet Gus", which is another Lexus Project case. She was a poster perfect APBT lover and rescuer (she fostered and boarded for other rescues). Still, she has been harassed, lied about, and totally thrown under the bus after getting mauled by a pit (Gus) she was boarding FREE for a rescue. The nutters even claim she abused the dog, thats why it mauled her, breaking her wrist, tearing out tissue, etc.

Reading her site, it was totally an accident waiting to happen. 5-9 big dogs, mostly/many bullies, plus her own rottie. In one home, with 4yr old and another kid, not sure the age. She is lucky that her kid did not wander in, like she was worried about, and get killed.

scorched earth said...

Second Chance Rescue is shutting down due to the negative publicity generated by this attack.


Small Survivors said...

Awesome post - finding the postings of Ruckus as a pit are delicious! That humane director is a fucking liar and should be fired.

It is so obvious here how they'll lie about pits with no care to the danger they put people in. assholes.

Anonymous said...

Second Chance Rescue is more than likely shutting down as a ploy to evade responsibility and a lawsuit.

Want to bet a sleazy lawyer is coaching them on how to try to hide and try to hurt the victims?

Doesn't matter.

Attacked Volunteer, sue these scumbags! They knowingly are taking in violent dogs and knowingly placing violent dogs and they are gong to get someone killed. They put you at risk and they got your kids attacked with full knowledge of the danger they were presenting and creating.

it is time to make these dog dealer/pit bull breeder fake rescues take responsibility.

Debi Root, this is all your fault. You bear the liability for this and anyone in league with you.

Root needs to be tracked as she will likely set up another dog dealership.

Anonymous said...

All the donors that gave Second Chance Rescue money are now getting screwed over.

Bye bye money, who knows where it is going? Where it has been going?

Anonymous said...

"No city should employ someone in animal control if that person has pit bulls as pets. It has been shown over and over that such people only care about protecting the pit bull's reputation. They will say whatever it takes to do that"

Many of these animal control pit bull promoters are also taking private money on the side to work for pit bull breeders and sellers through grants, cash payouts per dog sold, speaking emgagement grift, etc

Serious conflict of interest using government departments for private purposes, and letting outside influences buy animal control

At least now the world knows that Carotenuto and Flagler Humane support dangerous dogs, lie and hide breeding to protect dangerous dogs, and support putting dangerous dogs in homes, and will attack the victim to try to deceive and protect the dangerous dog. So when they have a mauling on their hands at their shelter or with a dog they place, Carotenuto and Flagler are completely liable and have established a history of lying and dangerous activity.

Anonymous said...

Best to read while Talking Heads Psycho Killer is playing.

tropical storms said...

I have to wonder about the security of the "kennels". If their containment area is so inadequate that a dog can escape twice within minutes how do they propose to keep the dogs safe? Do they house other animals there as well? This place is anything other than a safe rescue between homes.

Anonymous said...

EXCELLENT reporting and detective work. Why doesn't the local media dive into these pitbull stories.. Oh yeah.. We know.. They don't practice freedom of press but freedom of propaganda.

Misrepresenting the breed of this dog and lying to the police, and the media.. there should be a firing to take down this animal control director that can't tell the truth.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

please head on over to animal uncontrol and cast your vote in this once in a lifetime poll.

Anonymous said...

I wonder if maybe the mom had a break stick in her van and knew how to use it. That would explain how she managed to pry nanny's clamping jaws open.

The main reason I see for her not necessarily placing pibble back in wherever he broke out of is I thought it might be obviously broken... as in she would not be able to close it at all.

After she pried nanny off both of her kids and herself, she drove over to the owner's house (I guess this would be Debbie Root?) in order to summon medical assistance. A man passing by saw her covered in blood as well as the poor children also badly bitten and he called 911 as well.

I think it is pretty likely that she talked to the owner as she was waiting for the EMTs. She might have been told not to mention something since the owner would be thinking of 'saving' pibbles even with an entire family bleeding in front of her house. So, some detail may have been left out which the rescue capitalized on with their horrid little statement.

And then, yes, the entire traumatic ordeal might possibly make it difficult to recount events. Especially while in the hospital bleeding and trying to comfort her daughter who was crying due to pain.

BUT, I think it's possible that Root and Caronuteno will completely alienate the victim. This will be very sad for her, but I have a feeling that she will not allow some things to go unchallenged. Such as Root's little missive (that she deleted) that made it sound like one child was somehwat nipped when two children and their mom were severely bitten and even mauled. She's already made clear that the dog is a pit bull rather than a yorkie doberman* mix or whatever other insane thing. *I made this up to replace lab boxer.

RSM said...

Debi Roots page is a goldmine of nutter insanity!

I know many of you don't do FB, but "Unheeded Warnings" did a few posts on pics from her page. Be warned- you may head deal so hard you go into a coma.

Anonymous said...

Does anyone have the financials on root's group?

Anonymous said...

So if Amy Wade Carotenuto is claiming that the pit bull Ruckus is a mixed breed, and she tells the world she only loves pit bulls, this means she only loves pit bulls she buys from pit bull breeders AKA dog fighters.

Cause how else does she know they are pit bulls, ewhich is what she calls them!

No adoption for her, she must BUY her pit bulls

So Flagler humane society wants a supporter and promoter of pit bull breeder aka dog fighter breeding leading them?

Which brain trust on the board hired this clown who is actually screwing over the dogs she says she loves?

Anonymous said...

Here's the current board of directors for Flagler Humane Society, and guess who's in charge? TOTAL CONFLICT OF INTEREST for her to run the board and run the place, no oversight.

No wonder this place is being run as a pit bull breeder promotion dump, it's being used for her PERSONAL issues and interests, not for animal welfare in general which is its reason to exist

The other board members have some serious ethics issues to consider and serious liabilities they are taking on for Carotenuto's behavior which is UNETHICAL AND DANGEROUS

Madame Vice President of the Bank, you have issues here! Veterinarian, WHAT ARE YOU THINKING? How long until she gets someone killed and you are on thew hook. All to increase pit bull breeding and increase the numbers of unwanted pits being born? increase the number of breeders? Increase dog fighting?

These are supposedly educated middle class people doing very stupid and dangerous things by going along with this, and actually hurting animals.

Amy Wade-Carotenuto – Executive Director
Nicole Brose - President
Bill Smith, CPA, CFP, PFS – Treasurer
Dr. Gary Shelton, DVM
Maria Lavin-Sanhudo, Vice President Ameris Bank
Dave Zaslavsky
Timothy Connor, PA

Anonymous said...

Flagler Humane deserves a much closer look for disgusting because other dogs be screwed, they are running a pit bull centric shop there. They can't call themselves a humane society because all their effort is going into pit bulls.

"The Flagler Humane Society has landed an $83,000 grant through PetSmart Charities that will enable the society to offer free spay and neutering, microchips and rabies vaccination to 850 pit bull and pit bull mix dogs belonging to any Flagler County residents"
Based on formulas that people use to calculate the number of animals,” says Diane Voigt, president of Flagler Humane Society, “there’s an estimated 1,700 pit bulls and pit mixes in Flagler County, and the 850 represents 50 percent of those, which has been a number that you need to hit in order to really make an impact on a particular population. So that’s how we came to that number.”

Pit bulls and pit mixes make up approximately 60 percent of the Flagler Humane Society’s shelter dogs even though they represent less than 10 percent of the total dog population in the county. Pit bulls and mixes are a problem for the Humane Society because they are difficult to place in homes"

This Voigt is an all star too, complete with a fake stupid story about a schnauzer (hey schnauzer people she just threw your breed under the buss in favor of her favorite fighting dogs)

"“Pit bulls are sort of a strange beast,” Voigt said. “They’re a status dog in many cultures, there’s a lot of breeding of pit bulls that goes on in Flagler County and in fact throughout the South. This is not a Flagler County issue, it’s basically a South issue. They’re a big dog that requires a lot of care and attention, and people get bored with them very quickly, and so they end up with us, which is unfortunate, because the breed is maligned in the media. There are bad pit bulls but the scariest dog we’ve had in our shelter was a miniature schnauzer that even the schnauzer shelter wouldn’t take.” Voigt was referring to a rescue group that specializes in shnauzers. “They wouldn’t take this one because it was too vicious. And this was a 10-12 pound dog.”
"Earlier this year the Humane Society applied for what would have been a $200,000 grant through PetSmart Charities. That two-year grant would have underwritten a countywide spay, neutering and vaccination program for many species. The grant fell through.

“Since they had never awarded a grant to the Humane Society,” Nicole Brose, a society board member and grant writer, said, “PetSmart Charities didn’t know who we were, we had no track record with them, they asked us to reapply for a smaller amount and build that relationship.” The smaller grant went through. “Let’s do a really good job with this $83,000 and then they asked us to reapply for additional money once that track record is in place. So that’s what we plan on doing.”

Flagler County government is actually the grant’s fiscal agent, as required by PetSmart Charities. That provides a level of administrative oversight while placing the county in a partnership role with the society. “The County is always eager to partner obtaining funding which benefits our community and this grant will assist us in addressing pet population,” said Nate McLaughlin, chairman of the Flagler County Commission.

“We’re very pleased to have their support,” Voigt said. “Our objective now is we have to get the word out that we’re going to.”

SO DOES NATE MCLAUGHLIN OF THE FLAGLER COUNTY COMMISSION KNOW WHAT LIES AND DECEPTION ARE GOING ON THERE? DOES HE KNOW THAT THE COUNTY IS GOING TO END UP GETTING SUED BECAUSE OF THESE UNETHICAL CRANKS? or that the city is just being used as the dump for the pit bulls from the breeders after the humane society promotes their breed and hence increases demand and breeding? The staff and board of Flagler Humane are just promoting pit bulls and increasing the numbers and the mess gets worse.

How about Petsmart Charities? They are involved with an executive director who lies to protect a dangerous dog?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

second chance rescue financials

Janice said...

The police report pretty much says it all. I believe it way more than I believe the crap the shelter is spouting. And the dog may have some other breed in it, maybe boxer, but it sure looks like a pit to me. Sure acted like one, too. I'm hoping a dirt nap is in his near future.

Anonymous said...

euthanized, mother looking into claims on insurance from 2nd chance. http://www.news-journalonline.com/article/20140325/NEWS/140329630?Title=Dog-blamed-in-attack-on-mom-kids-euthanized

Anonymous said...

I wonder how this dog behaved when owned by the homeless man. I just have a feeling that the rescue screwed up badly with this dog. And that led to three people being mauled and Ruckus catching a dirt nap.

Of course, I guess Ruckus's owner may have started having trouble controlling him which led to Ruckus being surrendered... and almost adopted!

Anonymous said...

The only thing wrong with Ruckus, was that it was a pit bull. It's not because of the previous owner, the shelter, or the volunteer. Ruckus was true to its breed. Not an unidentified mixed breed (UMB) as the pit bull loving women would like to us believe. No birth certificate? No papers? No problem. Just observe the behavior. When a UMB attacks unprovoked, won't stop, and sends people to the hospital, it's a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

Well, true. But, I think the rescue either shouldn't have taken him or been more strict with him. He shouldn't have been able to break free.

Anonymous said...

Also, all of the 'black labs' that are suddenly causing problems go back to stuff like this. More than likely, they are pit mixes or just straight up pit bulls with slightly floppier ears (which can happen with pits anyway).

Anonymous said...

Darn it! I meant to really put Second Chance in a pickle with a "Save Ruckus!"
Facebook page.