Monday, November 16, 2009

michigan farce

courtney protz sanders bearing rocky's remains at a royal oakes city meeting.

the non-pit nutter version of events: rocky and his owner were jogging near an offleash area, rocky got loose, ran across the street and attacked a boston terrier named max. max's owner and his friend were both bitten trying to save the dog. the friend received the more serious bite and had surgery on his finger. both men say that rocky bit them. rocky's owner could not provide proof of rabies vaccines and licensing. she voluntarily turned rocky over to animal control and he was euthanized to avoid fines and quarantine fees.

the pit nutter version of events (as told by public relations guru courtney protz sanders who was not present during the attack): Max was unleashed at the dog park and Rocky slipped off his collar. The two dogs ran toward each other and sniffed each other. Then there was an altercation between the dogs. The friend of the owner stuck his hands into the dog fight and was bit on the finger, but no one knows by which dog. the police were called and animal control threatened rocky's foster mom and she felt she had no alternative but to forfeit rocky. protz sanders claims that she is the rightful owner of rocky and had the necessary papers for animal control.
(sounds to me like the pit nutters should be suing each other)

the issue: how quickly rocky was killed. according to protz sanders, rocky's rights were violated because he was not allowed due process. rocky was sentenced to death without a fair trial.

the solution: courtney protz sanders is demanding an investigation into the animal control officer during a time when all levels of government are operating in the red. and if protz sanders doesn't get her way, she will launch a boycott against the business community if they do not support rocky during a time of economic crisis. some rocky supporters are even demanding that the city terminate the animal control officer. there is even talk of legal action against the city.

one resident spoke out against the boycott. “Our residents and businesses raised $50,000 to build a gated dog park,” Gomez said. “Where were these people then? Businesses should not be penalized because of this. Royal Oak is not for sale.”
(hmmm...GATED dog park. not looking too good for the pit nutters)

the definition of altercation: a noisy argument or disagreement, esp. in public.
the founding fathers of the field of public relations edward bernays and ivy lee would be very proud!

max recovering from the altercation

you can follow courtney's selfish crusade here.

and you can learn all about the unscrupulous profession of public relations here in this fascinating and unflattering 4 part BBC documentary on protz sanders' chosen profession.


Anonymous said...

In Michigan, "The Owner" is legally defined as the harborer or the keeper of the this case the ethereal and unqualified fosterer who subsequently signed Rocky over to A/C. Once signed over, A/C became the owner and euthanize Rocky having failed his real world temperment test.

This Pit Jihadist only has a civil dispute with the fosterer and is not a party to this.

RIP sweet Rocky...There are too many dogs and kids in this world for you.

Arkansaz said...

This city (council members) recently voted down adding a pit bull law. You know the eggplant type council members -- no backbone. And guess what? THEY'RE STILL DEALING WITH THE NUTTERS, THERE IS NO ESCAPING THEM!

Anonymous said...

The Pit Jihadists are trying the same tactic down in Miami after Omar Fernandez's Pit was euthanized after mauling the postal worker.

It almost as if they are trying to change society's standards of domesticated dogs so they can keep selling these ill-bred maulers.

Anonymous said...

You are all fucked in the head. This "off leash dog park" is called Wagner Park, it's on a main road in Royal Oak, and it has no fence. What kind of retard puts and off leash dog park near a busy road anyways? Rocky didn't randomly attack another dog, the dog ran towards him, that's why he slipped his collar and went to it. After sniffing each other one of the dogs must have given off the wrong sign and a fight broke out.

Brigg's, the AC officer should have herself put down. The reason they euthanized Rocky so fast was to chop of his head and send it to Lansing to check him for Rabies. They did this AFTER the proof of rabies vaccine had already been faxed to them.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

what kind of retard takes a pit bull to a dog park or near a dog park that is not fenced? NORMAL dogs like to greet other dogs.

and how is it that same retard in control of the pit bull allowed it to SLIP it's collar?

must have given off the wrong sign? NORMAL dogs understand dog behavior and dog language.

sounds to me like briggs is concerned with the safety of people and their and dogs unlike the pit nutters who insist on parading their frankenmaulers around or worse allowing their frankenmaulers to parade themselves around.

Anonymous said...

Ive known Courtney for years, She is not a "pit nutter". She loves all dogs as she has spent a big part of her life working to rescue dogs. Get educated. Stop being so obtuse.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

courtney protz sanders most definitely is a pit nutter.