Monday, November 30, 2009

fatal pit bull attack

flora, illinois
85 yr old rosie humphreys and her poodle were both killed today by a loose pit bull.

an interesting comment was left by KELLY. "Have pictures of the dog been released yet? Why hasn’t anyone done anything about the supposed fighter/ breeder! It just sucks cause I own three myself and I get so much grief when this stuff happens."

pit nutters, always inconvenienced by the "stuff" their wiggle butts do. poor kelly, she will be feeling the heat now for the next week or so. man that really sucks.

follow the fatal mauling of rosie humphreys and her poodle at


Anonymous said...

The dog latched onto her neck and ripped open her jugular, according to the linked article. Imagining this is even more sobering having just watched the video of the seeing eye dog being attacked. Can you imagine your own grandmother being dragged around like that Labrador?

FloraFlake said...

Kelly is just fine, the State of Illinois prohibits breed-specific laws, a state law drafted by Ledy VanKavage no less.

It's all the rest of us that need to worry about the Kelly's and their dangerous dogs.

HonestyHelps said...

I had to shut down after posting this on my blog. I called a friend who is wonderful at lifting my spirits. It is so depressing to think that this mother, grandmother, great grandmother will not be here for Xmas this year just because someone wanted to make money breeding pits. It's all so depressing. Then a nutter sends a comment and I get all pissed off again and ready to go for their jugular.

Anonymous said...

It is people like Kelly whose dogs ARE attacking, and people like Kelly who are helping the dog fighters breed more.

Anonymous said...

"a state law drafted by Ledy VanKavage no less."

Ledy VanKavage should be be getting held personally responsible for every pit bull connected medical bill and funeral in that state.

VanKavage is nothing more than a terrorist.

Anonymous said...

Want to see psychosis? Check out this dog trainer site.

The owner has a pit bull that has already killed, and wants to TAKE IT OUT ON WALKS!

And the crazy trainers are encouraging her! One even says the cure is homeopathic medicine!

These people are murderers, plain and simple. They know their dogs are killers, and they want to bring their dogs out to us to kill us and our pets!

And the dog trainers say, sure go ahead! And pretend that "obedience training" will cure all.

I need options for dealing with prey drive. This 5-year-old Pit Bull, living with sibling, has killed squirrels and skunks. Owner wants to take dogs out on walks. One dog is fine. She does well around people, dogs and other animals. The other dog is great with people, but with any other animal in sight (including larger dogs), she goes into high prey drive. We are thinking about working on her listening skills with commands and using them to control help before she becomes fixated. Anyone had success with this?

I would connect this person with a good homeopath as this sounds like a dog with vaccinosis probable form the rabies vac. All the focus skills and clicker skills in the world won't be enough until the underlying problem is addressed. I would suggest using a head harness so that the owner has more control over the dog. Also teaching the dog to sit when a small animal is presented

Anonymous said...

I feel sorry for the Drunk Drivers who make it home safely after a night on the town. The one's who plow into a family give them a bad name.

Take a Cab, buy a Lab!

Anonymous said...

How many states have dangerous dog laws named after Pit Bull victims?

. said...

Hey there, Craven.

This is S n i f f e r. Had to make a new account because T a r a n t u l a g u y said he was going to press charges and honestly, it wasn't worth it....

So I'm starting anew, under a different alias and am currently reloading all of the posts I originally had on my other blog.

The reason for spacing the names is so I cannot be tracked via google or any other search engine.

Wish me luck!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

google knows who you are, it doesn't matter if you change names/blogs. did you get an email from him or from google?

can you send me the email notification that you received?

that was the crazy dude with the dog and the kid on his knee and the shade cord, right?

you did NOTHING wrong. the comments might have spiraled into troubled waters but your blog was okay. he was bluffing. that is something that you have to get used to.

you want to come blog on my site, let me know and i will send you an invitation and i will deal with the lawsuit threats.

Anonymous said...

AAAWWWWW.....Sniffer why are you running with your tail tucked between your legs???? Are you scared?