Sunday, November 22, 2009

fuck off

montreal 8 yr old chelsea is recovering after being attacked (on her own property) by the neighbor's pit bull. chelsea's owners are wanting more than just the vet bills paid and a measly fine of $300, they want "further repercussions". prior to the attack, there have been 2 close calls. the pit nutters own 3 ugly dogs and only a hedge contains them. when the news crew showed up, the pit nutters' response, "FUCK OFF".


flicka said...

Victims must not allow these attacks to go unchallenged, ask the police questions, ask animal control, talk to the prosecutor, take your case to civil court. Unless the owners of vicious dogs are held responsible the attacks will continue.

Unknown said...

I am a responsible pit nutter. However I do not agree with these pitbull owners that believe these dogs are safe enough that precautions are not made to keep people and animals safe. Just because of their gentle nature in the home does not guarantee that instincts will not kick in when unsupervised.
As a responsible owner, I read about the breeds history, and listened to both pro and anti pitbull arguments. both have valid points. I think that owners must be accountable for their animals actions. Lets face it, a pitbull is not a poodle, the fact is that pitbulls are fighting dogs from the day they are born, it is up to the owners to train, excercise and socialize these animals. I have 2 and I will admit that I take my dogs out to a large wide open field where there are no animals present except for a cow or two. Not that my animals have made any reason for that, I just care about my neighbors and I don't want to be the pitbull owner that says "he has never done anything like this before". Some might say "why have a dog like this"? I love the breed and they can take what my children dish out happily. Too often people get this breed without researching objectively. Both sides of the fence are valid. It is time to make owners responsible, legislation must be put in place. I don't agree with an all out breed ban, because next goldens will be banned because of their bite record. I do think that we pitt owners should need licensing and a good neighbor certified. Also breeders should be held accountable for where they place puppies.

flicka said...

Please do not think your dogs are not putting "a cow or two" at risk. Livestock attacks are most common. There is no particular logic to what triggers a pit. Fairly recently a pit riding in the back of a pickup truck jumped out of the moving truck to attack a bull standing in a field near the road. Horses in a confined area die during a pit attack without immediate human intervention. I am glad that you understand your dog's aggression potential but please be aware that livestock owners WILL hold you responsible for your dog's actions. Many livestock owners are armed.

Anonymous said...

Who can forget Anna Klafter's specially trained therapy pit bull attacking the police horse in San Francisco aa few years ago?

Her nutter response: "He's a good dog, he just has never seen a horse before"

flicka said...

"He's a good dog, he just has never seen a horse before"

This exact phrase is, sadly, all to familiar to me.