Sunday, November 22, 2009

growing dog problem

I've just returned from the city of Bakersfield's Kroll Way dog park, which has been a delightful place to take my Labrador retriever for years. However, it is no longer a delightful place -- it is being overrun with pit bulls. A pit bull killed a little dog there last week, and this morning a pit bull bit another dog there.

These dogs aren't the only ones that are overly aggressive -- the owners often are, too, as a fellow Lab owner and I noticed on our last visit to that dog park.

You'll frequently hear them uttering these famous last words: "My pit bull is so sweet, and it takes care of me!" Yeah, until something snaps and they kill you, or your child, or some completely innocent person or dog. I don't think law enforcement is taking this problem seriously enough, except for the police chief of Taft, God bless him.




Anonymous said...

Ahh...Misguided advocacy. Some nutters believe actually taking thier Pit Bull to a dog park is good breed stewardship...

"See...he didn't kill anything!"

You could do the same thing by filming a drunk driver successfully pulling into his driveway after a night on the town...."See, it's safe!"

Meanwhile, Jarreau/Shanks line Pits are being sold down in Louisiana...

Anonymous said...

Bakersfield. Kern County right?

They should talk to Janice Anderson, for-profit dog breeder on the animal control advisory board.

Anderson has been helping the dog fighters stay in business there, unregulated, and helping them unleash their aggressive dogs on the public to attack.

Because they know there is no regulation and a breeder industry operative acting to protect their interests there, the dog fighters and breeders have moved to Kern County as other counties crack down on them and regulate them so they can't hurt and kill people and pets.

The animal control board is Kern County is getting dicked by a fanatical, profit hungry, AKC nutcase and her nutcase old lady tax cheat AKC breeder buddies, who enable everything from hoarding to puppy mills to dog fighting there by fending off any kind of regulation at all.

She also preaches the Winograd pro-breeder, pro-puppy mill, and pro-dog fighter crap.

HonestyHelps said...

Yes, indeed it is Kern County, home to breeders and hoarders. And with all the publicity of Cindy Bemis, Cynthia Gruger, Kim Peck they still aren't addressing the issue of hoarding because it usually is tied in with breeding. Plus it is beginning to sound like Guy Shaw, head of AC, is drinking the "No Kill" koolaid. Just recently they had the goof from Canada who is the up and coming next guru of "no kill" speak before the animal commission.

Anonymous said...

The breeders want No Kill because breeder lobbies pay off these No Kill nitwits to oppose regulation, so the puppy mills can keep on doing what they do for the AKC - torture dogs and make money for AKC.

This is why breeders like Anderson on Kern County Animal Control commission push the lie that is No Kill. They don't care about the animals. They care only about opposing regulation, protecting breeder profits, and getting the taxpayers to clean up after the breeders.

Anonymous said...

Get the BOE on them for not collecting and remitting sales tax!

The undeclared tax revenue can be used for medicaid payments to pit victims or to buy euthasol for the never ending stream of pits entering the A/C system.

HonestyHelps said...

The BOE is all over them. This is where an unnamed breeder made a comment to a reporter. She said just enough so that we could track her down. She was also running an accounting business without a license. She's paying taxes now. The tip line in CA has been ringing off the wall. Give us something to work with and the humane community will go after it. Since the BOE has taken an interest, breeders need to watch themselves. They are hot about it on their blogs.

Anonymous said...

Look for an AKC breeder. You've got a tax cheat.

They used to talk on their forums about how they got away with the tax swindle. Claiming it was a "hobby" and they "lost money."


Then they would admit privately that they were all making money!

And talk about how their hide the dogs they have and sell.

They also often run boarding, training, handling, stud service businesses as well.

Find out from their neighbors how many dogs they have, track them through their web sites, track them down through show records. Their vets or workers there often know.

If these breeders sell ANYTHING, they have to get a sales tax id number, and that goes in most states.

The IRS says that income from animal sales is to be reported and taxed AS REGULAR INCOME.

Plus people can get a reward if their turn them in.,,id=106778,00.html

Some of them try to hide by using PO boxes. But the PO now makes them show complete id, and tracks PO box holders more carefully.

When all these donkeys show up at these animal control meetings or whatever to oppose regulation, collect a list of names.

Legislators also get ranting emails and letters from them with their names.

Anonymous said...

And some of these breeders are making hundreds of thousands of dollars a year, despite this "hobby" crap!

Big time tax cheating!

Anonymous said...

If the puppy mills were paying taxes as they should be (which many avoid thanks to lack of regulation) then the AKC would be getting a lot less money to pay for their fruitcake dog shows and lobbying. In fact, the criminal AKC fun house would shut down.

The puppy mills' whole business plan is CUT COSTS as much as possible, cut costs on care, vets, anything, to maximize numbers of animals and profits.

The puppy mills have to start being honest and pay taxes, not as many registrations for the AKC.

And the AKC goes broke, which they just about did before they started pushing the puppy mill connection.

Friends Administrator said...

Kern is a perfect place for puppy mills, lots of land, very few people, no household limits, poor, easy access to LA and buyers. They know this and still don't try to stop it. You move to Kern to get away from society or the law, it doesn't attract the better of society, thus puppy millers.