Saturday, November 7, 2009

pig lipstick

you can put lipstick on a pig but it is still a pig.

ledy vankavage and her wiggle butts

vankavage made time from her hectic ohio wiggle butt propaganda tour to speak to the toldeo blade about the unfairness of the ohio state law that discriminates against her grippers. vankavage believes the identification of "pit bulls" is wrong most of the time and only DNA testing, which costs $120 per dog, is truly accurate.

here is a quote from an experienced dogman talking about the breeder of the oldest family of american pit bull terriers:
Doggie DNA testing is inaccurate, my breeder did a DNA test on one of his dogs....(his strain of dog can be traced back to the early 1800's through pedigree documentation) and the results were his dogs were of a mix of breeds and not one of them were of the APBT family. Between my breeder and his father before him they have been preserving the breed for more than 110 years, the breed doesn't get any more pure than what he has on his yard. So how accurate do you really think those DNA test are if the oldest most renowned breeder in the history of these dogs has inconclusive test results for his dogs ?

Don't buy into the whole DNA thing, besides the chances of your pup being Amstaff is extremely slim. The Amstaff is not a widely owned breed and they often have to breed back into the APBT due to the lack of depth in the gene pool. Most commonly the DNA test result with that say the dog is Amstaff is actually more than likely American Pit Bull Terrier than that of Amstaff breedings. It was the folks who breed Amstaffs that submitted the DNA samples for the project and the Amstaff stems from APBT breedings just bred to different standards.

sure vankavage is a handsomely paid hired gun for a wealthy animal rights cult but who are you going to believe? some flaky animal rights lawyer who probably has 10 years experience promoting pit bulls as family pets or someone who has been involved with creating the breed for the last CENTURY?

you can put a clown suit on a killer but it is still a killer.

john wayne gacy

meanwhile, as tom skeldon gets raked over the coals, ANOTHER ohio county is scrambling to get a handle on their pit bull problem.
maybe the jefferson county dog warden should have a chat with the lucas county dog warden?


Trigger said...

Look at Ledy, the paid lobbyist (excuse me "Legislative Analyst") for Best Friends. Ledy and Best Friends have ZERO BUSINESS in making any comments or directive statements to "County Animal Control Departments" who by default MUST accept all incoming animals, including all vicious dogs. The private organization of Best Friends has the option of refusing any and all dogs of their choosing. See "Flashback: Best Friends Animal Sanctuary Refuses Care of Pit Bulls"

Anonymous said...

How many miles of sutures is Bledy Van Karnage responsible for?!?

Anonymous said...

The funny thing about these DNA tests is that no US Canine DNA company has put together a bank of APBT DNA to test against citing it will be used for BSL purposes...Result: 100 percent negative test result!

Of course Best Friends knows this!

Anonymous said...

problem with this skeldon guy is he and his douche bag employees think they can identify an apbt.

at a hearing at the state court level (when a decision in toledo was overturned) skeldon could not properly identify two separate pictures an an apbt out of 25 dog pictures.

real professional "doing his job," right?

this dickelss hack runs a kill center, not a dog shelter.

he'll be out soon though, and ohio will catch up with the rest of the country and realize bsl doesn't accomplish anything, holding owners responsible does.

take that and shove it up your twat P. (if it's not too dry).

Anonymous said...

The only group of individuals that regularly have a problem with identification of pit bulls is...
pit bull owners. If we are to accept statments by the pit bull lobby, there are no pit bulls.

Felony said...

Nice to see that some animal control officers actually do their job!

Check out pit bull expert and former animal control officer Diane Jessup's advice to someone who has been told they have too many animals, get rid of some of them.

"Could she maybe ditch a few of the dogs and then sneak them back in a month or so? Believe me, AC doesn't check back."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

to the clown bashing tom skeldon, send me the link, prove what you are saying.

Anonymous said...

You know, I actually agree with much of what you say about people who abuse animals or do not contain their dogs, but your whole message is lost when you group people like Ledy VanKavage in with animal abusers.
The other reason you will never get people like me on board with you-- is the fact that you are so nasty and unreasoning (or ignorant) when it comes to canine issues.
Insulting people like VanKavage is childish, cruel and demonstrates your immaturity.
Therefore I cannot embrace any of your other, perhaps, legitimate points.
Shame - because, in a way you are onto something, and you do fairly good research - but you cannot be taken seriously because of your nastiness and immaturity.

flicka said...

VanKavage's blind advocacy (and she IS paid to do this) targets communities attempting to pass law appropriate for protecting their citizens. When the carpet bagger lawyers come to town and are joined by vocal non-resident pit bull advocates the pressure is intense. Those residents who show up at public meetings to speak in favor of whatever law is proposed are exposed to threats and extreme intimidation. Please do not attempt to take the high ground on this issue. We read the pit bull blogs.

Friends Administrator said...

Take what, asshole?? You and your lame misidentification excuses, who fucking cares? There are pits, staffies, this and that, they all add up to the same thing, killings and maulings, all bred for the same shit, all dangerous. Stupid fucking nutter is all you are, wouldn't know the truth if it slide up your ass.

Anonymous said...

P. What a sweet, reasonable person you are. Thanks for adding to the conversation - your post was so enlightening.

Anyway, Flicka - Ledy VanKavage is an educated, intelligent, responsible dog owner - and here in America, you have a right to fight for your property and loved ones and to present arguments about your beliefs - that is how reasonable people do things.
For you to find fault with that and for you and cravendesires to insult her for this is immature and downright nasty.
And Flica, FYI, I am not taking the "high road" it is just from the very low road you are standing on, my road must appear awfully high.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

here are the options:
1) ledy vankavage is right and a man who's family has been involved in the creation of the apbt for over 100 years is wrong. (i couldn't even type this with a straight face)
2) ledy vankavage lied
3) ledy vankavage is gullible and believes everything that is told to her.
IF ledy is educated and intelligent then the only other explanation is she is a liar. i suppose i should have put that out there at the beginning, my bad. wouldn't be the first time an attorney lied presenting their case, i am sure.
the bottom line is vankavage is not speaking the truth, lies or ignorance, has to be one or the other, take your pick. or better yet, you come up with something. how about ledy is not responsible for her words, she was abducted by alien pit bulls and the information was implanted.

i am definitely on to something. you know when the people who normally chant, "ban stupid owners, not dogs" show up and start saying, "you need to blame the dogs and leave these poor rescuers alone, they're only trying to help" you have hit pay dirt. but i am happy you agree that i am on to something and have shown everyone reading this that i have provided yet another excuse for the pit nutter community to do nothing about the problem. essentially you are saying it is now my fault that this problem will not be addressed. whatever you need to tell yourself to make you feel better. the world is so much easy to deal with when you can blame everyone and everything else around you.
in the words of patrick burns, "i salute you".

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

one more thing sharlene,
i suggest you read these two blogs by terrierman:

Anonymous said...

Wow, OK, sorry, my bad too - I thought there was a chance you could be reasoned with.
Yep, everyone who defends pit bulls is a liar or a nut - you must be right, cause you said so.
You know, it takes a mighty big brush to paint the world one color.
Obviously, you think you have it - no delusions of grandeur here.
My only question hot-shot- if all you say about pit bulls is true, how on earth can there be a person left standing? Shouldn't we all have been killed by now.
Hasta la vista - enjoy your view of the world -

Anonymous said...

Oh, and forgot to say (and with a straight face)
You choose to believe a dogman (aka a criminal, heartless, violent human being) over an educated, intelligent caring person.
Yep, enjoy your view of the world.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

no i don't believe that they all lie, just most of them.

the difference between dog fighter lies and pit nutter lies:

dog fighters deny that dog aggression is a problem, they deny fighting is cruel and when they get caught, they deny that they engage in it.

pit nutters deny that innate dog aggression exists in the breed/type.

i think the pit nutter camp is the one that is directly creating all of these victims. the dog fighters by continuing to breed them for fighting, are indirectly creating victims. you are both dirty, but in different ways.

now, i really need to get back to this blog i am working on. you might find it interesting. it is about an attorney involved in bully breed rescue whose bulldog attacked another dog at a dog park. i am sure that you will find it nasty, insulting and immature so check back soon.

Anonymous said...

I see no insult to Ledy VanKavage in anything I have written. I AM fighting for my property and loved ones, in fact I stand in a pool of their blood. I did not choose this road. Possibly everything is uphill from this point but your road does not look good to me.
How long do the sutures usually stay in...?

flicka said...

I apologise for my error in the above post. I clicked incorrectly, the post is from Flicka.

Anonymous said...

I don't get it...The only example of breed stewardship the nutters can come up with is that the dogmen culled we aren't suppose to believe them?!?

These nutters are all over the map.