Monday, November 9, 2009

the crisis in pit rescue part 2

these are attacks by dogs that have been through the rescue/rehab system that have just occurred in the last month. these are the attacks that we KNOW about.

lawrenceburg, tennessee a couple adopted an apbt named "dillinger" from eleven eleven bull rescue in dickson, tennessee. within minutes of them bringing baby home, he attacked them. the woman had 60 stictches in her hand and the man had reconstructive surgery on his leg. while dillinger was under quarantine, he attacked an animal control officer. he lost part of his thumb and recieved injuries to his arm.

woodbury, minnesota a 53 yr old retired police officer adopted an american bulldog from a texas rescue. five months later as the two watched tv, the dog mauled him. he lost an ear and a good chunk of his face and nearly lost an eye. i'm still looking for the rescue org that placed igor.

royal oakes, michigan an apbt named rocky got loose from his foster mommy and attacked another dog. the rescue, paws for life rescue and adoption, is spinning quite a tale and talking about law suits because animal control dared to euthanize rocky after he bit two men who tried to save the dog that rocky zeroed in on, despite the fact that the negligent person who was fostering him TURNED HIM OVER VOLUNTARILY. watch the rescue's head honcho courtney protz-sanders spin the facts and blame everyone one for this attack except the dingy rescue angels who think that it's all how you raise 'em!

courtney protz-sanders

new canaan, connecticut attorney and pit bull advocate/rescuer for bully breed rescue benni mcgrath's ambull got away from her and attacked 2 snack sized dogs. the owner was bitten trying to protect her little dogs.

and a few honorable mentions

michigan dog fighters joshua gates, martin phillips and jay rodriguez claimed they were only operating a pit bull rescue. they later pled guilty to dog fighting.

border collie breeder/rescuer richard swafford of tennessee was raided last september for running what appeared to be a puppy mill.

SPCA volunteer anna klafter was kicked in the head when her OFF LEASH therapy wiggle butt attacked a police horse. this woman received 2 tickets totaling <$200 but she deserved a darwin award.

then there is pit bull rescuer tia torres, married to a felon who is back in prison. torres tried to open a brothell to pay for her 200 plus rescued pit bulls and hired ex-cons to come and help her care for them. she has managed to finagle a tv show called pit bulls and parolees.

tia maria torres

what is wrong with this picture?
for starters, there is absolutely no regulation or oversight for the dog/cat rescue industry.
this is made worse by the fact that the pit nutter community headed up by jane berkey, donna reynolds and ledy vankavage has successfully commandeered themselves into the position of authority on pit bulls, where they defined the breed, the problem and the solution. you have people like janet hinkley and rhonda lang who are totally clueless about pit bulls, presenting themselves as "experts" and spoonfeeding bullshit to the media. unless someone out there is exposing them, how is the man on the street to know any different?


Anonymous said...

Yes and don't forget that NFL Linebacker James harrison's misunderstood sweetheart Patron was sold on Craigslist after a mere 3 week rehab...

Can I get a "Human Agreessive Pits were always culled" for old tymes sake?!?

Anonymous said...

The police horse was never able to return to work. I wonder what the lost value was on that one? What is the price for a fully trained police horse?

Sharlene LovesAPBT said...
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Sharlene LovesAPBT said...

Well I own a PitBull, I do my best. I love the breed. But I understand that they can be a serious problem if left unmanaged. I do not agree with re-homing pits, reason being the process (I admit I considered it)was a crap shoot. I figured if it was that easy to get a dog then what was the criteria for the foster homes that care for them and assure the public they are safe.? I would love for you to go after bully breed rescue on facebook. I was a "fan" till I seen them cross posting every cur from every city across America claiming they are sweethearts. I say leave the raising and owning of these dogs to people who are actually going to give a shit and take the proper precautions with these animals. They are not an everyday dog. There is a movement to keep these dogs as safe as any other dog. I think if they have been dumped in a pound there is a reason. I also think there should be STRICT laws for those who own one, and if it is not met, those dogs should be seized and euthanized. That would separate the freaks and people who could care less if their neighbors kid gets mauled from the people who do take great care and caution with these dogs.
Thanks, I await being called a PitBull nutter. (even though I am actualy one of the good guys
PS I deleted the last comment because I had one more thought to get out.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hello sharlene.
for the record, i do not believe that every pit bull owner is a pit nutter or a dog fighter. i know that "you" people exist. i suspect that the numbers are so small as to be statistically insignificant.
i am glad that you found my blog. this could be interesting.

Anonymous said...

Wow struck a nerve did I? Well hey threats are nothing new to bloggers. Just saying. All you people claim to know who this is on here. I seen it all over the facebook page. Shelly Bright of Tucson. Who has her own blog in a online paper, little animal guru. LMAO. Didnt like that I posted one of Bully Breeds Rescue was involved in a attack on someones animal. Geez she should have known that would happen in a DOG park. She had no business being there. PIT BULLS ARE A RISK I never take mine around dogs that haven't been raised together. At least if my dogs ever get in a fight it is my dogs and myself that are in danger.

Anonymous said...

Sharlene, you are bashing your own breed. You are a trader and nothing you say can affect me. Tomorrow, you will find, people who know who the real Sharlene is, I promise you that. You are a sad excuse for a own pit bulls yet here you are, siding with the devil. Says a lot for your character.

Friends Administrator said...

You nutters, always a laugh a minute. If you sounded more like Sharlene, the world would be a better place. But you don't care about a better place, do you? You only care about your dogs mauling and killing. Your day is here, you will be paying the price for your stupidity and ignorance. Your fucking dogs are going down too.

Anonymous said...

P.- I take that as a threat??
Our dogs are going down?

How do you know anything about us? That our dogs are CGC registered, and therapy dogs. See, you don't.

Anonymous said...

Anon/Shar said: "Shelly Bright of Tucson. Who has her own blog in a online paper, little animal guru. LMAO."

LOL...Well, what a fabulous compliment.

What a lovely thing to say.....and we saw your posted Pit profile picture...what a beauty...too bad she is not yours. But you sure picked a great shot to post... :)

Friends Administrator said...

God, you nutters are funny!!! Can't even get genders right much less people. What can one expect from such idiots anyway? To honestly think a pit can be a "therapy" dog, what stupidity! No, sweetie, we know you, we know all about you, and it really does make one puke to realize that there are subhumans such as yourselves actually living among civilized people.

Sharlene LovesAPBT said...

Yes Shelly you are an airhead. Yes I am a proud owner of an APBT, with another on the way. Don't like it, too bad. I am also the only owner so far that has gotten shout outs on a message board that clearly thinks Pits should be culled. Ironic isn't it. But hey when someone stands up and says yes these dogs can be dangerous, they need to be handled differently than other breeds they see someone with some common sense. Wow you and your hippy ways have gotten ahead of yourself. But hey, you are also standing up for a girl who is 22 and cross posting any cur she sees a picture of. (there are lots of pages dedicated to pretty pics of bullys)So really who is the logical one here. Hmm I guess they are looking at me. And thanks, I think my hound is beautiful, and loving and everything I could want in a Pitbull. That's why I take all the precautions I have to. So she can be my dog till the end of her long life.

Friends Administrator said...

Anon, you are not a celebrity, you are a joke. And you are the one posting without a name, fool.

Unknown said...

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Sharlene LovesAPBT said...

Yes Mackenzie what is your last name??? You are probably a big fat greasy man claiming to be a woman. So shut up with your rhetoric. In case you don't get what I am saying, putting up a name, no pic and so on is pretty anonymous, isn't it?