Tuesday, November 30, 2010

dogsbite.org: update on the vick dogs


Anonymous said...

Wait a minute...I have been told repeatewdly that these animals are the same as any other dog!

Pit Grifters!

Anonymous said...

I would never adopt a dog from a rescue. They've all ready been rescued. Adopt from shelters.

Anonymous said...

Could we get a tally of the fate of the Vick dogs? Out of a total number rescued, how many went to Best Friends? Also, several died of various causes, am I right? A few escaped their "responsible fosters/owners" and were hit by cars. One "highly adoptable" dog that went to Best Friends, Denzel, turned out to be not so adoptable, and, several years later, ended up chewing his way through a chain link kennel to kill another dog.

Despite a small fortune being spent, and daily rehabilitation, socialization and training, these dogs still aren't safe to go to a pet home. Yet all of the Vick beagles went quietly into pet homes quickly...despite being abused, isolated and unsocialized. What was the difference?
Could it be the breed?

Anonymous said...

Sorry off topic, does anyone have a link regarding temple grandin and her opinion on pits? also, any posts here skewering the american temperament test? thanks

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i seem to recall the pitbullforum nutters praising her latest book, sometime within the last year. i don't remember specific comments.

i read one of grandin's books years ago and she talked about how keeping your dogs chained up and fenced up contributed to less socialized more aggressive dogs. i don't recall any mention of pit bulls or any specific breed.

i will be delivering the death blow to the ATTS this month. i have been saying that for year but this time, i promise to deliver. it is a big job.

Anonymous said...

The ATTS is run by pit bull breeders.

All bullshit, all the time. It's just yet another front group for the game doggers and their friends the AKC and UKC clowns.

Anonymous said...

ok, does Best Friends help any other animals besides dogs and pitbulls? There are four different species of animal on the sign but whenever I hear someone mention Best Friends, the words pit bull is mentioned in the same breath. I have NEVER heard of them helping any other species besides dogs and even then people only talk about their pit bulls. Whats up with that?

Also, 35 months to rehab 3 dogs?? Somethings either wrong with their rehab method or the breed.... probably both.

Anonymous said...

Anon 10:55

They do help other animals, as can be seen here. http://www.bestfriends.org/atthesanctuary/

But their huge source of income is the Vick pit bulls and pit bulls in general.

Anonymous said...

"ok, does Best Friends help any other animals besides dogs and pitbulls?"

Not any more.

They have been getting rid of non-pit bulls at the sanctuary in record numbers, reducing the population. To the point where visitors even complain they don't have many dogs, except pit bulls!

That "at the sanctuary" crap is just that, crap. They lie about everything.

They are NOT a sanctuary. They aren't even doing anything to help non-pit bulls other than write ad copy pretending they are.

Their focus is promoting pit bulls and helping the pit bull breeders and dog fighters brutalize and use these dogs even more, and making as much money as they can suck in doing this.

A lot of senior management getting rich off this, spending hundreds of thousands doing things like flying around in private jets attending pit bull events.

Other animals have been left in the dust.

Best Friends is now a pit bull business. They aren't an animal welfare organization any more. In fact, by pushing pit bulls and accepting the attacks on the animals that pit bulls are decimating in record numbers, they have actually turned into something more like a pro animal cruelty business!

Anonymous said...

And the screwiest thing is, they are hurting pit bulls.

And getting these dogs into the media via attacks because Best Friends is telling people they are pets and to let the kids climb on them, and the breeders get screwed over too, and get a lot more scrutiny and public outrage (which is funny)

Anonymous said...

Anon 12:59

I suggest you read this

Anonymous said...

I love the pitbullforum comments about "Mel". My 2 favorites are these:

"Anyone who can intentionally cause so much harm to another living thing for pleasure should really just be euthanized. We have no need for people like that in our society."

(Replace "anyone" with "any dog" and "people" with "animals". Clearly the author of this post hasn't noticed how much sheer joy pit bulls derive from killing things - I have never seen a tail go faster than on a pit in attack mode, they are even happier than a retriever with a ball.)


"I have a fearful dog. Many, many people who meet him may think he's just a little off or "nearly normal" as a friend put it. but that is only because we do not put Pete into situations that will push him over the edge. It do not like watching my dog danderuff, lip lick, pee on himself and eventually give warning bites.

Recently, we were at an event when a friend's child (12 years old?) noticed that we said a new dog name...new to her. He's never met her because kids cause a fear response and high-level stress around him in 95% of situations. The kid in this situation is a damn good kid and a damn good dog handler but why should I put Pete in that situation?"

("Pete" is the dog. A fear aggressive pit bulldog that he admits will bite and is aroused by kids...and he hasn't introduced the kid to the dog because he doesn't want to put the DOG in a bad situation. These people are absolute misanthropes.)

Anonymous said...

22 Vick Dogs x $18K =$396,000

Low IQ Pit Bull Hoarder said...

Most of those Vick dogs cannot be rehabilitated. That's why!

Let's face it. It's a loser breed intentionally created by the losers of society for the disgusting purpose of dog fighting and underground gambling.

The pit bull is NOT a companion dog and surely NOT a pet.

Please get over your delusions, pit nutters.

Anonymous said...

Please note that there are dozens of greyhound rescues all over this country that do not have the money of Best Friends nor the benefit of seasoned dog trainers/behaviorists, yet they take in and adopt out thousands of greyhounds each year. These dogs vary in age from barely 2 year old puppies to 4-5 year old ex-racers to 10+ brood bitches; some are flown in from other countries, some have broken bones. None of these dogs kill anyone and most fit in to their new homes in a matter of days. On which dogs would our money be better spent? Which dogs would you rather have live next to you?

Anonymous said...

"22 Vick Dogs x $18K =$396,000"

Add in the millions thanks to fundraising and "selling" these dogs that they get from gullible idiots that believe their lies, the trinket sales, the Vick dog wine sales, the Vick dog art sales, this is a BUSINESS.

And a few are getting rich. Not any of the animals though. The animals are getting dumped.

(Did you know that the merchandise sales division of Best Friends is a private corporation owned by the FOUNDERS? They get the money from merchandise sales, not the sanctuary animals or any other animals)

Anonymous said...

18 grand a dog is good incentive to NOT adopt out.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:34 - definitely the greyhounds! I had a very nice one who died of cancer recently and he came to me terrified to even go up the stairs. It took a couple training sessions with lots of treats to teach him the stairs were safe and how to climb up them.

He came from a particularly sleazy track but he was a wonderful dog.

Anonymous said...

One thing about the ATTS is that it judges dogs according to the standards they set for the breed. If each dog breed has its own standards then does this test really serve any purpose as far as comparing breeds to one another?

Anonymous said...

The answer is no - the ATTS is not set up for comparing breeds. If it were, then the test would be scored the same way for all breeds and the same sample size would be used for each breed. All the ATTS does is count the number of dogs per breed whose owners train and pay for them to take the test. You can't use it to compare breeds and you can't use it to determine how the average dog owned by the average owner would act.

april 29 said...

I did the ATTS test with a dog back in the 80's. Unless the proceedure has changed, and I have no reason to think that it has, the majority of judges are untrained members of the sponsoring club. One judge comes from the ATTS and there are multiple club members that are handed score sheets and rate the dogs. ATTS tests are rarely held by Poodle Clubs, your big dog clubs like this activity. The club member judges come to this with their prejudices and it shows in the judging. This should give the pits an advantage, but still they pass (judged on breed specific criteria) at a very mediocre rate.

After the test we attended was complete, the real ATTS judge apologised for the score my dog had been given. My dog, an Obedience Titled Standard Poodle, was walking in front of me when the hostile stranger approached. This dog had never seen a hostile person and stopped to look at him. Without any direction from me, she quickly went around behind me (her normal finish) stood at heel position, an independent and absolutely correct response. Clever. In her very polite, obedience trained mind, one does not cross in front of the handler. Then on her own, she moved forward and stood on a diagonal in front of me, blocking the stranger from aproaching. When the stranger retreated, Jane gave one polite bark and we went on with the test. The club members saw the around-behind finish as cowardice. They apparently had never seen an Obedience Dog work. I tell this story just so people understand that the ATTS is a pleasant enough way to spend an afternoon outside with your dog but meaningless.