Friday, November 5, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 11/05/10

09.22.10 UK David and Debbie Sowdon took their puppy out for his very first walk. Sebastian's first experience in the outside world was in the jaws of an ugly staffy bull. “I could see his face in its mouth and he looked terrified. I still can’t get that image out of my head, it’s horrendous.” turns out the pit nutter was only a dog walker and said "he's never done that before!" the 44 yr old woman was cautioned for allowing the mutant to be dangerously out of control in public. “If these people wish to potentially endanger their own family, on their own property, then so be it. In public, there should be a zero tolerance approach.” i agree David!

10.30.10 UK the British Horse Society wants the police to step up and do their job after the recent surge in dog attacks. the BHS notes the recent death of Justina the 27 yr old arabian mare, the incident of 2 ridgebacks lunging at a horse (notice the ridgebacks did not make physical contact with the horse) and the horse in this photo. this is one of two horses that were attacked in Dulwich Park last month. the rider was thrown and suffered a back injury. the horse fled WITH THE DOG ATTACHED to its chest. gee, i wonder what kind of dog this was? the BHS has launched a website dedicated to dog attacks on horses. victims, please click the link and tell them your story.

11.01.10 huntsville, alabama 8 month old Bullet was curious about the ugly mutant in the fence next to him. so Bullet did what all dogs do, explore with their nose. Bullet stuck his nose through a hole and the ugly mutant pit on the other returned the greeting by grabbing Bullet and pulling his head through the hole and tearing his lower lip from the jaw bone.

11.01.10 copiah county, mississippi shoot, shovel & shut up. residents have been complaining about a mutant pit bull attacking and killing dogs and a cat. after getting no action from authorities, they took matters into their own hands - they shot it. aaahh, the "good old days". WLBT found the JOE COOPER family burying it when they went to the area to cover the story. the neighbors confirmed the callers complaint and sheriff confirmed the complaints.

"The one who owned the dog had been put in the penitentiary on a drug related charge, and unfortunately I couldn't get him to take the dog with him to the penitentiary. We have been trying to catch the dog, we have been unsuccessful in that attempt. I contacted the dog owner's father, and the father I think is taking steps to apprehend the dog." Sheriff Jones said.

11.02.10 park ridge, illinois Buster a 2 yr old shih-poo was savaged by a pit/husky/st bernard mix that escaped from its backyard. his owner Leslie Rosciano was injured trying to protect him. Rosciano reports that Buster is no longer the same happy, playful dog.

rip Ruffy
11.03.10 bakersfield, california Ruffy was killed in his own yard by two loose neighborhood mutant pit bulls owned by 26 yr old ALEX GARCIA OLIVARES.

11.03.10 anchorage, alaska three miniature horses were savaged by 2 mutant mixes. the owner and neighbors responded with shovels and golf clubs. Hero Harley was "chewed up around the lips, mouth and tongue". Daddy's Girl was the most seriously injured. the vet spent four hours sewing up her face, jaw and legs. the vet said she may not survive. one dog has been caught and the microchip has given authorities a lead. i am sure there will be plenty of excuses like, "that's not my dog anymore, i can't remember who i gave it." Daddy's Girl died

rip Chalk
11.03.10 UK Jackie Nolan was bitten defending her yorkie from 2 staffy bulls.
"They surrounded my dog and started biting his hind end, I was kicking the dogs trying to get them off and the owner of the Staffs walked over with no urgency to get them off. By this time I was knocked to the floor by the dogs and screaming, he calmly said his dogs should be allowed to run free the same as other dogs."
an identical attack happened in the same spot 30 minutes earlier to another yorkie, this one survived. the culprits are described as a white male, aged between 45 - 55, short grey hair, approx 5’ 10” wearing spectacles, a grey fleece, dark jeans and green wellington boots. two brown Staffordshire terriers and a dark coloured Collie.

11.04.10 california a mutant pit bull killed a chihuahua. Hugo Cervantes said his chihuahua was playing fine with the pit bull and then all of the sudden, the mutant grabbed a hold of the little dog and wouldn't release. when animal control arrived, the pit was being "the friendliest animal ever." Cervantes got another little surprise when he found out that the city's newly revised code does not cover dog on dog attacks. is the chako media whore behind this?

11.04.10 canada BANA the great MUTATO is now the great DIRT NAPPO! BANA'S PROUD owner GRAY ARTHUR skipped court the day three people testified against him for attacking people and at least TWO dogs. the pit nutters had been cited several times since 2006.

11.04.10 los angeles, california Samantha, a deaf service dog was attacked by a pit bull at a shopping mall in may. why wasn't reported ad nauseum? her owner was injured trying to save her. five men came to her aid. the pit nutter took control of his mutant and fled, as did the 5 men who helped free Samantha. the city completely screwed over this victim. be sure to visit the link and read entire fiasco and leave a comment.

11.04.10 saline, michigan a golden retriever was attacked during a dog walk because the pit nutter, a 12 yr old girl, could not control it. the girl gave the golden's owner her phone number but when she tried to call it, the adult pit nutter in the house hung up on her. the police subpoenaed her phone provider. the woman turned herself into the police but proceeded to blame it on the golden.

11.04.10 internet morons Well, my boyfriend and I have been doing the long distance thing for almost a year since we graduated college. He will be starting law school in my town in the fall and plans on moving here in June. His dream since he was a little boy has always been to own a Pit Bull.
And no, it is not for machismo or for security or what not. He has always loved the breed, researched it for years, and has all these training plans for it including puppy training school, agility training, etc.He actually hates that people breed/train these dogs for the wrong reasons and we are both very aware of the stereotypes of the breed.
The problems are:
1. He will be in law school. Not much time for a pup, especially one requiring extra socialization.
2. I have a Miniature Dachshund and i have read that you should not leave a pit bull alone with a small dog (and no I do not believe everything I read) but I would never forgive myself if something happened to her!
3. This is a man I see myself marrying. We will likely someday be living together. My mom HATES pit bulls. she is not educated about them but is very stubborn in her disregard for the breed. My neighbors small dog was killed in its own fenced in backyard by a pit bull and she judges the entire breed now. How can I get her to accept my bf’s new pit bull puppy as part of the family and a safe dog??
So basically, I am looking for some advice, suggestions, or even jusr reassurance that Pit Bulls are great dogs. I have always defended the breed but after my neighbors dog was attacked by a “nice, home-raised and well trained” Pit bull, I have doubts I just can’t supress.

11.04.10 atoka, tennessee one of JOHN BECKMAN'S ugly mutant pit bulls was shot and killed (yippee!) when two of them bolted out of the house and charged across the street menacing another neighbor. the dog was shot as it should have been , especially in light of the fact that it mauled their dog previously and menaced the family twice within the last week.

11.05.10 buffalo, new york Chewie has been attacked on two different occasions by the same mutant pit bull. the first attack, Chewie was able to escape serious injury but not this time. neighbors say the pit has been a problem. animal control has confirmed three complaints about the mutant. Chewie's vet bill is at $1000. the pit nutters have apologized but i didn't read anything about reimbursement of vet bills. i guess they are not THAT sorry.


australia Joseph Sammut received an award for bravery for coming to the aid of a 50 yr old woman and her jack russell. the woman and her dog were attacked by two mutant pit bulls last december. Sammut was bitten on the hand, his artery was severed. the frankenmaulers recieved dirt naps and the pit nutter was fined and ordered to pay her vet bill.

vero beach, florida 53 yr old TIMMY BROWN, the owner of the october 19th home invasion frankenmaulers was fined $180 and surrendered his unvaccinated mutants to the county. they are dirt napping. the victim, Rick Owens, was bitten on the hand saving his jack russell from the assassins. Owens said today, almost 3 weeks after the attack, he still open puncture wounds and has no feeling in 3 fingers.

11.03.10 livingston county, michigan JACOB RUSSELL HARRIMAN pled guilty in may to his frankenmauler attack on 2 gsds in april which left one of the dogs dead. his unlicensed, unvaccinated mutant pit bull was given a dirt nap and HARRIMAN was ordered to return for sentencing and failed to show not once, not twice but three times. the judge sentenced HARRIMAN to 20 days in jail and ordered him to pay restitution in the amount of $2201 by jan 25th or go to jail. she also sentenced HARRIMAN to one year probation. something tells me that HARRIMAN will make the news again.
i reported the attack and the first no show back in july.

the good old days revisited...

11.02.10 union bridge, maryland a 3 year old pit bull and 10 month old chihuahua were found shot to death with a large caliber gun. the dogs belonged to LEONARD and HEATHER NAHR and are crying foul. they say there is a dog killer on the loose but i suspect there were killer dogs on the loose. you know those chihuahuas are extremely savage beasts. the dogs "went missing" october 12th. of course LEONARD NAHR has a criminal record.

11.02.10 bibb county, georgia a deputy shot and killed a pit bull after it attacked him during a domestic violence call.

11.02.10 philadelphia, pennsylvania two cops shot and killed a pit dog that was attacking a woman. why do the police get all of the fun of basking in the glory of the good ole days?

11.04.10 ontario pit nutter PHILLIP HUGGINS lost his final appeal to bring his frankenmauler home. GINGER injured a shepherd/collie mix named Buddy and his owner Jody McDonough in november 2005. time for GINGER'S dirt nap!


Anonymous said...

Craven you should retitle this regular entry the JANE BERKEY ANIMAL FARM WEEKLY LIST OF FRANKENMAULER MAULINGS.

These attacks and killings are what Jane Berkey is spending her money to support and increase, and she is working hard to increase the death toll of our pets thanks to her pit bull promotion business.

Anonymous said...

If pit bull regulations were presented as ballot initiatives, they would pass overwhelmingly in most cities and towns. If voters were the ones deciding, you would see the adoption of BSL across the country, especially for things like mandatory licensing, insurance and spay/neuter. Each city and town is different, so it would be up to residents to find out how to get an ordinance on the ballot. You usually need signatures of registered voters.

Victims need to ban together and advocate.....the pit bull lobby may be able to harrass, threaten, and intimidate small groups of public officials, but they can't fight the democratic process and stop people from voting on a public safety issue.

Anonymous said...

Add three miniature horses when misunderstood Pits breal containment and storm Alaskan pettin zoo:

Anonymous said...

Ridiculous that anybody was able to appeal for FIVE years before a dangerous dog was finally put down. The courts have their priorities seriously skewed. I hope the fucker has to pay thousands for the upkeep of the dog and court costs through that whole time.

Anonymous said...

The pit nutters are signing a petition trying to keep Ginger alive.

So much for "punish the deed"

Unknown said...

I do agree that Pit bulls are extremely dangerous dogs and have rightfully been banned where I am, but your site fails to show stories of animals and people attacked by non-"mutant pits". I am the proud owner of a Staffordshire Bull Terrier, I feel that the breed gets a lot of bad press, many people clearly don't understand that animals only do as they are taught, the animal shouldn't have been given to someone so irresponsible as a dog owner. Don't blame the breed, blame the owner!