Friday, November 19, 2010

weekly frankenmauler roundup 11/19/10

a FUN attack starts this week's frankenmauler roundup for a change!

6 yr old BOOGIE
11.11.10 lorain, ohio 6 yr old mutant BOOGIE was attacked and nearly killed by 5 yr old mutant SCHMEGLE and the pit nutter was seriously injured trying to save BOOGIE.
another witness said they fought for over an hour (blow by blow match details will be in the next YFAM) there is an investigation into whether the dogs were properly registered. what are the odds this owner was legal? CHRISTINE KENDER has not one - not two - but three judgements against her totaling over $10K plus a criminal charge. plus it looks like her witness is no stranger to the courts either. watch the video. both of these nutters look intoxicated or perhaps just a little "slow". this experienced pit bull owner has had mutants for years without any problems.
"I was just worried about the dog, the boy, I just wanted help getting her off him because she went crazy!" CHRISTINE KENDER


11.11.10 plymouth, michigan a mutant pit bull escaped its backyard and attacked a shih-tzu being walked on a leash by its owner. two pit nutters ran out of the house to get the mutant. they both laid on it, to subdue it. the nutters told the police that mutant pit bull escapes the yard by jumping over the broken fence. for what reason i will never understand, the cops felt the need to include this worthless nugget of information in their report: "While talking with the dog's owner, the officer noticed that the dog was calm and associating with another dog and a cat at the residence. An animal control officer was expected to follow up on the incident this week." who cares if the frankenmauler is civil with family members?

11.12.10 st paul, minnesota Eddie Silva went out to his yard at 12:30 am to pull a campaign sign out of his when he encountered 2 mutant pit bulls. one of them grabbed a hold of his leg while he fended off the other with the sign. he made it back to his house, opened the door and his pit bull bolted out and was involved in the attack. both Silva and his dog managed to get into the house and call police. when they arrived, they were also charged by the frankenmaulers, one of which was shot and captured, the other was captured without incident.

11.13.10 parma, ohio a mutant pit bull attacked Michelle Rodriguez' greyhound recently as it was being walked by a pet sitter. the pet sitter was not injured. it is a criminal offense to own a pit bull in parma and rodriguez wants the city to enforce it. the mutant involved was seized. it seems he has shuttled to a cleveland rescue shelter where it will be polished up and his attack erased and sent off to live and attack in another pat of ohio or possibly another state. it will be put up for adoption after they done fabricating its profile. Rodriguez called on councilman Brennan to visit her home and see her dog. he was "shaken" by the injures and is on a mission to enforce parma's ban on frankenmaulers. the unnamed pit nutter is not be prosecuted but has agreed to pay the vet bills. so far it totals $827.

11.13.10 simi valley, california an elderly woman was attacked by a mutant pit bull as she walked her dog. residents ran out to help. they mutant was hauled away and will likely be dirt napping soon. residents say the same pit previously attacked another neighborhood dog.

11.14.10 ellis, kansas a teenage girl was injured by a pit bull while walking her dog.

11.14.10 sedro wooley, washington OK so i know its in their nature for dogs to not like cats-but in the last yr pumpkin trys to rip kitty's apart-she was raised with 5 cats-3 were mine 2 were my roommates- always been socialized with them-but in the last yr or so she has killed a confirmed 7 strays and a x roommates kitten-is there anything i can do to break her of this or just muzzle her around cats forever? im getting pretty miffed over it-especially the clean up of her little oopps's............
i was at a friends house n he forgot to mention he had a cat in the living roomtill i got in there luckily pumpkin was still on the leash, i had my friend hold pumpkin just out of reach of the cat and i sat there with the cat on my lap petting her-saying good kitty-kitty is our friend-she just looked at it and at me back n forth. i took the leash and handed the cat off to my friend for him to put her out side-she lunged for the cats rear end and was about a inch from a good grab.....
i verbally reprimanded her but i dont know what else to do! shes getting me very frustrated-any info would be great-AND NO I DIDNT TRAIN HER TO BE THIS WAY!
eight CONFIRMED kills. rednose_momma: only idiots like LEDY VANKAVAGE think you have to train a pit bull to be a feline assassin!

11.14.10 ventura, california a 50 yr old woman just stepped out to walk her dog when the pit bull mix attacked her dog. she was bitten trying to save her dog. neighbors called 911. the pit nutter claimed the mutant "wandered away through an unsecured gate". AC is investigating.

11.15.10 brooksville, florida Rocky, a mini poodle had to be euthanized after 58 yr old CHARLENE JEFFERS' ugly mutant said hello. Rocky was in the front yard playing with Linda Woods' grandchildren when the neighborhood trash took her 1.5 yr old unleashed frankenmauler for a walk. Woods described her white trash neighbor as afraid of her own dog. CHARLENE JEFFERS was issued a $200 nuisance citation and the woman who is afraid of her own dog was allowed to take it home. JEFFERS said that she has walked the mutant unleashed before without problems.

11.15.10 machesney park, illinois a pit bull bit 2 people and killed 2 pets. pit nutters KRISTIE JONES and her 25 yr old son RYAN JONES insist their frankenmauler is not dangerous and for whatever reason, they have taken the dog to elementary schools where it was friendly towards kids and adults. the city deemed it dangerous but have only evicted it from the city limits. RASCAL the frankenmauler inspired a new city dangerous dog ordinance.

11.16.10 mattoon, illinois Emma Monson's chihuahua was killed by a pit bull friday. she was bitten on the hand trying to keep it away from the frankenmauler. BRUCE E. WILSON JR, the pit nutter wasn't home at the time, they never are. WILSON said he is "sorry" but he just can't understand why his 2 yr old pit who has never aggressive towards dogs before would scale his "high security" fence to get to the little dog. the mutant is in quarantine and he has asked for a dirt nap at the end of 10 days. of course, he has more dog at home. WILSON was cited for harboring a vicious animal, he MIGHT have to pay a fine. WILSON offered to replace the Monson's pet.
aah, the magic of that second birthday. are you ready for the terrible twos fuzupf?

11.16.10 new braunfels, texas two mutant pit bulls are in dog jail after killing a cat, attacking its owner and her dog. when the police arrived, the mutants charged them. one of them was shot, unfortunately not fatally.

11.16.10 hollister, california 2 pits and a "medium sized hairy dog" have been terrorizing a neighborhood. Donna Baker said that she called the police and animal control over the weekend but no one ever called back. they killed her cat and were jumping at her. Baker is a prisoner in her home. she is afraid to go outside and she can't afford to move. she's screwed. guns, knives, and hammers are your your friends.

11.16.10 windsor, virginia 2 yr old DIESEL belonging to LORI MILLHOUSE somehow got loose and attacked the neighbor's jack russell terrier Jack. his owner 76 yr old Jane Ashe was seriously injured trying to save her dog. Jack is on the mend but Jane is still in the hospital. MILLHOUSE has been charged with owning a dangerous dog and DIESEL is in quarantine.
and in this link, pit nutter LORI MILLHOUSE blames the jack russell for "enticing" her 2 yr old pit bull. "When you entice a dog, that's what happens." and in this link, the victim speaks about the attack on her 11 month old jack russell puppy and herself.

11.16.10 middleton, california a resident waved a cop over and reported 2 pit bulls severely mauled a dog. the victim said the nutter fled and when the cops tracked them down, they found a sawed off shotgun, 2 lbs of pot, drug packaging equipment, paraphernalia and 43 pot plants. 43 yr old LANCE BOYD SMITH and 41 yr old ANNETTE M HUNKLER of cottonwood, arizona were charged with a dozen felonies. the pit bulls were inside the van.

11.17.10 southern pines, north carolina Edith Swigart's golden retriever mix was attacked during a routine walk in the neighborhood of her gated upscale community. she and her neighbors no longer feel safe walking in their neighborhood. pit nutters DEAN and KIM FEKETTE say they are the victims of a "witch hunt". (uh-oh, that's thug-dog lingo) "We feel beat up on. It has been attack, attack, attack from day one." DEAN FEKETTE said the batteries went dead on the shock collars, so it's not his fault (uh-oh dean, commenters are saying your dogs breach that electric field regularly). and since he didn't witness the attack, he doesn't know that Roxie didn't provoke his wiggle butts cuz you know, pits are so good with people and "even other dogs". the FUKETTES have 3 dogs; a brown "boxer", a grey pit/"boxer mix" and a black and white pit mix i found on one of KIM'S way cool biker chic social network pages.
Swigert sent the FEKETTES a copy of the $1000 vet bill certified mail but has yet to recieve a check or even a response. i don't understand why they haven't manned up. KIM owns a business (Bliss, a salon experience) and some pretty expensive toys. it won't kill them to take responsibility for their frankenmaulers' outburst.
meanwhile, the landowner's association has sent a letter notifying the FUCKETTES their mutants have been classified as vicious and vicious dogs are not welcome in Seven Lakes. i wonder if the association evicted their loser spawn too?
DEAN and KIM FEKETTE, known in 7 lakes as THE FUKETTES

11.17.10 santa barbara, california a woman was just standing in her front yard when the neighbor's 4 mutant pit bulls attacked her. a small white poodle was also killed. surprisingly, an ACO was not quoted with the usual pit nutterings like "chihuahuas are the most aggressive".
"When you have the breed type and four dogs working together in a pack that can be a pretty explosive situation." Jan Glick, prepare to be bombarded with complaints of discrimination and offers to educate you JANE BERKEY style. another big surprise, the unnamed pit nutter gave all four mutants up for dirt naps without a fight. not so surprising, the dogs have a history of running at large.

11.17.10 internet pit nutters Should I put my pit to sleep? he's a year and a few months old :(?
HELP! my just over one year old pit has attacked our maltese-shi for the third time, the first was just a small shake, but the last two there was minor blood involved but seemed(at the time) worst than it was. The pit is very nice w/ people even those he doesn’t know as long as he is around us he is friendly & kisses those we are with. The maltese-shi barks at most people sometimes even those around us. Tonight’s fight was pretty bad, the pit didn’t want to let go even after buckets of water. I finally stuck a shovel under his face and over the other dog‘s body during a small moment where he had let him go from his jaw. My family is asking me to put my blue pitbull to sleep tomm. mornings ASAP. My pit has been very loving to us and has never threaten us in any way, but seeing him like this does put a small fear in us since its not normal of him. What can I do? should i put him to sleep? he’s just over a year old and I feel horrible and do have a fear he might one day attack another dog or maybe even a human being. What should I do? They want me to put him to sleep tomm. morning

BLAINE GAMBLE 220 Murray Street
11.17.10 meridan, connecticut 55 yr old Yvonne Saveikis was attacked by BLAINE GAMBLE'S mutant pit bull when she tried to pick up her papillon to save it from being savaged. her dog was later euthanized and she was hospitalized, once for the attack and a second time for the infection from the attack. the frankenmauler was being walked by 2 females when it broke from its leash.

rip Bear Bear
11.17.10 thomasville, north carolina Bear Bear was killed when MATTHEW ALLEN BARNHILL'S frankenmauler busted loose from his chain and attacked. Bear Bear's owner Paula White, tried to save him and was mauled. MATTHEW BARNHILL said he is "truly and deeply sorry" but it is White's fault for first trying to intervene. when she grabbed a hold of Bear Bear, the mutant redirected and grabbed hold of her. MATTHEW ALLEN BARNHILL was also critical of the aggressiveness she showed toward his mutant. she picked up a metal pole and started to beat the mutant and of course he defended himself. obviously White wasn't aggressive enough in her beating of the ugly mutant. randolph county quarantined the assassin for 10 days and then returned it to this lunatic with a criminal record.
some pit nutters need a shot of B12, some just need killin.

11.18.10 orland park, illinois An unidentified animal owner, of the 10200 block of 153rd Street in Orland Park, was charged with injury by dog, running an animal and failure to leash an animal after his pit bull slipped out of its collar, jumped the yard fence and attacked a woman and another dog around 7 a.m. Witnesses told police the pit bull stopped attacking them only after an unidentified man hit it with a chain. That man left in a truck before police arrived, when the dog was restrained by officers, according to the report.
Police said the woman suffered bites and scratches to her right leg, left arm and face, but that her dog was not visibly injured.
The pit bull's owner, who was out of the house at the time of the incident, told police he would secure the dog in the garage rather than the yard in the future.

11.18.10 turlock, california a pit bull made its way into the full grown pig's pen and attacked it. police were called to get the pit off of the pig which had locked onto its nose. the pig was seriously injured and died 3 hours later.

11.18.10 victoria, texas Quicho was attacked by 18 yr old MICHAEL OVALLE'S 2 mutant pit bulls CAPONE and COCO. ovalle claims that they "broke" free of their chains and went for a joy ride. he was chasing after them when they happened to come up on Quicho who was being walked by his owner. his injuries would have been worse and possibly fatal if not for the quick actions of neighbors. the pit nutter also claims to be horrified by the attack, you know cuz he "didn't raise 'em thataway". he thinks the mutants mistook Quicho for a toy. OVALLE might take his mutants to his uncle's property out on the country "until thing calm down". they will be able to hone their hunting skills unfettered. the mutant are currently in jail.

11.19.10 UK the mutant staffy bull savaged a springer spaniel and attacked two men is sitting on dirt nap row. 46 yr old pit nutter LYNNE HUCKLE admitted that her mutant was dangerously out of control when it escaped her yard to attack a passing springer spaniel and two men who tried to save it. the springer owner will have permanent damage to his finger. while the proud pit nutter failed to lift a finger to get control of her dog. the shyster lawyer GORDON GHEE, speaking on behalf of the pit nutter said “Ordinarily, she takes great care to make sure the house is secure. She thinks she must have left the door open." he said that if the court spares the 5 yr old mutant's life, she will give it to her son, so it can maul and menace in his neighborhood. in one last desperate attempt to appeal to the judge GHEE pointed out that owner of the spaniel had two previous convictions under the dangerous dog act and "He himself would have been aware of his responsibility.” WTF?!?!?!


hollywood Farnouche Kamran, the owner of the dog killed by SAMANTHA RONSON'S bulldog has filed a $750K lawsuit against RONSON and the landlord MONICA HOLTZER and EMPIRE WEST HOMEOWNERS.

hudson, massachusetts 22 yr old ZACHARY P LEONE of 34 Oak St is the owner of the mutant who busted into the neighbor's yard and killed the 10 yr old's pet rabbit. the 4 month old rabbit's back legs didn't work. the rabbit could not escape and was savaged. LEONE was cited for violating the leash law. he continued to deny that he had a dog fitting the mutant's description until he was informed that was hampering with a police investigation. after an hour of lying, he confessed. the police charged LEONE with intimidating a witness and arrested him.

canada charges are being considered against the owner of the pit bull/border collie that killed Gus the chihuahua/papillon in the small dog area of the off leash park.

brookneal, virginia in august a brookneal officer shot and killed a mutant when it attacked his K9 partner and himself. ERIC BLACK and QUAMINE WHITLOW were charged with assault and battery and JENNIFER DAWN CARWILE was charged with felony assault on a cop and a police dog. the thugs got off easy. the two men must pay the vet bill for K9 Ice, court costs and attorney fees while CARWILE must pay court costs and other fees. the pit bull problem isn't going to get any better as long as the courts continue to minimize the threat.
original news link

and we end this edition of the frankenmauler roundup the same way we began, with a happy attack...

woodbridge, connecticut a man and his wife were out walking their four dogs when they encountered another dog. their four dogs were given the sit command but the "boxer mix" did not want to comply and was determined to "approach" the other man's dog. the man tried to control his "boxer mix" and it turned and attacked him. he struggled with the "boxer mix" and was forced to kill it. the "boxer mix" is described as 3 years old and the couple owned it for one year. they got it from a "friend". MARJI BEACH would be disappointed. she thinks he should have tried choking it off or raising its back legs or spraying water on it or just sprinkle magic fairy dust.
if only all of these scuffles ended like this, i might just learn to like "boxer mixes".

check out these "boxer mixes" in connecticut:


Anonymous said...

If the Parma Ohio pit went to the "For the Love of Pits" rescue, the new profile will be a doozy. Lots of creative writing comes from this group....

Anonymous said...

If I was a "Boxer person" I would be absolutely livid right now. These pit "rescuers" have no problem holding another breed(one that has actually been bred responsibly over the last 60 years in order to eliminate aggression) up for scrutiny and possible BSL. No qualms whatsoever about destroying the reputation of boxers in order to cover the asses of pitbulls.

And when these faux-Boxers attack and kill other dogs and it makes the news it makes it that much harder for real Boxers in rescue to find homes. How can anyone in real rescue, of any non-fighting breed, stand up for the promotion of pits? It is time to realize that it isn't BSL that threatens Boxers and Rotts, it's the protection of pitbulls and the failure to single them out and stop letting them hide behind real, normal dogs.

april 29 said...

Matthew Barnhill sets a whole new standard for the irresponsible pit nutter/blaming the victim excuse. There is no shame in the pit bull world.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree april 29 and i think matthew barnhill deserves his very stand a lone blog post.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

boxers, bloodhounds, pomeranians, chihuahuas... the pit nutters don't care about other dogs safety, why should they car e about their reputation.

bluesmom said...

"OVALLE might take his mutants to his uncle's property out on the country "until thing calm down".

Here is a newsflash... your maulers are not going to be welcomed "in the country." We like own livestock unmauled, thank you very much. In the country we practice shoot, shovel and shut up.

Anonymous said...

Craven you admitted you wernt after Pit Bulls but yet you still are throwing them under the bus. Where are the other attacks that happen. Why do you contradict yourself? I thought this was about aggression and irresponsible owners. Do you lie? and Why? answers please.......

FormerOhioGirl said...

Connecticut has covered up at least 2 fatal dog maulings since the late 90s (there could be more). The state seems to have a real issue with not wanting to finger animals in serious and fatal attacks. This is no doubt why God assigned Connecticut to the Charla Nash incident.

Anonymous said...

Pathetic, just people have no clue in life and just want to point fingers just sad....really sad. Grow up open up to reality and come to the conclusion that not all dog attacks are properly recorded. therefore you have no real evidence. You want true meaningful stuff start going door to door to get the real stuff. Until then whatever you say means nadda!!!!!!!!!

scratch said...

Anon 5:32

Police reports and legitimate news reports mean nothing to you? You feel that pit nutters knocking on the doors of victims is the only true way to determine the facts? Is there no limit to your denial? You make yourself look not only foolish, but insane as well.

Seth said...

Anon 5:32...

Don't you love how pit nutters just assert things? Or they get kinda metaphysical on you because vagueness helps their case.

Pit nutters would have us believe that there is no way to make a generalization based upon the data available. That is crazy talk. You don't want us to generalize because you know the court of public opinion has already generalized about pit bulls, and you don't like it! In the meantime, pit nutters generalize using the very worst data possible, their own experience with a few pits they've known or raised! If you want to generalize based on such anecdotal evidence, then literally 50% of all pit bulls could rip their owner's throats out tomorrow and there would still be thousands of people defending the breed because their throats are still intact.

Anonymous said...

Horrible stuff.

The one regarding the pit bull attacking the Maltese-Shih-tzu mix ticked me off. Mostly, the responses suggesting anything other than getting rid of the pit bull are what are infuriating me. If the pit bull is holding and shaking the other dog, they need to be separated NOW! The morons suggesting obedience training for the pit bull need to stick their arms in a bear trap so they can know how the small dog feels each time it ends up in the pit bull's jaws. You can't "obedience train" a behavior like that away - it's what pit bulls were bred to do.

Too bad detailed photos can't be taken of each person and pet killed by pit bulls so they can be mailed to all the pit bull promoter idiots out there. Then again, I don't think pit bull fanatics actually care about other dogs - otherwise they wouldn't be so obsessed with promoting fighting dogs as family pets.

Small Survivors said...

"The morons suggesting obedience training for the pit bull need to stick their arms in a bear trap so they can know how the small dog feels each time it ends up in the pit bull's jaws."

I LIKE this! Setting them around their yard would be nice too, so they can feel that surprise, terror, pain, end-of-the-world-as-they-knew-it combo they like to inflict on children and normal pets.

And the sad thing is nutters really can't imagine being in that place without the bear trap teaching aid.

Anonymous said...

All of these...were intentional.

Stop Making Excuses said...

These stories are so sad.
It makes me sick to know that these attacks will continue to happen day after day, week after week, until something is done. We are all at the mercy of lawmakers to pity us enough to step up to the plate and ban the fuckers from America!

Stop Making Excuses said...

What I would like to know is who the fuck is in charge of the people that are labeling those Pit Bulls as Boxer mixes?
I guess them labeling Pits as Boxer mixes will in fact go undetected until they maul or worse.
They just don't get it. The rescue workers I believe have the right heart, but they just don't understand that these dogs are very different than any other. They would rather pass them off as a more acceptable breed than put them to sleep and that is a crying shame.

Seth said...

I'm not surprised that a rescue would do this.They are obviously passionate about dogs,sometimes to a fault.I was turned down by a few (when I tried to adopt a toy breed) because I didn't have a fenced yard at the time and because they asked me if I would ever, ever give up a dog.I mistakenly answered their question reasonably.I was in an apartment at the time because, as I explained, I was in the last year of completing my doctorate.And they wonder why they have excess dogs?

Anonymous said...

It's ridiculous that they can't see that this misidentification game hurts the dogs, the people who adopt the dogs, and potentially people and animals who live with and around them. A lot of people wind up returning these "boxer mixes" as soon as concerned friends and family tell them they just got swindled into adopting a pit bull. It then makes people's view of the shelter overall plummet.

Other people return or dump the dogs as soon as they start behaving like pit bulls, and because they were never prepared to deal with those behavior issues, they have no idea how to handle the animal other than get rid of it.

If pit owners really cared about pits, they'd come down on the shelters for the chicanery instead of supporting it. A pit in the wrong household is worse than a pit in no household for the reputation of the breed.

Anonymous said...

They would also ome down on dog fighters and breeders pumping out human aggressive dogs...

but all we get is crickets on the subject.

Pits Are Sh*ts said...

Holy cow! I have only been off (from reading this blog) for only two days and came back to find this many attacks by pit bulls have occurred?

More citizens need to let their lawmakers know the dangers of pit bulls!

Anonymous said...

The only thing pit nutters understand is LAWSUITS. This is the only way they will truly be "responsible dog owners" because they try to lie their way out of any responsibility.

Zero Tolerance.

They must be forced to take responsibility in a public forum. It must go on record and be documented. They must pay all bills and costs. Their insurance companies must be notified.

Pit bulls, the top killer and mauler. People who own them know this. LAWSUITS if they do a thing wrong. They already know they are endangering everyone with fighting breeds.

Anonymous said...

As for FUPerv, you are being watched.

Your dogs hurt anyone or anyone's pet and you and your scummy family are in court.

Got that, pal?

You are all over the internet setting yourself up and admitting to your liability-prone activities.

Stop Making Excuses said...

Theres a need
To kill the breed

Anonymous said...

I love a good hog dog.