Saturday, November 6, 2010

FUzupf: on breed misidentification

i spent an hour looking through FUzupf's videos. and the pain of listening to him try to read, really paid off. i found him in lock step with chako the media whore twisting facts. i intended to slam her for it but i got distracted on other scandals, then forgot about it. then her blog disappeared. evidence that her blog existed at one time is here and in FUzupf's video. i am glad that it went nowhere at the time because now it is even better with TWO certifiable pit nutters caught red handed trying to manipulate the gullible masses.

on november 6, 2009, two loose pit bulls attacked two people in sacramento, california (the media whore's home town). the police and the media descended on the neighborhood and while filming, a random loose black german shepherd mix happened to get in the way and onto film. just seconds before we see the gsd mix, we hear gunshots in the can see police cruisers stopping to avoid hitting the gsd mix and then drive AWAY from the black gsd mix. the gunshots must have been the shooting of the white and tan pit bull because we never see that dog. News10 cuts away from the gsd mix in the road and next we see ac and police running and driving to intercept the other dog. the police tracked the brown pit bull down on the playground of Whitney Elementary. the brown pit bull is seen running frantically and at one point she jumps up on the driver door of a police cruiser. the reporter states they spent about 30 minutes trying to catch her before finally shooting her. the video ends with them closing in on her but we never hear the shots or see the body bag.

here we see fuzupf picking up DAWN CAPP'S campaign of misinformation. notice that CAPP included only the irrelevant part of the news video. at the point where the police are on foot chase to catch the pit bulls, she stops the video. leaving us with a screen shot of the black gsd mix.

here are the pit nutter version of events:

here is the TRUE version of events:

watch this video and listen to one of the victims describe the attack. Michael Peart mentions a smaller female and a larger white and tan pit bull, not a black and brown dog or a german shepherd/doberman or german shepherd/lab.

so the question...

is FUzupf morally corrupt or intellectually bankrupt?

i'd like to know what you think.


Anonymous said...

On one of those dog fighters forums, the scumbags were going on and on about Dawn Capp and the issue of her taking responsibility for her LIES that are going to get someone killed.

One of these dog fighters actually started mouthing off about Dawn Capp being a lawyer and she should sue (of course to try to silence the truth about Capp's lying)

I laughed out loud. SUED? Because Dawn is getting caught in lies and warranteeing pit bulls and that they are safe around kids and everything else?

Dawn Capp's butt is going to get sued off and she'll lose her license if she has one if anyone who has read her lies identifies her as a source of information and gets someone killed.

When there is blood flowing, it is insane to try to defend the bloodletting so some pit bull breeders can make a buck.

Dawn is putting her whole financial existence on the line by defending fighting breeds with lies and dog fighter propaganda. She is truly out of her gourd to be involved in this at all.

These stupid women. They set themselves up for failure.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

please send me a link

Anonymous said...

It doesn't have to be framed as either or. Definitely both. Intellectually and morally bankrupt, as is anyone who tries to defend these animals and what they do.

Anonymous said...

It was on pit bullforum "are you keeping up with this" dawn capp

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

okay, you are are referring pitbullforum discussing my blog. i've read that. that's about a year old. thanks for clarifying.

Anonymous said...

These advocates need to stop pumping out hollow advocacy and start indemnifying future victims medical/funeral bills.

They can't even push ethical culling practices eachtime a mankilling breeder like the Reynolds operation in Missouri reveals itself.

enite said...
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enite said...
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Anonymous said...

@ I would bet though that this same guy if his pits should ever harm his child would turn around his stance in one quick hurry.

Sorry, but I doubt it. He'd probably find excuses why the child's death is its own fault.

enite said...
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Anonymous said...

I think there's a population of very marginal people, losers, that think they can cash in on the pit bull fad by becoming "advocates" for game dogging, like that Dan Meagher guy.

They hope they will be able to sit at home writing pit bull stories or drawing pit bull pictures or making pit bull videos or "documentaries", or become "dog trainers that "rehab vicious dogs", and a gullible dope like Jane Berkey or morons like the Best Friends trash pissing away donors money, will give them money and they might get some attention for the first time in their lives, and not have to work at a real job.

It's the grifter phenomenon. With men, it brings out the really strange, loser ones. With women, it's the usual emotionally disturbed, selfish ones (the "rescue angels") or the ones involved in dog fighting and game dog breeding for the money and to hook guys and providing cover to the men.

They all don't want to really function in society. It's crooks or losers.

Anonymous said...

A perfect example is Don Chambers the Dog Guy

A loser from nowhere, failing life, doesn't want to work

Hears that the crazies at Best Friends (flush with millions they got from donors with the Hurricane Katrina thing and telling people they are saving all the animals, send more money!, while faking this No Kill thing) want to dump Hurricane Katrina pit bulls somewhere, ANYWHERE, with a little hunk of cash just to get rid of them and make them disappear because the dogs are vicious and Best Friends doesn't want to deal with these dogs killing staff and then showing up in the media.

They want to tell donors a fake story that they "found good homes"

So a nobody with no experience with anything comes along, promises them the moon, and gladly takes their cash and dogs. Kills the dogs because they are a bother, but Best Friends actually lets him develop a persona on their website and pretend to be an expert on pit bulls opposing regulations and spreading the nanny dog type lies, and tell MORONS that donate to Best Friends all kinds of pretty, fake stories so they keep sending him money and paying attention to him.

Too bad for Don Chambers, the truth leaked out about him killing Best Friends dogs, and Best Friends couldn't hush it up. Or Don Chambers would still be a pit bull "expert" for Best Friends "specializing in pit bull rehab" and writing stories and probably doing videos, and cashing in. Who knows? Ledy VanKavage might be trotting him out at seminars.

This is the kind of grifter that smells money and comes to grift. They are all hunting down the Jane Berkeys and the rest to put some moves on.

Anonymous said...

With Michael Vick, a whole bunch of different grifters, even middle class veterinarian grifters, figured out they could use a corrupt and failing court system to grift money out of Vick's bank account with a bum judge's help.

Now they hope that every time there's a dog fight bust they can move in to take away the fighter's cash and property by pretending to take the pit bulls and "rehab" them. They push for "seizure."
But there's a problems for these grifters. The dog fighters either have the money hidden away very well, or the court eats it up, or they have bills like child support that have to be paid first, or the fighters own nothing of any real value. And these cases don't make national headlines.

I think it is very funny that the game doggers think the rescue idiots are helping them, when all the rescue idiots want to do is get the game doggers dogs and property and money seized, so the rescue idiots can take it and profit and sell the dogs and "fundraise" on top of that, shades of Maria McKenna.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

FUzupf attempted to misrepresent the facts, plain and simple. He attempted the lie by selective editing, assuming no one would look further. 'FUzupf' has no credibility.

I remember this incident, because roughly the same time, Sac PD (not the SO,) also had an incident where they contained two pit bulls, narrowly avoiding having to shoot them as well.

Tegenpitjes said...

I think he is a worthless liar that doesn't care about anybody else.