Monday, November 15, 2010

the pit bull in literature

Excerpt from Wuthering Heights written by Emily Bronte and published in 1847.

'Run, Heathcliff, run!' " she whispered; 'they have let the bulldog loose, and he holds me!'

The devil had seized her ankle, Nelly; I heard his abominable snorting. She did not yell out — no! She would have scorned to do it, if she had been spitted on the horns of a mad cow. I did, though; I vociferated curses enough to annihilate any fiend in Christiandom; and I got a stone and thrust it down his throat. A beast of a servant came up with a lantern, at last, shouting —

'Keep fast, Skulker, keep fast!'

He changed his note, however, when he saw Skulker's game. The dog was throttled off — his huge, purple tongue hanging half a foot out of his mouth, and his pendant lips streaming with bloody slaver.

The man took Cathy up — she was sick; not from fear, I'm certain, but from pain. He carried her in; I followed, grumbling execrations and vengeance.

'What prey, Robert?' hollooed Linton from the entrance.

'Skulker has caught a little girl, sir' he replied, 'and there's a lad here...'

the passage continues

'That's Miss Earnshaw!' he whispered to his mother, 'and look how Skulker has bitten her — how her foot bleeds!

'Miss Earnshaw? Nonsense!' cried the dame, 'Miss Earnshaw scouring the country with a gipsy! And yet, my dear, the child is in mourning — surely it is — and may be lamed for life.'

Wuthering Heights is available at project gutenberg and pick up a dog fighting book ar two while at amazon.


Seth said...

My small mixed breed, Wesley, was attacked 2 weeks ago by a loose pit bull one block from my house and a middle school. The same dog almost killed a beagle 2 months ago. My dog survived after surgery and just got his e-collar off. I have never trusted pits. I've seen too many incidences while watching the "big dog side" from the "little dog side" of the dog park. Now my opinion is even more set, if possible. The dog gave no warning, and wagged its tail while shaking my dog. I am lucky with both survived. I'm not pushing hard to get this dog a deserved dirt nap. My leverage is that the school is nearby and if anything happens, the local authorities in the small town will be afraid of the dog's history getting out. Great site. Learning many new things.

Seth said...

Edit: "NOW pushing hard to get this dog a deserved dirt nap."

Changes meaning a bit.

bluesmom said...

Thank you Seth, it makes perfect sense now. Sorry about the attack on your dog, glad he survived. My horse survived too, but he is sure not the same boy he was. Wesley may be hyper reactive to movement and sound. Bless his heart.
I hope you are taking care of yourself too. Post traumatic stress is common and treatable.

Anonymous said...

Please do go buy books from amazon. The pit bull folks want the books to stay. It's a domestic terror organization PETA that wants amazon to get rid of all the dog fighting books. So please all you haters do what you can to purchase these fine publications.Lets show Peta what you haters are really made of.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

yes, please do tell PETA what i am really made of!

Anonymous said...

Seth, the pit bulls that are killing kids START by attacking other dogs.

If only those dog owners had aggressively made sure that their cases were documented and pursued charges.

Please file formal, written reports with ALL authorities, not just animal control. Animal control is very corrupt in some places and "loses" reports to protect dangerous dogs.

File formal complaints with EVERYONE- mayor, councils, police chiefs, even your state rep and governor! EVERYONE! You need to leave a paper trail.

This dog is a menace.

But the best thing you can do is sue. Make that pit owner be responsible and pay all bills. AND suing gets everything on paper so when the dog kills someone they cannot deny there was a previous history.

You can do small claims, but if you had any injury whatsoever (even whiplash or a back pull, plus missed work to attend to your dog) you can sue for damages, and not just the dog owner but whoever lets them harbor the KNOWN vicious dog, like the homeowner or landlord. Keep calling the lawyers! The insurance company also needs to know they have a dangerous pit there.

Have you looked at

Anonymous said...

Domestic terror organization, Gamedogger. Nice try.

That is right from the book of Rick Berman, lobbyist to dog fighters and the AKC too with their puppy mills.

Berman gets his gamedogger lackeys to try to pin this shit on Peta every opportunity they have, to try to shit down the finger that points at the gamedoggers and reveals what these shits really are, despite all their "responsible dog owner" poses.

Anonymous said...

Sorry...the real domestic terrorists are the pit bull owners and breeders.