Monday, November 15, 2010

pit nutter roundup

JIM HULBERT and one of his mutants
las vegas, nevada a 67 yr old Vie Lee Walter was out walking her shih-tzu, Harley when HULBERT'S mutant pit bull launched an attack. Walter suffered a heart attack as she tried to save Harley. the vet bill is around $700 and this loser has offered to pay "some" of it.
check list of pit nutter talking points:
not home at the time
isolated incident
SOMEHOW got loose
it was an accident
not trained to kill
friendly with kids
well behaved big babies
sleeps in my bed at night
(so much for the chained, neglected, abused, trained to fight excuses)

28 yr old JESSE TOMLIN 37 Peddlers Drive
branford, connecticut TOMLIN'S mutant pit dog attacked 3 cops when they tried to arrest him for a hit and run accident. i am at a loss as to why they didn't give his dog a dirt nap.

DANIEL JACINTO “You should find it in your heart that would be the last option to kill the animal.” not in my heart. a bullet should be the first and only option for loose pit bulls.
springdale, arkansas JACINTO'S ugly mutant, a 7 month old puppy, was responsible for the bites to a mother and her two children, on their own property. when the police responded, the dog ran towards its dirt nap. JACINTO said that the "energetic", "hyper", "really high-tempered" PUPPY was supposed to be in the backyard but SOMEHOW got out.


Seth said...

Cursed out my first pit nutter today. He had his pit off leash running around the street as I drove by as he laughed and clapped. Given his nutter status, I am afraid of reprisal. I should have quietly drove by and then called animal control. It felt really good to verbally abuse a pit nutter though.

Anonymous said...

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