Saturday, November 6, 2010

so much for blaming the deed and banning stupid owners

i think it is safe to say that those are empty slogans used for the sole purpose of diverting attention away from their frankenmaulers and escaping responsibility.

Madison County, Alabama: 74% of the voters said YES to a NON BREED SPECIFIC dangerous dog law. and guess who is against it? that's right... PIT NUTTERS! why? because even though it is not breed specific, they and their wiggle butts are the ones who will feel the greatest impact.

HB147 states

The Madison County Commission, by resolution applicable to those areas of Madison County outside the corporate limits of any municipality, may establish a procedure by which a dog can be declared dangerous, may impose civil penalties on the owner of a dog that inflicts severe personal harm on another person, and may require that dangerous dogs, as defined by the commission, be kept in a fenced enclosure, as defined by the commission, with input from the local humane society.

Section 2. An election upon the proposed amendment shall be held in accordance with Amendment 555 to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, now appearing as Section 284.01 of the Official Recompilation of the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, as amended, and the election laws of this state.

Section 3. The appropriate election official shall assign a ballot number for the proposed constitutional amendment on the election ballot and shall set forth the following description of the substance or subject matter of the proposed constitutional amendment:

"Proposing an amendment to the Constitution of Alabama of 1901, for those areas of Madison County outside the corporate limits of any municipality, to authorize the Madison County Commission, by resolution, to establish a procedure by which a dog can be declared dangerous, to impose civil penalties on the owner of a dog that inflicts severe personal harm on another person, and to require that dangerous dogs be kept in a fenced enclosure with input from the local humane society.

nowhere in this amendment does it single out the pit bull or rottweiler or wolf hybrid. hard to imagine WHY people who squeal about blaming deeds and banning stupid owners and media bias would not welcome this into law. i think their opposition PROVES that the media isn't biased and the pit bull owners are trying to protect themselves.

let's take a closer look at the nutters who are opposed to holding dog owners responsible for the damage that their dogs inflict on others and forcing them to keep said dogs enclosed in a fence.

WHNT reported on this in late october. they went to a DOG PARK and interviewed PETER and KATHY.

is that a wiggle butt?

PETER LARIVIERE "Anybody who is a pet owner should be concerned."

anybody? you mean like dachshund, poodle and collie owners? yeah, they are all up in arms about it. oh, no wait, they are too busy still trying to find the fucktards who left them with a mangled heap of blood and fur on the sidewalk.

KATHY MATRAS "When you are going in there to vote and you don't have all the information ahead of time, it's an extremely awkward situation. If they want you to cast a ballot and cast it intelligently, they should give you enough information to make an educated decision."

all of the information is there. it need not be made more difficult by nutter lawyers from new york and utah. if your dog bites, you will be held responsible. it is as simple as that.


JESSICA CABLER "My dogs are really sweet, really goofy, really fun. They are all perfect with people, perfect with other animals."

obviously JESSICA has nothing to worry about, it's THOSE pit bull owners who RAISE them wrong. (that was sarcasm) she should be embracing this law but instead she is whipping up a fear frenzy saying it "might snowball into a breed ban" and that would put her "pit rescue out of business". isn't the REAL goal behind a RESCUE to no longer be needed? don't you want to reach a point where every dog has a home? and the pit nutters call us fear mongers!

i saved the absolute best for last.


BRYNN ANDERSON "Since it's so vague, it's got us nervous. I am not angry and I do believe irresponsible dog owners need to be held responsible, but it bothers me. I worry about my dogs future."

it is VAGUE because it is NOT breed specific! it bothers her because she knows that the media is NOT biased and that even "responsible" pit bull owners can't safely guarantee containment of their mutants. i would love to see what kind of an ordinance these nutters would write.

watch BRYNN entertaining the news media in her home. her dogs are out of control and LEASHED inside her home! as one of the news crew members reaches out to pet one of her mutants, it tries to say "hello" with its teeth. outside, her dog is pulling so hard on its leash, that it is walking upright. that's NOT what you want to see coming toward you when walking your poodle!

BRYNN ANDERSON is the vice president of the alabama bulldogger association. you will find a lot of "cool" people at their events, like FLOYD B and this little one. she is in cool training.

cool junior will be getting her first tat after the show.


Anonymous said...

see, all the owners are fucking fat ass lardos.

enite said...

Well, bless God for this passing!

The nutters are, as suspected, only a vocal minority - highly whiney, squealy, and vocal - but still a minority.

Anonymous said...

Go to the AL Bulldogger site and read the list of rules for treadmill races. Rule 12 states that "the use of LIVE bait is prohibited".
Seriously? They had to prohibit it? Pit owners -probably the only demographic that needs to be told, point blank, that the traumatization and/or killing of small animals for the sake of a dog show is inappropriate...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

if their rules are anything like the ADBA, they are cosmetic only. the ADBA states that you can not face your dogs off at their events, but they ALWAYS do. they do it here at the prez kennel site:

Anonymous said...

Another lion tamer expert who can't even get her dogs to sit...


Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

Yep, you don't even have to mention "pit bulls" in proposed legislation, but when you say "dangerous dogs," who gets their XXXXXL panties in a twist? Pit bull owners!

Too damn funny.

Anonymous said...

Really glad to see this passed. Now let's hope they enforce it, because an ordinance is only as good as its enforcement.

Anonymous said...

They should enforce the new law with those rescue dogs. Because playing tug-o-war with a pit bull is a really great idea...idiots. These nutters kill pit bulls, not us, not laws, THEM.

Anonymous said...

Flat out, these people are babykillers.

They want to be able to have dogs that kill kids and other pets and even the mailman and some adult going to their car or gardening.

This is as good as these people confessing that they KNOW that pit bulls are DANGEROUS. They are admitting they are obtaining deadly dogs that maul and kill.

If pit bull owners really believed that their pits were nanny dogs and wigglebutts, they would support general dangerous dog laws. Why would dangerous dog laws bother them if their dogs weren't dangerous?

Pit bull owners opposing general dangerous dog laws is a flat statement to the rest of us that their dogs ARE dangerous, their dogs ARE inherently killers and maimers. This is the pit bull owners saying that pit bulls ARE different if they oppose these laws.

Anonymous said...

Dog fighting and dog fighting breeding are big in Alabama.

Each and every one of these bloated pit bullers needs to be investigated, also for tax fraud.

I smell crooks, and the crooks are coming out and giving their names and letting their pictures be taken by the media. Thank you crooks!

Anonymous said...

Alabama Bull Doggers, thanks for getting all public and letting us see what you are up to.

Now your lives are open for a good lookee loo, you game dog scum!

Anonymous said...

So you want to know who is opposed to a dangerous dog law so kids can keep getting killed?

This is one of Brynn Anderson's friends, fighting with Brynn to oppose any and all dangerous dog laws so people and animals can keep dying

breeder Chad Gorrell of Rogersville Alabama, King Kong Kennel.
He and that hideous bloated monster thing Brynn Anderson are real tight, sharing treadmills

(Brynn you getting some benefits?)

Over 20 pit bulls and counting

Think he's paying taxes?

How much do you think Chad is pulling in a year, no reporting income to the tax man? You know, when he's not a manager at an aluminum plant. Maybe making the book.

Running these "shows" and collecting still more unreported income.

Studding out dogs. Still more unreported income

Anonymous said...

Chad Gorrell, from his past activities and addresses, was another one in the military breeding pit bulls in military housing it looks like in Fort Collins Colorado in past

Military housing had clearly turned into tax-subsidized game dog breeding before the government cracked down on it. Remember Patricia whats her name the "groomer game dogger" in Kentucky running a game dog breeding operation in military housing?

The taxpayer was paying for these breeding operations and OTHER ACTIVITIES right in federal military housing

Now people like Gorrell use a slob like Brynn to take the fall be the "face" that talks to the media and tells lies and tries to get sympathy for the breeders. He's not so keen on gettin' his name and face out there.

They send the dumb ass women out there to get the scrutiny.

These are the women of this sordid world, and this is their job. Let the guys hide in the shadows.

Anonymous said...

His kennel partner is Tyler Hood

Anonymous said...

Brynn Anderson is involved with this shit, pit bull breeder and game dogger lobbying

Scroll down and see the really scary thing. This pit bull breeder and game dogger advertising and protection racket is being run at some ANIMAL CONTROL facilities like Irvine California Animal Care Center

Wonder why YOUR animal control officer might be protecting game doggers and breeders?

These crooks are infiltrating animal control in too many areas.

Anonymous said...

The women are the "face" of these pit bull breeder activities.

They go out and solicit the media with tales of woe, sad stories, "holocaust" and "racism" talk, trying to get sympathy from dumb reporters and posing with their doggies and pretending to be just innocent dog lovers and pet people

Instead of BREEDER INDUSTRY LOBBYISTS, which is what they are.

This is all about the MONEY MONEY MONEY, and protecting pit bull breeding from any kind of regulation at all, and the pit bull breeder and game dog MEN found out that idiotic media and legislators will fall for lies from a game dog WOMAN faster than some game dog guy

The worst is that these breeder lobbyists are infiltrating animal control, animal control advisory boards, even some shelters hiding the FINANCIAL interests they and their breeder associates have in opposing regulation.

Look at Brenda Barnette in LOs Angeles California. Breeder lobbyist all the way, now helping the game dog breeders avoid even getting licensed as breeders, thanks to Nathan Winograd getting her in under the cover of "animal welfare." A BREEDER LOBBYIST is running animal control in Los Angeles, and trying to change the laws to make it easier for the breeders like these Alabama cretins to operate.

One of Brynn's favorite shows is Pit Bulls and Parolees.

Good work, Marjorie Kaplan of Animal Planet and Discovery Networks, and Jane Berkey, helping the game dog breeders BREED AND SELL MORE DOGS and avoid regulation and pursue their money interests and nasty activities.

The MEN of the game dog world are behind the scenes, working the Kaplans and Berkeys over good with the women of the game dog world who suck in the Berkeys and Kaplans with the manipulative propaganda.

How STUPID does Berkey have to be to fall for this?

And Best Friends Animal Society or sanctuary or whatever they call themselves is doing the same thing!

Helping the PIT BULL BREEDERS, not the pit bulls. Not the public. Not all the other animals that pit bulls are killing.

This is how business interests infiltrate "charity" so the money machine can keep working.

Aren't we all smarter than this? To be taken by a bunch of backwoods, KKK country, game dog breeders and YES dog fighters?

Anonymous said...

More of Brynn's associates opposing Dangerous Dog Laws

Anonymous said...

And another of Brynn's associates opposing Dangerous Dog Laws

Check this scumbag out.

If they collected a year's worth of taxes from all these pit bull breeders and their associates, Alabama wouldn't have to lay off cops and firefighters, and communities could hire real animal control so people and pets aren't getting killed and shredded to pieces

Anonymous said...

Isn't Floyd B one of the "old-timer" game doggers pit bull fanatics like to look up to? Why would anyone bring children to what's basically a meet and greet for dog fighters and their followers? Ugh.

For folks who want to know what the "old time" dog fighters are like, read this:

On the left column half way down the page there's a gruesome description of how to torture a cat. There's a bunch of crap on how that's all in the past, but torturing animals isn't something one just gets over. It indicates an inherently sadistic personality.

The description of the dog "Fox's Crazy" also destroys the myth that man-biters were culled.

On the right column, there's a description of a game dogger who put pins in other people's dogs.

Here's evidence that dog fighters all hang out at the ADBA shows:

So, these are the types of trashy people that Brynn Anderson like to defend and hang out with.

Oh, and these game doggers have actually all killed quite a few pit bulls themselves:

(Look at the bottom). Dog fighters routinely electrocute pit bulls that don't win.

Anonymous said...

"So, these are the types of trashy people that Brynn Anderson like to defend and hang out with."

Oh no. Not just friends and not just hanging out.

These are the trashy crooks that Brynn is in there MAKING MONEY with, and bringing her kid to interact with.

This is a money making enterprise, and protecting it.

Hello, kid services?

But Brynn isn't admitting that to any dim idiotic reporter stupid enough to fall for the "I love my pet dogs" routine.

Brynn is a lobbyist. It's all about the $$$$$$$$$$.

Anonymous said...

Add in Hazel Green Alabama

More Brynn with a pic

Anonymous said...

You notice how they try to dupe people who care about dogs with the fake concern about "pit bull rescue"

And this from a pit bull BREEDER breeding as much as possible and helping to stuff the pounds and shelters!

This is how the pit bull breeders and game doggers try to get sympathy for their $$$ interests. Pretend to care. Dupe the animal welfare morons who are stupid enough to help the game doggers oppose regulation so they can breed more. Dupe especially the stupid reporter who doesn't even do the research needed to easily figure out this is a BREEDER making money and playing tricks and protecting money, who doesn't give a shit about "rescue" and in fact is breeding dogs that others have to PAY to "rescue" and deal with later!

These breeders are why animal control costs so much.

Anonymous said...

Set the dumb women up to take the fall for the guys, and lie to the media and legislators

Add in Brandie Witt

Anonymous said...

Brandie Witt runs LoveABull Kennels in Hazel Green Alabama

her pic

She runs the Alabama Gamedogger Association with Brynn Anderson or rather, the guys hold their strings and set them up to propagandize, LIE, to the media take the fall!

These incredibly stupid women.

But the castoffs take what they can get, and they get attention and $$ with these guys.

Anonymous said...

Brandie Witt's pit bull breeding kennel

You can follow her online with Brynn Anderson with a search under her business email

Brandie Witt too is out there setting up lobbying events to lie and oppose regulation and laws.

Think about THIS crapper putting the lies and moves on YOUR animal control department and YOUR legislators ansd newspaper? Cause that's what they are doing.

They are involved in ADBA.

When your kid gets killed by a pit bull they bought from a breeder, or some "rescue angel" rehomed after a breeder or their buyer dumped the dog, call up people like this

and their FAKE DOG SHOWS to try to legitimize their activities, only starting with breeding violent, aggressive, high prey drive fighting breeds and selling them to anyone with a dime to ship out and terrorize neighborhoods.

This is the kind of toilet bowl these dogs are coming from. Not "urban," not inner city, not minority.

White, middle class, Southern and other shitkickers who like blood, and try to keep the blood flowing by opposing dangerous dog laws.

Anonymous said...

And some of these similar shitholes bringing Nathan Winograd No Kill into Austin Texas to help these breeders, and help them oppose dangerous dog laws (scroll down for their No Kill lobbying in Texas)

Winograd No Kill is the Pit Bull Breeder Enabler

They want to do it in your town or city, all sugarcoated with more lies like breeder Brynn Anderson's about "animal welfare" and "rescue." No Kill is all about the breeder $$$$$, especially the game doggers!

Anonymous said...

The husband who runs the pit bull breeding business with her is Dannie Witt of Hazel Green Alabama

Anonymous said...

Or the father

Anonymous said...


These fucking game doggers and their fake shows. AND IN A GOD DAMM PUBLIC PARK in New Market Alabama.

Are the people who run these towns rock stupid, or they get a cut?

Ya think it's a coincidence these "events" are how they train FIGHTING DOGS?

Ya think they have "events" like this at poodle shows?

And WHERE IS THE MONEY GOING? WHO IS DECLARING THIS INCOME? Who IS PAYING TAXES ON IT? The Alabama Bulldogger Association BUSINESS? The ones who deposit the checks?

All with a fake auction and some trumped up fake charity giveaway to provide cover as well.


April 18,2009

Location: Sharon Johnston Park
783 Coleman Road
New Market, AL 35761

Events: American Pit Bull Terrier Conformation, Puppy Treadmill Race, Adult Treadmill Race, and Hang Time

In addition to regular conformation classes, we will have the following fun classes: Judge’s Choice, Best Shaped, Junior Handler (0-6 years old and 7 years old and over), Best Red Nose Dog, Best Brindle Dog, Best Blue Dog, and Best Bully Dog.

Please bring an item for the auction. All proceeds will be donated to a family in need. Item does not have to be dog related.
Registration will be from 8:00-11:00 A.M. and show will start at noon.

Fun classes and working event entry fees are $6.00
Conformation class entry fees are $10.00
All members receive a discount on registration fees. Membership dues are $15.00 per household each year.

A full concession stand will be available.

Contacts: Brandie WITT (256) 426-9297 or Brynn ANDERSON (256) 682-9965

Anonymous said...

Hey didja know you have to do a Money Hang Time with 50/50

Now think about one of these game bred pit bulls HANGING off your kid's throat, your dog's body, your horses neck, your grandma's upper torso!

They are breeding and teaching them to god damn kill. And all in plain view while reporters whine about "racism to doggies" just as these sleazeballs get them to do.

Anonymous said...

"Diva" is Brandie Witt

Garnet said...

Junior handler? As I posted above, it's a fact that dog fighters frequent these events. These are dog fight meet ups. Only a complete piece of trash would take a child to one of these ADBA shows.

They can put little disclaimers up like, "No discussion of illegal acts allowed," but it's really not that hard to figure out that ADBA shows are for lovers of dog fighting. The dog fighters (all of whom have likely electrocuted hundreds of pit bulls) have duped a lot of stupid people into doing their PR work for them.

I've never seen a treadmill race or "hanging time" event at any type of legitimate dog show. What a bunch of horrible cretins.

Anonymous said...

Brandie Witt and Brynn Anderson are in the game dog pit bull breeding business TOGETHER

LoveABull Kennels, Hazel Green Alabama
554 Old Highway

Love A Bull Kennels (Brandie and Brynn's dogs)

Also some of their associates in TN and Kentucky (home of Patricia Pandoff, the game dog breeder) etc.

Now call the reporter who got duped by Brynn Anderson and let them know what a moron they are.

Do they know what treadmills and hang time contests are for?

Anonymous said...



Anonymous said...

Just a little reminder of the goals of these ADBA breeders etc.

"We are dedicated to the preservation of the pit bull in its original form as a game-bred dog"

They should have the Feds take down license plate numbers at every one of these "shows" and the IRS too

Anonymous said...

LoveABull Pit Bull Kennels run by Brandie Witt and Brynn Anderson. They have BOUDREAUX LINES. Godawful vicious, arrested for dog fighting, Boudreaux lines.

Wildside Kennels, wasn't that Faron, arrested for dog fighting? That Best Friends had a candlelight vigil for?

"About us:

We are a small kennel of American Pit Bull Terriers located in Alabama. Some of the bloodlines we own are OFRN (Hemphill/Wilder), Larsan, Boogieman, Frisco/Busenbark/Ringside, and Jeep/Boudreaux/Wildside. Our dogs compete in sanctioned ADBA and AADR conformation shows and treadmill races. We also attend fun shows when possible. If you would like any information on our dogs, please feel free to email us at

Anonymous said...

So these GAME DOG, ADBA pit bull breeders try to hide the GAME DOG activities by calling their business the Alabama Bulldoggers Association instead of what they mean- The Alabama GAMEdoggers Association

As they oppose Dangerous Dog laws so their vicious dogs can do what they are bred to do with no punishment to breeder or buyer

Anonymous said...

These are the kinds of breeders gleefully using the Ledy Van Kavages, Jane Berkeys, Bad Raps, Marjorie Kaplans, Best Friends, and all the rest to protect and help businesses like this

Anonymous said...

I am getting hits on that Jessica Cabler getting involved with this group of scumsucking, pseudo rescue, help the pit bull breeders make $$$ & kill kids group

Bama Bully Rescue

What a fraud. Here they are OPPOSING the Madison County dangerous dog law (with the usual LIES) and HELPING KIDS GET KILLED and pit bull breeders breed more aggressive and deadly dogs and make more money

This is the other face of the game dog breeding racket

Anonymous said...

Bama Bully Rescue, opposes dangerous dog laws, likes it if dangerous dogs kill kids with zero punishment.

Elizabeth Green and Crystal Baker

PO Box 241002
Elizabeth Green
Montgomery, AL 36124
Contact Info:
Crystal Baker

Pit bull breeder lobbyists operate like THIs too!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


what did i tell ya? look at brandie's site and you will see dogs facing off at the show. their show rules are cosmetic only.

Anonymous said...

Bama Bully "Rescue" gets at least $150.00 to $200.00 for each pit bull they SELL

"Bama Bully Rescue requires an adoption fee ranging from $150.00 to $200.00 "

And what else are these two pit bull lobbyists and dealers doing? MAKING MONEY, using foster homes to take on the liability of the fighting dogs getting picked up off the streets (good luck foster homes when you get sued when one of these dogs bites someone. Bama Bully Rescue won't be your friend when you get sued and/or charged! And we wonder WHY Bama Bully Rescue opposes dangerous dog laws as they foster out DANGEROUS DOGS, as they now admit that pit bulls are when they oppose a generic dangerous dog law and say it affects pit bulls?)

"The backbone of rescue is our foster homes....we could never do what we do without them!"

(And we will be long gone when one of OUR dogs in THEIR foster home kills someone!)

Notice that the two DOUCHE BAGS Crystal Baker and Elizabeth Green of Bama Bully Rescue called Bud Hedinger one because he spoke out about pit bull killing? These two women are right in there with the dog fighters and pit bull breeders

from Bama Bully Rescue
"FLORIDA---do people actually listen to the spewage from this douche bag??

Yeah, Elizabeth and Crystal, it's just great that your fighting dogs are the top kid killers! WHO ARE THE DOUCHE BAGS! Who are the two douche bags helping the dog fighters and pit bull breeders?

So where does all the money that passes through Bama Bully Rescue go? Are they filing charitable paperwork?

Anonymous said...

Lawyers, please keep Elizabeth Green and Crystal Baker and BAMA BULLY RESCUE in mind when one of their ex fighting dogs

kills or maims someone!

These two, through Bama Bully Rescue, are shipping these fighting dogs around the country to unsuspecting homes, including those with kids or neighboring kids.

Anonymous said...

Hey MORE ARTISTES for fighting breeds!

Carol Chretien of Bama Bully Rescue

Making more money! $125 for a crappy school kid painting. What sucker bought this? I'm sure the kids of those game dog breeders can do better

These pit bull rescue things are just offshoots of the pit bull breeding business. They are ALL trying to cash in. Unreal!

Every self-important grifter from miles around is trying to cash in.

How stupid are these pit bull owners?

Anonymous said...

Check out how Bama Bully Rescue has themselves listed as a charity (Elizabeth Green)


What the F?

They are harboring and selling fighting breeds!

0 dollars? They are selling these dogs at $200 each, and all the fundraising, and all the rest.

Anonymous said...

The nuts at Bama Bully Rescue helping fighting breeds do what they do best-hurt people and other pets. Oh and lobby for game doggers interests. And call councils "uneducated" because councils don't want their citizens SLAUGHTERED BY PIT BULLS.

Notice that the Bama Bully Rescue people also don't care about the other breeds and other pets getting slaughtered by pit bulls.

These people are truly selfish, self-absorbed scumbags.

The director is MELINDA THOMPSON.

Bama Bully
Rescue, Inc

Melinda Thompson

Crystal Baker

Beth Green

Event Coordinator:
Garland Clark

Jessica Anderson
Amy Burgess
Richard Burgess
April Durden
Ember Eyster
Jessica Govan
Andria Jensen
Deanna McCollum
Rick Stokes

Foster Homes:
Pam Andrus
Crystal Baker
Kristy Cohen
Bethany Gray
Andria Jensen
Deanna McCollum
Jackie O’Connor
Andrew Rozsa
Ami Taylor
Melinda Thompson
Cynthia Walker

Newsletter Editor:
Jessica Govan

Anonymous said...

Melinda Thompson, Dangerous Dog Pusher, of Bama Bully Rescue, the "director," with her witless pic.

This is a foolish, selfish girl.

Does not give one crap that pit bulls are killing children, bad enough that she doesn't care that they are the top killer of adults too.

She could care less if your non pit bull gets slaughtered by her fighting dogs.

This idiot actually OPPOSES generic dangerous dog laws so dogs that kill and maim can keep on doing it.

This is middle class evil.
And since you called that guy a douche bag, Melinda, because he actually cared about the victims of your fighting breeds, you (and your weak husband) get the DOUCHE BAG award of the week.

Anonymous said...

And are we surprised that Melinda Thompson, director and cofounder of Bama Bully Rescue who opposes a generic, non breed specific dangerous dog law, REALLY WANTS TO BE A DOG TRAINER

"I also am the Director and Co-Founder of Bama Bully Rescue, a Non Profit dog rescue organization. My work with this group is all volunteer work. I also do some dog training, and aspire to do more of that."

This is yet another one who wants to make a living off vicious dogs!

If vicious dogs get properly dealt with and euthanized, then where would the wannabe dog trainers who pretend they can "fix" vicious dogs to MAKE MONEY go? There are people who make a sleazy buck off keeping vicious dogs alive and well. All these self-professed "dog trainers" for one.

So this all has a whole helluva lot to do with Melinda wanting to make $$ as a "dog trainer."

But she's working in the MEDICAL field now. Isn't that ironic? All the victims of her beloved fighting breeds getting their eyeballs ripped out and having HEALTH PROBLEMS (like say, death!) because of PIT BULLS

and she's calling people who stick up for the HEALTH of pit bull victims a "douchebag"

Slobs like this helping pit bulls kill.. Yeah, no dangerous dog law, right, Melinda? Help them kill.

Everyone out there, THESE are the kind of hypocritical, selfish nutjobs who are hammering at your city and county councils to get them to oppose any laws for their vicious dogs. The Melinda Thompsons don't care about your family, your lives, your pets lives. Melinda was calling a city council "uneducated" because they wouldn't allow themselves to be bullied by Melinda and her band of vicious dog SUPPORTERS.

Anonymous said...

Another "healthy" Pit rescuer angel living high on the hog with tax free dollars:

Note: Pits are the leading bitier by a mile in Pittburgh, so they really need imported drug bust dogs.

Anonymous said...

You should be ashamed of yourselves. The comment about the small girl with her puppy is about as a white trash of a comment as I have seen. You try to convince people of your position and yet you attack a small child. This is one of the most disgusting groups of people I have had the misfortune of interacting with. I hope you pray to God that you don't burn in hell.

Anonymous said...

You suck at life, thanks, now die.

Anonymous said...

Anon 6:06, I'll tell you what's far more disgusting. People who own pits that attack small children. You're actually going to fake outrage at some blog comments when pit bulls have killed sixty-two children since 2004 and maimed countless others? Go shed your crocodile tears and shake your finger elsewhere. If you own a pit, you're nothing but shit.

Anonymous said...

Hey would like to say I have a family of 5. 2 of which are APBT and they would gladly give their life to protect me my wife and my 2 little girls. And I would be more than willing to do the same for them. I think all of you on this page is a bunch of self minded dumbasses. Yes there are some fucktards that still use the APBT or (game dogs) as you simpletons like to referee to them as for their own sick enjoyment of fighting. Y'all won't to point the finger at the breed and not the owners. Ever wonder why they chose the APBT for fighting? Because of their loyalty obedience and the strong will to please their owners. So for all you simpletons try lashing out at the owners not the breed oh and for halls information the APBT is not the #1 dog bitter in the US do some research next time before you step off into shit you know nothing about til next time go choke on a dick and always remember IF IT AINT A PIT THEN IT AINT SHIT

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

for daady-o

I always enjoy the way they become increasingly incoherent as they sputter out thier rote scripture.
Here's to you, Daddy-O, and your family of 5.2.

A Pit, that ain't shit
Festive as a nice kebab
Or turning on a backyard spit
Don't try that now with no other dog
Y'all do that recipe like it's been writ.

No need to choke on underdone dick
A Family's safe with well-barbecued prick
And so gladly a pit bull ascended to Heaven
So Brandy and Crystal can glut themselves sick
Dumbass,give me a fork, let's say our grace quick.