Monday, November 22, 2010

spartanburg schadenfreude

and just in time for the holidays...

Jennifer Lynch's THE COMPOUND came to life on fuller road in spartanburg, south carolina saturday morning when RICKY MONTGOMERY'S pit bull went on a rampage. Felicia Burgess went to pay RICKY a visit and was chased back to her car by his wiggle butt. Burgess describes the events as being just like those in the movie Cujo where the dog was jumping up at the windows trying to get in. MONTGOMERY tried to pull the frankenmauler back into the yard and the crazed mutant bit another woman on the arm. when MONTGOMERY pulled the dog off of the woman, the people pleasin' wiggle butt bit his owner in the face.

when deputies arrived they found MONTGOMERY lying on the mutant trying to hold him down. the deputies tried tying Cujo to the porch but the dog grabbed a hold of his master's wrist and wouldn't let go. the deputies fired one shot in the chest but the dog wouldn't release. a second shot was fired into the dog's chest. that killed the frankenmauler but still it did not release its grip! an emergency worker pried the mutant's jaws open.

and where was animal control in all of this?

BRAVO!! give this woman a raise!

like me, you probably can not get enough of this happy attack. enjoy!
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and in a somewhat related story...

PAT MILLER at peaceable paws is trying to rally the pit nutter troops against the police for using lethal force against dogs. PAT starts her diatribe by pointing out how rare it used to be for cops to shoot dogs but "something has happened in our culture" to cause an "exponential" rise in these "tragic" events. PAT quotes RANDALL LOCKWOOD'S estimate of 1000 police dog shootings that are not reported in addition to the 250-300 per year that do gain media attention. PAT asks "What is wrong with us?" she then proceeds to answer her own question. she starts out rational and clear headed but quickly loses her way.

1) popularization of the pit bull.
PAT notes that when she first started in the shelter biz (1976) she never saw a pit in the shelter or on the street but now they are everywhere (attacking people and pets i might add). PAT says (in the good old days) pit bulls were only owned by dog fighters. she is right on target with the first 2 sentences but after that it is all down hill. she regurgitates the dogfighters killed all man biters myth, attributes the glamorization of these ugly mutants to the HSUS campaign against dog fighting and blames law enforcement for being "exceptionally phobic about bully breeds". (please read the spartanburg attack and tell me honestly if those officers have an irrational fear of these monstrosities.)

2) sensitization of society to dog bites.
PAT provides the much needed definition of the "good old days" that JESSUP spoke about. the nutter "good old days" when a dog bit a kid, "mom asked junior what he did to deserve it". in contrast, now mom calls AC and an attorney. unfortunately in the bad new days, junior is often in surgery before mom can start to place blame. and then mom has to put up her house as collateral to pay the astronomical medical bills. prior to the current the economic crisis and unemployment rate, the number one cause of foreclosure was due to medical bills. scalpings and amputations just might have something to do with the "less tolerant" attitude toward dogs these days.

3) dog mauling and fatality statistics.
PAT then cleverly acknowledges the spike in dog maulings and fatalities in the last 15 years but can't quite make the connection to the spike in pit bull numbers. she ends with the recital of statistics for lighting strikes, car accidents and murder.

4) lack of outrage.
PAT thinks police are shooting more dogs because WE are not speaking up and demanding that they stop. she then goes on to thump her lion tamer chest and tells her readers that in her 20 years in animal control, SHE has only had one minor bite. unfortunately she fails to make the connection between those years when she never saw pit bulls in the shelter or on the street and TODAY. now THOSE were the good old days!


Anonymous said...

Pat needs a good and proper Pit Mauling...her ilk is responsible for changing America's relationship with dogs.

Anonymous said...

Check out the second page of this article:

The dog's owner claimed it was just being "playful." (!)

I can't believe that article by Pat Miller claiming we've become sensitized to dog bites and that's part of why officers sometime shoot dogs. The pit bull the officers in SC shot did not merely bite someone - it attacked multiple people and latched on to someone's arm. I should hope society never becomes sensitized to that sort of thing.

There's a post under Pat's blog entry blabbing about how old-time dog fighters did not breed dogs that bit people. Never mind that one of Colby's dogs (and Colby is referred to in the comments) killed a child and some of the top sires of pit dogs had in fact bitten people.

Anonymous said...

Pat Miller, you, my dear idiot, are a BabyKiller Wannabe.

Using lies from the dog fighters and pit bull breeders gets you nowhere but court when your advice causes death and destruction.

You have been duly noticed and recognized and on file.

Are you getting money from dog fighters to lie, Pat?

Anonymous said...

What does this mean?

“It was calm, but when he tried to get up, it would get excited, playful,” Nelson said.

No WONDER people can't read this dog's body language!

A dog that requires killing to end playtime?

And if this is honestly playfulness...

“When the dog bit him on his wrist, the dog was not being vicious, just excited, playful and rough. But he didn’t know how long he could trust the dog anymore.”

then we have an even bigger pit problem than I thought.

Ditto on Pat needing a good and proper mauling.

Anonymous said...

"There's a post under Pat's blog entry blabbing about how old-time dog fighters "

How does Pat know this?

Where is her money coming from?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pat gets her info the same place as other nutters, JANE BERKEY.

Anonymous said...

I really love when the nutters make our points for us and are too stupid even to realize that's what they've done.

Anonymous said...

What happened to our culture?

Our culture embraced pit bulls as all american family dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

right-e-o anon 2:20 and 3:30

Anon 2 said...

"Our culture embraced pit bulls as all american family dogs."

When and according to whom? I don't accept this as true. Pit bulls have long been associated with dog fighters and society’s miscreants, the uneducated and morally marginal.

Pit bulls advanced their own poor reputation. Communications; media, medical tracking and insurance industry payouts all contributed to our modern understanding of the type, regardless of the earliest personal biases against the breed.

Turkey said...

My culture sure didn't.

Anonymous said...

Nice family pit bull (and a nutter who could afford scar removal procedures)

Look at the typical IDIOT pit nutter remarks about the 2005 attack:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Anonymous said...

The Animal Welfare Act of 1976 criminalized dogfighting and caused some smart dogmen to leave "the game" and start selling Pits to civilians.

Attacks have progressed geometrically since.

Anonymous said...

The only reason this breed was ever CREATED BY MAN was for dog fighting and to be aggressive.

That is the only reason the dogs are being bred now, to "game dog" aka DOGFIGHTING standards. Take away that, no pit bull breeds.

This is all a MAN CREATED problem. Pit bulls didn't just magically "happen."

Jane Saul Berkey is promoting dog fighting and fighting dogs, and the culture that accompanies that.

I wonder how her family feels about this, or is the point of her dog fighting pleasures to shove it in her family's face and play mind games?

I wonder how they feel about her embracing fighting dogs that are bred by the KKK, that mutilate minority children to an overwhelming degree, that keep poor people hostage in their homes from very real fear, that are used by neo Nazis and skinheads to bully and hurt.

Maybe the ACLU might get concerned some day about the human rights that Berkey is stripping away from the innocent. Maybe one of her brother's progressive charities might teach her some empathy for the victims of her fighting dog obsession.

Anonymous said...

Another Texas Piticide yesterday brought to us by the Pit Bull Community.

Happy Maulidays!


Anonymous said...

No qualifications?.... Unemployable?,... Good Liar?,... Lonely?

Start a career in Pit Bull Rescue Today!!


Anonymous said...

PIT BREEDER OF THE DAY: CHARLES MURRAY....Producing family dogs.

Dog breeder dies Nov 2003

Pitbulls maul their breeder

Durban - Pit bull breeder Charles Murray, who was mauled by four of his dogs last week, has died, the Cape Argus reported on Monday.

Murray died in the intensive car unit of the Prince Mshiyani Hospital in Umlazi outside Durban at 15:00 on Saturday.

The dogs attacked the 48-year-old Murray when the car he was working on fell on him and he called for help.

He had had serious injuries to his neck, stomach, arms and legs. His left leg had to be amputated. He also suffered fractures, including broken ribs.

His wife Marie shot one of the dogs in the shoulder, but it did not stop the dog from attacking. Police killed two of the dogs, while the SPCA put down the other two.