Sunday, January 9, 2011

bad dogs, bad owners or both?

darlington county, south carolina a warrant has been issued for 40 yr old TROY TONEY of 912 Longview Dr in Hartsville for violating the leash law and allowing his pit to attack a 7 yr old neighbor. TONEY is "deeply regretful". the pit nutter is trying out various defenses in the media.
excuse #1, TONEY said he had his dog off of the chain while he was raking leaves but started talking to a neighbor and at the moment he realized his dog was gone, several kids came running to tell him to get his dog. TONEY said he chained his dog and carried the boy home. TONEY told the deputy that he had beware of dog signs up in his yard but they they had been torn down. what a shame, if they were up, the dog might have stayed on his property.
excuse #2, TONEY insists the attack occurred on his property and blames the boy's parents for not supervising their kid. and says his one year old pit KELLER is not vicious, he was just guarding the property. apparently KELLER has a history of protecting the property from 7 yr old boys. the one year pit bull has now bitten two kids, protecting property from the marauding 7 yr olds no doubt.
7 yr old Tyjai Peterson said he was playing tag and he fell down. the dog charged and bit him. Tyjai's arm is in a cast.

dirt nappin' TYSON
wapakoneta, ohio 28 yr old BRADLEY KEAR just wants his dog back. the police shot KEAR'S 1 1/2 yr old pit TYSON after it bit his 16 yr daughter and her 20 yr old boyfriend (i'm hoping that is a typo, maybe it is supposed to be "sister"). KEAR may face charges for not having his pit properly licensed and insured. he has been warned in the past. KEAR says his daughter (sister?) kicked TYSON and he bit her in return. hard to say, this putz is doing all of the talking in the news clip in this link. the kids are just sitting quietly on the sofa. i smell a facebook crusade brewing.

bay city, michigan usually the pit nutters defend the dog and throw the owners under the bus. not Joe Hill, stepfather of Cameron Everette. HILL says of neighbor, ex con and owner of the frankenmauler HARRY McDANIEL, “He’s a nice guy, really a good person. This was just a dog that was out of control.” meanwhile McDANIEL'S defense is that his mutant recently fought with Cameron's mutant and that might have triggered the attack. these people will say ANYTHING.

and speaking of bay county, michigan...
23 yr old ANDY GLEASON and BAY COUNTY BULLYS are definitely someone to watch. the recent mauling of Cameron Everette brought this rescue nut out in front of the media for a little feel good pit bull public relations moment.
love the video in this link. one of andy's personal dogs, RAGE, puts on a good show barking and growling for the news crew and then chews through his leash during the 5 minute interview. notice the testicles on the male. this rescue angel doesn't believe in spaying/neutering. he believes in PERSONAL RESPONSIBILITY. also notice how ANDY has a tough time making eye contact with the reporter. this is somebody to watch. i think we will be hearing about him again.

even ANDY'S fellow pitbullforum members are suspicious of him and his "rescue".


Anonymous said...

The answer is:

BAD BREEDERS!!!!!!!!!!!!

Been this way for two centuries.

Anonymous said...

I'm sure the people flooding facebook are similar if not the same to these guys here.

Overall, I find it probable that Andy's pit bulls will be injuring someone or something sometimes soon. And this is why I pray BSL becomes a common law. To prevent idiots like this man from owning such a liable animal.

Anonymous said...


Meet Christine Tomco...purveyor of Nanny Dogs that happened to kill her Korean War vet father!

Between June 2004 and March 2005, Christina Tomco received four citations for allowing her dogs off her property without leashes and five for failing to license them, and she was issued fines totaling $600, said animal control officer Jennifer Vitale. Christina Tomco raised and sold pit bulls, authorities said.

The dogs, which were sexually mature, had not been spayed or neutered, and three had expired rabies vaccinations, Vitale said. "They're like rowdy teenagers with a bad attitude. They're not afraid to fight," she said.

On Wednesday, animal control officer Tom Guy shot and killed Onyx, a 50-pound dog, at the home. The other four pit bulls were taken to the Tri-County Animal Shelter in Hughesville, where they will be euthanized.

Anonymous said...

"this rescue angel doesn't believe in spaying/neutering"

Even the puppy mill breeders, caught in conversation at one of their events, was overheard to discuss their general mill breeder plan to try to get away with the breeding mills by claiming to be a "rescue" and by "adopting out" puppies.

This is fairly widespread now. It is consumer fraud. And it is tax fraud if they aren't reporting this income as charitable and keeping proper accounting and paperwork for ALL money. The IRS DOES take action on breeders falsely claiming to be running "rescues" and the states do too. There are very strict laws regarding charitable groups and their recordkeeping, fundraising, advertising, etc. You can't just call yourself a rescue.

It is crazy for these people to try this "rescue" scam, as it invites government scrutiny, but try it they do.

Countless pit bull "rescues" has been discovered to actually be breeders, including at least one that a Georgia judge released some aggressive pit bulls to that had mauled. The dogs turned up at some game dog breeders. They used the name "rescue" to sham the public, the court, and the media. (and they had abused and killed many of the dogs)

However, this also means that the public can report this kind of activity, and they can do it anonymously. The IRS welcomes reports (and the state charitable divisions and tax authorities do too), especially lately because there is a big government crackdown on charitable fraud.,,id=96136,00.html

Anonymous said...

Brandon Howell should get suspended for participating in this bizarre advertisement. Perhaps this is a friend of his? There has been zero reporting research into this.

A reporter? Hardly.

Contact his boss about Brandon Howell's lack of research and reporting skills

Anonymous said...

"How do you come to learn of pit bulls that you may want to rescue?
A: People call me. They can call me 24/7. I’ve gotten calls at 2 a.m. before. All they’ve got to do is pick up the phone and call me, and (the dog is) guaranteed not to go to animal control."

Someone please tell me where the hell these dogs are going, since shelters are backed up and can't place them all or take them all, and legit rescues are backed up and have waiting lists.

Pit bull nutters, why do you let these things happen to the dogs you supposedly love? And you aren't taking action on this?

Anonymous said...

When Gleason shows up to try to defend this mess, this one also shows up. Who is this?

"Andy I commend you for your work and your education on this wonderful "breed". They truly are one of the best, most loyal companions I have ever come across. Keep up the great work and if you ever need anything dont hesitate to contact me few steps From Home Animal Rescue."

Anonymous said...

Andy Gleason is running this Bay County Bullies out of Essexville Michigan

Another Mafia Wars afficionado. Wasn't there a dog fighting element to that that people were complaining about?

Anonymous said...

Cole Waterman is the "reporter" one at mlive who apparently decided to give free pr most recently to this Gleason after Brandon Howell.


Do they know this guy? Are they involved with him?

There is no research at all on this Gleason's claims. This is about as bad as it gets, reporting wise.

Anonymous said...

The cell phone number that Gleason is advertising to sell or buy pit bulls is 989-295-5384

Anonymous said...

Notice the game doggers comment

(BTW, this is an ad for selling a dog. The IRS considers this a dog sale ad, and would love to see this video link.)

But Andy Gleason says he is weighing on a certified scale, and tries to make the game dogger happy.

STINKEROOOOOOOOOO all over this operation.

Anonymous said...

Selling puppies

Friends Administrator said...

The Vincent Bill in California was to primarily stop breeders from getting their stock from the shelters by claiming to be a rescue. The Vincent Bill requires all shelters and rescues to alter before adoption. Only problem is there is no power of enforcement.

And if a shelter doesn't want to let one of these breeder rescues to have a dog, the breeder rescue falls back on the Hayden Act, passed at the same time, that forces the shelters to let a "rescue" have them.

Anonymous said...

No property ownership in Essexville MI according to assesors so this is at a landlord's

Some kind of property connection to a brother in Bay City Michigan tho

Anonymous said...

This guy is trolling craigslist to get dogs, also advertising his name and number everywhere to try to get dogs

Why the hell do people list their animals on craigslist? Are they nuts? for people like this?

The real disgrace is that these two "reporters" that are also publishing his ad and phone number to get and sell dogs are colluding in this

These idiot pit nutters can't even police their own

Anonymous said...

"Kimberly Nadolny, Cameron’s mother, told officers Big Boy often gets loose, jumping over a fence surrounding McDaniel’s yard. She said he attacks other dogs in the neighborhood and has killed two, court documents show"

And Bay City michigan animal control and government is allowing this to happen why???

They didn't do anything after the dog killed the first other dog? They haven't been enforcing the law at all!!!!

Just about every pit bull who kills or attacks a kid STARTS by attacking or killing other dogs.

Bay City helped this attack happen and they should be sued

Anonymous said...

And the brother in Bay City michigan is running a day care for children out of the house!

Anonymous said...

The gov just needs the cell phone number and name

This is freaking ridiculous!

This guy doesn't even have insurance and these dogs are getting shipped all over the place, picked up all over the place, no health records

Anonymous said...

OK, this is getting VERY freaky

This guy has a legal connection (in multiple places in records) in both Essexville and Bay City Michigan with his brother, the one who has the wife running a licensed day care out of their house

well they also have someone named Mary Ann Dobert connected to them legally in some way. These are public record links, such as shared property ownership, shared addresses, etc

Daniel Gleason
Age 37
View Details
Essexville, MI
Bay City, MI
Essexville, MI
Andrew D Gleason
Ashly Ashly Gleason
Mary Ann Dobert

Who is Mary Ann Dobert of Bay City Michigan?

Anonymous said...

"She was arrested in August 1999, after the state attorney general's office filed charges. The Bay County Prosecutor's office passed the case to the state, because Dobert had a relative working in the county office."

Anonymous said...

And why is this legal connection coming up?

Because Mary Ann Dobert is MARY ANN GLEASON of Essexville and Bay City Michigan

43 Bay City, MI
Essexville, MI

So who is the "relative working for the county?" that was mentioned in the parole article?

Is this why Gleason's pit bull business is getting free advertising on mlive?

Anonymous said...

And here is Dobert directly connected to this Andy D Gleason of Essexville MI, Mr Bay County Bullys

Ok, Andy, what's the story, morning glory?

Mary Dobert
Age 43
View Details
Essexville, MI
Essexville, MI
Bay City, MI
Andrew D Gleason
Nelson Richard Dobert
Daniel Edward Gleason

Anonymous said...

The big question, why is Andy Gleason getting special treatment from TWO "reporters" at Mlive advertising his business, even giving his cell phone number and letting him try to hustle more pit bulls in the article?

Is Dobert involved in this business?

Anonymous said...

So tell me if she's supposed to stay away from the publicly licensed and listed by city Gleason day care in Bay City? She's living in Bay City.

The one with the dog business is listed as of both Bay City and Essexville, connected to the one running the day care in Bay City. Where the hell are these dogs, and who are they interacting with?

Anonymous said...

Essexville seems to be basically a part of Bay City

So where are the dogs Andy? At Mary's?

Anonymous said...


And if you really want your skin to crawl, check out a Judge Craig D Alston's comments about this Mary Ann Gleason Dobert, who killed a child at her day care. Is this appropriate behavior for a JUDGE, especially when that prisoner had to have her case tried in the state because a RELATIVE WORKED FOR THE COUNTY? The same county that this Alston worked for!

See also that the "reporter" writing the article fawning all over Alston in his interview, self-acknowledged FRIEND of Mary Ann Gleason Dobert as per this article, is none other than COLE WATERMAN, the same mlive "reporter" giving free advertising to Andy Gleason's pit bull business and even letting Andy give his phone number and solicit more pit bulls? Letting him spread his anti bsl propaganda and lies?

Anonymous said...


Judge Alston was VISITING MARY ANN GLEASON DOBERT while she was in prison!! She pleased no contest to killing that baby as the jury was sitting waiting to deal with her! Judge Alston admits he befriended her!! Was her friend!! A freaking judge!!!! He and his wife were VISITING HER! (How did the victim's parents feel about that?)

Could Judge Alston have done a favor for his friend Mary Ann GLEASON Dobert and called up Cole Waterman again at mlive when family business needed to be advertised?

(By the way, Alston's guide dog is from a breeder. I would hate to think that a guide dog breeder is in there somewhere pushing anti bsl trash, but I have heard it before, even though guide dogs are getting trashed by pit bulls)

" few years later, at 29, Alston ran for district judge and won, a fact he jokingly attributes to his guide dog’s popularity among voters.

Since then, a number of memorable cases have come before him, such as the 1998 case of Mary A. Dobert.

Dobert was accused of causing the death of an infant in her care. She pleaded no contest to voluntary manslaughter and served eight years in prison.

“Something inside me made me very uncomfortable with the case,” Alston recalls. “I befriended her, visited her while she was incarcerated here and while she was in prison. I got my sister-in-law to provide her with spiritual support (in prison).

Anonymous said...


Waterman. Cole Waterman.

Again, the same Cole Waterman giving Andy Gleason free rein to promote this "rescue" trash and anti bsl trash and blame the victim trash.

Another quote from Cole Waterman's article on Judge Alston

"Sherri Waterman, Alston’s court recorder and secretary, said she’s spent 13 years working with him.

“I watched his girls grow up, he said a prayer at my wedding,” Waterman said. “He’s been through most of my adult life with me."

Cole Waterman's relative?

What kind of freaking set up is all this?


Is the guy with the killer pit bull going to get city support, and the victim (an 8 year old child) screwed over, because of some "friends in high places" that some pit bull dealers have?

Alston seems to have nothing but disdain for victims as he supports criminals. He did the same for drunk drivers too. He wanted to "help" them, screw the victims.

This child's family should file a formal complaint against mlive as they try to smear them and cover for this dog and owner, and an investigation should be opened into this Alston/Gleason/Dobert/Waterman/mlive party.

And what part is Sherri playing in Cole's "help the vicious dog" and "help the pit bull dealer" support articles?

She is Alston's good FRIEND, and Alston is good "friends" with Gleason Dobert.

This case against this pit bull owner should be tried in the state too, because this whole thing is tainted in this county!

Anonymous said...

"the recent mauling of Cameron Everette brought this rescue nut out in front of the media for a little feel good pit bull public relations moment."

I'm beginning to think that Alston and friend Gleason Dobert called up their pal at mlive and created Andy's public relations events with Cole Waterman in an effort to HELP THE CRIMINAL!

I would really like to know if Gleason Dobert is in this "rescue" deal or not? She sure as hell isn't running a day care business anymore!

Something made me think of that recent "rescue angel" who got busted, the one working with Martin someone who was transporting the dogs from other states, who lost her house in foreclosure? Martin was pres of the LLC, and had hoped to reopen the hoarder's rescue and claimed he didn't know where she was, but the house was foreclosed on. She ran a day care business before getting into "rescue"

Anonymous said...

Robbin D'Urso, that's the one I was thinking of. Ran a day care business before getting into the "rescue" business

Anonymous said...

mlive just gives free publicity to some 23 year year old Mafia Wars fan kid with a cell phone and a lot of unsubstantiated claims about himself? That's what they offer after an 8 year old child is nearly killed? A bunch of propaganda and a 23 year old kid promoting himself? Free ad right in the article?

The PUBLISHER of mlive should get contacted on this whole stinking mess!

This is about as unethical as it gets.

I'M MAD AS HELL on this one!

Anonymous said...

And running this "rescue" trash off FACEBOOK!

You notice in that interview (or should I say free mlive ad by Brandon Howell, Cole Waterman's buddy)) with Andy Gleason where he claims he and Bay County Bullys accepts no donations but then says in response to this question

"Q: How much does it cost to rescue a pit bull on average?
A: You’ve got to de-worm, you’ve got vet bills, you’ve got shots, you’ve got dog food. If you have the dog for a month, it’s going to be well over $100 easily. And if you’re lucky, you might get $35 or $40 of it back."

Well, WHERE THE HELL IS THAT MONEY COMING FROM GLEASON! That $35 or $40?YOU SURE AS HELL ARE GETTING "DONATIONS" though you might call them "adoption fees" Gleason.

The IRS does not fall for this particular game, nor does the state..

And WHERE ARE THOSE VET RECORDS? The state needs to be able to examine them. Who is the vet involved with a 23 year old kid running something off Facebook? This "reporter" doesn't even contact the supposed vet! Or ask to see those bills!

And Paypal accounts and cash transactions are to be reported.

Plus trying to call it a "rescue" and then a "club."

Where are the dogs? He says "we?" Who is in this with him? He only gives a cell phone number. The "reporter" doesn't even check out his operation.
There's all kinds of evasiveness here, all kinds of money evasiveness and mixed messages.

And mlive is completely unethical for promoting this set up.


Anonymous said...

"responsible dog ownership"

This is what bothers me, coming out of Gleason. This is AKC language, the AKC mantra. The AKC weak, useless offering as opposition to laws.

"Q: Are people in Bay County and the surrounding area irresponsible with their pets?
A: Yeah. I’m not a big advocate of spaying and neutering, but I am a big advocate of responsible dog ownership. "

This dumbass kid is getting AKC and or UKC ed.

Ex Judge Alston with his breeder dog. What part does Alston play in this? Or his breeder friends? This 23year old high school barely grad didn't come up with this typical breeder propaganda on his own.

This is breeder lobbying against laws (and protecting an ally, a pit owner, from prosecution) after an incident, and using a 23 year old creep to do it and "sell" it to the public because the breeders are hiding as a child was badly hurt, and they know they'll get nailed if they oppose laws in public! So they hide, but STILL lobby against laws behind someone like this.

And you better believe the breeders are sneaking around behind the scenes in that Bay County putting pressure on legislators and government officials to oppose laws, let the perp owner off! and the victim's family and Jane and John Public don't even know the breeders are doing it! Hard core, sneaky breeder lobbying pressure.


But that's why these attacks keep escalating. The government is getting pressured by breeders to do NOTHING, pressured to even avoid enforcing what paltry laws there are.

This will never end until the laws are put in place to be SURE these attacks are prevented and the punishments are severe. These breeders have been running the show, blaming the victims, avoiding "responsibility," for too long. And all we get is bloodshed. This has to change.

Anonymous said...

And tell me what kind of real rescue "doesn't believe" in spaying or neutering?????

He's selling unaltered pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

Ghetto Shark Traffickers! Hard to believe one can make a living at it.

Anonymous said...

The Bay City Times seem to be the scumbags setting up this little number

Anonymous said...

Speaking of dog owners. I wonder why we never see anymore videos of tarantulaguy1976's three pit bulls. Vito, Blue, and Titus.

Something tells me he might have given some of them away.


Anonymous said...

Come to think of it, the only pit bull there are the most videos and photos is Titus.


Anonymous said...

Maybe his wife decided that her childrens lives were more important than some worthless fighting dogs.

If so, congrats to her for using her brain.

Anonymous said...

He has to sell dogs to pay for child support because he's too lazy to get a job. He's nothing but a liar, on every single level possible.

His idea is good but, he's not doing it the right way.

Grow up Andy before it's too late.

Anonymous said...

You guys are funny,
keep up the hate,
Remember whos hiding behind keyboards

Anonymous said...

I think this site is a bunch of BULLSH*T. Someone has wayyyy too much time on their hands. GET A REAL JOB LMAO. IGNORANCE IS BLISS...... stop hatin b*tches!!!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this blog might be more to taste - if you can handle the truth, but that entails stepping outside of YOUR bliss bubble.

WolfPrincess said...

I advocate for spaying and neutering ANY type of dog that you do not want to breed. I think some of the dogs that have been abused can be rehabilitated, sadly there are the few that are to far gone, for the ones that can be saved these dogs turn out to make wonderful service dogs. This applies to ALL breeds of dogs. Now for the Pit Bulls; I think dogs that do not show aggression towards human or animals should be allowed to breed, dogs that show aggression should be spayed or neutered and dogs that have killed should be euthanized. I have encountered Pit Bulls that did not show aggression towards me or my two Min Pins and these were strange dogs. Just because I love Pit Bull I still use the brains that God gave me. If a Strange dog approaches me and my dogs are with me I pick them up and watch the dog to see what it does. If the dog approaches me and growls I already know something is amiss. I did have one experience with a stray Pit Bull I found in Northern California. I was walking my dogs when the white Pit Bull trotted towards me, I tensed and plucked my two excited dogs up in my arms. The dog stopped a few feet away from me and tilted her head at me and the slowly approached with her head down and tail tuck, a sign of submission in both domestic dogs and wolves. She seemed healthy save for a few scars on her body and seemed like she might have been nice but I did not try to pet her. What surprised me was the dog nudged me and liked my arm and then laid odwn on the ground. So I called the humane society and asked if they could pick her up, I explained that she didn’t seem aggressive and seemed to be cautious of me. Me and my mom called the humane society and asked about the white Pit Bull and the young man I talked with informed me that the Pit Bull, now named Gringa, had been adopted after being tested around other dogs for aggression and was adopted by a couple who had three other dogs.

Now I mentioned Gringa not because I wanna say “Oh well see she was nice!”. Yes the dog was if fact nice but I still used my rational thinking and didn’t assume that she wasn’t aggressive. For dogs like Gringa I think they should be allowed to live no matter what breed provided that they are actually proven to have desirable temperaments and are safe to have people and other animals around. As I said before if you want bad traits out of a breed of dong only allow the dogs with the desirable traits to bred but sterilize the aggressive ones.

Bradley said...

... Well... This is Bradley Kear... The guy you talk your talking about ... READ the story. Let me break it down to you BARNEY STYLE! MY step daughter who has her real fathers attitude and has for a long long time... ( who is also not living here anymore... and is at her real FATHERS house... Jan. 5 2011 I was at work. MY wife brought me food, on her return to our home. She noticed COPS swarming our property. AFTER talking to all the kids there is 5. MACY my stepdaughter who was bite for months mind you has KICKED and KICKED and KICKED and KICKED and KICKED ... And KICKED and KICKED and KICKED and KICKED... i know ANNOYING ISNT IT! she kicked this dog over and over and he did nothing. NOTHING BACK TO HER!!! FOR MONTHS!!!!!!!!! THEN THAT DAY BITE HER ASS! SHE is well old enough to know do not kick animals period. We have told her numinous times!!!!! shes 17 .. really what can you say to a 17 year old girl?? in one ear out the other! all the kids besides her boyfriend and my 17 year old stepdaughter.. had the same story. she claims nothing she did nothing he just bit her. IF THATS THE CASE.. what did he do EVER do for her to kick him.? lay in front of your bedroom door?? seen that.. GET OUT MY WAY (KICK) I dont give a crap if you had a damn chawawa.. a tea-cup-puddle. you torment something.. its going to eventually going to lash out. All my kids said.. she kicked tyson and he bite her. her boy friend came up crabbed his coller.. and yanked him away. PULLED his KNIFE OUT and started swinging it at TYSON.. MY DOGS are trained.. THEY DONT LIKE WEAPONS.. period. TO prove this. EMAL ME at and Ill send you a video of it! SO tyson grabbed his arm doing nothing to it. he ran out the door.. only to come back in and Tyson bit his leg. THIS IS ALL INSIDE MY HOUSE! then grabbed my stepdaughter and out the door they went. He called the police department to get an ambulance. the police came.. my kids are in a room in the house and they told the cops tyson is fine.. they pet tyson right infront of them. The kids in the window with tyson and cops lookin in. they started tapping on the windows to get the dogs back to the front room. then Tyson as he is trained.. went back to the room where the kids were to make sure there ok.. Priority! they then pounded on the window.. my son told the bitch officer.. " DO NOT PULL YOUR GUN HE HATES WEAPONS!" they did not listen. From outside LT. DICK FACE TRUSDALE pulled his pistol and my dogs inside went nuts! through a closed window in a dark room.. with my 10 year old daughter coming down the stairs.. 15 foot away from where she was on the stairs to the window and in the direction of her.. he fired.. which the bullet went through his CHEST! ricteing of the tile and across the room. they came in and tazed Tyson 2X he took a chunk out my step from being tazed. That shows you how close the window is to my bottom stairway. 1 foot! my kids heard him cry out so LOUD!!! you know nothing that you speak of. NOTHING! I agree sometimes its the owners. This dog was loved and she showed love back. my 5 year old is still heart broken its been a year today.. that Tyson has left us.. and my 5 year old still says . " I miss Tyson." I miss Tyson. . he will be remembered. ( Revenge is promised, and thats it.) (Romans 12-19 "It is mine to avenge, I will repay." says the lord.)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

barney style!

LOL!!! how appropriate!

Unknown said...

Awww. I feel horrible for tyson.... how sad!!!

Anonymous said...

U all dont know shit. Dont judge people unless u know the whole story. Get a life

Unknown said...

Get a life