Friday, January 21, 2011

Nicholas V. Dickson presents: Pit Nutter Fest

update here comes the threats. you succeeded nick!

"Your (sic) afraid because of what happened in Arizona and you should be. ALL government officials should be aware of what comes with the job. . . . The AMERICAN PEOPLE ARE NOT AFRAID OF THEIR GOVERNMENT!!!!!!!!!"

westword update pit bull protest photos have been released. westword claims 100 people attended. it looks like half that many based on the numerous photos. i didn't see a single photo of the special guest of honor or DICKSON, although i did see a few pit bulls despite the organizer's explicit instructions to leave them at home.

WESTWORD reports that NICK DICKSON organized a protest against Denver's pit bull ban for this friday followed by a benefit concert on saturday. felons are not only welcome, they are encouraged to attend. MELVIN 'SHORTY' ROSSI, a former gang banger, ex-con (attempted murder) and pit bull tv celebrity will be the special guest of honor. the PIT BOSS crew will also be attending and filming the events for a future episode.

a PIT BOSS producer invited Denver city council member Charlie Brown to present the city's side of the story. Brown declined "citing security concerns and inflammatory rhetoric from pit bull fans". not long after the news of Brown's refusal was made public, one of those zealous fans wrote to the councilman justifying Brown's concerns. the zealous fan stated that he (Brown) "should be forced to go on TV and justify the killing he has done."

further justification for Brown's tusconesque concerns can be found at the 42 yr old organizer's facebook page, where DICKSON reveals personal and disturbing information about himself. for example, his favorite quotes:


"I eat the razor, a mouthful of God's flesh, sweating this blackness, I am shitting this cold death.

I cut their throats while they slept, I wept. I peel back my skull for you, Yes I do, DEAD VENUS BLUE" DAX RIGGS

and his favorite books:

i especially liked this little nugget from DICKSON'S any given breed facebook page (notice the last line):

unfortunately,'s data base is no longer available to the public for free. we don't know the specifics, only that DICKSON has a criminal record.
click to view 100%

The gala event will include Lyin' Bitch and the Restraining Orders and my personal favorite: Nicaraguan Death Squad. nothing like a cocktail of hallucinogenic drugs and a particularly violent snuff film to get your creative juices flowing.

this promises to be a strange night of noise and disturbing, bizarre, violent imagery.
here is a taste


Anonymous said...

Oh, yes, pit nutters, by all means rush out and fight BSL rather than trying to cull jacktards like this from your ranks and lobbying to pass laws to make it more difficult for violent felons to own pit bulls. You do yourselves such favors by getting in bed with people like this and trying to convince the rest of the world that you're "normal". Maybe there's a Santa Claus, too.

Anonymous said...

Yikes! Even if I was completely against BSL(which I'm not), I wouldn't attend, that guy is downright creepy.

scratch said...

Quite some time ago I read a comment that fits right in here, it went something along the lines of "Anyone thinking of participating in organized opposition to BSL and pit bull regulations might have a rally at their home. Invite local pit bull owners and just see what shows up." This rally makes that point very well. Any normal person is horrified by this bizarre stuff.

FormerOhioGirl said...

Bravo! This post would be a hoot if only Dickson & Company's bravado were not a real threat. This loser thug head banger -- propped up by the yellow journalism of the Westword -- exacerbates and already dangerous 'spawning ground' of potential violence. Who knows? Maybe the bangers will turn on each other...

Anonymous said...

I thought of the pit bull show massacre,too! This might look more like Altmont, though.

And in astounding contrast, the Sacramento foodie crowd is putting on a benefit party for one of their friends, a pit bull attack victim.

She's lucky, she's got a very large and talented set of friends who have organized an incredible event. It would be great if she felt compelled to continue the tradition for other pit bull attack victimes.

Anonymous said...

I cannot let a single one of those comments go by about anyone but pit bull owners being responsible for the deaths of the pit bulls in ban areas.

These are big huge babies who don't give a crap about anybody but themselves and their ability to own pits. They don't even care about the pit bulls. They bring them in by the thousands to be killed. and they don't stop.

What do you want to bet that someone whips out some illegal pits at the event.

I love the BSL cracker and cheese party at one's house. Yeah, love to see what comes a crawling.

Anonymous said...

Gotta remember, Denver euthanizes less Pits than just about any major city. This about getting the breeding market opened back up so that the largely unemployable can start selling legalized 4 legged crack again.

They will never regulate themselves like other breed communities.

A novel bumper idea would be

"My Pit Breeder is a model inmate"

Anonymous said...

It will be interesting to see how many mutants are brought to this event. How ironic if attendees were maimed or killed by frankenmaulers.

Anonymous said...

Literally every single one of these anti Denver ban cretins is a felon, a pervert, a mentally ill dangerous weirdo, a dog fighter, or doesn't even live in Denver!

Their criminal lives and dog fighting gives them plenty of free time to travel to Denver to profess their desire to kill people with fighting dogs and make money.

I'd be surprised if they weren't stalking victims of pit bulls.

Denver should collect license plate numbers and ids. Lots of outstanding warrants and escaped criminals in this group, as well as dog fighters to look into.

Homeland Security should also be notified. These people are terrorists.

Anonymous said...

Excellent idea Anon. 1:08!!!! The police used to set up stings where they would mail letters to people with warrants telling them they had won some prize and to come pick it up at such and such address. Where upon they would be arrested.
The police could hold fake Pit nutter events and get a lot of criminals off of the street!

Anonymous said...

Yeah, the Altamont death toll was a result of hippies taking hallucinogens and meth & cavorting with bikers swilling a literal truckload of beer.

What will come of a meeting of halluincogen loving, meth loving, snuff film loving, death metal loving pit bull owners?

Anonymous said...

The Pit Boss @ShortyRossi and Hercules are at LAX.

Oh, it looks like the felon shorty is setting up a confrontation. It looks like he's taking his pit with him to Denver.

Anonymous said...

I doubt this low life has any grasp of 'One Shot, One Kill,' but hopes to bolster his appearance by mention of the title. This piece of human garbage is the antithesis of a disciplined military sniper. Away from the fantasy land where this reprobate’s mind wanders, it warms my heart to know our real life sniper elites would have no problem aiming center mass on this scum bag anarchist. Fuck him for dragging a good book about real life heroes into the gutter. Fuck him and the pit bulls he rode in on.

Anonymous said...

I'm with you Savage. I suspect he just likes the title and doesn't even own it or know what's inside. This guy is a worthless puke.

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

Remember the good old days when we could go have a couple of beers, pay our ten bucks and get in a midget tossing competition? Think about it... How fun would it be to toss 'Shorty' Rossi to the other side of the bar? "Flap your arms, Shorty! Flap your arms! Fly little man!"

Yep, sounds like they're puttin' on a hellva show. A midget, the clown act of Nick Dickson, a Nicaraguan Death Squad, (ooooo, sounds like people with pierced nipples and no talent,) and maybe even a few pit bulls!

The freak show aficionados tell me this is a must see event. No word yet if the pro pit supremacists will put together a jaw busting mosh pit, but hey - fingers crossed! Fingers crossed! I love it when these idiots go pit bull on each other!

Anonymous said...

DUUUDE, If laughing at that is wrong (and it is), then I don't want to be right!

Anonymous said...

Let me get this straight, Pit bulls killed 7 Californians in the past 365 days, and Los Angeles euthanizes 10,000 Pits annually.

Yet these Pit Jihadists are taking this traveling freakshow to Colorado(1 Pit DBRF in the past 24 years) to show them the error of their ways?!?

It doesn't make any sense!

shar pei mix said...

I think the late Jack Webb deserves to have a word in here.

Joe Friday to a neo-nazi:

"You keep harping about minorities. Well, Mister, you're a psychopath and they're minorities, too."

shar pei mix said...

P.S: Pit heil!

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

"If laughing at that is wrong (and it is)"

Yeah, it's wrong. I wouldn't usually go to that level, but in the context of THAT midget with his affect of little shits disease, I've allowed myself an exception.

No disrespect intended towards little folks in general. My disdain is targeted at 'Shorty,' who consistently goes about the business of proving assholes come in all sizes.

There's only one episode of Pit Boss I want to see. I want to see the other little people join forces and toss Shorty in a dumpster. That mouthy little ankle biter needs a good tossing. “Take THAT Mr. Boss! Try talking down to us from the bottom of a dumpster!”

Anonymous said...

"This is about getting the breeding market opened back up"

That's EXACTLY what it is.

All those tax cheat breeders and dog fighters want to be able to rip everyone off again, as well as kill their kids and pets.

Anonymous said...

There's one person and only one person to blame for anyone even knowing about Shorty Rossi the criminal, and that's the person using Animal Planet to promote death and animal cruelty, as well as scams

MARJORIE KAPLAN who runs Animal Planet for Discovery Networks

This KKK dog fighting-promoting piece of shit doesn't seem to care if anyone's kids are dying because of the fighting dogs she's promoting via criminals, dog fighters and scam artists

Unless they are her own or her familys or someone in her gated, exclusive, wealthy community where they DON'T ALLOW PIT BULLS

Kaplan doesn't care if the majoritys civil rights are being violated by fighting dogs and criminals, just that she and her little group is safe and making as much money of the blood off others as they can, and helping scammers cheat emotionally gullible people. Even the pit nutters are getting ripped off by this piece of garbage!

She's getting rich not only off the blood of victims, but the dogs themselves as they get bred to be tortured or sheltered and euthanized by the taxpayer

. said...

Speaking of responsible owners, this is one of the few blogs that is encouraging pit bull owners to be responsible about their dogs.

Anonymous said...

Let's call it "Maulipalooza 2011"!

Anonymous said... the pics. Its like the bar scene in Star Wars. I am just incredulous that a small minority of criminals, freaks, bimbos, and mentally challenged individuals have any impact at all on public health legistlation...i.e., BSL.

Anonymous said...

The other aspect is that their egos are not financially supported by the city endlessly housing, adopting and euthanizing their Pit Bulls.

It pisses them off even though it means less pit bulls getting the needle.

Anonymous said...

Here's the idiot producer that set up Councilman Brown.

Anonymous said...

Here's video of the protest. The little man did attend but DICKson was not seen or heard.,0,4547237.story

Too Many 5150s In The World! said...

"Your (sic) afraid because of what happened in Arizona and you should be. ALL government officials should be aware of what comes with the job"

PLEASE tell me this sick fuck is headed to jail for making terrorist threats!

Anonymous said...

They just found 3 dead men in a house full of pit bulls in Detroit. Killed by the pits? I wait with bated breath for the rest of the story....

Anonymous said...

I checked the articles about the 3 deaths in the pit bull infested house. The detroit free press had the gall to say pit bulls were "gentle with people, hostile to other dogs". ROFL. I'm sure that's a lot of comfort to those who have been maimed or killed by this "gentle" breed.

Anonymous said...

Geez, there yet another person with a pit bull "service" dog in Denver. She's not in a wheel chair, so what disability is the dog serving her for?

Geez louise, I hope they look into her. I bet if they just followed those people home they'd find a lot of pit bulls in denver.

DubV said...

It's interesting that many people who likely feel on the outside of civilized society choose to own pit bulls which they likely identify with in that regard.

Anonymous said...

Interesting read from 2004
"Champions of killer breeds"

These people have no business influencing Animal Control Policy.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you for this fatality link. expect a blog out of this.

DubV said...

The "Champions of killer breeds" article is a good read, thanks for posting it. It is very reasonably written except for this:

"What really shocked some observers, though, was not the behavior of the canines. They did as nature commands."

This seems to let the dogs off the hook by insinuating that all breeds will pack up and start killing anything that runs from them. This isn't true or is only true in that 0.00000001% of beagle packs will do this versus a much higher percentage of pit bull packs will do this. Dogs were the first domesticated animal and most dogs (even those raised around other dogs) prefer the company of their humans. So no, killing humans is not a natural instinct of the common domesticated dog.

Despite the rationality of the article, I'm sure pit nutters would try with their feeble, pea-sized brains to discount it using the usual logical fallacies and emotional ploys that have been destroyed over and over again. It really is too bad the comments section of this article has malfunctioned, it would be great to read some pit nutter squak just for laughs.

The article, and the person who posted it, discuss the general mindset of people in animal control and animal "charities". It is simply a matter of what traits primarily drive people into this line of work. It is not the case that the more rational someone is the more likely they are to specifically choose to help society by working to help animals, it is an emotional thing. So, we end up with a group of people not understanding why they advocate what they do, they are going by their gut, group think, and outside pressure it seems. It is similar to politics in general, the main trait attracting people nowadays is ego, and so you see what we get. Very few Thomas Jeffersons these days, I'm afraid.

FormerOhioGirl said...

Priceless imagery from the protest -- ! Though I think the top most Dickson photo best shows the difference between a dog owner and a dog owner addicted to Pit Bull Crack!

Anonymous said...

"She's not in a wheel chair, so what disability is the dog serving her for?"

So many have been busted for disability fraud.

remember the one running the pit bull supposed rescue and committing disability fraud? federal charges

If they can handle large, aggressive, strong, physically and mentally challenging dogs, HOW ARE THEY DISABLED?

Social Security disability or their employer that may be getting cheated for disability fraud should be contacted.

every one of these pinheads that tries to claim "disabled" to keep a fighting dog should be aware that they will be scrutinized.

DubV said...

Anyone else follow this link about Justin's Law from dogsbite?

The comment section is just horrendous. I can't figure out if the story is bringing in stray nutters or if there are really this many pit bull sympathizers there. Probably just the SUPER DUPER bleeding heart thing.

Anonymous said...

I would not get too discouraged about some comments sections of news stories seeming inundated by pit bull fanatics. Many times the fanatics post these links on their pro-pit websites, and it gives a false impression of public perception. When you get a local news story of a pit attack, where just a random sample of non-dog fanatic, local residents post, you get the opposite. Most normal, law-abiding, tax-payers don't want these dogs in their neighborhoods.

I have found a few pit attack stories that didn't make the google search, and therefore didn't get exposed to the national pro-pit sites and blogs. Almost universally, posters who are actually residents of where the attacks happen condemn the BREED, and want bans or at least regulation.

Anonymous said...

I would just like to add that, a week or so ago, I watched an episode of House Hunters where a couple was looking for a home, I believe in the Atlanta area. They had a pre-teen dauighter, and a small Yorkie, and were looking to move up from a condo.

The houses and neighborhoods they were looking in were very nice. At one point, the woman found a house that had virtually everything on her wish list, and she really seemed to love it. The deal-breaker? Her next door neighbor had three snarling pit bulls in a fenced yard when they went out to look at the yard. She mentioned being afriad for her small dog, and daughter. Literally, that was the biggest negative the house had, so they didn't choose it. Don't think for a moment that having pit bulls in your neighborhood won't affect you...especially if you may someday need to sell your property.

Anonymous said...

"I can't figure out if the story is bringing in stray nutters "

No it's all the usuals. They email these stories to each other and post them on their boards so they can comment and appear to be a larger group than they are. The AKCer nutcases are big on this.

They are a tiny subset. But they are bullies are liars and psychos.

Anonymous said...

"Don't think for a moment that having pit bulls in your neighborhood won't affect you...especially if you may someday need to sell your property"

Absolutely, positively, guarantee you that pit bulls bring down property values through the entire neighborhood.

Real estate agents hate to see them. It means a hard sell.

Also, landlords need to have the community on them in a flash if they are willing to let pit bulls in and destroy the values of the people who own and there in the neighborhood.

Normal people also won't rent in a building with pit bulls. They know their lives and that of their pets and kids are jeopardized. It's not worth it.

Jaloney said...

These low life no brain followers can't read or choose denial as they would know that BSL stops the thousands of euthanizations of the breed across the country. In addition, I think it is telling that pitbull advocates organizing these pitnutters fests ALWAYS TELL PEOPLE TO LEAVE THE DOGS AT HOME!!! They know that the dogs are testy and might break out in fights with each other which would not be so great to edit out... so they want to have a pitfestival with NO PITS. LOL