Wednesday, January 26, 2011

the saginaw sleeper cell awakens

saginaw michigan less thank a week after the denver pit terrorist cell emerged, the terrorists in saginaw come alive. the saginaw city council has been considering a dangerous dog law. Councilman Bill Scharfie received a "fiery letter full of racial allegations". when Scharfie responded calling her comments ridiculous, the woman wrote back with an even "harsher tone". although no direct threat was made, the email was frightening. Scharfie turned it over to the police and they are are investigating.

keep up the great work nutters, you are making our jobs so much easier!


Anonymous said...

So the nutters say "jimi" is "not a pitbull" - alright, let's see a picture of the animal - that ought to clear this up.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i am working on an update for the JIMI story. i covered this in a previous roundup. there is a photo of him.

here is his facebook page

Anonymous said...

@craven -

Ah interesting. So the "not a pit bull" is a pit bull mix.

It's ironic to see the nutter uproar over the rights of killer mutants in contrast to their silence about the rights of their victims. Sort of a microcosm of the situation in US society in general now it seems.

Anonymous said...

How the heck are they calling "Jimi" a border collie mix? Because of the white feet and a dash on the muzzle? I know border collies - I have a border collie; I do not see any border collie in that dog. None. Period.

Have a look at this PIT BULL BREEDER'S page and tell me if "Jimi" looks anything like these dogs. A black dog with white markings does not make a border collie or even a border collie mix!!!

Small Survivors said...

I think you're right - the more nutters show themselves, the more people will be scared, angered, and horrified by them.

OK so dog is a pit mix, but it was the border collie genetic heritage that caused him to maul and kill Gus?

And on Jimi's facebook page, the most recent comment suggests that the Gus, the victim dog, was a designer mix possibly from a byb and was therefore possibly unhealthy which is why he died - not because Jimi lauched a vicious attack and shook him to death.

If anyone finds that Occam's razor has gone missing, you'll find it up Jimi's owner's ass.

Anonymous said...

Pit bull owners say they are responsible.

LAWSUITS are the only way to ensure that they are.