Friday, January 7, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 01/07/11

No kill report from the thug-dogger this week. maybe that cheap t-shirt from china had some lead paint :)

12.31.10 bluffton, south carolina 47 yr old Shauna McGilton's chow was attacked by a "roaming" pit bull while in their front yard on the 21st. ten days later and the poor chow has been attacked by a pit bull again. this time, the culprit is not some "unknown" pit dog, it belongs to her son's girl friend FALISHA PIKE. PIKE could not show proof of rabies vaccine and the mutant was taken into quarantine and declared dangerous. my spidey sense is telling me the first attack was also by a known family dog, much like MICHAEL BAGGETT and his mother SANDRA MANES

01.04.11 chester county, south carolina Billy Powell shot and killed one of the 2 pit bulls that attacked his cows. the other got away. one cow was killed and another was badly injured. the surviving cow weighs 1000 lbs and is still nursing a calf. the other pit has not been found.

01.02.11 seattle, washington It was MY house they attacked. My dogs were in the back yard which is fully fenced and these pit bulls were attacking our gate to get our dogs. My dog sitter brought them in the house and locked them in the basemene because the pit bulls came on our front porch. We have an old house with single paned windows and a glass front door. Our dog sitter tried to wave the female away but then the male came around and lunged at her. She went into the house with them jumping at the door trying to get in. She had to hide to call the police because they stayed on the porch barking, charging the front door when they saw her and waiting for her. Does this sound like a kind loving dog to you? Not to me! She was VERY scared! The police came because of her 911 call. They male ran off and the female hid under a tree. Trying to coax the dog out she charged the officer and to defend himself he shot at her. And RIGHTLY SO. Imagine it YOUR house, YOUR dogs! I am VERY thankful to our local officers and stand proudly by their actions. Did you know that they stayed behind for over 2 hours at my house to be sure they did not come back after the followed the dog for more than 2 miles before they lost her? The owners of these dogs should be prosecuted and the dogs rehabilitated if possible. But first they need to be caught! These are violent dogs, they were not “protecting” anything! They were charging MY dogs who were behind a gate and fence! AND they have all ready ripped the throat of a neighbors dog. They are loose and they are dangerous. Make no mistake about that. What if that was one of my kids?! It is an outrage!! They attacked my home! They stayed on my porch waiting to attack. This is NOT an overreacting, this is real and it is scary.
when the police responded to the call of pit bulls attacking a house to get to the resident dogs, they used catch poles but the male struggled aggressively against it and died and the female was shot when she lunged at the officers.

I need help. I believe that I know the best choice but it seems to be too hard.
My girl Fate is One year old. She is my life, my sun, my baby. However, I can't continue to ignore that she's becoming more and more aggressive. In our home she is a doll but once she is out that door she wont listen to anyone, she becomes super aggressive towards any one she doesnt know and any animals. I've had an incident within the past 5 months where some kids opened the gate to my yard and she got out and bit one of them. Animal services and the police said it was a provoked attack however I was not so sure. But since shes never been agressive towards us and my love for her I guess I believed what I wanted to even though I had doubts. 2 weeks later she killed our litter of kittens AND ATE THERE HEADS. I justified it because I know that dogs have prey drive and she has a high one and kittens are well ... sad as it sounds they are prey.
I advocated for her and defended her telling people that we try to humanize animals but forget that they are animals and she was just being an animal. However within the past two months or maybe a little more I cant walk her on leash anywhere. She will go crazy and try to ge to anyone & anything that walks by. So I take her out of my house to peepee n potty on a leash in our own yard because when people walk by on the sidewalk she goes crazy trying to get on them. Yes even when she is on the leash and no matter what I say or do she ignores me as if Im not there.

She's gone after one of my 13 year old sons friends and he had to run and climb on our roof. She has to be crated anytime anyone comes over my house. And today my hubby called me that she kinda went atfter him when her went to put her leash on her to bring her inside.

Im distraught I love my girl more than life. However my better judgement and my experience tell me that the best thing is to put her down. But I dont know... please any one help!!
that MOMMY crap ain't helping!

01.03.11 springhill, florida a woman was walking her poodle when TED and TARA DARBY'S frankenmaulers attacked. what is unusual about this attack, the DARBYS actually came to the victims' aid. neighbors say the dogs are a problem and always getting loose. the DARBYS deny it.

01.03.11. southaven, mississippi Clois and Joanne Dixon saved their pomeranian from mutant jaws last thursday. the pom is on the mend and the mutant is lead dirt napping. the pit nutter will go before a judge and the Dixons will seek tougher dog laws. oh did i mention their dog was attacked in their own yard?

01.01.11 game-dog Had to kill my neighbor's dog
let me start off with a little background neighbor (who is an asshole],gets these pit bulls off of craigslist with the sole intention to breed them and to help him look like a bad ass.he got 3 off there in a 6mo. period.he is on welfare and cant take care or control any of them.they get loose every other day and have mauled 5 dogs on my road.his male gotinto it a few times with my male {the most recent being Christmas morning}my dog usually comes out on top but that morning he fucked my dogs arm up pretty bad causing him to limp.anyway thursday night i was walking my male my wife was walking my female when out of nowhere his fucking male comes out of nowhere and the 2males go at asshole neighbor was screaming after him about 1/8 mile away,i tried to use a break stick on him and his dog tried to bite me so i stabbed him 3-4 times in the kidney before his dog went that time i used the brake stick to brake my dog{who was covered in blood}off his dead dogs before i get into the repercussions and the after any off you think i was wrong?
OUTSTANDING!!! my only criticism is you first attempted the break stick. spliff, i would say your biggest threat is not the prosecutor, it is PIT NUTTERS. hopefully your neighbor is too stupid to figure out facebook and start a crusade against you. once again, job well done!

01.01.11 monmouth, maine two mutant pit bulls attacked a llama. the owner describes them as trying to take the llama's face off. someone in a green SUV came into the barnyard, grabbed the blood spattered mutants and fled but was found. COREY LAMONTAGNE was visiting friends near the farm when he let the mutants out of the car, their DNA took over. LAMONTAGNE has been charged with 2 counts of unlicensed dogs, 2 counts dogs at large and 2 counts of owning dangerous dogs. LAMONTAGNE can be keep his dogs but they must stay on his property, restrained and muzzled.

01.06.11 UK a pit nutter let his dog loose to walk a trail and but the pit bull couldn't resist his DNA, it squeezed through the hedge and fence and attacked a pony named Brian. the owner offered no assistance while the pony owner scrambled to save his dog. the owners of the pony said the pit nutter was too frightened of his own dog. Sonia Gardner said the authorities aren't interested because the victim was not human. the Gardners have asked the nutter to euthanize his dog. his response, "i can't afford it". looks like he can't afford not to. the vet worked on Brian for an hour and a half. he has injuries to his face and legs. and they are looking at the the high cost of fencing their property. if they want to keep pit bulls out, they will have to create a zoo like enclosure.
"How can we stop these mindless people breeding pitbull-types, letting them run loose in public places and the owners have no control over them? We must try and stop them breeding this type of animal." Sonia Gardner

01/06/11 australia Chloe, a maltese/shi-tzu was attacked by a rescue pit bull. the dog was being walked on a leash by its new owner. when the pit saw Chloe, its DNA kicked in and she couldn't control it. the pit nutter was knocked down as the mutant made a beeline for the little dog. Chloe received $1100 in vet care and the mutant is dirt napping.

01.05.11 UK Ted, a king charles spaniel beat out 100 pets and was crowned the most festive pet. Ted was attacked by 2 staffy bulls in october. his owner broke her arm trying to save her dog. Cecilla Blundell reports that her dog has remained loving and good natured. you know, those traits that nutters always brag are exclusive to their mutants.

01.05.11 UK Emma Dunham was walking her 11 yr old yorkie Pippi, when a white dog, described as a staffy bull or a mastiff (sounds like a dogo) attacked and killed Pippi. witnesses watched in horror from their car. they were too afraid to help but they called the police. four 10 yr old boys tried to help but it was too late. the police caught it and will check for a microchip.

Cameron Everette
01.05.11 bay city, michigan 8 yr old Cameron was walking home from a friends house when he slipped on the ice and a pit mix pounced on him. his leg needed 100 stitches. the mother reports that the dog has been a problem, running loose and attacking others dogs. the pit nutter claimed he was walking his dog and he fell down and the dog got loose and attacked Cameron. he was charged with a felony. what a shame BIG BOY didn't savage his owner. 63 yr old felon, HARRY R. McDANIEL. this nutter might get extra cell time due to his 2004 drug conviction plus i am sure that it doesn't hurt that he received a previous citation for allowing his mutant to roam. the judge has forbidden McDANIEL from housing or maintaing any dogs until the court approves.
Cameron's stepfather is sympathetic to McDANIEL, said he is a nice man and shouldn't be charged. that MIGHT have something to do with the fact that Cameron's stepfather ALSO owns a pit.

01.07.11 west monroe, louisiana two young sisters were walking their collie and a pit bull attacked. the collie was seriously injured, one of the girls was bitten, the pit nutter was cited, and the mutant seized for 10 days. the dog will not be allowed back in the city limits. they're gonna pass that freak onto the next county.

01.06.11 UK 28 yr old VICTORIA LANE pled guilty to owning a dog dangerously out of control. she blamed her son for letting the dog into the garden but doesn't know how the mutant escaped over/under/through the 6 ft fence. Susan Fleming and her 7 yr old son were walking their little dog, Gizmo when they saw the mutant charging. Susan picked up her dog, both were bitten. LANE claimed to be appalled at what the dog did and got rid of it because she was afraid of other mayhem it may cause. she was ordered to compensate Fleming in the amount of £200.

01.06.11 UK witnesses saw an off leash staffy bull go into a garden and kill a cat. then watched the owner go in and leash it and leave. police are investigating. i am beginning to think that these people are DELIBERATELY letting their dogs go to kill animals, particularly cats.

01.06.11 UK Nicki Fletcher let her gsd/mastiff mix in the yard where it was attacked by a staffy bull. she was bitten when she tried to break up the fight. her dog received a couple of puncture wounds and the ugly little dog lost an eyelid and part of an ear plus puncture wounds on its back.

01.07.11 new zealand Richard Berney and his fox terrier were the victims of a frankenmauling during a routine walk. Berney held his dog above his head and the mutant stood upright. Berney flung his dog into a bush and the pit mastiff went after him. three people came to their defense. the mutant is dirt napping.


shrewsbury, massachusetts remember the case of DUGG, the rescued pit who got loose and savaged a poodle that later died? the pit nutters paid a small portion of the $6000 vet bill and have hired animal rights attorney STEVEN WISE to save the mutant from the dirt nap. WISE is pulling out all the stops for this apparently indigent client. WISE is arguing that no one filed a written complaint before the hearing.... blah blah blah. and this is why you carry a gun and dispatch these ugly fuckers on the spot.

grand island, nebraska the two pit bulls that SOMEHOW escaped their property and SOMEHOW entered a german shepherd's kennel, killed and partially ate it, will get dirt naps.

canada poodle breeder, Nancy Mustard heard the story of the little poodle who was attacked in its home x-mas day and is giving a poodle puppy to the traumatized family.

attacks the media never reports

01.02.11 internet idiots My German shepherd/Bullmastiff cross attacked a passing by rottweiler. it dint mangae to kill the rott at the scene, but before the owner could reach the dog to the vet, it died, of blood loss though some major artiries. Now the owner wants my dog PUTDOWN, wtf i told him his dog was off the leash and walked onto my property, my dog was barely guarding its turf, but he wont listen…
But whos fault do u think it is, my dog which by the way is 8 months old and the rott was over 3 years of age.
i kind of forgot too add some details, we do have a fence, and the rott dint just walk over our yard, he enterd through our gate, most likely with the smell of our dog, and dont worry my dog isint a least bit human aggresive, but he dosent like other “MALE” dogs and cats. and one more thing his bullmastiff father was a cross with a pitbull, but that really dosent matter. he is a loving dog. the only thing that surprizedme was when i tried pulling him apart from the rott he just wouldent let go, as if he was locked on, i had to stick a metal thing in his mouth, to stop him. but the rott dint go with out a fight, sadly busta has lost an entire ear. (btw busta is my dog)

01.04.11 san antonio, texas My best friend, Manolo, was murdered on December 31, 2010 by an unleashed Bull Mastiff. The mastiff attacked Manolo out of nowhere and viciously grabbing him by his neck and not letting go until he made sure my lovely was dead. It has been the worse experience in my LIFE seeing how my little one got killed and I know it was dumb but I kicked the Mastiff so hard and multiple times hoping that he would let go of my love but he wouldn't until my Manolo was dead. I did report the incident to animal control but unfortunately it seemed as if they didn't care I did call the police the day of the incident and they said they couldn't do anything about it... Who are victim families suppose to go to? It seems that the authorities that are suppose to care: DON'T.
also in san antonio, texas a private citizen was driving to work when he saw a woman being attacked by a pit bull. he pulled over and pulled out his gun and shot the dog. it limped off to a auto repair shop. ac picked up mutato and gave it a dirt napo. i hope they are investigating the auto repair shop owner.

a little reminder as to WHY pit bull attacks often receive so much more media coverage than attacks by other breeds.
fernandina beach, florida 26 yr old RAUL ROSAS was attacked in the face by his own dog. ROSAS' brother-in-law managed to get a rope on the mutant and get him out the door but the mutant was berserking. so the brother tied the rope to the bumper and climbed on top of the truck. when police and EMTs arrived, they could not get into the house past the dog to administer aid. the mutant was still going nuts trying to chew the rope. the police had to shoot 50-60 lb frankenmauler. and its master was airlifted to a medical center. there was another dog in the residence that was not involved in the attack but the family asked animal control to remove it. it became aggressive and was euthanized. of course, the dogs never showed aggression before. the only thing i don't understand is why hasn't this has not gotten more media coverage.


Anonymous said...

First documented use of a break stick as a spear! Whodathunkit?!?

Anonymous said...

I wonder if you could use the pointy end of a Tire Iron the same way?....Stab the Beserker through the ribs in a manner similiar to an African Villager fighting off a Lion attack!

Anonymous said...


Colleen Carey puts the capital "N" in Nutter
« on: January 05, 2011, 03:02:32 AM »

Owner found guilty in fatal dog attack
Bucks County Courier Times
A Bristol woman was found guilty in absentia Monday after failing to appear at a hearing to review charges related to her dog fatally attacking another in the borough in November.

That means Colleen Carey, 40, of Wilson Avenue must pay more than $1,000 in fines and court costs to the Bristol district court of Judge Frank Pertanteau.

Itemized Abductions
Local UFOlogists tell us why they believe.

Steven Wells Add Comment
Comments: 28 |
Posted Dec. 10, 2008 ..
I meet 38-year-old Colleen Carey near her Northern Liberties home--just three blocks from one of Garcia's many claimed UFO sightings. On her MySpace page Carey describes herself as "a teeny weeny bleached blonde."

She's walking her pit bull and has to scold it and pull it back when it engages in a vigorous barking standoff with a dog behind some metal fencing. Carey says she once had a dog shot by the police, and her current dog killed another dog, which is why she had to move from Bucks County--the epicenter of this year's local UFO flap.

Carey apologizes for the mess of comics, magazines, books and papers that litter her living room floor. She was up last night, she says, looking for a page from "a bible from outer space."

But, she says, "I'm an alien princess and I don't have to tidy up, right?"

DubV said...

Wow, Carey is nuttier than squirrel crap. I see that pit owners are either thugs or just dumb, and I make the most direct judgement: you have to be an idiot to want to own a pit bull. Nutters, organized in their rescue brigades and no less weird or dumb, use the collective weirdness of pit nutters as a shield for the dogs. No matter what happens with a pit, good or bad, you can bet the owner is not "normal". The pit nutters are good at sniffing out these abnormalities and making it the reason of an attack. It's true, the pit bulls have found a subset of humans they can exploit using their superior intellect.

Pits are for shits said...

"the pit bulls have found a subset of humans they can exploit using their superior intellect."

LOL. That sums it up pretty well.

Anonymous said...

Bottom feeding scumbag attorney Wise has taught us all a good lesson

ALWAYS ALWAYS ALWAYS file written complaints about any pit bull incident, no matter how small, and file not just with animal control, but also mayor, each member of city or county council, police chief, sheriff's dept, state police, and even state rep and governor.

Emails and phone calls to animal control are not enough!

If possible, get the neighborhood to file group complaints.

Do NOT let these pit bull owners and their sleazy, lying attorneys evade responsibility and kill again.

Anonymous said...

Glad to see they found the scum in the llama attack. When are the judges and lawmakers going to get it through their thick heads that these people don't respect court orders or laws? If they let their dogs roam off leash before an attack, they'll do it again after one. The only way to prevent this from happening again is to take the dogs away, euthanize them, and prohibit the owners from owning dogs again with jail time as the result of violation.

Turkey said...

No matter what happens with a pit, good or bad, you can bet the owner is not "normal".

That has been my experience.

Anonymous said...

Victim Manolo's owner is not getting justice because Manolo was killed at the scene so there were no vet bills that needed to be covered. Animal control "might" start an investigation. How is this justice?!

Anonymous said...

A breed apart...

I was thinking of a pit bull pair that would corner my brother and his family in their car. The dogs would walk around it menacingly and not let them out. That pair of pits ended up biting a boy and then killing each other by simultaneously neck bites.

But it got me wondering, what other dog breed is ballsy and aggressive enough to repeatedly circle cars like this?

Then I started thinking of something that happened years ago when I first started driving. A white pit bull walked out into the street and stopped my car. When I would try to go around, he would cut me off. He was just standing there in front of the car looking at me. I didn't get out or roll down the window, but just laid on the horn and kept trying to drive around him. It took several minutes to continue my journey.

What type of dog does this?

Anonymous said...

A type of dog that ought to be run over before it does it to somebody on a bike. I used to try to avoid pits in the street. Not anymore. If they're running loose and stupid enough to run in front of my truck, they're fair game. Trust me. You're doing the neighborhood a favor.

Anonymous said...

Look at how much care and consideration has gone to parrot but no funds or ceremonies were done for the victims.

Nice to see that the nutters have their priories straight!

Anonymous said...

Did you see the pitbullforum comments section regarding the Christmas day attack? They blame the child going door-to-door, the parents of said child, the family that opened the door, and the owner of the pit. The pit is considered a victim. And they not several times, with triumph, that the poodle (whilst being mauled to death in its own home on Christmas morning, one should bear in mind) bit one of the owners.

These people are all so completely despicable.

Anonymous said...

They are despicable. They're scum of the Earth, and they wonder why people universally despise them and call them deviants and sociopaths.

. said...

I have been keeping track of other dog bites not related to pit bulls here

Unsurprisingly most of the breeds do not repeat to the frequency of the pit bull. And their attacks are not as severe.

One of them, an owner of a labordoodle even complied to be part of a news program to that his information was made public in order to compensate the victims for any medical bills.

This is something you'd never see a pit bull owner do!

Unknown said...

goes to show how simple people really are..most cases i hear are not full blooded pitbulls...but some off breed...yet u people want to down a whole breed....alot of black people are in gangs so how about we hate all black people....right?... i hear about alot of mexicans fighting on the news so lets all hate mexicans.....sounds like what all u are doin to a breed of dogs how about blacks /mexicans/ fuck it lets hate evrybodey because we are all cowards that are scared of life itself....fucktards

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

pit bulls are breeds of dogs (APBT, AMSTAFF, STAFFY BULL) and more importantly, they are a TYPE of dog.

Unknown said...

ok i am a buisness owner and i own 4 fullblooded red nose piitbulls...and u should see how aggressivlly they get on the couch to take a napp....and u should see how evil they are all curled up into a ball at the end of my bed while we sleep together....and how mean they are when children smack them around and the lay there and take it....u people are 100 percent correct its about how mean they are not just how retarded owner that cant handle them the way i have owned pitts since i was 9 after being attacked by a chow...and my buddy was mulled by a wratwhiler when he was 7...atleast pitts stick to animals...u people that down a whole GOD giving breed ARE THE SCUM OF THE WORLD AND DESERVE NOTHING BUT A LIFE OF SHIT...I HOPE THE WORST FOR ALL YOU HATERS...AND IHOPE THEY DONT PUT CHIAWAWAS IN THE MEDIA SO WE ALL DONT HATE THAT BREED NEXT

Unknown said...

ok i am a buisness owner and i own 4 fullblooded red nose piitbulls...and u should see how aggressivlly they get on the couch to take a napp....and u should see how evil they are all curled up into a ball at the end of my bed while we sleep together....and how mean they are when children smack them around and the lay there and take it....u people are 100 percent correct its about how mean they are not just how retarded owner that cant handle them the way i have owned pitts since i was 9 after being attacked by a chow...and my buddy was mulled by a wratwhiler when he was 7...atleast pitts stick to animals...u people that down a whole GOD giving breed ARE THE SCUM OF THE WORLD AND DESERVE NOTHING BUT A LIFE OF SHIT...I HOPE THE WORST FOR ALL YOU HATERS...AND IHOPE THEY DONT PUT CHIAWAWAS IN THE MEDIA SO WE ALL DONT HATE THAT BREED NEXT

Unknown said...

whatch pittbulls and parolees or pit boss and actually see what you coward ass people are doing to an innocent i said punishing all dogs or as the complete retards put it ''pitt breed'' is like punishing all blacks becouse a few thugs or all mexicans becousea few bad things you guys are all RACIST weather dogs or all are complete pussyes and cowards scared of life and evrything to do with it...pitts been around for ever but since 2002 news and actuall peice of shit ppl that fight dogs or just retards that dont know how to train dogs give pitts a bad name....never have i got bit or even growled at by a pitt...but these are dogs ive seen attack for no reason....7yr old got bit by a wratwhiler...ive benn attacked by a best freind was attacked at 5yrs old and had his face almost peeled off by a CHOW....chiwawas bite me evrytime they see me....many more....never has it been a pitt....usually assholes that dont kno how to train dogs are the ones that get away....(all breeds of all dogs)...people that talk about a whole breed or (race) are trully peice of shit scumbags....just racist the nazies...same diffrence right?.....a few jews mess up or piss off hitler (public) get rid of em all right cowards?

Unknown said...

and for the coward that wants to run over are a bitch flat are a racist POS and fuck it kids are always making noise and pissing off the neiborhood.....lets dothe neiborhood a them overtoo..fucktard....killing shit for no area loser....a chicken shit peice of shit

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

" i was 9 after being attacked by a chow...and my buddy was mulled by a wratwhiler when he was 7...atleast pitts stick to animals"

at least mutant pit dogs stick to killing animals? that's a problem fucktard.
these ugly fucking dogs that you worship keep trying to kill MY dogs. THAT'S A FUCKING PROBLEM FOR ME!

"just racist the nazies...same diffrence right?.....a few jews mess up or piss off hitler (public) get rid of em all right cowards?"

i bet you fly the confederate flag somewhere in your home or pick up truck. it has been my experience the pit nutters who scream racism are the racists. they project their own shit out onto the rest of us.


i think you are lying. i think you hope they put they chihuahuas on the list next. that way, you can squeal with delight "see! i told you that your breed would be next!"

Unknown said...

I don't know why you are being so aggressive to pit bulls but my pit bull is fine so I don't care he gives me rides on his back and yes I'm a kid