Monday, June 6, 2011

for nothing can seem so foul to those that win

last friday the pit nutters' proof of assertion army hit the internet with the simultaneous release of at least 3 nanny dog articles. the pit nutters are determined to win the war at any cost. i would rather lose with my integrity intact. but that's just me.

it is astonishing what is passing as journalism these days. no one practices in depth, independent research anymore. they don't even pretend. and the desperate, gullible pit nutters are treating this round robin of middle aged women as if they are delivering the word of god.

the crusader KATE JAMES linked to bay area propagandist CLAUDINE ZAP'S puff piece and ZAP linked to a pitnutter forum and to the vagina indifferent comedian and to TRACYANN MAINS' puff piece that begins with "I've never met a pit bull that I didn't like. I've met four." and TRACYANN'S source materials for her soft hitting, shallow, piece of crap? BADRAP of course!

yahoo (yäˈhoō noun informal a rude, noisy, or violent person.) has over 300 comments most of which parrot the writer, pointing to photos of pits with kids as proof they were in fact nanny dogs.

something tells me JANE BERKEY is behind this.

vintage postcard featuring... the nanny dog!

since friday, the Nanny Dog Myth Revealed has been viewed over 2000 times. much of the credit goes to Jake for creating the surge in traffic at the truth about pit bulls blog. JAKE ventured into enemy territory and planted the one lone kernel of truth in the great expanse of disinformation.


Anonymous said...

There are 176 Documented Pit Bull "Kills" of American children with thousands more being horribly mangled.

They should be called Casket Dogs!

Jake said...

The term "Casket Dogs" is so much more apropos than the bizzarre and misleading "nanny dogs" - I'm hoping this new handle gets some traction!

* said...

It's not too amazing that for almost every nanny dog image that exists, there's an image of growling bait, gripping, or pit dog. An image that shows that the perception of the breed was acknowledged by the savagery they could partake of.

Jim said...

When that crap first hit Yahoo I started posting links to the Nanny Dog Myth and Dog studies and stats.

All I got for my troubles was a ration of personal invective from the pitiots.

I am happy to see that some people must have looked deeper when given information to combat the fluff.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you jim. i didn't realize that you posted a link too.
i was only able to access the first page of comments for some unknown reason and i didn't see anything remotely non pit nutter and objective.

thanks to anyone else that posted a link.

Jim said...

The only comments so far are the usual pitiot propaganda :(

I am sick and tired of people having to live in fear of DOGS!

They were meant to be our companions and helpers.

Thanks to pitiots and their cousins (cane corso, fila, am bull, dogo, presa etc owners and propagandists) we have situations in some cities where children cannot even play in their own yards and adults must arm themselves to do their jobs.

Not acceptable.

Anonymous said...

Yahoo is not allowing dissenting comments through and they appear to have deleted Jake's and Jim's comments.

Anonymous said...

The dog/baby photo on yahoo's propaganda piece looks like an early bull baiter pug cross, otherwise known as the english bulldog.

* said...

Bagheera Kiplingi,

Is this true? If this is indeed true then that would mean the author or yahoo itself is breaking the first amendment. I read the comments, there was nothing wrong or defamatory about their nature. The comments were only stating what the person saw as truth. What a sickening and cowardly lot...

* said...

I wonder if that Claudine woman has ever worked or Bad Rap or Villalobos? I also wonder what kind of other articles this woman has conjured.

Who knew that yahoo accepted yellow journalism...

DubV said...

The nanny dog yahoo piece is in a few places within yahoo and others.

If you are attempting to comment here:

They are letting my comment through. The default comment sorting is highest rated first, so the pit nutter comments always show up. If you sort by newest then you may find yours. If not, I have no idea why they would let through my but not someone elses as mine weren't exactly friendly.

Anonymous said...

My comment did not get through and that is probably because I included the Nanny Dog Myth link. When I didn't see Jim or Jake's, I submitted it again. And yes, I changed the view to newest.

When I went back and checked again, I did see a couple of negative comments but not yours DubV.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

claudine zap lives in the bay area. what are the chances she wrote this all on her own, without the prodding of or help from badrap?

i don't see your comment dubv.

DubV said...

I was calling myself "realist" over there.

I got around the filter by telling them what to google to find the nanny dog myth page.

* said...


You sly dog! That is the only real way someone can get around the comment filter is if you suggest certain key words, or do what I do.

" the truth about pit bulls @ blogspot "

Something to that effect.

Keep commenting guys!

Tegenpitjes said...

somebody had no problem putting this url in their comment...just saying. Could be the nutters are paying for this article to be published?

Jim said...

I saw the posts by "realist" and suspected it was someone from here.

Yahoo is, well, a bunch of yahoos ;)

Lindsey said...

Not that I agree with squashing the dissent, but individuals and companies can't violate your First Amendment rights. Only the government and representatives of the government acting in an official capacity can do that. Individuals and companies are well within their legal rights to censor any content they wish.

Small Survivors said...

Wow, it seems everyone's diligence in refuting the myths in comments has paid off big time! The nanny dog myth post is still pulling in the hits. Now that its gotten so many hits, it should come to the top in "nanny dog" searches.

Amazing, too, that some nutters are saying things to the effect, "I don't subscribe to the nanny dog theory."

Now they're pinning their hopes on old photographs. I thought that was an old english bulldog, too. I also saw a couple boston terriers. And one girl frightened to be near the "nanny dog." HA!

DubV said...


The way the yahoo filter works, you can't post the same thing as a reply to more than post or as a stand alone post. For instance, you can't post

"you should google nanny dog myth"

more than once.

You have to change it slightly. I'm going to go post permutations of this as replies to the "highest rated" comments which appear first as default.

DubV said...

As snack predicted, it is now the top rated hit for google when searching: nanny dog.

* said...


I noticed that a day ago. ;)

* said...

When you type in "pit bull nanny dog" it's the third most common link. Keep pushing guys!