Tuesday, May 22, 2012

2011 Florida Deaths "By the Numbers"

"Last year for instance we had 25 dog related fatalities, which means you've got a far better chance of dying of other things. For instance, a couple years ago by the numbers there were 33 dog bites and yet 66 people were executed in state prisons, so you had twice the chance of being executed at a state prison than you did of dying from a dog bite, BUT, we've been living with dogs in our houses and in our beds for so many thousands of years that whenever something like this happens, especially when it's a child, it gets lots of coverage and lots of publicity and people shriek."


in 2011, the state of florida executed 2 psychopaths and 2 psychopaths executed one floridian. you DO have twice the chance of being killed in a state prison than "dying from a dog bite"!

let's take a closer look at the 2011 deaths. since these are strictly "by the numbers" and all things are equal, i will address them in chronological order.

june - death by dog bite
74 year old disabled veteran, Roy McSweeney was in his own yard, minding his own business when the ultimate canine psychopaths belonging to neighbor DEANNA BLITCH jumped the fence and savagely attacked him. his right arm was severed, his left arm was severely mangled and his face and head sustained serious injuries. he spent hours in surgery and died a week later. according to Roy's younger brother, “The back of his head was eaten off, that’s what killed him,” said Donald McSweeney.

september - death by state prison
after 33 years on death row, the state of florida finally succeed in giving MANUEL VALLE a dirt nap for the murder and attempted murder of 2 police officers, despite the objections of the pro life, religious and ultra politically correct left wing bleeding heart nutters who claim an overdose of pentobarbital is "cruel" and the anaesthetic could cause "extreme suffering".
cause of death: LETHAL INJECTION

november - death by state prison
the state of florida gave a 65 year old sadistic sexual psychopath, OBA CHANDLER a dirt nap for the 1989 rape and murder of Joan Rogers (36) and her two teenage daughters (14 and 17). their bodies were found floating in tampa bay, bound, tied to concrete blocks and stripped to the waist. their mouths taped shut. (opposition to this fucktard's death sentence, not so much)
cause of death: LETHAL INJECTION

the lives and deaths of CHANDLER and VALLE have more in common with DEANNA BLITCH'S mutants than with Roy McSweeney. all four of these psychopaths had previous criminal records. all four of these violent psychopaths received a lethal injection. and all four of these psychopaths were shown more mercy than they showed their victims.

Nyuk, Nyuk, Nyuk


Anonymous said...

i like it very much that murderers always seem to resist the death penalty, right to the bitter end . pitters too, seem to be outraged at a well-deserved dirt-napp for their sweet wigglebutt mutants.

Miss Margo said...

This is good.

I read it three times. It's food for thought, and not just because I'm experiencing major insomnia tonight.

Ultimately I object to the death penalty because innocent people have been executed by the state, which is unacceptable to me.

That said: the vast majority of people who are executed deserve to die. They are no good to themselves or anyone else. Let's cut the shit here: nobody has to go out of their way to avoid committing heinous violence upon someone else. Despite wishing I could hit various persons in the face with a brick because they aggravated me, I have managed to go my entire life without actually hitting anyone in the face with a brick.

My belief is that nutters empathize with mauling mutants because they--the nutters--really want to BE them (the maulers). One blogger I like to read, The Last Psychiatrist, wrote something along the lines of: "You don't admire sociopaths because they are sociopaths. You admire sociopaths because you are sociopathic."

S.K.Y. said...

Great blog post and response to the idiot nutter who thinks killing a murderer with lethal injection is the same as pit bulls ripping the back of the head off an elderly neighbor.

april 29 said...

Love the quote Miss Margo!

Anonymous said...

ive been reading of ted bundy who was put down in forida in 89 and how there was a large crowd gathered nearby the prison to observe and celebrate the fact of bundy's dirt-napping. nowadays instead of frying in the electric chair a bundy would get a nice overdoze of anesthetic or not even the death penalty. seems like society just doesnt have the stomach for justice and retribution anymore and i suspect this means there are lots more bundys coming up in the ranks of the psychos and damaged personalities.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

snarky, i think the crowd outside of bundy's dirt nap consisted of both pro and con.

i love that sociopath quote miss margo.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

My only objection to the death penalty is that it takes too long to execute - justice is anything but swift, and the means of execution is frequently too gentle to approximate the viciousness of the crime(s).

Look up 'Richard Allen Davis' and explain to me why this despicable POS has been allowed to live 19 years after sentencing for the rape, torture and murder of 12 year old Polly Klaas. At the speed of justice, this MFer will die from old age. And if this POS makes my blood boil, what does his continued survival, web page, pen pals, art sales, etc., do to the Polly Klaas family?

If anyone deserves to die in the jaws of a pit bull, it's animals like Richard Allen Davis – reprobates who perpetrate hideous and heinous acts against innocent victims with full understanding of society’s price for their evil. So I ask, what kind of moron trots out any type of comparison between criminals who deserve to die, but are granted peaceful passing in clinical settings, vs. innocent children and grandparents dying horrific, torturous deaths in the jaws of pit bulls? Trust me; James Crosby has a lot more in common with Richard Allen Davis than he does with any decent person.

Rag Doll said...

New research: it's not the owners, it's the dogs.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i like this comment at the end
As well, Klooff, a new iPhone app for pet lovers, just released a survey of 1,000 people in which women were 10 times likelier to see a man who owns a pit bull as "slimy" or "sketchy" than one who owns a Siberian husky.

so i dug a little deeper and found some nutter blogger reporting this. we all already knew this!

Men are most attracted to women who own:
1. Golden Retrievers
2. Labrador Retrievers
3. Chihuahuas (Hmmm, for that one night stand? Dirty men.)
4. Poodles (seriously?)
5. Beagles

Women are most attracted to men who own:
1. German Shepherds
2. Golden Retrievers
3. Labrador Retrievers
4. Siberian Huskies
5. French Bulldogs

i love her nasty little comments in parentheses.
isn't it awesome how nutters openly hold stereotypes, insult, and discriminate against certain breeds and the people who own them and then scream racism in our direction!

Small Survivors said...

Fantastic post!

Whitewash Jimmy is that loathsome boil we have heard tell about. Thanks for calling him out on these recent reprehensible statements.

Thank you for illustrating so vividly that whitewash jimmy has the gall to equate Roy McSweeney, who should have been able to live out his days puttering around his garden in peace, with the most revolting, putrid dregs of the "human" race who deserve to die for their heinous acts.

And your point that the killer pits and the killer humans all got the very same humane, painless death that they did not give their victims is right on the mark.

AThose sociopathic killers got the very same humane and painless end that I chose to give every one of my beloved, terminally ill, elderly pets because I didn't didn't want them to suffer

And the bitter irony is that Roy McSweeney suffered a horrific death that only rapists and murderers should suffer.

Anonymous said...

a painless death is appropriate for our pets but i might be tempted to make certain "mistakes" if i was dirt-napping a human pit-bull. going peacefully to sleep is way too good for some . i think i would try to not let that happen. perhaps "cruel and unusual" is appropriate in some cases.

Anonymous said...

saw a program about oba chandler and i would think he was born to do the terrible things that eventually put him on death row. the apologists would like to blame someone rather than simply the perpetrator but sometimes its just a bad seed and nothing to do with "nurture" or lack of . lots of people and dogs had less than an ideal up-bringing and didnt turn bad . i actually have found that rescue dogs of the non-mutant type often make very good pets.

DubV said...

Good points, snark.

I'd like to see how the average PC-ite would respond if they were unlucky enough to birth a sociopath.

Unknown said...

if u want to see what a "hold and shake" look like..here is a video

safer midwifery utah said...

I don't think the state has any place in convicting people of murder if they also murder their own citizens, an ugly FACT of the death penalty. It actually costs more to kill someone anyway, dollars that could be spent on something worthwhile.

As long as someone is alive there is hope of their false conviction being overturned. It would be nice to think that false conviction could never happen to you or me, but it most certainly could. I don't find it acceptable at all.

anyway- I agree with the premise of the post. People say "you're more likely to die of ___!" while completely ignoring the horror of being mauled to death by animals. It is quite possibly the least pleasant way to die.

DubV said...

My only objection to the death penalty is that you can't undo it in the case of an innocent person being convicted.

However, I think there is an obvious difference between

1. killing someone for sport, financial gain, or whatever as a criminal does and what we call murder


2. society in a sense deciding that the person's actions are so heinous that they can't live among us, we have zero tolerance for their actions, and we need the ultimate disincentive for those actions...therefore they should be killed

Not recognizing any difference between 1 and 2 and simply calling them both murder is not helpful to the argument. It is also question begging. We are trying, in fact, to establish whether or not 2 IS murder. That is the heart of the debate, and shouldn't be assumed as a premise.

I think is illustrated by pondering this question:

If it is theft for someone to steal my belongings by breaking into my house and taking them against my will, then is it also theft when the gov't makes me pay a speeding ticket against my will?

Anonymous said...

there must be cases where guilt is undeniable and obvious and in those cases why should we pussy -foot around ? here it costs maybe ioo k a year to warehouse mostly unredeemable human garbage. why keep someone who has killed twelve kids, alive for 25 years- costing millions ? just so we can feel that we did the right thing .

Anonymous said...

i love to hear that so and so was knifed or bludgeoned to death by a fellow prisoner . i get that same warm fuzzy feeling i get after a well deserved four-legged dirt-napping. sweeet!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

clarification: this blog post is simply to express my outrage over the comparison between the violent & gruesome deaths of pit bull victims and the humane euthanasia of violent psychopaths.

as for the anti death penalty camp, politics aside, their views don't offend me, but the excuses they offered in this particular instance does.

the population of the world has doubled in my lifetime. we are running out of space and resources. we should not be wasting them on this vermin. we should be expanding capital punishment to include people like THOMAS O'HALLORAN.

there are too many people on this orb and the violent ones need to removed. i like the way bill mahr framed it when he said he supported abortion, capital punishment, suicide and humane euthanasia for the terminally ill, "I am pro death. I favor anything that will get the freeway moving."

S.K.Y. said...

Dawn, I love that Bill Mahr quote--it applies perfectly to my world view, as well. :-)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

you will probably get a chuckle out this one

Rhea said...

Politics aside...because I think Bill Maher is a prick who deserves a punch in the mouth.....
I think its dumb to compare the death penalty to an innocent person being mauled to death.

First the state will kill you if: You've committed a heinous crime against humanity
A pitbull will kill you if:
You look at it funny
Play nerf
Ride a bike
Drive your car
Relax in your backyard
Take a dip in the pool
Smoke a cigarette
Show fear
Show courage
Live in the same neighborhood
And oh so many more reasons

So the person who said you are now twice as likely to die due to the death penalty than by a pitbull is a freaking moron. You HAVE to do something FIRST. It actually IS a provoked death whereas a pitbull mauling can happen for any reason at any time even if you don't even know the dog exists. If my husband hadn't been alert and prepared when a pitbull lunged at his throat he may very well be dead or damaged by now. He didn't even know the pitbull was around when he heard it approach him, he turned around and as it lunged at him he grabbed its attacking paw flipped it over on its back, laid on top of it and broke the sucker's back. The thing probably got put down because it was useless after that.
HAD my husband been a toddler, he would have died.

These people need to think before they type.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"I think Bill Maher is a prick who deserves a punch in the mouth"

i understand. i have had those feelings about maher from time to time.

april 29 said...

I have those feelings about Maher frequently.

DubV said...

Rhea, pit bull chiropractics at its best!

You're absolutely right about the probability thing. It's like when people say it is (some number) times more dangerous to drive than fly. They are comparing the average driver to the average pilot. It is a conditional probability, and so very safe drivers, in a safe car, that pick a safe route do not conform to those stats comparisons.

The nutters commit this all the time when they state you are 200 times more likely to die in your bathtub than from a pit bull. They are clueless people.

Anonymous said...

You are 200,000,000 times more likely to have your face chewed off by a pit bull than the man sitting next to you on the bus.

Anonymous said...

Warning, extremely graphic image of the SURVIVING Florida victim.

Animal Uncontrol said...

Excellent writeup of the McSweeney debacle. This was one of the incidents that turned me into an activist. I think its worth saying that ANY pet that inflicts severe injury on a human being needs to be summarily put down and the owner jailed for assault.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

ANY dog that inflicts severe injury on human or animal needs to be summarily put down.

and THIS is why i hate the ultra politically correct left wing.

Animal Uncontrol said...

"But they shot an UNARMED man!" A couple of things to consider: 1) people use their bodies as weapons, and if they are high on crack or PCP they can do a LOT of damage, even inflict death. The fact that they are not packing does not render them harmless. 2) "Fair fight" rules don't apply in self defense scenarios. When defending yourself or someone else from an unprovoked attack you are empowered to use whatever you have at hand.

Jason said...

There's more to the murder of Roy McSweeney by those two 4-legged demons than has made the national news. The two monsters were jointly owned by Deanna Blitch (who has an extensive criminal record for retail theft, receiving stolen property, numerous worthless checks, etc.) and her 24-year-old son, Braxton Blitch. After their two lovable "pitties" killed their elderly neighbor and sheriff's deputies went to their house, both Blitches claimed the dogs had been shot and their bodies thrown into a swamp. All the time, they were hiding the blood-stained murderers inside the house with the intention of sneaking them out after dark to a safe location. These two lowlifes had no concern whatsoever that their neighbor had literally been were not at all concerned that their elderly neighbor (a Vietnam vet, no less!) had been literally ripped apart by their two marauding monsters, all they were concerned about were saving their precious pit bulls!

Additionally, the two hairy demons had already bitten at least two other people and one case was pending against the Blitches at the time McSweeney was murdered.

In March 2012, Deanna Blitch pled guilty to giving false information to a law enforcement officer, owning dangerous dogs, etc. in exchange for a prison sentence of 90 days in jail, which she is going to be allowed to serve on weekends! She also must complete 150 hours community service, pay $4,000 of the costs of McSweeney's funeral and she is not allowed to own dogs. This, of course, is separate from any civil action McSweeny's family files.

Braxton Blitch, who, believe it or not, is employed by the Florida Dept. of Corrections is apparently going to trial. On his Facebook page, he had photos of the two 4-legged sharks that he referred to as "My Babies." (Actually the dogs did look a lot like Blitch and his mother!)

this second Blitch goes to trial and is found guilty, if there is any such thing in the world as Karma, he will end up serving time with some of the inmates he's given abused -- people say he gets off on mistreating prisoners. Even if he doesn't get a dose of his own medicine in prison, if the state doesn't fire him, there are some people in Florida who are going to find out why not and will take it all the way to the governor if necessary.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

thank you for this additional info. many pit bull attacks would be a voided by simply banning idiots with criminal histories access to them.