Wednesday, May 9, 2012

fairy tales from the pit

okay, little game doggies. i promised, if you were good little grippers, i would tell you the story of your great great great great great great great great great great great great grandmaw spook, so gather round.

once upon a time, in a swampy backwards hillbilly state west of the red clay, there lived a mean man by the name of FLOYD. he had lots of dogs and chickens. now he liked his dogs (and chickens) mean and skinny and inbred and living on heavy chains. for fun, he liked to throw 'em in a box and make 'em fight. the bloodier the better. FLOYD thought this was a good time but most everybody in town just thought it was sick. and it was. but he learned it from his daddy and his daddy learned it from his daddy.... anyway, cuz he always needed a fresh supply of meaner and tougher dogs, he was always breeding 'em. the meanest and the toughest to the meanest and toughest. FLOYD had a favorite dog that he liked to breed maybe a little too much named blind billy. blind billy was five of spook's great grandpaws. and little spook would grow up to become famous for producing one of the best pit fighters and man biters cherished far beyond floyd's yard. but first, spook had to survive the whelping box and survive she did. spook was born into a super mean, super tough litter that pretty much killed each other. just spook and a brother survived, beene's rebel. rebel didn't amount to much but spook made up for it. spook often wished she would have died instead of her siblings cuz she was tied up and bred to her father, her son and her half brother. but such is the life of pit dog. we're all related, some more than others. you get used to it. anyway back to spook. she produced a few puppies but one of them really stood out. his name was BULLYSON, and he was a crazy son-of-a-gun, he liked to sink his teeth into humans now and again too. can't say that i blame him. but the psychopaths would tolerate his aggression, like so many other pit fighters because we connect with them on a deep level. why, i remember this one time BULLYSON was acting up in the car and poor old RAYMOND HOLT had to fondle his testicles to control him! yep, BULLYSON was a legend. BULLYSON produced a few pups. some great fighters and some man biters. one of his daughters would become famous in her own right. her name was HONEYBUNCH. she was also a fighter and a man biter and she was my great great great great great great grandmaw. HONEYBUNCH was bred to an unrelated dog by the name of finley's bo. and they produced a talented pup by the name of JEEP. GR CH GAMBLER'S VIRGIL was produced three generations down from JEEP. VIRGIL was to become one of the all time great fighters and man biters. VIRGIL was also quite the ladies man, with 336 registered puppies! meanwhile BULLYSON was having some fun in his retirement too. that was the only real payoff for male pit fighters. BULLYSON was the great great great grandpaw of TORNADO, she was a man biter and the only double grand champion with 10 wins in 10 fights, 3 of them she killed, she even tried to attack one of those dead bitches! BULLYSON produced a daughter (x2W) and that 2xW in turn produced a daughter who gave birth to maybe the greatest pit fighter of all time, CHINAMAN! and he sired FRISCO. FRISCO didn't have the fighting reputation of his father or his relatives BULLYSON and VIRGIL, but mixed with another famous fighting man biter INDIAN BOLIO, FRISCO would hold the title of producing more great fighting pitdogs than any other in the history of pit fighting. FRISCO made a lot of money for TOM GARNER. a few more generations of inbreeding and voila! my "extremely human aggressive" parents (my mother was also my half sister) were born and eventually they produced me, another human aggressive pit but them yankee spinsters say that ain't fashionable no more, so we need to keep that to ourselves. then i was hooked up with your daddy and what do you know, his great....great grandmaw was spook too!

here's me and your daddy on our first and only date.

so there you have it little grippers, your proud pit bull family tree. if y'all were anymore inbred, you'd be sandwiches. now try to not kill one another before you're weaned and get a chance to prove yourselves. we have a fighting/man-biting, uh-er, i mean a man biters were culled legacy to preserve!

the DNA of lil bit's sire includes bullyson and bolio. i traced the pedigree of lil bit's dam (who was also the daughter of lil bit's daddy) back to bullyson, bolio and yellow john.
the dog that was bred to lil bit is webb's cannon and i found the same 3 man-biters in his pedigree: yellow john, bolio and bullyson.

* note that even though lil bit was bred and produced a litter of puppies, her offspring are not listed on her pedigree.

canine-chat has a fascinating 12 page public flogging of game-dog marty for breeding his unstable, tricky, unpredictable, human aggressive gripping dog lil bit.



scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is currently a problem with scribd. i will upload the legend of bullyson as soon as it is corrected.

april 29 said...

This is some FINE reading!!!

Looking forward to the legend of bullyson.

DubV said...

Awesome read. About halfway through, I started to expect a surprise ending where the mama eats her puppies.

Are there many recorded incidences of pit bull puppies killing each other? That's just crazy considering the gentleness and inability to kill of the average pup.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Spook's whole litter killed each other except for her & another little bitch pup Floyd gave to Maurice Coin, another friend of Floyd's.

i activate the link to it. i overlooked that one.

there are other discussions litters needing to separated on this blog. i will look for them. goodwin reported that some of the puppies that were confiscated in the raid on craven eddy faron's yard were trying to kill each other.

Anonymous said...


Joe: Documented breeders of mankillers for $300 Alex....

Alex: This famous breeder's Dogs became the breeding standard for the ADBA's "American" Pit Bull Terrier and the AKC's "American" Staffordshire Terrier...

Joe: Who is
John P. Colby?

Alex: Correct!

Anonymous said...


Meet the Georgia Pit Bull Dead Pool

Miss Margo said...

This made me want to throw up.

Don't get me wrong; it's good research. But it's just...revolting.

Small Survivors said...

Fantastic post that illustrates the name of this blog.

Looking forward to the Truth blog post.

"Man biters were culled" is going down.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

miss margo, haven't you been paying attention? everything i blog about is revolting;-)

you should visit the early craven pages, like dogman poetry hour.

btw, this poet puke contacted me and tried to politely persuade as to why this is not him. it was an amusing exchange as i presented my proof. he slithered away with tail between legs. haven't heard from him since.

gripping dogs are synonymous with revolting.

S.K.Y. said...

For your readers that aren't familiar with the problems with inbreeding, I recommend this article on coefficient of inbreeding (COI): Here's an interesting excerpt:

"A study of Standard Poodles discovered that dogs with a COI of less than 6.25% lived on average four years longer than those with COIs over 25%."

The pit bulls discussed here would likely have COIs well over 50%, and probably more like 70%.

A healthy COI is 6% or less, and most breeds average around 4%. Breeds with higher COIs tend to develop tons of health issues, such as the Cavaliers shown in the "Pedigree Dogs Exposed" documentary.

Note that the APDT pedigree database does not list COI, even on their statistics tabs.

By comparison, look at the the equivalent database for Papillons: This shows COIs for every dog in the pedigree, and allows you to plan a breeding "on paper" to check the COI before deciding to go through with it.

Here's an example dog's name to type in: Angelwing's Rainbows (I have never heard of this dog--just found him randomly). If you then click on the "pedigree" link, you'll see the dog has a COI of 0.6%. Super! I'll bet he's not a crazy man-biter either.

Without showing COIs on the pedigree, these APDT pedigree calculators and pedigree display websites are all but useless.

Anonymous said...

Inbreeding for papillons is just as bad, it's just that a papillon's problems don't result in grave injury or death to people or other animals.

The pit bull problem extends beyond the usual problems with canine inbreeding because the only reason that the pit breeds were created and selectively bred was to kill. With that comes breeding for high prey drive, physical ability to do massive amounts of damage, high pain tolerance (which is why it is so hard to stop a pit bull attack.) It was the successful dogs that were bred, and success for pit bulls means aggression and deadliness.

But all purebred dogs got to be that way through inbreeding, and all purebred dogs are afflicted with terrible genetic problems because of it, particularly when the AKC gets their hands on them. Which is why the rare breed people fight against AKC recognition. AKC's claims of "health screening" are empty beyond words.

We now have golden retrievers from "top show" AKC breeders dead of cancer well before 10, cocker spaniels with rage syndrome, many breeds afflicted with dysplasia well before 1 year, and on we go.

NOVA piece on inbreeding that cites papilon breeder and NAIA member Charlotte McGowan, who from a cursory search is active with a pit bull breeder Holly Stump of Ipswich Massachusetts fighting against BSL and to weaken dangerous dog laws,

NARRATOR: And the legacy endures: a preoccupation with bloodlines and appearance. In the show ring, only purebred dogs are allowed to compete, and they're judged on how closely they match a written description of perfection, called the breed "standard."

CHARLOTTE McGOWAN (Papilon Breeder): The standard is the blueprint for the breed. In this particular breed, the ears are very important: they're set at a 45-degree angle to the head, just like Allesandro's ears. They're round, like this, and they're fringed. The skull end is two-thirds, the muzzle is one-third, the stop is defined, the nose is tapered, the eyes are round. These are all elements that go into making a perfect papilon.

NARRATOR: Charlotte McGowan has been showing dogs since she was eleven.

CHARLOTTE McGOWAN: I'm hoping that I'll still be doing this when I'm 90, that's why the dogs are getting smaller and smaller.

NARRATOR: Of the ten papilons that live with her, all the adults have earned the right to be called champion, and the puppies will soon. What's more, she's convinced she's only begun to tap the greatness in this gene pool.

CHARLOTTE McGOWAN: We really enjoy the ability to take the gene pool and use it like paints. It's our art. This is my art. I made this beautiful dog that I enjoy. I made her—I chose her sire and her dam, I chose several generations to make this beautiful dog. I'm very proud of her.

NARRATOR: Like most champion show dogs, Bibi is the product of inbreeding. Her offspring will be too.

CHARLOTTE McGOWAN: Her mother was bred to her mother's grandson to produce her. And when I choose a mate for her, I'm going to choose her grandfather who was also her great grandfather. The reason I do the close breeding is that I have something very good. I want to keep what I have and I want to improve it. And by closing down the number of potential genes I'm going to improve my chances of doing that.

NARRATOR: Inbreeding is the only way to finely control what the next generation will look like, but it comes with a well-documented downside. Here's why.

Sometimes a gene that helps produce something good, say the shape of a dog's ears, is located on a dog's DNA close to another gene that produces something bad, like a disease. When that happens, there's a good chance any pup getting the good gene will also get the bad one."

S.K.Y. said...


The Papillon breed average COI is 5.3%, according to this ANTI-inbreeding website: Purebred dogs with COI's of < 6% are considered to have a very low level of inbreeding.

I'm not a breeder and just used Paps as an example because I have one and know about their database having COI information. I've read this interview with Ms. McGowan and find her reprehensible, but I think she is an outlier among Pap breeders.

My own dog is the product of 10 all-breed BIS winners in the last few generations--i.e., he was bred to be highly competitive in the show ring. He was lightly line-bred on a dog whose name appears four times in TEN generations. But my dog's COI is still 6%.

I'll definitely be giving a wide berth to Ms. McGowan's dogs...

S.K.Y. said...

About the APBT online pedigree database...

I notice that this lists fights won and lost, and whether the dogs are "champions" (must win 3 fights in a row) or "grand champions" (5 fights in a row).

And the dogs were listed on the database as recently as 2004 or so. (Though they could be dogs that died years ago but only later got listed).

I had never looked into it, but I just assumed dog fighting had been illegal in most/all of the USA for my entire lifetime (I was born in the 60's). How can people be publicly posting in 2004 that a dog has been in dog fights and has won or lost "x" number of fights? Is it / was it legal to post dog fight results online, and if so, when did it become illegal?

Anonymous said...

Papillon breeder McGowan said that "The reason I do the close breeding is that I have something very good. I want to keep what I have and I want to improve it. And by closing down the number of potential genes I'm going to improve my chances of doing that"

Pit bull breeders, like any other breeder, do the same thing (and have for hundreds of years now,) only the "very good thing" for pit bull breeders is to have the most agggressive, prey driven, body mangling, unstoppable dog they could create for the fighting pit.

Every aspect of a pit bull was developed by breeders using selective breeding for that purpose- the head shape, the jaw musculature, body musculature, mouth shape, but also behavior such as prey drive, aggression, high pain tolerance, low threshold for aggression mode.

Narrowing down the number of potential genes to improve chances of creating that aggressive fighting breed.

Eliminating what isn't effective for fighting (like docility, submissiveness, and the things that make for ok house pets)

The pit bull breeders culled the LOSERS. The losers were the dogs that didn't kill and maim to maximum efficiency, that weren't aggressive enough. Either the losers were killed in the pit by the more efficient killers (that were then bred) or the breeders killed the losers because they didn't carry the desirable aggression and damage-doing genes for dog fighting and therefore were not useful for breeding.

It isn't "training." It's genetics, and that's why all the blowhard dog trainers and behaviorists fail to cope with the aggression in pit bulls, and why love and kisses and home schooling a pit bull don't work.

People who know and understand dogs and dog breeding understand this. Amateurs and dilettantes, the pit bull shelter/rescue crowd and the naive people who sucker down the falsehoods, don't. The breeders lie about it and pretend it all doesn't exist to protect their business.

Dogs aren't people. Breeds of dog are selectively bred by man in documented planned breeding programs for a long, long time to enhance certain characteristics and behaviors. Breeds of dog are created by man. That's why the racism claim is so empty and false when it comes to pit bulls.

You can't turn a pit bull into a lab, and you can't turn a lab into a pit bull.

Anonymous said...

" had never looked into it, but I just assumed dog fighting had been illegal in most/all of the USA for my entire lifetime (I was born in the 60's). How can people be publicly posting in 2004 that a dog has been in dog fights and has won or lost "x" number of fights? Is it / was it legal to post dog fight results online, and if so, when did it become illegal?"

Not until very recently, relatively speaking.

A small number of people have spoken out against it since the 1800s in America (that I could find from old newspapers, where they actually shut down some of the fighting pits in Boston, but you better believe they were not shutting down any in the deep South or anywhere else.)

But dog fighting has been legal or only a very minor misdemeanor until pretty recently. Even with misdemeanor laws, the dog fighter and affiliated breeder lobby kept those so weak, they couldn't really be enforced (what they try to do with puppy mill regulation now, keep the laws weak.) So no one got busted.

It wasn't a federal crime until nearly yesterday, in the general scheme of things, and even when they tried to pass federal laws in past years, Senators were defending dog fighting, like Sensenbrenner.

In some parts of the country, local officials were and are dog fighters themselves, attended fights, had relatives who fought and bred, or just got paid off to look the other way, or didn't want those "animal rights people" meddling in their very lucrative fighting/gambling interests. This is ongoing, but they just have to be more careful than a few years ago and back.

What keeps this all going is the huge amount of money in the gambling that is integral to dog fighting, and that money buys a lot of formal or informal lobbying.

Even in more recent years I have talked to animal control people who tried to pursue a dog fighting complaint in states like Georgia, and got a late night call from a sheriff sending out the word that a senior guy in the sheriff's department or city hall said "shut the investigation down and don't issue complaints."

Most people in this country didn't even know that dog fighting existed. It was kept to a small insular population that kept a low profile. That's why the dog fighters are so angry at Vick. All of a sudden, a vast number of people found out about dog fighting and that it was happening under their noses.

Vick also tried to claim he bred pit bulls as "show dogs" or because he admired them, or junk to that effect, and that is what a lot of dog fighter breeders claim to keep operating without scrutiny. Now some of them claim they are running pit bull rescues. A joke.

A wealthy lobby has opposed regulation for a long time and still is. That's the pit bull advocacy market.

The suckers like pitnutter don't understand that the pit advocates don't care about the dogs either, just the legal tender, the cash, that these breeds represent to so many now. He doesn't even know enough to question why his mother hen rescue queen admires and owns Colby pit bulls, and that there might be something else going on there that is hell for the dogs too.

All these foster care and rescue idiots do is help the dog fighting go on.

Anonymous said...

"Vick also tried to claim he bred pit bulls as "show dogs" or because he admired them, or junk to that effect, and that is what a lot of dog fighter breeders claim to keep operating without scrutiny"

The complaints about Vick's dog fighting started years before he actually got caught. He used those excuses and he was left alone to keep on fighting and breeding for fighting.

Even when he got caught red-handed, the local judge did everything he could to keep outside authorities, including the federal government, out and stop the investigation. A judge protected a known dog fighter caught red-handed! Very common over the past years. Vick's case locally was not unusual. The locals protected their own, and most dog fighters stick where there is family, friends in high places, and protection, especially a court and law enforcement who will gladly pocket some of the profits to see nothing.

Even what few laws there were, were useless when the authorities who were supposed to uphold the laws refused to do so or even were guilty themselves.

When lots of people learned about the problem and dog fighting was investigated and exposed in a major way (the Vick case) that was like disinfectant in a rotten, dirty toilet.

However thanks in part to all these pit bull advocates, the breeder lobbies like the AKC and UKC, and the "rescue angels" fools like pitnutter that got suckered with artificial racism story manipulation and other hooks by the dog fighters/breeders, dog fighting is still going strong and will until people figure out how the dog fighters hide it, deny it, and obfuscate, and also how and why they oppose regulation and what groups pretend otherwise but actually lobby for dog fighters (whether they are aware of it or not.)

The canine advocacy and lobbying population must contain more liars per square inch than any average prison population, especially when you add in all the quack behaviorists and trainers, the more "credentialed" the worse! DVM's are among the most useless, because they have multiple profit centers to cover with the quackery.

Miss Margo said...

Ms. Yildiz:

"How can people be publicly posting in 2004 that a dog has been in dog fights and has won or lost "x" number of fights? Is it / was it legal to post dog fight results online, and if so, when did it become illegal?"

Well, I'm not an expert, but personally I can think of a few explanations.

First, and most obviously, you are not an antisocial moron, so it is counterintuitive to you to write about committing a crime online. Like most sane adults with three brain cells to rub together, you think: "Heck, even if I DID something illegal, I sure wouldn't tell anyone about it!"

Dog fighters and their enthusiasts don't operate on your level.

Also, writing about committing crime is very common. There are forums where drug users write and discuss about their personal drug use. Same goes for poaching, illegal boxing, drag-racing, and the hiring of prostitutes.

A big problem is the law and law enforcement. If the police bust he pit bull online pedigree website authors, what are they going to charge them with? Knowledge of a crime? But don't reporters have that when they report crime information? How does LE PROVE that the authors are involved in dog fighting? Is the municipality willing to expend funds and manpower to watch, gather evidence, do a bust, and take them to court? Much less a random poster on the internet, who only writes on forums and doesn't operate a website? And even if they did, the cops in Maryland are not going to call the cops in San Diego (for instance) and say "There's a guy posting on this forum whose ISP is in San Diego...he's writing about dog fighting...go get him!"

Too many layers of government for this to work.

Just about everyone will readily agree that dog fighting is unacceptable, in addition to being illegal. However, society is unwilling to expend the funds to ensure proper oversight of abused children in foster care. Or high-risk violent felons on parole. Cracking down on dog fighters in any meaningful, sustained way is simply not on most policymakers' agendas...though, like prostitution and vice busts, it looks good for local pols to do once or twice during election season.

My two cents.

Miss Margo said...

Dawn James:

That POETRY! IT MOVED ME! Echoes of Ted Hughes--no, William Blake!

You know, I watched a dog fighting video once. Not one of the attack vids we see on your site, but a real one, by enthusiasts, for enthusiasts. I bought the DVD off of a street cart in New Jersey. Yeah, it was shitty to pay money for it. I didn't think of it at the time.

I don't know, entirely, why I decided to watch it. Part of it was that I wanted to be able to say that I was informed and knew what I was talking about if and when I discussed the subject. Part morbid curiosity. It also reminded me of the time I watched terrorists cut this American contractor's head off with a dull knife. I watched that man's killing because a professor I idolized told the class HE watched it because it was important to understand who the fuck these terrorists were.

My reaction to both videos was similar (please note I am NOT comparing dog fighting and the murder of a human): I couldn't stand it. Just couldn't deal. And I am not, ahh, unfamiliar with violence or the behaviors of people and animals in pain. I am not squeamish. I clamped my hands over my ears and turned it off in less than ten seconds.

I heard that dog scream over the shitty rap music on the soundtrack.

Whoever could watch this for entertainment and write poetical odes to it needs an ankle-bracelet for preventative purposes.

Anonymous said...

Oh come on Margo!

"It's inhumane not to allow them to fight. If you have encourage them to fight they are not worth the powder it would take to blow them away. To never allow them any kind of combat...That's inhumane."

Interesting reading in this study of the Doggers:

The Dogmen, The Rationalization of Deviance

I've wondered how many children of dogfighters in the deep south had quiet burials during the 30's, 40's and 50's....

Anonymous said...

"I would run fast from any rescue run by someone who keeps and admires Colby dogs and here's why"

Where is Ryan, the hysterical poster pitnutter? Is he still posting?

This is who he does "foster care" for.

She's importing Brooklyn and Bronx bred pit bulls into Massachusetts to resell on craigslist, out of her Dennis home in a suburb, and some of them have to get pawned off on the fools like Ryan to harbor until they get sold. Ryan is too naive to realize that he is being used.

Scargo Wags & Wiggles Rescue in Dennis Massachusetts, run by Sylvia Mifka Logan.

Sylvia posts online of her admiration for pit bull breeder/fighting dog breeder Colby, Colby's pit bull book, and that she has TWO COLBY PIT BULLS.

Sylvia Mifka Logan is also a nurse in the Cape Cod hospital system. She moved to Dennis Massachusetts within the last couple of years from Brooklyn or that area, bought a nearly million dollar house in Dennis, and opens up this Scargo business.

A little odd for a rescuer, right? A rescue that apparently wasn't following the rules/law and still may not be in Massachusetts. That local animal control gave a pass to after discussion with Animal Rescue League in Boston, the one that hires raver Amy Marder DVM, self described behaviorist who also works for Animal Farm Foundation (see the dogsbite posts for Malden Massachusetts) and who appears at town hearings to oppose muzzling with her specious studies that are laughable, and is affiliated with AKC breeders, and has a coworker who appeared at a NAIA conference, the same NAIA that Massachusetts pit bull breeder Holly Stump runs with the puppy mill lobby of AKC, Patti Strand and others. Amy Marder who pushes pit bulls that have to be "only pets" with Martha Smith DVM, secretary of the state veterinarian association and former lab animal vet.

All these links and information are out there to track, and bluntly the track stinks, but the average person or reporter has a hard time putting all the pieces together. Most people don't understand the canine lobby and how it works, sand how they screw over not only lots of people but lots of dogs too.

Ryan the pitnutter, foster home for Logan and Scargo, has a young kid, a baby I think. He's in an apartment with other people. He lets the foster Brooklyn pit off lead at parks with other people, kids, their dogs. What reputable person who admires Colby pit bulls and has two, and can't claim ignorance, and knows about Colby, his breeding, his dead nephew, his aggressive dogs, pit bull genetics and breeding programs- what person knowing all this would ever put a Brooklyn or Bronx bred pit bull into a foster home with a naive and uneducated guy who only months ago was asking questions about pit bulls on online boards, Mr. Clueless, and who has a young child in his home

She knows he lets the pit bull off lead too.

Anonymous said...

Ryan pitnutter doesn't know he is being used, he just repeats the propaganda he is fed, and he isn't able to educate himself about the realities. He'll put his kid at risk for someone selling these dogs on craigslist, someone who admires Colby and has two Colby pit bulls.

The red flags are everywhere, but the average person out there, who thinks all dogs are Lassie or Snoopy and gets fed lies by reporters who are gullible enough to inhale the propaganda about "nanny dogs" and "racism" and regurgitate it, doesn't even have a clue as to how to figure out what is going on.

How would you like to be his neighbor, or someone at the park enjoying the day with their family and dog? When the blood flows, where will Logan and Scargo be?

In NYC, a guy running one of these pit rescues also put them in foster homes. When the foster dog attacked at a park, the rescuwe guy threw his foster home person under the bus and blamed them.

Once upon a time, when some of the the media actually cut through the bullshit and did investigative reporting, this all might have been exposed. Now we just get reporters reprinting Petey and racism propaganda to manipulate. Where there's money, the lies pile up higher and deeper to protect the money.

The educated classes in this country that should be cutting through the bullshit have completely given a pass to responsibility on this whole issue. The most enraging thing is that those who claim to speak for the poor and disenfranchised are screwing them over with this pit bull fantasy. As usual, primarily the poor and disenfranchised take the hit for the conceits of the ALLEGED educated.

Anonymous said...

" I've read this interview with Ms. McGowan and find her reprehensible, but I think she is an outlier among Pap breeders."

She's a pap judge and her good friend Patti Strand, with whom she runs NAIA, is on the board of AKC with her other good friends.

Various clubs donate to NAIA and lobby with them, and Charlotte is very active with "highly regarded" AKC breeders all hard at work protecting their puppymill arm and opposing BSL, among other activities.

Charlotte is mainstream AKC, the norm for AKC, until and if they ever clean it up.

Anonymous said...

To be fair to the Nutters...There have been several books written lionizing Colby as a breeder of "Family Dogs". They omit the Albert Colby Leadbetter mauling death.

Despite advertisements in the Dog Fancier magazines where Colby bragged about selling more fightings than any man in America, they have been led to believe they own wigglebutts.

No other breed has this grotesque stewardship.

Anonymous said...

"FRISCO made a lot of money for TOM GARNER. "

This reference brings up another part of the problem.

The middle class is involved in dog fighting/breeding, and they get themselves pretty college degrees and "credentials" that sway those who don't understand that these degrees don't confer compassion, ethical behavior, legal respect, or protection against sociopathy.

Tom Garner's good friend is Alane Koki, a scientist and cancer researcher who has the usual string of acronyms and credentials from university study.

She was caught discussing their pit bulls and breeding programs with Garner when he was wiretapped by law enforcement.

Someone like this is going to get some undeserved cred from the media and the bureacracy when she lobbies against regulation. She has what passes for middle class cover. That gives her, and others like her, more power to control the pit bull discussion and control the bureaucrats.

The poor and disenfranchised get left in the dust by these middle class characters.

This news story is one of the better ones. Read it and weep. There aren't too many reporters with the guts to dig beyond the pink tutus, Petey stories, pit bull promotion months, and nanny dog tales to find the truth.

"Another advertiser is Tom Garner of Hillsborough, N.C., who Goodwin insists is a patriarch of dogfighting in America. His name is contained in Goodwin’s database.

Garner, convicted of dogfighting in the mid-1980s, insists he breeds dogs and sells only puppies these days – none for fighting. If buyers use them for illegal purposes, Garner says, there’s nothing he can do to stop them.

His prize dogs included legendary grand champions Chinaman and Spike. “I still have frozen semen off of Spike and have made some breedings that have produced some excellent offspring,” Garner notes on his kennel Web site.

Garner’s name came up earlier this year when Orange County, N.C., officials created a task force to study the legality of tethering dogs. Garner failed in his effort to be named to the committee, but one of its members was Alane Koki, who purportedly has ties to Garner’s dog-breeding operation.

Koki, a published scientist and cancer researcher, is perhaps one of the most unusual alleged dogfighters on Goodwin’s list. After an independent weekly newspaper in the Raleigh area published stories about her links to Garner – she reportedly operated a kennel called Thundermaker Bulldogs – she resigned from the committee while denying any wrongdoing."

Anonymous said...

"One of them is the local breeder who knows what it’s like to gather with other men late at night on a moonlit landing strip, in a wooded clearing or in an abandoned warehouse, with thousands of dollars riding on thick-chested beasts named Lil Hitler, Crunch and So Evil"

Best Friends Animal Society, Ledy Van Kavage, Ledy's other employer Jane Saul Berkey of Animal Farm Foundation, the woman who runs Animal Planet. They got some 'splainin to do.

Ledy and Best Friends even had a candlelight vigil to try to get their hands on an arrested dog fighter's dogs to parcel off to various rescues that happened to be pit bull breeders. Saving that precious sperm for future generations of pit fighters.

Some of the dog fighters showed up at the Best Friends candlelight vigil with their kennel logo emblazoned on their hats and T shirts, chanting away right beside Best Friends employees and lobbyists

Anonymous said...

To be fair to Colby, he did warn the 2 year old to stay away from the dogs!

Mr Colby had great difficulty forcing the dog's jaws apart. The child died in a few minutes, his spine being broken

Wonder how many lives could have been saved if Colby was convicted for this Manslaughter?

Anonymous said...

dem two pig-dogs in de picture are tied. i could fix dat real fast wi my pit knife and at least make an end to any further litters by him.

Meals on Wheels said...

These dogs can all sing "I'm my own grampa". Most of their owners are married to their second cousin, so they think nothing of all of that interbreeding. Looking at the pedigrees of these dogs, it's a wonder they don't all have four heads, three eyes, and two tails. These "gentlemen" breeders were rather successful in achieving their dream of dogs that would go at it in a blur. I like the comment that you could breed a German Shepherd with one of their champions and get a game dog. That's some potent stuff. It lives next door to the Elementary school, it's kept as a pet, it often gets out, and does exactly what it was bred to do. If they had only cultivated plants, we could feed the world and have black spot resistant roses.

Meals on Wheels said...

These dogs can all sing "I'm my own grampa". Most of their owners are married to their second cousin, so they think nothing of all of that interbreeding. Looking at the pedigrees of these dogs, it's a wonder they don't all have four heads, three eyes, and two tails. These "gentlemen" breeders were rather successful in achieving their dream of dogs that would go at it in a blur. I like the comment that you could breed a German Shepherd with one of their champions and get a game dog. That's some potent stuff. It lives next door to the Elementary school, it's kept as a pet, it often gets out, and does exactly what it was bred to do. If they had only cultivated plants, we could feed the world and have black spot resistant roses.