Sunday, December 2, 2012

Who will be the Austin TX Next Top Nutter?

In Austin TX, nutters are battling other nutters to outnutter each other in order to become Austin's top nutter.

Austin Animal Control is completely pit bull centric and has recently gone No Kill in a very big way.  Austin spent $12 million on a new, state-of-the-art animal control facility and is paying Austin Pets Alive!, a No Kill shelter, to run their shelter out of the old facility and take "overflow" from the city Animal Control.  Austin has become the largest no-kill city in the US.  They claim a 91% save rate. Yay!

The architects of the brand new No Kill Animal Services have broken down the kinds of pets they receive and try to adopt out, and they have found that 10% of those dogs are "large breed dogs with behavioral issues."  And they are determined to adopt more of these dogs out by sending them to Austin Pets Alive as their "overflow" where they have rehabilitation teams to deal with the "behavior issues."

"Ten percent of the animals on the euthanasia list was made up of large breed dogs with behavior problems. These dogs are the most expensive in terms of dollars, time, and expertise."  As a result of a concerted effort to adopt "large breed dogs with behavior problems," more of these dogs have been adopted out into the Austin community than ever before with plans to increase that number in the future:

"More and more of Austin's adult large breed dogs with behavior issues are adopted each year because of improved customer service, pet-matching practices, and behavior modification. That number is expected to increase as funds are raised to put facilities and expertise for handling those animals into place."

Just so we're all on the same page, take a look at the large breed dogs that are up for adoption at Austin Pets Alive!  These are the ones that will also have behavior issues.

Yep.  "Large breed dogs" is code for "pit bull."  And "behavior issues" is code for "traits that dogfighters bred for when they developed fighting pit bull dogs."

Just as an aside, why, when they have correctly IDed so many pit bulls, do they insist on calling a few pit bulls  pointer mixes?  Old habits?  They just can't help themselves?  It just feels so good to lie?  Maybe so when these dogs end up on the Austin "dangerous dog" map, they'll show up as pointers and german shepherds?  The following photos will help you visualize the pointer mix and the shepherd mix that are already on the map.

Trooper - pointer/German short hair pointer/boerboel mix(!),  Tyrone and Yeti - pointer mixes
Bo Jangles - catahoula leopard dog mix,  Posie - boxer mix,  Dallas - German shepherd mix looked into Austin's dog bite records and discovered, unsurprisingly, that Austin Animal Services' new No Kill success adopting out "large breed dogs with behavior issues," coincided exactly with a 35% surge in reported dog bites.  Also, predictably, the most infamous "large breed with behavior issue" dog of all time, the pit bull, led the bite count, accounting for 22% of bites even though it represents 10% of the registered dog population.

Also unsurprising, Austin Animal Services attempted to create a deceptive report to rebut's findings. sent a follow-up to the Austin City council, and this is how AAS's report was received by the Austin City Council:
Commissioner Rossmo - I've done my best to look at the data that was sent to us from Austin Animal Services…I would just have to say I wanted to warn other commissioners that…this is a very poor report…they have no idea how to do a trend line…bottom line is the relevant issue is what has happened since 2009.  Going back to 2000 only washes out data.  I just pulled some of my own figures off of my Iphone and the bottom line is Travis county's population went up 3.6% since 2009 and the number of bites went up 35% which is a 30% per capita rate which is quite significant…I'm very, very disappointed in this report which I think was designed to confuse - not help us make a proper decision…so I would urge you all to be very careful in looking at the report…
You couldn't find a more pit bull lovin' & promotin' organization than Austin Animal Services and their little buddy Austin Pets Alive! You'd also be hard pressed to find another organization so audaciously and brazenly contemptuous of the hand that feeds it. It takes major balls to take tax payers' money for the stated purpose of adopting out more large dogs with behavior problems back into those tax payers' neighborhoods, dismiss and deny an escalating dog bite problem in their community, try to deceive those tax payers, and then ask for more money from those same tax payers so they can achieve their stated goal of adopting out even more of those large breed dogs with behavior problems to their neighbors.  Conclusion: These are super nutters.

Who could outnutter that?  This guy:
CHRISTOPHER JOSEPH GRANT owner of first four and then three sibling pit bulls, two of which he claims were service dogs complete with scam service dog registry and dressed in service dog patches.
Leo, Dawn and Gorgo
CHRISTOPHER 'handicapable' GRANT has trained his own dogs, including the two service pits himself.  Look at these training videos.  First, as a responsible owner, he builds a very high fence.  And then he trains his dogs to scale it.

And in this one, he teaches his service dogs to pull him around on a bike.

One day, he was training his dogs in a parking lot which he had ever so responsibly marked off with cones to indicate this was HIS piece of parking lot. Notice he cobbles together various signs to make it look as if he has a right to do this and cannot legally be disturbed.

And then, while he was ever so responsibly training his leashed pit bulls an unleashed, elderly, vicious lab mix launched a protracted attack on all three of his pit bulls.  And the lab's owner, instead of trying to stop his vicious lab, pulled one of his pit bulls away and began viciously hitting and kicking it for no reason.

Someone called 911, but the evil first responders ignored CHRISTOPHER 'i've-fallen-and-i-can't-get-up' GRANT who was lying on the ground with a lab bite having an asthma attack and screaming that he was having a heart attack just because people are prejudiced against pit bull owners, and went to treat the owner of the lab mix.

When Austin Animal Services came, they unjustly took his service dogs from him because they were pit bulls, but they did not take the attacking lab to put it in quarantine.  They just let it go!

Finally, with no evidence, the judge ordered the execution of three "well-trained, happy and peaceful family pets."  (In Texas, a judge can order vicious dogs be put down, and there is no clear avenue for an owner to appeal that order.)

I kid.  that is just the lie CHRISTOPHER 'despicable me' GRANT told.  And once he told that lie, bloggers blogged (including CINDY "the ladder" MARABITO), commenters commented, and petitioners petitioned all over the Nutter Universe.  And those super nutter folks at Austin Animal Services were catching hell for hating pits. Oh the irony.  Nutter Universe went batshit crazy and sent hundreds of death threats to AAS, the judge who ordered the mutants be put down, and the victim (of course) prompting Austin PD to increase patrols at the shelter and launch an investigation.

The pit loving' and promotin' AAS  issued statements explaining that the story that CHRISTOPHER 'pants on fire' GRANT told on the internet was a complete lie and that CHRISTOPHER 'shit for brains' GRANT had recanted most of the story when he went to court and spoke before the judge. AAS explained that the pit bulls were very, very, very aggressive and they and their owner had been very, very, very naughty all the while distancing themselves from the actual decision to euthanize the pitties.

The truth is the elderly lab mix was walking off lead, but under control of the owner and right beside his owner when CHRIS "evil-but-no-genius" GRANT's mutants, which were off lead, surrounded the elderly lab and launched a protracted and "coordinated attack." The lab's hind leg was degloved which ultimately necessitated amputation.

Please read both AAS statements here and here and prepare to be enraged.

Nutter Universe stopped sending death threats, probably because they'd heard the police were investigating, but continued to insist everyone but the pit bull owner was lying and continued to type "Oh, the poor babies" ad nauseum on the dead pit bulls' SAVE THEM facebook page.  Blog posts with titles such as "Austin murders three harmless pit bulls" are still up gathering traffic for the Journal of Humanitarian Affairs website even though it turns out that these service pit bulls had launched a serious attack before attacking the lab in Austin.

Yes, keeping in mind the despicable lies the detestable CHRIS 'evil moron' GRANT told, and keeping in mind that he had his frankenmaulers OFF LEAD in public and keeping in mind that he had stuck service dog patches all over their harnesses, and keeping in mind his lie about the lab mix attacking his pit bulls, try to comprehend that CHRIS 'i-need-to-be-castrated-with-a-butter-knife" GRANT did all this after his pit bulls had viciously attacked another lab and put the lab's owner in the hospital having done serious damage to her ear less than a year before.  Yep.  Brooke Stewart is in the process of suing CHRIS 'garnish-my-wages-for-life' GRANT. Wish her well.

Can anyone outnutter that?

Yep, this guy:

State Representative EDDIE RODRIGUEZ, D-Austin (District 51)

State Rep. EDDIE RODRIGUEZ read about CHRIS 'evil moron' GRANT's story and said to himself, "That's terrible…that guy got no chance to appeal the judge's order to have those mauling pit bulls euthanized."  Really.  That was was his take away from this horror show.

He could have looked at the carnage CHRIS 'walking clusterfuck' GRANT has wrought and publicly demanded that the full force of Lillian's law be brought to bear with certain jail time.  He could have decided to file a bill that penalizes people for fraudulently claiming their pets are service dogs.  He could have decided to file a bill that requires liability insurance on pit bulls and requires mandatory spay and neuter for pit bulls.  Instead, after reading this case, RODRIGUEZ is now set to file a bill that will make sure that the next CHRIS GRANT will be allowed to force the City of Austin to spend tax-payer money to fight an appeal to keep the mauling pit bulls in their neighborhood.

That takes a lot of nerve - this guy is elected, and he doesn't seem to care that he's allying himself with this guy:

Instead of defending the rights of the Austin voter who now has a three legged dog thanks to CHRIS GRANT:

It might be because EDDIE RODRIGUEZ is a founding board member for Austin Pets Alive!, the rescue whose stated goal is to adopt more large dogs with behavior problems into the community.  And it could be that he believes that no matter what he does, he's got the votes.  After all, in 2010 he was handily re-elected despite having been arrested for DWI a few months before the election.  Surprisingly, the charges were dropped after he spent the night in jail.

State Rep. Eddie Rodriguez facebook page

Maddie's Fund
Austin American Statesman No-kill animal shelter increases deaths
City of Austin September 4, 2012 Public Safety Commission
Austin American Statesman Despite recent convictions for dog attacks
Lawsuit against Christopher Grant  (search for case no. 11-2082-CC4)
Austin Animal Services public statement
Social media uproar regarding pit bulls
Austin Animal Services receives death threats over euthanized dogs
APD investigating pit bull deaths following threats to animal shelter, court


Anne King said...

well, as soon as I read about all the lies told in the blog entry by a nutter, I thought it only fitting to kind of immortalize the lies of one little POS I had to deal with last week (in regards to the attack on my child). She has been a constant thorn in my side since our lives changed forever, good think my skin is thicker than it was back on the late summer day (thanks in part to many of you fine folks). Why do they lie, and with such far fetched, eventually disproven bravado? In the end, this nutter who lies about the incidents surrounding the attack on my child, she says he deserves what he got, and calls him a dumbass.. these people, who advocate with lies and blame are all cut from the same cloth, one that I'm proud not to resemble in any way. I'm so grateful for Craven, these people (the ones in the blog entry) need to be exposed for who and what they are, then people like me, see that we aren't alone, that the lies we are up against seem to exist in every case where a pit goes pit.

Small Survivors said...

Fantastic post Anne -

It is impossible for me to fathom the motivations of that person. I can't imagine any sane person could get on board with that vitriol.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Just as an aside, why, when they have IDed so many pit bulls, do they insist on calling a few pit bulls pointer mixes? Old habits? They just can't help themselves? It just feels so good to lie? Maybe so when these dogs end up on the Austin "dangerous dog" map, they'll show up as pointers and german shepherds? "

brilliant theory!

i am so glad that you introduced CHRIS 'i-need-to-be-castrated-with-a-butter-knife" GRANT to craven instead of me. good job.

i posted a link to this blog post on eddie's facebook page. :)

Decatur AL livin nt to 4 pits said...

LIARS - They all lie.


Their Pits can be perfect angels when they have animal control or another neighbor come to their back yard - wiggling their tails with that creepy hyperactive walk...Then hours later when those neighbors are out of sight and earshot, their sweet babies are growling and throwing their bodies at the fence and trying to get at our dogs when we are just 2 feet outside our backdoor. The genetics of a Pit Bull fit right in to their Lying, Manipulating ways.

The Lying, Manipulators love their Pits so much but keep them chained in a dark corner of a yard next to our bedrooms during the worst thunderstorms of the summer and one Pit would scream like a woman being tortured for hours and hours and hours and no one would come and get the Mentally Ill Pit and shut it up. And yes, the 1st few months we heard this screaming we were convinced they were torturing a dog over sounded that horrible.

They use the Lies to help them manipulate their grifting, hoarding,power,money,job control,and I am convinced that some nutters get a sexual giggling kick out of watching the penises and balls flop around, AND A WHOLE BUNCH OF OTHER STUFF !!!!

LOBA said...

Please do a "Celebrity Pit Bulls" post about Ira Glass's dog Piney. He just released a This American Life segment in which he describes, in detail, the dog's aggressive and incredibly unpredictable behavior. As of the podcast, Piney has attacked seven people. They acquired the dog as a puppy and took him to training classes. It's all in how you raise 'em!

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

hi LOBA, ira and anaheed are in the works.

Small Survivors said...

Thank you Dawn! Your link is still on his page at least an hour later!

S.K.Y. said...

For anybody really involved in service dog training, as I am (I teach guide dog classes for puppy raisers and prison volunteers), the parking-lot-sign is laughable.

We hold our classes in an indoor training center after hours. Once in a great while, we hold classes in a shopping mall, so we have real-life opportunities during class to practice greetings, recalls around distractions, etc.

We absolutely do NOT block off part of the mall to use for training. We just find the widest part of the mall and practice way off to one side, so members of the public can easily go past without us bothering them. We don't have signs or anything else, though our puppies (Labs and Poodles) are wearing their in-training vests. We check in with security so they realize we are a licensed charity training authentic guide dogs.

Even when not in class, guide dog puppy raisers are legally allowed to take their puppies into establishments such as offices, movie theaters and restaurants. Again, they don't block off any area for "practice." Their practice is the real-life practice gained from practicing sit-stays while waiting in line at McD's, NOT jumping on customers, and lying quietly under the table while their puppy-raiser eats.

I hate these jerks with their stunt pits, tainting true service dogs. Ugh!

Thanks for another great post, Craven!

S.K.Y. said...

This is totally unrelated to mutants, but I wanted to say:

I went to an obedience trial this weekend with my two non-mutants (Border Collie & Papillon). The BC is almost 11, and was completely retired for the past 7 years. He competed in the highest level of obedience (Utility) and got 1st/10. He was the only qualifier all day, and got 194.5/200. This is the first time I've qualified in Utility, so I'm pretty excited.

This was the first show for my 1 year old Papillon. He competed in Beginner Novice both days. Sat., he got 197.5 and 3rd place. Sun., he got 193 and 2nd place.

By the way, out of 130 dogs entered in the competition, NONE were grippers. Just hunting breeds, Poodles, Border Collies, Australian Shepherds, a Pap and a Chihuahua. How "funny" that you never see gripping dogs in the obedience ring...

Small Survivors said...

S.K.Y. Congratulations! and thanks for the info about real service dog training.

i think you do your dogs a disservice to call them "non mutants." "Normal dogs" is what they are. Highly trained and talented "normal dogs."

Anonymous said...

dogs that desleeve ? people that like dogs that desleeve ?

if that ever happens to me i will be thinking of doing some desleeving myself .

safer midwifery utah said...

Ugh every community of crazies passes around stories with no regard for their veracity.

A skeptic I knew had this backfire really hard once. They were an engineer and wrote up a total BS post about how 9/11 could not have been caused by planes for math reasons. He let it spread for a few days and then said "ha! I just wanted to see if you truthers would check the math, its total nonsense. none of it adds up." and he explained why. The post "from a real engineer" is still being passed around.

Another dude I knew took fake big foot photos and passed them around a forum before revealing that they were faked, after countless people posted their expert opinion of how real the photos were, etc. Still being passed around as truth even though this story was AGAIN debunked by the person who wrote it shortly after being posted to the internet.

Confirmation bias makes it so hard to correct these stories. Fortunately the public doesn't typically think about pit bulls that often, much less have a weird allegiance to them to begin with. I bet the AAS will get found out and changed with time, once the public is made more aware of their batshit insane "mission".

Anne King said...

at the Walk in Tucson, there was an amazing young woman who attended, a pit desleeved her face, from about the nose to the top of her lip on one side of her face. She is an incredible survivor.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Hang on just a minute.
Now its early here and I have not finished my first cup of coffee but

Impersonating a disabled person or having a fake service dog is a FELONY.

Did I miss where this genius is being prosecuted for a felony?

Why haven't charges been brought up for that?

My sister has had someone move into the house next door to her (whoever owns that house does not care who they rent to) with a pit bull. On top of it the dog now has a litter of puppies. Anytime the folks have visitors the dog is kicked outside. My sister has done her best to reinforce their side of the fence BUT the front gate on the other property is rickety at best.
I am terrified at what is going to happen. The dog sits silently and stares at my sister and her husband when they are in the backyard. They will be doing yard work and look up and not know how long the dog has been at the fence line quietly staring.

I have sent her enough links to have her sufficiently concerned to the point where she wonders what she should have around for protection.

Reading a story like this and the story Miss Margo posted about the Neighbor from hell just enforces to me that you will not get any help from the so called authorities. In fact more and more they are on the nutters side.

SKY, congratulations on your Utility score and win!

You are very lucky there were no mutants at the show.

Unfortunately since most of the dog shows I attend are in public areas (parks) we will get people with pit bulls wanting to hang around.

At one show in particular there was a guy with his pit bull- there as a spectator- getting it into high drive by the agility ring. I was very proud of a lady who handed off her MACH Yorkshire Terrier and went storming over to him and told him in no uncertain terms was that dog allowed in the area and what an idiot he was for doing what he was doing.

Although my one Pom has her CD and has been more then ready for Open, I will not show her or my little guy who is more then ready to competed in Obedience. I don't want to be in the groups. Especially now that AKC allows mutts to compete.

Packhorse said...

The trashy family down the street used to have one of those staring pits. She would spend a large chunk of the day tied on the front porch with a worringly flimsy leash, and just stare everybody down. One of the family members even told me that the pit was "mean" and she was afraid of the dog. Thankfully, the dog is now gone. I figure it had something to do with the landlord finding out what they were keeping in there.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

I want to clarify my "mutt" statement- meaning now that AKC allows them it opens the doors for pit bulls to enter AKC shows in performance. Previously we only had to deal with staffordshires which thankfully was only one in my area and I did not compete when it was showing.

Packhorse there is something I find more unnerving about a silent, staring dog then one that is barking and growling.

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

ATTENTION- Its not just nutters that make excuses.

Apparently so do Raccoon owners. Found this article on Fox News this morning regarding a child who had her face destroyed by the pet raccoon when she was an infant.

"The raccoon attacked Charlotte in 2002 in her crib while her biological parents lived in Ravenna, about 15 miles east of Muskegon. They were charged with owning a dangerous animal that caused serious injury and were placed on probation."

"The Ponces live in Spring Lake, about 30 miles northwest of Grand Rapids. They believe the raccoon, which later was destroyed, wanted Charlotte's bottle"

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

SKY, this is snack sized dog's fine work.

putme incharge, good question. where are those felony charges?

"there is something I find more unnerving about a silent, staring dog then one that is barking and growling."

having experienced both, all i can say is ditto.

Miss Margo said...

Wow Snack, this is a really great blog post!

I can't believe this Grant guy. WHAT AN ASSHOLE! "I own the parking lot! I'm having a heart attack! The other dog was sent straight home!" OMG!

This is something I honestly can't wrap my head around: the mindset it takes to blame and insult the victim owner and the victim lab-mix. Not just to deny or minimize the attack...but to make himself and his dogs out to be the victims when the other guy and his lab were sent to the hospital.

It's like if I was beaten and raped on the street in broad daylight, and the guy who did it complained about being arrested and set up a Facebook page.

I mean, really. What is going on in this motherfucker's head?

Very amusing that the nutter universe turned on AAS. Any of the readers of this blog could have told AAS what to expect: nutters eat their own. It's like a universal law or something. Tia Torres--that Pit Bulls and Parolees woman--could get eaten by a pit bull tomorrow, and overnight she'd be persona non grata and nutters would be speculating about what she'd done to provoke it.

Miss Margo said...

Skeptifem: I knew about the engineer's deliberately bogus 9/11 report. What a bad idea that was.

There's a film you might like which involves this phenomenon: Mr. Death, the Rise and Fall of Fred Leuchter. It's one of the weirdest things I've ever seen (very well done, though). A man on trail for denying the holocaust hired Leuchter, an engineer of execution technology, to conduct a "study" about the gas chambers in Auschwitz. Leuchter did so, to the best of his ability, and presented his report to the court.

The report was thoroughly discredited by other experts. However, it lives on--it's cited all over the internet as legitimate evidence that the holocaust was a hoax. It won't die.

You can watch it here if you're interested:

Sorry if this is OT, I certainly don't want to derail Snack's excellent post. I just thought there was a parallel to nutter thought here.

Miss Margo said...

I listened to that Ira Glass podcast.


I like the way he sounds dismayed towards the end of the interview --that he's confused and concerned that the woman he's talking to doesn't understand or sympathize with his behavior, even after he's explained it to her. NEWS FLASH ASSHOLE: YOU SOUND NUTS

Your dog bites two kids at a wedding. I'm surprised he has any friends at all. I'd dump him if he kept the dog after that.

Miss Margo said...

Oh, and SKY, congrats! You must be proud.

ok back to work

Small Survivors said...

I have looked for follow up charges and haven't found any. But, it is often the case that that the media doesn't follow up.

I did find this:the Lexus project has raised $6,000 off the dead dogs. The money has been raised to file a civil suit against the City of Austin on behalf of the dead dogs because Chris Grant had no opportunity to appeal the euth order.

You can read how the Lexus project works - they require the dog owner to start a save them facebook page and a chipin page - the proceeds of which go directly to the Lexus project not the dog owner. Read the TLP agreement note:

Notice the greyhound adoption promotion on their page. But, they are PRO dog racing.

Chris Grant seems to be in hiding since the truth came out.

Small Survivors said...

" Not just to deny or minimize the attack...but to make himself and his dogs out to be the victims when the other guy and his lab were sent to the hospital.

It's like if I was beaten and raped on the street in broad daylight, and the guy who did it complained about being arrested and set up a Facebook page.

I mean, really. What is going on in this motherfucker's head? "

Exactly Miss Margo. This guy was lying ON THE SCENE of the attack while the lab's owner was no doubt in shock, the lab must have been screaming - and as soon as he gets an audience he begins blaming the poor lab that no longer has any skin on his leg.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i know that episode was jaw dropping. i spent last night listening, pausing and taking notes. these people are totally clueless as to how the rest of the world sees them.

sneak peak for the upcoming blog post about ira and anaheed....

as the interview comes to a conclusion, the host asks ira "what are you thinking as you make that face?"

ira: "i'm alarmed that you seemed to be after all this talk, that you don't seem at all convinced of what we're doing doesn't seem nuts. i mean i could understand it how it could seem that way before you heard me explain it but now that i have explained it, i feel that you should come over to my side. (ira nervous laughter)

host: you are saying that you did everything right, so how could i be doing this so wrong? (more ira nervous laughter)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"Notice the greyhound adoption promotion on their page. But, they are PRO dog racing."

it's just like the cozy relationship between pit breeders and pit rescuers. the latter can not exist without the former. they need to create a crisis so they can step in and play superman, pat themselves on the back for a job well done then go home and bask in the glow of their wonderfulness.

Anonymous said...

ugly dogs , even their tails are nasty looking . what kind of person would like those dogs ?

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

@dawn james, you hit the nail on the head. I've known more than a few greyhound adopters who are SO proud of themselves. I mean, just look at them! They RESCUED a greyhound!

tropical storms said...

Silent and staring is bulldog for"I'm ready to scratch ". Be very much on your guard.

Anonymous said...

their fucktard owners think you shouldnt stare back or its your fault the dog attacks . ive had this happen twice at places of business and the douche bag owners blamed me for their unleashed dogs charging and lunging . the dogs are what they are, but the owners are worse .

DubV said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
DubV said...

Ugh...thanks for taking one for the team and listening to Ira Glass, Dawn. I find the premise behind many episodes of This American Life interesting, and no doubt Ira is talented, but after listening to a few uncritically I came to this conclusion: I can't stand the guy.

His often ironic approach to the human condition (added in with his smarter than though pretense) makes him seem like a mocking hipster.

DubV said...

I'm not surprised that he has a pit bull and is justifying his decisions.

DubV said...

Ira Glass parody!

orangedog said...

There's a dog behavior video on YouTube that shows the difference between normal dogs greeting each other and maulers. Normal dogs don't make direct eye contact and if they do, it is fleeting. Mutants will try to force eye contact, going as far as to block another dog and put their face right up to the other dog. If the normal dog makes eye contact even for a second, it's game on. I bet that's why so many nutters claim "the other dog started it".
I'll see if I can find the video again.

orangedog said...

Here it is. Start around 6:15:

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

dubv, that was hysterical. thank you.

orangedog, are you thinking about this youtube video?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

looks like i was too slow to type my comment and hit publish or blogger is sluggish again.

yep, that's the same one.

Miss Margo said...

Something else just occurred to me: why would a anyone, as a wedding guest, bring their dog to the wedding (excluding service dogs)? Do you really have to consult Miss Manners or Dear Abby about this one?

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

I couldn't recall if a program I listened to years ago was hosted by Ira Glass, so I Googled his name with "cattle" to see what might come up. What I found wasn’t the particular program I was thinking of, but it was about cattle and it was interesting to consider in the context of Glass’ dangerous pit.

How is it that Ira Glass could grasp the danger of a pet owner in denial of risk regarding their bull, but not grasp the hazard of his own pit bull today? Perhaps Glass will also have to be mauled and left with a testicle hanging out to acquire clarity.

Ira Glass during the July, 2005 program: “I don't know if Ralph and Sandra would agree with this, but I think everything that went bad, all the trouble that eventually unfolded, it all came because they were blinded by their feelings.”

Your Quiet Neighbor said...

@Miss Margo, there are people who just can't bear to be without their dogs. It's an abnormal attachment, if you ask me. But suffice it to say that such an abnormality is the reason why the dog MUST come to the wedding.

Packhorse said...

Another bizarre tale of a pit nutter angel (or maybe dogfight ring supplier?)

But with the recent arrest of a woman accused of stealing two pit bulls — then throwing them from her moving car as the dogs' owner gave chase — officials think they have confirmed longstanding suspicions that the animals were victims of an overzealous animal rescuer turned serial dognapper.

safer midwifery utah said...

Netflix has a new documentary out about pits and how they are 'misunderstood' and 'great family dogs'. Dunno if anyone has the patience to wade through the idiocy, but I wanted to give you all a head's up. Its called Beyond The Myth.

DubV said...

Thanks for the heads up, Skeptifem. I wish I had the ability to watch those types of things. I might try.

As far as pits being misunderstood, I've yet to hear from the nutters how exactly a dog breed can be so easily misunderstood and still a good pet.

I agree that people often don't understand their dogs (whatever understanding exactly means when it comes to a human and dog relationship), but if a type of dog is very hard to just isn't a good dog to have around.

Whenever nutters try to explain pit bulls to us, so we can all collectively stop misunderstanding them, it seems they just say illogical and false things. So, the only way to understand pit bulls is to be similarly full of crap, it seems.

Packhorse said...

The folks who know the truth about gripping dogs need to pool our resources and create a book, documentary, or other major media item. The pit nutters have the $$ so they are controlling the debate. It's ridiculous that they have pit nuttery coffee table books, children's picture books, movies, TV shows, etc. etc. Meanwhile, not a word for the people and animals who have been forever maimed or killed by grippers gets through. This has to change.

orangedog said...

How about a pop-up dogfighting book? See Nanny scratch, see Nanny fight to the death.

Packhorse said...

Oh guys have to see this. "IS SOMEONE AT THE DOOR?? GET 'EM! GET'EM!"

But of course..."she wouldn't hurt a fly."

Neighbors, mailman, trick-or-treaters, beware.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

forget the neighbors and the mailman, it's the OWNER who should beware. that mutant was looking at HIM. and that's the way it should be. LOL!

PutMeInCharge4OneDay said...

Packhorse said...
Oh guys have to see this. "IS SOMEONE AT THE DOOR?? GET 'EM! GET'EM!"

So the only thing I could think of was a funny story my training mentor told me about one of her dogs how she would do the same thing and tell her dog get em. The dog would bark and growl and put her arm in its mouth.

One night while walking she said a man was coming towards her that made her feel a bit threatened. She told the dog get em, at which point the dog turned toward her and started barking and growling and promptly put her arm in his mouth. Fortunately the man wound up being harmless.

In watching this video it made me think of that story. It was just great how when he utters get em the dog turns his attention back on him and gives him the stare along with the bark and growl.
He might just eat his owner one day when he utters that command.

Your Quiet Neighbor said...
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orangedog said...

I was at a dog show last week. There were a couple mutants there, and I watched as one pissed all over his owners leg while she sat in a chair. Dumb dog.

Small Survivors said...

...but if a type of dog is very hard to just isn't a good dog to have around.


orangedog said...

Yes, and it certainly isn't the type of dog you go recommending as the perfect pet for EVERYONE. If "it's all how you raise them" then placing a difficult dog with the wrong kind of person is setting the dog up to fail. There is so much cognative dissonance at work in pit advocacy.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i have been waiting for beyond the myth to become available. thank you skeptifem. i just finished watching and i will blog it after i deal with ira and anaheed. some yummy stuff in there. i don't see how the collective IQ of these nutters can reach triple digits.

orangedog, too bad you weren't able to capture that image to share with the rest of us.

DubV said... are a true martyr....Ira Glass and a nutter-mentary in the same week? I guess I get more overly agitated when I hear or read stupid shit (and can't continue), perhaps you have a more healthy approach I can learn from.

vintage said...


Nov 2012...Austin AAS openly brags that very few dogs on the county dangerous dog list are repeat attackers...The only problem is that there are only 38 dogs on the 20 year old list despite over 6000 dog bite incidents in the county since 2007...piss poor performance no matter how you slice it.

That's a Dangerous Dog Declaration rate of .00633333333 percent!

Does anybody ever get fired anymore?!?

Disclaimer..You Can't Make This Stuff Up!

vintage said...

PS...OMS Animal Uncontrol has been updated with dozens of new dysfunctional, piss poor and reckless A/C and humane community moments.

You Can't Make This Up!

Small Survivors said...

Does anybody ever get fired anymore?!?