Tuesday, February 8, 2011

Fabian's Law

Sally Andrade and Fabian

Although some counties have passed laws to address dog on dog attacks, the state has not and that leaves many arizonans emotionally and financially devastated. Richard and Sally Andrade found this out the hard way when Fabian was savagely mauled in their driveway by two loose pit bulls.

Representative Steve Montenegro has introduced the breed neutral Fabian's Law twice but the bill failed to make it through. Please show your support and help impress upon the Arizona lawmakers the importance of this law.

Arizona legislature: please pass Fabian's Law.


Digger said...

I will not be surprised that pit nutters like fuzupf among many others will protest this law in the asinine defense that it is somehow "racist" towards pit bulls despite being a law that is meant to encourage and enforce all owners for the inherent responsibility of owning a pit bull.

Craven, I think if you want to help make a huge difference you should send your 2010 mauling reports of canines and other pets to the policy makers in Fabian's state. Seeing how dedicated and thorough you are, I'm sure it would help influence some sort of change.

Until then, we shall have to do the best we can in not only forcing pit bull owners to be responsible, but others as well. Although controlling pit bulls is probably the root of the problem that should be hit first as I've never seen as many fatalities on one breed within its own species.

- D

* said...

Although this would constitute as a minor form of BSL, I think it would be in the best interest to also constitute that popular fighting breeds and dogs with a known aggression should be muzzled when in public areas that have a high concentration of dogs, such as parks.

I know to the nutters the measure may seem cruel or "racist", but I think this coupled with the leash law as well as owner responsibility (for all breed attacks) in terms of insurance would help prevent a lot more attacks or at least ensure the medical bills are paid. Otherwise, jail time.

Honestly, I've seen muzzled dogs and if you get the proper one for your breed, many are as complacent as they were with out one.

Anonymous said...

I wrote an email to the suggested address smontenegro@azleg.gov to State Rep. Steve Montenegro

"I am not an Arizona resident, but am writing in support of Fabian's Law because I believe every state in this union should uphold, support and foster empathy, social responsibility, and personal liberty in its citizenry.
This is a clear situation where "your right to swing your fist ends at my nose" is not being observed. When personal liberty is not balanced by personal responsibility, a state is simply fostering and nurturing a population of bullies.
As it stands now, people are free to allow their dogs to attack and kill people's pets with no consequences. The ripped up pets were once companions, sometimes brought into the family to teach a child compassion, empathy, and responsibility. A lesson in responsibility turns into a memory of horror in a moment, and then what does the child of Arizona learn?
Please impose common-sense consequences on dog owners."

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

digger, i counted all of the animal attacks for this bill a few months ago. it took me hours to complete. not wanting to do that again, i decided to create the mutant score card.

also regarding muzzles, i occasionally see them too. the dogs seem fine them. i have never seen one distressed about it. sometimes they are on the dog to keep them eating everything in site. i am glad i don't have a dog with pica!

Anonymous said...

As long as the tax cheater AKC, UKC, and the dog fighters and puppy millers they lobby with are allowed to sway legislators, lobby, press money into the palms of legislators, lie in the media, and tell lies to all, the innocent will never be protected and will continue to die.

The breeder industry demands that there be no regulation and they be allowed to do anything they want to, include kill our children and our pets.

This is organized crime that controls legislators (and the Department of Agriculture nationally and in each state) and will continue to do so until honest people fight back.

One way is to stop giving these breeders money to lobby with. Stop buying the pet store puppies, stop buying puppies from websites and brokers, stop registering with thug businesses like AKC, stop buying the genetically defective breeder dogs, stop attending their shows, boycott them.

And above all, contact legislators and ask why the breeders can get away with tax fraud, consumer fraud, disease transmission, and lawbreaking and not be required to license like every other business.

The profits the breeders reap from this unregulated, untaxed activity is used to lobby legislators to oppose laws like Fabian's Law.

As long as the breeder industry gets the money, they will use it to repress the rights of the majority, the rest of us.

Anonymous said...

Here is the sad truth about how people like little Fabian's owners are getting used and abused by the people they gave their hard-earned money to, the breeders.

Fabian is a poodle. More than likely he was purchased perhaps at a pet store (like the Petland Company, which is in business with AKC, or through an AKC affiliate like Hunte Corporation or Lambriar which brokers and supplies the smaller dog brokers, the classified ad dealers, the flea market dealers, and all kinds of pet stores) or from an AKC breeder or broker, in person or through a website. He may be microchipped with a microchip sold by AKC through these pet stores or breeders. He may have been registered with AKC, which sent more money into the hands of AKC


It is the AKC, UKC, and the dog fighters and puppy millers they lobby with who are opposing Fabian's Law and spending money lobbying against it.

Sadly, Fabian's owners may quite innocently have helped fund the lobbying that is now opposing them!

This is where the money goes when people buy these purebred animals. It goes into essentially organized crime that lobbies to stay unregulated and to be allowed to hurt people like Fabian's owners and the DOGS THEMSELVES so profits can keep rolling in, dog shows can be held, etc.

This is the dog breeder industry, and it works like every other rich industry. Money is the concern, and making more is the goal. Opposing any kind of regulation is how they make more.

They don't care about the Fabians of the world, or the good people like Fabian's people. The breeders just want the money.

Anonymous said...

When you watch their dog shows on TV, they get more money from advertisers and more TV contracts, and they promote their sales and their pet store affilate's sales


They get more money to hire expensive lobbyists like Rick Berman to lobby legislators to oppose any kind of regulation, like Fabian's Law

Ask the broadcasters why they show dog shows run by registries and breeders that profit from puppy mills, that use puppy mill registration money to fund these shows, that oppose anti-cruelty laws, that oppose laws like Fabian's Law, that contend it is ok for their dogs to kill and hurt people and pets.

Ask why a broadcaster would sign a contract with AKC, which lobbies with dog fighters and puppy millers, which hires Rick Berman so they can keep exploiting dogs and the public for their financial gain, etc.

These shows are just the cleaned-up front for organized crime that has NO conern for human or dog life.

BBC cut their contracts with the dog breeder industry and won't broadcast their dog shows anymore. In America, these breeders and lobbyists still are cashing in.

Maybe some day the dog breeder industry will eliminate the corruption and irresponsibility, but until that time comes, corruption runs the industry completely. This isn't a "hobby." It's a business, a ruthless business.

And Fabian and Fabian's people are victims of that corruption.

Anonymous said...

Don't forget the AVMA...They make a bundle trying to sew fluffy back together!

Anonymous said...

"Don't forget the AVMA...They make a bundle trying to sew fluffy back together!"

You are absolutely right.

The AVMA works for the breeders. They support puppy mills, they support any kind of animal cruelty as long as it is profitable. They support people cruelty, as long as animal profiteers make money. (Think about the diseases all these crappy breeders spread around, and the people who get hurt by these dogs. Think the AVMA cares? Hell no!) That's the makeup of the AVMA now.

The AVMA is NOT an animal welfare, public safety, animal health organization.

It's a lobby for profiteers. How to make as much money from animals no matter who gets hurt or what gets tortured.

Anonymous said...

A pet was attacked by a pit bull http://www.castanet.net/edition/news-story--1-.htm

WolfPrincess said...

Now I don't agree with adopting or rescuing dogs that have attacked people or animals unprovoked. That is risky anyway no matter what breed. Now while you are complaining like a bunch bratty children about Pit bulls why not talk about the Golden Retriever that killed it's owner for no reason. But I’m sure you going to say the dog didn’t mean it but if it was a Pit Bull you’d be ready to form a lynch mob. My heart does go out to Fabian’s family however.














Still think only Pit Bull type dogs are savage attackers? In this last link a Pit Bull saved his elderly owner from two vicious dogs.

Anonymous said...


Our poster friend LycanPrincess also has lots of dogs ATTACKING EACH OTHER. And they aren't spayed or neutered are they? Don't come here and lie, and try to sound like a "responsible pit bull owner" so you can trick people here into sounding like you are about victims. You are a LIAR!

Pit kill, huh? But you are coming here to try to throw retrievers under the bus.

Everyone see what population this propaganda throwing other breeds under the bus is coming from? And sounds a lot like FUPerv and his obsession. What IS FUPerv up to?

Anonymous said...

Anyway, Lycan Princess

One offspring


POSTED: 2010-02-04
LAST MODIFIED: 2010-03-29


(Foer those of you unfamiliar with the term scratch, "where each second held his dog between his knees so that the other dog got a fair unobstructed view of his opponent's head. On a word from the referee, the dog which had to "scratch" first was liberated and had to go across the pit to attack his opponent. A line was drawn cross the centre of the pit, which was known as the Scratch and the opposing dog could not be loosed until the attacker had crossed this line. When he had crossed the scratch the other setter could loose his dog when ever he liked and it was judgment here that won or lost many battles." from the book of the dog)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

according to lycanprincess's google profile, she is a horse lovin/dog lovin teenager who will start blogging when she gets her very own pit bull so she can keep everyone apprised of its "progress".
i suspect that she also suffers from bipolar or ADHD. she doesn't actually READ the blogs, she has been spamming the comments by cutting and pasting the same long winded tirade about a dozen other breed attacks on humans that occurred over the last several years as some kind of PROOF that all dogs attack other ANIMALS i guess. i don't think she has the intellect or maturity to carry on a meaningful debate. she only has the berkey talking points memorized or copied in her clip board. i sent her an email. i suspect that i will get a reply when someone can interpret it for her.

WolfPrincess said...

My whole reason for posting here is to show that any dog owned by a stupid person can turn into a vicious beast. All this is because people by certain dogs just to look tough, they breed them for looks not temperament, they only breed dogs that show known aggression or torment the dog and when it gets angry they throw a defenseless puppy at it just so the dog will go for the puppy and not them. All these apply to dog fighters who have a nasty habit of screwing up good dogs. In the 70’s the dogs of choice were the Rottweilers and Dobermans, after dog fighters got tired of them and people began to ban them they switched to Pit Bulls. The Pit Bulls true nature was their downfall; they are loyal to their masters and are independent and fearless. So that’s hwy dog fighters go after Pit Bulls, because the dog’s willingness to please is easy to corrupt if you’re a sick sociopath. This is where aggressive Pit Bulls and aggressive dogs in general come from. If I had ADHD I think I would have noticed by now and secondly I know how to spell(save for the few typos I made due to my fast typing) and before you all dub me” The Crazy Teenage Pit Bull Nutter” take at look at the blog links below. Their very helpful and make a lot of sense to why many dog breeds display aggression.


Jake said...

@Lycan princess -

Oh Dear, where do we begin?

You have your facts all wrong and are either terribly confused, or misled.

You said "All these apply to dog fighters who have a nasty habit of screwing up good dogs. In the 70’s the dogs of choice were the Rottweilers and Dobermans, after dog fighters got tired of them and people began to ban them they switched to Pit Bulls."

No, let's get our facts straight: The pit bull has been the fighting dog of choice for the past 175 years, beginning in England.

You also said "The Pit Bulls true nature was their downfall; they are loyal to their masters and are independent and fearless."

No. Dogs are loyal, generally speaking, but pit bulls are not like other dogs. pit bulls are by far the most likely of all dogs to kill or maim their owners - in fact, more likely than all other breeds combined.

If you are really interested in the facts, then I would suggest that instead of memorizing pit bull propaganda , look at the 18 year long study of dog attacks done by the animal people, covering the period from 1982 to 2010.

You can check the report here: http://dogsbite.org/bite-statistics.htm

I'm guessing that you won't read the report and won't respond to anything I've said. If anything, you'll just dump copies of another massive copy and paste on every thread in this forum. But feel free to surprise me with a thoughtful answer, I'd be delighted to actually discuss the issues rather than reading of your list of memorized talking points.

WolfPrincess said...

If Bull Terriers, Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Staffordshire Bull Terriers and American Pit Bull Terriers type dogs are so TERRIBLE and so EVIL and UNPREDICTABLE then why are they describe by the AKC as loyal, affectionate and having the willingness to please? They main key is this one simple thing most of you should actually take the time to learn about; Early socialization, firm but humane deciplie and proper housing and care of such dogs.

Also there of several type of dogs than at times have been mistaken for Pit Bull type dogs:

Cane Corsos

Dogo Argentines

Presa Canarios


I’ve even seen a few pictures of Lab/Shepherd, Shepherd/? , Lab/? Mixes and Unknown/Terrier? Mixes that looked like Pit Bull type dogs but alas they were not. Also there was the Neapolitan Mastiff attack in Los Angeles. The man who called in about the attack said and I here quote: “There are three giant Pit Bulls attacking a woman on the sidewalk!”

Now please look at the majority of people who are attracted to Pit type dogs; criminals(mostly Skinheads). These are people who are cowards and can steal old ladies purses, rape and terrorize women and children and torture and abuse animals. Dog fighting counts as abuse which I’m surprised most of you have surprisingly overlooked. Now I don’t know every last Pit Bull type dog on earth but I have known and been around probably about twenty of them and I can say that those particular dogs were never vicious or aggressive towards me, my parents, my two Miniature Pinchers and my two cats. I like these types of dogs and the twenty that I know I trust them, however I still know they are dogs and even though I trust them I wouldn’t think “Oh well I can leave my kittens, puppies and children alone with them”. Dogs no matter what breed are still animals and animals don’t think like humans think. All dogs can bite, all dogs can kill and all dogs can leave devastating injuries not just Pit Bull type dogs. Clearly you‘ve never seen a Husky bite before;

This woman was bitten by her Malamute mix while trying to break up a fight

A two year old girl was attacked by her Dalmatian who ripped the toddlers face open

Some accounts of Labrador attacks including a woman who need a face transplant, curtsey of her lab

A Golden Retriever attacked a dog and the Pet Sitter who was walking the dog, the woman sued for $40,000

A Border Collie often bites and shakes the Yorkshire Terrier in it’s home

Every dog like I said before has the ability to cause devastating bite wounds, bigger dogs more so then small dogs. That’s all for now, the below link is a list of the dogs that have been added to the list of “Dangerous Breeds” many have been added twice or more because of the other names they go by. I’m beginning to wonder who makes these laws, some of these dogs I was shocked to see. That alone proves that an idiot can own any dog and screw up any dog breed.

Jake said...

@Lycan Princess -

Why not lets have an intelligent discussion instead of trying to bury the forum under a massive copy and paste?

So you posted stories of attacks by other breeds, which shows that any large enough creature can be dangerous. But once you start playing that game, you're going to lose.

When you count up maulings and killings by breed, pit bulls are the undisputed leaders, killing and maiming far more than any other breed, in fact more than all other breeds combined.

After responding some of your earlier posts I'd hoped you would actually have something meaningful to say, but all I'm seeing here is just another drive by, dumping a load of links and a few talking points but not answering anything.

The pit bull breeds were selected for violence and aggression. They love to kill and they are good at it. You can give a pit bull a cute name and dress it up in baby clothes but it will kill you just the same.

No doubt you can tell me about some pit bull you know of, which has never hurt anyone. That's as may be, but you can not predict whether or not that will continue to be the case. Nobody can. It's not about how they are raised, nor how they are treated, nor their environment.

The problem with pit bulls is something called DNA. Do a little independent research and you will find that many perfectly docile "pibbles" have, without warning, after years of passive behavior, suddenly turned on family, neighbors, passers-by or random animals with sudden and brutal savagery.

How these dangerous creatures are raised is of absolutely no consequence, so please stop repeating that silly myth.

Thank you.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

jake, you get an A for effort.

Jake said...

@Craven -

Yeah it was an effort alright. Probably all in vain though...