Friday, February 11, 2011

updates on florida's finest and brightest

sumter county remember the school pig that was mauled, mutilated and possibly molested with a garden tool? 19 yr old DALLACE LEE HATLEY of 11531 E Salmon Dr, Floral City, FL 34436
confessed to the crime. he claims that he just happened to be walking his dog and when they got wind of the pigs, and that drove his mutant crazy, so he let the dog have some fun. HATLEY was charged with animal cruelty and trespassing on school property.
which one of these two gripping dogs is the culprit?

HATLEY was also busted 02.25.10 (a week before the photo was taken) for resisting an officer without violence and narcotic equipment possession.

besides torturing innocent animals, you are probably wondering what this fucktard likes to do in his free time.

that about covers it.

General Partying smoken (pokin pigs with foreign objects)
Music Gucci lil wayne drake lil boosie spm bg
Movies Scareface american gangster
Books u fucked up
Heroes Myself (what an ego!)
$$_DEBO_$$'s Details
Status: Single
Here for: Friends
Orientation: Straight
Body type: 6' 0" / More to love!
Ethnicity: White / Caucasian
Zodiac Sign: Virgo
Children: Undecided (please god - NO!)
Education: High school
Occupation: move n them chickens if u kno wut i mean!
Income: $250,000 and Higher

broward county the last of the death row "political prisoners" has been released. MERCEDES goes home to DR KEN R SLADKIN and BRIAN ANTHONY HOESCH. MERCEDES will go home to maul again, so says the neighbor who owned the cat that MERCEDES killed. the mutant had a history of attacking animals. one news source says that BRIAN is SLADKIN'S stepson and another says godson, one link says SLADKIN is the owner, another says HOESCH is the owner. who knows! at any rate, i thought everyone would like to see what kind of people MERCEDES will be living with. DR SLADKIN is a pediatric psychiatrist. and BRIAN, well, he is more of a psychiatric project.

broward county court records show BRIAN was charged with REPEAT VIOLENCE 08.07.06 (against his stepgodfather's male tenant). then on 08.28.06, SLADKIN had the tenant removed. then on 09.15.06 the tenant filed against SLADKIN in small claims court for damages under $2500. BRIAN has an aggravated assault with weapon in 2002. domestic violence temporary injunction in 2009. REPEAT VIOLENCE 01.24.11 (against a female) looks like BRIAN'S twisted life is now complete with the return of his killer gripping dog. stepgodfather claims that BRIAN and gripper will come live with them in tampa.

good job doc!

a couple of BRIAN'S gripping dogs. who knows if either of these are the dog in question.

you really must check out his myspace page. his handle is king-ding-a-ling. his signature is "AND I LOVE PITTS BITCH!!!!" and his hero is none other than MICHAEL VICK.

UPDATE according to this link, the bottom dog is MERCEDES and BRIAN will be supplying youtube updates. oh boy, a new friend for fuzupf!

DR KENNETH R. SLADKIN paid $22,000 in boarding for this fight. wonder what the lawyer fees added up to?

in this update HOESCH states that MERCEDES encountered the cat who was declawed and tried to play with her but she played a little too rough and Slugger died. in the comments, Slugger's owner sets the facts straight:
Slugger Had Claws
On the afternoon of November 24, 2008 our cat, Slugger, was sleeping on private property on the front porch and was attacked and killed by Mercedes. Even though our cat did have claws, he was no match for the dog's aggressive strength. There was blood everywhere. This was not the first time Mercedes was left to roam the neighborhood unsupervised. I know of another instance that Mercedes attacked a family while they were walking their dog. Mercedes is a very aggressive dog.
Animal control was called and showed up immediately after the incident and Mercedes was taken away. We immediately took Slugger to our family vet even though he was deceased and had a fully documented exam taken. The one thing that always comes to mind is when we saw his claws. They were completely shredded from putting up a fight, as well as broken ribs, and many, many other injuries. He did not deserve to die in this manner.
We are thankful that Mercedes is no longer in our neighborhood but are very concerned about her being taken to Tampa and "given a fresh start." She should have been designated as a dangerous dog, period. Tampa, beware.
Jennifer Peters, Ft. Lauderdale, Florida
rip Slugger


Small Survivors said...

A psychiatrist stepgodfather who can't figure out that a stepgodson with a prodigious history of violence who idolizes Vick and a pit bull is a recipe for death. Fantastic!

Anonymous said...

Sladkin should not be allowed any where near a child. He is protecting and harboring a dog that may kill a kid at any time, and he seems to enjoy it.

Anonymous said...

Ken Sladkin apparently enjoys hanging out with gang members

Anonymous said...

Speaking of nutters, check out this guy.

I bet none of those fundraisers are going towards the victims.

Anonymous said...

Sladkins child psychiatry "business"



File a complaint with the licensure board for Florida

and Medicare/Medicaid Department of health and human services


Also the Florida Certification Board

He is also affiliated with Broward General Medical Center.

Educated at Temple University.

More info on this THING

He's getting referrala from these people taking tax dollars


Anonymous said...

He used to be in Oklahoma, a state with more than their share of puppy mills and dog fighters

He's marketing himself to special needs children

Florida residents, do you want him on the adolescent suicide task force/

Anonymous said...

Kenneth Ray Sladkin's license cancelled in California.

Anonymous said...

"this paper about teaching 13 yr old boys to examine their genitalia is a little weird."

I think that paper that he wrote was pushing that doctors (such as himself) should be handling and examining little boys genitalia frequently and often, and using an extemely rare and unusual oddball case (not even nearly approaching anything that would be considered a general danger or health worry for this age group) to try to rationalize this.

Doing this could be psychologically traumatic for a child when there is no real and actual need, and there isn't.

It is also very bizarre that he continually seems to on the move, from state to state. This is bad for patients (especially kids) who develop a relationship with a psychiatrist, and when the doctor leaves town it leaves the child in the lurch and can create damage. Stability is considered necessary for a psych practice. I'm not seeing anything even close here.

He does have a big, expensive house and a lot of money is coming in though.

Anonymous said...

Did you see this?

Bad Rap, the ones who deny that pit bulls are fighting breeds and claim falsely they are nanny dogs and good with kids and think it's ok if pit bulls kill your pet, got Best Friends to shake down money from Petsmart Charities for a new way to make money.

They get people from shelters around the country to attend a sales seminars they run and get indictrinated on how to promote pit bulls, lie about their dangers, deny their fighting breed status, call them nanny dogs, and push sales of them into homes in the community.

(Not of course, how to cut down on the number of them being abused and tortured. Just how to sell them using falsehoods.)

In other words, propaganda indoctrination sessions Goebbels style

Be aware that crazies from shelters in your area may be attending these and coming back to your town or city to start pushing vicious pit bulls into homes with their propaganda. You and your kids and pets are at risk, locally, thanks to Best Friends and BadRap.

Anonymous said...

When one of the dogs these crazies sells kills someone or mauls them after a Bad Rap Best Friends Pit Camp, you can sue not only these two groups, but Petsmart Charities which is funding this.

Petsmart Charities has deep pockets.

If they choose to get involved with people who are using lies to sell fighting breeds, they need to take the liability for this crime.

They bear the responsibility for the death, injury, and suffering that will come from these Pit Ed Sales Camps.

Anonymous said...

Check out the comment by the one who has an aggressive pit bull that she can't "fix" even after a YEAR, but wants to learn how to propagandize and sell and push aggressive pit bulls into homes with other people to do the inevitable.

"Please let us know which shelters end up participating so that I might be able to link with and join the efforts of one in my area (NYC). We are in desperate need of a good pit specific program accessible within the city so I'm crossing my fingers that one develops from this.

"I'm a first time pit owner (rescued my dog about year ago) and while she has made great progress and I continue to educate myself I could really use additional hands on guidance that doesn't also cost a fortune."

This is a crime, and these people need to be held accountable.

Anonymous said...

This little girlie is a shelter volunteer who wants to sell pit bulls into homes maybe near you.

Not a clue, but wants to learn how to propagandize pits, hide their problems, lie abut their past, and get people to buy them.

Not even an employee, just some volunteer who is pushing her own fighting breed agenda and will take no responsibility when she causes a death. Of course people like this will bankrupt the shelters they allow to do this. The shelters will get sued for her personal agenda that gets someone hurt or killed.

(Funny though that the pit bull breeders are going to get screwed when these naive rescue angels get people hurt and killed with their pit bull placements)

"Dianne said...
I'm a shelter volunteer who all ready leads adoption events in my town. WARL is getting a new mobile adoption truck and it would be great if we could do this kind of outreach, too."

(By the way, Oakland CA where where this is being held is where Nathan Winograd lives)

Anonymous said...

And what will the two ARTISTS, one of them Donna here, with no previous dog experience making big salaries from Bad Rap teach people at these pit camps?

Why, how to lie of course, and "use language" to hide the fact that pit bulls are fighting breeds that are and always have been bred to be aggressive.

This is like a Joseph Goebbels class.

Notice their desire to keep pit bulls suffering and dying by opposing spay neuter laws? Maybe because people like emily s here the pit bull breeder is slobbering all over Donna and encouraging this continued persecution of pit bulls. (We need to keep breeding them Donna! says the AKC pit breeder)

Donna of Bad Rap tries to lie and deny that pit bulls are fighting dogs

"Stop saying pit bulls were 'bred to fight,' or we'll have to cyber-smack you."

Anonymous said...

And a biggie.

Donna of Bad Rap BadRap ADMITS THEY ARE PLACING FIGHTING DOGS, but instructs her followers to lie and instead call these fighting dogs "victims of cruelty" and hide the fact that these dogs that Bad Rap is placing and selling were fighting dogs, bred specifically to be fighting dogs, bred to be game, bred to have a high prey drive and attack other animals, bred to have a special ability to kill and maim, bred to keep killing unless they are killed.

Donna writes "For example, you might be very accepting of your neighbor wanting to adopt a victim of cruelty from BR, but would you want your neighbor to adopt a former fighting dog from BR [BR stands for Bad Rap also known as BadRap]"

So yes, America, Bad Rap admits they are selling fighting dogs, dogs that have actually attacked and killed other dogs in the fighting pit, into homes perhsps near you. They are just hiding that with FALSE LANGUAGE INTENDED TO DECEIVE and being dishonest with their adopters, buyers, and encouraging their adopters to lie to neighbors, etc..

Petsmart Legal Department, please realize that the group you are supporting (in collusion with Best Friends) is leaving a trail for the court after one of their "adopted" or sold pit bulls kills someone.

And the Pit Training Camp that Petsmart is funding is teaching shelter people what lies to tell and how to tell them to sell these dogs.

This is your liability, Petsmart.

Anonymous said...

The humorous thing is that the AKC pit bull breeder Emily S (who posts all over the internet by the way) is not only taking shots at the DOGMEN that produced her breed (that at least are honest are pit bulls and their aggression and danger) and calling them liars and fools, but on the other hand pointing out that Donna is screwing over the breeders by marketing pit bulls as poodles and lying about them!

Emily dear, Donna and Best Friends and the rest are screwing you AKC breeders over to the max, and it has taken you forever to figure this out! You breeders are doomed, thanks to the Bad Raps!

You can't make this up, folks! The people who BREED PIT BULLS are calling Bad Rap liars.

"EmilyS said...
a 2 edged sword. The effort to move away from dogmen-based language (with all the attendant crap: "never trust a pit bull not to fight" ) is entirely laudable. The insistence on seeing our dogs as DOGS with characteristics and behaviors like other dogs: also very important. The growing understanding that "fighting dogs" don't have their behavior set in stone, and that human expectations drive so much behavior, especially in a human-centered breed like ours: EXTREMELY important.

But the growing emphasis on the "warm gooey sweetness" of our breed (which is certainly part of them) can paper over the OTHER side. Which is that our breed was meant to be, and IS, a tough minded, confident no matter what, don't back down, don't give up, take-no-crap dog that does best engaged in a challenging job that involves its body, mind and spirit (which can be weightpulling, search/rescue, detection, agility, or ... therapy/service work). They are tough determined bulldogs and they are highdrive, prey-oriented terriers. Our dogs are not poodles (though even poodles aren't poodles)

I smile at the "pretty in pink pibbles" too, but I fear for our breed if that is all our dogs become.

It's great that those Vick dogs who still remain shut down and fearful (and probably always will) were rescued and are in safe places. They deserve that. But no one should think that THOSE poor creatures represent what the APBT should be (that would be more like Hector and Leo). If your dog's courage isn't proverbial, you don't have a real pit bull.

I'm completely in favor of dropping "never trust you pit bull not to fight" and saying "never set your pit bull up to fail"... as long as people understand what this means for management of our dogs."

Anonymous said...

Link for all this is

Anonymous said...

How these people are tricking adoption agencies and child protection services and adoption and foster care groups and the state governments who are supposed to protect these kids. These are taxpayer funded agencies getting tricked by these pit nutters.

"Laura said...
After having had rescued pit bull type dogs (adopted as adults) for the last 6 years (Cysco, adopted at age 3 from the MSPCA-Boston, died from cancer in 2008, and Burma, adopted from DPVHS at age 8 in 2009...and still going strong :-) ), I totally agree with this blog post. The "it's all in how they're raised" just isn't true - as evidenced by the MV dogs and possibly my dogs (who were both strays). Trying to explain to people their breed type...they're never satisfied (and I don't like it either) by "I don't know". With Burma, we had to have DNA breed testing done because Massachusetts Dept of Children and Families wouldn't allow us to adopt children from them if we had a "pure-bred pit bull" in our home. So we had to prove that she's not a "pure-bred" pit. Well, the DNA testing companies don't test for APBT because it's not an AKC breed! She tested as 1/4 Miniature Bull Terrier, plus some: AmStaff, Staffie, Am Bulldog, French Bulldog and Jack Russell. So now I know that she's essentially a bulldog/terrier mutt but when I try to tell people THAT they look at me like I'm in denial! We pit-bull-type dog owners just can't win! and yes, MA DCF did eventually allow us to adopt from them. :-) And EmilyS...Burma is NOT a "don't back down, don't give up, take-no-crap dog", nor does she have a high prey drive so please do not stereotype my dog. She's a sweet, loving nanny-dog type who is absolutely wonderful with children. "


Anonymous said...

This Bad Rap propaganda language indoctrination thing is also a lesson in "how to commit consumer fraud"

Anonymous said...

Donna Reynolds of Bad Rap discusses how she and Tim Racer use the term "Bulldog" to hide the fact that they have and are selling PIT BULLS

"Donna said...
Julie, Tim and I use the term bulldog, too. We don't use it in written form too much though since it's bound to give people the impression that American Bulldogs are essentially pit bulls. Love my bulldogs, though"

Anonymous said...

At least this one is honest about the fact that her pit bull wants to kill other dogs, and isn't willing to lie about what her dog is so Donna can sell more pit bulls and do more "fundraising" if she hides the fact that she is selling pit bulls

"Pit Bull. My dog is a Pit Bull. I've corrected people who asked if she was an AmStaff, or any of a number of more "acceptable" versions of pit bull type breeds.

She came from a shelter without pedigree paperwork, so I have no idea what breed(s) are a part of her background.

I am proud of her because she is such a sweet, loving dog. When we pass people on the sidewalk, just one glance her way or a small word, and she's heading for the "new friend" because she knows no strangers.

I manage her on-leash in public at all times -- she has a large "personal zone" and is still learning to be comfortable around other dogs. A bag full of treats helps .... she gets something tasty when she sees another dog and looks back at me.

Say it loud, say it proud: MY DOG IS A PIT BULL (and I love her)!"

Anonymous said...

Someone calls Donna out on her Bad Rap dishonesty about pit bulls

"Anonymous said...
But they are bred to fight. If we wanted to be respected and trusted, we have to tell the truth. And this has nothing to do with people, please don't make the comparison as dogs are not people. Every breed was created and bred for a purpose, and the purpose of fighting dogs is to fight. Pretending otherwise while giving them cutsie names is probably why there are so many problems in the first place. Its not management, its not abuse, its genetics. Let's start being real - no minds will ever be changed without the truth"

and Donna of Bad Rap responds

"Donna said...
I understand your opinion, anon 11:18. Many disagree with us on the "bred to fight" point, but we're going to keep sticking our necks out on this one even though it may be unpopular with pit bull fanciers especially."


These breeders are absolutely doomed thanks to the Bad Raps and Best Friends of the world who will go on getting people and pets hurt with their charade about fighting dogs and trying to pretend that pit bulls are poodles.

Anonymous said...

ANOTHER Pit bull breeder is actually HONEST AND TRUTHFUL and INTELLIGENT, and Donna Reynolds of Bad Rap calls the breeder of pit bulls a liar. (then shuts down comments)

So who knows more about the truth about pit bulls, the breeders breeding them or Donna shaking down grants and donations?

"I have to agree with Anon 11:18 that not being honest doesn't help the situation. Not all pit bulls want to fight, but it doesn't change the fact that fighting was what they were created for and is their primary intention. It is the reason we see so many news reports featuring our dogs. To borrow your words, pit bulls won't be able to get out of their darkest hour until advocates understand that they are first and foremost, born to be fighters, regardless of if pleases their owners or not. I have no idea where the myth came from that pit bulls are companion animals and have this insane loyalty that makes them fight (hello?) but it is setting pit bulls up to fail, and fail horribly, while making their owners and rescues like yours sound terribly uneducated. It is sad when BADRAP can't get it right, and leaves very little hope that the average owner will do any better. It makes my life as a pit bull owner all that more difficult and frustrating as non-owners know the truth and assume I believe the BS the rescues say. They tell me that the reason they don't want pit bulls around is because they don't trust owners to care for them the right way because they have been given the wrong information form groups like yours. And I'm starting to agree with them!"

Anonymous said...

Yet another rebranding exercise...

Meanwhile, there have been 34 Pit Bull DBRFs in California. The rebranding should be MANKILLER.

* doesnot include the mailman killed last year by a brain injury.

Anonymous said...

Sladkins thinks that MDs should be examining the genitalia of teenage boys

Anonymous said...

What a bunch of sick motherf*ckers we are reading about this week!


Scotty said...

What did I say about those "proud pit bull owners" being white trash? Just look at the sterling examples we have this week!

Anonymous said...

Att: Broward County
Good job reuniting a violent felon with a vicious dog!

Anonymous said...

Something tells me the 19 year old Pig-Sodomite is going to find out why they call it "The Slammer"...

Anonymous said...

Folks, people like Ken Sladkin are getting your tax dollars (through Medicare and Medicaid and various government "health" programs and "studies") and insurance dollars.

There is precious little supervision in the psychiatry racket, in part because no one really knows what they are doing in that particular racket and making it up as they go along.

But that is what state licensing boards and federal authority complaint systems are there for. They NEED to know when there is a serious problem that puts others at risk, particularly children.

Insurance companies need to know what it goibng on as well.

These "professionals" all have professional insurance policies as well as homeowners policies.

There are also tax authorities. In any business that can also be cash based as well, there can be some problems.

Anonymous said...

"He is also affiliated with Broward General Medical Center."

And the CEO needs to see a link to all of this.

Anonymous said...

Clearly the County Commissioner in that article is enjoying his goodies from the breeder and dog fighter lobby, and they have indicated so in some of their online hot air.

There are ethics issues swirling around Commissioner Chip Lamarca who "led the effort to repeal the law" and has been involved in a PERSONAL issue that he had no business being in, helping criminals as opposed to the good people being victimized in his county. Lamarca whom the breeders and dog fighters have been indicating as "their man" so they can have their dogs killing people's pets again (never mind in the pit)

Broward County, when your pet gets killed, Chip Lamarca wanted it that way. He says pit bulls and his game friends are more important than your pet.

The game doggers indicate they have had a vendetta against the former commissioner who championed the law and fought for the civil rights of victims as well as preventing escalating bloodshed, Ken Keechl, and have been making threatening noise about him now that they bought a friend. Would love to hear what he has to say about this corruption.

It is only a matter of time until a child is dead because of Lamarca, this psychiatrist and the lawuyer, and the judge who evaded state law (which indicates the counties can have stronger laws than state laws regarding dangerous dogs)

The pit bull nutters as usual have shot themselves in the foot, and they will end up hurting when this inevitably backfires.

Broward County also really needs to make sure these breeders and pit bull owners are properly licensed and paying taxes, to cover the expense to the county of supporting the game dogs and their killing. These counties are laying people off while the breeders skip out on taxes and licensing, and add the expense burden of cleaning up after the killings in so many ways.

Anonymous said...

Not liking what I see about Jason Wandner, Sladkin's lawyer

He has been involved with helping sex criminals, cases involving children

sexual exploitation against CHILDREN and CHILD PORNOGRAPHY

"Sensi, 52, of Jensen Beach, Fla., was charged with engaging in illegal sexual contact and producing child pornography outside the United States. He faces up to life in prison if convicted.

Jason Wandner, Sensi's attorney, said he has been in contact with prosecutors "in hopes of resolving this matter amicably."

"If we are not able to do so, we believe there are numerous factual and legal defenses that we will vigorously assert on our client's behalf," Wandner said"


Broward County Commissioner Chip Lamarca, these are your buds? These are the people you support instead of the good people of Broward County?

The pit bull lobby just looks worse and worse.

And these are the kinds of people that the Bad Rap and Best Friends people are involved with.

Anonymous said...

Broward County REALLY needs to investigate and pursue this in the court system. The dirt around this is pretty filthy.

Jason Wandner also represents unethical lawyers that have hurt people. Makes you wonder about Jason's history wioth the judge. Remember that judges are just lawyers.

It is clear that Florida as a whole needs to strengthen the dangerous dog law, because the bodies are piling up as sex criminal and corrupt attorney defenders try to get the bodies to pile up higher.

When someone in Broward County gets killed by a pit bull, Jason Wandner needs to pay the bill.

Anonymous said...

The Fourth Circuit Court of Appeals in Broward County here is especially stinky. There is nothing admirable about being a judge. These are former attorneys that get appointed as judges thanks to connections, political favors, connections to moneyed interests, personal connections, etc.

For example, Wandner's buddy Spencer Levine whose entire appointment reeks of scandal

Levine was previously the Broward Health Chief Operating Officer!!

"Several months before that meeting, then-general counsel Laura Seidman had reported to the district's compliance department her concerns about Cobo collaborating with Levine to allow Cobo influence on the district's management, despite that being expressly forbidden by the district's charter. In that April 2, 2008 memo Seidman wrote that "Spencer Levine is either complicit in Commissioner Cobo's self-interested way of discharging his duties or he is turning a blind eye toward the conduct."

"Kishbaugh said he could do Levine a favor so no one could make an issue of the fact that Broward Health retained a firm who has an attorney (Rothstein) on the 4th (District Court of Appeals) Judicial Nominating Committee and Kishbaugh could remove RRA as the firm to handle the bond litigation so no one can later attack Levine about it."


Anonymous said...

Sladkin's pit bull killer friend judge Robin Rosenberg is pals with this questionable character. You can see the potential for misdeeds in the court is when you see how someone like Levine became a judge.

The pit bull lobby has been pushing for "uniform state laws regarding dangerous dogs" because they know that state law allows counties to create stronger laws than the state regarding dangerous dogs

(Think about what kind of people want to be able to keep dogs that they know are dangerous and have killed and will kill again. Are these normal, sane people. No, they are SOCIOPATHS.)

Robin Rosenberg, if you can call her a judge, was subverting state law to enable pit bull killers to kill more in Broward County.

The victims just got victimized again by Robin Rosenberg. Makes you wonder who Robin's other friends are, doesn't it?

Victims of pit bulls, these are the kinds of people that keep letting the blood flow. The corruption in "higher office" whether it be in the courts or in the local government is what is keeping the deaths escalating, and until victims and victims-to-be get damn mad and say, "we're not taking any more" then normal, honest people have a target painted on them by these authority figures that will lie and cheat to help their friends.

Anonymous said...

And where did killer pit bull supporter and dog fighter happiness maker Judge Robin Rosenberg come from before plunking her rear in the judge's seat?

The business world, money. She's a rich West Palm Beach lawyer who worked for Slim Fast Foods and Slim Fast billionaire Daniel Abraham. Think Abraham helped her get a judge's seat? Think the business world of pit bull breeding and dog fighting had a little extra influence with Robin as opposed to say, innocent victims who don't have lots of money?

Interesting blog on the stink in this fourth district court of appeals, in particular Robin Rosenberg and her "free ride."

But this is way dirtier than that. Robin, who worked for Slim Fast billionaire Daniel Abraham, is connected to the sleazy congressmen Robert Wexler affair. Wexler quit in disgrace and went to work for Robin's friend and former employer Slim Fast Abraham!

And Robin ruled in a case that made one of Wexler's people the fall guy for Wexler, getting him off the hook and stay in the clear.

Victims of pit bulls, THESE are the scumbags fooling with laws to enable the fighting dog business lobby to hurt you.

(and some of the dog fighters that have front groups pretending to be animal lovers are cooing over their friend Robin Rosenberg. They can't keep fighting their dogs if that pesky law gets in the way, and they can lose valuable fighting and breeding stock. Robin Rosenberg threw them a bone with dollar signs on it.)

Florida residents, you should be DAMN mad.

Anonymous said...

Judge Robin Rosenberg and corruption have walked together.

and their "fixing" in court doing favors for corporate friends

Anonymous said...

And as the kicker, Judge Robin Rosenberg (killer pit bull enabler) was born in West Palm Beach and has been there her life.


Yes, Jane Saul Berkey

West Palm Beach, FL
Amenia, NY
New York, NY

Victims of the dog fighters and the scumbags, non-sociopath citizens of Broward County, innocent pets of Broward County Florida -


Anonymous said...

Love to know if the gated, multimillion dollar, ocean front properties allow pit bulls in West Palm Beach, Jane Rotrosen Berkey?

While the rest of us "peons" can't even sit in our yards with our pets and kids without fear of a pit bull attacking us, while these people in Broward County couldn't even have their cat use their yard in peace without a vicious pit bull attack and killing. That now will continue to live in fear because it's ok for pit bulls to kill and kill and kill again..........

Something tells me in Jane Rotrosen Berkey's neighborhood there is NO such thing going on and no pit bulls allowed near the place!

WE can die, but apparently Jane, and the Judge Robin Rosenbergs of the world, don't have to suffer the same danger.

But hey, Berkey and Bad Rap are rebranding fighting dogs and selling them as "victims of cruelty" to the peons like us.

Why am I thinking Donna Reynolds of Bad Rap isn't writing any of this rebranding language propaganda crap, but is just the "fall girl" for a literary agent?

Anonymous said...

And did you know that the AVMA is doing business with Jane Saul Berkey?

Jane tries to hit veterinarians with propaganda they might fall for - propaganda and lies about how it might "cost them money" (what a joke!)

What about the victims, governments, taxpayers, and all the others suffering the cost (financial AND emotional) of pit bull attacks and fighting dog breeding and dogfighting?

So perhaps the AVMA is stating it intends to be held liable for the death and injuries suffered by victims thanks to its corruption?

"Jane Berkey, President, Animal Farm Foundation, Inc.; Dog Breed Specific Legislation: The Cost to People, Pets and Veterinarians, and the Damage to the Human-Animal Bond; Published in Proceedings of the Annual AVMA Convention, July 11-14, 2009, Seattle Washington."

(Attention victims. YOUR veterinarians for YOUR innocent victim pets may be involved with this Goebbels propaganda if they support or belong to AVMA in any way!)

Anonymous said...

If anyone is interested in who the head trainer is for the Best Friends Vicktory Michael Vick pit bulls (you know, the ones that kill other dogs at the Best Friends sanctuary after they have been "rehabbed " and "trained" for years with a mountain of money)

it's Ann Allums

Anonymous said...

Because Best Friends Animal Society and Sanctuary says it is ok for pit bulls to kill other pets, too

And they and Bad Rap (funded in part by Jane Berkey overall, and in particular for this propaganda project Pit Training Camp in Oakland Ca, funded in part by Petsmart Charities, thanks to Best Friends demanding the money) are teaching "shelter workers and volunteers" in perhaps your state that this is ok, and to convince others that it is ok for pit bulls to kill other pets, as many as they want!!

Anonymous said...

Want to see the joke at Best Friends who says she can make fighting dogs ok, well, you know, except for that pesky pet killing thing, and, well, that you can't let anyone near them

And you know, that pit bulls are the primary canine killer, by a huge margin, of children.

But that's not a big deal, right?

But, you know, her experience indicates she started a dog hiking group, and has a degree in business administeration. (Can you hear my sarcasm because,

Excuse me while I throw up.)

These are the people saying it's ok for pit bulls to kill, and they should go right back to the owners to do it again. The CLUELESS.

Anonymous said...

They aren't clueless...This is intentional to keep the big Pit Bull monrey machine churning in the tax free donations.

One day the tax-free high life will end through civil asset forfeiture. The Tobacco Lobby and Catholic Church have nothing on these people!

Anonymous said...

Craven I find it hard to believe now anything you post on this website because its only a bunch of untruthful info. You have posted info about a family member of mine and yet the only thing you got correct was the name and age. You find false info on google and post it here or edit and post here. For a fact you listed their jobs but you posted what they do for a living but was false. You post where they graduated but was also false for they only went there for a period of time and transfered....if you messed up on that little information. how is anythis true?I do bother to even read it after what I have already read

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

who are you talking about? provide corrections and i will make them. i have no problem admitting when i am wrong and issuing an apology.