Friday, February 25, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 02/25/11

rip Mika
02.20.11 UK Mika was killed INSIDE her home INSIDE her crate during a pit bull home invasion.

Della and Bink Spicer with Leo and Lester
02.18.11 UK the Spicers are afraid to walk their dogs after a pit bull and a nanny dog attacked them and nearly killed Leo.

02.17.11 kingsport, west virginia Debra Thompson was walking her dog when she was attacked by a shit bull (no word about her dog). the neighbors came to her aid and are now upset because the mutant will be returned to the pit nutter after quarantine.

02.18.11 sandy eggo Iris Riddell was walking her fox terrier when a mutant lept from a car window and attacked Alex. three men came to their aid. the sheriff responded and returned the great mutato to the owner. it appears that the pit nutter is a homeless woman. she and her mutant live in her car. the pit nutter said the dog was slated for a dirt nap by the previous owners but she took it. i hope she is the next victim.

02.18.11 kelso, washington Kelso police said they found a pit bull shaking a dead cat when they responded to the 600 block of Third Avenue, Thursday for a dangerous animal call. Officers discovered two dead cats in the yard. Police said the dog killed them while roaming the neighborhood, then brought them home. The dog was taken to the humane society, but a report on its status was unavailable Friday. Its owner, Janet Roderick, 56, was cited for obstruction after she yelled and swore at officers, police said. Roderick also faces animal control violations.

02.20.11 internet chatter this morning my mom came home from dropping us off & found my bird (blue/gold mcaw.) on the floor dead w/ it's wings ripped! ): we've had him for 10years! he was the best. it's a pitbull & a golden retriever & they're in my yard. we tied the pit up so that the pound can come & get him! but they have another emergency so these dogs are just laying there in my yard! what do we do? we don't want them to leave and kill any other animal, we want them gone. they're not being threatful, or anything, but I don't want to see the dog who killed my bird in my yard! ):
what if they attack again?
can my dad shoot them?
Additional Details
ok, FIRST to all these f*ckn mean stupid as* people calling me a TROLL! Go f*ck your selves! My bird just died, and i don't need to hear ya'lll being ignorant! Second off, i had my bird outside in the SCREENED porch! a place where he can be! i have a HUGE yard! it's not MY fu*kin fault that some stupid owners don't know how to keep THEY'RE dogs at THEIR house!! those dogs came in MY yard! a place they SHOULDN'T be!! So screw all of you who are callin me a troll, saying i dont know how to protect my bird! my bird was in a SAFE place that sme big dogs happened to get into. im really sad rght now, and all of ya'll are dooche bags, makin me feel worse! learn how to not call everyone w/ a question w/out enuf detail a troll! i should've put more detail never have i EVER posted a troll question! & to those who were nice, thank you!!!!!!
P.S I didn't assume it was the pit bull! the pit bull ws being aggressive so i tied him up!the golden retriever was not , he ws laying their, so i didn'ttie

02.21.11 greensboro, north carolina I waked both my dogs on my backyard about five feet from my back door on leashes. I dont have yet. A neighbor whos fence faces a neigbor three houses down for me -their pit bull jumped his fence ran toward me and my dogs and killed my little six pound dog right in front of me. This dog jumped his fence last yr and attacked another neigbor's dog which wasnt killed only because the attacked door owner wrestled with the pitbull and in the process was bitten as well. What can i do -- i been having a hard time dealing with this situation along with my other dog who is suffering from this attack. Im very scared to walk my dog in the neigborhood because they still hav ethis danderous dog who can attack a child or anothor dog.

rip Bear
schnauzer, injured but alive

rip Sparky
02.21.11 charleston, south carolina the frankenmaulers had a busy weekend. a rott/pit mix killed a 6 week old lab puppy named Bear in a dog park. the owner of the puppy suffered a broken finger and the nutter fled the scene. then a rampaging mutant attacked at least 4 dogs. the first victim was a beagle, immediately followed by Bob Redwitzran's dachshund Sparky which was killed and his schnauzer, injured but alive. AC reports the hideous mutant attacked a dalmatian before they caught it. the pit nutter is 21 yr old PAIGE ASHLEY BIRD. she was charged with dog at large, vicious animal and non vaccination.
link #2, link #3, link #4, link #5, link #6, link #7 for the 4 dog rampage

02.21.11 UK Michael and Denise Spayne drove 12 miles to a resort to walk their dogs because they thought they would be safe there. (HEY! this is the UK, no one is safe in their own home!) as they were getting in the car to leave, a psychotic monster of a nanny dog, savaged Poppy. afterwards the nutter was apologetic and offered to pay the vet bill. she said the nanny dog slipped its lead. they seem to slip through an awful lot of leads and doors and windows and cars and fences...

02.22.11 chicago, illinois black ( i believe a pit bull) killing dogs
This dog lives a Golfview and Walnut. A few days ago he killed a beautiful happy dog. He has went after my yorkie twicw now. And other neighbors have the same complaint. This dog was TRAINED to kill. Where do the police comne in? Don't you think MORE should be done?

02.22.11 UK Sue Ballantyne was walking Wilkie and two other dogs when a nanny dog attacked. she said the young male who is under consideration to become a breeding dog for a guide dog program just stood there and let the nanny dog work its magic. just like the pit nutters expect. NEVER interfere with pibble's DNA.

31 yr old SCOTT LIBBY, 315 High St
02.23.11 somersworth, new hampshire two hideous mutants belonging to this nutter and one belonging to his sister (that he was supposed to be watching) got loose and went on a 3 hour rampage. a man was walking his lab mix near 315 High when the mutants escaped the fenced yard and attacked the lab. the man and his lab were saved by a passing motorist who helped free the lab mix and let them in his car. they called 911. the first cop to arrive was "met with three very aggravated and motivated pit bulls". he was bitten on the leg. three more cops arrived and "quickly met with resistance". after a couple blasts of pepper spray and 3 hour rampage, the mutants were finally caught by the ACO. i am not sure WHY they don't shoot vicious out of control dogs in new hampshire.
the mutants are in custody and the city is pursuing dirt naps for all three. the pit nutter received 13 citations: 6 counts vicious dogs, 3 counts failure to control, 3 counts failure to license, 1 count failure to vaccinate
this is not the first time this pit nutter has been in trouble with the dog police. in 2007, one of LIBBY'S frankenmaulers (SCARFACE) broke away from the person walking it and bit Thomas Clark in the face and attacked his cat. LIBBY pled guilty to a 2007 attack, was fined $2000 and ordered to pay $1800 restitution to the Clark.
this is Lucas, his owner Felder Thelusma has a $1000 vet bill.
WMUR 9 newslink with video of the victims.

Estie Walczak and Demi
02.23.11 australia Demi was on a walk with her owners Eva and Stan Walczak when they encountered a shit bull which promptly went to work on her leg. the vet had to amputate the 10 yr old dog's leg. the Walczak's daughter came home to help her parents care for Demi.

02.24.11 arvada, colorado 68 yr old Peg Wymer was walking her pit bull puppy when they were attacked by 2 mutants. the pit nutter was cited for harboring dangerous dogs and not licensing their dogs. Wymer doesn't believe in bad breeds, only bad owner but she adds the dogs of this bad owner need to die.

02.24.11 small town, texas
My neighbors pit bulls somehow got into our yard last night while our dogs were out there ( and we weren't thank God). They mauled and killed our chihuahua and bit our boxer who was trying to defend the chi. Police were called and the dogs are supposed to be picked up by animal control this morning for observation. They are to receive two tickets.
I want to track down their landlord and make sure they know that there are dogs now classified as vicious on their property and ask that the fence be replaced (their fence, lots of boards need replacing). I'll stop short of saying I want to call the daycare she works at to report her response because I know that just vengeful and would do no good.
What else can I do? I'm scared to go in our backyard now and it's the main reason we bought this house.


texas charges were dropped against football player STEVE FOLEY for the 2008 fatal mauling of his neighbor's puppy and his neighbor Twana Schulz. FOLEY'S attorney said his client was not at home at the time, the attack was a "tragic accident" and an "aberration". well, he's close. the dogs are an aberration. FOLEY did reimburse the victim for her medical expenses and his hideous mutant received a dirt nap.

UK one of the mutant nanny dogs that robbed Ozzie of his eye received her dirt nap.

shrewsbury, massachusetts the saga of DUGG continues. the selectmen are not pleased that the O'CONNORS have smuggled DUGG back into the neighborhood. they are seeking legal advice.

famous pit bull owner alert!
AKIL KONTAR (the newspaper misspelled his name KANTAR)
sandy springs, georgia remember last week's famous shit bull owner attack, RODNEY JENKINS? a judge ordered AKIL KONTAR to pay the vet bills of his frankenmauler's victims, >$5000.the judge can't order dirt naps, cuz they only attacked dogs but he can order they not return to the neighborhood. and he did but they must remain in custody til he starts paying those vet bills. look out ohio! mutants coming your way! prediction: the mutants will land at 5551 Joyce Ann Dr in Dayton, Ohio. KONTAR said the mother shit bull to these two frankenmaulers was poisoned and is buried in the front yard.
“I just don’t want them to be killed. I love my dogs just like anyone loves their dogs,” he said. the problem isn't his "love" for his dogs. the problem is lack of concern for his neighbors' dogs.
obtw, in oklahoma in 2003, mr music producer, along with CARL BAILEY and JERRY STEELE were found guilty of conspiring to distribute 200 lbs of marijuana in oklahoma. KONTAR received a 1 yr 4 mo sentence. KONTAR and STEELE both ratted BAILEY out and got much lighter sentences:)
you can see more of this poser here.
i am still trying to sort out the famous pit nutter name change here.

attacks the media NEVER reports

south carolina the two rottweilers that killed Sirlinda Hayes killed a neighbors german shepherd puppy last week.


winchester, virginia one argument provoked ONE dog to send THREE people to the hospital. the 25 yr old male pit nutter was bitten in the face, then his 19 yr old girlfriend (mutant co-owner) was bitten on the arm. a 20 yr old male who was visiting tried to help and was also bitten. wanna bet at least one of these people has a criminal record and the dog is not licensed or vaccinated?


DANIEL KING'S UNO modeling a creepy reptilian stare
la grange, north carolina UNO hasn't attacked anyone - yet. she has been declared potentially dangerous after numerous escapes, roaming, chasing and menacing neighbors. rather than face animal control, DANIEL KING "sold" her to a friend, who promptly reported her stolen. after the neighborhood settled down, the friend promptly reported her found and returned UNO to DANIEL KING. lenoir county AC got wind of her return and paid the pit nutter a visit. UNO must be leashed and muzzled when out of her 10 x 10 kennel, with top. the neighbors are not very happy about UNO'S return. they are threatening to shoot her if she gets out and comes into their yards. DANIEL KING has one neighbor on his side, CHRIS QUEEN. she claims the only danger UNO poses is "licking someone to death". i wonder if this is the same CHRIS QUEEN? drugs, breaking & entering, forgery x4.


saugerties, new york how many family dogs attack the infant when there's a stranger in the house? police shot a frankenmauler after it went berserk on a 3 month old infant. a cable employee was bitten when he tried to restrain the ugly thing. must have gotten a little too crowded in the poor misunderstood wiggle butt's chain spot. 59 yr old PATRICIA RISLEY (granny?) also suffered serious injury. i suggest a new taxonomic designation: canis lupus lyssarabhas (frenzied rage).

cumberland county, tennessee an ACO shot an american gripping dog when it charged him during feeding time at the shelter. the county is getting a lot of crazed emails. i am sure a facebook campaign is in the works.

jacksonville, florida Kelly Multon shot and killed one of five mutants that were menacing kids.

memphis, tennessee police shot an 8 month old pit bull when it charged them while executing a search warrant.


First Responder said...

Once again, the douchebag pit bull community is BLAMING THE VICTIMS in these attacks (example: the murder of that parrot on the parrot's own property). Why the fuck should people and their pets have to turn their homes into prisons jailing themselves just so your pit mutants/monsters can run around looking for things to attack and kill? F U

Anonymous said...

Off topic pointed out by dogsbite the fighting cock that killed that guy recently is a good teaching moment perhaps. My uncle got a few chickens for his hobby farm from well meaning but naive folks, including a few little chicks that ended up being ornate, small, and an oriental fighting breed. These things will chase anything, including people, horses, and lawn mowers, if given a chance and try to spur them. They act totally unlike his other roosters, and they have to be kept separated. They are a pain, and he wishes someone had not given them to him without knowing what they were (I guess he is too attached to eat them now). The pit bull is basically the fighting cock of the dog world. People will talk objectively about rooster genetics, but the US is still populated with too many that love dogs more than kids and can't think about it reasonably.

Anonymous said...

It's not just the US. Look at how huge a problem these dogs are in the UK. It's even worse there, because they're not allowed to arm themselves with anything effective enough to stop these animals, and their police force is so fucking useless they tell them if it's a dog on dog attack, it's not their problem.

Why they banned APBTs and not Staffies makes no damned sense at all. A shit bull is a shit bull is a shit bull. They should all be banned and put down when confiscated.

First Responder said...

Pit nutters love to use a naming scheme to weasel out of having their monsters accurately labeled. This way they can get around any law that a municipality may put up to protect the sane human and animal population from their walking time-bombs.

The term "Gripping Dog" that Craven has come up with is a very good inclusive one to describe these vicious mutants. This way, those other related fighting dogs can be included. Hard to argue "racism" now, nutters!

Anonymous said...

the man who wrote the cumberland count tennessee ACO opinion piece does not understand that its not dog lovers who have their priorities off kilter, its the pit bull advocates. That is an amazing example of how crazy the nutters have become.

Anonymous said...

First Responder:

It's not just the pit nutters, but also organizations like the ASPCA which are wrongly labeling pit bulls and their mixes as breeds or mixes they are not. just got here and you will see what I mean.

It really seems like there's no one on this earth that has an ounce of common sense when it comes to these dogs. Not even the so called "dog experts"

Anonymous said...

First Responder:

One could say that organizations like the ASPCA are using bad science, but this isn't even basic science, it's just application of common sense... if it looks like a shit bull, then it is most likely full or part shit bull. It doesn't take a lot of mental application to use your eyes and compare breed differences. They teach you this kind of thing when you're a preschooler.

Anonymous said...

Loose pit bulls are roaming DEATH.

Zero tolerance of loose pit bulls, even occaisional.

If you have a problem with this in your community, you MUST deal with this or you or your loved ones will die.

If rats were roaming our streets, they would be taken care of promptly.

You have to do what you have to do with any pit bulls that are roaming.

Anonymous said...

There are many ways to deal with pit bulls in addition to guns and knives.

The dog fighters themselves use many different ways.

This is a real threat to your life and safety if you don't take care of loose pit bulls.

Hunters may shoot them anywhere if these pits pose any threat whatsoever to wildlife, as can farmers.

There are other ways to handle the infestation.

Don't tolerate this for a second!

These canine rats are far more deadly.

* said...

I am not ashamed to admit they we may very well see Uno's presence again on my blog in the next year if not less. I will keep a casual eye out for this dog.

Anonymous said...

I had to use my Ar-15 yesterday on a marauding Lab/Shepard mix that was after my cats. I used to let my dogs chase the stray dogs away. Then I discovered this blog. I read how haters kill pits every chance they can. How you poison neighbors dogs if they happen to be a breed that you don't like. I'm going to use a page from your book. From yesterday forward every dog that sets foot in my yard and even looks at my cats will die by my hand.

Small Survivors said...

anonymous 8:38

Calling BS on the nutter who used to let his pits out to chase stray dogs.

Asshole, if you're letting your pits out to chase dogs, the stray dogs are getting ripped apart in horrific deaths.

Although you have not yet reached humanity, it is actually a huge step towards it to shoot the strays rather than let your pit bull rip them apart. Good luck on that move towards becoming human, getting rid of the killer mutants and treating NORMAL dogs like NORMAL dogs.

(Next up, "I never said my dogs are pits." Again BS, nutter)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

agree with the BS call out on this nutter. s/he is either a) looking to blame me for the animals they kill already or b) trying to scare us into accepting their frankenmaulers.

i have never said that i supported poisoning pits and i have said that i would report someone who did. that's the problem when you form an opinion on a handful of blogs and comments.

i have said many times on this blog that i do not support the killing pit bulls just because they are pit bulls. i do support shooting them if they even APPEAR to be a threat. i don't think waiting until teeth sink in is realistic expectation. and if i lived in a rural area with livestock, i would shoot any pit, boxer, husky, rott, great dane etc on my property.

Anonymous said...

Cry B fucking S all you want. My dogs never killed any other dog. They may have made a few of the strays sore but the marauders never returned for my cats either. Strange dogs will do the buzzard food thing, now. Fuck a dirt nap. Those are reserved for good dogs.

Jake said...

anon 2:51 said "My dogs never killed any other dog" -

Famous last words.

Ever notice how, every time a pit bull kills or mauls someone the pit owner always says "I don't understand... my sweet little pibble never did anything like this before"... Oh man, If only I had a nickel for every time I heard that!

These folks play Russian roulette, and because they haven't lost yet, they are so damn cocky and sure of themselves - until their pibble rips their face off, or mauls a neighbor - then they sing the blues...

Anonymous said...

Nutter needs the pits to stand in for penis, and a blogger he doesn't know to stand in for a thought process.

So, now you're going to leave dead dog carcasses strewn all over your property in defiance of a blogger you don't know.

That will show you, craven desires.

Anonymous said...

A facebook campaign for that ACO in Tenn is a damn good idea. Stupid sob ought to be shot himself for shooting a defenseless dog in a fucking cage. Thanks for letting me know about it.

NoMoreBullS said...

Missed one

Anonymous said...

Here's how you know the nutter's story is BS. He's claiming he lets his pits roam free and his cats are still alive. Yeah, right.