Friday, February 11, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 02/11/11

new nickname alert: SHIT BULLS!
(i wish i could take credit for this)

02.05.11 ruhenstroth, nevada two llamas were attacked by a pit and a lab/pit mix. Mochica was killed and Baby survived but she lost both ears and suffered nerve damage. Baby is pregnant.

02.06.11 danville, california Teresa Beard was walking her two little dogs when a neighbor's pit bull attacked. CoCo was seriously injured and died after being rushed to the vet. the pit nutter 25 yr old LAUREN ASHLEY BOARDMAN lives with her father 140 Clydesdale Dr. her father PAUL DENNIS BOARDMAN broke up the attack but not before the mutants delivered the life threatening injuries. the authorities are investigating and looking for the ugly mutant named RONA and her pit nutter but it appears they flew the coop. not too surprising considering LAUREN ASHELY BOARDMAN has a criminal record. her 62 yr old father thinks she took the mutant to arizona. sounds a bout right. the state is as notorious as the UK for protecting animals from savage pit bull attacks. BOARDMAN may be driving a blue ford truck. if found LAUREN ASHLEY BOARDMAN will face additional charges of hiding/destroying evidence. call contra costa animal servvices 925-335-8300 if you see them.

02.04.11 mint hill, north carolina Bill Williamson collapsed after seeing his horse get mauled a second time by the same mutant pit bull. pit nutter MICHAEL ROBERTS said his mutants broke their chains. (gotta check those chain set ups daily, right marty?) animal control gave him his dogs back and told him to keep them in a pen. ROBERTS said they immediately got out. ROBERTS said he plans to build a permanent fence but i don't see how that can help. obviously, the authorities should not return his shit bulls to him.
the einsteinian pit nutter, MICHAEL ROBERTS

02.05.11 internet advice My pitbull killed my sausage dog? will rate best answer.?
Sadly, my pitbull killed my sausage dog sometime late last night. Funnily enough, none of us even heard a quarrel so it must have been a very fast death. I am baffled by this because the bond between them was amazing. They were inseparable??? They grew up together as pups, and even pined when they were separated from each other.
They were both females. But the pit was on heat. There are no other dogs in the yard, so i dont understand what provoked this? I went outside to hang the washing up, only to find Lady (my sausage) drenched in blood lying motionlessly on the grass beside it. The pit must have gripped her by the neck or something, and she obviously couldn't bark as her airways possibly could have been shut preventing her to make a noise?
The pit was scheduled to be spayed in 2 days time as she has just reached 6 months old. My main concern here is that i love pits, but i also love my family. So i am unsure if this is going to risk my nephews and nieces lives in a while seeming that Missy (the pit) has now killed a dog? I heard that once a dog tastes blood, its simply no good?
What should i do with her? I do love her, and she is an excellent guard dog and has fended off a few bad people so far, but im worried about the safety of my 2 year old nephew and niece, as well as guests and visitors?

Malcolm Temke
02.05.11 UK the 20 yr old punk pit nutter KARL ROBERT ROBSON of Bridgend Close, Grangetown admitted his mutant was dangerously out of control and accepted responsibility when the mutant SOMEHOW escaped its yard and the mauled Malcolm Temke and his german shepherd 7 months ago. Temke suffered a fractured ankle, dislocated finger and multiple bites to both hands. no word on the injury to his GSD. ROBSON was given 1 yr community service and ordered to pay Temke £400. the judge suspended the dirt nap and instead ordered neutering, leashing and muzzling.
link #2 states this ROBSON fucktard will be a father soon.

02.06.11 more internet advice The Pitbull of my neighbour Killed the Dog of a Friend what can we do per law?

02.07.11 internet chatter I was at the dog park with my two dogs and this lady had her pitbull terrier there and it kept starting fights with all the other dogs. I had to carry my little dog Mollie so she wouldn’t get attacked. Should the owner of the vicious dog been asked to take her dog and leave before someone got hurt?
I love dogs, but I am very fearful of pitbulls and other aggressive breeds.

02.07.11 internet nutter seeks advice from other internet nutters Pitbull kills deer.. is it a danger to humans?
My BF has a pitbull, and has kill deer in several occasions, it happened again and I saw the attack, my son did too, it was horrible how he detroy the deer's neck, blood all over the place. Doog also has growled at our kids in a couple of ocassions. Is this dog a bomb ready to explote and eventually harm our children?

02.07.11 internet morons How can I get my 2 male pits to get along again?
My 2 boys are not neutered; one eats drywall and pees everywhere, the other is hurting himself(chewing the tip of his tail off, scratching a wound on his neck til its raw). Last time they saw each other they almost killed eachother. What can I do other than get rid of one??? Please help!

02.07.11 newport, north carolina ASHLEY HOLDER'S mutant pit bull got loose and killed at least 2 cats. of course MS NUTTER claims her baby is gentle around people and this was just a horrible accident.
"I would definitely buy them another cat or anything to make the situation better. I just don't think killing my dog is going to bring back their cat or anything like that." she is repulsive.

02.07.11 marble falls, texas Caroline Dulfer took her jack russell Piper for a late night walk and was attacked by a neighbor's mutant pit bull resulting in a $2000 vet bill and medical bills for injuries to Dulfer when she tried to save Piper from the gripping dog. when she called 911 to report the incident, the 911 operator asked her why she needed an officer. then the officers drug their feet and seized the mutant a week later. she wants the officers reprimanded. to add insult to injury, some nitwit pit nutter claiming to be a houston dog trainer by the name of JENNIFER CASULA shamelessly blames the victims in the KXAN comments:
"Once again the media fails to tell the complete story. Yet another "pit bull" "attack" report that is one-sided and doesn't provide all of the facts. What time of day was it? Walking past a residence at night gives a dog more cause for alarm than in daylight. Were BOTH dogs and owners on the wrong side of the leash law, or just the accused? Were the dogs in question spayed? neutered? intact? Dog bites occur in all dog breeds and are generally provoked."
what's even more interesting, 32 yr old JENNIFER K CASULA of Houston, TX has changed her name in the comments to 'facebook user'.

rip Toffee
02.07.11 UK Mary Montgomery's yorkie/jack russell Toffee was savaged by a nanny dog and a rottweiler during a routine walk. the 3 year old dog suffered a collapsed lung and severe abdominal injuries and was euthanized. the person walking Toffee required medical care.

02.08.11 davie, florida a woman was bitten when she tried to save her little dog from 2 gripping dogs. the pit nutter could not show that his pit bulls were up to date on their rabies. they were seized and quarantined. he will most likely be cited for dogs at large.

02.08.11 internet venting I had a cat nearly killed when two pit bulls attacked it. I think the breed should be eliminated. All of them be sterilized and after several years they will be gone. No more people and animals being mauled by those horrible creatures. Not sure why anyone in there right mind would want one for a pet. If people continue to have these mean aggressive dogs as pets they should be held completely responsible for the animals behavior. There are too many nice dog breeds out there why have terrorists as pets!

02.08.11 orange county, florida a gripping dog was shot and killed by a private citizen when it attacked his cat. the other gripper is still on the loose.


fort lauderdale, florida George Doudhty shot and killed Randy Daise pit bull when it charged after him and his rottweiler on a walk. DAISE'S pregnant rottweiler is still alive. DAISE'S mutant attacked the rottweiler previously. he even paid for the vet bill which i think DAISE believes entitles his ugly dog to maul at will. DAISE and COLE have a record of domestic violence with broward county. 2003, 2003, 2006
RANDY DAISE'S properly contained pit bull

02.07.11 canada a gripping dog has been seized by the authorities after it attacked another dog. the gripper is in custody and charges are pending. you have to muzzle these ugly dogs under the ontario law. a pit bull that attacks could be euthanized the nutter fined $5000.

02.09.11 holyoke, colorado a neighbor's mutant pit bull got loose and attacked Lucas and Jennifer Hayes' cat - in their front yard. then gripper's little side kick (unspecified breed) got in on the action.

Wendy Embling and Mollie
Debbie Joyce and Ozzie, who now has one eye
02.10.11 UK mutant pit bulls attack in the good old land where the cops respond to dog on dog attacks with "sorry mate, nothing i can do". both Debbie and Wendy were told this when they reported the savage attacks their dogs endured. Wendy's dog lost an eye. the shit bull loving RSPCA said victims should report the attacks to the police but it is up to "the officers to interpret the Dangerous Dog Act and decide how to act". here's a thought, MAYBE the UK cops are vicariously getting off on these pit bull attacks. MAYBE the UK doesn't employ a battery of psychological tests to weed out the psychopathic applicants. just thinking out loud.

Bella and Biscuit
02.10.11 UK police might think its not their problem when shit bulls savage other dogs but when they turn against their police horses, well, that's another story. 34 yr old pit nutter SAMANTHA SYMONDS of Eaves Crescent, Chelmsford admitted her mutants were out of control when they attacked Bella and Biscuit. the officers were thrown but otherwise not injured. i assume this ugly little nanny dog got a dirt nap. it doesn't say.

02.10.11new zealand 12 yr old Pye died on friday. the border collie was savaged by a shit bull in 2009 that left him with a hole in his nose, head injuries and epilepsy. the damage was done through a gap in the fence. Pye's owner said "He never really got over it."

rip Mouse
02.10.11 canada Mouse had to be euthanized after a morning encounter with 2 loose mutants. animal control has them in custody as the investigation continues.

the mangled poodle

the devastated owners
02.1o.11 corpus christi, texas SOMEHOW a mutant pit bull got loose and killed the neighbor's poodle. after his warm up exercise, he went after another LOOSE mutant pit bull. both pit nutters responded to the fight, both were bitten, both were cited. the female nutter lost part of her finger. too bad the mutant didn't work its way up to her elbow. this was the last but not the first time 2 yr old Coco was bitten by this shit bull. rip Coco
the fucktard
the mutant

02.10.11 carlsbad, new mexico a resident called 911 when she saw a husky and a pit bull attacking several dogs through the fences bordering on an alley. the caller said they were trying to break through the fences. including hers.

02.10.11 algiers, louisiana a woman was bitten IN HER OWN YARD by 2 shit bulls while trying to protect her chihuahua. the mutants BROKE through her fence. the pit nutter was cited for usual violations: no rabies, vicious dog, at large. KATHERINE LeBLANC refused to name the nutter out of concern for his safety.


rip Matty
canada the hideous freaks of nature responsible for the savage killing of Matty, received their dirt naps. the pit nutter JONATHON CHARLTON is upset over losing his family and has not paid for Matty's $1500 vet bill, even though he claimed that he would.

california a candle light vigil was held for Dudley, the shih-tzu killed by a neighbors 2 ugly frankenmaulers. the pit nutters paid their fines and took the mutants home.

canada the amstaff, eng bulldog and their offspring that attacked Micky Prefontaine and his aussie last month have been returned to the pit nutters. the mutants have been declared dangerous and the nutters must keep them muzzled and leashed. let's see how long it takes for them to violate these conditions.

massachusetts the continuing saga of DUGG, the ugly mutant owned by CHRIS and LISA O'CONNOR and represented by big shot "animal rights" lawyer STEVEN WISE. it has just been revealed that the gripping dog has been living at the O'CONNORS for the last 2 months, while their high priced attorney bleeds the city dry with ridiculous appeals. the victim has so far received $1250 from the loser pit nutters to cover her $7611 vet bill. she also had to hire an attorney to file against their insurance carrier which paid out $5000.
“It just doesn't make sense, this whole thing. I started out on a beautiful September afternoon to walk my dog. If somebody had tried to tell me that I'd still be embroiled in this without resolution, I wouldn't have believed it. It's so disempowering. All of the rights seem to be on the part of (Dugg's) owners." Stephanie Moran, the VICTIM.
here is another link of this obscenity.

the attacks the media never reports

02.05.11 concord, california two "mixed breeds" got loose and attacked a goat. it was mauled so severely, it had to be euthanized. this has been a bad month for cloven hoofed mammals.


james county, virginia an off duty cop killed a shit bull on his property. at least 3 neighbors have come forward to say the mutant has been an ongoing loose and menacing problem.

north charleston, south carolina a suspect hopped a fence during a foot pursuit. when the cop followed, he was attacked by a pit bull. the mutant was shot but survived.

cape coral, florida the police had to shoot and kill a mutant pit bull when they responded to a fight call and shouted at the suspects to get on the ground. pittie doesn't like it when people raise their voices.

salisbury, north carolina CARLENE McCRARY'S ugly pit bull charged the right person and it was shot and killed.

Hank, here lies a properly contained pit bull
fort meyers, florida the cops killed a mutant pit bull before it could get a grip on some kids it was menacing. the pit nutter was warned about the pit chasing kids previously. of course the death of OLIVIA BROWN'S wiggle butt's was "unnecessary", he was part of the family, slept with the 2 yr old, never aggressive yadda yadda yadda.


Anonymous said...

Dog agression is different than Human aggression even though Pit Bulls have killed 249 Americans and mauled thousands.

Anonymous said...

The top response to that Yahoo answers question about the Dachsund is completely stupid.

The dachsund was alone with a fighting dog and was found dead and bloody yet supposedly it's more likely another dog got in, killed the dachshund and left without getting into an altercation with the pit bull? Whatever!

The seizure theory seems unlikely as well. I had a dog with epilepsy and he was never all bloody after a seizure. Sometimes he bit his tounge. I suppose it could happen if the dog seizured right over a bunch of sharp objects, but what are the chances?

The whole "dog aggression is different from human aggression!" phrase was trotted out but there's no way I'd let such a dog near children. Why gamble with kid's lives like that? It's stupid. So many pit bulls that have mauled children had previously killed other dogs.

Anonymous said...

These attacks are happening EVERYDAY. There is not a day that goes by when a pit bull DOESN'T attack someone or someones pet. Not once in a blue moon, not even once in a while, EVERYDAY. Isn't enough, ENOUGH ? When are pit nutters going to realize there problem is much more than just being "local". It's country wide problem and it has got to stop.

The ridiculous excuses and blame is OVER. They have had MORE than enough time, to clean up their act. But they still don't want to admit the flaws and history of the breed. Craven, have you seen "BSL for Pits Makes Sense" blog lately ? One of the posts is being overrun by nutters. People who are so caught up in their own pit bulls and pit bulls in general, that they can't show any type of sympathy to those who have been the victim of a pit bull attack. Commonly blaming the victim and become vulgar to anyone who doesn't like pit bulls, whether or not they realize how ridiculous they are sounding.

But anyways, I am tired of these attacks. I am tired of hearing the "blame the victim" excuse. I am tired of hearing about them every day, and it's time to step up. Nutters and or Pit Propagandaists(?) have proven they are highly incapable and non realistic about handling the pit bull problem reguardless of how much they love these dogs..

Small Survivors said...

I love your photos of properly contained pit bulls!

The obscene situation with Dugg of course has to do with fucktard nutters willing to spend a lot of money appealing and Not paying for the vet bill.

But I think it also has to do with Ledy VanKavage's evil plan. I think she had something to do with crafting MA. law.

She's trying to make it a harder and longer process to get a dog declared dangerous
This is what she's writing about a law in Maryland:
"Americans treasure our constitutional rights, including the right to procedural due process before being deprived of our property. This means that we have the right to a hearing and an appeal before our property is seized by the government and destroyed. The government sees pets as property, yet HB 169 provides none of those constitutional protections for pet owners/guardians."

Anonymous said...

Which blog entry at BSL for pits makes sense is being overrun? I flipped through a bit but don't know which one you are referring to.

Anonymous said...

Has the EPA ever done an environmental study on the impact on the effects of 600,000 lbs of Euthasol laden Pit carcasses leaching into the groundwater every year?!?

Meanwhile, they are protesting outside Denver for a couple hundred illegal pits....

The difference? The Denver breeding market is closed.

* said...


I wrote an article inspired by your post.

I'm sure I could have done better on it but it was a spur of the moment kind of thing.

I still find it amazing how the nutters fail to realize that by not paying for any of the damages or realizing their dog's faults, that they're making more people realize how sleazy their community generally is. And thus creating an even worse image for not just the dog, but the owners as well.

I would love to see at least one person in the pit community hold fundraisers for pit bull victims and pay their dues.

Anonymous said...

Anonymous 1:44pm : Here is the link..

Topic: Pit bull Attacks vs Other Breeds

That entry is being over flooded by comments from pit bull nutters.. They are so deluded that it's hilarious. One even had ask me if I had ever been bitten by one. Nope, but i've never been bitten by a shark either. But that doesn't mean I am going to jump in shark infested waters because shark lovers insist on the creature being misunderstood.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the link. Them asking if you've been bit is similar to the "you can't have an opinion unless you owned a wiggle butt". My usual reply is something along the lines of your shark metaphor, or I'll say being irrational enough to own one of these things does not speak well of their ability to form good opinions.

WolfPrincess said...

In Canada Retriever bites are going up and they aren’t a banned breed. I think any Pit Bull that shows aggression but has no history or attack should be spayed or neutered so it won’t pass on that trait. Pit types that do not show aggression should be allowed to breed so responsible and experienced owners can enjoy the up side of the breed. However if a dog has a history of killing animals then I believe it should be put down, this goes for ALL BREEDS AND TYPES. Besides all dogs can bite and kills as you will see in the links below.

Still think only Pit Bull type dogs are savage attackers? In this last link a Pit Bull saved his elderly owner from two vicious dogs.

Anonymous said...

Its an insane argument. They claimed that SME never owned a pit bull, therefore she wouldn't know anything about them. Obviously they can't read because that was the whole point of the blog. She owned a pit bull, and was lied to by the rescue and or shelter she got the dog from, and ended up with more than a dog, but a FULL time job.

Had she knew then what she had known now about them, she wouldn't have even gotten the dog.

But nope, aparently thats not good enough for nutters. Nothing ever phases them. Her story is real, these attacks are real, the victims ARE REAL. They defend this breed so hard that they can't even think rationally and logically. They're so quick to blame the victim or make up excuses as to why an attack happened, they totally disreguard the trauma and pain that the victim has endured.

The fact of the matter is, there is no amount of bickering, nit picking or piecing of the story that will bring many of the victims who lost their lives from an attack, back ..

Anonymous said...

craven why are the backgrounds of these game dog people getting hidden?

They don't practice the words they are preaching.

Do the game doggers have the right to hide their activities while they propagandize here?

Anonymous said...

Lycan Princess


One offspring

POSTED: 2010-02-04
LAST MODIFIED: 2010-03-29


Anonymous said...


Shrewsbury Massachusetts incident

Steven Wise is connected to Tufts University and Harvard

Apparently they approve of animal cruelty if a pit bull commits it

Duggs owners adopted the pit bull from the MILTON MASSACHUSETTS ANIMAL SHELTER, probably the ones siccing Wise on the victim

Anonymous said...

Here is the animal shelter that adopted out the killer pit bull

NO KILL of course, except it is ok for their pit bulls to kill other dogs. So they are actually PRO KILL!

Check out adoptable dogs, and Hildy the pit bull. A screwed up, aggressive dog but some trainer is going to "make it all better"

When will that dog kill?

"The obscene situation with Dugg of course has to do with fucktard nutters willing to spend a lot of money appealing and Not paying for the vet bill."

snack, I think has more to do with a loon at the Milton Animal Shelter calling up Wise for a favor! To protect a killer dog they sold!

Anonymous said...

Ya know, lycanprincess, if your transformation to werewolf takes a week or more; you aren't a werewolf, you just grow copious body hair.

Are the pit nutters now going to come here and copy and paste their arguments and accusations of being "ignorant and uneducated" and their many links? What they do is give extraordinarily long and rambling comments either because: 1. they don't know any better, 2. they are passionate/angry to the point of being hobbled, or 3. it is a tactic that insures people are less likely to actually engage because most people can't read that much tripe at one setting and so they seem to dominate boards.

I'm nearly sure that most of them don't write this. They have a few standard arguments they copy-paste. Otherwise, they are all sharing the same brain because their arguments are exactly the same.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

according to lycanprincess's google profile, she is a horse lovin/dog lovin teenager who will start blogging when she gets her very own pit bull so she can keep everyone apprised of its "progress".
i suspect that she also suffers from bipolar or ADHD. she doesn't actually READ the blogs, she has been spamming the comments by cutting and pasting the same long winded tirade about a dozen other breed attacks on humans that occurred over the last several years as some kind of PROOF that all dogs attack other ANIMALS i guess. i don't think she has the intellect or maturity to carry on a meaningful debate. she only has the berkey talking points memorized or copied in her clip board. i sent her an email. i suspect that i will get a reply when someone can interpret it for her.

Anonymous said...

Re: LycanPrincess' arguements: no one's saying that ALL pit bulls kill or that ONLY pit bulls kill. However, statistically, they are responsible for a disproportionately large number of fatal attacks on people and other dogs. They were bred to fight and kill other dogs so it's absolutely stupid to claim that they are safe with other dogs. People who breed pit bulls are greasy bastards as this is not a breed that should be promoted as a family pet. They're fighting dogs.

Look into the history of these dogs. This is a breed created and admired by violent sadists (or really naive people).

bluesmom said...

I hope the princess does NOT attempt to introduce her dream dog/pit bull to horses. The attack on my horse by a pit bull was a bloody mauling. The horse lived but he will never be the same. Pits attack horses regularly, mostly confined horses die, horses with some room to run may survive.
Princess, click on the link to horse attacks. Even you can find it, right under the comments. Be aware that some of us carry guns when we ride.

Anonymous said...


One offspring

POSTED: 2010-02-04
LAST MODIFIED: 2010-03-29


Anonymous said...

Keeping pit bulls around horses is indeed stupid. Aside from killing each other, the other thing pit bulls have been bred for is latching onto the face of livestock animals.

god is a golden said...

hey craven: thanx for airing story about maty in nanaimo bc...update. only here could a story like this become a forum for pit loving ding bats to promote their anti bsl biases. hope their sweet harmless nanny dogs come across a real pit dog some day.

dogmanforever said...

a golden attacking and killing its owner just goes to prove anything can and will aberration obviously.its also an aberration for a normal dog to kill another but it happens all the time. my english setter was super gentle but there was one postie who complained about her and it was true he was scared of dogs and so she went for him. ive seen goldens that were nasty and even red setters used for guarding.but citing examples of a rarity does not seem usefull to me. all dogs are potentially dangerous but so what, does that mean we should accept something much worse such as a breed bred to grip hold and kill even.