Monday, February 21, 2011

Is Tia Torres Dealing in Good Faith with the Town of Tehachapi?

Tia Torres has requested that Kern County Planning Commission hold a hearing to apply for a Conditional Use Permit for an animal shelter in Old West Ranch that will house a maximum of 100 dogs.

There are several things the residents of Tehachapi ought to know before they attend the public hearing on Thursday March 10, 2011 at 7 p.m.

First, I urge the county planning commission to require IDs showing county residency for admission to the hearing.

Second, Torres should be asked how many animals are in her possession and will really be residing at the property. Third, they should consider how safe these dogs are.
1. Right now, on her website she lists 113 pit bulls as ready for adoption.
Included in these dogs is BUCKY, a pit bull and mastiff mix, who was found by deer hunters when BUCKY attacked the deer they were tracking.

MONIQUE, according to Tia's description,"and her buddy MAGNUM did get themselves into trouble and were taken away from their owners." The "trouble" rose to a level requiring court intervention which means they likely menaced or attacked a person or possibly killed someone's pet or livestock.

Her buddy, MAGNUM was recently adopted and is described this way:
"...MAGNUM will absolutely and positively need a pit bull experienced owner. You see he and his gal pal, MONIQUE got loose from their original owner and did what two loose pit bulls do...they got themselves into a little trouble."

2. Tia Torres also has six more pit bulls that will be adopted after some rehabilitation. The dogs in this category are unstable, aggressive, or both. SOLO came to Villalobos by court order in 2003 and was to stay at the Villalobos for the rest of his life. Evidently, after eight years at Villalobos, he is now almost ready for adoption.

SHERIFF, a pit bull and rottweiler mix, has severe dog aggression. (If it were not severe, he'd be adoptable, because she adopts out other dogs with dog aggression.)

3. In addition to the dogs Tia Torres has for adoption and rehabilitation, she also acts as a sanctuary for other dogs that cannot be adopted because they are too unstable and dangerous. These dogs do not feature on her TV show or her website. One of these dogs is OTIS, a pit bull that was involved in an unprovoked mauling attack on a 17 year old boy.
The judge who ruled that she can keep OTIS, issued conditions for keeping the human aggressive pit bull: parolees may not interact with the dog. The dog may not be moved from the Agua Dulce sanctuary without a court order, and Tia must make monthly reports to the judge regarding OTIS.

4. In addition to pit bulls, she has other types of large, dangerous breeds of dogs, many of which are among her sanctuary dogs that cannot be adopted out.
You can see some of them here on a page entitled bad boys that she made to show the "welcoming committee" for uninvited guests.

5. As recently as February 2010, she also had 20 wolves, a grizzly bear, and two black bears at Villalobos.

Tia Torres is planning to establish a Fighting Dog Rehabilitation Center at her property.

Rehabilitating fighting dogs is not particularly effective as evidenced by the track record of Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, UT, another animal sanctuary. They have a very low adoption rate and a record of dogs escaping enclosure and killing other dogs.

Despite the poor outlook for "rehabilitated" fighting dogs, it is becoming more popular among pit bull rescues to adopt them.

Finally, Tia Torres has a history of bad judgment including attempting to fund her rescue with a brothel, and neglecting to notice her "adopted" children/volunteers were doing drugs on her property which led to the arrest of one of her "adopted" sons and her ex-con husband, Aren Marcus Jackson.

I hope the town turns out and asks the right questions at the hearing and votes for what is best for Tehachapi.


Anonymous said...

Why do these people, and the hoarders, and the dog fighters, and the puppy mills go to Kern County California?

Because there is an AKC breeder lobbyist named Janice Anderson on the "Citizen Animal Control Advisory Board."

This woman, obviously who has no business being on any kind of advisory board related to her personal business interests, gathers together her AKC and related breeder cronies and badgers and threatens the county legislators into opposing regulations like breeder licensing, spay neuter, dog limits, etc. The AKC types and hoarders and cronies oppose any kind of regulation because they would rather be running their underground businesses and fooling around with the taxman than cleaning up the county and stopping animal abuse.

Anderson also is involved in those Responsible Dog Owner breeder lobbying groups that oppose bsl so the pit bull attacks keep happening.

She manipulates animal control to protect the breeders and do what they want.

So what a surprise! Kern County is a mess! The nutcases from everywhere come to Kern County to abuse animals and destroy their neighbors quality of life and property values.

THIS is what happens when the public lets these AKC and breeder clowns get onto citizen board and unethically use them to lobby against regulations so it is easier for breeders and the rest to destroy the quality of life for humans and pets.

These lobbyists have no business being on citizen advisory boards. They are LOBBYISTS. They are NOT looking out for the welfare of animals or people. They are looking out for the financial welfare of breeders and hoarders and charity manipulators.

The hoarding, the illegal breeding, the dog fighting, the "rescue" scams, the breeder tax cheating, the puppy mills- they all flourish in Kern County thanks to these breeder lobbyists.

Anderson is also a big pusher of the Nathan Winograd Pro Kill fake no kill routine, because Winograd is teamed up with the breeders to oppose regulation and enable all this abuse and public safety danger.

Anonymous said...

The fact that she has wolves and grizzlies on property along with pit bulls would raise some red flags about the character of this person. Overall I would think that she would be too much of a liability to associate with and I would never allow someone who tries to "rehabilitate" fighting breeds that have seen action to make laws in my county.

One amazing thing about the show is that it never seems to bring to light any pit bull attacks or reasons as to why they have a "bad rap" it just says they do in the show's title. False advertising anyone?

Anonymous said...

What I find even more amazing is how she places fighting pits into the homes of convicted criminals with children.

She adopted out a black female fighting pit to a boxer with a criminal past who had two small daughters. Her major concern was not the children, but the pool that was in the backyard. She feared that the pibble would fall in the pool and drown. How is that for a considerate home check and temperament testing?

Anonymous said...

In another episode her daughters were trying to raise money to humanely remove the bees on their property. They went to a local pit bull show (presumably UKC related) where there were breeding and stud stands along with tons of unaltered pit bulls... what about that pit bull population problem, Tia? It's nice to see who her friends in the pit community are.

Anonymous said...

Your typical "pit bull on the loose"

While I'm an advocate for good ownership of any dog, pit bulls generally attack to such a degree that even if it were an accident, it was more likely one waiting to happen due to the breed's general mindset with other canines.

I wonder how many of these dogs were busted out for actually murdering another pet or biting someone.

mouse said...

Are you shitting me?

Apparently this little girl is using her pit bull to discuss racism and bigotry. What the hell is Tia doing?!

Which reminds me. Rumor has it that in one episode Tia's daughters went to a local school and was preaching the same thing about pit bulls.


Anonymous said...

I don't understand any of this....if she is moving her entire facility, then she is bringing a lot more than 100 she dumping the rest of the animals? Her website also claims she is building indoor kennels and cottages for paying guests. So, with her personal funds she was able to buy this property, yet she is begging for money to pay her vet bills on her site? Seems she owes more than 40K to the local vet.

If you watch the show, most of the parolees end up leaving, or reoffending and are incarcerated again. They seem to be notoriously unreliable employees, not showing up or showing up late. Based on what I see in the show, the dogs are housed in small chain link kennels covered with tarps, and exposed to the elements. I think that if the people of Tehachapi got a tour of her current facility they would be horrified.

Also, no where does it say she sold her current property and must the hysterical claims that Villalobos will close are untrue. I think her plan to whip up the pit bull fanatics into a frenzy using the internet will backfire...I think they will end up with a freak show at the city council meeting where lots of crazy, dangerous,marginal characters will show up to try and intimidate residents, who will then be doubly committed to keeping Tia out.

Anonymous said...

So a dog that chases a deer is not adoptable? There are going to be a lot of disappointed dogs out there. Or does that kind of thinking only count when talking Pit Bulls?

Small Survivors said...

anon 8:01 Tia's own description suggests that the dog didn't just chase the deer, but attacked and downed it. I've known many dogs to chase deer if they got a chance, but I've never known a solitary dog to actually down one. And I wouldn't want to be around the kind of dog that did.

anon 7:29 Good point, it does not state that she's sold the Agua Dulce place. Even if she keeps both places running for a while, she is indicating that she's expanding her operation, and going in at full capacity.

That little girl is her daughter many years ago with her fight bust dog L.A. Mariah L.A. has passed away, but the now 19 year old Mariah has L.A. Tattooed on her Thigh.

Anon 5:50
SO many of these dogs that seem to have gotten into a "little trouble" which means attacked and or killed someone elses pet.

I hope the citizens of Tehachapi understand how she diminishes this stuff and realize they're getting not just pit bulls but "last chance" pit bulls loosed in their town.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

deer are more aggressive than mules.

Small Survivors said...

"AKC breeder lobbyist named Janice Anderson on the "Citizen Animal Control Advisory Board."

That explains a lot!

I certainly hope that this advisory board requires ID showing residency for admission to the meeting.

Anon 5:34
I don't watch the show and I did not know that she had promoted adopting pit bulls to ex-felons. That doesn't surprise me, and its not far removed from using the ex-felons to work with the dogs, I just wasn't aware she'd gone the extra step. NICE!

Anon 7:29
I am not sure, but Tia suggests that at least some of this property was donated to her. However, she seems to now own several properties and this hearing is just for one of these several properties.

Anonymous said...

Madam Tia is begging for money yet claims that she will make road improvements? How is this possible?!

Small Survivors said...

Regarding the deer, I assume the hunters were going after a pointed buck. A lone wolf will normally not go after a healthy pointed buck unless it is desperate with hunger.

That would be one crazy ferocious dog.

Anonymous said...

I just don't understand how Tia could have purchased a property without making sure the zoning process would allow this. I read the letter from the HO association, they have very legitimate concerns regarding everything from traffic and dust to the effects on the water table. It seems that Tia and her fans have chosen to go on the attack rather than answer the concerns of neighbors.

I think the fact that a reality show TV star comes in to a small town and starts bullying the locals indicates a degree of hubris on Tia's part that many people will find troublesome.

Anonymous said...

Some locals explain some other concerns, including Tia's claim that she will be bringing pit bulls walking on the nearby trails...

The city code only allows 2 dogs per owner. The city will be required to pay $8 for each dog that the shelter S/N.

The county code states that dangerous dogs must be kept locked-up. They will not be able to use the trails. The county will have to pay for the mandated inspections.

On top of the riffraff that comes with the dogs there will be a fiscal debt attached. Great for the shelter, bad for the city's residents.

6.08.070 - Number of dogs to be kept.

It is unlawful for any owner to keep more than two dogs over the age of four months each in any place in the city, within two hundred fifty feet of any dwelling house in use or occupied by human beings, other than the dwelling house belonging to the owner of the dogs.

(Ord. 74-02-401 § 12, 1974)

6.08.060 - Reimbursement for spaying and neutering of dogs.

A. The city shall reimburse the owner of any dog eight dollars, when such dog has been spayed or neutered after the effective date of the ordinance codified in this chapter.

Anonymous said...

Tia's beloved husband Aren Marcus Jackson's story


You know, she's got this ex-con husband and all these parolees hanging around her daughters. She's just got boatloads of good sense.

And agreed, she's got a boatload of hubris, too.

Anonymous said...

Both Tia and AJ belong to


Anonymous said...

The reality of this situation, I would fight this if this this a beagle rescue. The noise, the smell, the increased traffic would be bad with beagles. But add dangerous dogs and large carnivores on top of that with truck loads of FUCKING FELONS coming to my neighborhood everyday. UNACCEPTABLE!


killerchihuahua said...

sure are a lot of of people out there into "pitbull rescue". are these good folks an example of the phenom of so open-minded their brains have fallen out? (sorry previous poster). well im into chihuahua rescue,they too are a demonized breed, in fact i hear about them terrorizing pitbulls ect. a jeckle and hyde breed one, minute at your feet the next at your throat. but it doesn't sound so cool does it?chihuahua rescue?

Anonymous said...

>>>>>Regarding the deer, I assume the hunters were going after a pointed buck. A lone wolf will normally not go after a healthy pointed buck unless it is desperate with hunger.

That would be one crazy ferocious dog.

That assumption would not be valid. Here the limit is 5 deer only 2 of which can be legal bucks. Here, if a hunter is tracking a deer it is probably wounded as the vast majority of deer hunting is done from stands,or sniper nests.

Dogs have been know to and will catch and down wounded deer. That is not unusual.
Another assumption that can be made is since the dog was in an area that people hunt. That could mean that he was some distance from civilization, lost and he may very well have been hungry. You yourself said that hunger will make animals do things that they normally wouldn't.

There just simply not enough information to form an opinion in this case.

Anonymous said...

Just say NO, Tehachapi! You already have enough problems!

FormerOhioGirl said...

She seems to really like her admirers:
Due to the increasing number or people showing up un-announced that think we are a public zoo or a 7-11, we have no choice but to set some rules and scheduled hours of operation. First and foremost the dogs are here for sanctuary and privacy, some due to neglect and abuse. To allow the public to come at all hours and walk throughout the facility as they please, only upsets the dogs. We allow visitations for adoptions, training, volunteering or school projects. Anyone requesting a "tour", must be approved by the the Founder/Director, Tia Torres herself and we usually request a donation as we have to pull someone away from their work to conduct this "tour". Hours of operation are: Mon - Sat: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. (by appt. only for deliveries/dropping off donated items) Weds, Fri & Sat: 9:00 a.m. - 2:00 p.m. for volunteering (please don't show up at 2 and expect to volunteer. Gates close at 2:00 p.m. sharp) Sundays: CLOSED

For those of you, who think you're "special" and are planning on just "dropping by", we have a surprise waiting for you at the front gate.....

Anonymous said...

Yes, I'm sure when Tia referred to a twisted story, she meant the pit bull mastiff crept up to practically dead deer and licked it with little poodle licks.

Anonymous said...

Tia Torres' boatload of good judgment:

Tia worked on porn films with her animals.

TIA: Yeah! Well they just fit in around here! You know, looking back at all of the work that I've done in the industry, I will say that the most fun movie jobs to – and let me finish this before you laugh – the most fun movie jobs to work on were porn...

[Vernon starts to laugh]

TIA: [pointing a finger at him] You’re not supposed to laugh. [continuing] Because the porn industry – they love animals! The people, the crew, for whatever reason they're just a real animal loving group. And this particular company I worked with was very much into – it was very creative. It wasn't just a sex movie. Everything was mystical and magical. In one particular trilogy, the stars would morph into wolves. Then we did another one where it was vampires in a castle with Asia Carrera, who I loved. She was a wonderful person.

Vernon: I know Asia...[whispering] I shouldn't say that!

[Tia laughs]

TIA: One thing I thought was really cool about working on these movies is that the director would never allow the sex scenes to be shot in front of the animals. It was so sweet.

Anonymous said...

According to public records, the property is an 1151 sqaure foot mobile home on 20 acres. It sold on 3/2/2004 for $57,500: on 4/27/2010 for $150,000 ; and on 8/6/2010 for $85,000.

Small Survivors said...

She took possession on 8/6 and announced that she bought this place on the 14th on her blog keeping the location secret, probably because she didn't want to get flack from the neighbors.

They do a lot of earth moving and construction and announce the location in November.

She didn't bother to apply for a permit or variance until she has already built and moved animals up there.

She is SUCH a good neighbor.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...


so that's how you spell curly's laugh.

good to know.

Anonymous said...

Craven your really somthing hiding your face exposing others, thats fine not everyone in this world can man up and make a change like others are doing.
are you jealous? its okay I am jealous too, there is a blog in progess with your name all over it, best part is we leave our full names and numbers, we belive in what we do and don't hide :)

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

there is a difference between hiding ones face and not parading it on the internet. i have never had an interest in creating an internet life.

scratch said...

from anonymous poster 3:58 ...

"Craven your really somthing hiding your face exposing others, thats fine not everyone in this world can man up and make a change like others are doing.
are you jealous? its okay I am jealous too, there is a blog in progess with your name all over it, best part is we leave our full names and numbers, we belive in what we do and don't hide :)"

You can't make this stuff up.

Dale said...

you dont want a internet life get off the internet, its alright your little anti pitbull colt is the only ones who belive the accusations you state. you said before I run a puppy mill, dumb fuck I have 2 males, 1 of watch is netured and at the time the other was too young, you strictly run off of the media, its apparent you have never dealt with the media before, its all right keep doing what your doing, I am going to sit back in my nice country house in the top rated community with my 2 pitbulls and laugh at you, that kind of blows your stereo type out of the water huh?
Much Love

Friends Administrator said...

The Kern County Breeder/Commissioner is a big fan of Bill Bruce and invited him to speak there.

And it is not a rumor about her slutty daughter going into a classroom and spewing forth the racist card. I saw that show.

Kern is a mecca for breeders and hoarders. It is the armpit of Southern California.

As I understand, the original ranch was in Jackson's name and that is why he was charged with whatever.

Anonymous said...

Top rated by whom? Bottoms Up Brewery?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think that you might be confusing my comments with some of my readers or maybe you were a little bleary eyed that night you claim i called you a puppy miller. following the principles behind ockham's razor says most likely you are lying. i am not aware of any pit bull puppy mills. there are redneck dogmen and rescue angel hoarders but not puppy mills.

i have little doubt that there are successful, educated, honest about the breed, responsible non criminal pit bull owners but i have doubt o' plenty that they are reading this blog.

Anonymous said...

What is amazing is that Tia is allegedly moving from a 4000 square foot plus homes to an 1151 square foot mobile home, and only taking 100 dogs, and NONE of her sycophantic followers so much as ask the question...why? Where will ALL the other animals go? What about her 19 cats? The bears, wolves, etc.? She is crying for money to pay her vet bills on the one hand, yet boasting of her plans to build kennels and guest houses on the other.....none of it adds up.

Friends Administrator said...

Dale I guess that big house didn't come because of your educational level. It's neutered, not netured. And which instead of watch. Wonder if your pit is netured instead of neutered or would you know the difference? Big house does not equal smart pit bull owner, duh.

Anonymous said...

"What is amazing is that Tia is allegedly moving from a 4000 square foot plus homes to an 1151 square foot mobile home"

I wonder of she is being run out of her current place.

Anonymous said...

>>>>>i have little doubt that there are successful, educated, honest about the breed, responsible non criminal pit bull owners but i have doubt o' plenty that they are reading this blog.

This is the most intelligent thing you've said to date. Congrats!!!! I didn't think you had it in you.

Anonymous said...

Hey Nutter 8:09! Good job insulting your fellow nutters :)

And thanks for the confirmation on the real Dale.

Anonymous said...

Well, what's even more fun is that anon 8:09 insulted himself.

Anonymous said...

"where there were breeding and stud stands along with tons of unaltered pit bulls... what about that pit bull population problem, Tia"

Tia is all over the ultra sleazy pit bull breeders websites helping them breed and sell sell pit bulls, posing in photos with them as they acknowledge her help.

This woman is not only endangering kids, she's hurting pit bulls!!

This whole scam is all about making money. Keep in mind that she pulls a big salary and all living expenses, houses, cars, and much more out of this! I think also she has two daughters pulling money out of this, plus the criminal husband. It's buying all kinds of goodies and luxuries.

The IRS needs a look at this whole operation, because money is being spent on luxuries, and disappearing in all kinds of weird ways.

Anonymous said...

"Anyone requesting a "tour", must be approved by the the Founder/Director, Tia Torres herself and we usually request a donation as we have to pull someone away from their work to conduct this "tour"."

She's charging ADMISSION to her zoo.

(When she was going to move to the brothel she stated that a wild animal zoo business would be part of it)

How does the IRS feel about that?

This thing smells like a for-profit business falsely operating as a charity. I smell scam.

Are pit nutters this stupid, that they would let a scammer take them for a ride? guess so.

Anonymous said...

More on Tia Torres and Villalobos. She is even trying to shake down school kids for money, when their insurance doesn't even allow her to bring her vicious dogs near the kids!

She even preys on kids for money.

Anonymous said...

Because I think the folks from Tehachapi may be reading this should know that Tia does not own the property, the deed is in the name of a California pit bull rescuer/fanatic/realtor. Perhaps the actual owner of the property, the landlord, should be attending the hearings also.

The president of the HO association is already receiving threats.....but we all predicted that.

The home owners need to ask Villalobos to explain how a facility with well over 200 animals, including wild animals, can "move" to a new location and claim that they are only bringing 100 dogs.

FormerOhioGirl said...

This woman has such a bad history with her current neighbors, these previous complaints must be documented somewhere (be sure to read comments on this blog post).

You would have to check Los Angeles County for civil complaints. Prior to using the below page, I would contact ( to ensure that you are taking the correct course.

Be prepared to shell out a few bucks to the clerk's office for researching criminal cases too. She and her boyfriend/husband/whoever he is have been involved in criminal cases as well.

Small Survivors said...

Tia is showing just what a good neighbor she's going to be.

She's planning to bully the residents at the meeting.

A hearing has been set for March 10th where the community and Torres will get a chance to speak their minds.

"It's gonna be a packed house. We have supporters coming from all
over the country," said Torres.

Anonymous said...

i don't understand why city and county governments allow outsiders to attend these meetings and turn them into a circus. You should have to present a state issued I.D. that proves you are a resident to gain entrance.

Anonymous said...

Dale, I don't have a baby horse, much less one that is anti-pit.

Anonymous said...

The breeders are feeding off Tia Torres. She promotes their dogs, promotes them, opposes regulations so they can kill more people with their product and get away with it, they sell more pit bulls and make even more untaxed money.

They sure as hell will try to trick the county into letting Tia set up another pit bull promotion and advertising corporation in Kern County!

The county better check ids at the meeting, and better assume that the email and letters and calls they get are mainly NOT from residents

(This is a common ploy of the AKC. Out of staters and breeders who aren't local residents play the game of make believe and lie and claim they live there, and push for their interests, like letting a puppy mill set up shop.)

From everything I see, the pit bull "rescue" people know that Tia Torres is a scam. She seems to be a pit bull breeder and game dogger tool.

The game doggers will be working hard at the legislators of Kern County, trying to BULLY them into submission!!

Anonymous said...

Siccing the violent, crazy, mentally ill lunatic fringe of the pit bull advocacy movement on a bunch of locals WILL backfire. I am just fascinated by this, as someone who has been involved in the local political process for years. This is NOT how to get things done at the local level....Tia apparently lives so far outside mainstream society that she can't even see this. If you have an issue with abutters objecting to a zoning issue, you find out their objections and address them one by one, by answering all of their questions and by providing proof of your claims. Threatening the locals with retribution is not the way to win hearts and minds.

Tia's first reaction to the HO association letter is an angry, bullying dare this woman get in the way of what I want to do! This reveals more about Tia than the neighbors....Tia lacks empathy, and she lacks an understanding of how most "normal" people who live inside mainstream society think; they don't want convicted felons and dangerous dogs living next door, and they worry about what a huge kennel will do to their quality of life and property values. Why couldn't Tia anticipate this?

What any normal non-profit would have done is invite the HO association to the current facility to meet the parolees and get a full tour....the problem is, I think if the HO association saw what the facility was really about, and met some of the parolees, they would be doubly convinced to object.

Friends Administrator said...

I received a letter written by one of the homeowners, an excellent letter, to the Planning commission. This homeowner is aware that this property has "contaminated" water. So Tia is giving her dogs this bad water. Also this property has been the site of dog fighting in the past, how appropriate for Tia. The water table is extremely low for that area and washing feces and urine will harm other properties. Tia has promised the city to act as an animal shelter, etc. in order to get on their good side. The homeowners have a very good case against this, most don't have this much to present in objections.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"If you have an issue with abutters objecting to a zoning issue, you find out their objections and address them one by one, by answering all of their questions and by providing proof of your claims."

there's the problem. they have no rational argument. this is why the nutters respond in threatening incoherent numbers to these meetings. just drowning out the opposition has been working for them.

Anonymous said...

I just got done reading the story and I must say I am appalled that they would totally disreguard the feelings of neighbors and people who live in the community. Nutters do NOT seem to understand the concept of the situation. They just believe it is just someone who is out to get the breed which is simply not true. They think it is just 1 person, but there are plenty more who are NOT ok with it. Could anyone honestly say that they would be ok with felons and 200+ pit bulls living next door along with wild animals ? I certainly wouldn't and the people who do not like the idea have a very legtimate argument and a strong case.

It's a liability and a safety issue. Its also a disturbance issue. There are too many "what if's" situations. It just wouldn't be safe having that many dogs, especially when there are some who have been deemed dangerous by the court. People would fear coming out of their homes, children would be locked in their homes out of concern, people would be afraid to let their animals out or walk with them, of fear for them.

Sending threatening emails to people or threatening the community only proves their point about it not being a comfortable nor safe environment anymore. Nutters just don't get it.. they only see it as people being "ignorant" or just difficult. They're putting the dogs before the safety and concerns of the community...

Anonymous said...

I'm surprised no one has mentioned before that not only will there be a slew of outsiders swamping the town of Tehachapi, there will be a camera crew there to intimidate the townsfolk.

In addition to not allowing people who are not residents, they should not allow camera crews.

This conflict that Tia is creating by not working with the town, not applying for permits before she starts a shelter (supposedly there are 20 dogs there already - or maybe that's just pretend for the show), not talking with neighbors is for the show. It may be her season opener. She is creating an uproar FOR RATINGS.

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

What I don't understand is, where are all the animal lovers, and humane advocacy groups....including those who advocate for humane treatment for zoo ask WHERE ARE ALL THE OTHER ANIMALS GOING? Tia has, on multiple occasions, indicated she has over 200 dogs, with virtually constant requests to take more in. Is she downsizing her operation? That's understandable....but then, what happens to all the other animals? Will the extra dogs be farmed out to other rescues? Will the wild animals be sold off to zoos?

Either Tia is lying about housing only 100 dogs....which would be a key point in the neighbors argument....or she will be abandoning the remaining animals to another "rescue" group, or individual. I am amazed that NO ONE in the California humane community, or in "pit bull advocacy" has even asked the question!!!!!

Shouldn't the Humane society or SPCA be asking this?

Anonymous said...

Here is a great idea for for Tia's neighbors and you guys alike,
dont like the current laws on breeds? Get the fuck outta the country, problem sloved, its apparent you have no use for the freedoms you recive and others alike. seriously leave the country problem sloved go to a country where pitbulls are already banned, its not going to happen here.
much love from a dedicated apbt owner

I dont hide behind the computer like a bitch, want my number? I'll give it to ya, just like I gave it to your mama

there ya go use that statement against me,

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i wonder if mr 3 strikes torres has access to the internet?

scratch said...

Aon 3:37
Why should residents of a community move out when someone attempts to move in and change the rules that civilized people live by? How does that "slove" anything? Love when an anonymous poster says "I don't hide behind my computer, want my number? I'll give it to ya" but neglects to do that. If you want to make a statement, attach your name. Non violent people have the right to go about their non violent business in their own community.

Small Survivors said...

Oh, now I get it. Mr. 3 strikes was talking about his inmate number. And of course he can't hide behind his computer, he's got to be watched at all times.

SGT. Derick said...

I wish you guys would seriously just move outta this country, Ive busted my ass for this country, just to give fucks like you freedom, its a damn shame.
I have pits, No police record, no anything, but a tour of duty, America is field with Scum like you guys, you have done NOTHING for this country but wanna take in all the benefits.

Anonymous said...

Yeah, I'm sure your "busting your ass for this country" had nothing to do with a paycheck or benefits. Just all out of the goodness of your heart protecting useless fucks who grow your food, run your infrastructure, keep goods and services flowing in this country, keep the power running, research life saving drugs, doctor the ill, volunteer in their communities and DON'T feel the need to own dogs that can and will kill their neighbors, their neighbors' pets, their own kids, or even them if they're having a bad day.

I have respect for what service men and women do for this country, but get a clue, fucktard. You aren't the only one worth a shit, and your service doesn't give you the right to endanger others with your dog or act like you're the only person who matters. Pull your entitled head out of your entitled ass.

Anonymous said...

Phony veteran card being dropped...Moron can't even abbreviate his rank properly. FAIL.

Regardless, the Military enforces BSL in housing areas to protect military families and the taxpayer from such morons.

Anonymous said...

^ Yeah, that's the real irony, isn't it? Fucker wants to lecture when his OWN SUPERIORS won't let him keep a fighting dog on base, assuming he's not a fake and just really fucking dumb.

Anonymous said...

Sorry guys and gals I have no time to give the attenion to my spelling on this site, I have a job, try it out you'll love it

bluesmom said...

Most of us can hold a job, formulate a thought, and spell simple words correctly. Anyone who feels it is his job to tell victims that their experience is not valid needs to get the details right. Doctors,nurses and first responders converse here, we put on our uniforms and serve every day. Don't get sanctimonious with us.

* said...

Anon 5:49
(aka fake veteran)

If you would like your opinion to seem credible and not full of lies or inconsistencies, maybe you should consider spelling along with any "points" you're trying to make.

And many of us have jobs. Taking a minute to spell check your comment doesn't take long. Unless you're an imbecile who doesn't know how to spell check, Or just too fucking lazy.

* said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
* said...

SGT. Derick
(aka Anon 5:59)
(aka fake veteran)

Apparently my first comment did not go through. I mentioned that if you want to seem intelligent, credible, and worth debating you should probably consider using spell check.

Having a job has nothing to do with taking one minute out of your 24 hour day to spell check and make sure you get rid of most mistakes possible. Unless you're an imbecile who does not understand how to use spell-check or you're too lazy.

* said...

SGT. Derick
(aka Anon 5:59)
(aka fake veteran)

Oops, there was a syntax error on my part. I meant to say that you must hate humanity seeing how you're devaluing other people on this thread (some of which are pit bull victims I'm sure) and favoring your dogs who's breed has been proven to be more dangerous than others and have savaged said people.

And if you really did go to war, maybe you loved the blood and carnage that goes into killing people? That would explain why you would invest time and energy into a breed that frequently favors this act as well.

scammerbammer said...

these pit people are so easy to ridicule its hardly worth it. piss on them and their scams

Anonymous said...

dear deranged,deluded pit rescue types. i too am into dog rescue, meaning that i,m into saving mine and other peoples pets from yours. this means that im both vigilant and prepared to do what i can to counter any serious dog attacks. it wont be just me and my dog feeling the bite of any future dog attacks.a lot of people dont have the stomach for this kind of rescue work but in my case its an acquired taste.

Anonymous said...

Anon 5:49 PM, I imagine you also can't walk and chew gum at the same time. Thanks for the heads up that you're not just insensitive and sanctimonious; you're also a moron in the archaic medical sense of the word.

nonamouse said...

dear anon 10:57 if i got your thanks for a job well done i'd have to wonder if i'd done enough. you dont think its a noble thing to risk attack by pit dog and pit man to save an innocent pet? you may not, but the silent majority of nonnutters must understand the justification and the need for proaction.

vets best friend said...

dear anon 10:57 see you at the vets like those other dingbats. one good bite deserves another.

Anonymous said...

9:47 AM and 11:40 AM, what did my comment to the person claiming that he can't take time to spell properly because he has a job have to do with people defending their pets against pit attacks or being at the vet? I'm thinking you're confused about who I was responding to.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

the confusion happens when everyone signs anonymous. at some point i just stop reading them because i can't keep track.

Anonymous said...

sorry dude :this blog is as confusing as fathers day on the rez

brittany said...

Well I agree with what tia is doing I own 3 pitbulls and they are the sweetest thing in the world. And yes they maybe breed for fighting but that is because people who own pitbulls and have no heart and careless make them that way I have rescued pitbulls in horrible conditons and all they want is love matter of fact one of my pitbulls that I rescued had been attacked by pitbulls and used as a fighting dog but guess what he did not have it in him and now he has a loving family and I have 3 kids to so I know that not every pitbull is agressive all they are wanting is love just like a human and you people just hear the rumors and what has happend to the dogs is not there fault its the owners. And what tia dose is help these dogs have a second chance rather the dog never gets addopted or is a fighting dog they don't deserve to be treated like this. There more dogs out there that do the same crap as pitbulls but no one cares about that and the breed is getting punished and all those dogs at vrc are getting punished because you are worried about the breed. When she lived at her other place the dogs never got out and bit anybody or did anything but it is always the pitbulls fault no the humans you people make me sick

Anonymous said...

Yeah, Brittany? Well, my neighbors owned two pitbulls that they said exactly the same thing about, sweetest dogs in the world, wouldn't hurt a fly, would lick you to death. Now I've got permanent nerve damage and a partial disability for having the temerity to walk down the street in front of their house. It's people like YOU who make me sick. You think just because your pits haven't hurt anybody yet they won't, and you're fucking white trash without a pot to piss in so when they DO attack, the victims are also left paying the bills.

snobird said...

yea you really have to wonder about all these ''know it alls ''.telling us we're ignorant and prejudiced. fuck em. stupid cows.

chris said...


@ CHRIS!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! said...

carefull what you wish on others, karma might give it to you instead. you might have a freak show move in next door.

Krystle said...

I love how people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about are so quick to judge. Breed doesnt matter. My corgi mix ( the queen of England has these ) is meaner than any pit bull. And I've put her through classes , it's just the way it is. Tia is a great person. Plus didn't all her close neighbors houses burn down? And the so called neighbors are miles away. They won't be bothered in the least bit. But of course a no good deed goes unpunished. We are all creatures of this earth an have a responsibility to protect and care for nature and it's creatures. I don't understand by it bothers people so much how this woman wants to live her life. It's not harming you in anyway. There is more than enough space between tias home and the other homes. This is America and she should be able to live where she wants anyway she wants. Especially when she is taking care of other peoples mistakes . Tia is not who you should go after. Go after the assholes who abuse, and neglect these dogs, Tia wouldn't have to do damage control if people would stop abandoning there animals . And as far as the parolees go they deserve every chance in the world as long as they are being a productive person and have learned from there past mistakes. Peoples holier than thou attitude is ridiculous . Not everyone grew up with rich parents that had everything handed to them with a golden spoon. . Get off your high horse people , how can you condemn someone who is taking care of gods creatures, selflessly .

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

krystle, if your corgi is meaner than ANY pit bull you are a liar. if it is even approaching "mean" then you are bad dog owner. and you are in serious denial. communities have laws, codes and standards, read the more recent and blogs and you will see how she thumbed her nose at them.

no one should be able to live where they want and do what they want with their property-you are an idiot.

pit bulls are man made creatures.

tia shouldn't be rescuing man biters.

Small Survivors said...

I love how people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about are so quick to judge, too. Like you. Show me any breeder of any breed OTHER THAN pit nutters who think that there are no temperament differences characteristic of different breeds. SPOILER ALERT: You will fine none.
Show me any breeder of any breed other than pit nutters who think that working dogs don't have inbred behaviors. SPOILER ALERT: You will find none.
I hope you're not a "its all how you raised them" gal, because then you just admitted that you're such a bad corgi owner you border on abusive.
I love how people who have absolutely no idea what they are talking about are so quick to judge, too. Like you. You have no idea what how far neighbors are or how her dogs and parolees will impact the neighborhood and you make pronouncements about it. READ THE REPORT writen by people who do know the facts.
And as far as the parolees go they deserve every chance in the world as long as they are being a productive person and have learned from there past mistakes.
Tia grew up with rich parents and decided the thug life was for her.
" Tia Maria Torres grew up a true California girl, in a upper/middle class family surrounded by animals and parents who lived the exciting life working in the film industry."
Krystle, sweetie, get off your high horse, and learn to do a little research before you pop off.

Anonymous said...

I live in Bakersfield Ca (about an hour from Tehachapi) and I support Tia 150%. People are so quick to judge without first educating themselves on what they are judging. People calling Tia a "hoarder" needs to look up the definition of a hoarder because you obviously have no clue what one is. Tia is definitely NOT a hoarder. A hoarder hoards animals for their own selfish reasons. They think they are the only ones that can "take care" of the animals. They do not provide medical care or give the animals the love and attention that they need. The do not care about the well being of the animals they hoard. Hoarders cram them in small areas or kennels and they are dirty and unkept. Tia provides all the medical care, love and attention that these dogs need. They are bathed, feed, and housed in clean environments. She hires (pays) the parolees to help with those tasks. She also accepts volunteers to walk the dogs on her property. Her sole purpose is for the well being of the dogs and to adopt her dogs out. Hoarders DO NOT adopt out their dogs. They keep them and keep getting more, thus the hoarding scenario. I cringe at the thought that there are actually people in this world that are so quick to judge other people without knowing anything about them.

I think what she's doing is fabulous and very much needed. No one else is stepping up to the plate. She's the only one that has the balls to get it done. I only wish I had half her courage and tenacity. I wish Tia, the dogs and the parolees all the luck in the world!!

chelcieduran said...

at least she is helping animal instead of killing them. she can obviously control the dogs since she has never had a accident with them nor have they EVER got out of her possession!!!!! she is doing a good thing and there is no reason to stop her. she is helping people and animals im sure thats a lot more then you suck up people do!!

Small Survivors said...
This comment has been removed by the author.
Small Survivors said...


She wants you to believe she is helping parolees and pit bulls. There are questions about that.

How do you know she has never had an accident or that they have never escaped her possession? She told you?

She also says her husband is completely innocent of all the charges recently brought against him, yet he is back in prison. How can that be if every single charge against him was dropped as she claims? SHE IS LYING.

And we are saving pets and supporting people. We're working to protect all the pets that pit like to chew on, maul, and disembowel. We are supporting people who don't want to be bullied into sacrificing their quiet, remote home or vacation home or retirement home to a gigantic, ugly, noisy, polluting, dangerous prison-like pit bull "rescue."

Unknown said...

Anonymous TWATS! You sound like white people in the 40's and 50's scared of the colors moving into your neighborhood. What gives you priority over a stolen land. Do you realize how many native tribes your people massacred in kern county. You hypocrites! Im glad villalobos moved to new orleans. Kern county can EAT SHIT! Watch out for the rattle snakes jerks.

Unknown said...

You fuckn idiot!!!!

Unknown said...

Omg I can't believe how ignorant everyone is on here!!! If anyone touches my pittie I will kill u

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

histrionic much?