Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Mel the Vicktory Dog: the terrors continue

Remember Craven's blog post about Mel, one of the Vick dogs? The scared shitless one?

Here is old footage of Mel, still in Virginia, soon after being rescued from the depraved Michael Vick:

Archive footage of 'Mel' and Nicole in VA from BADRAP.org on Vimeo.

And here is Mel after 3 years of "expert rehabilitation" at Best Friends Animal Sanctuary and subsequent adoption. His owner says “When people pet him, I tell them, pet him from under his chin, not over his head. He lives in fear of someone putting their hand over his head.”(Did you catch the head rubs from the video?)

When he went to his new adoptive home, he was described as, "quivering in the corner. Shaking uncontrollably. Convulsing...scared shitless." The new owners said it took a while before they could even pet him.

What gives? Best Friends is not only an established and incredibly well-funded sanctuary that boasts having expert dog trainers and behaviorists, it was given $18,000 per Vick dog and mandated by court to provide adequate care of the dogs for the well-being of the dogs themselves and for the people who tend to them and to take special precautions to keep the dogs safely.

After three years, how could Mel be doing so badly that many people believe the most humane thing for him would be humane euthanization?

Evidently, even animal rescue groups are questioning Best Friends' handling of their dogs. Despite the court order, there have been so many problems with Best Friends and the Vick dogs that according to one blogger "a Bay Area animal group has recently challenged BFAS on their care of the former Vick dogs, citing their methods and progress as inappropriate and poor, and registering their complaints with the court that issued the original order for the disposition of the Vick dogs."

Second Link

But, at least they got the psychologically fragile Mel adopted into a carefully selected home with owners who are highly sensitive to Mel's needs and have a quiet lifestyle compatible with Mel's fragile mental health and who, above all, would not exploit Mel.

Meet the Owners

SUNNY HUNTER- manager of a tacky franchise strip club/jungle theme park/hooters with a $5 dollar lunch special

Richard Hunter - self-proclaimed narcissist who calls himself "Big Dick" even though his last name is Hunter. Avoid the trophy room.

Publicity seeking radio personality BIG DICK HUNTER hangs with a human aggressive dog.

About three years ago, he seemed to be building a career and was able to get some pretty big names on promotion tours - Jason Reitman, Jeff Bridges, and Jason Schwartzman. Then everyone found out he was a prick and suddenly he's interviewing the likes of OJ Simpson, Joe Francis, Tito Ortiz and Jenna Jameson.

Do check out the interview with Jason Reitman in which he totally confounds the director by asking if the "secret" message of his movie Juno is that teen sex with strangers is the better choice, especially if it results in an unintended pregnancy. BIG DICK HUNTER ends the interview by asking Reitman for acting advice on how to play a credible gay character and Reitman tells him to "just be himself" and "wear that hat."

If you check out his youtube channel, skip his attempts at improv , the interview with OJ Simpson and the clip of him hanging with Joe Francis on the Girls Gone Wild bus about 6 months before Francis went to jail unless you're wearing vomit proof shoes.

Poor Mel. Despite the extensive screening Best Friends did, he fell into the hands of a bottom feeding exploitative narcissist. And, it gets worse. BIG DICK HUNTER attempted to use Mel to climb back out of the scum and, instead of interviewing murderers, wife beaters and child pornographers, he decided to try his hand at being a morally superior ambush reporter bringing to light the injustices of the world.

He is going to confront Michael Vick. With what? With his poor, pathetic dog. He dares Michael Vick to meet Mel. Luckily for Mel, BIG DICK HUNTER fails miserably.

You'll see that instead of ambushing Vick, he only manages to get a shot of Vick's bodyguard's massive back while being manhandled by another bodyguard. He claims he showed the picture of Mel to Vick and Vick looked him right in the eye. What really happened is all he managed to get is a 2 second Big Foot clip of half of Vick's face which he freeze frames to make it look as if Vick "looked him in the eye." BIG DICK HUNTER is probably the only person on earth who could manage to make himself look like a bigger asshole than Michael Vick.


Thank you Craven Desires for your info and the photos!


Friends Administrator said...

Are you serious? Best Fiends actually adopted this poor dog to these two people? "Big Dick" lives a quiet life? Not hardly from what I am seeing on this post. Poor dog, no wonder he's still screwed up, he listens to heavy metal all day. This does need investigating for sure.

Anonymous said...

These pit advocates don't care about their dogs.... they're just in it for the money. And will willingly ignore the mental suffering dogs like Mel and Handsome Dan have to endure.


And one of them is with a baby. One can only hope that this dog does not have an episode.

Anonymous said...

Everywhere there's lots of piggies

Living piggy lives

You can see them out for dinner

With their piggy wives...

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

P, it sounds like MEL is MORE screwed up today than he was right after the bust!

i hope this is a foreshadow for a future clash of the titans (ledy v jane).

big dick hunter is a puke.

any vick dog rescuer who would try to arrange a meeting with their dog and vick, should lose rights to that dog. vick should never be allowed to be around dogs, ESPECIALLY pit bulls!

Anonymous said...

High Value media dogs are saved while 23,000 Pits get the needle each year in Maricopa and LA counties.

At this point it is about winning for them...

Jake said...

Anonymous said...
"High Value media dogs are saved while 23,000 Pits get the needle each year in Maricopa and LA counties."

There's a reason these fighting dogs get dumped in shelters. Having said that, if common sense spay/neuter guidelines were implemented, we could avoid this tragedy. But the pit bull breeders seem to want unfettered rights to continue pumping out pit bulls, making money and not caring about the fate of the creatures they breed, or the families who end up with them.

Jake said...

@anon4:43 -

OBTW - plenty of chihuahuas get the needle in California shelters every week. I see the reports and the pleas for rescuers and it tears me up.

Recently a war hero dog was destroyed almost immediately upon entry into the shelter. She escaped her yard on a Friday afternoon and the owner showed up at the shelter on Monday only to find out that the dog who had save his life in Afghanistan had already been destroyed. That tore me up too.

Does it bother me to hear about pet killing frankenmaulers getting put to sleep? not so much.

Anonymous said...

Part of me wonders if his mental state is deteriorating... Mel's that is. Handsome Dan seems to be doing pretty horrible as well.

And a quick question. Why do pit nutters never take the time to do more research on a blog or specific post before copypasting their "facts"?


I guess if Best Friends could not see the problems with Mel and Handsome Dan. Then neither can the people who use them and Bad Rap as their only source of information.
I would much rather see Handsome Dan and Mel put out of their misery than exist in their current state. It's obviously going nowhere with those two...

FormerOhioGirl said...

I can't believe the dog was adopted to these painfully assholic social climbing media whores. I can only wager to believe that they made a FAT donation to Best Friends. I wonder how or if that would play to the ear of Judge Hudson? However, given the media whore nature of BF and Vick's dogs, perhaps being a media whore is a prerequisite to adopting one? It's all just one scam on top of another... it truly is disgusting.

Anonymous said...

This is a masterpiece. Good job.

Anonymous said...


The fact that they adopted Mel out to such a rough looking crowed just perpetuates the stereotype that pit bulls are generally owned by the immoral and illogical. You'd think that since they're trying to move away from said stereotype that they would put more effort into housing him with a family that would better suit his needs. You know, a quiet and normal couple.

I ♥ Mel said...

"Did you catch the head rubs from the video?"

Did you notice that the "head rubs" were coming from behind the dog's head and not in front of the eyes, you know, the way that MOST people meeting a dog for the first time would approach it?

Small Survivors said...


I'm not sure, but it sounds as if you're saying that Mel did not deteriorate. That he would have shaken convulsively in that video if approached from the front?

Is that what you're saying? Do you think anyone is buying that? I'm not.

Mel probably was much more damaged than you can see in the video. But, one thing is clear, Mel was not shrinking from human contact AT ALL. That caregiver even gave Mel a couple hearty thumps to the chest, the way I do with my dogs, and Mel did not flinch one bit.

After THREE years of "rehabilitation" that dog could barely tolerate human contact. That is not rehabilitation. That is abuse to allow a dog to deteriorate like that FOR THREE YEARS.

MissedPoint said...


You're missing the entire point of this post. The point is that the dog is doing worse than it was before. And even if the "back of the head" thing was applied in Mel's case, that would not explain why he is the pitiful excuse for a dog he is today.

This dog is tortured, and I'm ashamed to see such a poor and pathetic creature being forced to live his life as a mere example and experiment then having his fate considered due to his current mental status, which is tearful.

Best Friends nor Bad Rap does not care for the well being of Mel. They just want to prove the point that "it's all in how you raise them." Which is a bunch of bull shit.

Anonymous said...

WAY TO GO LEDY!!!!!!!!!!

Anonymous said...

How come we never hear about Vick's baiting Beagles?

Digger said...


That's because they're not money makers like the pit bulls are. And despite Best Friends being for all animals, they would rather home the more profitable pits then some good natures beagles.

Digger said...

What's amazing, is when you do a google search, there is almost little to no information on the Vick beagles. It's almost as though little to no record of their progress was recorded or shelters did not care enough to keep progress reports on the dogs.

And then the pit bull community wonders why the rest of society, especially those that love all animals equally or who were victims of pit bulls. View them as prejudice or apathetic towards other breeds.

Anonymous said...

Here's another case where the beagles, and their rescuers get forgotten, and don't get the money, either.
WV Pit Bull Haven
"There is only ONE rescue organization involved…and WV Pit Bull Haven has nothing but praise to sing for HSUS’ involvement."

Denise Sproul
"Actually, there WAS another rescue involved…ours! Cascade Beagle Rescue (a national rescue) was called in and we have already spent hundreds of dollars on these dogs...."

Denise goes on to say that there are USUALLY beagles at the fight busts.

Jennie later says:
"Maybe their protocols for dealing with fighting dogs are better than for cruelty cases like the recent Alabama 44."

Basically saying HSUS take more care with the fighting dogs than for cruelty cases.

Anonymous said...

I feel bad for the pit bulls that are fought, but I really feel for the beagles. They stand no chance. Could you imagine that life? People that do this are human garbage.

Small Survivors said...

Well, I find it horrible that pit bulls were CREATED. The horror that these beagles and other normal endure partly is due to the fact that these monsters savage them for no reason.

Normal dogs only fight other dogs FOR a REASON and it is possible to APPEASE the agressor to stop or prevent getting savaged.

There is no such thing as dog aggression in the sense that pit bulls have dog aggression - that is the desire to attack one of your own kind just cuz.

All other dogs can show aggression to other dogs, but unless they're horrible psychologically damaged, it is always for a social reason that can be fixed.

I read one moron question whether the beagles were really bait dogs because they didn't have wounds. The moron didn't realize that the beagles go in once to get torn apart. And if, by some odd chance, the dog(s) don't kill it, they're not going die anyway.

Small Survivors said...

rather, they're going to die anyway

Anonymous said...

Handsome Dan was was also described as a nervous wreck, and was adopted out to a dog walker who lives in a shithole neighborhood in Providence R.I., in a tiny house sandwiched between a bunch of run down tenements, with a postage stamp sized yard. The self-proclaimed "pit bull rescuer" who adopted him has a young teen AND an infant, which she posed as a newborn for pictures on her blog, propped up against Dan.

NO legitimate rescue organization in this country would EVER adopt out a fearful dog into a home with an infant. BF has NO credibility at all for doing this. This woman claims to do off leash walks with large groups of dogs, including pit bulls. She admits in her blog to using a fenced baseball field (illegally) to let Dan run and play with another dog...since she doesn't really have a yard big enough for her own dogs to get any real excersize. She has pictures of Dan and other dogs off leash at a pond, and in public places. So much for careful management of the Vick dogs...they are off leash in public.

It is pretty revealing that, with the national attention these dogs got, BF couldn't find anyone normal to take these dogs. I'm sure the Vick beagles went to wonderful homes, with folks who had large, fenced in yards, time to spend with them, and the financial resources to care for them properly.

Anonymous said...

So where is NPR on this story? Hiding the truth as always.

Jane Saul Berkey called up a couple of her pals at NPR, and they did some advertising and lying for Jane and Best Friends, using Ledy VanKavage. Fabrications about "rehabilitated" dogs and pushing fighting dogs to get more money out of the suckers.

When the media joins in with this scam and this propaganda campaign, that is bad news.

Anonymous said...

The court order from the judge specifically stated that these "rescue groups" COULD NOT use the Vick dogs for fundraising.

Yet that is what Best Friends has done since before they even got these Vick dogs.

The fundraising has been relentless, a corporation using these dogs and lying about these dogs and hiding the truth to scam people of of their money.

And for what? Best Friends has been getting rid of animals from their sanctuary in increasing numbers. They refuse to help local animals near them.

The money goes to PEOPLE, big salaries, benefits, houses, first class plane tickets to fly fake experts around to lie more and fundraise more.

Best Friends spat in the face of Judge Henry Hudson, and defied his court order outright. They aren't following the law.

Anonymous said...

Remember that Best Friends has a history of dumping pit bulls in less than adequate circumstances, then lying to donors that the dogs are "ok" and "got good homes" (while they shake down more money)

Yes, "homes" like Don the Dog Guy Chambers, who took Katrina pit bulls that Best Friends would not use hurricane rescue donor money for and care for. They dumped them with Chambers, who abused and killed them. And Best Friends let him use their website to lie about the dogs and make up feel-good fake stories so Best Friends could make more money!

Those dogs suffered.


But Best Friends won't take needy pit bulls from their own state and care for them, despite the millions upon millions they have!


Anonymous said...

"I can only wager to believe that they made a FAT donation to Best Friends"

I think that what happened is that, to make more money and to try to keep pushing the lie in the media that fighting dogs can be "rehabilitated," (and also to try to keep the old story about these dogs alive in the media to fundraise for a longer time) they had to dump some of these dogs somewhere and pretend they were ok and had homes.

This is all a big media setup, continuing to pound every cent they can out of these dogs through these fake stories and lies.

These dogs are a MESS. They are a liability. Who normal would take these dogs to help Best Friends lie and make more money? To help their friends get lame books published that don't tell the truth, but perpetuate this sham?

Best Friends has become an ENEMY to animals, especially pit bulls.

Anonymous said...

"any vick dog rescuer who would try to arrange a meeting with their dog and vick"

for self-promotion, attention, and $$$$

This is getting to the point of criminal. The judge's order has been completely ignored.

They should get busted.

Anonymous said...

"Denise goes on to say that there are USUALLY beagles at the fight busts."

And AKC breeders more than happy to sell their dogs to the dog fighters to get killed by fighting dogs!

Anonymous said...

Why are Denise Sproul and this Jennie not bitching about Best Friends?

Best Friends got mountains of money out of the court, and Best Friends has a SANCTUARY. They could have taken every last Vick beagle, especially with the millions they have sitting in the bank that they do little with.

Anonymous said...

The beagles didn't need a sanctuary...they went straight into adoptive homes with no need for "extensive" rehabilitation. Beagles aren't really known for chewing their way through steel chain link fencing to decapitate another dog. That distinction belongs to Vick dog Denzel, who was eval;uated byn the "experts" at BF and declared "highly adoptable"...so much so he had a reduced dowry of only 5000.00, because they expected him to be placed soon into an adoptive home.

Oopps! I guess they kinda fucked up! He isn't so adoptable after all! Turns out he was HIGHLY dog aggresive, and no amount of rehabilitation could change that.

Digger said...

Anon 12:31

Part of me wonders if there are more problems with the pit bulls that are not being told to the mass public. Although I'm sure many of them are doing fine as family pets, I would be surprised if several of them have come into some kind of minor altercations that could be red flags of their true nature or regression. Especially since the let live 10 pit bulls that were recommended to be euthanized due to their unstable behavior.

Part of me thinks some of the people in the media are part of the pit bull machine, or were at least bribed to support their cause.

Anonymous said...

Michael Vick can't believe anybody would be stupid enough to let one of his fighting dogs live loose in their home and dress them up like barbie dolls. The look I see in his eyes is "what kind of moron are you, do you know what that dog can do?"

Personally I think it is probably a cruelty to keep dogs bred for fighting and not let them fight. I don't believe in dogfighting, but let's face it, fighting dogs live to fight like border collies live to herd and Labs live to retrieve. If a dog can't legally/ethically do what it was bred to do then it is time to let the breed die out.

Anonymous said...

I'm not surprised that no one normal wants to adopt a fighting dog. I personally am quite good at training and socializing difficult animals, but I would not take a former fighting dog. There's just too high of a chance of it killing my other pets. Keeping a fighting dog separate from other pets cannot even guarantee that there won't be a fatality since pit bulls are strong enough to tear through doors or fences. Look at what happened at Best Friends! Some of their fighting dogs escaped and decapitated (!) another one.

I have no children but the houses near me all have kids that play directly on the other side of my fence. A former fighting dog would just be a massive liability.

Anonymous said...

California Pit-Sodomite Celebration despite 7 Ca residents being killed in a little over a year:


Anonymous said...

craven, should the title in the blog post have a T?

I think they sell them as the VickTory dogs

Also Michael Vick and Mel as 2 additional search labels tags?

Anon2 said...

Why am I looking at the balls of this dog? If the camera man had moved to the other side this vid could be suitable for family viewing instead of it being disgusting. Are they breeding with this dog?

Small Survivors said...

Corrected the title and added labels. Thanks!

I agree that kooks are getting these dogs because people who would be responsible realize they don't want that kind of responsibility!

Also, I think that people with empathy and compassion, literally the ability to imagine what another being is experiencing, would look at Mel's condition and feel pain and discomfort.

Even if they would not condone euthanizing Mel for his own well-being, they could not bear to look at him and be with him in that pain.

That takes responsible and empathic people out of the potential adopters list.

@anon2 - I know. Yuck. They may not have noticed or cared, or they may have wanted to show the nasty, sutured gash on his leg.

Anonymous said...

I just can't help but imagine....what if a celebrity was involved in an animal abuse case that involved this many Golden Retrievers? Imagine the call went out to all the GR rescues across the country that homes were needed for abused and unsocialized Goldens. The biggest problem you would have would be how to decide between the thousands of wonderful, qualified dog owners who would apply. The people who adopted Mel and Dan wouldn't have a chance....they are marginal characters at best, and are more interested in using the dogs for their own self-promotion. The would be deemed unsuitable by most other breed rescue group standards.

Its just amazing that, with so much national publicity, and with huge amounts of resources at their disposal, they could not find TWO normal, responsible owners, with better living conditions for these dogs. That says more than ANYTHING about the REAL problem with pit bulls in this country.

shar pei mix said...

Empathy and compassion are traits commonly lacking in pit bull ownership. I believe there has been a study or two to that effect.

You can take it a step further and say that pit bulls would not exist in the first place had it not been for those lacking in empathy and compassion. Had it not been for psychopathic bull and bear baiters and dogfighters, we wouldn't be discussing this today.

As much as I hate pit bulls, I still feel sorry for that poor dog. I can understand why someone wouldn't want to immediately euthanize any animal with a traumatic past, but at some point it becomes the humane thing to do, especially if the poor thing is still suffering years later.

shar pei mix said...

P.S: Here's a link to an article from Psychology Today that discusses the various studies conducted about owners of dogs with a high risk for aggression.

Owners of high risk dogs have different personality charicteristics.

Published on March 16, 2009


Anonymous said...

I can probably rattle off about 20 pit bull "attacks" that have happened in my neighborhood or in the neighborhoods of friends, famil, or co-workers. These range from dog attacks to children being hospitalized. Not one has made the paper. The only media bias that exists with pit bulls is that the media protects pit bulls and doesn't show the full picture to the public.

And as an owner of formerly abused dogs, even in a half-way decent home, a dog should improve once removed from the abusive situation. If any of my dogs had deteriorated like that they would have been removed from my care and I would never be allowed to adopt from that organization again. My worst dog was given to me because we had no children and no other pets at the time, he needed our full attention. Why is Best Friends adopting out dogs in these emotional states to full households? I guess that's what happens when you put NYC waiters and waitresses who wanted a life change in charge of shelters and pit bulls.

Pitbull Nutter said...

Comparing a Pitbull to a african american "Nigger' is pure rascism in both aspects, You guys all share the inteligence of a closed minded 13 year emo fuck.
Its beyond a fact you guys have not a single clue as to the facts you guys discuss, stating that a American Bulldog is the same as a pitbull? not even close, Its all right Ignorance is bliss,
and revenge is bittersweet

Anonymous said...

It is amazing how that article just nails it

"As a group they were also more careless, selfish and had stronger manipulative tendencies. They also seemed to engage in more self-defeating behaviors than the low risk dog owners."

"One final distressing finding suggests that the high risk for aggression dog breed owners did not appear to be as well bonded to their dogs as the other groups of dog owners. This conclusion comes from the fact that their attitudes were much more accepting of the maltreatment or abuse of animals than was found for owners of low risk for aggression dog breeds."

Anonymous said...

Let's see, pitnutter GAMEDOGGERS compare pit bulls to African Americans and demean PEOPLE by claiming that man-made breeds like pit bulls are suffering from "racism" which is impossible because pit bulls are DOGS.

All a cheap, sleazy, ploy to demean African Americans so sleazy dog breeders can fight against laws and keep killing people with their fighting breeds

Dog breeders and pit rescue crazies demean African Americans every day by using people to try to rationalize breeding and selling fighting DOGS and opposing regulation.

And let's not even get into the KKK pit bull breeding industry

Anonymous said...

don't leave out psychopathic criminals! They almost totally nailed it.

They didn't catch the low reading comprehension skills and immaturity of Pitbull Nutter who doesn't seem to get that only Nutters bring up race and pit bulls are blatantly racist.

Anonymous said...

Sorry Snack, I was confused about who wrote this.

You did a stellar job. This is the awful truth, unlike the propaganda getting purchased by Berkey and Best Friends and their minions to hide this awfulness.

Everyone loses here, the public, the pit bulls themselves, other pets. The only ones who win are the rich people making more money, Best Friends and Berkey.

Do they have the intellectual capacity to admit they screwed up, to admit they got taken? Hmmmm.

Anonymous said...

Mike Vick is the best thing that ever happened to Pit Advocacy...He provided a $1 Million infusion of tax-free cash and provided the community with a demon.

Yet, white dogfighters like Ed Farron, Garner and such are welcomed back into the fold. Meanwhile, the last defense of the community is "Canine Racism"


250 American kills and thousands of maulings with no solution in sight from the breed community.

Time to shut it all down.

wannabedirtnapper said...

time out for both pit dingbats and their "OJ" dogs ?

not pcinbc said...

@PITNUTTER: no, no, no. you misunderstood me completely pitnut. i wasnt comparing niggers to pitbullys. the dogs dont even got a brain. i just thot niggers not a nice word to apply to african americans but it might be ok to apply it to pitdog owners. sorry to offend anyone who doesnt deserve offending.

Small Survivors said...

anon 6:47
No problem and thanks!

"Do they have the intellectual capacity to admit they screwed up, to admit they got taken? Hmmmm."

I think you just have to read the article Sharpei linked to and that answers it all!

Anonymous said...

Just one comment on the "rehabilitation" of "abused" animals. This is the new vernacular adopted by the nutters to justify spending unreasonable amounts of time and money on genetically defective pit bulls. The majority of animals that end up in shelters have been "irresponsibly" owned....untrained, unsocialized, treatd badly. The majority of the animals, if adopted, will go on to become good stable family pets. We have all been "rehabilitating" dogs and cats for years, without knowing it. It usually means just giving a newly adopted animal a little time and space to adapt, and going about your household life as normal. An animal with a sound temperament will eventually come around. Its not magic, its not a skill, it happens all on its own.

I have a stray cat I took in who was a filthy, matted, traumatised skeleton. She spent six months huddled on the landing in the basement, terrified of sudden movements, wouldn't play, groom herself, respond to catnip or treats. We just let her be, and stepped over her a hundred times a day! We let her come to us, and didn't push her...it took about two years, but she is a great, affectionate cat. I take no credit for this, I didn't "rehab" her, she did it all by herself. She had a basically good temperament, which eventually blossomed.

If Vick dogs are still nervous wrecks after YEARS of "rehabilitation" they are genetically damaged, and are beyond help.

how cool is that? said...

in the picture oj looks fine , friendly , normal. but its big dick who looks like hes got a screw loose. i quess its always the quiet ones. i always wondered how someone could get away with what he did and still be around , a ghoulish celeb even? quess in our society theres a place for pitbulls and also a place for random attack human killers.

WolfPrincess said...

If their were no Pit Bulls then you would all be complaining and sobbing about Dobermans and Rottweiler. Face the facts whatever dog breed criminals go for you shift them bale to the dog not the human. Also cravendesires and Snack sized dog are on my “Possible Sociopath/Sadist/Pedophile/Serial Killer List” after I came across some very disturbing comments made by them.

callaspadeaspade said...

pit princess: you're the type 'ojs' hot shot lawyers got him for jury duty. ding bats!!!

Small Survivors said...

Little princess girl,

You are so very disturbed by the chicken wire comment. please google "gardening tips dog digging chicken wire" and you will find approximately 27,000 results with advice on how to use chicken wire to stop dogs from digging up your garden.

the chicken wire method of destroying pit bulls is fool proof because small children and normal dogs will not eat chicken wire. We are relying on the IDIOT DOG FACTOR that induces pit bulls to eat things that will kill them.

So please add those 27,000 gardeners to your very own, very important, scary people list and see where that gets you.

the exorsist said...

pit princess: do i blame certain dog breeds for being what they are? no , i blame the breeders and fanciers and ding bats like, well ,you. nevertheless it is the dog that does the damage but it is the stupid owner who stands by apparently scared of their own dog while it is chewing the shit out some innocent pet dog and sometimes its owner. its the pits owner who flees to escape responsibility and who will always make lame transparent excuses.what i would say to you is if you truly care for your dangerous dog then make sure nobody has need to defend themselves from it

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

this naive little girl doesn't own a pit bull. according to her profile, the teen likes horses and dogs especially pit bulls. and she will start a blog when she gets a pit so she can keep everyone up to date on its (mauling) progress.

spydercoman said...

cant figure people, not having a pit, being so propit. came across this other guy so against small dogs and bsl and well versed in propit propaganda and yet claimed to not have one. i think its like a cool thing to believe even if you really dont care one way or another. or they know a pitter and have been sucked in to the whole pit belief system. another guy has a collie and he wants people to leash but doesnt like bsl, i dont see the connection. surely normal people can see a regular pet dog is different than a bred for fighting dog? maybe these people just dont beleive theres a problem with pits or maybe they just dont care because they dont see it affecting them personally. any insights nonnutters?

Anonymous said...

"guy has a collie and he wants people to leash but doesnt like bsl"

Pit bulls kill other dogs even when they are on a leash!

Collie idiot may be involved with breeders, or bought his dog from a breeder that fed him insanity. This is typical for breeders, they fight against regulation no matter what it is. They don't even care that pit bulls are killing their own breed!

Also some naive fools get suckered into the "poor pit bulls are racist victims" which was cooked up specifically to sucker idiots. There are some amazingly gullible fools in our society that will even put their children and pets at risk when they buy into the lies.

Anonymous said...

LycanPrincess, keep it up. You are headed for the mental hospital

(don't you live in some foreign country?)

(and where did you learn English? You even write crazy!)

Miss Margo said...

Great blog post.

OT, but Big Dick Hunter looks like he's wearing a wig.

Also, I clicked the link to "The Lodge" strip club and burst into giggles. I mean, I know strip clubs are not "classy" establishments, but the theme and decor of this one is exceptionally corny.

WTF eats at a nudie bar anyway? For real? Strippers and shrimp scampi? A little body glitter and Victoria's Secret body spray in your burger? What?

thanks for the lulz, Snack

Unknown said...

Everywhere there's lots of pittys

Living pitty lives

You can see them out for dinner

With their pitty wives..