Friday, February 18, 2011

weekly frankenmauler roundup 02/18/11

somewhere in the world an idiot dog paid the ultimate price for the sins of his psychopathic creators.

as uplifting as the mule video was, it is back to the reality of pit bull attacks...

02.11.11 canada Darlene Magas fought off two pit bulls with a shovel when they attacked her border collie, which barely survived. the city government was planning to ban gripping dogs but they buckled under the pressure of nutters. be sure to watch the pit nutter's out of control pit bull in the video clip.

rip Edward
02.11.11 moore, oklahoma two mutants hopped the fence and attacked Edward the Yorkie and Daisy. they then went into another yard and attacked Doc the dachshund who now has 40 stitches. the yorkie did not survive.
someone chimed in the comment section:
Of course Moore Animal Control didn't want to comment on the case! They aren't on the side of the people they should be on! My neighbors have 2 viscious pit bulls and one of them has grabbed my dog through the wooden fence TWICE and bit her and Moore Animal Control says we can't do anything about it! The law is failing us with these viscious dogs. I know, I know, not all pits are viscious, but the ones who have a rep for biting need to be done away with. We live in an area with a lot of kids and I'm scared for my own kids as well as my neighbors kids who play outside. Come on Moore, get with the program and take care of your community!

famous pit nutter alert!
02.08.11 sandy springs, georgia two mutant pit bulls attacked 2 dogs. a cop happened to be nearby and responded. he zapped one of the ugly dogs with his taser. the jolt stopped the mutant for a few seconds and then went back for the german shepherd hound mix. the gripping dogs also attacked a lab after chewing through a fence. these two mutants plus a third have a history of roaming, menacing and attacking. the nutter has been talked to and apparently is unwilling or unable to control his pit bulls. the nutter is music producer RODNEY JENKINS. his pit bulls have been seized and a dangerous dog hearing scheduled.

rip Nugget
02.12.11 jacksonville, florida Nugget was killed by two frankenmaulers that have been terrorizing the neighborhood. the pit nutter has not been named but here he is:

02.12.11 el dorado hills, california last week 16 yr old Audrey Johnson was bitten trying to protect her schnauzer, Bella. LINO RAQUIPISO, the owner of the mutant (SPIDER) came to the Johnson home to apologize but has not offered to cough the $700 for the vet bill. an investigation is still on going, charges are still possible. SPIDER has a history of getting loose and threatening people

02.12.11 las vegas a las vegas cop shot a pit bull that was attacking a man's dog. the mutant is alive and the nutter cited.

nanny dog Max
02.12.11 UK a pit bull attacked a nanny dog. the punk owners failed to intervene. the culprit name is TIGER and for some reason, the police are going to do something about this attack. 0845 090 1234 crimestoppers

02.13.11 oroville, california an american gripping dog attacked a dachshund being walked by a woman. the american bulldog was described as have a "death grip" and was "shaking" the little dog like a doll (like the mule did to that pit :) ) when good samaritan 62 yr old Lyndee Caput came to their aid. Caput later said she acted on pure instinct and had no thought for her safety (kind of like that pit bull attacking the mule :) )

02.13.11 parker, florida Annie was attacked on her deck by two pit bulls. Kathy Grignot chased them off and took Annie to the vet. three days and $2000 later, the pit bulls are back. Michael Grignot shot them when they charged him. at least one of them died.
“Something has to be done. They are roaming all over the neighborhood.” Kathy Grignot

02.13.11 marinez, california a pit bull got into the neighbor's back yard and killed their cat. it was shot :)

02.14.11 australia the nanny dog strikes again! this time killing a jack russell terrier named Joey. good samaritan Scott ARmstrong stopped and punched nanny until it released Joey but it was too late. nanny is still on the loose.

02.15.11 philadelphia, pennsylvania a mutant pit bull got into a fenced backyard containing a poodle and assassinated it. the poodle owner shot and killed the mutant.

properly contained gripping dogs
02.16.11 corpus christi, texas three pit bulls chewed their way through a fence and attacked a 13 yr old lab mix. the home owner got there before the mutants could much damage to the old dog. he shot and killed one ugly shit bull. the other two slithered back home. the pit nutter was cited for failing to license, failing to provide rabies vaccines and failing to confine.

RIck and Reese
02.16.11 UK Reece was attacked during a walk with his owner, Rick Breckenridge. several people stopped to help Rick while the pit nutter looked on. Rick reports what many victims do, the mutant launched an attack for no reason and the pit nutter appeared to be afraid of his own dog.

02.16.11 UK a nanny dog went on a berserking episode attacking a shih tzu, injuring the owner and the two people who came to her aid. nanny then ran wild though people's yard finally putting a 75 yr old man in the hospital as he stood between it and an 8 yr old boy. i am alway astonished at the description of these crazed attacks. the behavior of the mutant fits that of a rabid dog.

02.16.11 lansing, michigan police shot and killed 2 shit bulls that got into a back yard to attack a husky. animal control took the husky to the vet but its injuries were too severe and it was euthanized. the nutter was cited for dogs at large. this took place next to an elementary school.

02.17.11 fredericksburg, virginia Sammy a 7 lb shih-tzu/chihuahua mix was killed by a pit bull and pit bull/mastiff mix while sunning in his front yard. the invisible fence stopped Sammy from leaving but did not prevent other dogs from entering. the mutants belonged to pit nutter CELIA VENTURA who is a repeat offender. she surrendered the ugly dogs and was arrested.

02.17.11 tehama county, california a pack of dogs consisting of a pit bull, a german shepherd a third dog have been blamed for killing at least 17 cattle.

rip Oliver
02.17.11 UK Oliver was killed by a mutant pit bull.

Charlotte Maughan and Mollie
02.17.11 oklahoma city, oklahoma 60 yr old Charlotte Maughan was walking Mollie when 2 pit bulls attacked the australian shepherd (a breed jessup can't stand). Maughan kicked & threw rocks while her son beat them with rebar and neighbors beat them with brooms. Maughan ran back in the house grabbed a 9mm and shot and killed them both. the pit nutter was cited.


02.17.11 laguna hills, california Citizen assist. 12:48 p.m. Saturday. Ridge Route Drive and Moulton Parkway. The caller at the dog park said a man threatened to bring his dog in the dog park. The caller insisted that since it's a pit bull wearing a metal collar, the dog is aggressive and not allowed in the park. The caller said the owner also exhibited aggressive behavior, which is also strictly forbidden.


BRANDY SPEAKMAN, the nutter trash cleans up nice for court.
columbus, ohio JUSTICE FOR SISSY! last august Lori Garland was walking her 2 small dogs when they were attacked by loose pit bulls. a good samaritan stopped and helped her but it was too late for Sissy. Lori had to investigate the attack and gather intelligence on her own. when the word got out, Lori received a harassing phone call from a female accusing her of starting trouble. it turns out that person was the nutter. today pit nutter BRANDY SPEAKMAN admitted the mutant was hers and it got out of her apartment. SPEAKMAN was fined $500 and put on probation for 3 years. SPEAKMAN can NOT own animals during her probation other than the black lab she now owns. see the 08.20.10 frankenmauler roundup
Sissy, Lori Garland and Ginseng or Sassy (some confusion about the surviving dog's name)

asheville, north carolina TAMI CINCOTTA paid an $800 fine and took her mutants home. she agreed to keep them leashed & muzzled when out side but otherwise in the home after they killed Philip Behm's dog.

taunton, massachusetts KEVIN and KERI CORNELIUS lost another appeal to save their mutants from the dirt nap ordered after the savage mauling of a golden retriever named Rosie. their animal rights lawyer JONATHAN STONE RANKIN could not be reached for comment. the pit nutters still have not paid Rosie's vet bills.

UK 21 yr old ROXANNE STONEMAN of Rougemont, Close pled guilty to her leashed nanny dog DINO being dangerously out of control, killing a dog and biting a boy in december 2009. the judge seems to have taken a shine to or pity for the young pit nutter. the judge has even spared nanny from the dirt nap.


UK a weimaraner attacked a jack russell mix so severely, it was euthanized. the owner of the weimaraner has two and the other weimaraner was previously attacked by a pit bull.

poway, california Rosalie Silva was walking her beagle and pit bull early one morning when 2 loose "lab mixes" attacked her dogs.


canada police had to shoot an american staffordshire terrier (shit bull) during a medical 911 call when the dog refused to allow anyone near its 38 yr old owner.

springfield, ohio three pit bulls were menacing people. when the dog warden showed up, they lunged at him. he shot and killed one. the other two slithered away. pit nutter FRANK HEARN received 9 citations. the dog warden HOPES the nutter will properly contain the mutants.

aiken county, south carolina a cop saw 2 small dogs and a pit bull menacing a jogger. he turned on the siren to frighten the dogs away. it worked for the 2 small dogs but not the mutant. multiple rounds were fired at the dog, it ran into a yard and died.

port royal, south carolina a loose 2 yr old pit bull with a history of roaming attacked a 3 yr old girl. the baby sitter and neighbors failed to get the mutant to release her HEAD. when officer Chris Abell responded, he shot and killed it. the pit nutter will be charged.
UPDATE the pit nutter turned himself in.

why pit bulls are different

kennesaw, georgia On Feb. 11, a 7-year-old child was bit by a neighbor's pit bull. The owner of the dog said she let the animal out the back door of her home to use the bathroom when the dog ran out toward a wooded area behind the Annandale neighborhood park where children were playing. She said the dog ran toward one of the children and continued to do so, even after she engaged a shock collar. The dog then bit the child before being pulled back by an older child. Police observed injuries on the child's back and upper hamstring. Cobb County Animal Control removed the dog and issued the owner three citations.

and speaking of Darwin...

Happy Birthday Charles!

lincoln, nebraska BRANDY WICHMAN accidentally stepped on her black lab during an argument with her boyfriend ILYA SIDOROV (click for his criminal record: 3 DUIs, open container, contributing to a minor). in a new twist on a old theme, the wiggle butt came to the lab's defense and attacked BRANDY. good job mutant!


wannebeadirtnapper said...

craven: just wondering what minimum handgun caliber do you recommend?

pussydogs??? said...

that brandy, she looks like ,in a generic way, the pit moms we have up here. heard about unconditional thug love? you better get it right buster or back to the slammer on that outstanding warrant!!!

Jake said...

I'm interested in the gun question as well. I currently carry a spyderco folding knife which can be quite effective against a single attacker but in the case of an attack by a pack it would be highly desirable to have a gun. A 9 mm glock with hollow point ammo should do the trick from what I've read so far.

wannabedirtnapper said...

just a comment about all these torn up dogs. they all look like great dogs and my heart goes out to the owners because ive been there too. as for the pigdogs shown, they all look to me like the punk in dirty harry. make my day punk (dog)!!

Anonymous said...

My 2 cents on guns. Get something relatively small or you will be less likely over time to carry consistently and have it when needed. A snubnose 38 special or .380 auto are a bit below a 9 mm, but should work well. I would load with glaser saftey slugs because they are more likely to breakup totally in the pit bulls body and not reach your animal. At such close ranges, a small gun like a Ruger LCP will work well. Of course, bigger is always a bit better. If I were to carry a 9 mm, I'd get the smallest you can (baby glock or smaller) so you will have it on you when disaster strikes. As I stated before, there can be too much gun, especially if the pit is attacking someone or a dog. For instance, a 357 magnum is going to blow through the pit very likely, so you would be hampered. Of course, always plan your angles as if the bullet will pass through, but a caliber that will definitely blow through with considerable energy left is inherently more dangerous in this context.

Anonymous said...

How about one of these as a walking stick?

Basically a live round on the end of a metal pole.

Anonymous said...

What kind of spyderco do you have Jake? I'm a big fan of their knives. My current favorite is the Manix 2.

just wondering said...

PUPERONI??? ladies . is it true do think or in your own experience, pitmums ,what they say about tatood, pitbull sporting tough guys? or is it just a stereotype?? puperonis are those treats you buy your chihuahua so it doesnt overpower your gentle pitdog.

hawg town boy said...

craven : this stinky ole milltown is so overrun, i couldn,t even go to the vets yesterday without running into a brace of snotwieler and shit bulls. look away ,look away little guy. by the way, nowadays its not the mill that stinks. couldn't they clean up the dog problem too!!

Jake said...

@anon 11:27 -

I have a spyderco endura 4 "wave" model. It's light and unobtrusive, so much so that I forget that it's clipped in my pocket.

It's quick and easy to open, which is very important in those clumsy, adrenaline drenched panic situations.

I originally had a Black hawk CQD Mark 1, a solid knife but not all that easy to open, and I did not want to waste precious seconds fumbling with it, trying to get it open if my pups were being mauled, so I went for the spyderco wave.

Anonymous said...

Add 4 California Cows:

Dude, I Bagged Ur Pit said...

+1 for what has been said about gun size. Bigger is better, but it won't do you any good if you leave it at home. A 380 in your pocket is better than a 45 "back at the house."

I also agree with the frangible round aimed at a safe angle anywhere along the spine. Not only are you damaging the spinal cord, but the descending aorta, (main distribution pipe from the heart,) runs underneath the spine.

I'd prefer a scenario where I can draw a 45 and dump a pit coming straight in, but that sure wouldn't be typical. Shit bull attacks are often ambush attacks that come suddenly and seemingly out of nowhere. I guess if there is an upside to that situation, it would be that it doesn't take a lot of practice or a super caliber to shoot well at point blank range :-)

Jake said...

Guys -

Good comments on the guns. Unfortunately I live in a nanny state, and it's extremely difficult to get a concealed carry permit.

From the research I've done, measures which have proved completely ineffective in stopping a pit bull attack include but are not limited to: punches, kicks, pepper spray, mace, cattle prods, and blows with baseball bat or shovel.

The only methods which have reliably stopped pit bull attacks are guns and/or knives, if used correctly. Pet mules can come in very handy as well.

I'm going to try to get a concealed carry permit and see what happens, but I'm not optimistic. Meanwhile, any citizen openly carrying a gun in public around here is likely to get shot by the cops, so for now my only safe and legal option for defense away from the house is a good knife, and the will to use it when needed.

april 29 said...

Rodney Jenkins, he came from nothing and he is still nothing.

As far as guns go, take Dude's advice. The man knows the topic. I went for a 38 special, I shoot better with the big ol' Colt but I'm way too small to conceal that gun on my body. I have a hard time seeing the front sight on the 38, I hit it with some blaze orange and that improved my pattern a great deal. Go to Walmart and pick up a bottle of orange nail polish for under $2.00 and you have enough for your whole gun club.

Jake, add to your list of ineffective protection from pits...hedge trimmers, vacuum cleaners, hammers, screw drivers, pipes, flower pots, bear spray and hot coffee. Guns are good.

wannabedirtnapping said...

frangible round !! now i like the sound of that. wouldnt it be great to be back in the united states, armed agin pit dog and pit man(homo erectile neadrathalis sp)

Anonymous said...

I was faced tonight with a moral dilemma. I was driving home from the store and saw a small puppy under a car cowering. I stopped and whistled and it came bounding out with tail wagging. I pick it up and see no tag, and also notice it is a pit bull (~2 or 3 months old). It likely came from the recently de-gentrified area from which the pit that mauled my dog originated. So, I call the pound and get an answering service which gives me the dog warden. I call him, and get no reply call. I also drive around and see no one looking for it, and the neighbors don't know anything about it. So now this puppy is in my shed in a crate until tomorrow. I keep thinking to myself I may be aiding a future dog or human killer, but I'll feel too much like a monster if I take a currently friendly puppy and throw it in the river in a bag.

Anonymous said...


I have an endura also and like it a lot, but can't carry it concealed due to blade length restrictions here. The Manix 2 is right under 3.5", so it's legal here for pocket carry. For even more restrictive areas, a spyderco delica is a nice one. Just like an endura but with a blade right under 3".

Jake said...

@anon 6:35 -

Glad you were able to get a decent but legal knife The legality of it can become quite an important point if there is an incident. Luckily Spyderco has a good range to choose from.

Livvy said...

Anon 6:31

That is a huge dilemma. The problem is that while not all pits are dangerous and can be good pets, their liability compared to other breeds is just too high to be sure. It seems with pit bulls you're always playing a game of Russian roulette. Sure other breeds have this game as well, but theirs typically is a nip or bite requiring 30 stitches. A pit bull's almost always needs over 100 stitches (at least damage) or you're 6 feet under.
Being the animal lover that I am, I would say take it to a shelter. Few people are equipped to care for these dogs and a kill shelter seems more of a humane choice than throwing it in a river... euthanasia is very painless, drowning can take a while and seems a bit cruel since there are more humane methods for an animal that has yet to do anything.

Overall. Do what you think is best. While I think pits are cute and have known a good few, I will not deny their danger. I would rather see this pup euthanized then placed in the hands of a ignorantly "educated" pit nutter. That's all this country needs. Idiots owning dangerous dogs.

Anonymous said...

I just dropped the pit puppy off at a vet that works with a local animal rescue group. Sorry, I wasn't more clear before, I wasn't really considering throwing the puppy in the river. I was being a bit snarky, and I guess it didn't translate. I was mostly reflecting on the irony of it all.

Wouldn't you know though in the vets office there is a pit nutter with a huge intact male pit bull. This thing was pulling her around and when I looked at her dog she gushed "isn't he just gorgeous! he just thinks its play time in her". Then the huge dangerous thing pulls its way over toward me sitting with this puppy, despite her trying to hold it back, and slobbers on my jeans. I'm moving ;)

snarkattackertoo said...

dear snarky : only so many dogs find homes through shelters and quite likely this pup of a popular breed will be one of the lucky ones. its new owners will grow to love it and if and when its breeding comes out its going to be worse for them than it was for you to cull it. the shelter we have here has no problem with pit bulls and there is a shortage of other dogs and pups so over time i think theres getting to be more and more of these dogs that i dont think should be out there. it seems like other breed owners tend to spay and neuter but pit owners arent so responsible and so i bet there are more pitdogs in the shelters than any other breed,up here anyway. as far as im concerned this situation is the pits.

WolfPrincess said...

I have finally figured out what if really wrong with you; you’re a sociopath and most likely a sadist or pedophile. You along with Snack sized dog, anyone who shows joy in planning on killing a dog is obviously a sociopath. How long until both of you become the next Jeffery Dahmers? They way you show joy at you team member planting chicken wire for their neighbor’s dogs to eat shows what you truly are. How many innocent dogs, Pit Bull or otherwise. Have you killed? How many people have you probably killed? Anyone who takes joy in animal deaths would do the same with humans.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

oh no, our covers have been blown. we have been diagnosed by a teenager via the internet.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i don't take pleasure in the death of INNOCENT animals or people.

maybe you can comprehend this: imagine michael vick is setting up the electrodes to kill one of his dogs. but instead of killing his dog, the system malfunctions and he electrocutes himself. that is what i call justice and hysterical.

imagine ted bundy is slipping into some woman's apartment to rape and kill her but instead she blows his brains all over her walls. that is funny. that is justice.

enough of the hypotheticals, next up a mutant pit bull attacks a mule and the mule tries to defend itself with a few good kicks but the idiot dog keeps coming back for more and the mule kills it. that is fucking awesome.

another true story: a cock fighter died after the gafs he put on his bird sliced his calf. again, fucking awesome.

another true story: a few years ago, a woman took out a restraining order against her violent boyfriend which he was violating by stalking her. he showed up at her place one night with a shot gun. not sure if he was planning to use it on her, he never go the chance. he used it on her car windshield. he took the butt of the gun and attempted to smash in her windshield. he shot himself. he died. that was an appropriate end for a violent worthless piece of shit. (btw, he was a darwin winner)

so, as you can see, i take pleasure in darwin awards.

you are obviously too young to understand this blog. you should go away.

dirt napper said...

dear pit princess : if sociopath means one who has no regard for stupid or worse pit owners then sure thats me and proud of it. as for me being a sadist and a pediphile, absolutely wrong on both counts. never killed a human but would step up to the plate if it was necessary. it seems to me it is pit people who take joy in blood and violence not us real dog lovers (non pit).

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

Lycanprincess, your "analysis" reads like an after school special in bizarro world.

There are good reasons why we set age limits on certain activities like driving, smoking, voting, drinking. You are a compelling argument for raising them all. In your case, I would preclude you from consuming any alcohol at any age.

mutanthunter said...

@jake: yesterday was looking at spyderko folding knife. nicely made ,slim,light and sharp. was pricey at 140$ after tax,can you believe how we get screwed up here? would have prefered u.s. made but what the heck if it gets the job done. surgical steel!! spyderco ya perfecto

Anonymous said...


As far as any good knife, spyderco included, NEVER buy from the factory ( The MSRP is always incredibly inflated. Go to somewhere like Cutlery Shoppe and pay half as much. An Endura should be $60 or less.

Jake said...

@anon 12:34

Now you tell me!

the ice princess said...

dear little princess: i do fear you may be setting yourself up for a lot of heartache. nobody wants to lose their beloved pet and its not just us other dog owners im refering to. i personally know two pit owners who have suffered a loss due to their dogs. you may think you will be a great dog owner but you wont be able to have control all the time under all circumstances. for instance a strong pit dog will pull you right off your horse. i have had dogs attack me twice because the owners let go of the leash. do you want this bad karma for lack of a better word? i just think there are plenty of great dogs out there, be very carefull what you wish for. i dont like to think of a young person paying so dearly for one dumb decision. sincerly an older and wiser person

Piskew said...


Please.... stop talking before you make the few of us decent pit bull owners look like complete idiots.

I have a pit bull. While she can be a bundle of joy, she is a LOT of work.... I have to work her 2 hours a day, constantly keep her exposed to society and other animals, and constantly have to reinforce her training.

She is three now and honestly while she's great - her breed is NOT for everyone. Especially for some young girl who's probably yet to menstruate. And yes that is a insult to your obvious childlike suggestions and opinions.

Where I live there are laws for my breed and I abide by them. I even installed a concrete kennel to make sure she does not endanger people around my neighborhood because she is wary of strangers.

You don't seem like the kind of person who would properly contain or muzzle your pit bull. And I doubt you would check monthly to make sure there is no chewing on the fence.
While I don't agree with everything these people say. They are far more intelligent then you are and you really need to listen to them. Just because someone has a different opinion it does not mean they're wrong.

Jake said...

@Lycan Princess -

I don't think you'll find anyone here who has ever killed an innocent dog. But you may find some who have killed an attacking dog in self defense, which is quite a different matter.

I love my dogs, and I like dogs in general. If I see a well-behaved pit bull walk by, I have no quarrel with him; I will only say "I salute you sir, go in peace!"

I do however hate sadistic bullies and serial killers, whether of the two legged or four legged variety. I'm a peaceful guy, but if I see one of my pups being attacked by some loose mutant, I will turn violent - not because I'm into violence, but because I want very much to end the attack as soon as possible, and minimize the trauma to my pups. I would do the same for any innocent victim of a mauling in progress.

I don't think anyone would say that makes me Jeffrey Dahmer. On the contrary, that just makes me a responsible pet owner.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

Piskew said...
Please.... stop talking before you make the few of us decent pit bull owners look like complete idiots.

i am a firm believer in the first amendment, i encourage the "strong", "confident", "intelligent", "proud" teenager to continue on her journey of reading my blog and discussing it with her teacher, who can then discuss it with her husband at the FBI who can relay that back to the "strong", "confident", "intelligent", "proud" teenager who can then share it on her blog. this will be fun.

on more than one occasion, i have encouraged pit nutters to start a blog about me. i even gave them title suggestions: craven is a liar and the truth about craven. i am thrilled that someone has finally done it! i couldn't have thought up or asked for a better premise. sex and violence is always a best seller. this might actually get me some dates :)

Jake said...

Wow, I just took a look at the new blog from Lycan Princess and it seems rather one-dimensional.

She laid all her cards out on the table from the get go: "craven desires and snack sized dog are trying to kill your pit bull!" -

How can she follow that? What will she write about in coming days?

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

"it seems rather one-dimensional."

she is a teenager, she only has one dimension and at the rate she is going, i don't see that changing.

did you notice the "watch your kids and your pets"? she thinks i am a pedophile! i can't wait until she makes her way to the early days of this blog where i attack animal abusers (of pit bulls) and child molesters. my feelings about euthanizing dangerous dogs expands to sex offenders. i am VERY pro capital punishment.

werewolf slayer said...

craven: i too am a believer in principle of capital punishment for certain crimes. look how far we have gone here in canada to protect criminals and psychotics. a nutter on a bus cuts up an innocent victim to the point of decapitation and nobody is able to blow the fucker away. even the police wait patiently outside while the nutter finishes his jack the ripper routine. then we find out this guy may be released from nutter custody. really what is wrong will saying sorry buddy you should have kept taking your meds. youve killed and now you have to pay for the mistake. euthanasia. he was expecting to be killed,probably couldnt believe his luck. and we dont even send him back because he would get the death penalty in china. lunacy in the name of political correctness.

Anonymous said...

10 day old wow

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

political correctness is an illness.

Anonymous said...

How can someone be a sociopath if all they want to do is protect their animals and loved ones ? If a pit bull is attacking your dog, would you want to wait around and stand and not do anything as you watch your dog being torn apart ? It's called SELF DEFENSE. Other breeds do NOT fight as hard as a pit bull.

As far as I am concerned, I am going to do everything I can, even if that means killing the attacking dog, just to save my dog. Because you know what, my dog would be the victim. But nutters seem to think the attacker is the victim..

If anything, most nutters I have seen are very un-sympathetic.. Every time a pit bull attack video is posted, you will always here comments saying "the other dog deserved it" or "the other dog provoked him" or some idiotic saying like " he should have gotten a "real" dog ".. Are you telling me those comments are sympathetic to the victim ? Of course not. If I am not mistaken, isn't it always pit bull owners who stand around cluelessly when their dog attacks someone or someone's pet ? Or do not know how to stop an attack properly and control them ?

Point is, people who truly love their pets are going to do everything they can to save them from a horrendous attack. This blog has nothing to do with people killing dogs for no valid reason..Nobody here takes pleasure in killing dogs who are innocent, but when you have a dog that you know doesn't have a fighting chance againist a pit bull, and the pit bull owner is just as clueless as anything else, you know what you will have to do ..

ARPBO said...

Dear LycanPrincess,

I HATE this blog but the reality is, it only exists because of dip shits like YOU. YOU are killing the breed that I love.


(a responsible pit bull owner)

Small Survivors said...

"i encourage the "strong", "confident", "intelligent", "proud" teenager to continue on her journey of reading my blog and discussing it with her teacher"

More and more, schools have developed policies that teachers must report student's papers and journals with disturbing fantasies to mental health and law enforcement officals.

Her theory about my name indicating that I'm a pedophile, if shared, would certainly raise a few red flags. So, I hope she does keep sharing with her teachers.

@little princess girl,

Please print out the offensive material, write down your interpretations of it, and share it with teachers, social workers, and parents. If anyone is paying attention to you, you will soon get the help you need.

Bagheera Kiplingi said...

I wish I could see the look on her face once she hits the dog fighting blogging days of craven desires. LMAO!

"Please print out the offensive material, write down your interpretations of it, and share it with teachers, social workers, and parents. If anyone is paying attention to you, you will soon get the help you need."

Anonymous said...

Meanwhile, individuals with actual dog fighting backgrounds maintain esteemed positions in Pit Bull organizations...Yet, Craven is the problem!

A note to the Pit Owners: Self-Regulation of your breed community is possible. Start with expelling the felons and dogfighters. Also, insist manbiters/killers are culled.

Get back to us on progress in a few years.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

don't be intimidated by the pit bull owners princess, you just keep right on reading and analyzing and reporting back.

Small Survivors said...


Anonymous said...

"Wouldn't you know though in the vets office there is a pit nutter with a huge intact male pit bull. This thing was pulling her around and when I looked at her dog she gushed "isn't he just gorgeous! he just thinks its play time in her". Then the huge dangerous thing pulls its way over toward me sitting with this puppy, despite her trying to hold it back, and slobbers on my jeans. I'm moving ;)"

Jeez, you need to send a letter to the state licensing board about that vet!

They are going to get someone killed in there. They are allowing deadly behavior on their property.

What kind of vet would work with "pit rescues" that don't spay or neuter, and let pits do this in their waiting room?

I have a feeling these are the dog fighter kind of "pit rescues" that use the rescue name as cover. There are vets that make $$$ from the fighters, scum that they are.

I myself would be having an attorney contact the vet's insurance company and making a claim for the back injury I suffered after the pit jumped on me and I had to move suddenly.

That asshole vet is going to KILL SOMEONE

Anonymous said...

I would have brought the puppy to be euthanized. This animal is going to end up in the hands of very bad people.

Anonymous said...

LycanPrincess, what are your feelings on rat poison or antifreeze?

Your dog fighter friends know those well. They think they are effective, and those are the people you support.

Anonymous said...

It is completely LEGAL for hunters to shoot loose dogs if they feel they are chasing or any threat to wildlife.

It is the hunter's word. They have the complete right to do it.

Anonymous said...

I'm the guy who dropped the pit bull puppy off to a vet that works with a rescue. To be clear, the animal rescue was the one that takes all the dogs that overflow from our local "no kill" shelter. I would never associate with a pit bull rescue, I would have driven the puppy to another place rather than do that. As stated before, I generally hate the pit bull breed and their nutters, but could not bring myself to kill a puppy that had not yet done anything. That's just the way I roll.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

to the guy who dropped the pit bull puppy off at the shelter, despite what the princess profiler thinks, i couldn't kill a pit bull puppy that had not shown aggression either. few people could and those that could - are pit bull owners.

Anonymous said...

I couldn't bring a Pit Bull into my neighborhood because I like my neighbors, their dogs, and their kids...That's the way I roll.

Anonymous said...

i dont see a problem with a humane ( no distress, no pain) death for a surplus puppy. i wouldnt like to do it but i might decide it was for the best considering the breed. is it better up here where surplus dogs are allowed to go feral and then somebody has to go and shoot them all before someone is killed? pitbulls are everywhere now and i think its party because of no kill shelters. try and get a good young dog from the shelters nowadays and you might see only pitbulls and other problem dogs.personally i will not use shelters anymore.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i think shelters are still a good place to get dogs. just go to cities and counties that have BSL. you might have to drive a little bit further but it would be worth it.

Anonymous said...

craven: there was an interesting case up here of a pit dog turned feral,running with some other dogs, killing farm animals,probably pets and also running deer probably.after concerted effort to get these dogs just the pit dog was left and he managed to escape capture/dirtnap for a long time, maybe two years(im not sure). this rogue pit was reportedly very wiley and hard to catch,obviously or it would have been caught sooner.when it was caught this dog again escaped a deserved dirt nap and is being rehabed by some dingbat pit rescue do gooder. she says he wants to be a normal dog now.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

can you please email me those details.

shar pei mix said...

I think that you can get a wonderful pet from a shelter, provided you do your research before you go. A little patience also helps in finding the right pet for you and your family.

Anonymous said...

at my local spca i was treated both rudely and unfairly eighteen years ago so i just havent gone back there but i have gone to other pounds and spca's and i never saw a dog that thought i wanted. it seems there now is a real shortage of nonproblem dogs,probably due to the spay/neuter programs everywhere. the dogs in there tend to be older than is ideal and many who are aggressive or a problem pitbulls. many of these dogs are rez dogs who perhaps are not such a good risk looking at it from a selfish point of view. i dont particularly want to rescue or rehabilitate,i want a good no nonsense type of pet dog thats going to suit me, and this probably makes me an undesirably adopter as far as many shelters are concerned. i think i will prefer a private source for dogs in the future. breeders and people with a litter of pups to sell.

Anonymous said...

Another irresponsible pit bull owner.