Friday, April 22, 2011

the two faces of petsmart

petsmart charities awarded a $240,000 grant to the utah religious cult known as BEST FRIENDS. BFAS will use this money in their SAVING AMERICA'S GRIPPING DOG program. their strategy will be to target a handful of cities and inundate its citizens with pit bull propaganda in an effort to decrease dirt naps and get more gripping dogs into family homes. accomplishing this irresponsible goal is not possible with the pit bull's current image as a savage fighting dog, ie, the truth.

hillsborough county, florida is one of the four lucky recipients of the grant money. they have been hand picked to redefine the pit bull image and increase adoption rates and to decrease euthanasia by at least 10%. hillsborough county takes in over 7000 pit bulls each year. approximately half will be euthanized. the county need only save 350 pit bulls to earn that $60K check (assuming the grant is divided up equally). that comes to $171.42 for each pit bull.

hillsborough pit nutters say they will focus on community outreach. they will set up booths & workshops and pimp wiggle butts and wiggle butt trinkets to the gullible. in order to do this, they will have to rewrite history. provides a sample of the nutters' turd polishing agenda:
From the 1900s to 1970s, pit bull terriers reigned as the ideal family pet, historians say. The breed was the all-American poster dog for both World Wars. Obedient and kid friendly, pits popped up in middle and upper class households worldwide.

Then ugly stories started to make the news. Illegal dogfighting. Children maimed.
never mind that those ugly mauling stories started to make the news in 1877 or that dog fighting rarely made the news prior to the 1970s because it was still LEGAL in many states and not taken seriously in other states. the nutters present this as if using pit bulls in dog fighting is a recent phenomenon.

be careful what you wish for petsmart. if BEST FRIENDS is successful, there could be a constitutional amendment replacing the bald eagle with america's gripping dogs. that might force you to re-open your doggie daycare doors to all that frankenmauling fun.


Anonymous said...

Colby and McCord imported these dogs from England and Ireland...They are as "American" as Blood Pudding!

Frickin' immigrant bloodsporters that came over and made their blood money fortunes in the unregulated US.

animalcop said...

Hmmm? Well this would certainly explain the reluctance of the Hillsborough County Commission to remove the APBT breeder and dog fighter lover from the Animal Advisory Board despite the photos of her embracing Floyd Boudreaux and her questionable associations and stance on animal welfare!! Animal Services Director Bill Armstrong would certainly not want to jeopardize this grant money by her removal! This truly explains everything!!!

Tegenpitjes said...

meanwhile in the UK, Nanny dog strikes again

Jake said...

Thanks for the heads-up, I'll be sure never to spend another cent at petsmart.

Small Survivors said...

animalcop, is it actually Connie Johnson with Floyd? Cause that deserves some exposure!!!!

Connie Johnson is a realtor who receives a humanitarian award - the people gushing to say she also rescues many many dogs, but when asked how many dogs she has at her home, she at first said she didn't want to say that before admitting that she had 16.

4:15 - your home is almost like a many dogs do you have?...oh I don't want to say that...i have 4 of my own and i have 4 rescues and i just brought home a mom and 7 puppies...

CKing said...

Words fail to describe how low this is - to just outright lie about the history of the dog.

In the comments, there is one excellent commenter practicalone2, who makes a lot of very good points she says she gleaned from pro pit bull sites. and the idiot response from oldcowpoke just says you're a liar, they were the dogs of royalty!

They just say what comes into their heads and then they believe its true!

DubV said...

With woo groups, they are sure of their "truth" so the ends justify the means. Then they get swept up in it and begin to believe their own bullshit. They are playing petsmart to rehab the companies image after the pit ban and cashing in on the American good well toward animals in general and dog specifically.

SRUV said...

Let's watch the pit attacks over the next couple of years in Hillsborough. Ten to one they have an increase, along with all the pits they adopt out.

Anonymous said...

Hillsborough County Pit Carnage may be viewed here:,-83.122559&spn=6.268871,7.877197&z=7

"Pit Bull breeders produced dogs that were the leading biter with 371 biting incidents, Labs trailed with 151 and German Shepherds with 105"

Hillsborough Nutter Contol is overdue for a Lawsuit!

Jake said...

vintage said "...the leading biter with 371 biting incidents, Labs trailed with 151 and German Shepherds with 105"

One of the dishonest little things pit bull lobbyists do is to act as if a bite is a bite is a bite. But anyone with any knowledge or experience of dog bites can tell you a pit bull "bite" is a far cry from a lab "bite", and anyone who counts a a little nip from a Jack Russell Terrier as equal to a limb destroying chomp from a pit bull is either very dishonest, or deluded.

It's just not an apples to apples comparison - it's a lot worse than the sterilized numbers would lead you to beleive.

Anonymous said...

Best Friends has ceased being any kind of "humane" or "charitable" organization.

They are now in the business of raising money to spend on salaries, benefits, and "retirement income" for management and founders, and working to promote the breeding, sale, and (indirectly) fighting and exploitation of fighting breeds of dog like pit bulls. Also promoting the mauling and death of other pets, and supporting animal cruelty, not just to other animals but pit bulls too!

They don't even really run a sanctuary anymore. Best Friends has been dumping sanctuary animals steadily and refusing to take in animals while numbers of management and salary, etc., spending goes up.

People profiting, not animals being helped.

They are now operating as a for-profit organization, and aiding the profiteering of those in particular who breed, sell, and persecute pit bulls.

All other pets (and people!) be damned!

(We first got a glimpse of this when Best Friends started spreading anti-animal propaganda from Rick Berman's pro animal abuse lobbying group, and also when Best Friends signed the court amicus brief to get their hands on the Vick pit bulls to use to fundraise and make money for their management and founders on. No other humane groups or animal shelters were interested in exploiting and profiting from these dogs. But Best Friends signed right on with groups of PIT BULL BREEDERS and their clubs, including those with members who have been connected to dog fighting. FOR PROFIT LOBBYING GROUPS! For Profit dog breeders. Those interested in dogs only for the MONEY. Those exploiting pit bulls.

Now wealthy, elitist individuals such as Jane Saul Berkey are using Best Friends as their personal springboards for their program of the sales and promotion of fighting breeds like pit bulls. The PROFITING of pit bull and dog breeders. This is all about the money. Jane Saul Berkey and her Animal Farm Foundation don't "help" pit bulls. They run public relations and propaganda campaigns for pit bull BREEDERS. Saul Berkey is only increasing the exploitation of pit bulls, at the expense of the dogs and the public but the profit of breeders and fighters.

Anonymous said...

The question is, why would a company like Petsmart get involved with promoting the breeding and selling of fighting breeds, and helping commit consumer fraud by lying about the history (past and current) of pit bulls?

It doesn't help their reputation, because maulings and deaths by pit bulls will increase in the areas this "advertising and propaganda campaign" takes place. Consumer fraud and lying are at the heart of Best Friends' pit bull sales program, as well as pushing pit bulls into inappropriate homes and circumstances so Best Friends can falsely claim success, and try to latch onto more money.

Petsmart won't make more money out of this. In fact, this may well result in lawsuits for the company, and links to deaths of children as pit bulls are pushed into completely the wrong homes for them and the inevitable occurs. Pit bulls will be set up to fail, and the failure will result in maulings and deaths.

Employees and stockholders, the heart of any company, may well end up suffering financially for funding this con game.

So why fund this? Who decided to use Petsmart money and the Petsmart name to do this?

A look at the Board of Directors of Petsmart may well hold some clues.

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

i agree with Dubv, i think petsmart is trying to appease the loud and nasty special interest group of pit nutters for 86ing their mutants from their daycares.

Anonymous said...

Jane Rotrosen Saul Berkey's use of Best Friends as her personal propaganda toy and platform for the exploitation and sales and breeding of pit bulls has overwhelmed any kind of original intent that the Best Friend founders may have thought they pursued.

Ledy VanKavage, Saul Berkey's pawn and Saul Berkey's Animal Farm Foundation board of directors members (described by AF as a "good friend" to Animal Farm Foundation as they promote her for representing their business interests) is ALSO Senior Legislative Attorney for Best Friends Animal Society in Kanab, Utah and a registered LOBBYIST for Best Friends.

Workers at Best Friends have written of VanKavage in essence running Best Friends with an iron fist, for her own and her handler's interests, and often against the interests of the animals themselves, as evidenced by the pit bull dump of Best Friends Katrina "rescues" into the hands of Don Chambers that resulted in deaths and torture of pit bulls, and the slaughter of a sanctuary dog by a Vick pit bull that workers had noted was dangerous and not maintained properly.

The propaganda from Rick Berman's anti animal lobbying group Center for Consumer Freedom started appearing in Best Friends literature right around the time that Saul Berkey and VanKavage got their hooks ihnto Best Friends Animal Society.

Best Friends also started dumping sanctuary animals, refusing to help members and donors
and expanding the spending on salaries and lobbyists, while reducing spending on helping animals, right when Saul Berkey and VanKavage showed up at Best Friends with their poison.

The founders of Best Friends, such as the Castles, start fawning over Ledy VanKavage and promoting her to their donors.

Remember that the founders of Best Friends all profit personally from Best Friends and any money flowing through Best Friends. Their houses, retirement incomes, etc are all paid for with Best Friends money. All sale of Best Friends merchandise is filtered through private FOR PROFIT corporations owned by the founders for their financial benefit. Volunteers even report doing free maintenance duties at founders' homes that were again provided for them with Best Friends money.

An heir, as Saul Berkey is, to a New York City rag trade fortune with a brother who is prominent in GOP politics shows up at Best Friends and do the founders say no, thank you?


Instead, Best Friends goes full force into the business of promoting the sale, exploitation, and breeding of pit bulls, complete with consumer fraud and propaganda campaigns, and allowing VanKavage to start running Best Friends for the whims of Animal Farm Foundation.

Animal welfare is left in the dust. Now it's all about PROMOTION, fundraising, money making, propagandizing, public relations, George Orwellian wordplay to hide the truth, ignoring or even supporting cruelty to animals.

Animals connected to Best Friends, some of which were mentioned above, start dying, and Best Friends engages in cover up campaigns and propaganda to hide or rationalize those deaths.

All effort goes into promoting the exploitation of pit bulls, even directly exploiting the Vick pit bulls on their own premises.

Everything becomes about the for profit message and the money, making money from pit bulls, raking in as much money as possible with little to nothing to show for all that cash except more propaganda and public relations wordplay. More stories proven to be untrue, more donors lied to and silenced when they refuse to swallow the lies

Best Friends starts operating around the interests and tactics of Jane Rotrosen Saul Berkey, a person who even uses writers in her own New York City literary agency to incorporate propaganda about her personal pit bulls in "their" writings. Freedom of speech? If your book sale contract depends on your agent, you follow orders.

Anonymous said...

Let's look a little more closely at Jane Rotrosen Saul Berkey.

Brother is Andrew Saul, a Republican federal bureacrat and Republican candidate in the 2008 congressional elections for the 19th Congressional District who pulled out of the political race at the last minute with stories of ethics violations and favors for and from business friends swirling around him.

("A vice chairman of the Metropolitan Transportation Authority who is running for Congress in New York’s northern suburbs has taken political donations from two developers bidding for the right to build a mammoth residential and commercial complex over the authority’s West Side railyards, according to federal election filings.

The contributions to the candidate, Andrew M. Saul, could conflict with state ethics rules barring state employees and members of unpaid boards, like the transportation authority’s, from taking donations from companies or individuals seeking to do business with their agency.

Other contributions to the Saul campaign also raise possible ethical questions.

In June, he received two contributions totaling $4,600 from Mitchell P. Rales, the chairman of Danaher, a company that has held nine contracts with the transportation authority since 1997. The most recent contract was for devices that monitor the propulsion systems of subway cars, and Danaher is expected to make its final delivery under the contract early next year. Danaher has been paid more than $1.2 million by the authority since 1997.

Mr. Hoefer said that Mr. Rales is also a friend of Mr. Saul’s and that the contribution did not break any ethics rules.

Mr. Saul was appointed vice chairman of the authority’s board by Gov. George E. Pataki in April 2006. A millionaire who is the chairman of a women’s apparel company, he has put $100,000 of his own money into his campaign, according to federal election filings. Mr. Saul’s campaign committee had raised a total of $782,000 through Sept. 30, the filings show.

Mr. Saul also received several contributions, totaling $23,650, from other board members and their relatives. That amount includes $13,800 donated by a former authority chairman, Peter S. Kalikow, and his family. Mr. Kalikow left the board last month.

Mr. Ayres said the Public Integrity Commission had never issued a legal opinion on whether a member of a public authority’s board could contribute to the campaign of another member.")

See how Saul's Wikipedia enttries have been completely CLEANSED of any whiff of this nastiness, and replaced with literary agent-speak of his "beautiful children" and being a "family man." Even Sourcewatch, which usually cuts through the bullshit, hides the tainted dealings. Cleansed, censored, propagandized.

His daughter (Jennifer Saul Yaffa, was the National Committeewoman of the Republican National Committee from the New York Republican State Committee and also head of the Manhattan GOP) also conveniently quit her positions soon after news of ethics questions related to her father started being raised.

There are dirty dealings with the Saul info coverup involving both right wing AND left wing. Who is doing it? Who is using these sites to propagandize about Andrew Saul?

NYC money talks and it speaks loudly.

The publishing business (books, periodicals, and online) is a small one.

Anonymous said...

Back to Jane Saul Berkey's brother Andrew Saul's links in the business, investment, and government world.

Saul is connected, both business wise and politics and government wise, a very important mix for those who want to make lots and lots of money. Companies need
"connections" in both the business and government world to thrive.

"As Chairman of the Thrift Investment Board, [Andrew Saul] is responsible for overseeing the Thrift Savings Plan (TSP) which is the retirement savings account for employees of the Federal Government and soldiers of the armed services."

Saul was even responsible for requiring mandatory
enrollment for federal employees in the TSP (and the federal government is now tapping into TSP funds to keep from hitting 8.2 trillion in national debt)

Saul is intimately involved with INVESTMENTS by federal employees in funds that own shares of American companies such as, for instance, Petsmart.

We are talking about BILLIONS of dollars invested by federal employees through the TSP.

Nice for the TSP investment funds to buy and own shares of your company, isnt it? Quite profitable.

DubV said...

Crazy night. I was attacked by a 50 lbs mutt. He ran out from between two cars in his driveway. He scared the crap out of me, and I tripped and fell. As I fell, he tagged my ankle and drew blood. The worst injuries were from falling on gravel. The dog runs loose and the owner couldn't produce rabies vax papers but of course she says she has them. I called the cops and filed a report. I'll go tomorrow for a tetanus shot. If she doesn't get the vax papers by tomorrow, I'll consider starting rabies treatments ASAP. The dog runs wild and could easily have gotten into a sick raccoon et al. in the previous days.

This just proves to the pit nutters that we don't think only pits bite. However, I doubt a pit would've left only 3 tooth marks on my ankle before running away because I yelled. I was a bit afraid on the ground because I was vulnerable. My hand instinctively went to my knife, but he backed off.

I feel a little unmanly that I actually caused myself to fall to the ground due to the surprise. That is a very bad reaction if a dog means business. Still, it was dark and that dog literally scared the shit out of me. I can't imagine having a larger, more intent dog doing the same. At least when my dog was attacked by a pit, I saw it coming for like a second so I was somewhat prepared.

Anonymous said...

Andrew Saul and Petsmart Director Thomas G. Stemberg have a funny friend and were in the same "club" together with their funny friend. You might remember the name

Jack Abramoff

Abramoff was a big gun lobbyist who enlisted big business money like Saul and Stemberg to produce hundreds of thousands of campaign donations for the Bush and Republican campaigns.

(Bush nominated Andrew Saul to head the Federal Thrift Retirement Investment Board)

Their club was called the Pioneers, those who committed to gather or donate $100,000 for the campaign.

Abramoff was convicted of conspiracy and mail fraud.

I want to say that this is what BOTH Democrats and Republicans do for the same reasons. In many ways the two parties are interchangeable. They have lobbyists pull things like this with the wealthy for the benefit of the wealthy who will profit from the candidate's administration.

But is is true in the world of pets that it tends to be an extremist right wing constituency that supports expolitation and profitable abuse of animals, like the pit bull breeders and the dog fighters and puppy mills and AKC and all that.

Let's put it this way. Andrew Saul and Rick Berman (lobbyist for the animal exploiters and profiteers) have a lot in common.

When Andrew Saul's SISTER suddenly appears hiding behind a shill group like Best Friends Animal Society, run by VanKavage that works for Saul Berkey in her Animal Farm Foundation, that gets hundreds of thousands of dollars to do what Saul Berkey has been doing all along, commit consumer fraud, lie about the history and breeding of pit bulls, lie about the problems of pit bulls, lie about or hide the killing by pit bulls, and to push pit bulls into completely the wrong homes where the dogs are doomed to fail and people and other pets will die, as well as giving a boost to the local dog fighters and breeders so they can exploit pit bulls even more- and former Abramoff associate with Andrew Saul, Thomas Stemberg, is on the board of directors of the company that hands over the hundreds of thousands of dollars to perform Jane Saul Berkey's propaganda activities in the guise of Best Friends, there is a serious problem here.

A problem for the company, Petsmart, that will have their reputation tarnished, potentially be sued, and be associated with blood and death, as well as consumer fraud, lose stock value, potentially have to lay off employees, etc.

but also the public, PRIMARILY POOR AND MINORITIES, that will bear the burden of the violence while Saul Berkey, Saul, and Stemberg enjoy luxurious lifestyles and insulate themselves from the blood.

The wealthy play games and the poor are the victims.

The pit bulls are the victims too, as Saul Berkey has done nothing but expand the exploitation of these dogs.

This is the most evil kind of persecution by the savagely selfish.

And did you see where these thousands of Petsmart dollars go to? Salaries to hire Best Friends employees to "educate."

The money just gets pocketed by people. The animals don't benefit. It's just a way for Best Friends employees to cash in, and Saul Berkey to get her propagandizing done.

Every stockholder of Petsmart needs to seriously consider a lawsuit against the Board of Directors for engaging in this scheme.

Every citizen of the areas this "program" takes place need to make their lawyers aware of Best Friends, Petsmart, and the Animal Farm Foundation. These groups and companies are responsible for any bloodshed.

(Of course, Saul Berkey knows that Best Friends and Petsmart will get nailed when something happens, and she can skate away and hide her millions from the victims. But the victims are catching up to Jane.)

Anonymous said...

craven, I am sickened.

That bastard.

Jane Saul's married name is ROTROSEN according to this person. She uses Rotrosen for her literary agent business, The Jane Rotrosen Agency in New York City.

(Isn't it funny how many names she uses for her various activities?)

"Mine came about because I was given the brushoff by a Los Angeles agent, who got rid of me by referring me to a couple of New York agents, one of whom had hired a girl with no experience a few days before. Her maiden name was Jane Saul, and she decided taking me on was “too cute to pass up.” Her married name was Rotrosen, and she has been my agent ever since."

with an address for "fan mail" at Rotrosen's agency.

I wonder of John Saul cares about the horrifying deaths of Jane Saul Berkey Rotrosen's promoted fighting dogs?

Anonymous said...

Another interesting entry on the Petsmart Board of Directors list from the New York City Publishing industry and Jane Saul Rotrosen Berkey's business associates, as well as notice the Washington Affairs lobbying business activity, something Mr. Andrew Saul is right in the thick of

Barbara A. Munder
Executive Director, Institutional Investor Institute
and the Hedge Fund Institutional Forum, for
Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC

Barbara A. Munder, age 63, has been a Director of PetSmart since March 1999. Since January 2005, she has served as Executive Director of the operating groups, Institutional Investor Institute and The Hedge Fund Institutional Forum to Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, an international business-to-business publisher, largely in the international finance, law, tax, energy, and transport sectors. From 2002 to 2004, she served as Senior Advisor to Euromoney Institutional Investor PLC, and as a Director of the operating group, Institutional Investor Institute. From 2001 to 2002, she was a principal of Munder & Associates, a marketing and web strategy-consulting firm. Also during 2001, she was Chief Operating Officer of Womenfuture LLC, a distance learning company. From 1994 to 2000, Ms. Munder held various positions with The McGraw-Hill Companies, Inc., including Senior Vice President, New Initiatives, with oversight for corporate-wide electronic commerce; and Senior Vice President, Corporate Affairs, with responsibility for branding, marketing, communications, and Washington affairs

Lindsey said...

DubV, I'm glad you're all right, and I'm glad it wasn't a pit. I've also had the fear of wondering if I'll have to get rabies shots or not. It is not an easy feeling or pleasant experience. Don't be embarrassed about falling on gravel from being startled. It's an uneven surface, and it's all too easy to go down. Even if you hadn't been startled, in digging your feet in, the gravel could've slid right out from under you anyway.

As for the rabies situation, they ought to put the dog under a 10 day quarantine. If he doesn't show signs of rabies within that time, you'll be OK, too. It's not the fastest moving virus in the system, and the shots are very expensive. I'm glad you filed a report. You could possibly save someone else from an attack.

Anonymous said...

Jane Brenda Rotrosen married John Addison Berkey III and div in 1994

Bangall NY area, where her Animal Farm Foundation is

Funny how the Saul just gets disappeared. The names come and go and change.

Animal Farm Foundation 2008

in care of Ameripay LLC, and her sole proprietership business adress of Jane Rotrosen Agency is the contact address

318 E 51st St, New York, NY 10022-7803

Activities- "unspecified" but "unconditional exemption"

Ruling date 9/1982

Tax id number
Employer Identification Number (EIN) 222386955

As for Ameripay?


Great, she had Bultmeyer and Piacentini as the contacts and handling the money for Animal Farm Foundation. They were ARRESTED by the Federal government.

Now the Form 990-PF for 6/2009 gives Saul Partners LP, Jane Rotrosen Literary Agency address 318 E 51st St, New York, NY 10022-7803
as contact

Saul Partners is owned by Jane and her brother Andrew Saul, and Andrew Saul has the majority of the voting power

Victims of Animal Farm Foundation and Saul Berkey pit bull propaganda and consumer fraud, Saul Partners is intimately involved here.

Will Andrew Saul pay for the victims' damages and pain his sister propagandizes for, enables?

They certainly are trying not to. This bunch has invaded the American Bar Association to try to further their fighting breed interests.

Anonymous said...

Saul Berkey has gotten her shill Ledy VanKavage on to the ABA Animal Law Committee as "Vice Chair" to propagandize for fighting breeds and lobby for death and injury.

The Tort Trial and Insurance Practice Division of the ABA (the ones who are supposed to be representing the bleeding, disabled, bankrupted, and dead victims) are working hand in glove with the Saul Berkey/VanKavage fighting dog promotion and enablement propaganda campaign.

Joan Schaffner of the American Bar Association should hang her head in shame.

(Notice her slobbering over Rebecca Huss and giving her an "award" for was recognized for her "outstanding work as the special guardian for the Vick dogs," yet this Huss, an unethical "law professor" was responsible for working with Best Friends and pit bull breeders to get their hands on the Vick pit bulls from the court to shamelessly use them to exploit and profit from. And how many are dead now? Rebecca Huss also knows that the judge Henry Hudson wrote in his court order that groups like Best Friends may NOT use the Vick dogs for fundraising, and yet Best Friends and Huss's other associates have used the Vick dogs for nothing BUT fundraising, profit, and exploitation. Rebecca Huss knows this, but spits in the judge's face and allows his order to be defied? As does the ABA? What does THAT tell you about the ethics of these so-called "lawyers" with no regard for the law. What does that show about Joan Schaffner's respect for the law, judges, the courts?)

But Joan Schaffner is right out there in Chicago propagandizing for fighting breeds and stripping victims of rights in Chicago with Ledy VanKavage!

This is about as corrupt as it gets.

Wealth, money, can buy off the ABA so that it perverts the rights of the poor and minorities that primarily suffer from the attacks by the fighting breeds that VanKavage and her rich handler Saul Berkey promote.

Lawyers are supposed to represent the victims, not persecute them in favor of helping fighting breeds.

Joan Schaffner, the blood of innocents is upon your head for getting involved with this.

Since blaming and smearing the VICTIM seems to be a key tactic of the Saul Berkey machine, we witness here a complete perversion of justice by LAWYERS.

The poor and minorities get trashed by rich whites playing games and promoting their business interests. Who will defend the victims if the ABA has sold them down the river?

Victims, human and animal and even the pit bulls, THESE people are the enemy!

Anonymous said...

Victims, here are the unethical American Bar Association culprits enabling your injuries and death, the death of your pets, the exploitation of pit bulls, feeding cake to Ledy VanKavage as they plan and plot against you on behalf of pit bull breeders and exploiters. These people are awash in the blood of their human and animal victims.

Did Ledy discuss her raving promotion and support support of the AKC and Rick Berman Center for Consumer Freedom choice for pushing the breeder, dog fighter, and puppy mill agenda with the No Kill hack Bill Bruce of Canada?

The puppy mill breeders and dog fighters and AKC SPONSOR Bill Bruce talks! He protects their financial interests and opposes regulation and LAWS so that cruelty and animal exploitation and torture can flourish, while No Kill hoards animals and lets them die. A new Nathan Winograd, Winograd also a Ledy VanKavage associate who works with Rick Berman and the puppy mill profiteers known as AKC, and PetPac whose AKC breeder founder was pushing Latinos in Los Angeles into donating to another of his lobbies, COPS, by telling them if they didn't donate then 991 would not answer their emergency calls.

Did Ledy tell Yolanda Alvarez that she and Best Friends, and their AKC breeder animal control commissioner in Los Angeles Brenda Barnette, are involved with this dirty, racist PetPac?

These are the kinds of people Ledy VanKavage is associated with and promotes. These are the people that Best Friends associates with and promotes.

Why doesn't the ABA just come right out and admit that Rick Berman and the Center for Consumer Freedom and their animal torturing clients have invaded the ABA, and in particular the ABA Animal Law Committee? Ledy VanKavage may as well show up at their meetings with him.

These are LAWYERS?

Are they participating willingly and knowingly, or is Ledy tricking them?

What part does Rebecca Huss play in this, with her connections to Best Friends, and their profiting from all this promotion?

Anonymous said...

"Dangerous Dog Proposal – Ledy Van Kavage and Rebecca Huss report that they are working on a resolution regarding breed discriminatory laws and expect to have something ready to go forward in Seattle in Fall, 2011"

Victims, please ask Valparaiso University why this ethically challenged individual is allowed on their staff, someone with the dirt of the Vick dog cash in con game still clinging to her, who now is colluding with Ledy VanKavage and her polluted history and associations in order to get involved with lobbying to oppose dangerous dog laws so that victims, human and animal, are hurt and persecuted.

Their activities only result in a continuation of mauling and death, blame the victim games, profit taking by their associates like Best Friends, pit bull exploitation, and in the end, help dog fighters and dog breeders financially while everyone else suffers.

This is corruption that a university is supporting.

Huss's activities result in harm.

(Did you notice that Huss worked for a pharmaceutical company before Valparaiso, known for their abuses of humane laws and torture of lab animals? These are Rick Berman type clients that hire lawyers to oppose humane laws and support animal cruelty. What are Huss's associations with Rick Berman? Has she accepted money from Berman or VanKavage's handler, Saul Berkey?
Huss also has a background in BUSINESS, corporate law, money, an entity in direct conflict with humane treatment of animals.)

What kind of games is Huss playing?

How many people are potentially being suckered here?

"Professor Huss is currently a Vice-Chair of the American Bar Association’s Tort Trial
and Insurance Practice Section’s Animal Law Committee, and Chair-Elect of the
American Association of Law School’s Animal Law Section."

Something is very rotten.

Small Survivors said...


I'm so very sorry to hear about your attack. How awful! If she can't find the papers, she ought to be able to get proof from the vet or the county pretty quickly so you won't have to wait so long to find out if you need the shots.

You can never anticipate all the variables in an attack - like gravel - don't beat yourself up over that!

This does go to show we know not only pit bulls attack and it goes to show irresponsible owners get other kinds of dogs besides pit bulls!

And I totally agree that once down and bit, if it was a pit, you very likely would not have been able to yell the pit off.

You need to go to the dr. ASAP for infection issues. Infection can set in very quickly and become serious!

Take care, DubV

scurrilous amateur blogger said...

DubV, ditto on getting that looked at and cleaned by a medical professional. i have read of at least 2 people dying from the infection that came after MINOR dog bites in the last few years!
as for being unmanly, seems pretty manly to me to publicly own up to it.

PitBullPushers, check your email again.

safer midwifery utah said...

Has anyone tried to organize a boycott based on this kind of behavior? There is a lot of data on the potential danger involved with pit bulls, and petco is giving money to get them placed dishonestly (as in, without proper warning about the dangers involved with them to children/other pets/the public in general). I have pet animals and I suspect most of you do as well, so maybe we should try to write petsmart to let them know we won't shop there anymore. Petco listened to their insurance agency when it came to these dogs, from what I recall, so there is competition to buy from that isn't involved in this nutter bs.

Friends Administrator said...

I've already written to them when I read this post. Pisses me off. Enough letters and they can have second thoughts. Doesn't hurt to stand outside the store either with a sign, especially on Saturdays when people are there to adopt.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

skeptifem; I think you meant to say PetSmart rather than Petco.

There's no question PetSmart is pandering to the pit bull lobby - trying to make nice after banning pits from doggie day care. They could have made a donation to Best Friends without specification, but the donation is specifically for a pit bull program - a stupid and unnecessary squandering of charity, IMO.

Why does PetSmart think it is reasonable to place pit bulls in our communities, while maintaining the safety of their own communities through a ban of pits at care facilities? Why should we accept a risk they are unwilling to accept themselves? (Duplicitous bull shit!)

While PetSmart, Inc., (NasdaqGS: PETM,) is not part of any index, 92% of ownership is institutional/mutual fund holders. Contact your investment manager, brokerage or banker, and reallocate away from PETM. At the minimum, they owe you answers about PETM holdings anywhere in a portfolio, or its presence in another fund as you reallocate away from PETM.

(Disclosure: I intend to start cyclical short selling PETM.)

Jake said...

@DubV -

Congrats on surviving, and not having to use the knife. I've only had a couple close calls when I thought I was going to have to inflict mortal injury but fortunately in both instances the danger abated before it came to that.

Definitely keep track of the rabies situation. No need to panic yet, but not something you want to forget about either.

DubV said...

Thanks for the well wishes. On doctor's recommendation, I started a round of rabies shots. Didn't hurt as bad as the tales, no biggie just a bunch of needles. Dog's rabies vax was 3 years dead.

Dude, I BaggedYourPit said...

DubV; Agh! Glad you followed up, though! I hope the owner is covering everything.

april 29 said...

You need a lawyer. If your dog had been bitten you would have had to fight like hell to get your bills paid. Since you were injured, this is MUCH easier to handle. Keep copies of ALL your receipts, doctor bills, dressing change materials (gauze, bandaids, triple antibiotic ointment, peroxide, whatever). Keep track of all time lost from work. Keep a record of every single person you talk to on this, date, time, content of conversation, referrals (trust me, this can be very important later). Call your local health department and make sure that your bite report has been received and recorded. A good lawyer can make sure your injuries are taken very seriously. This will be be good for you and very good for your neighbors as well. Do not minimize this. You say the dog's vaccination was 3 years out of date, suspect the dog was not licensed either, these are violations of the law. Insist that police and prosecutors do what they are paid to do. My suggestions come from experience. Irresponsible dog owners that are allowed to get away with this will never get with the program and the next victim might not be as lucky as you were.

Anonymous said...


From a 1981 article written before the Pit Jihadists infiltrated the Humane Orgs...

Dr Michael Fox, Director of the Institute for the study of Animal Problems, Scientific Branch, Humane Society of the United States:

"I spent 20 years studying the behavior of dogs and it's not in their nature. Man, has created a monster, If you wish...These dogs were selectively bred to fight, they have greater propensity to fight than other animals."

"They can attack people, and because the attitudes of Pit Bulls it is more likely they will attack people. The worry is the power of the dogs bite and not let go. It's quite sufficient to crush right through a child's arm or leg."

Rock Hill, SC "Pit Handler" John Rockholdt chimes in to set the record straight:

"It's inhumane not to allow them to fight. If you have encourage them to fight they are not worth the powder it would take to blow them away. To never allow them any kind of combat...That's inhumane."

Rockholdt figures the Humane Society "is just there to hassle people.",2713042&dq=pit+bulldog+bites+boy+doctor&hl=en

241 Americans have been killed by Pits since this article was published.

Disclaimer** I am not making this up!

animalcop said...

Snack Sized Dog, LOL I am sure the photos were taken the same day with Connie Johnson and Lisa Walker Hutches. However Ms. Hutches photo with Floyd Bourdeuax was which she publicly posted on her Mid- Florida American Pit Bull Terrier Assocition Facebook page was shared with commissioners, media and pretty much anyone who would accept the photo! LOL I would love to get my hands on the one of Floyd and Connie Johnson! And I overheard her telling someone at the Animal Advisory meeting the other night that she just took in another APBT! They are all NUTS!!! ;)

The Technomancer said...

I don't really like Petsmart anyway. They don't know jack shit about their fish, and apparently they don't know jack shit about ANYTHING. They stock my favorite brand of fish food, but I'm not going to buy anything from a shop that's borderline criminal. I thought their "care" of fish was bad enough, but them donating to the Best Friends cult just crosses the line. It's sickening.


KaD said...